'20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' ride 'submarine'. MIC. [604 × 453]

'Abrams' Shack - Remastered' ('Somewhere' off Hwy 395 in California) - OC - [5638-2819]

'American Dream' - The worlds longest limo [1920 x 1280]

'Forgive' graffitied on a church in Detroit. Taken on my iPhone 5S. (Unfortunately I was unable to get a closer look so I'm unsure if it's abandoned or not, thought it would fit here regardless) [1280x722]

'Freak House' in rural Virginia [2048x1361]

'Life In The Big City' - The wreck of the U352 off the coast of North Carolina is home to hundreds of species of marine life photo by Tanya Houppermans [1440x1080]

'Monument to a troubled past' Abandoned communist HQ Bulgaria '964x641' Image By AFP- Getty Images (Link to pictures in comments)

'Object 1180' is Soviet-era underground command post (bunker) in Moldova designed to protect its residents from nuclear radiation; construction began in 1985 and when the USSR collapsed it was almost completed; however, it was subsequently abandoned [598x900]

102-Year-Old Abandoned Ship is now a Floating Forest [600x450]

12.7-cm WWII Japanese Artillery - Pohnpei, Micronesia [4550x3034][oc]

120 year old granary at a dilapidated flour mill in Germany [1200*795] [OC] [OS]

155-year-old disused Seminary, partially collapsed after a strong wind-storm, Fenton, MI, US[620x412]

1902 Mansion - Living Room [2448, 3060]

1950s vintage kenworth mounted atop a pole at an abandoned truck repair yard along interstate 40 - old route 66. By eyetwist. [2048 X 1365]

1955 Buick Century Series 60 parked indefinitely in the ravine [OC][1440x956]

1961 Chevrolet Apache. By MG&A. [2048 X 1365]

1968 Abandonded Church-House, Rural Nebraska [5312x2988] [OC]

1970s Japanese hotel room – dusty, but otherwise in good condition [1200*800] [OC] [OS]

20,000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town. This is Namie, Japan, now inside the nuclear Exclusion Zone created by the Fukushima disaster. The lights are left on to maintain hope of eventually returning to the town. [991x642][OS] photo by Damir Sagolj

43 Massive Presidential Busts Sitting Abandoned in a Remote Field at a Virginia Farm [946x586]

A 'mostly' abandoned port town in Russia, Pevek [1000x667]

A Bed of Moss [1024x683]

A Closer Look; Abandoned building near the Salton Sea, Southern California [OC] [3264 x 1840]

A Fake Disneyland in Japan: The Nara Dreamland, near Nara, Japan, built in 1961, closed in 2006. [1024x678]

A Forest of Spires. Photo by James Charlick [OS] [1000×664].

A Hive In the Lamp of An Abandoned Rail Car [2736X2142] [OC]

A Polaroid I took of my girlfriend in an abandoned house in her neighborhood with Impossible film [1200x1235]

A Russian Mi-8 helicopter in a surprisingly good state, considering it crashed against the east side of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Russia and Europe. It was found by Mountaineer Ilya Yahsin at 15,748 feet. [MIC]. [1000×667].

A Rusted Bolivian train [1365 x 1024]

A Shipwreck under the Milky Way [1000×1000] Photographed by Mikko Lagerstedt

A United States M4 Sherman tank remains in shallow water off Chalan Kanoa beach in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands [1024 x 681]

A Vault in an abandoned Café :O [796x445] {Video Link Discription!}

A bathroom of an abandoned mansion in France [OC] [4000x2664]

A beautiful, haunted looking abandoned home in Brooklyn, taken yesterday [1920x1280] [OS]

A bird's eye view of an abandoned castle [1363×2048] Photographed by Bousure

A bird's eye view of the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine [2550 x 1690]

A boat left to rust in Mjóifjörður, Iceland [2048×1311] by Benoît Guilleux

A building near my dad's work, North West England. [2592*1944]

A bunch of abandoned cottages in Fredrick, Michigan [3264,2448]

A caged in stairwell at an abandoned insane asylum [OC][1600x1067]

A cemetery of radioactive vehicles used in the cleanup effort near Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant, November 10, 2000 [1247×779]

A chair stands in a deserted swimming pool at the Olympic Village in the town of Thrakomakedones, north of Athens. [940x602]

A clear line through an abandoned Southwestern Ontario house. [3478x6016][OC]

A cow walks through water in front of the submerged St. Nicholas Church in Mavrovo Lake, Republic of Macedonia. The church was intentionally flooded in 1957, during the creation of an artificial lake designed to supply water to a local power plant; Robert Atanasovski [1500 x 974]

A cow walks through water in front of the submerged church of Saint Nicholas in Mavrovo Lake, in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Photo by Robert Atanasovski. [OS] [3000 × 1948].

A cozy chair surrounded by peeling paint and decay in an abandoned house in Ontario, Canada (0c) 755 × 1136

A creepy treehouse in Austrian Alps [698x1024]

A ferris wheel in an abandoned theme park in Japan [946×1600] By Reginald Van de Velde

A fisherman's cottage on Tory Island Co. Donegal, Ireland. [OC] [4272x2848]

A forgotten top hat among the ruins of a house. [557x800]

A forgotten world, Wat Phu Temple in Laos [OC] [1500x1000]

A former cultural center in Russia’s Republic of Komi, on land later used as a bomb testing range. [2,048px × 1,638px]

A former prison used by Imperial Japan is seen at Garapan area in Saipan, on the Northern Mariana Islands [1024 x 675]

A grand conservatory lost to time by 'Edinburgh Nette' [1024x775]

A grand room in an abandoned hotel in the UK by Darbians Photography link to the full set can be found in the comments. [1000x662][OS][OC]

A graveyard of red telephone boxes in Carlton Miniott, northern England [800x600] Photograph by Nicolas Ritter

A half-buried early-1960s Dodge Polara station wagon on the beach in Queens, New York [1024×660] Photograph by Andy Blair

A home forgotten by the roadside in Kansas [4608x3456] [OC]

A homestead in Daniel Junction, Wyoming; Jane Hilton [1500 x 1205]

A house overrun with sand in Kolmanskop, Namibia's largest ghost town [2048×1363] Photographed by Monique van der Hoeven

A hover barge sitting in Burns Bog. Outside Vancouver, BC. [4,000 x 2,517][OC]

A magical little place in Sintra, Portugal [OS] [1024x640].

A mossy new carpet growing inside an abandoned TB Hospital. OC - 1136 × 755.

A mossy reflecting pool on an abandoned estate in Florida [640x640]

A nice bit of symmetry in the living room of an abandoned farm house. [1600 x 1257]

A once-grand bed in an abandoned lodge by original707 on flickr [1024x768]

A pair of cars left abandoned in the woods [1600×1067] By Kaneko Amury

A piano at the bottom of a staircase [2048×1364] by Christian Richter

A pickup being swallowed by nature. [2448x1836]

A picture from my home (literal garden) in Ireland. OC [13682 x 3088]

A plane abandoned in the woods in West Milford, NJ [1600×1065] By Eugene Lagana

A red phone box lies half buried in volcanic ash in the exclusion zone in Montserrat, West Indies. [1247 × 783].

A rotting dentist chair in an abandoned orphanage in Italy 1500x1000 [OC][OS]

A row of abandoned engines in Vólos, Greece by Eve Tokens [960x720] (x-posted -r-SteamPorn)

A small theather with capacity for ~50 people, built in the 1860's, abandoned since 1940.[OC][1686x1218]

A steam engine in an abandoned factory in Belgium by Darbians Photography. Link to full set in the comments.[OS][OC][1000X662]

A strange abandoned house I found in ransom canyon TX [OC] [5472 × 3078]

A supertanker on the coast of Sitakunda, Chittagong, Bangladesh; Lee Chong Kuang [1200 x 794]

A train at an abandoned monorail station platform [1024×682] by Lusker 41

A tree was growing around this guy at an old log cabin(Kentucky) [OC] [2444x3264]

A vending machine, brought inland by the tsunami, in an abandoned rice field in Fukushima [659x439]

A vertical wide angle view of the domed cafeteria in an abandoned tuberculosis hospital. (OC) 755 × 1136

A very majestic abandoned theater built in 1922. Lobby and Candy Bar. Bridgeport, Connecticut. Photo by Thomas Jorion [924x616].

A water tower stands sentry over an abandoned farm in the vast agricultural area south of California's Salton sea. Photographed by Eyetwist [1365 X 2048]

Abadoned Soviet submarine base. 914x580

Abamdoned Summerfield School in rural Florida by Ebyabe [OS] [3,264 × 2,448]

Abandonded bridge in Seattle, Washigton [OC] (2048x1535)

Abandoned ... Porn [OC] [3264x2448]

Abandoned 160-Year-Old Parisian Railway Documented By Photographer Pierre Folk, 2011. The 160-year-old, 32 km long railway, called “The Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture,” encircled Paris during the Industrial Revolution and was used from 1852 to 1934. [1024x882] [OS]

Abandoned 17th Century Knights Home [586x390] {Video Link Discription}

Abandoned 17th Century Knights House [OC][Description Storyline] [2048x1311]

Abandoned 1973 Ford Mustang in the woods of Dracut, MA [4032x3024] [OC]

Abandoned 1984 winter olympic bobsleigh track, Sarajevo-Bosnia [OC] [4320x3240]

Abandoned Alice Themepark. [OC] - [1920x1080]

Abandoned Apartment, reclaimed by nature, Gary, Indiana (1280x720) Retrieved from ABC 7 Chicago

Abandoned Apple Store in Kuwait [955 x 635]

Abandoned Armenian church in Eastern Turkey (Ani) [1200 x 808]

Abandoned Barn in Saskatchewan, Canada [OC] [5184 × 2912]

Abandoned Botanical Garden in Germany [1280 x 1280] by unknown

Abandoned Bowling Alley, Basildon, UK [OC] [3858x2553]

Abandoned Bridge of Highway 1, Florida Keys [2304x3456] [OC]

Abandoned Building. Johnny Gap Rd. Suches, Georgia. [1136x852][OC]

Abandoned Buran Shuttle wind tunnel model [1170 x 685]

Abandoned Cabin in the Arizona Desert [OC] [7952x5304]

Abandoned Cabin in the Canadian Rockies [OC] [1920x1080]

Abandoned Car (which one?) [OC] [6000x4000]

Abandoned Car. Located at the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, AZ. By Kristine Maurer. [1653 X 2048]

Abandoned Casino in Romania, built in 1812 [3264x2448] [OC] (full album)

Abandoned Castle Mont Rouge. Rougemont NC [OC][2268x4032] Interior in comments

Abandoned Chevy Corvair full of rocks, Chapel Hill, NC [2160 x 2160]

Abandoned Chicago freight tunnel [630 x 418]

Abandoned Construction of Nuclear Power Plant [640x853]

Abandoned Cottage, Deep in the forests of Denmark. [1280×853].

Abandoned DeLorean, Dubai [OS] [800x523] Photo by Mickymazda1

Abandoned Dining Car - Zig Zag Railway, NSW, Australia [5312x2988] [OC]

Abandoned Dorms in Montreal [5184x3456] [OC]

Abandoned Dr. William F. McLaughlin Building [5994 × 3524] [OC]

Abandoned Duplex and factory nj [6000x4000]

Abandoned Elf house in Iceland [1064 x 1660]

Abandoned Excavator in Washington. [OC] [4500 × 3123]

Abandoned Factory Base Floor [6000x4000]

Abandoned Factory Outlet Mall in Barstow, California [5472 × 3648] [OC] Album in Comments

Abandoned Factory in Windsor Ontario [6000x4000] [OC]

Abandoned Farm House, Shropshire by Matthew Norman [1,500 X 995]

Abandoned Farmhouse with rain in the distance Western-Central Kansas [7202x4218] [OC]

Abandoned Fire Station Dudley, UK (962x640)

Abandoned Fishing Village on Gouqi Island, China [1200x800]

Abandoned Football Stadium [940 x 528]

Abandoned French Phosphate Mining Locomotive in the Jungles of Polynesia, Makatea. [500×750].

Abandoned Glass Factory - Zombie Style (1500 x 844)

Abandoned Gold Mining Camp, Gravelly Range, Montana[3263x1836]

Abandoned Grocery Store in Fukushima, Japan Nuclear Disaster Exclusion Zone. Photo by Arkadiusz Podniesinski [OS] [1280 × 854] more pics in comments.

Abandoned High School in Gary, Indiana (3264 x 2448) [OC]

Abandoned Hospital [6000x4000]

Abandoned Hospital with power still working :o [1024x682] {Video Link Discription!}

Abandoned Hospital-Hotel in the Buda Hills, Budapest, Hungary [2592x1552] [OC]

Abandoned Hotel in Lebanon [1920x1280] [MIC]

Abandoned Hotel near the top of a caldera on São Miguel island in the Açores [5184x3456][OC]

Abandoned Hotel on the Spanish Coast [640x480]

Abandoned Hotel: Hotel Del Salto in Tequendama Falls (Full album in comments) [640x474]

Abandoned House - Built 1884 {5184x3456} OC

Abandoned House in Avery Island, Louisiana (2496x1872)

Abandoned Hudson River Asylum painting still on the wall [6000x4000]

Abandoned Hydroelectric Power Plant in Oregon [OC] [5857 × 3999]

Abandoned Illinois International Port, (600x403) Retrieved from Chicago Tribune

Abandoned Island in the Middle of NYC [OC] [5184x3456] (Full album in comments!)

Abandoned Japanese Classroom. Unknown Photographer [1944×2592].

Abandoned Jungle Bridge in the Philippines [OC] [3088 × 2048]

Abandoned KOA campground along old route 66. by eyetwist [2048 x 1365]

Abandoned Kennecott Copper Works, On Copper River & Northwestern Railroad, Kennicott, Alaska, 1982 by Jet Lowe [4,735 × 3,785] x-post -r-HI_Res

Abandoned Krapivinskaya Dam, Russia [1400x933] (More photos in comments)

Abandoned Lincoln Mall - Seph Lawless [1080x717] [OS]

Abandoned Liverpool rail tunnel [1189 x 839]

Abandoned Living Room, Ghost Town, Texas 2016 [OC] [4216 x 2811]

Abandoned London Tube Station by Peter Macdiarmid [1024x683]

Abandoned Mansion [5885 x 3963]

Abandoned Mansion in the Woods [3888x2592]

Abandoned Masonic Hall Bed Room Untouched by time [6000x4000]

Abandoned Masonic Hall NY [6000x4000]

Abandoned Masonic Hall Pillow still on the bed from the day it closed [6000x4000]

Abandoned Masonic Hall [6000x4000]

Abandoned McDonald's restaurant [1008 x 575]

Abandoned Medieval Castle, Cape Clear Island, Ireland. [OC] [1200x1600]

Abandoned Michigan Bell Building - Highland Park, Detroit. [OS] [681x1024].

