'The Big Hang' on Poda Island, Krabi, Thailand [864x576]

'The Roof', Inis Mór, Ireland [1024X768]

-u-InterTim's GF doing a handstand on the side of Mt Huashan, China (x-post -r-pics) [1502x2224]

10m gully gap - Downhill mountain bike [1024x683] [OC]

120mph Cannonball! BASE jump from 1000' [1920x1080]

1488 ft drop...Angel's landing and a daring friend (x-post from -r-GoPro) [OC] [3840x2880]

3-way ski base jump. Photo by Andrew Wexler [1600x1069]

300 feet into the Greenland ice sheet, these glacier cavers rappel into mammoth caves which are formed when geothermal vents or meltwater cut into the ice. [1280x1024]

360 VR record setting wingsuit formation [OC][2560x1440]

70+ feet up a rotten ash tree that was over power lines, it made my heart race. [1944x2592]

750 feet up the Four Seasons in Miami [1150x1440]

81 sky divers execute a canopy formation [1023x818]

93ft Double Gainer Off Havasu Falls, AZ [1366 x 2048]

A 1,148 foot long water slide in South Korea [1100 x 619]

A Base Jumper feeling the Rush [700x1032]

A Stunning shot of an Airborne Snowboarder [1920x1200]

A buddy of mine flyboarding in Minnesota [960x472]

A crazy snowboarder catching BIG air [461x605]

A daring flying kick at Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa. [960x1280]

A friend falling from a failed trick at a local MTB-BMX contest (DirtJumpJam '10. in Umag, Croatia) [900x900] [OC]

A gentle reminder to secure your carabiners when paragliding, or just whenever [654x735] (x-post -r-pics)

A girl on a Transmission tower in Dzerzhinsk, Russia [802x1202]

A guy dives a go-kart attached to a paraglider off a 1000ft cliff. St Hilaire Coup d'Icare, 1998. Sorry for potato quality[1200 x 1136][oc]

A lion riding shotgun in a motorcycle racing up the walls of a dome of death. [1386 × 1072]

A surfer drops in on a large wave at Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal; Rafael Marchante [1500 x 799]

A typical after class adventure in the Adirondacks. [2048x1365] [OC]

A view of NYC from the side of a skyscraper [x-post from -r-CityPorn][780x1170][OC]

Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham - Front Flip - Nitro Circus Auckland 2013 [3306x1093] [OC]

Aaron Fotheringham performing a backflip in a wheelchair off a mega ramp [1000x700]

About to drop in off the summit of Mt Hood, 11,235 ft [1920x1080]

About to send it in the PNW! [520x294]

Abseilers at Mt Buffalo, Victoria, Australia - - [3832 × 5793] [OC]

Acapulco Ledge, Swanage, Dorset [500x750]

Action from a rugby match between Old Belvedere and Blackrock, in Dublin, Ireland, on February 5, 2011. [1247x848]

Alain Robert climbing Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) [746x574]

Alex Honnold [958x527]

Alex Honnold ascends El Sendero Luminoso (5.12d) in Monterrey, Mexico [1600x900]

Alex Honnold free climbing El Capitan [990x742]

Alex Honnold observing the landscape of Yosemite [1024x683]

Alex Honnold on NCAR Mesa Laboratory in Boulder, CO by Peter Bohler [1536x2048] [OS]

Alex Honnold takes on the third zigzag of Half Dome without a rope. Photo by Jimmy Chin [990x742]

Andreas Wiig catching big air at sunset [1260x1066]

Andy Jones of the USA diving from the 28-meter platform at Hells Gate during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas [1180x787]

Another 'First time skydiving' post [OC] [1192x1920]

Anton Chervyakov jumping from the 421-meter Kuala Lumpur Tower. [1200x783]

Approaching an Iceberg in the Arctic - Sailing [1600x1200]

Astronaut [3011x3000]

At 66 my father is still shredding. [OC] [2973x2376]

At the top of El Diente Peak outside of Telluride, CO [2448x1836]

At the top of a tower somewhere in Russia [920x614]

At the top of the mountain looking down [1707x1181]

At what point does body surfing become BASE jumping? [1440x960]

Austrian Jagdkommando dropping from plane with a dog [1964x1200]

BASE Jumping at Ergaki Nature Park, Russia [700x1032]

BASE jumping - Waaaait you forgot your helmeeeeet ! [2048x1365]

BASE jumping at Yosemite Park [990x742]

BASE jumping in Fayetteville, West Virginia [990x742]

BASE jumping into Shipwreck Beach Zakynthos, Greece [960 x 640]

Backflip at 200 meters [506x276]

Backflip in a Washigton state waterfall [1000x1333]

Backflip off a cliff I found yesterday near Fowey, England (OC)[2168x3858]

Backflip on a flyboard - Mexico [2500x1660]

Backpacking to Tuck Lake, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, WA [OC] [2992x4000]

Backwards Wheelie [1676 x 932]

Balloon jump! [1280x960]

Base Jumping In Shanghai [1200x801]

Base Jumping Into Fog (x-post -r-woahdude) [306x168]

Base jumper Johannes Dagemark takes a leap off a 150-meter-high wind turbine in Skara, Sweden [1280x853]

Base jumping from 492 feet high dam in Switzerland. Photo by: Vadimir Mahorov [1024x683]

Base jumping in Norway(?) [1600x1200]

Base jumping through cooling tower [384x216]

Bear Grylls enjoying a nice meal at 25,000 feet [1600x1237]

Ben Cossey scales the Grampians in Victoria, Australia [1200x800]

Benjamin Comber of New Zealand competes during the men's FIS Snowboard Slope Style World Cup at the US Grand Prix in Copper Mountain, Colorado.[3000x2000]

Best part of a 10 mile loop in Kaniksu National Park, Idaho. Beehive Lakes [OC] [4272 x 2848]

Best skydiving photo of my friends and I. [993x662] [OC]

Bikers dangerously close to the cliff's edge [1185x790]

Billabong XXL Big Wave Surfing [1772x1177]

Birdmen [1440 x 809][OC]

Blocking out the sun in the half pipe at Mammoth Mountain, California. [1984 × 1488] [OC]

Boat Eater play wave in Yankee Jim Canyon, MT [2274x1516] [OC]

Bob Burnquist Christ Air [400x246]

Bob Burnquist on the Dream365 ramp, floating in Lake Tahoe [1008x671] photo by Myles McGuinness

Bodyboarder taking off [775x596]

Brandon Semenuk pulling a tricky drop [1023x682]

