$3,350 in prizes for limericks, Spud cigarettes magazine ad, 1935

''Nerves' Hasten the Coming of 'Crows Feet'...Nervous Women are First to Lose their Youth and Charm' - 1930s Dr. Miles' Nervine Tablets Ad

''Super-duper' for dinner or supper! This jelly omelet with Velveeta goodness all through it!' - 1949 Kraft Velveeta ad

'...And Always, Speedo' - 1973 Speedo ad

'100-pc Toy Soldier Set, Made of Durable Plastic, Each With Its Own Base. Packed in this Footlocker. $1.75' - 1980 Lucky Products, Inc. ad

'6 Magic Follies Girl their dresses disappear when you a cold drink!' - Magic Follies Girl Glasses c. 1950's

'A Buck Well Spent' - 1949 Springmaid Sheets ad

'A Mexican Meal In Minutes...the cooking is done for you by Rosarita!' - 1950's Rosarita Mexican Style Foods ad

'A body couldn't ask for anything more'

'A patent on smoothness' - Gordon's Vodka - 1969

'A real Roller Coaster, in your backyard...$12.95' - circa 1960's ad from Montgomery Ward

'AH MEN, For his changing phases' - 1977 Ah Men's Shop ad

'All America's Talking About RCA Victor's Amazing New 45rpm System' - 1949 RCA Victor Record Player Ad

'Amy doesn't need to douche, but she knows I love apricots.' Are you serous right now, the 70s?

'Any protein cereal helps keep you the same long as it's Post Grape Nuts' - 1958 Post grape Nuts ad

'Are you making plans for your wife's death?' - 1983 Albany Life ad

'Are you the right kind of woman for it?' - The Mistress Collection by Funky ad, 1970's

'Aren't you glad you had 'Spoon Size' Shredded Wheat this morning, Mr. Tarkenton? And aren't you sorry that Willie Davis did too!' - 1967 Nabisco Shredded Wheat ad

'As Real As It Gets' - Adobe Photoshop [6307 x 3941]

'Assurance...' - Hurst Ad, 1963

'At Last! Perfect Automatic Voice Recordings - A Tremendous Profit Maker for You!...Voice-O-Graph' - 1957 International Mutoscope Reel Co. Ad

'Bear' in mind our trademark: Pettijohn's Breakfast Food advertisement from 1900.

'Beautiful tan today. Young looking skin tomorrow' - 1970's Coppertone suntan lotion ad

'Benny Hill entertains.' - 1971 ad for Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky

'Big picture Television plus complete FM broadcast receiver' - 1948 Crosley Spectator Television

'Billy Preston's Bentley has the best sound in car stereo. And Billy Preston knows sound.' - 1975 Craig Powerplay car stereo ad

'Blow in her face, and she'll follow you anywhere' - Tipalet cigarettes, July 1968

'By now, I have passed away.' Dutch campaign to raise funds for ALS research [300x300]

'COOK And WASH On Your REFRIGERATOR!' 1952 General Air Conditioning Corp Ad

'Can you compete with your daughter’s 'Little Girl Look'?' - Mar, 1969 Ivory Soap ad

'Children and doctors agree... Bosco is Best' - 1933 Bosco Chocolate Malt Flavor Ad

'Cigarettes are like women. The best ones are thin and rich.' - 1967 Silva Thins Cigarette ad

'Circus' Beech-Nut Gum Ad from 1937

'Columbia Record Club now offers this fine Stereo Phonograph at far below actual cost... yours for only $7.95' - Columbia Record Club ad, 1962

'Come Out of Your Shell...Try Smirnoff' - 1966 Smirnoff Vodka ad featuring Woody Allen

'Cool off this summer with a red hot cassette on sale from A&M.' - 1980's A&M cassette ad featuring Geena Davis

'Corsets Baleinine Incassables' (Unbreakable Whale-Bone Corsets; French, c.1890's)

'Crabs on crotch, lice on head, One thing's sure to knock 'em dead. A-200.' - 1970's A-200 Pyrinate Liquid ad

'DDT is good for me-e-e!' 1947 ad from Penn Salt Chemicals.

'Dairy Queen presents Mr. Astro-Chimp!' - 1961 Dairy Queen Ad

'Dandruff!...She's about to lose her backseat driver...' - 1970 Head & Shoulders Shampoo ad

'Depot de Chocolat' French Advertisement for Imported Mexican Chocolate (Eugene Grasset, 1897)

'Destroying nature is destroying life' [538 x 768] (xpost r-retouching)

'Dietac. It gives your diet a fighting chance.'