Abandoned Mill in Colorado [1800x1196]

Abandoned Mill in England [5184x3456]

Abandoned Millstone that was never used [1600 x 901]

Abandoned Mitsubishi Zero in the Marianas Islands [620 x 480]

Abandoned Model T at a railroad crossing in Arkansas (Ben Shahn, 1944) [1024×727]

Abandoned Movie Set Warehouse (office set) [3888x2592]

Abandoned Nuclear Bunker Missile Silo. This is one of the alternate command posts of the Warsaw Pact countries located on the territory of Moldavia. There are similar constructions in Belorus, Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan. [1000×1505].

Abandoned Nun's Quarters at the Leper Colony on Chacachacare Island in Trinidad. [819x1024].

Abandoned Porn? Abandoned Contraceptive! Pessary box at an abandoned pre-WW2 hospital [1200*795] [OC] [OS]

Abandoned Power Plant for an old amusement park near Baltimore [OC] [6000x4000]

Abandoned Pub. Photo by Christian Medek.[1365x2048].

Abandoned Pumping Station in Baltimore, MD [OC] [6016x4016]

Abandoned Radio Antenna inside a Geodesic Dome, shot shortly before its demolition, Belgium (Matt Emmett)[1180X1049]

Abandoned Rail Bridge in Taiwan [960×643

Abandoned Railroad Bridge in Torrington, CT. [OC] [5312x2988]

Abandoned Railroad in Lebanon, Missouri [554x829]

Abandoned Railway Bridge; Vance Creek, Washington, USA [3931×2211] [OC]

Abandoned Railway Tunnel, Nottingham [OC] [3024 × 4032]

Abandoned Restaurant [1600X1080]

Abandoned Restaurant [5184 × 3456][OC]

Abandoned Room in an abandoned home in Steynsburg South Africa [oc][2592x1944]

Abandoned Route 66 Newburg, Missouri [2048x1536] Jim Grey

Abandoned Russian Battlecruiser [1169x877]

Abandoned Russian T-34 Tanks in Kyrgyzstan. (x-post from -r-TankPorn). [730×489].

Abandoned Russian village. Karelia, 2009 [800x1237]

Abandoned School Bus on the side of the road in Puerto Rico. Photo by Estelle Lavie. [OS] (1024×768).

Abandoned School Rooftop in Philadelphia [2048×1366] [OC]

Abandoned Secret Village in Russia [800x533]

Abandoned Soviet Jet Train [1024 x 768]

Abandoned Soviet Passenger Hydrofoil [1024×680].

Abandoned Soviet State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, St. Petersburg, Russia. 1973-1987. Photo by Richard Anderson. [OS] [1279x787].

Abandoned Soviet health camp in Armenia [3456x2304]

Abandoned Soviet nuclear missile base - Latvia, Northern Europe (Album in comments) [1024x786] [OC]

Abandoned Steel Mill Crucibles [5343x3562] BadJon Photography

Abandoned Stone Cottage in Gjerstad, Norway. Photo by PASO [OS] [1417×945].

Abandoned Subway (6000x3594)

Abandoned Summer Camp in Rochester, NY [OC][4068x3456]

Abandoned Supersonic TU-144 in a Russian backyard. By Gelio[768x512]

Abandoned Tank Decaying in the Desert [1920 x 1277]

Abandoned Torpedo Shop 8. 2.7km off the coast of Kaspiysk, Russia in the Caspian Sea [2592 x 1944]

Abandoned Train Station [825x550]

Abandoned Train Track, France [900 × 599]

Abandoned Train near Alagash, Maine. Only Reachable by Canoe. [1024x683]

Abandoned Tropical Swimming Pool The Netherlands [1050x525]

Abandoned Truck, Northbridge MA (6000x4000)

Abandoned Tuberculosis Hospital - Perrysburg, NY [OC][2246x1685]

Abandoned Tunnel behind Niagara Falls, Canada [504x750] [OS]

Abandoned Victorian Conservatory, France. Photographer: Quentin Chabrot U-derzho [1280 × 841].

Abandoned Victorian conservatory, France [1280x853], © Quentin Chabrot U-derzho Photographe

Abandoned Villa Downtown Cairo (1280x960)

Abandoned Villa in Italy [OC] [3859x2573]

Abandoned Wal-Mart, Pennsylvania [959x472]

Abandoned Water Park - Hue, Vietnam (OC) (640x640)

Abandoned Water Park in Denmark. Photo by Troels Dejgaard Hansen. [3904x2616].

Abandoned Wizard Of Oz Theme Park - Yellow Brick Road [OC] [1024x681]

Abandoned Wooden Church, Russia. [1000x10006]

Abandoned World Discoverer Cruise Ship Lies Half-Sunken in the Solomon Islands [920x604]

Abandoned Zil manufacturing plant [640 x 400]

Abandoned and Overgrown Railway Turntable [2912x1638]

Abandoned and dark NSB trainwagon in Norway. By AndreasS [1600 X 1012]

Abandoned apartment complex on the beach in Russian Kamchatka [1280x960]

Abandoned aquarium in Cleveland, Ohio. [600 x 392]

Abandoned barn in Broomfield, Colorado. [900x1200] [OC]

Abandoned barn in the woods, western NC.[1600x1200][OC]

Abandoned bedroom in France [945 x 643]

Abandoned boat at beautiful landscape! Scotland by Katybun of Beverley [2048 x 1077]

Abandoned boat in a river covered in gulls [3137x2092] [OC]

Abandoned boat landing [2988x2988]

Abandoned broken down old Ford XP Station Wagon. APY Lands, South Australia [2047 x 1365]

Abandoned building in Poland [1000x669]

Abandoned building in a fishing village in Russia's Far East [2048 x 1536]

Abandoned building in a quarry. Rummu, Estonia [2592x1944]

Abandoned building near the Salton Sea, Southern California [OC] [3264 x 1840]

Abandoned bunker located in Albania. Built during the regime of the dictator Enver Hoxha, the socialist leader of Albania from 1944 to 1985, who was paranoid about his country being invaded. [2592 × 2592]

Abandoned cabin in the woods. Värmland, Sweden. [1200x803].

Abandoned campground in Toms River, NJ [4032×3024][OC] (album link in comments)

Abandoned car in Swedish forest... (album in comments) [1600x900][OC]

Abandoned car in the woods near my house. [4032x3024]

Abandoned castle in Ireland [683x1024]

Abandoned castle in the woods that is just minutes from my house [OC] [2592x1400]

Abandoned cement factory and property penn hills Pittsburgh, PA. By Ashley zawojski [2048 x 1536]

Abandoned cement factory and property penn hills Pittsburgh, PA. By Ashley zawojski [3264 x 2448]

Abandoned chapel in a foggy cemetery. Anonymous Photographer [1280×1024].

Abandoned church [2048x1365] by Johnny Wasted

Abandoned church [950 x 634]

Abandoned church in Brazil, the last structure in a town flooded by a dam. [640x480]

Abandoned church in Czech filled with ghost statues [3341x1879]

Abandoned church in France [2048x1365] by El Vagus

Abandoned church in Trevico, Italy as seen through the keyhole of the front doors. [528x960]

Abandoned church in northern France | [2048x1365] by Iris van Wolferen

Abandoned church under a Midwest sunset [OC][2000x1300]

Abandoned church with bones displayed from crypt below. [1280 × 852]

Abandoned cinema, Northern Italy [719x1079][OC]

Abandoned city at dawn - Villa Epecuen, Argentina [oc] [3146 × 2539]

Abandoned classics on US Highway 40 in Colorado, USA [OC] [1024x768]

Abandoned classroom in Gary, Indiana. [1280 × 1920]

Abandoned coal mine in Liege, Belgium [OC] [2496x1872]

Abandoned concrete bunker in Albania [583 x 437]

Abandoned construction site of a villa in jerusalem [OC][4096x2304]

Abandoned cookie machine. Photo by Kiekmal [1600 X 1067]

Abandoned council flat, Poplar, UK (1000x666)

Abandoned cow barn, Dordogne France [2048 x 1365] [OC]

Abandoned dining room in Portugal. Work by Rui Almeida, album in comments [962x461]

Abandoned dock on Lake Superior in Wisconsin [OC] [3792X2796]

Abandoned elevated roadway in São Paulo, Brazil [604x402]

Abandoned elevator to an empty house Sydney [3264 × 2448] [OC] Album in comments.

Abandoned factory in Italy. [OC] [1800x1200]

Abandoned farmhouse where the electricitie still works [1502x1024] {Video Link Discription ! }

Abandoned fighter plane, Lightning F2A [800×468]

Abandoned fishing vessel, CA [OC] [4032x3024]

Abandoned fork lift in the neglected building lot next door to my office [3264 × 2448]

Abandoned gas station along hwy 58 near edwards air force base. Photo by Eyetwist. [2048 X 2048]

Abandoned girls school in Millbrook, NY [640x480] [xpost creepy]

Abandoned gold mine in the Rocky Mountains (3264x2448)

Abandoned gold mine, Karangahake Gorge, New Zealand [1536x2048]

Abandoned granny panties. Photo by Carmen Cassan [OS] [1600x1067].

Abandoned high school [600x890]

Abandoned hilltop village of Vatheia, Greece [OC] [4000x3000]

Abandoned home in Rollag, Buskerud, Norway reclaimed by nature [1024 × 681] By Europe Trotter

Abandoned home in Virginia, USA [587x900]

Abandoned home in the middle of a (soybean?) field, Northern Missouri [12186x3652] [OC]

Abandoned home my family used to live at. 750x394

Abandoned home. There any many like it scattered around Ireland... [OC, 3462x2311]

Abandoned hotel on Anglesey, Wales [OC] [2056x1536]

Abandoned house a few blocks away from me [OC] [3200x2400]

Abandoned house at dawn, Detroit, Michigan [OC] [2550x1700]

Abandoned house built in the period of late eclecticism in a romantic style in the Tver region, Russia. [600x800]

Abandoned house found in Dunalastair Estate, Perthshire, Scotland. One MIC [3840 x 2160][OC]

Abandoned house found in Maine, USA [OC][6000x4000]

Abandoned house in Alberta, Canada [2160x1431]

Abandoned house in Jasper County, IL. [4128x3096]

Abandoned house in Parc national de l'Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé : Sentier Chemin-du-Roy. [4160x3120] [OC credit to -u-forfal from -r-quebec]

Abandoned house in the Italian Alps OC [5472x3648]

Abandoned house in the UK by Darbians Photography. Link to the full set in the comments. [750x600] [OS] [OC]

Abandoned house on a cliff [2700*2400]

Abandoned house on a long stretch of highway in CT, photographed by my dad [2048x1370]

Abandoned house with 13 piano's [2048x1363]{Video Link Discription}

Abandoned house, got triple murder charge for this one [3187 x 3187]

Abandoned hunting cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin. [OC] [4000X3000]

Abandoned illegal strip club in a resort town somewhere in the mountains of Japan [800 x 533] ... more in comments!

Abandoned island church in Germany [736 x 555]

Abandoned island development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates [OS] [1474×1200].

Abandoned leper colony church on an island in Uganda [OC] [4527 x 3110]

Abandoned local general store in Alabama [2592x1936]

Abandoned lodge in Transylvania, Romania [1334x2223]

Abandoned manor house typewriter [2048x1549]

Abandoned manson [920*613] [OC] [OS]

Abandoned mine in Filipstad, Sweden [2688x1520] [OC]

Abandoned mine in the Ural Mountains, Russia by Mishainik, Gallery from OS in comments [800x533]

Abandoned miners' village on the western shore of Lough Dan, Wicklow, Ireland [OC] [8018x3814]

Abandoned mining colony in Norilsk, Russia. Photo by Elena Chernyshova [OS] [1600×1062].

Abandoned mining dredge at the Silver Ledge Mine in the area of upper Mineral Creek, near Silverton, Colorado [1943 × 1665]

Abandoned missile launch sight near Key West, FL. [2048x1536] [OC]

Abandoned movie set from Schindler's List [650 x 481]

Abandoned nuclear control room [400X800] [oc]

Abandoned one-a-kind prototype for hurricane-proof homes from the 70's. logan, Ohio [ 960 x 960] [oc]

Abandoned paper mill, Monroe, Massachusetts [2511x600] [OS]

Abandoned pharmacy, Taiwan [OC] [3937x2622]

Abandoned place in USA is found in archival documents 'Thule-Gesellschaft' [1366x768] {Video link discription}

Abandoned pool at The University of Rochester [978x653]

Abandoned pool by the beach, Tynemouth [3264 x 1836]

Abandoned possessions left behind at Wunsdorf military base. By Martyn Smith. [2048 X 1379]

Abandoned power plant [6000x4000]

Abandoned power plant control center [6000x4000]

Abandoned pump house in Toronto [OC][2048x1536]

Abandoned railroad bridge outside Pittsburgh, PA [2240 × 1488] by unknown

Abandoned railroad in East TN (2448x2448)

Abandoned railroad in Sydney | [2000x1333] by Wil Patino

Abandoned railway (Paris, petite ceinture) [OC] [1200×800]

Abandoned riverboat along the Mississippi River 'Mamie S. Barrett'. [OS] [1600×784].

Abandoned road eaten by the weeds | Mulu, Sarawak, Malaysia [4032x3024]

Abandoned roller coaster [600x504]

Abandoned saw mill in France [770x433]

Abandoned school near my town (2560×1440)

Abandoned school. Kansas City. [4240 x 2832]

Abandoned settlement in dramatic landscape, Laoniuwan Bend of the Yellow River, China [1600x628]

Abandoned shack in the woods of Amherst, MA [4032x3024] [OC]

Abandoned shelter at the top of Black Butte in Oregon. [OC] [960x720]

Abandoned ship in Berlin [5813 × 3270] [OC]

Abandoned ship in Murmansk, Russia. [1280x720]

Abandoned ship made of concrete in Astrakhan [847 x 635]

Abandoned ship near Sydney being claimed by a forest! SS Eyrfield [880x660]

Abandoned ship on he California coast. [OC] [2048x2048]

Abandoned ships in Kazakhstan's Aral Sea are still very useful [1920 x 1200]

Abandoned ships in the desert that was the Aral Sea a few decades ago [539 x 510]

Abandoned shopping mall by Brian [1400 x 934]

Abandoned sno-cats from an expedition to Antartica [3820x2547] {Video link in description}

Abandoned snowmobile northern Minnesota [3264x1836] (oc)

Abandoned south italian cannery [1024x683] [OC]

Abandoned steel mill control room. Detroit, Michigan. Photo by Jonathan Haeber. [1024x767].