Brazil is beautiful from up here [600x800]

Brian Kalet on the West Buttress of Mount McKinley at about 17,000' [OS] [3600x2438]

Bridge Jumping [2048x1536]

Brooklyn Bridge Painters at about 250ft [1247x969]

Bungee Jumping [1263x839]

Cage Diver Touching a Great White Shark [2048x1435]

Cam McCaul catching some air in Virgin, UT. Photo by Tony Czech [1024x683]

Cam Zink at the Red Bull Rampage [771x487]

Cape Town's best 'hang out' spot [716x960]

Care for a drink? Daredevils enjoy a drink on top of an abandoned radio tower in Moscow, Russia [858x536][OS]

Carston Oliver at Moab, Utah with an amazing night-sky backdrop. Photo by Steve Lloyd. [1600x1067]

Castellers de Vilafranca. Tarragona, Spain [2200x1467]

Catching some air at sunset. Photo by Chris Burkard [2048x1152][OS]

Catching some urban swells [OC] [2690 × 3264]

Celebrating Ukraine national day... in Moscow [960× 640]

Check Check, 1 2 3 [2048x1365]

Chester Lake Snowshoe - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park - AB, Canada - 3450 x 2300 [OC]

Christopher Bell, Chili Bowl 2016 [OC][2010X1055]

Ciarán Heurteau sledyaking on the White Salmon River. Photo by Ben Marr [960x720]

Cleaning a well at the Bouvante dam [1920x1200]

Cleaning the antenna of the Empire State Building - Vincent Laforet - [1500x988]

Cliff Jumping Burst Shot in the New River Gorge, WV [OC] [1492 x 2589]

Cliff Jumping at Black Wall Reach, Perth Australia [537 x 720][OC]

Cliff Jumping, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam [1200x1600] (OS)

Cliff Slip and Slide [523x294] (X-post -r-gifs)

Cliff divers leap into the Cenote Ik Kil, near Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula [620x933]

Cliff diving at Islet Vila Franca do Campo in Azores, Portugal [2000x1333]

Cliffhanger... literally [990x704]

Climbing Federation Peak in Tasmania [528x800]

Climbing Mt. Huashan, China [2400x1800] [OS]

Climbing The Radio Tower [4928x3264] [OC]

Climbing a radio tower. Always got me when I did it. (Not OC) [1024x576]

Climbing down 3144m Balaitus in the Pyrenees [OC] (1728x3072)

Climbing in Thailand [440x700]

Climbing the Black Canyon of the Gunnison [2100x900]

Climbing the Great Arch in Getu Valley, China [1440x956]

Climbing the Wendenstock, Interlaken, Switzerland [OS] [990x742]

Climbing up a tree that was used to sight forest fires [4288 x 2848][OC]

Close to the edge. 'Thank God ledge', Half Dome. [761x960]

Cody Scarpella climbing at Monkey Face, Smith Rock, OR. Photo by Tyler Roemer [1450x950]

Cool angle of me in my wingsuit [1280x720]

Crazy drop in (720x480) x-post from r-skateboarding

Creek racing on the Allt nan Giubhas [2048x1370]

Crew member of Canadian tall ship makes dramatic leap to safety in U.S. Coast Guard rescue (xp r-heavyseas) [940x705]

Crew tries to prevent their sailboat from capsizing [1600x1040]

Cross-country skiing while being towed by an airplane [1600x1067]

Crossing the void - Dean Potter at Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite [1772x2751]

Curing my Halloween hangover with some speedflying [1920x1080][OC]

Dan Brisse catching some massive air [1600x1067]

Dane Gudauskas surfing the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Photo by Chris Burkard [1000x667]

Daniel Moore 280 foot (85 meter) base jump in Utah [998X664]

Danny Hart whipping a dude's beer out his hand at Crankworx. Photo by Sterling Lorence. [1600x1066]

Danny Macaskill riding up a tree [963x1450]

Daredevil Dave MacLeod perches on a ledge 500ft up the world’s hardest sea cliff climb, St John’s Head, Hoy, in the Orkneys, Scotland [1066x1600]

Dave Watson shows the Tour de France riders how to do it by jumping over them [1600x1076] © Scott Markewitz

David Lama doing some urban climbing in Duisburg, Germany. Photo by Rainer Eder [1010x715]

Dean Potter (killed on 5-16-15) free soloing Glacier Point at Yosemite National Park back in 2011 [1600x1200]

Dean Potter free soloing Glacier Point at Yosemite National Park [1600x1200]

Dean Potter slacklining while untethered at Taft Point, Yosemite [960x1440]

Devils Pool at Victoria Falls (620 x 349)

Dexter Marcelino: 'Take my hand' [1280x960]

Doing a backflip at Trolltunga, Norway [1520 x 4048] photo by Robert Godwin

Down we go [700 x 467]

Downclimbing in the North Cascades, Washington, US [OC][2048x1366]

Downhill Longboarding [3259x2164][OC]

Downhill Mountain Biking in Whistler Bike Park [4256x2832]

Downhill Rider Elliot Jackson somewhere in Utah [1024x683]

Downhill mountain biking in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. [OC][960x762]

Downhilling near Fruita, CO, photography by Trent Bona, source in comments [ 1960 x 2050]

Downside to being an Adrenaline Junkie. Me yesterday at Forest of Dean, UK [2848x4288]

Drainage ditch kayaking [300x200] [x-post r-gifs]

Dropping in to Maverick's , near Half Moon Bay, CA [3600 x 2338]

Dropping into a long chute with da boys yesterday [1920X1080] [OC]

Easy Road, BMX [1024x684]

Edinburgh, Scotland [1247 X 816] [xpost from -r-cityporn]

Ellen Brennan [wingsuit] [442x662] [xposted article to -r-womenshredders]

Engineers working on the Empire State Building's Antenna [960x632] (xpost r-pics)

Enjoying some free fall in a kayak [4912 x 7360]

Enter the Void - Freefalling for 10s through a low, thick cloud base on a 2000' A - Total freefall: 14.5s [1920x1080]

Epic jump from an Ultralight through the clouds [OC][1280x960]

Eric Girard kite skis alongside an ice breaker tracing the channel for a new snow crab fishing season in Shippagan, New Brunswick, Canada. [720X960]

Eric Johnson over Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon River in the US [1200x800]

Erik Boomer kayaking down Sahalie Falls during the wintertime. Photo by Mike Leeds [1600x1067]

Erik Roner died skydiving today, a true Adrenaline Junkie [596x360]