'Do It Yourself, Make The Most Of You' - 1960 Frederick's of Hollywood Air-Lite Inflatable Bra ad

'Dodge Put Me Into A Street Van!' Ad from Car Craft magazine, June 1976.

'Domestic Violence.' A Sega 32X ad from the 90s [1280x1810]

'Don't be a 'poor fish- be her dream man!' - 1940s Kreml Hair Tonic ad

'Either you see the letter or the girl. Don't text and drive.' - Leo Burnett Tailor Made Sao Paulo for Fiat [706x1022]

'Evolution keeps our wings growing, Mr. Darwin' - 1940s British Overseas Airways Corporation [BOAC] ad

'Extra hands assure extra luxuries on Delta Royal Service Flights' 1959 Delta Airlines Ad

'Extremely fast internet.' - December 2008, Netvision Ad. Agency: Gitam BBDO, Tel-Aviv, Israel, [1400 × 1075]

'Farrah Fawcett-Majors Bean Bags...Three Beautiful Poses to Chose From' - 1977 Sears Christmas Wish Book ad

'Feel the Velvet, Baby!' - 1978 Black Velvet Canadian Whisky ad featuring telly Savalas

'Festive! Fun to make! SPAM Upside Down Pie! - 1945 Geo. A Hormel & Co. ad

'For A Clearer Picture of the Presidential Nominations... Westinghouse Television with the Electronic Clarifier' - 1950's Westinghouse ad

'For PEP And VIGOR - VITAMIN Donuts'- 1941 Ad From The Doughnut Corporation Of America

'For some this is Everest' clever ad promoting easier access for disabled people [662x847]

'Forbidden Fruits...I'm not as innocent as I seem' - 1980 Maybelline Kissing Slicks ad and T-shirt offer

'Free Demo.' Nintendo's Paper Mario ad from 2001 [499 × 750]

'Gary Larson thought he had all the answers:' Riddle of the Sphinx by Imagic for the Atari VCS from 1982.

'Gee, dad - I'd hate to be a Jap kid' - 1943 Sparton radios ad

'Get them off your dog.' - FRONTLINE Flea & Tick Control [611x461]

'Gifts that say Merry Christmas with every puff.'

'Giganta...A Robot That Automatically Produces Fun' - 1974 ad from playground equipment catalog

'Girls Can't Resist This KISS ME NECKTIE As It GLOWS In The DARK!' - 1946 Glow In The Dark Necktie Co.

'Give Back His Dreams', 2010 Asonor Anti-Snoring nasal spray ad, Advertising Agency: Grey, Paris, France [2000x1414]

'Give a June tan for Christmas' - 1952 Westinghouse Sun Lamp ad

'Givvies gets you off the seam! Hanes anti-squirm shorts with the seamless seat!' - 1950's Hanes Givvies men's underwear ad

'Grab a cold Heiny!' - 1960's Heineken beer ad

'Grace...Space...Pace' Jaguar Ad from 1962 [1521x2048]

'Gripping Performance' 2008 Toyo Tires Ad, Advertising Agency, GMASCO, Dubai, UAE [1200 × 838]

'Have YOU tasted the NEW BEVERLY?' - 1951 Beverly Peanut Butter ad

'Have You Always Wanted a Live Monkey? Own Your Own Baby Squirrel Monkey. Only $19.95' - 1963 Captain Company ad

'Have you ever had a bad time in Levi's?' - 1970's Levi's for Gals ad

'He's got the sweet-talkin' purple hornies!' 1969 ad from Cyclone Automotive Products.

'Headstart Hair for Men Introduces Combo & Curly. The first men's wigs to come out of the box and onto your customer's head.' - 1976 Elura Headstart for Men ad

'Hey Kids! Ask Mother for a 'Weeny Witch' Halloween Party' - 1950 Skinless Frankfurter and Weiner ad

'House of the Future' - Motorola Television, 1961.

'How Grandma Sacked the Quarterback and Won the Big Game...': Entex Electronic Football, 1980.

'How to be...Awesome!', Kent bicycles, 1980s-early 90s.