Abandoned supermarket from the Fukushima Exclusion Zone [2048x1361]

Abandoned swimming paradise [3200X2368] in Berlin, Germany.

Abandoned tanks [533 x 800]

Abandoned tanks at the Kharkiv Locomotive Factory in Eastern Ukraine. [1024x647]

Abandoned test station of naval armament in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Caspian Sea [800x600]

Abandoned theater at the old Belchertown Insane Asylum [2448x3264] [OC]

Abandoned theatre in Detroit, now a parking garage [640 x 638]

Abandoned theme park in Berlin [OC] [3264x1836]

Abandoned train car beneath the Waldorf Astoria in New York [4496 x 3000]

Abandoned train car near Washington's Crossing, NJ - by insta @davidleestanwick [4032x3024]

Abandoned truck in Upper Newport Bay, Newport Beach, California. (photo by photo: Hugh R. McMillan, c. 1954)[3000×2000]

Abandoned villa on top of Bokor mountain [1024x768][oc]

Abandoned warehouse at night (Parchim, Germany) [2048x1386, OC]

Abandoned water park [1766x964] by Reginald Van de Velde

Abandoned water tower in the Polish village of Lubne, Lesko County. It serviced the village until the 1930s when it was converted into a home. It's been abandoned for many years now. [500 × 736].

Abandoned zoo in south Jersey [4256x2832]

Abandonedfive star hotel [1520x2688]

Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Ourscamp — close to Château Mennechet, Oise, France [2560x1920]

Abbaye de Villers Cathedral [1365 x 2048] by me

Abbaye de l'Étanche, Ardèche, France [4000x3000]

About 80 years ago the owner of this house just walked away, it has since remained untouched. Bodie, CA [OC][3872x2592]

About a decade ago I put this chess set out next to a freeway off in the woods next to the wooden wall partition. The table and chair were already there, so I added to it. It was a full set back then, but time has done its part and this is the only piece I could locate in the brush [5312x2988]

Adventure to the creepy abandoned Renaissance Faire [1,944px × 2,904px] [OC]

Agatha Faversham's haunted mansion. Photo by MGness. [OS] [2048×1365].

Along Main Street (Encino, NM) by Helen Johnson [4483x2335]

Along a busy street in a southern ontario city sits this sad and unfortunate abandoned heritage home that was once the main home on a large farm. OC - 1136 × 755.

Amazing view from a rusted out pickup truck overlooking Crested Butte Mountain and the surrounding area in Colorado. Photo by Beth McCarley. [OS] [900 × 600].

Amusement park in Berlin left to nature's devices [640x480]

An Abandoned Mississippi Riverboat [2048 x 1408]

An Abandoned Ship [2592 × 1944]

An Abandoned Soviet Helicopter, Germany [OC][2048x1367]

An Abandoned Villa [1600×1600] Photographed by MatDur

An Avro Shackleton that crashed on July 13, 1994, in the Western Sahara. The plane, carrying 19 people, was flying from South Africa to the U.K. when two of its Rolls-Royce Griffon engines failed; Dietmar Eckell [1500 x 1000]

An Italian cannon still stands on Cresta Croce, a 3,000-meter-high ridge in the Alps. One of many artifacts, including mummified soldiers, revealed by the retreating ice. Photo by Stefano Torrione. [OS] [2048x1365]

An Old Miner's Shack at Upper Crystal Lake, CO [5125x2970], [OC]

An abandoned Catholic church in Wisconsin [OC][1600x1067]

An abandoned Japanese tank Chi-Ha that has been there since WWII. [2000 × 1200].

An abandoned Mausoleum submerged in a travertine pool at Hierapolis hot springs, Turkey. [3310 × 1771]

An abandoned Police station by Darbians Photography. [OS][OC][1000X662] Link to full set can be found in the comments.

An abandoned Soviet-era observatory near Almaty, Kazakhstan [OS][2048 × 1638]

An abandoned Tiger tank sits incapacitated [2122 × 1461]

An abandoned Victorian greenhouse [610×610]

An abandoned WW2 U.S. military truck on the CANOL road, Yukon Canada [4032×3024]

An abandoned WWII bunker in Bersezio, Italy [OC][2000x1500]

An abandoned World Airways DC-10 airplane sitting on its tail because of the weight of wet volcanic ash from the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption [3770 x 2473]

An abandoned World War II research center is still standing off the coast of Poland [1440x955]

An abandoned alpine home, Italian Alps [2400x1800] [OC] [OS]

An abandoned barn under the moonlight [OC][2662x1496]

An abandoned cabin in the woods. Photo taken by Clayton Sieg in Indiana, USA. [1024x683][OS]

An abandoned car I met while taking a walk [648 x 968]

An abandoned car all torn up with bullet holes in the windshield and a boarded up old church in the background. [720 x 482] by Evan Cohen.

An abandoned car covered in moss [1600×1066] Photographed by Rocco del Anno

An abandoned childrens hospital in Berlin...Someone painted bananas all over an entire room. [OC] [4589 x 3441]

An abandoned church in rural Nebraska [OC][1600x1000]

An abandoned cinema [1600×1066] by J0S0K

An abandoned factory with a tree growing out of the smoke stack. Lexington, North Carolina. [2,000 × 2,248]

An abandoned ferris wheel in Pripyat, Ukraine [2048×1367] Photographed by David de Rueda

An abandoned fisherman's cabin by The Atlantic Road, Norway [OC] [5184x2943]

An abandoned gas station in Ontario [2048×1365] by Chris Luckhardt

An abandoned gift shop on a restricted section of Route 66 [OC][1600x1073]

An abandoned gymnasium in a Gary, IN high school [OC][5269x3513]

An abandoned home and a 1925 Ford in Maine by Greg Hartford [1024 × 683]

An abandoned home in San Francisco sandwiched between two modern apartment buildings on a residential street like the movie, 'UP'. Photo by Wolfgang Schubert. [OS] [1679×1259].

An abandoned hotel bar in Austria [OS][1600 x 1067]

An abandoned house in the country [1600×1067] Photographed by Kleiner Hobbit

An abandoned house in the forest, France [4000x2822] [OC]

An abandoned manor house [1700×1133] Photographed by Arnaud Chassagne

An abandoned mountain Abbey in Southern Italy (More info and more pictures in comments) [OC] [2336x4160]

An abandoned orphanage somewhere in the UK [1024×683] by Picturwall

An abandoned palace in Portugal [2000×1333] By Fábio Martins

An abandoned railway station in Abkhazia, a former Russian territory, left completely untouched since the fall of the Soviet Union. [736x1104]

An abandoned school gymnasium outside of Pittsburgh Pa. [2893x2000][OC]

An abandoned stretch of elevated highway in the middle of the Brazilian jungle. Photo by Fabio Musara [OS] [604×402].

An abandoned temple in Indonesia. Photo by Agung Krisprimandoyo. [1247×654].

An abandoned turn of the century ranch house in West Texas [OC](1200x1600)

An abandoned watchtower from the Han dynasty (which existed at the same time as the Roman empire) at Dunhuang, the eastern end of the Silk Road. [2561x1704]

An abandoned, broken down bridge in East Alabama. [OC] [750x1334].

An anonymous author’s novel written on the walls of an abandoned house in Chongqing, China. [736x850]

An excavator left to rust in the water near an abandoned island in Chesapeake Bay. Photo by -u-xarvox [1024x681]

An exterior view of a well known greenhouse (interior in comments) [1600x1059] Photograph by Darmë

An old Saab spotted in the backwoods of Connecticut [OC] [3264 × 2448]

An old Ship on the Columbia River. The USS Plainview AGEH-1 and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest Hydrofoil. (OC) [5472x3648]

An old church in the fog, Ireland. [OS] [1024x683].

An old engine wearing away with the tides. Found in a very remote part of New Zealand. [OC][1920x1080]

An old fire tower in the Smokies [3242x4895] [OC]

An old quarry being reclaimed by nature [2048x1536][OC]

An old, abandoned mansion in Fleischmanns, NY by Matt Z [1024 × 768]

An original building at the manganese mine in Ghana [3264x2448 OC]

An overcast day at Miranda Castle, Belgium [1024×683] Photographed by Inlou

An overcast day at an abandoned asylum [1600×1062] Photographed by Mark (Taken-by-Me)

An overgrown indoor swimming pool [1600×1066] By Michael Schwan

An overgrown railway track [2000×1333] By Gabriela Minks

Another place in Padova, Italy I saw when out cycling. Lots of ivy stuff going on. [2448 x 3264]

Another view of the abandoned mid century time capsule house that I posted yesterday.(OC) - 1136 × 755.

Antique car in apple orchard [4032x3024]

Appalachian Ruins. Roan High Knob. Roan Mountain. [4096x2720][OC]

Armored train car abandoned in the jungle. [958×539].

As requested, I returned to the beachside temple to investigate its innards! Abandoned Vacation Pyramid in Playa del Carmen, Mexico --Link to the album in the comments- [2048x1535]

Ash cloud from Mount Sinaburg looms over an abandoned church [1262 x 839]

Aston Martins [972x648]

Auditorium in Abandoned High-School [3888x2592]

Automotive flood debris, bank of the Potomac River, Virginia [OC] [6000x4000]

Autopsy table in abandoned Mortuary, Surrey, UK [636x589] [OC]

Aérotrain i80-HV, a jet-powered monorail hovercraft sits abandoned in a hangar at Chevilly, France in 1990. It was destroyed by fire two years later. (Serge Lepaire) [1200×816]

Ballysaggartmore entrance tower, Ireland [600x450]

Barn falling off into a swamp. Photo by Peter Stratmoen [OS] [1024×683].

Basement in Abandoned Shopping Mall Supports Population of Exotic Koi and Catfish - Bangkok [1000 × 1510] by Jesse Rockwell

Bathroom in an abandoned home, Northwest Missouri[5929x4676][OC]

Bathroom in an abandoned school, Independence, MO [3921x5882][OC]

Bathroom in decay, Castle in France, more in comments [OC][4000x2672]

Batteria Serziera, an abandoned fort near Vinadio, Italy. [1000x667]

Be patient and keep faith. By MG&A [2048 X 1365]

Beautiful abandoned Soviet architecture. Photo by Laurent Burnier [OS] [1024 x 682].

Beautiful old metro rail reclaimed by nature. [1935x2591]

Beautiful, old Chamber of Commerce [1024x736]

Beautifull hospital in the woods of Belgium :o {Video Link Discription!} [1024x682]

Beautifully decayed metal roller coaster at Nara Dreamland [1200*800] [OC] [OS]

Beautilful shot of an abandoned mansion in new orleans [2600x1733] [NOC]

Bedroom in an abandoned farmhouse, Northern Missouri [OC][6465x5550]

Belchertown State School for the Feeble Minded 2 [1656x2208] [OC]

Bell 205 at Mt. Usbourne, Falkland Islands (Photo: Ian Howat) [1024x750]

Bennett School For Girls [OC] [1280x1707]

Bennett School for Girls [1600x1200]

Beriev Be-12 flying boat at abandoned naval base near Mirny, Crimea. [800×599]

Beriev VVA-14 experimental amphibious aircraft in Central Air Force Museum, Monino [1,280 × 853]

Bicycle in the mud. [768×1024].

Boardwalk through the woods. [700x980]

Bobsled run of the war-torn Olympic Sites of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina [800x534]

Bobsleigh track that once saw it's glory during the Olympic wintergames of Sarajevo in 1984 has been abandoned since the civil war in the early '90s. [OC] [1625x1080]

Bodie, CA, A Gold Rush Ghost Town[1696 x 954]

Bodie, a ghost town in California [2048×1365] Photographed by David Goulart

Boiler I found while exploring an abandoned 100yo building [OC] [2448x2448]

Bokor Palace Hotel, Cambodia [3456x2304]

Book in a 17th century home [2048x1364] {Video link discription}

Bottling machine of an abandoned brewery in France | [2048x1357] by marco18678

Bragadiru Factory, Romania - part of a project called Urban Camping which has proven to be challenging and a lot of fun [2800x1869]

Brickporn in a sewer overflow under Manchester - UK (2048 x 1361)

Bridge made out of an abandoned train-car [xpost r-mildlyinteresting - 900x675]

Broken Window, Orlando, Florida [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Broken bridge on a foggy morning. Was told I should post here. [x-post from r-pics] [604x453]

Broken shopping cart on the way to abandoned factory [6000x4000]

Brutalist house in Fregene on the outskirts of Rome, Italy [1920 × 2880]

Buddha statue, Japan [2296x1724][OC]

Building in Kyoto. [OS] [836 × 1024].

Building in an abandoned amusement park in Bali (Taman Festival) [OC] [4896 × 3264]

Building in an abandoned military base in Skrunda, Latvia [1500x1000][OC]

Buildings left to the elements in Iceland[OC][4678x2754]

Bulldozer left in the woods [OC] [1280 x 720]

Bunker on a beach, Eforie Nord - Romania [OC][3256x1826]

Buonanotte Vecchio, an abandoned town in Abruzzo, Italy. [1024x699]

Burned House in Mexico [1650x1098]

Burned out cars and buildings litter the remains of Oradour-sur-Glane after the village was massacred by the SS [2288 × 1712]

Burnt out building on the river in Pamplona Spain [4928 x 3124] OC

Bus being devoured by nature [OC] [750x1000]

CONGRATULATIONS -r-AbandonedPorn on reaching 100,000 subscribers! Thanks to everyone here for making this such an awesome community! In celebration, and in appreciation to all of you, here is one of my favorite abandoned places; The Knox County Poorhouse-Infirmary in Ohio. [OC] [3444x2000] (AIC)

Cabin found on the grounds of an abandoned summer camp in Ontario, Canada (oc) 1136 × 834

Cabin in Oregon woods [3000 x 2000] [OC]

Came across a small abandoned stone church where all the tombstones were covered in ivy [OC] (2311x3462)

Camp Hill Ski Resort, Pennsylvania [OC] [5312 x 2988]

Capilla neogótica del Sagrado Corazon (destroyed by a tornado on 1974), Argentina [1366x2048]

Carcass of an old ship washed up on the shore. [1280 × 720]

Cars left behind by US servicemen in the Ardennes Forest after WWII (xpost from -r-zombies) [480x720]

Cascade of at least 100 cars found 200 feet down an abandoned Welsh mine [962 x 641]

Castle Malpaga, Northern Italy [3072x2304]

Cathedral of Ani Built in 1001 AD [1600x1200]

Century old narrow gauge railroad equipment sitting in lot next to the Silverton Northern engine house, Silverton, Colorado. [4160x2340]

Char B1 bis abandoned in a wheat field in France after the German invasion in 1940 [unknown photographer][1200x805]

Chernobyl Today, abandoned classroom with nature slowly taking over. Photo by Gerd Ludwig [OS] [1065 × 710].