Erik Roner's 800 ft. snowmobile base jump in Fernie, British Columbia [400x225]

Erik Roner's 800-foot snowmobile base jump [400x230] [X-Post -r-WoahDude]

Everyone liked the Grand Canyon picture so here's a backflip at the top of mcafees knob [3,110x2,073]

Exploring Portland, Oregon a little bit. [2988x5312]

Extreme Balloon Skylining [2048x1356]

Extreme Unicycling [964x907] (posted earlier in -r-pics)

Fallin' off a mountain.[480x360]

Falling in the rain [2704 x 1536]

Felix Baumgarter preparing to jump at 71,580 ft [x-post r-pics] [640x895]

Felix Baumgartner Stepping out of his capsule around 128,000 feet. Taken from CNN. [972 x 805]

Felix Baumgartner mid flight [1920 X 1080]

Felix Baumgartner prepares to jump during the first manned test flight for Red Bull Stratos over Roswell, N.M. on Thursday, March 15, 2012. A spokesperson says the skydiver took a practice jump from more than 13 miles high over New Mexico. He's aiming for nearly 23 miles in the summer. [800x1200]

Felix Baumgartner preparing to BASE jump off Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [1024x701]

Female surfer Rochelle Ballard, charging Micronesia [853x571] (Xpost from -r-girlsurfers)

Filming a base jumper's cartwheel off a cliff [500x280]

Final jump after rock climbing in Lofoten, Norway [640x640]

Finally found the pillows I've dreamt of. Favourite line since moving to Revelstoke BC in December. [OC] [1732X3106]

Fire breathing base jump [1003x806]

First ever skydive, Oct. 2011 (Santa Cruz, CA)[2,592x1,944]

First jump on my home made parachute [1920x1080]

First time Skydiving. Unreal [3110x2073]

First, let me take a selfie -shark dive- [OC] [1706x960]

Five Men On The Wilshire Grand Center Tower, Los Angeles. [1000x1052]

Flew my wingsuit through a waterfall in Switzerland. [1920x1080][OC]

Flip over train tracks GIF (800x400) {x-post from r-boston}

Flip! [2800x1867]

Flipping the city. Barcelona, Spain. [5,184x3456]

Florian Ebner slacklining in Lienzer Dolomiten, Austria. Photo by Martin Lugger [650x975]

Florian Ebner walking the line in Lienzer Dolomiten, Austria [683x1024]

Flying mini-wings outside of vail. [1884x763]

Flying over nothing but water with nowhere to land [OC][3840x1677]

For those of you who liked the triple skateboarder jump so much, here is another I found [360x186]

Forresthill Bridge, Ca [1920x1080]

Free diving with the wreckage of a plane [1024 x 768]

Free diving with whales [1200 X 797]

Free solo climb of a big ferris wheel in Seattle, WA [1024x683](second photo in comments)

Freediver Deborah Andollo swims up from the depths of Devil's Hole. Photo by David Doubilet [600x800]

Fresh powder. Photo courtesy of Frode Sandbech [797x532]

Gainer from 60 feet. Post Falls ID. [2016x3040]

Gaston Rébuffat mountain climbing in France, 1944. Courtesy r-SweatyPalms. (1144 x 1600).

Getting a little inverted speedflying in the Alps [OC][2592x1944]

Getting air in fresh powder with a scenic background [1920x1200]

Getting back up after falling off the slackline - ©Ryan Salm [Still, 2600x1734]

Getting ready to jump - BASE [623x487]

Giant swing in the Ecouges Canyon (France) [1280x960][OC][OS]

Girl climbing a rock facade in Victoria, BC. photo by Peruzzo [960x640] (xpost -r-buildering)

Girl on girl wingsuit rodeo at Jumptown (Orange, Mass.) over Memorial Day [OC] [3112 × 2075]

Giving my mom a heart attack at the grand canyon [2,073x3,110]

Glacierboarding [800x1200]

Gnarly line on steps of the US Capitol [600×931]

Going Down! (Trying new shin mount)[1920x1080]

Going for the pass! Whistler Bike Park. [1628x2458]

Going for the top [1200x800]

Going from one balloon to another [960x640].

Going over the edge after a 2000' climb [960x1280]

Got to parasail over the world's longest unbroken beach at Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh while visiting for a conference [OS] [OC] [1600 X 1188]

Grand Canyon [950x640]

Great State of Maine Air Show [960x435]

Greg Gasson's no parachute freefall [x-post from r-wtf] [900x600]

Greg Long in Pico Alto [990x550]

Grip [1920x1080] -BASE jumping

Ground launch (xpost from -r-freeflight) [1600x1200]

Guy jumps off Ka Lae [South Point] in Hawaii. He said the climb back up the flimsy rusted ladder was the scary part.[ OS][1136x640]

Guy unicycling on the edge of an overflow pipe (750x545)

Gym class at local kindergarten number 317, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia [3360x2167]

Had some fun last night in Tromso, Norway [2764 x 1843]


Halldor Helgason at Stranda, Norway [1620x1080]

Handstand at the ledge of sharp top point!! Post #3 [2,246x3,370]

Handstand on ledge, 100m tall building. [4000x6000]

Hang Gliding Sylmar, CA [oc][1195X673]

Hangin' by a thread [1920x1080]

Hangin' out [5760 x 3840]

Hanging out in Serbia [gif][600x321]

Harold Lloyd performing a handstand on top of a skyscraper [1000x1160]

Harry Main Barrel Roll [1000 X 625]

Having fun on my first dive of the year! [3600x2023]

Hawaiian surfer Ha'a Keaulana runs across the ocean floor with a 50 pound boulder, as a way to train to survive the massive surf waves. [1047 X 1047] cross post from -r-pics, original photo by Paul Nicklen

Hazel Findlay climbing at Acadia National Park. Photo by Tim Kemple [990x742]

Head down skydiving over Maine. [OC] [1366X768]

Head on: The man stands on the edge of the rock face, bracing himself for the awesome power of a massive wave near Australia's Bondi beach. [964x610]

Head-up angle flying in California [2048x1153]

Hi r-adrenalineporn. This is Scotty. He BASE jumps and wingsuits and stuff. He needs your help. (Don't worry, he's not injured) please check comments for more info. [2532 × 1688]

High Above Dubai (x-post -r-pic) [2048x1365]

High-fiving a powder pillow. Whitewater Ski Resort, Nelson, BC [OC] [1944x2896]

Highlining over Mt. Baldy [3888x2592]