'How to catch the early, early show with an easy, easy, dinner' - 1953 Swanson T.V. Dinner ad

'How we saved the universe with our Banana-Talkies and got back to tell about it with our Banana- Compasses.' - 1979 Chiquita Brands, Inc. ad

'Hurry!! Get a Cracker Jack Jingle Beanie' - 1955 Cracker Jack ad

'I can even see what I'm not watching.'

'I don't judge my cigarette by its length.'

'I dreamed I played in an all-girl orchestra...'

'I got the Porsche, the house and the kids but she got the Sanyo' - 1980 Sanyo MX920K ad

'I never even thought of burning my bra until I discovered Smirnoff...Anything's possible - when you learn to handle Smirnoff.' - 1970's Smirnoff ad

'I suffered from menstrual cramps.' - 1968 Femicin ad

'I think they're beautiful, 'specially since my picture is on the box. Muhammad Ali for d-Con roach traps, circa 1980.

'I want Jazzercise!' - 1980's

'I'm his date!...No. I'm his date! - 1969 Ivory Liquid Soap ad

'I'se sure got a good job NOW!' GE dishwasher and disposal ad from 1949.

'If Animals Could Judge' - An ad against animal cruelty [538x768]

'If Your Date Says Goodnight With a Handshake, Better Join The Club' - 1974 Career Club Knits ad

'If unique is what you seek' - Colt 45 malt liquor ad featuring Redd Foxx, 1974

'Improve your pick-ups.' 1979 ad for Thrush Mufflers.

'In the past they hunted bulls and horses with arrows. Today it's the other way around.' - Mercedes ad in Spielberg (x-post r-Formula1) [1122 x 631]

'It all started when I typed hello.' Prodigy ad from 1996.

'It doesn't pay to elope!' 1947 Cannon Percale Sheets ad from Better Homes and Gardens

'It takes something pretty strong to make people to trade in their Volkswagens.' The 1972 AMC Gremlin.

'It's the Pabst flavor' beer ad from 1912

'Join the Polaroid Set' - 1970s Polaroid ad

'Jolly 'Em Up with Jell-O' - 1949 Jell-O ad

'Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud.' - May 2006 'Baby Ronald' ad from McDonald's. Agency: Leo Burnett. New Delhi, India. [1200 × 938]

'KRD-18 Triple Conversion Superheterodyne Micro-XK Radar Detector' - 1987 Kraco Micro Radar Detector ad

'Keep Cool...When all the shouting is over, folks will go right on voting for Budweiser.' - 1952 Budweiser ad

'Keep her where she belongs...' - 1974 Weyenberg Massagic Shoes ad

'Keep on Trackin' - 1974 Stephens Electronics reel to reel tape recorder ad

'Ladies, don't argue with a burglar. Show him a revolver.' - Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, 1901

'Lady, remember that Bisquick waffles almost make themselves!' Ad from 1940.

'Let this magic mineral, Asbestos, protect the buildings on your farm!' - Johns-Manville Products ad

'Let's Have A Prune Party' - 1958 California Prune Advisory Board ad

'Levi's Gremlin, with seats of the pants' - 1973 AMC Gremlin car ad

'Lookout in the Blackout' safety poster from Britain, c.1939 by artist Pat Keely [3275x4753]

'Lucky Tiger Gets The Gals...Which One Do You Want?' 1955 Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic Ad

'L’Univers de Chocolat: Drunk Babies' [1280 × 1857] Agency: Dentsu, São Paulo, Brazil

'Macho. It's b-a-a-a-d.'

'Make Money, Get Prizes...with Fast Selling American Seeds' - 1960's American Seed Company ad

'Man, I need VANS Breakers, Only for The Elite!' - 1980's VANS Breakdancing Shoe ad

'Me?...intimate odour?' - 1970's Vespre' feminine hygiene ad

'Men Love Fannies' - Lingerie Ad 1970s

'Michael Jackson and Rainbow Brite. Gifts to keep children singing.' - 1984 Vanity Fair phonographs ad

'More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.'

'More than 55% of your daily protein needs'

'More to enjoy'

'Mr. Wig...a new design for living' - 1970's Carnaby Wigs, Inc. ad

'Mum Loves Me Now...She's a new woman since taking Bile Beans Laxative Plus' - 1950's Bile Beans Laxative Ad

'My Dog Likes The Liver In Lassie' - 1956 Lassie Dog Food Ad

'NBC Saturday Night-Live...This is the big one! Don't miss the exciting premiere of a new series that's a whole new dimension for TV!' - 1975 ad for NBC's Saturday Night-Live

'Never go to a bachelor's pad alone' - 1970's White Horse scotch ad featuring Maud Adams (L) and Ali McGraw (R).