Chernobyl Vehicle Graveyard in the year 2000. [1247x779]

Chilhowee Lake. North Carolina. [720x477] [OC]

Chilling by the pool [1401 x 2381]

China's Fake Disneyland, Overgrown and Ghostly [OS][1900 x 1424]

Church in Detroit [2205x1471]

Church in Indonesia that looks suspiciously like a chicken [700 x 625]

Church in the U.P. of Michigan [1600x1060]

Church of the Redeemer in the deserted medieval city of Ani, Turkey [592 × 896].

Château Blancheur (?), somewhere in France [4096x2731]

Château Mennechet, Oise, France [1920x1440]

Château de la Ferté-Vidame [4000x3000]

Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, France [1510x900]

Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, Vienne, France [4608x2592]

Clerical decay! Photo by kiekmal [1600 X 1067]

Climbing out from a disused tunnel (2,048 x 1,363) [OC]

Clock Tower (532x800)

Cockpit of a Scrapped C-133 Cargomaster [OC] [4640 x 3480]

Cold War Era Cuban Plane - Grenada, West Indies [960x768]

Collapsed portion of the Kinzua Viaduct, a railroad bridge spanning the gorge of Kinzua Creek, McKean County. Once the world's longest railroad bridge until a tornado hit it. [OS] [1024 x 768].

Collapsing roof in abandoned hotel, Taipei [4000x2664][OC]

Colorful courtyard down a backstreet in Athens, Greece [OC] [2290 × 1720]

Communist Party Meeting House in Kochi, India (1200x800)

Completely equipped and fully stocked abandoned hospital that ruined the lives of hundreds elderly investors – untouched abandoned CT machine [1200*800] [OC] [OS]

Computer in an abandoned mansion in France [1577x1191][OS]

Constanța Casino, Romania [800x533]

Consumed Temple, Cambodia [OC] [960x1280]

Control Panel at an abandoned mine [662*1000] [OC] [OS]

Control Room in an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant [OC] [2048x1368]

Costa Concordia - two years after being partially submerged [2048x1365] Album in comments

Country House (4288×2848)

Craco, Southern Italy [1181x766]

Crate of Emperor Penguin eggs abandoned by the Scott Antarctic expedition [400 x 318]

Creative car stacking. APY Lands, South Australia. [2047 x 1365]

Creepy orange glow in an abandoned funeral home by Ghostcri [OC][3678x2728]

Creepy writing on abandoned hospital wall. [700x1,080]

Crumbling Abandoned Pool in the Desert [1200x801]

Crumbling House in the Woods [2048×1365] [Album in comments]

Crumbling barn on a wind-swept hill (location unknown). [800 x 600]

Cul-de-sac of homes in an abandoned neighborhood in Georgia [OC][1600x900]

Curtain Call. Photo by l.fieldhouse [2048 x 1365]

Cyclone - abandoned amusement park in Pennsylvania [2292x1416]

Dawn at the ship graveyard at Greenpoint near Bluff. Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand | Photo by Grant Grieve [5744 x 2872]

Dead Presidents [1080×833] by Patrick Arthur Tansey

Debris, boards, metal scraps, and pipes surround the decaying buildings and dilapidated tracks, of the Denver & Salt Lake railroad in the abandoned rail stop of Corona on Rollins Pass, Colorado. [2197 x 1447]

Decayed and abandoned typewriter. I don't think it's salvageable [740 x 566]

Decaying Soviet-Era submarine base in Balaclava, Ukraine [1920x1200]

Decaying church in Pittsburgh [1280 × 1728]

Decaying room in an abandoned power station [3350 x 2718] [OC]

Decommissioned Nuclear Submarine Reactors - Sayda Bay, Russia [960x540]

Decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Oriskany (CV-34). Pensacola, Fla. (2006). [OS] [1954×1235].

Decommissioned kids rides on a scrapyard, Japan [4592x3448][OC]

Decommissioned sad caboose at McLean Steam Sawmill, Port Alberni BC. Photo by Lotus Johnson [OS] [1065 x 1600].

Decrepit remains of a Russian water park, it was never completed [800x533]

Deep in the forest! Stack of abandoned by Andre Govia [2048 x 1356]

Dentist office, Detroit (1200x900)

Derelict Train Station in Brazil. Photo by Roberto Nunes [OS] [2048 × 1152].

Derelict, overgrown stone cottage. Photo by Paul Hughes [1024×768].

Deserted land yacht on a dry salt lake [3264×2448][OC]

Deserted movie set used to film 'Big Fish' [576x576]

Desolate - abandoned church of former college in south France photo by Andy Schwetz [2048x1152]

Deteriorating Indoor pool at a forgotten mountain Resort [5307x3538] [OC]

Detroit,Michigan. [oc][1334 x 750] Old high school.

Devil Hotel in Fengdu, China [1000x850]

Dilapidated Fun House at an old amusement park. Chippewa Lake, Ohio. [808x606].

Dilapidated abandoned orthopedics and rehabilitation clinic [1200*795] [OC] [OS]

Disbanded Passenger cars in North Carolina. Photo by Johnny Joo. [OS] [3648×2736].

Discontinued construction SLC (OC) (1334x750)

Discover Paris’ Little Belt, an Abandoned Railway slowly being reclaimed by nature. [OS] [800×636] (more in comments).

Disney's Abandoned water park, River Country [3000x960]

Disused Nazi train tunnel (the Canfranc Line) in France. Photo by Danny McL [OS] [375×500].

Doll Factory, the last production run [2838 × 1892] Spain

Drought in Mexico has allowed the previously underwater Temple of Santiago to resurface [1688 x 1125]

Dubai [964x780]

Duga-3 radar array, Chernobyl. AKA - Russian Woodpecker [OC][4608x3456]

Dún an Óir, weathering another Atlantic storm. Cape Clear, Ireland [4320x3240][OC]

Eaglais na hEireann a church in the 'poisoned valley' of Donegal, Ireland. [1000x1500]

Early 1900s fire hydrant [2448x3264] [OC]

Eerie Shot of Machu Picchu [OC][1334x750]

Eerie looking former headquarters of the Communist Party in Bulgaria. [962 × 756]

Eerie window in an abandoned 1800s hotel! taken by @LeeRielly (Instagram) - {2048 x 1562}

El Hogar Filipino, Escolta, Manila, Philippines [673x1279] (OC)

Elevator standing alone, but strong [3979x5947] [OC]

Empty Morgue at the Old Pilgrim State Hospital [1600x1041] [OC]

Entrance to an imploded grain elevator [4928x3264]

Essex County Asylum: Gynecology [700x1050] by Cara L Photography

Even after the barbed wire, this view made the whole trip worth it. Abandoned prison in Rummu, Estonia [OC] [3264x1836]

Exam Room[2592X3888] OC CaraLPhotography

Exploded electric motor in the basement of an abandoned building in Minnesota. [OC] [5184X3456]

Explore the abandoned mansion. By MG&A. [2048 X 1365]

Explored an old underground ammunition magazine, Sweden [OC] [1500x1001]

Exploring an Underground Hatch. Album in the comments [811x610].

Exploring an abandoned Church [OC][5472x3648]

Factory Ruins in Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada [OC] [2048 x 1360]

Fading frescos of Christ and the disciples at the Kobayr monastery in Armenia. [592x896]

Failed demolition of the Red Road Flats (x-post from -r-glasgow) (1337 x 875)

Fairy Tale like villa. Photo by Yann Pesin. [OS] [1600x1066].

Fall colors and an abandoned railroad trestle in Ashland Wisconsin. [OC] [4000X3000]

Fall colors surrounding Gilman, CO, abandoned since 1984 (OC) [4032x3024]

Finally, a different shot of the Red Sands, Maunsell Sea Forts that we haven't seen posted here before. Photo by ricksphotos101 [OS] [940×1024].

Fixed rail streetcars used in El Paso until 1974. [OS][1000x667]

Flight Control [4016x6016] [OC]

Flooded and abandoned monastry. Kalyazin, Russia [OS] [1000x593] Photo by Oleg Ivanov

Flooded basement in abandoned Brewery [OC] (5312 x 2988)

Flooded remains of undersea lab 'Conshelf II'. [640x480]

Footsteps imprinted in the snow inside the abandoned House of the Bulgarian Communist Party [1600×1066] By Rano Pano

Forest Parking! A vintage Borgward Hansa parked in a German forest. By Martyn Smith [2048 x 1327]

Forest of forgotten streetcars in Pennsylvania [1500x998] by Sherman

Forgotten Bugattis [1600 x 1200]

Forgotten Cabin [OC] [2000x1125] La Veta, Colorado

Forgotten Chocolate factory [958 × 644].

Forgotten House Along The Frigid Highway - Ryan Lennon [6000X4000]

Forgotten Swing [600 × 800]

Forgotten Tracks in Nuttallburg, WV. [OS] [1024x683].

Forgotten Wartime Structure in Dorset, England (more in comments) [1200x1600] by Marc Wilson

Forgotten in Canada [1000x666]

Forgotten playground in Galena, AK [1520x2688]

Forgotten time machine by kiekmal [1600 x 1067][OS]

Forgotten time machine | Photo by kiekmal [1600 x 1067]

Former brewery complex in Berlin (Bärenquell Brauerei; picture made on top of the cooling-tower)[OC] [3264x2448]

Forsaken Stairway to the unknown [900x675] by -u-joepaulk7

Fort McMurray looks like a war zone [1200x800]

Fort Stevens, Oregon [OC] [2272 x 1704]

Fortified Transylvania-Saxon (Lutheran) church of Dobârca, Sibiu County, Romania (via FB by Lutz Connert)[720x960]

Fortune Fairytales. Photo by Hitman.47 [1024 X 683]

Found a few lonely roads while exploring on my 4-wheeler. Going back today with a camera to get some extra shots. [3264x1836] [OC]

Found a photo of my Great-Grandad during his time at a local factory. After exploring the now abandoned site, I recognised where the photo was taken. The original photograph was taken in August of 1961.

Found a small overgrown path leading to this gem in Jeonju, South Korea. [OC][2268x1701]

Found a small time capsule in this office out in the desert. ( OC 1024 x 686 )

Found on a Nebraska back road [oc][1600x1000]

Found on a drive through rural Nebraska [OC][1600x1000]

Found on the salt flats outside of Ankara, Turkey [OC] [4068x3072]

Found these buildings while hiking in Mount Sanqingshan in China [OC] [3264×2448]

Found this beautifull piano in abandoned church [2048x1364] (Video Link Discription)

Found this on the side of a mountian biking trail in New Hampshire. [768x1024]

Found while inside an old US Forest Service Lodge. Felt that the quote fit the vibe on this sub :) [4000x2664]

Front foyer of Wonka Mansion located in Munich, Germany [1024 x 682]

Frozen Sink. Water left running in an abandoned health center. [2119x1415][OC]

Fuel pumps along Highway 1 in northern Minnesota. [OC] [4608X3456]

Gaewern Slate Mine, Wales, UK [874x1093]

Gamsutl, a remote and abandoned mountain settlement in Dagestan [OS] [801 x 450]

Garden of dreams. Photo by Nicole Staniewski (wandelwelten-photografie).[2048 X 1364]

Gate to Nowhere, near Aubusson, France [OC][2000x2996]

Ghost Town [OC] [1000x668] Megargel, Texas

Ghost Town in Colorado Rockies, [5178 x 3306], [OC]

Ghost of the Soviet Union [750x562].

Ghost town in China. [OS] [1600x1067].

Ghost town in Northern BC shot it infrared [1400x993] [OC]

Ghost town of Bodie, CA. Photographer unknown. [990 x 530]

Ghost train station, Namibia by Romain Veillon [900 × 601]

Giant mansion, abandoned during construction [964 x 539][os]

Go Home Kids - Slide in despair. [OS] - [3216x2136]

Going... Going... Almost Gone... An abandoned villa in Italy [1500x1000] [OS][OC]

Golden Hour Power Plant, Texas, 2015 [OC] [4272 x 2848]

Gone, and forgotten. [OC] [3504 x 2336]

Got asked to x-post. Rochester, NY Abandoned Subway. Album in comments. [OC] [3136x4704]

Grandma's old Apple computer [820 × 1024].

Great Name for an Abandoned Convenience Store [1632x1224]

Guest room at an abandoned resort in Kupari, Croatia [1024 x 683] by unknown

Half sunken row boat. [1600 × 1071]

Hallway in abandoned school, Independence, MO [5994x3990][OC]

Hallway in an abandoned swimming baths building, UK [5333x4000]

Headed into the dark. Tunnel along the Old Tillamook Railroad, Oregon. Photo by me. [3456x5184]

Heavy Metal (BE) [oc][1367x2048]

Here's a cool, old school that apparently wasn't suitable for -r-OldSchoolCool [1124x820] [OS] by Jonny Joo - Ohio, USA

Here's something else: An abandoned model train station. [OC] [3000x1951]

Herkimer Battle Jitney in a bone yard [576 x 448]

High school gymnasium in St. Louis [900 x 600]

Hobbit hole? [1200x800] [OC] - abandoned string of brick domes along the Allegheny river.

Holy Land in Waterbury, CT. Abandoned religious theme park. Rest of pics in comments [OC] [4265X2832]

Home of Picnics Long Ago [OC] [2048x1536]

Hotel del Salto was built in 1928 [1020x941]

House - photographed by Yu Ogata & Ichiro Ogata Ono [600x758]

House I found on a road trip from DC to Richmond VA [4000x3000]

House in Maryland [3326 x 4435] [OC]

House in an abandoned new development near Branson, MO. (Developers never sold enough properties to complete construction.) [7156x5100] [OC] (overview of development in comments)

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party [964x538]

Hudson River Asylum [6000x4000]

Hyde's Mill in Southern WI [OC][4608x3072]

Hydroelectric powerhouse near Sandy Oregon [oc] [4160x2340]

I believe my cities power once came from here.[OC] [5113x3409]

I explored the abandoned Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, Croatia - album inside. [2713x1643]

I found a abandoned laundromat on Google Maps and probably a zombie as well [1916x824]

I found a motorcycle while freediving [2592x1944]

I found an empty box of WWII sticky grenades in an abandoned house in Cessapalombo, Italy [3200x2400][OC]

I found some old train tracks. [1958x1469]

I found this castle in the woods of Belgium :o [1128x711] {Video Link comments !}

I found this run down Victorian house in the small town of Sacred Heart, MN today. [4008x5344]

I found two abandoned Boeing 747's [OC] [5325x3550]

I go running at this old school, always creeps me out [6000x4000] (OC)

I know it may not look like much but this is kind of a teleport for me back to my past as a kid. I remember standing around the fountain talking with my old teammates on how we were all going to become great baseball players. Rossville, GA. [405×720].