Hiking an abandoned ski jump in Canada [2956x1958]

Hiking through the mist at Yosemite to get the Nevada Falls. [OC] [6016x4016]

Hiking to the top, fantastic picture x-posting from r-pics [1959x2611]

Hiking-Climbing in 'Blábjørg' (Blue Mountain) - Faroe Islands [2949x2212]

Hitting the eject button at Teahupoo [990x500]

Hitting the lip. Surfing south of Santa Cruz, CA. [1277x837] [OC]

Holy fuck..Brad Walton Catching BIG Air in Penticton, British Columbia [1024x679]

Hopefully this picture doesn't seem serene. 'There is only one way down.' Skiing at Kicking Horse, Alberta.[1018x784]

Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare Stunt (1280 × 894)

How else would you celebrate your first day covered by health insurance? [2922 × 1641] [OC]

Hua Shan wooden plank walk [1814x1210]

Huashan Plank Walk - the most dangerous hiking trail in the world [1196x1808] [OC]

Hugo Langel walks the slackline high above Rio de Janeiro [940x627]

I couldn't resist the offer of doing my second jump backwards. Bloukrans Bridge bungee in South Africa. Highest commercial bridge bungee. [ 3072x2304 ] [OS]

I had a fun Labor Day weekend [OC][1920x1080]

I heard that you guys love getting high. So do I! My perfect trio of snow, sea and sky. [2100x1382]

I heard you guys might like this, my 16,000ft skydive over a 360° rainbow. [480x270]

I like to gainer. Copper Canyon. Lake Havasu, AZ [OC][1735x2000]

I ride freestyle motocross and every now and then somebody snaps a picture, this one is pretty sweet. [3110×2073] [OC]

I sometimes climb buildings to get good views [4224 × 2518] [OC]

I spent Easter Sunday flying on my skis and getting the adrenaline going here in Revelstoke BC, Canada. [OC][1920X1080]

I think he forgot his board [3200x2126]

I took this while at the Cliffs of Moher. [720 x 960]

I want a glider [1919x1003]

If you are wondering what awesome looks like... [898x508]

If you look closely you can see the skier in the upper right [1920x1080]

Inside Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand [OC][5472x3648]

Into the Rough [1600x1200]

Isle of Man TT [4724x3341]

It may not be much but it's my day job cleaning windows (40 foot ladder fully extended) (720x960)

It was a little chilly jumping in Twin Falls (1137x640)

It's been an unreal year of speedflying! Here are a few of the highlights! Next week we're heading to Chamonix to check out the birthplace of the sport. Video in Comments [OC][5760x3510]

James Kingston, Free Runner, Hangs One-Handed from a Crane in Southampton. Video in comments. [1280x719]

Jamie Goldman, big air on Joyride [OS][1600x1065]

Jamie O'Brien Surfs Teahupo'o on Fire [1500x1000]

Jamie Pierre and Jeff Ledger check out a line in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photo by Oskar Enander [1500x1000][OS]

Jean-Philippe Teffaud BASE jumps off Kuala Lumpur Tower [900x571]

Jeff West dropping a waterfall[OS][1394x1946]

Jesse Coombs kayaking down Lower Mesa Falls on Henry's Fork River in Idaho [602x900]

Jibbing at the seaside in Gdynia, Poland - rider Wojtek ''Gniazdo'' Pawlusiak [960x573]

Jockey Johnny King struggles to stay on his horse Arbitrageur before a race at Laytown, County Meath, Ireland [858x415] Photo by Pat

Joey Schusler racing down a mountain in Boulder, CO. Photo by Dave Trumpore [1080x715]

John Jackson getting some massive air [1000x1500]

Jump roping fire juggler at Baltimore Inner Harbor [OC] [3001×2152]

Jumping The Gap [3456 x 4181][OC]

Jumping above the clouds [960x635]

Jumping for Joy on Kjeragbolten [OC] [3744 x 5616]

Jumping kick on the edge of Trolltunga, Norway [500 x 750]

Jumping off a cliff using iPhone of a string for a camera [720x404]

Jumping off a pier into Port Phillip Bay with a surfboard, as a storm lashes the Melbourne, Australia area, June 24, 2014 [2500x3547] Photo by Mal Fairclough-AFP-Getty Images

Jumping off an aircraft elevator [3008x2000]

Jumping out of a perfectly good balloon [1378 x 775]

Jumping rope over the city (x-post from -r-pics) [672x960]

Just Hangin Out (x-post -r-pics) [800 X 533]

Just Hangin' Out, x-post from -r-pics [960x772]

Just after exit in my wingsuit [OC][1280*720]

Just an usual selfie [600x399]

Just another megaloop [1600x1144]

Just before the leap. It was creepy how completely silent it was. [1259x675]

Just enjoying my cloudy Monday [1440x900] [OC]

Just hanging around [1000 x 667]

Just walking across Canada's longest, tallest rope bridge [1785x1339][OS]

KTM rider Pal Anders Ullevalseter of Norway competes in the 2nd stage of the 2013 Dakar Rally in Pisco, Peru. [2100x1240]

Kayaker rides 189 foot Palouse waterfall in Washington [2,048 x 1,365]

Kayakers Steve Fisher, Dale Jardine, and Sam Drevo looking over Victoria Falls. Photo by Desre Tate [933x1400]

Kayaking [2048x1365]

Kayaking at the Green River Narrows [5184 x 3456]

Kenny Belaey bikes dangerously close to the cliff's edge of Table Mountain [964x640]

Kenny Smith riding down a rock-face in Whistler BC [1600x1067]

Kickin' up the Powder [1596x1157]

Kirby Chambliss & the Red Bull Airforce [1920x1054]

Kiril Bederoni dropping a cliff [1024x683][OS]

Kiteboarding on a massive wave [799x581]

Lake jump at the Tour de France [679x960]

Lancia 037 gets up close and personal with the crowd [350x256]

Landkiting [3648x2736]

Large wave launches surfer Bobby Okvist into the air. Photo by Benjamin Ginsberg. [991x658]

Last day of 2012, decided to do something epic so I backflipped over the sun [640x540]

Last run, Admiring Lake Louise after a weekend of 100% Canadian Rocky Mountain Powder - Blessed. [OC] [960x640]

Launching my home made glider... again[3684×2448] [OC]

Launching speedwings into the valleys of Southern Colorado. Video in comments [hires][1999x1332]

Leaning over a rooftop in Hong Kong [x-post from -r-CityPorn][1200x806][OC]

Leaning over the 103rd-story balcony of the Empire State Building [x-post from -r-pics][1200x791][OC]

Lonnie Bissonnette jumping off the New River Gorge Bridge [549x828]

Looking down from the top of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, Utah [GoPro] [3840 x 2880] [OC]

Looking over Markárfljótsgljúfur in Iceland [1280x1599] [OC]

Losing a bullfight. [1500x1000]

Luca Pandolfi preparing to drop in at Re di Pietra. Photo by Cedric Bernardini [1600x1200][OS]

Making the Leap off a Greek cliff by Dimitrios Kontizas [1247x828]

Man flips over a bull! [800x625]

Man jumps off a 5-story building into a pool [375x338]

Marcelo Bastos of Brasil warms up for the Skateboard Vert Final during the X-Games Barcelona [1200x798]

Maria Steinmayr jumping from the 421m high Kuala Lumpur Tower, Malaysia [620x413](Xpost -r-womenshredders).