'New Look for and Old Friend!' - 1954 Western Electric telephone ad

'New Wiener Wrap! It turns plain hot dogs into four different meals.' - 1974 Pillsbury's Wiener Wrap ad

'New! Improved! Hoppity Hop...The inflatable Ride-a-Ball! - 1970s ad

'Next To My Software, Nothing's More User Friendly Than The Wall Street Journal'... The Wall Street Journal Ad With Bill Gates [1984]

'Next time you make gelatin dessert, Smell it!...Ordinary gelatin desserts give off a disagreeable, unpleasant odor.' - 1934 Royal Gelatin Dessert ad

'No Better Pacifiers' Soviet Russian Advert for Pacifiers [1923]

'No Dear, There's No Other Guy! I Got This Stunning Bracelet FREE from Ivory Liquid' - 1965 ad

'No ring? Here's your Life Saver' - 1919 Life Savers Candy Ad

'Nothing happens when you're watching' by Ozom [1240x827] (xpost r-retouching)

'Now Anyone Can Draw Beautiful Girls...If You Can Hold A Pencil, You Can Draw Beautiful Girls' - Fritz Willis Art Guild ad (1952)

'Now Relax-A-cizor invents...Sexy exercise for the man.' - 1960's Relax-A-cizor ad.

'Now that Jell-O' has put salad flavors into can put anything into gelatin salads.' - 1950's Jell-O ad

'Now! No Mixing Bowl Needed To Color Margarine!' - 1950s Delrich Vegetable Margarine ad

'Now...Scientific Evidence on Effects of Smoking!', Chesterfield cigarettes, 1953.

'Nurse Margaret Kissack suggests: Rubber products you should have in your home' - 1950's Miller-B.F. Goodrich ad

'Okay, pardner...reach for Karo' - 1952 Karo Syrup Ad

'Okay, we'll both have a Planters party.'

'Olivetti Lettera 22' Ad by Giovanni Pintori, 1953 [1000 × 1398]

'On business trips these days, you've got to make every minute, every dollar count!'

'Once you snitch your first strip of Swift's Premium Bacon, you'll be a bacon-snitcher for life!' - 1960's Swift's Premium ad

'Oscar Mayer's Great New 'Sack O' Sauce in Can O' Meat'...brings you quick meat meals with rich Fresh Cooked flavor!' - 1950s Oscar Mayer ad

'Our finest hour.' -- Crown Royal, 1993 [751x1024]

'Paper Dresses to GoGo...Then step out as a 'glamorous paper doll'... ' - 1967 Breck GoGo Light ad

'Peter Wynegarde smells...great.' - 1971 Tabac Original After-shave ad

'Picks up five times more women than a Lamborghini' - 1996 Daihatsu Hijet MPV ad [786×1037]

'Pin the Tail on the Electric Water Heater' Edison Electric Ad From 1965.

'Pleasure in every puff'

'Plunge into the Wet Wet World of Lip Quencher'

'Put A Tiger In Your Tank' - 1960's Esso Gasoline Ad

'Radium and Beauty' - Radior Toilet Requisites ad from the New York Tribune, February 23, 1919

'Rather fight than switch.' Tareyton, 1974

'Reach out and touch someone'

'Reach out. Reach out and touch someone.' - 1970s Bell System ad

'Read What You Get in 2 Glasses of Ovaltine...Follow this new trend in taking Vitamins' - 1946 Ovaltine ad

'Same headache everywhere.' - Bayer Aspirin ad, Agency: Impact BBDO, UAE, May 2014 [2400 × 1599]

'Say Goodbye to Depression!' - 1939 ad for Phosferine Tonic Wine

'Schwinn ... your best buy in bikes!'