I like this picture of the 'Wild Wall' most [1920x1080]

I love the old barns of rural Nebraska [oc][1600x1000]

I passes this huge abandoned warehouse in Sweden, it's completely covered in vines on all sides. [2048x1152]

I recently moved back to Charlotte NC. Here are some things in my neighborhood [OC] [1936x1936]

I submitted an Photography piece to a local magazine and I haven't heard yay or nay yet. Abandoned places in East Texas. I am eager to see what everyone thinks. I'm just starting and I don't claim to be a writer. Full set in comments [5184 x 3456]

I thought this house looked abandoned from the outside, so I checked and was pleasantly surprised! (OC) 1136 × 755

I was all alone. In pitch black. Then I took this picture... OC[1600x 1200] Story in comments.

I was told you guys would like this abandoned cabin on an island. [489x725]

I went to the abandoned Penn Hill Honeymoon Resort in the Poconos. [1280x1280] [oc]

Ice Cream Truck. Baileyville, IL [5312X2988]

Ice cream shop in the Japanese Alps [720 x 481]

If only typewriters could talk..[818x558][OC]

Illegal Tour: Abandoned Amusement Park Nara Dreamland [990x654]

In the attic of an old abandoned house in Ontario Canada I found this television called 'The Blake' (OC) 1136 × 755

Industrial revolution. By MG&A. [2048 X 1365]

Insane Sound [3888x2592] by Cara L Photography

Inside a large abandoned industrial factory in Ontario, Canada. OC - 1136 × 755.

Inside a long abandoned tuberculosis ward [1189 x 836]

Inside abandoned Bislingen mountain lodge in Norway [964x641] More pics and source in comments! (Photos taken by Svein Nordrum)

Inside an abandoned Moorish castle in Florence, Italy [1600×1067] By Julicious Photography

Inside an abandoned Victorian courtroom in England [1024×681] Photographed by SJ9966

Inside an abandoned and overgrown church [2048×1365] Photographed by Johnny Wasted

Inside an abandoned cooling tower [1600×1062] By Rano Pano

Inside an abandoned cooling tower in Belgium [1427×1600] Photographed by Matt Emmett

Inside an abandoned greenhouse [1600×1066] By Romain Thiery

Inside an abandoned hall in Italy [2048×1360] By Dawid Rajtak

Inside an abandoned house. By Thomas Mueller. [1024 X 683]

Inside an abandoned hydroelectric dam in Vermont [OC] [1600x1200]

Inside an abandoned mansion recently discovered deep in a forest in Ontario, Canada. Link to gallery in comments (OC) 1136x755

Inside an abondoned farm in northern Germany [960×638]

Inside an old and badly decaying abandoned house and behind a closed door was this bedroom, almost fully intact, no dust and no decay. (oc) 1136 × 834

Inside house at the abandoned Gandini's circus [2448x2448] [OC]

Inside the Champion Mill in the Colorado Rockies [OC], [5184x3456]

Inside the cockpit of an abandoned French military aircraft [1600×1068] Photographed by Mark (Taken-By-Me)

Inside the dining hall of an abandoned hotel [2048×1365] Photographed by Timeless Seeker

Inside the empty 1960s TWA building at JFK [MIC] [1500x1000]

Inside the former Tropicana swimming pool complex, in downtown Rotterdam, Netherlands. [3183x1791][OC]

Inside the fuel bunker. Vernonia, Oregon [OC] [6536 × 3826]

It's a complicated piece of machinery. By Yamabxl [1024 X 684]

It's not every day that you get to shoot an old airplane left abandoned in a field! (OC) 1136 × 755

JP Jeunet's 'Cathedral' at dawn, an element from the movie 'The City of Lost Children', in a suburb outside Paris. By Xavier Bo on flickr. [1024x786]

Japan has this kind of abandoned houses everywhere in the countryside [1800x1200] [OS]

Japanese Type 97 'Shinhoto Chi-Ha' tank on Shumshu in the same place it was knocked out in August 1945 [by exarchmk - LJ][2472x1648]

Japanese machine gun abandoned at Iwo Jima [640x480]

Jinty spent many years at Stafford and Stoke, but here she is seen at her final resting place at George Cohen's yard at Cransley, UK. By John Evans [2048 X 1366]

JonesTown Today. Where 909 people committed suicide on November 18th, 1978. [659x439]

Jordanian Tank, Aqaba, Jordan [OC] (2890x1881)

Jungle gun [1024x768][oc]

Just a reminder: be careful when exploring. They held the first person and then I fell through. Yes, I straddled the beam, yes it hurt, yes it could have been worse [OC] [1,836px × 2,448px]

Just looked out the window and realised I'd never thought to post the ruins in my own garden. Plantation House, Barbados. [3824 × 2168][OC]

Keelung City, Taiwan [2695×1792]

Kids using a wrecked Sherman as a platform. Leftover from the Battle of Saipan. Unknown Photographer [682×449].

Kissing Rocks at abandoned Dog Patch, Arkansas [736 x 465]

Knockout images inside Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion by Johnny Joo & Caters News [3500 × 2338]

Koi swimming in an abandon Philadelphia basement. [OC] [1440 X 810] xpost -r-wallpapers

Ladies Room [OC] [2813x2167]

Landing gear of wrecked plane abandoned on a Colorado mountainside [OC] [3072 x 2304]

Large tree bursting through the roof of Otto's old greenhouse. [OS] [892x1024].

Last Stop [1600 x 1069]

Last chance to sea the rusty boats of Aral Sea - Kazakhstan - Central Asia - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

Last days of the wooden roller-coaster of Nara Dreamland [OC] [1800 × 1200]

Left for dead Chevy Suburban in the Alaskan Wilderness on a foggy day [OC][1641x943]

Left over cottages hidden under the ground [599x460]

Lenin is always with you. Russia [2617x3430][OC]

Life goes on [680X1024]

Light at the end of the tunnel. [OC] [3000x2000]

Light beams pick out dust suspended in the air at a chateau in Belgium. by [1600 x 1181]

Light streams into an abandoned church [1600×1063] By Leon Beu

Light through the roof of a cabin long abandoned in Colorado [4896 × 3264] [OC]

Lightweight and highly versatile this commode chair is perfect for the urban explorer who gets the nervous shits while hiding from security :P (OC) - 1136 × 755.

Like a scene out of Lord of the Rings, an abandoned shack on the Great Himalayan Trail, Nepal. [2246x1503] [OC]

Linen Mill, Northern Ireland [OC] [3008 x 1728]

Linnton Plywood Mill in Portland, OR [OC][6000x4000]

Lister Block in Hamilton, Canada. [3888x2592]

Lone abandoned house on the prairie, Saskatchewan [oc][3616 x 1819]

Lonely cabin in the Rocky Mountains [2880×2160][OC]

Lonely shack in a mountain lake [1920x1080]

Long abandoned B-24D Liberator in Atka Island, Alaska [650 x 426]

Long abandoned Drive-in theater [720 x 566]

Long abandoned Soviet-era circus in Moldova [1176 x 691]

Long abandoned U.S. Hwy 26 [450 x 338]

Long abandoned home left untouched [610 x 397]

Long exposure of abandoned grand piano under Brooklyn Bridge [5472 x 3648] [OC]

Long forgotten pier-Merritt Island, Florida [251x141]

Long motionless crane near Pripyat. [667x1000] by BOST01.

Long-abandoned art deco gas station. [1424 × 2144]

Looking down a two-story drop in St. Louis, MO [OC] [2000 x 1333]

Looking out from inside an abandoned building [1024x683]

Looking out the window of an abandoned rail yard. Albuquerque, NM [OC] [MIC] [3264 x 2448]

Looking up a ladder in an abandoned mine. [OC] [5742 x 4000]

Looking up the stair hall of an abandoned mansion [1600×1067] By Timeless Seeker

Looking up the stair hall of an abandoned palace [1600×1065] Photographed by Francis Meslet (MIC)

Looking up the staircase of a derelict manor house [2048×1363] Photographed by Andre Govia

Lost Chair, Germany [5184x3456] [OC]

Lost City Shicheng Found Underwater in China + Article [5120x3620]

Lost WWII allied aircraft in New Guinea [448 X 336]

Lost in Fairfield Hospital with only the camera flash for light [1168 x 1760]

Lost in the forest, abandoned mansion in France. [OS] [768×1024].

Lost vw in the woods. By Marbex Exploring[1024 X 682]

Lubnaclach Cottage, Corrour Estate, Scotland [3072x2048] [OC]

Luggage of the Dead, Abandoned Mental Hospital, 2016 [OC] [3750 x 2620]

Lynton Convict Depot, Western Australia [3264x2448]

MG Magnette ZB (1956-1958). Photo by Łukasz Małkiewicz [OS] [1600 x 1066].

MV Plassey shipwreck, Aran Islands, Ireland [4608x3456] [OC]

Madame Sherri's Castle ruins, in New Hampshire [1000x665] [OS]

Madame Sherri’s Castle Chesterfield, NH [4032x3024]

Mansard roof house slumping, Savage Mountain, MD [OC] [3072×2304]

Mare island , ca [800x600]

Marooned Catamaran, Philippines [OC] [3088 × 2048]

Massive Barn find of over 100 vintage cars in France. [MIC] [1600×1066].

Massive door in an abandoned mine[1024x678]

Massive glasshouse making it's slow return to nature [962 x 673]

Mausoleum in Lubań, Poland: built in 1871 to honor those killed in the Franco-Prussian war (photo by miniwycieczki)[1600×1066]

Me and my dad found an abandoned car deep in the woods [OC][3696x2448]

Mediterranean Sky, formerly City of York, lies abandoned in Elevsis Bay, Greece. [1024x768]

Merry-Go-Round at Lake Erie, Pa [598x1063] [OC]

Met a friend at an abandoned Nascar Speedway [5307x3538][OC]

Miami Marine Stadium 2 [1000x657] by Cara L Photography

Miami Marine Stadium [900x600] by Cara L Photography

Michigan Central Station, Detroit [1280 × 960]

Mike Tyson's Abandoned Mansion, Southington, OH. Photo by Johnny Joo [OS] [1200x802]

Mill implement from gold mine in Berlin, Nevada. [3408x3024][OC]

Millstone deep in the woods (5312×2988)

Minxiong Ghost House, Taiwan [1400 x 927]

Mir mine - open pit diamond mine in eastern Siberia [500x313]

Miranda Château in Belgium [2559 x 1439]

Moen-Jo-Daro The Ancient City Of World [OC] [960 x 540]

Morning light in an abandoned prison[7952 × 5304]

Morning sunlight in abandoned factory [1500x1062]

Moss Carpet in an Abandoned TB Sanitarium [OC] [2048 x 1365]

Moss-Covered Truck, Michigan - Jason Rydquist [990x742] [OS]

Mossy US Army Truck. Photo by Alex. [OS] [2048x1364].

Mossy bedroom... [1080x720]

Most beautiful abandoned hotel in Japan [1200*795] [OC] [OS]

Mostly overgrown wooden rollercoaster “Aska” at the abandoned Nara Dreamland [1200*800] [OC] [OS]

Mostly unrestored section of the Great Wall of China, Dongjiakou, China. [OC][6800×2400]

Mothe-Chandeniers, France (x-post from the awesome user Hoohill over at r-castles) [1510 x 900]

Mount Nemrut [1800x1179]

Mount Nemrut, Turkey [1800x1179]

Movie Theater in Wetumka, OK [960x720] [OC]

Multistory Fireplace and Stone Foundation [427x640]

Mutations. Photo by Hitman.47 ([1024 x 682]

My Grandpa's last vehicle right where he left it. [5312x2988]

My apartment building used to be a bank. The maintenance guy and I are friends, and he showed me the vault in the basement. [OC][4912x7360]

My family recently bought an abandoned house, it has been completely untouched for around 10 years (Spain) [OC] [3072x1728]

My family's ancestral home in China before the civil war [OC] [2360x1563]

My girlfriend and little brother exploring around the ghost town structures in Coaldale, NV [3715 x 2089] [OC]

My great uncle's abandoned home [1500x1001] [OC]

My view of Vance Creek Trestle today in Shelton, Washington [OC] [4000x6000]

Myself in an abandoned reservoir under London. Taken by Darbians photography Link to full set in the comments.[1500x1500][OS][OC]

Mysterious abandoned 'Chicken Church' built in the Indonesian jungle by man who had a vision from God. [OS] [962×619] (more in comments).

NSA Station Teufelsberg, Berlin [OC, 3264x2448]

Namie, Japan [1247x808]

Narco-submarine seized in Ecuador in July of 2010. [1500×904] (more in comments).

Nature Reclaims an Old Abandoned Railway; Snoqualmie, Washington, USA [2208×1242] [OC]

Near the beach, there's often fog. Dark Victorian house in Watsonville, CA. [1024 × 683]

Neglected on the shores of Lake Superior [5369x3444][OC]

Neglected roller coaster in a Japanese amusement park abandoned in 2006. [597x900]

New Manchester Textile Mill Ruins, Sweetwater Creek, Douglas County, Georgia, 2014 by Alan Cressler [5760 x 3840] x-post -r-HI_Res

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station [600x400]

New photo of the USSR's abandoned Buran spacecraft. Photo by Ralph Mirebs (source in comments) [1050 x 788]

Newspaper article I found in a huge abandoned mansion that was discovered right in my own town. (918×909)

Newspaper from March 1947 found in an abandoned house Link to actual paper in comments - (OC) - 1136 × 755.

Night flight. Location Tucson, Az. Photo by eyetwist [2048 X 1365]

No Vacancies. Ghost Development on Private Caribbean Island, Dellis Cay. [OS] [800 × 600]. story and more pics in comments.