Matt Segal climbing the Great Arch in China. Photo by Carsten Peter [2048x1367][OS]

Maybe not be much, but gave me a bit of a kick [2195x1463]

Me and some friends managed to climb a building under construction in the city centre [1024x683] (Extra pic in comments)

Me and two buddies chillin at work [3264x1840]

Me at Fjørå, Norway the other day. 10-10 would ride again (3110x2073)

Me dragging a knee last summer. [1319x1166]

Me dragging knee on my 2007 Yamaha R6 [537x412]

Me enjoying another sunny ride in NM [2332x1749]

Me flying through rainbows at Steelhead Falls, Oregon [OC] [800x503]

Me highlining in Yosemite. This was both the coolest and most terrifying line I've walked so far. [OC] [5184x3456]

Me jumping a ravine at the Garden of the Gods, Herod, Illinois. (x-post from r-images) [OC] [737 x 418]

Me kiteboarding at Oulu, Finland last november [1619x1000]

Me mid-jump across buildings in Chicago [1920 x 1080]

Me riding my bike a while back. Location Undisclosed. [600X400]

Me slacklining across the Birthday Gap in Arches National Park, Utah. [OC] (1345x2084)

Meet American Alex Honnold, the foremost free soloist in the world, a man so mellow you might think he is stoned, but who has done some of the most extreme free solos in the history of climbing. Here Honnold climbs the 600 metre high Half Dome in California’s Yosemite Valley [1024x682]

Michał ''Amba'' Ambruszkiewicz from the [Seventyone] Skimboard Team, Poland [900x600]

Michał Juraś ollie, Wrocław - Poland. Foto: Kuba Bączkowski [772x1158]

Michał Mazur on skateboard photo place Nice, France 2008 by Wojtek Antonow [1000x666]

Microseconds before dislocating a shoulder in icy Glacier Bay waters and catching a bush plane 100 miles to the Juneau emergency room [2048 x 1463][OC]

Mid Flight Landing onto a Wingsuit [636x288]

Middle Finger skydive exit [1920x1200][OC]

Mike Bancroft Hill Bomb Powerslide [531x800]

Mike Wilson's Quadruple backflip off a 99 foot rope swing [400x225]

Military Service in the swiss alps. 5 days left. will miss those days. [2048 x 1536]

Missing my summer job right about now [720 X 477]

Motocross superman selfie [x-post from -r-motorcycles] [719 x 960]

Motorbike over the trees into a river [1200x800] (xpost from -r-videos)

Mountain Biking [2048x2048]

Mountain Camping [950x712]

Mountain biker (Yannick Granieri) backflips over a wakeboarder (Lee Debuse). Perfectly timed shot by Stef Cande [1024 x 682]

Mountain biker Kenny Smith jumping over a train (from the movie From the Inside Out) [3000X1993]

Mountain biking has such a quick pace to it. Peddling fast, you can hear your bike as it blasts over rocks and dirt. When you're in the air however, it's almost, peaceful. Whistler Mountain, BC [2048 × 1365]

Mountaineering on the Presidents, YNP, Canada [OC][1600x1000]

Mt. Huashan Climb, China [1280 x 720] [x-post from -r-TopXSports]

Mushers compete in Megeve, during the departure of a stage of the Grande Odyssee sledding race. [1500x1000]

Mustang Wanted hangs from a Moscow skyscraper [1049x700]

Mustang Wanted just hanging out [2048x1365]

My 83 foot cliff jump in Ontario, Canada. [2419 x 3629]

My Winter Toy [3264 x 1795] [OC]

My adrenaline filled white Christmas. [600x338]

My boyfriend and me doing a wingsuit rodeo on sunset jump [OC] [660x960]

My buddy snapped a few while we rigged a show at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA [2048 X 1536] [OC]

My buddy was the pilot on an ice-climbing shoot. A couple photographers captured it. (galleries available) [1,503 x 1000]

My favorite feeling [1920 x 1080]

My first ever skydive on Sunday (Static Line). Can't wait for more! [1909 × 1074]

My first jump! You can see the terror in my face [1600x800]

My friend on the edge of a cliff. Trolltunga, Norway [2048x1536]

My friend preparing to fly down this hill in Southern Utah. (xpost from r-longboarding) [2048x1536]

Nearly Dead - Israel, Dead Sea [1800-1980]

Nelson Rocks Via Ferrata [OC](4032x3024)

Newport Beach, Califonia — Bobby Okvist, 18, of Newport Beach, bails off his board after riding a large wave at the Wedge. [970x615]

Next level, GT Racer action [1,200 x 800]

Nice spot to sit for a break in the snow- Priekestolen, Norway [1879x2815] [OC]

Nick Dempsey at the Red Bull Storm Chase [1920x1280]

Nicolas Falquet backcountry skiing in Arolla, Switzerland. Photo by Jérémy Bernard [2000x1333]

Night Climbing - Photo taken by my roommate Scott Jarvie.[1335 X 2000]

Night Ice Climbing in the Cogne Valley, Western Alps, Italy. Photo by Alexandre Buisse [742x990]

No better way to have fun than to hang out with a few friends drinking your favorite beverage [857x600]

Not a Great Seat for the Acrophobic (Yellowstone) [764 X 1024]

Not for the faint-hearted: Mich Kemeter carefully walks over the Taft Point gully in Yosemite National Park in California. He is not wearing a safety harness and one false move would lead to a fall of 3,000 feet [1200x675]

Not sure where or who [640x640]

Not what most people think when I say 'I Sail' [4,629x3,086] [OC]

Not your average selfie (x-post from -r-wtf) [530x785]

Nothing like a cup of coffee to start your morning climb. Photo by Tim Kemple [837x558]

Nothing like a little free-fall to brighten your day. It's as surreal as it lucid dreaming. 2000' TV antenna [1920x1080]

Ocean Ramsey swimming with Great White Skarks [3498x2499]

Ocoee Whitewater Rafting Flip Carnage [2816x1880].