'Serve America's Favorite 10¢ Dessert, Hostess Creamed Filled Cup Cakes' - 1956 Hostess Cup Cake Ad

'Shame' newspaper advertisement (xpost from r-movies) [1024 x 748]

'She Doesn't Care!' - 1952 Continental Oil Company ad

'She's tired of waiting' - Robbins Diamonds Billboard Ad [805 x 428]

'Shoes on this page are NOT Rationed...Priced BELOW Our Ceiling, $3.09-pair' - 1943 Lane Bryant shoe ad

'So Pure you can eat it' - 1930's Vaseline White Petroleum Jelly ad

'Some animals are treated like garbage.' - Foundation Tier im Recht Campaign. Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland, 2016 [2200 × 1555]

'Star Wars...Now See The Film At Home. Projectors At Down To Earth Prices' - 1978 Leisure Mail ad in the first edition of the British Star Wars Weekly

'Stay in his a Mindsticker' - 1969 ad for TaB soft drink

'Stereo for the man who has nothing.' - 1970's ad for Sony HP-188 stereo music system

'Stuffed animals can be dangerous. Things that collect dust in kids rooms can trigger asthma and allergies. Wash stuffed animals four times a year' Agency: Kitchen Oslo [674 × 1000]

'Sugar can be the willpower you need to undereat'

'Sugar' Ray Robinson Says, Stick With The Cigarette That's Good To You...1950 Chesterfield Cigarette Ad

'Super All-New Contest... Be Adopted by the Osmonds!' - 1970's ad from Tiger Beat Magazine

'Sweet Kills' diabetes ads by Nattakong Jaengsem [800 x 1200] (xpost r-retouching)

'TRICK or TREAT...Fewer Tricks When You Treat 'Em With Sun-Maid Raisins' 1965 Sun-Maid Raisins' Ad

'Take it easy this summer...mow your lawn for a DIME with a MOTO-MOWER' - 1953 Moto-Mower ad

'Tangee presents Bright 'n Clear... The brightest jewel of all can be your lips'- 1954 Tangee Lipstick ad

'Terry Turn-Ons, Designed For People Like You Who Make Things Happen' The Fifth Season Ad, 1978

'Test Your Husband. ...With chicken, I prefer...' - 1970s Stove Top Stuffing Mix ad

'Text & Drive' Wathan Funeral Home billboard (article in comments) [652x536]

'That's a Hot One! Jeans says there are NO SKINS on these Wieners' - 1940's Visking Skinless Wiener Ad

'The 60's was the wild look...Don't let your hair let the rest of you down' - 1984 Vitalis Ad

'The Academy of Mystic Arts Invites You to: Become a 'Witch!'' - 1970's ad

'The Beginning' - Lego Ad Big Bang Ad, [3000 × 862] Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Costa Rica. April, 2012

'The Champagne of Bottle Beer'

'The East Coast of Florida is Paradise Regained', a vintage advertisement for the Florida East Coast Railway-Steamship line running from Jacksonville to Key West. (1898)

'The Future Is Now'

'The Line Forms To The Rear' - 1980's Dittos jeans ad

'The Love Rug strokes your bodies as you make love.' 1970s.

'The Macho aftershave is here' - Savage. India, 1982

'The Most Genuine Looking Shrunken Head Ever Made! Wrinkle for Wrinkle...Incredibly Life-Like!' -1960's E. Joseph Cossman and Co. ad

'The New Figure' Corset Advertisement from Ladies' Home Journal (c.1900)

'The Philippines' most committed newspaper' - Volcanic ash advert, 2006 [1200x851]

'The Quintet...JVC's new portable component system.' - 1981 JVC ad featuring The Harlem Globetrotters

'The Ramones Are So Punky, You're Gonna Have To React!' (1976)

'The Redolution Is Now!...Vote Red' - 2008 M&M Ad campaign , Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia [710 × 1001]

'The best defense is not to offend.' Chuck Norris for Right Guard, 1993.

'The car 9 out of 10 would buy again' 1983 Ford Escort (x-post from -r-ford)

'The denim boot is here.' - 1970's Acme-Dingo Boot ad

'The fire started on the first floor...' - Marantz Stereo Receivers, 1974 [669x847]

'The most star-studded CHiPs of all time! Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox host 'CHiPs Goes Roller Disco'' - NBC ad, 1979

'There's a whole handful of reasons to try new Tame' - 1970 Tame ad

'There's another woman waiting for every man!' 1953 ad for Chlorodent toothpaste

'There's never just one' [566x751]

'These men didn't take their Atabrine'. Ad for Atabrine, an anti-malaria drug, in Papua New Guinea during WWII [550x439]

'They Call Him GINGER (He's Got So Much Of It!)...It's GINGERVATING!' - 1938 Canada Dry Ginger Ale Ad