No one present to type. Photo by Andrea Pesce [2048 X 1359]

Nobody to pick up the phone. Photo by A. Baum. [2560 X 1707]

Not a single person, only sand. Namibia by Marylexa [1500 X 1000]

Nurses' station in an abandoned insane asylum. I love the paint in this one. [5470x3077] [OC]

Obsolete Bridge Rural Illinois [2592x1456] [OC]

Ocean Graveyard [499x645]

Offroad bus rally. By marco18678 [2048 X 1367]

Old 1964 Pontiac Bonneville. Morro Bay, California [OS] [1024 × 682].

Old Abandoned Church in a Snowy Field [1510 x 1256]

Old Abandoned car nj [6000x400]

Old Bridge at Kilmahew castle in Cardross, Scotland [576×1024].

Old Bucket in an abounded car repair shop [OC] [4244 × 3264]

Old DC-3 parked at Sky Dive Chicago [1200 × 794]

Old Fashioned Crane, Bordeaux, France [OC][4288x2848]

Old Fisherman's boat. Photo by George Hodan [OS] [990x742].

Old Ford truck dying a slow death in Aldergrove, BC - Album in comments (OC) (2449X1633)

Old German Brewery in the Loja Mtns of Ecuador (more in comments)[3264 × 1836][OC]

Old Historic 2762 - OC from myself (3000x4000)

Old Hobbit house (old house in Ireland)[500 × 375].

Old Iron Tetris! Abandoned car grave yard in Austria [1500 X 1000]

Old Jew Tree in the abandoned Muckross Abbey, Killarney National Park, Ireland [3456x4608] [OC]

Old Nord Outpost [2048×1361].

Old Petrolandia, Brazil [640x480]

Old Railway inside Paris with gardens along side. [3264*2448]

Old Route 61 in Centralia, PA. Road abandoned as coal mine fire below it and in the area still raging since early 1960s. [OS] [500x607]

Old Route 61 in Centralia, PA. Street cracked from underground coal mine fire. [OS] [808x606]

Old Route 66 bridge in the former town of Times Beach, Missouri (5312x2988) (OC)

Old Soviet cars rusting away [4608×3456]

Old Staircase in an Abandoned House in France [244 x 369]

Old Stone Barn with a tree growing out of it. Photo by Jeff Reed. [OS] [1944x2916].

Old abandoned car with Alaska plates in Idaho [1024 X 681] by digi_maven

Old abandoned place near Padova, Italy I saw on my bike ride. (3264 x 2448)

Old abandoned train tracks [1920×1080] (x-post from r-pics)

Old and dying remains of green house [6000x4000]

Old building in Iceland [475 × 487]

Old car with tree growing through the hood in Alabama.(3264x2448)(OC)

Old church at Itaparica Dam, Brazil (Joel Silva) [960x600]. Full album in comments

Old control computer from a MRI scanner in a hospital abandoned since 2004. 8-inch floppy disk with data from 2 patients [OC] [1920x1440]

Old creepy house at the end of the street. [1280×864].

Old farm house near Vaksvik, Norway [2048x1357]

Old furnace turned into a robot. Portland, OR [1,024 × 702][OC]

Old horse wagon exposed after draining Detroit lake in Oregon. Photo: Dave Zahn. [2720×1428]

Old ice cream truck. [1024×768].

Old mossy VW bus that was once someone's home. Photo by Don.Henrik [OS] [1024x683] (more in comments).

Old railroad track in a Lake Superior harbor [2448 × 3264]

Old row boat in a dry and cracked river bed [958×636].

Old row boat tied off at the river's edge in a winter landscape with a sunset in the background. Photo by Wim Lassche [OS] [1150×754].

Old sawmill in Ljusdal, Gävleborg, Sweden [OC][1275*955]

Old staircase in an abandoned doctor's mansion. Photo by Dan Raven [OS] [1024×692].

Old stone house along the Columbia River [3680x2945][OC]

Old stool at an abandoned cottage in Norway [OC] [4400x2610]

Old townhouse in the formal royal capital of Brazil [1024x768][oc]

Old train trestle in the snow and fog [3013x2407] [OC]

Old welcome center in Yulee Florida on Route 17 at the Georgia border. Photo by Scott Moore [OS] [900×719].

Olympic Ruins – one of the few abandoned buildings with the famous rings on it! [1200*795] [OC] [OS]

On the next episode of Walking Dead......creepy old houses in Derry, Georgia. Photo by dsrphotography. [850×563].

One of Pablo Escobar's houses located on Lake Penol, Colombia. (more in comments) [OS] [1024×575]

One of my city's oddities, a victorian home sits on top of one of the abandonned warehouses. OC. [3024x3024]

One of the enormous metal sculptures around borrego springs in the desert east of san diego. [2048 X 2048] by Eyetwist

One of the last photos taken inside a $13 million restaurant that was town down last week [OC] [3283x2188]

Open world. Photo by By MG&A [2048 X 1365]

Oradour-sur-Glane, a French village that was torn down by the Nazis (they also massacred the population) [3008x2000]

Otherworldly remains of a shot down military aircraft [OC] [2334 × 3111]

Out of use tunnel near Heathrow, London [OC] [1,343px × 996p]

Overgrown Green house in Autumn. Photo by Urbex Watch [960×710].

Overgrown House in Quebec, Canada- [936x630]

Overgrown Railroad Tunnel in Selisia, Poland by Damian Cyfka [2048x1365]

Overgrown Train Station [1920x1200]

Overgrown and abandoned house. Splitting where the rain flows. Lexington, Ohio [OC] [2048x1366]

Overgrown back roads in Appalachian Pennsylvania [OC] [3505 x 1824]

Overgrown rails [3264 × 2448][OC]

Overgrown railway bridge between Krásný Jez and Ležnice in the Czech Republic. [OS] [2816×2112].

Overgrown tracks of an old theme park - Camelot, UK [3898x5848]

P-39Q as it was recovered from a Russian lake[1024x682]

P-40 Kitty Hawk recently found in Western Saudi Arabia. After crashing in 1943, the pilot survived and salvaged what he could. His remains have not been found. [855 x 635]

P40 Kittyhawk wreckage found after 70 years [767x570][[x-post from -r-militaryporn]

Paint Peeling Off an Old School House in Washington [OC] [4487 × 3023]

Palace Theater, Gary, Indiana (1024x682) Flickr

Panoramic of Pruces Motor Inn, Highway 17, Ontario, Canada (6912 x 2538) Gallery in Comments

Paronella park, was abandoned but has now been turned into a park [OC] [3008 * 2000]

Part Two: Ruined Church in Ireland (Interior) (2048 x 973)

Part of the abandoned mining town of Animas Forks, Colorado [OC][1080x775]

Partially collapsed wooden shack in Collin County, TX; Valensiakol [OC][2112x2816]

Patrick in a old locker room [6000x4000]

Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House [OC][1024x768]

Phoenix Trotting Park, Arizona [OC][5184x3456]

Piano found inside a building at the abandoned Belchertown State School in MA [OC] [2448x3264]

Pile of boots mysteriously left in the distribution center of an abandoned prison. [5184 x 3456]

Platform that trains pulled up to to drop prisoners off at the concentration camp at Dachau, Germany from 1936-1945

Playground on the edge of Gilman, Colorado.[OC][6016x4016]

Playing with puddles in an abandoned car manufacturing plant in Ontario, Canada [OC][1440x958]

Pokemon Nakayoshi Drive at the abandoned Japanese theme park Nara Dreamland [OS] [OC] [1200*800]

Pont du Gard — a ~2000 years old Roman aqueduct in Southern France [12648x4482]

Ponte City Apartments in South Africa [1440 × 1080]

Pool at an abandoned hotel in Branson, MO [5641x3761] [OC]

Power plant in upstate NY, USA. [1365x2048]

Pray for Rain [OC] [2000x1333] Mt. Dora, New Mexico

Presidio Modelo a panopticon prison built on Isla de la Juventud in Cuba [1200x800]

Pripyat, Ukraine, 90's. The city where the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster happened transforming into a Forest. [Photographer: Yann Arthus-Bertrand][2560×1600]

Profanity House- NJ [3888x2592] by Cara L Photography

Psychiatric Hospital Reused as a Daycare Center, then left Abandoned [OC] [3012 x 4558]

Pulled over to the side of the road coming back from Snowbird, Utah and saw this beauty tucked beneath some hills. [786x1024]

Quarry Worker's Barracks in North Wales [OC] [4784x3342]

R.I.P. Nininger, Minnesota (1858-1889) [OC] [2048x1536]

RIP Arcades [OC][1200x977]

Railroard in a forest (640x972) [x-post -r-pics]

Ranch in the foothills of Big Bend National Park, Texas [OC] [6016x4000]

Reading Viaduct, Philadelphia [4890x3183] [OC]

Ready to Run! But no one has to drive. By William. [2048 X 1365]

Red Wing, Colorado [OC] [1677x1125]

Reflections in the pools below the abandoned Terres-Rouges steel mill in Luxembourg [1600×1061] Photographed by MDE..

Remains of Old Glamour [2048x1364]

Remains of a Graphite Mine in Wilberforce, ON that closed in 1915 (More in Comments) [3264x2448]

Remains of old chapel on Thomas Proctor estate. Topsfield, MA. Uncovered in 2005. [os] [798x594]

Remember Hey Dude on Nickelodeon? Here is the Bar None Dude Ranch today, album inside. [1024 x 768]

Remnants of Chippewa Lake Amusement Park in NE, Ohio [OC] [3264x1836]

Restaurant, Genga (Marche – Italy) [1500x1000]

Richmond Power Plant, Philadelphia [1200x800]

Ring the alarm! Abandoned fire truck by Andre Govia [2048 x 1363]

Ringo Starr's birthplace on Madryn Street, Dingle, Liverpool [3456x4608]

Road to Fukusima, vehicle dump by Podniesinski [1280x853] [OS]

Roller Coaster, China (615x904)

Roller coaster in the ocean. (956 x 543)

Rolling Acres Mall - Photo by Seph Lawless [4288 x 2848]

Roman cistern of Augustan age known as 'piscina mirabilis', Bacoli, Napoli. [OS] [1728 x 2304].

Room with a view in Nebraska [OC][1600x1200]

Rotting Victorian Mansion in Coudersport, PA by Curt Weinhold [636x589]

Ruined Mill in France [468×775].

Ruins of Dunmore House, Airth [OC][3504x2336]

Ruins of an Aqueduct in the Woods - Spain [3264x2448] [OC]

Ruins of the Neamt fortress, Romania [600x410]

Ruins of the Oakview Mining Camp, site of the 1913 La Veta Massacre [OC] [2000x1169] La Veta, Colorado (details in comments)

Russian WW2 ship abandoned in Norway [1280x720]

Rust [OC][3456x5184]

Rusted Ford Galaxie found in Georgia (3264x2448)

Rusted Railcar [OC] [1366x2048]

Rusting truck in the beautiful fields of Iceland [1600 x 1064]

Rusty VW van in Rainier, Oregon [OS] [999 × 669].

Rusty iron and moss in an abandoned farm in Germany [960×638]

Rusty ol' MG [OC][1080x1350]

Ryugyong Hotel, (Hotel of Doom) is 105-story pyramid-shaped skyscraper. The construction began in 1987. And has been halted over and over throughout the years. The project has cost the N. Korean's at least 2% of their GDP. Pyongyang, DPRK, North Korea. [3264x4912].

Salem, Massachusetts [4000x2992]

Sanatorio de Abona, abandoned leper colony near Abades, Tenerife [1920x1029]

Sand slowly reclaiming an abandoned home in Kolmanskop, Namibia [950 x 635]

Sanguine Steps by Martin Vaissie[1280x853]

Santa Maria della Pietà, Abruzzo Italy [552x771]

Sauer Castle, Kansas City, KS (Semi-abandoned?) more info in comments [OC][5002x6226]

School Gymnasium in Detroit [960 x 719][x-post from r-Pics]

Scott Mansion in Michigan [800x534]

Scrapped taxis outside Chongqing, China. As the middle class grows, more and more families are buying private cars for the first time. [900x655]

Scrapped vehicles near a residential area in Chengdu, China [1500x930]

Sea View Hospital NJ [6000x4000]

Severely damaged Volcano Museum in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape [1200*795] [OC] [OS]

Shawnee, OH - Once great mining town, now desolate. [OC] [5184 x 3456]

She's gone now, but what a great playground she was! A popular state hospital theater in CT [658x494]

Sheep yards from my family farm in New Zealand. So many memories as a child herding sheep, loud baaa's, dogs barking, smell of oily wool & poo. Now quiet. [4000X3000]

Sherman Tank at Invasion Beach, Saipan [1000 x 822]

Ship left to rot away in Costa Rica [1024x681]

Ships abandoned in the desert that was once the Aral Sea. Photo by Arian Zwegers [4,272×2,848]

Shipwreck in Baracoa, Cuba [OC][3072x1728]

Shipwreck in the Red Sea [2252x3580] (x-post from -r-Travel_HD)

Shipwreck of the steamship MS Otavi Spencer Bay, Namib Desert[OC][4256x2832]

Shipwreck on Anticosti Island[1512x1080]

Shoppers oblivious to abandoned and partially demolished areas under their feet, Leeds - England, UK [OC] [2400x1800]

Sign for Six Flags Jazzland 8 Years after Katrina [1024x1536] [OC]

Since buying my wide angle lens over two years ago I have been wanting badly to revisit this place and shoot this room again. I finally went back! OC - 1136 × 755.

Single piston hoist in an abandoned mine, Colorado [OC][2500x1669]

Sinking Chairs, Texas Gentleman's Club [OC] [4272 x 2848]

Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans LA [934x624]

Six Flags New Orleans. Got a misdemeanor for this shot. [440x440]

Skull Gravestone encrusted in Moss, photo by Tunebm on flickr [4289x2855]

Sleep well! By MG&A. [1365 x 2048]

Slightly Poignant Abandoned Gravestone [960x643]

Snow Ghost, Derelict Russia by Danila Tkachenko [OS] [1500 x 1200]

Snow having fallen through a tiny hole in ceiling collects inside patient bedframe at abandoned asylum [OC] [1280x854]

Some 'creative?' artwork inside this abandoned orphanage! (@LeeRielly on YouTube) - [5184 × 3456]

Some old Cars in abandoned parking by Berrie Leijten [800 x 533]

Someone forgot their helmet. [974x1280][OC]

Something I found in the back of an old dusty warehouse [2592 x 1936]

Something different: A beautiful view of an Abandoned Dock and Rowboat (Loch Ard, Trossachs, Scotland by John McSporran) [5400x3609]

Something like an little theater in Berlin [3264x2448] [OC]

Somewhere in a forgotten and abandoned cemetery [600X374] by Patrycja Makowska

Sonar Image of Titanic Wreck Debris Field [964x1130]

South Atlanta, The 'goat' farm [1080x1920]

Soviet Cruiser Murmansk [2048×1536]

Soviet Sports hall, Russia. by Rebecca Bathory in Soviet Ghosts [1500×1000]

Soviet Turbojet Train [990x687]

Soviet-era grain elevator in Tallinn, Estonia [1544 x 1024]

Soviet-era space shuttles left behind at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan [OS] [1280×854] Photographed by David de Rueda

Spinosaurus. One of the enormous metal sculptures by artist ricardo breceda scattered around borrego springs in the desert east of San Diego. By Eyetwist [2048 X 2048]

Spiral staircase. North Brother Island, NY. [525x665]

Split staircase and skylight in an abandoned university in Belgium. [800 x 800]

St Anthony's Chapel, above St Margaret's loch, Edinburgh [OC] [4096x2304]

Staircase of the abandoned Terry's Chocolate factory in York, England, which was based on the one on the Titanic (750x750)

Stairway to Nowhere, Pismo Beach, California. (920x1,280)

Stalin's Railroad of death 'Stalinbahn' in Siberia. (The railway was a project of the Soviet Gulag system that took place from 1947 to 1953). [OS] [1024×768].