Oh Crap...the ice pillar Markus Bendler is climbing on collapses [1000x803]

Oh you know, just holding another plane. In mid-air. [960x638] [x-post from r-pics]

On my way down from Castleton... [1920 x 1080] Wish I'd had my gp3 facing back instead!

On the Shanghai Tower [xpost r-woahdude] [1080x1436]

On the edge of 'Troll's Tongue', a piece of rock that hangs 2,300 feet above a lake in the Norwegian mountains [636 x 424]

On top of the world [1920x1080]

One False Move... The Eiger Summit Ridge, Switzerland. [3072 x 2304] (x-post from -r-ClimbingPorn)

One day on the organ pipes - Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia [OS] [683x1024]

One of my nights at work. [960x639]

One of the many hills to mountainboard in CO [4926 x 3264]

Only a couple more weeks until i get to shred the mountains. [OC] [2448 x 1836]

Orbiting untethered 250 miles above Earth at 17,000mph. [2999x1687]

Orlando Duque cliff diving at Ik Kil cenote in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico [2598x1724]

Oscar Lozada over the Dubai coastline [1500x844]

Paraglider Tim Alongi in Annecy, France [1500x1000][OS]

Paragliding in Tahiti [1500x1000]

Paragliding in the South Pacific. Horacio Llorens did it flying over a small island off the coast of Tahiti [1200X800]

Paragliding on Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, New Zealand [800x1194]

Parkour practice in the Gaza Strip [3400x2043]

Part of my job involves photographing tanker ships from helicopters [OC] - [1080-1440]

Party Wave at Waimea [3000x2000]

Pat Millin surfing in the Arctic Circle. Photo by Yassine Ouhilal [954x635]

Paul Kimbrough jumping the Mount Baker road gap. Photo by Garrett Grove [990x659]

Paul Steiner holding the tail fin of one plane while riding atop another plane [750x482]

Pedro Oliva kayaking dangerously close to lava. Photo by Alexandre Socci [990x659]

Peter Mendia surfing in Chile [1127x688]

Photo of the year, Surfer MAgazine [ 970 x 680 ]

Photographer climbs Kiev's Moscow Bridge and snaps a photo [900x600]

Photographer dangles his feet at the 'Seven Sisters' tower in Moscow [900x599]

Pilot Omar Lockyear flying his plane through a breakaway church steeple while filming the lost 1920 movie The Skywayman. Note the two stuntmen plummeting to the earth. Lockyear survived this stunt, but died in another one a few months later. [1370x1108]

Planking a radio tower [x-post r-WTF] [2152x2152]

Plummeting, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe [300x280] [x-post gifs]

Point of no return. 3-way with twisting flips (BASE). [1920x1080]

Pulling G's [982x735][OC]

Pulling a Mary Poppins [795x464]

Quading in Brule Lake, Alberta, Canada. [2048x1366][OS]

Rafael Ortiz at Big Banana Waterfall [1200x799]

Rampage, Cam Zink pre-crash photo of a 80ft gap try[1600x1067]

Rappelling off an hot air baloon. [500x238]

Red Bull Air Force dropping in [1280x853]

Red Bull Straight Rhythm Course [1000x666]

Red Bull Stratos Skydive [2560x1600]

Red Bull athlete Rafa Ortiz about to drop down 132.5-foot-tall Big Banana Falls in the State of Veracruz, Mexico [2014x3024]

Red Bull sailing team trying to prevent their boat from capsizing [1800x1177]

Red Rock Cliff Jump, 82 feet (2440x2760)

Remember that raised drawbridge? I went back... In the snow. (4UNB) [960X540]

Repairing the Graff Zepplin in mid air [1600x1092]

Riding a circular vertical trackin Islamabad, Pakistan. [3888x2464]

Riding a spaceship to earth [1305x732][OC]

Riding dolphins on a skydive (xpost -r-gopro) [2876x1616]

Rio de Janeiro's best hang out spot [481 x 500]. Perspective in Comment section

Rock Climbing at the Palisade Head cliffs. Lake Superior's north shore in Minnesota [2500X1900] [OC]

Russian climbs a tower crane near Russky Island [1024x683]

Russian daredevil Kirill Oreshkin [640x947] - more in comments

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa sending huge turns in Alaska [1800*1200]

Sailing [1600x1066]

Sailing an AC72 hydrofoiling catamaran in the America's Cup. AC72s can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour. [800 x 533] [OS]

Sailing team attempts to prevent their boat from capsizing [2500x1673]

Sammy Carlson. Mt. Hood, Oregon [918x610]

Sand skiing in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia [3000x1993]

Sandboarding the dunes of Huacachina, Peru [OC][1800x1200]

Saying hi to some SCUBA divers at 30ft [OC] [2560*1440]

Scad Diving [800x1200]

Scotty Lago in Alaska at sunset [870x750]

Scouting out a place to BASE jump. Photo by Stuart Gibson [785x523]

Sean Villanueva climbing the Great Arch in Getu Valley, China [1440x958]

Selfie while coming out of the clouds (1280x960)

Sequence shot of Brett Rheeder performing a backflip off an angled quarter pipe [1500x1000][OS]

Sequence shot of John Jackson doing a back ten double cork [1600x1067]

Sequence shot of Robbie Maddison jumping the Corinth Canal [1000x676]

Sequence shot of surfer Gabriel Medina at Oahu, Hawaii. Photo by Zakary Noyle [1515x1010][OS]

Setting up for a dive on the clouds. A shot I got last year. Thought you would enjoy. [1920x1080] [OC]

Shane McConkey: huge BASE jump from a ropeway [1280*851]

Shipstern's bluff, Tasmania [3000x2000]

Shivers. John Jackson in 'The Art Of Flight.' [1000X1500]

Sick Speed Skiing Flip [800x338] (x-post -r-gifs)

Sitting 350 feet up [OC] [6016 x 4000]

Sitting above the smog in Shanghai [1084x683] (x-post r-cyberpunk)

Skier Jamie Pierre's death-defying 250ft descent at Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming [634x942]

Skier Sverre Liliequist back-flips in an avalanche [360x202]

Skier racing an avalanche. Photo by Garrett Grove [800x532]

Sky diving at sunset over Northamptonshire, England [1280x720]

Skydiving - Exit Rush [3920x2160] [OC]

Skydiving by the lake [1080x692][OC]

Skydiving in Australia [1280x960]

Skydiving into 'Burning Man'. Black Rock Desert, Nevada [960 x 692)

Skydiving over Dubai Palm Island [960x720]

Skydiving with helicopter in the goggle's reflection. Credit to -u-Suzgraham [1200x673]

Slackline Hammok for those who need a break [480x720]

Slackline, Thailand [480x717]

Slackliner from the French film 'Petit Bus Rouge' [1500x1000][OS]

Slacklining over Cascade Falls River in southern BC. (936 X 1404) [OC]

Slow gainer and back floater exit [3456x5184]

Snowbike backflip attempt (unsuccessful) Whistler British Columbia [2,880 x 1,800]

Snowboarder Alek Oestreng performing a one footed frontside 360 at Squaw Valley [1500x1000[[OS]

Snowboarder Mike Basich jumping from a helicopter in Haines, Alaska [534x800]

Snowboarder Philipp Schicker viewed through a small glass ball. Photo by Claudio Casanova [650x975]

Snowboarders make history by becoming first to conquer vertical Alaskan slope - John Jackson, Travis Rice and Mark Landvik - hurtled down the peak in the 3,000 foot Tordrillo Mountains [964x1258]

Snowboarding Lake Louise slack-country March 2015. Lake Louise has received 138cm in the past 7 days.. Snowvember? [960x960] [OC]

Snowboarding pure untouched freshies - Laax, Switzerland. Dec 7 2012 [2592x1936] [OC]

Snowkiting :nothing like those feelings... [960*511]

Snowmobile dream... (between the border of Norway and Sweden) [800x1200]

Snowmobile hill climbing in the Rocky Mountains. [OC] [1136x640]

Snowmobiling in Valemount, British Columbia, Canada. [2448x1836] [OC] [X-post -r-Pics

Some People! [358x250]

Some fresh powder. [2415x1800]

Some people decided to climb a 265 meter radio tower near Shartash, Russia [1024x683]

Some vintage adrenaline. Acrobats balance on top of the Empire State Building [813x1024]

Speed Skiing [1600x1065]

Speedflying on Vail Pass [2880 × 1800] [OC]

Speeding down the mountain [1920x1080]

Spitting Cave at Portlock Point [990x990] by David Chatsuthiphan

Spring ride in NM [2400x1800][OC]

Stairway to Heaven [592x1052]

Standing atop the Legacy Tower in Chicago [1275x1920]

Standing on a crane [576x322] [X-post -r-wtf]

Step across on The Mace, Sedona AZ [479X720]

Storm chasers track a tornado in Kansas. Photo by Jim Reed [1280x960]

Stormy Sunset in the Mountains [1920x1080]

Stray dog who raced 430 miles with an extreme sports team during Amazon race! [962x635] [Xpost: r-TopXsports]

Student's first jump at 18000 ft [OC][1536x2048]

Stunning terrain flying shot. [1600x900]

Stunts on flyboardach during the world championships in windsurfing at the National Stadium in Warsaw, 2014 [3888x2592]

Such a good feeling! - skydive [1900X1200][OC]

Sunrise at 13,000ft, Mt. Rainier, OC, [2285x3427]

Sunset Wingsuit Flight [1920x1080] [OC]

Sunset skydive in Franz Josef, New Zealand [OC] [5184 × 3456]

Super-can from the boom cam [660x496] [OC]

Surfer about to be swallowed. (X-Post from r-pics) [800x533]

Surfer dropping in on Shipstern Bluff, Tazmania [990x604]

Surfers Garrett McNamara (left) and Mark Healey of the U.S. compete during a free session of surf tow in, in the southern Pacific ocean island of Tahiti, French Polynesia, on June 1, 2013 in Teahupoo. [OS] [991x660]

Surfing A Ship's Bow Wake [900x530]

Surfing Teahupoo [2048 x 1365]

Surfing at Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. Photo by Matt Kurvin [990x742]

Surfing in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska [1280 x 854] (X-Post r-surfing)

Surfing the Rapids [600×337]

Swimming with a killer [2197x1463]

Swing in Equador (x-post from r-woahdude [920x687]

Swiss acrobat Freddy Nock balances on a cableway at Tianmen Mountain National Park in Hunan province, China, June 28, 2014. He attempted to walk the 743 meter long cableway without protection but gave up after 420 meters, for fear of skidding because of the cable's steep inclination [1280x853]

Swooping a speedwing through the backyard. Video in comments. [OC][2800x1800]

THE DEFINITION OF EXTREME: Freddy Nock from Switzerland balances on the ropeway of a cable car leading to Germany’s highest mountain, the 9,718-ft. (2,962 m) Zugspitze, near the southern Bavarian resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen [1500x1000]

Taking the plunge at the New Year's polar bear dip in the Herring Cove, Nova Scotia [2400x1793]

Taking your dog out for a hike [990x742]

Tancrede Melet hanging from a highline after walking it free solo. [2048 x 1080]

Team Oracle America's Cup Boat [1600x1066]

Teaser for the winter: Skiing backflip [500x218]

Test jump for Red Bull Stratos - On October 8, Felix Baumgartner will freefall from 120,000 feet above the earth, he will be moving at supersonic speeds before parachuting to the ground. [1920x1200]

Testing out a new suit [1309x735][OC]

The 'SKYWALKERS' of Russia! [1200x767]

The Great Blondin carries his manager on his back as he tightrope-walks across Niagara Falls circa 1860 [462x470]

The UK rider writes a new chapter in snowboard history by landing a Backside 1800 Quadruple Cork [799X517]

The annual Ash Wednesday 'no rules' football match in Ashbourne, England. [1500x1000]

The boat is pretty badass. And then you see him... [1123x749]

The crew battle to get back on the water - Red Bull Extreme Sailing Team in action during the Extreme Sailing Series 2015 , Cardiff [1500x1000]

The first waterfall I ran at the ripe young age of 13. (OC) [1371 x 2048]

The full-rigged ship Garthsnaid in heavy seas, with men working in the rigging (c1920) [2914x1600]

The last picture I ever want taken of me. This, is how I want to be remembered. [x-post -r-pics OC] [1,920 x 1,080]

The lower Kern was REALLY low this year! [3888 x 2592] OC

The reward for a long days hike but a dangerous place to sit [640x854]