State Old Insane and Penal Cemetery, Columbus Oh [3264x2448][OC]

Station [1920x1080][OC]

Stevenson's Barn. Photo by Glenn Sundeen [OS] [2048 x 981].

Stone house ruins with a green roof in Wales. Photo by J_Fish. [1024×1024].

Stopped on a now uninhabited island in Southwest Florida [1465 x 1465] [OC]

Straight out of a horror movie or your worst nightmares is an abandoned, dark and creepy dentists office (OC) 755 × 1136

Stumbling on ancient ruins in the deep of the Bavarian Forest, Germany [1600x1068] Photo by Martin

Stupas near Shwe Inn Thein, Burma-Myanmar [OC][2272 × 1712]

Submerged WW2 plane in a lagoon in Nikko Bay, Palau. Photo by Ippei & Janine Naoi. [OS] [1024x683].

Suitcase & Shoes: Essex County Asylum [700x1050] by Cara L Photography

Sunken Boat in Bermuda [720x540] [OC]

Sunken ship [1200 × 722]

Sunlight streams through a broken window in an old vaudeville theatre. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. [339x800]

Surgical lights at an abandoned Japanese hospital in excellent condition [1200*800] [OC] [OS]

Swimming pool waiting for the people! Photo by Alessandro Romanelli [2048 x 1191]

Tacky carpet and old furniture in an almost fully intact living room in an abandoned house in Ontario, Canada. (OC) - 1136 × 755.

Taken in an abandoned house, peeling paint creeps in on a photo of a hunter posting with his prized moose, surely a very proud moment. (oc) 1136 × 834

Taken in the abandoned mining town of Gilman, Colorado.[OC][1367x2048]

Talisay Mansion, Talisay City, Philippines [1024x765]

Tank graveyard - Fort Knox military base, Kentucky (full album in comments) [OC] [11469x1102]

Tarakanov Fortress in Dubno, Ukraine [1600x1200] by unknown photographer

Telephone booth in Sweden [850*1200] by John R Kjellström

Temple in Bagan, Myanmar [3216x2136]

Tesla Tower in Istra, Moscow Region (album in comments) [1600x1200]

Teufelsberg Spy Station, Germany. by Rebecca Bathory in Soviet Ghosts [1500×1000]

The 'Peacock Room', Abandoned Castello di Sammezzano [1600x1063] - Unknown Photographer, more in comments

The (almost) ghost town of Thurmond, West Virginia in the New River gorge. Population: 5. [OC][1539x1024]

The 15th to 17th-century, Transfiguration Cathedral frozen in time. Kizhi, Russia, Photo by iamfisheye [OS] [426×640].

The 3rd level of my building, North Troy, NY. Vacant well over 40 years. [1280x960]

The Abandoned Animatronics Workshops at Creative Engineering in Florida - photographed by Jonathan Haeber [1705x2000]

The Abandoned District of Fordland, Brazil [2000x1200]

The Abandoned Monsour Hospital in Jeannette, PA Comes to a Resolute End. [OC] [3264 x 1836]

The Abandoned Randall Park Mall, Once the Largest Mall on Earth [OC] [4617x3102]

The Abandoned Warner & Swasey Observatory [3264 x 2448]

The Abandoned and Unfinished 'Goose Creek Tower' [768x1024]

The Abondoned Oil Tank Farm Of Trincomalee - Sri Lanka [600x409]

The Atlas Stamp Mill, Sneffels, Colorado [OC] [4160x2340]

The Barbados 'Screw Dock'. Mechanical ship lift - dry dock. The oldest 'surviving' shiplift in the world. Quite a piece of engineering. [3264 x 1836] [OC]

The Bell Tower of the old town of Curon now under water of the dam of the reservoir of Lake Resia, Italy. [OS] [1024×768].

The Cabin in the Woods [2121x3171] [OC]

The California drought has drained Pine Flat Reservoir, exposing a structure from the the turn of the 20th century that has been under water for 60 years. Story and album in comments. [4219 x 2773]

The Caribbean island of Montserrat has been abandoned since 1995, due to high volcanic activity [954 x 677]

The Chambre du Commerce in Antwep, Belgium. Shut down for not meeting safety regulations. [1024 x 731]

The Chambre du Commerce in Antwerp, Belgium [1024×683] Photographed by Thomas Mueller

The Communist Pianist [2000 x 1000] - The Abandoned Sanatorium - Grabowsee

The Creepy Chateau Bien Beau. [OS] [1024x683].

The Drowned Church of Potosi, Venezuela [1024 x 768]

The Duke of Lancaster, North Wales [550x366]

The Flooded Village of Geamana, Central Romania. [980x784] Photo by Tamas Dezso

The Ghost Ship Circle Line V just off the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio [970x546]

The Hachijo Royal Hotel on Hachijo-jima Island, Japan [OS] [1200x795]

The Haunted Miranda Castle in Belgium - Also Known as Château de Noisy [2559 x 1439]

The Heartbeat of America. Cisco, Utah [1200x720][OC]

The Horse and Jockey pub, Bleak Hey Nook, Saddleworth, UK [OC] [3840x1816]

The Last House on Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland [1024 x 690]

The Los Feliz Murder Mansion in LA has been abandoned for more than 50 years. On Dec 6, 1959, Dr. Harold Perelson bludgeoned his wife to death with a bin-pin hammer. The interior is a time capsule from the night of the tragedy. It was Christmas at the time. [480×640] (story in comments).

The Matterhorn Bobsled ride (shot from a monorail beam) at Nara Dreamland, an abandoned Disneyland knock-off in Japan [OC][2048x1367]

The Maunsell Sea Forts, off the coast of Kent, England [1024×690] Photographed by Neil Brown

The McEwen Bridge, closed to traffic since the late '70s [3,421 × 1,666

The Milky Way towering over a ghost town (album in comments) [OC] {2000x1532}

The Movie Theater I watched 'Titanic' In. [OC] [630x1200]

The Old Lock - Hansweert, Netherlands. [940 X 705]

The Orion test flight through remains of the abandoned Apollo test pad (1500x1000)

The Paris Inner City called the 'Little Belt' Railway Abandoned since 1934. [1000×861].

The Petrova Gora Monument in Croatia [2048×1367] by Nicola Bertellotti

The Pyramid of North Dakota (used for 3 days at a cost of $6bil)[1200x947] article in comments

The Quantum Chemicals research building and the abandoned cars parked around it (Album with captions in comments) [5221 × 4000][OC]

The Ranch. Photo by ProfShot [2048 X 1367]

The Roman desert castle known as Bashir, located in Jordan [OC] [1520x2280]

The Rotting Underwater Ballroom. Photo by Dan Raven [OS] [1200x807]. (story and more in comments).

The SS John Sherwin, a lake freighter that has sat inactive for 35 years [OS] [800x532]

The Sands of Time [OC](1404 x 936)

The Seven Dwarfs Mine [6032 x 4032] by Andrea Pesce

The Squatters Hut [OC] 5170x4225. Taken in Sth east Queensland, Australia

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Andrea Pesce [2048 x 1369]

The Supermoon rising above a mining facility in Colorado [OC][2000x1500]

The Victorian Underwater Ballroom [1500 x 1000]

The View Point Inn burned down 4 years ago and was being rebuilt until the owner died [5712x3808][OC]

The WESTERN FLYER after being salvaged from Swinomish Channel, Washington. The 75-foot purse seiner featured in Steinbeck's 'The Log from the Sea of Cortez.' is being restored. 2013 photo by Skip Bold. [1600×918]

The World's Saddest Christmas Tree, Standing at the Abandoned Randall Park Mall [OC] [4662 x 3100]

The Wreck of the Eduard Bohlen, Namib Desert. [OC][5000x3338]

The abandoned Atlantic Ghost Fleet - Anti-Aircraft Cruiser [1500x1000] [OS][OC]

The abandoned Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg, a NSA spy station on buried Nazi college [1066 x 1600]

The abandoned Mary Murphy Mine in Colorado [OS][1280 × 848]

The abandoned Rolling Acres Mall [596x396]

The abandoned Test Stand Alfa 1, built for development of the Atlas rocket engine [2400 x 3200]

The abandoned Winchester Rifle factory in New Haven [OS][2469 × 1644]

The abandoned arctic circle Salekhard-Igarka railway; it's construction was part of Stalin's gulag system. [710 × 300]

The abandoned beach volleyball venue - Athens Olympic 2004 [1920x1152] - album in comments

The abandoned hulk of M-S Cabo Santa Maria wrecked in 1968 [3072 × 2048]

The abandoned mill in Sorrento, Italy [1024×680] by Colin Egan

The abandoned neighborhood of Lincoln Way, Pennsylvania shot on expired film [1418 x 955]

The abandoned resort of Bokor mountain in fog [1575x1050]

The abandoned ship 'United Malika' off the coast of Mauritania [1418 x 945]

The abandoned whaling station at Stromness [2560 × 1920]

The abandoned wreckage of the American Star (SS America), Fuerteventura, Canary Islands [2,048 × 1,536]

The badly decaying kitchen in an abandoned house in Ontario, Canada (OC) 1136 × 755

The ballroom of an abandoned hotel [1600×1067] Photographed by Andy Schwetz

The beautiful, but tragically failed, Gleno Dam in the Bergamo, Province of northern Italy. [3872 ×2592].

The biggest abandoned disco in the world [990x659]{Video Link discription!}

The buried church tower of Plymouth, Montserrat. The city was overwhelmed by volcanic eruptions starting in the 1990s, and is now entirely abandoned after whole neighborhoods were flooded with ash and lava. [1247x700][OS] photo by Brennan Linsley (x-post r-HellscapePorn)

The ceiling of an abandoned mansion. | by Christina S. [1500 X 996]

The corridor of a derelict mansion [1067×1600] Photographed by Benjamin Wiessner

The damaged “Al Mansur”, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's private yacht, anchored in central Basra, on April 10, 2003. Photo by Simon Walker [OS] [900 × 547].

The demolition of Nara Dreamland [1200*800] [OS] [OC]

The disused Chambre du Commerce in Antwerp, Belgium [1000×669] Photographed by Slawomir Kmiecik

The enchanted ceiling of Hogwarts (Wales, UK) (1920x1200) (OC)

The entrance for a 100 year old abandoned norwegian bunker. [OC] [1620x1080]

The entrance to an abandoned village near Yanranay, Chukotka, Russia. from 'czegevarra' on pikaburu [600x600]

The facade of an abandoned home. Yalta, Russia. [800x1066]

The failed attempt to restore and create Ireland's first six star hotel: the abandoned Puxley Manor [OC] (3462x2311) story-small album in comments

The final lesson remains on the chalkboard in an abandoned classroom. [1600x1065] [OC]

The forest around Hawley Lake, AZ is filled with abandoned cabins [OC] 4000x3000

The forgotten Torre Abraham Lincoln in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Circular 36-story tower remains empty and unfinished since construction was halted in 1974. Conceived as a modernist plan for the region, the tower was intended to be the first in a series of 76. Photo by Wouter Osterholt [OS] [700×2169]

The freak house by Andre Govia. [2048 x 1362]

The gates of hell have opened in Russia. (A potash Mine has collapsed in the Perm region, leaving behind a gigantic sinkhole in the middle of an abandoned town). [960×720].

The ghost town of Pentedattilo, in the Reggio Calabria province, Southern Italy [1024x683] Photo by Antonio Violi

The ghost village of Occi, Haute-Corse, France [3648x2736]

The hulk of a US Army tank rests forgotten on a Caribbean Island [6016x4000][OC]

The interior of a Victorian-era underground reservoir in London [1600×982] Photographed by Matt Emmett

The interior of an abandoned greenhouse [1600×1064] By Francis Meslet

The international airport of Famagusta, Cyprus. The city was abandoned and sealed off in 1974. [650 x 366]

The jail is all that remains of the town of Red Mountain, Colorado [4160x2340]

The last house on Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay, as it stood in October 2009. This house fell into the bay in October 2010 [3264×2448]

The last house on Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, 2010 [1024x690]

The last remaining railroad bridge of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad System, near Telluride, CO [oc][1000x1600]

The last train is over! Photo by Andy Moll [2048 X 1369]

The last train is over. | Photographed by kiekmal [OS][1600 x 1067]

The lonely Klimenshorn chapel [1247 x 805]

The most peaceful place to relax and forget the world exist. [3264x2448] [oc]

The movie theater that I watched Jurassic Park in. [2700x1800][OC]

The old Neon Boneyard. [OC][1161,652]

The old Packard plant in Detroit, MI [OC] [6000X4000]

The old Padres dugout at Qualcomm Stadium. Now eerily buried under seats. [x-post r-baseball][800 x 451]

The old mausoleum on Grey Mare Hill, Northumberland. [4608 x 3456] [OC]

The old retro bar in the abandoned Pines Hotel [1174x727]

The once sunken cruise ship Bulgaria, in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia; Danila Tkachenko [2048 x 1638]

The orange groves of Florida used to be a popular tourist attraction in the 1950's to 60's. This old roadside fruit stand, served it's last customer many years ago. Mount Dora, FL. [1600x 1200].