The road ahead... [4000x2023][OC]

The things you can do with a bike [1600x1063] [OC]

This is one of the photos on board the Pioneer and Voyager space probes currently travelling through interstellar space. [800x600]

This is part of my living room. Either a result from or cause of not being married. [OC] [2448 × 3264]

This is why I practice kiteboarding [4000x2649]

This might be quite tame compared to some of the photos here but here is a yellow fisherman braving the weather to go fishing! [OC][2048x1208]

This stunt is called the “Severed Hand,” and it is the first of seven stunts on a trail deep in the mountains of Burnaby, British Columbia. Rider Ben Boyko [1280x1024]

This under represented sport. [2764x1843]

Thrill seaker from Kiev. Sky walkers [640 x 965]

Tightrope walk turns into base jump. (x-post from r-unexpected) [GIF 320x180]

Tightrope walker Freddy Nock on the cable lift to the mountain Corvatsch in Switzerland [900x612]

Tightrope walker between two spheres of the Atomium, Brussels [1180x787]

Times Square from above [770x514]

Tobias Bethge jumps a Train Gap in Whistler, British Columbia [1600x1067]

Tobin Seagel Skiing Under the Aurora, Yukon, Canada. Photo by Reuben Krabbe. [1200x1600]

Tommy Caldwell climbing Interlaken in the clouds [990x742]

Tony and Riley Hawk (1002×920)

Touching the lip doing a rodeo 540 [320x213]

Tracking dive rear cam, my buddies and me. 800x600 oc

Tried this today in Kaprun, Austria. Brilliant invention! [792x1056]

Turbo Snowmobile in the Rocky Mountains. [OC] [3631x2227]

Two Nissan Silvia S15s Battle at the 2013 D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix [1920 x 1200]

Two climbers take on the Norwegian Lofoten Archipelago [1920x1200]

Two men changing an antennae atop the Empire State Building. [1280x843]

Tyler Brady kayaking down a waterfall. Photo by Tim Kemple [1037x799] [OS]

Tyler Chorlton Front Flip High Five [1000x705]

Ukrainian Skywalkers - 116 meters up [2048 x 1365]

Ukrainian daredevil Mustang Wanted hanging on by a thread [846x567]

Unbelievable daring (x-post from -r-woahdude) (694x1280)

Underwater shot of my cliff jump at the southernmost point in the US (Southpoint, Hawaii) [OC] [668x663]

Unique backflip angle (OC) [1920x1440]

Unknown Sky Walker [1000x667]

Up, up, and away! Whistler Bike Park. [2736x3648] [OC]

Utah Ice Climbers. Zoom in. Those spots on the frozen waterfall are people. [OC] [7360x4912]

Valery Rosov base jumping off Mount Everest [1864x2800]

Veso Ovcharov paragliding in Bulgeria [1500x1000][OS]

View of Mt Rainier from the top of Dragontail Ridge, WA [OS] [768x1024]

Vintage photo of mountain climber Gaston Rébuffat [1,144X1,600].

Volcano boarding--60 km-h down the face of an active cinder cone. Leon, Nicaragua [960x541] [OC]

Volcanoboarding (x-post from -r-pics) [472x469]

Wakeboard Park [1920x1080]

Wakeboarder Kaesen Suyderhoud performing a wall ride [1600x1050]

Wakeboarder Shaun Murray edging hard on glass-like water [1600x1050]

Walked my first highline today! Lovers' Leap, Tahoe CA. (Album in comments) [3053x1800] [OC]

Walking on the Razor's Edge, Mt. Hood, OR, USA [3079x2133][OC]

What some people do to get the shot. Russians atop the central tower at Moscow State University [1024x683]

Whew! [320X169]

Whistler Peak Party 2016 (5472x3648)[OC]

Who needs trails when you have a mountain bike? [1080x1080]

Windsurfer Danny Bruch catches some massive air. Photo by John Carter [1500x1000][OS]

Wingsuit Flying through a Cave [1104x593]

Wingsuit gainer out of a tailgate airplane [OC][3839 x 1615]

Wolfgang Güllich free climbing in Yosemite Valley, California [600X940]

Wolfgang Güllich free climbing in Yosemite [600x940]

Worker brushes clean the Anzhaite Long-Span Suspension Bridge in Jishou, Hunan, China — 1,102 feet up [955x595]

Worker on the cables of the Pivdennyi Bridge, some 400 feet above the surface of the Dneiper. Kiev, Ukraine [786x768] (x-post r-EarthlingPorn)

Workers hanging over NYC on the Empire State Building (xpost r-cityporn)[1500x988]

Working on the side of Tower 4 at the WTC. A 64 story building in Manhattan [OC] [2592x1456]

X-Post from Pics. Tallest building in the world. [612x612]

Xpogo jumpers, Brasil [OS][1000x453]

You have to wonder what these guys are thinking as they do this. [1223x1280]

Yves “Jetman” Rossy flies in formation alongside the Breitling Wingwalkers [1996x3000]

Zhangjiajie platform in China [2800x2066]

Zip-Lining in the Swiss Alps [2048x1360][OS]

[1280×853] Santosh Shivashankar Chunchunguppe of India rides his Suzuki through the water during the Buenos Aires-Rosario prologue stage of Dakar Rally 2016 in Arrecifes, Argentina, January 2, 2016. (Reuters-Marcos Brindicci)

[321x188] Ridiculous dirt bike jump into river

[OC] Freebording the Hills in SF [1920x1080]

[OC] Sometimes it's better to jump before you look [2048 x 1535]

[OC] The precarious tip of Mount Pilchuck in Granite Falls, Washington [4176x2774]

[OC] Two skydivers in front of a stunning cloudscape [1387x1387]

[OC]Flared for landing about 12 feet too high. [1189 x 812]

[OC]My second paragliding flight, 1988.[1740 x 1180] Details in comments.

[OC][2048x1365] Gainer Back flip - Whistler, BC, Canada

[OC][OS] Is jumping a cliff from a van top BASE-jumping ? [1920x1080]

climbing the Mountain Gasherbrum I [960x657] (xpost -r-mountainpics)

feeding a crocodile. [445x250]

hanging on the 65th floor of the building in Bangkok [960x720]

live like jay [640x480] (x-post -r-surfing)

my face the moment i fell out of the plane on my first skydive [960 x 720]

the International Highline Meeting in Monte Piana, in the northern Italian Alps [1378x900] by Balazs Mohai