The overgrown ruins of Kopice Castle, Poland [1600×1082] By DARKstyle Pictures

The overgrown ruins of a mansion in Lithuania [2000×1333] Photographed by SkyCam

The radio ship Mi Amigo, somewhere in the North Sea. [389x640] [photographer unknown]

The remains of Ferdinand Marcos concrete giant bust, Mt Pugo, La Union province, Philippines [326 × 420]

The remains of St. Aloysius Church outside of Trinidad, Colorado [OC][1367x2048]

The remains of an American WWII aircraft that crashed on a beach in Wales [1200×797]

The remains of an abandoned television game show set in Ontario Canada (oc) 1136 × 834

The remains of the Dictator Ferdinand Marco's concrete giant bust, Mt Pugo, La Union province, Philippines. Photo by Chihara Takashi [OS] [326×420].

The remains of the Railroad Trestle over Glen Creek washed away by the 1935 flood can still be seen in the clear water of the creek today [1280x853] (photographer unknown)

The ruined Big Dipper roller coaster at Geauga Lake Amusement park in Ohio. (Photo by Jonny Joo) [1000 x 723]

The ruins of Fort Carroll in the Patapsco River, MD - Tim Swift [1200x960]

The ruins of a college in Gali, Abkhazia [1920 x 1152] by Amos Chapple (x-post from -r-MostBeautiful)

The ruins of a synagogue [683×1024] by Martin Vaissie

The ruins of an Estonian prison are drowning in the quarry lake where the convicts were once forced to work [2000x1328] by Aimar Aareleid

The set of James Cameron's The Abyss 20 years later: An abandoned nuclear power plant in South Carolina exposed to the elements [2048x1536]

The ship graveyard at Mallows Bay, Maryland. Photo by Don Shomette. [799x577]

The show is over! Abandoned theater | Photo by Brian [934 x 1400]

The showroom of an abandoned funeral parlor[1024x678][OC]

The skeletal remains of a sugar barron's grand mansion which was torched during WWII in the Philippines. [900x604]

The spiral staircase of an abandoned grand hotel [1600×1600] by Andy Schwetz

The stair hall of a derelict palace [1067×1601] by Benjamin Wießner

The stair hall of a derelict palace in Lisbon, Portugal [1448×2048] By Kwolas Forest

The stairwell of an abandoned asylum [2048×1429] Photographed by Andrea Pesce

The still pockmarked landscape of Somme battlefield [1080x785]

The view from a rollercoaster at Nara Dreamland, Japan [OS] [1335×900] by Romain Veillon

The view over Pripyat with the new dome built over the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the background [1920x1200]

The well defined footprint of an abandoned English village [700 x 257]

The wreck of the Fedora on Lake Superior near Bayfield WI. Caught fire and was driven aground in 1901. [OC] [4608X3456]

The wreck of the Panagiotis on a Greek beach [3043×2066] by Pho Da

The wreck of the SS America, lying just off the coast of the Canary Islands [2748x1608] [OS] (Photographer unknown)

The yellow brick road from the abandoned theme park 'The Land of Oz' in Beech Mountain, North Carolina [736 × 1104] By unknown

There is no place like the abandoned Route 66 town of Texola, OK. [900x1500] [OC]

These pillars are only thing that remains of this once sprawling plantation in Talladega County, Alabama. Photo by Michelle Summers [OS] [2048x1365].

Thirteen stars on a barn, somewhere near Lebanon, OR [3072x2304] [OC]

This Oven Looks Like A Face :-) [3048x2048] (Video Link Discription!) - Made By Me

This Sherman M4 Tank was stranded on the reef during the invasion of the island of Saipan during WWII. Its turret is still frozen in time, taking aim at a Japanese gun emplacement on the beach. [1280×1600].

This Town Spent 25 Years Underwater [991x647]

This abandoned cottage now only provides shelter for the sheep. [1000 x 657] by Ian Murray

This abandoned railway culvert is decaying in a very pleasing manner [OC] [2448x1469]

This amazing abandoned mansion in the woods. Sitting untouched gracefully enjoying it's mature surroundings. [2048 x 1354]

This beautifull castle is being demolished :'( (R.I.P noisy) {More info discription} [2048x1360]

This bowling alley hasn't been touched since it closed over a century ago [430x720] [OC]

This bus does not stop. Eldorado canyon, Clark, Nevada, US by Eyetwist [2048 x 1365]

This is all that remains of the theater where the Three Stooges first performed. [1500x1000][OC]

This road was closed to traffic in the late 80's, the forest has nearly claimed all of it back [x-post from r-mildlyinteresting] [836x1486]

Thought it was fitting to take this shot in an abandoned incinerator.. [3888x2592]

Thought provoking quote on top of abandoned factory [6000x4000]

Tiny island cabin in Northern Minnesota [2048x1536] [OC]

Titanic like staircase at an abandoned chocolate factory [OS] [OC] [1500x1000]

Took a photo of a diver taking a photo: ruins in Tramonti di Sotto, Italy [OC][4592x3448]

Took a trip down to Riverview Asylum. West Lawn building. Coquitlam, BC. [OC] (1000 x 1334)

Took my dad to see if his first car was still where he left it when its engine seized -- 40 years ago. It was. [1600x1066] [OC]

Top of abandoned Factory [6000x4000] (OC)

Tore down a wall on a job site. This old school abandoned painting was revealed. (x-post r-toronto) [2688x1520]

Tornado touches down behind this abandoned homestead on the Colorado Palmer Divide on June 4, 2015; Eric Hurst [1200 x 800]

Tours de Merle, Corrèze, France [3264x2448]

Tours de Merle, Corrèze, France [3872x2592]

Toy Room. Photo by Key Powt [1366×911].

Tracks to nowhere, Southern Sweden [2048 x 1536]

Tractor lost to the tide somewhere in Australia. Photo by Ferrell McCollough [OS] [698x1063].

Train station in Sukhumi, Abkhazia was abandoned during the War in Abkhazia in 1992-1993. The dispute between Georgia and Russia over the region has isolated the region, but the decaying station retains some of its former glory in the form of intricate plaster work and mahogany furniture [880×587].

Tram house boat on the Desna River, Ukraine. (photo: Sergei Rzhevsky) [1280×853]

Tree growing from a chimney in an abandoned factory yard - Luque, Paraguay [991x624]

Tree growing in a silo in Michigan [852x1136][OC]

Trees grow wild around Miranda Castle, Belgium [1024×683] Photographed by Thomas Mueller

Trees growing on an abandoned bridge. [1191x1034] x-post from r-mildlyinteresting

Trees through an abandoned window (x-post r-itookapicture) [900x643]

Truly Abandoned; Vance Creek, Washington, USA [3887×2186] [OC] Back in August I posted one of the last pictures of Vance Creek Bridge before each end was disassembled. Here it is now.

Two hours of exposure over an abandoned church in rural Nebraska [OC] [2000x1300]

U.S. Coast Guard HH-3 Pelican boneyard, Elizabeth City, NC [OC] [5312x2988]

Underwater airplane wreckage [1024 x 768]

Underwater ruins of Schicheng in China [640 x 375]

Underwater tank graveyard off the coast of Donegal, Ireland. [640x360]

Unfinished Hospital, Khovrino District, Moscow [1500×843]

Unfinished Hotel Ruins of the Egyptian Desert [OS] [1400 × 1120].

Unfinished and abandoned nuclear power plant in Żarnowiec, Poland. [3,648 x 2,736]

United Artists Theater, Detroit [800x531]

United Malika [1418x945]

Unmaintained section of the Great Wall of China [2736 x 2052] by -u-iwazaruu

Untouched +130 year-old abandoned Chapel [5307x3538][OC]

Urban Decay in Central Mass [OC][4160x2340]

Ushaw Moor Seminary, UK (5184x3456)

Utah log cabin where Butch Cassidy grew up (Cassidy led the Wild Bunch gang who robbed banks and trains in the 1800's) [1024 x 685]

Vacant shopping mall [2448x3264]

View from the Luxury box at the Pontiac Silverdome, Former Home to Detroit Lions. Photo by Johnny Joo [OS] [2048x1390].

View over an abandoned theme park from the top of the roller coaster (link to more pics in comments) [OC][OS][1024x682]

Villa Cripta - an abandoned Villa with a family crypt in Italy [2000x1332]

Vines creeping in through an old skylight in the Verrière de chateau. [1600 x 1067] [OS].

Vines on a mountainside swallowing abandoned vehicles in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. In China, abandoned cars are known colloquially as “jiangshiche,” or “zombie cars.” [864×675].

Vintage fire trucks. [OS] [1024 x 578]

Visited an entire abandoned village in rural Hong Kong being digested by nature... (lots more photos, videos in comments) [3344x1872] [OC]

Vukovar Water Tower [854x1286]

WW1 Trench on Italian Alps [OC, 2000x1333]

Waiting for the next dentist client to sit down. Eastern State Penitentiary, shot by me [1136x640]

Was exploring in the NY state park I work at. Found the pool that's been abandoned since Hurricane Sandy. [960 x 540]

Washing room of abandoned Zeche Hugo coal mine. Clothing and valuables were placed in the trays and raised by chains out of reach, then locked at the bottom. (by Marcel Fischer) [1358x640]

Water tower in Lubne, Poland by unknown [500 x 736]

Waterslides at Fun Park Fyn, Denmark - closed in August 2006 [4160x3120] [OC]

Weathered Jesus in old cemetery. West IL [1024 x 683] [OC]

Went back to my childhood K-5 school. It's in bad shape. This was the lunchroom. [4168 x 2779]

West Pier, Brighton. [5212x3475][OC]

Westinghouse Boiler House - Mansfield, Ohio [OC] [2300 × 1534] (More in comments)

Wet Reflective Green molded floors [6000x4000]

What was once a magnificent greenhouse, has now falling into disrepair. Photo by MGness. [OS] [2048x1365].

When the Earth reclaims the Great Wall of China - vegetation and trees growing on top [OC] [5934x3864]

While scouting out an abandoned winehouse we found this Simca Aronde 90A, built in the late '50s. By Koen Colpaert [1280 x 853]

Wilderstein carriage and stable barn in Rhinbeck, New York. Photo by Robert Wirth. [OS]. [1200×800].

Wind-tunnel model of the Soviet Buran space shuttle rotting away at the edge of Zhukovsky airfield. Photo by Aleksandr Markin. [1200×798]

Windmill on the brink of collapse [1200x1190]

Winter at the Abandoned Girls Finishing School [OC] [4672 x 3104]

Winter at the Overbrook Asylum [OC] [4477 x 2814]

Winter in Pripyat [1680x1050]

Wisteria flowers over taking a gate in Sintra, Portugal. [OS] [1200×1600].

Wooden spiral staircase in the 1828 Administration Building in the abandoned insane asylum in Staunton, Virginia [640x960] [OC]

Woods overtaking an old house in Victoria, Texas [OC] [1080x1920]

Workshop in ruins [6000x4000] (oc)

X-Wing in an abandoned theatre. Photo by romain thiery [2048x1365].

You can get to amazing places by helicopter ! [4032x3024] by Wagner Conti

[1200x749] Fort Carroll, south of Baltimore, Maryland

[1600×1096] Once the largest mall in the world

[2000 x 1333] [OC] An abandoned orphanage in Southern NSW, Australia. Currently only half of this building remains, as it was destroyed by fire not long ago.

[2000 x 1333] [OC] The old Helensburgh tunnel after a large downpour.

[2570x1837] [OC] Last guy to leave close the door. Akigase Park, Saitama city, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

[2676 x 3344] [OC] Taken at the Old Helensburgh Tunnel, that nature is slowly taking over.

[3000x4000] Found an abandoned beach resort while riding around Zanzibar, album in comments [OC]

[5120 x 3414] [OC] A long exposure shot of the Old Helensburgh Tunnel at night. The blue glow is due to the glow worms that reside inside the tunnel.

[750 x 588] [OC] Old rails leading into darkness. Old Helensburgh, tunnel, NSW.

[800x600] My dad recently took decayporn photos in Detroit. This is an abandoned Catholic school room. School's out FOREVER!

[OC] Abandoned Bank, USA [5472 × 3648]

[OC] Abandoned Military Fire Truck at Jawbone Flats on the Opal Creek Trail in Oregon. [4048x3036]

[OC] Abandoned ballroom of an active hotel [534x800]

[OC] Abandoned, ruined farm in Ayrshire, Scotland [5472 × 3648]

[OC] Again at Opal Creek, Oregon. So many abandoned trucks at Jawbone Flats. [4048x3036]

[OC] Control Room of a Gold Dredge in Nome, Alaska [808x447]

[OC] Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, England. [1920x1080]

[OC] Old General store on the northern outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama. (I-20-I-59). [960 × 768].

[OC] Peaceful abandoned home [5184x3456]

[OC] Quartzville Creek off of NF-11. South of Detroit Lake on yoir way to Green Peter Resevoir, Oregon. [4048 x 3036]

[OC] Scottish Castle in ruin. Nice big front door though [1000x1400]

[OC] The Nurses building, about 300m from the mental asylum it staffed. [1034 x 1640]

[OC] Update on Holtleitet farm, Stordal, Norway [1037 x 1600]

[OC] [4314x2876]Old cabin in the intimidating landscape of Tweedsmuir park, BC, Canada

[OC] [4928 x 3264] Showers in an Abandoned Cold War Missile Defense Headquarters

[OC] abandoned car at the bottom of a cliff in Portland Oregon (2248x3264)

[OC][8925x3610] abandoned power control station

[OS] Sunken B-29 Fortress on Eielson AFB, AK [950x713]

a 1940s firetruck [2880x1927]

abandoned Victorian, Mantua OH [1024 × 768]

abandoned cabin in the woods (Connecticut) [1885x1414]

abandoned factory hall [6000x4000] (OC)

abandoned home in Oregon [2297 x 1531]

abandoned marble quarry [1024×681]

abandoned military training facilities deep in the woods [OC] [4608 x 3456]

abandoned mine [1024×683]

abandoned puerto rican lighthouse where the u.s. invasion of puerto rico in 1898 was first spotted from [2248x3246]

beautifull abandoned dining room [2048x1038] {Video link Description}

burned out. San Bernardino, California, United States. By eyetwist [2048 X 1365]

exploring an abandoned Mansion [5472x3648][OC]

ice in abandoned submarine bunker [1024×683]

leftover TV's in an abondoned Hotel in the Black Forest || Germany [3264x2448] [OC]

obvious decay, Germany [OC] [1750x2333]

oddly places Factory lockers [6000x4000]

sometimes you wish that some people turn into dust. By marco18678. [2048 X 1367]

steel mill, Pittsburgh [2136 × 1424]

used to be a hunting lodge of an Earl, now just a derelict in an industrial yard[OC][3264x1836]

vandals destroyed this place abandoned duplex [6000x4000]