'They're terry...they're terrific...they're $ 3.96ea.' - 1980 K-Mart ad featuring. Phoebe Cates

'Think of her as your mother' - 1968 American Airlines ad

'This National Cash Register figures Your Change automatically'! 1955 The National Cash Register Company ad

'This could be the tape deck you'll leave your great-grandson.' - 1973 ad for Sony TC-377 reel-to-reel tape deck

'This is no shape for a girl' - 1967 Warner's girdle ad

'This isn't underwear. It's Dynamite.' - 1970's Munsingwear ad

'Tis the Season [432x768]

'Today is a Brand New Saturday' - 1981 CBS Saturday morning cartoons' ad

'Tom loves his medicine - and so do I! Everyone Loves Laxettes' - 1952 Laxettes Laxative ad

'Top Playmates of 1980 in a Roller Disco Pajama Party!' - An ABC Television promotional ad feat. Richard Dawson, The Village People, Chuck Mangione, and Waylon Flowers and 'Madame'.

'Travel Refreshed' Coca Cola, 1951

'Treat 'em to this penny-wise surprise! 'Fruit Top' Hash' - 1940's Libby's Corned Beef Hash ad

'Trims Fringes... Always ask for Scotch Brand Cellulose Tape' - 1950's Scotch Tape Ad

'Underneath it all she's Baby Soft.' - 1987 Love's Baby Soft Perfume ad

'Unstoppable' by the Canadian Paralympic Committee [1600 x 640]

'Valentine's-Meat Juice...demonstrates its Ease of Assimilation and Power to Sustain and Strengthen' - 1914 Valentine's Meat-Juice co. ad

'Vital women: they are the women who fascinate men' -- Wonderbread

'Wake to the music of the stars with a clock-radio...November is Wake to Music Month!' - 1956 Telechron Timers ad

'Want Him To Be More Of A Man? Try Being More Of A Woman.' Coty Emeraude Perfume Ad, 1974

'We Can Explain' campaign by Science World Museum, full collection in comments [605x302]

'We believe in bosoms'

'We make Virginia Slims especially for women because...' - 1971 [460x640] (x-post-r-OldSchoolRidiculous)

'We put the 'Broad' in Broadcloth and now the 'Filly' in Chlorophyll' - 1950's Springmaid Sheets ad

'Western Electric is crossing a telephone with a TV set.' - 1968 Western Electric Picturephone Ad

'What Men Don't Like About Women. Only A Brave Man Would Dare To Expose Women Like This!' - 1945 ad from Ronoco Publishing Co.

'What On Earth Are We Doing To Our Planet' - WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Advertisements. Agency: Grey, Denmark. June, 2013 [1800 × 1352]

'What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? - 1972 ad for Playboy magazine featuring Tom Selleck.

'What the heck is Electronic Mail?'

'When I'm eating Jell-O, I wish I were a reindeer...' 1954 Jell-O Ad

'When I'm not on a horse, I'm on a phone...If you're on the phone a lot, the calling card helps a lot' - 1980's Bell System ad featuring Larry Mahan, rodeo champion

'When friends drop in, serve milk with snacks' – American Dairy Association, 1967

'When he comes home from school hungry, there's only one way to satisfy him. And me.' 1984 - Snickers Ad

'When you get back to basics, you get back to Ford.' The Ford Pinto, 1972.

'When your favorite brand begins to taste like burning hay'... 1946 Trolls Candy Mints Ad

'Who Needs To Hang Around? I've Got Dungeons & Dragons' - 1980's ad

'Who needs to hang around?'

'Why worry, Dad?'

'Wood' - November 2009 Viagra Ad, Agency: TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finland [3002x2000]

'Workout II in Leather...Shoes for dance, aerobics, body-building, and just for fun.' - 1980's L.A. Gear ad

'You don't act like your grandmother, so why do you douche like your grandmother?' - 1972 Aqua Fem Douching Appliance ad

'You don't need to smoke around them to kill them' - Thailand Anti Smoking Campaign [1191x844]

'You have to look for the 'W'...because it is silent' - 1966 Wrangler Jeans Ad

'You'll fall in love with our notebooks...Hold Donny and David close to your heart.' - 1970's 'Superstars' by Westab loose-leaf notebooks

'You've ruined the evening' - 1927

'Your Guy: Your No. 1 Reason For Midol'...1974 Midol Ad

'Zombie Mask, So LIFELIKE, That People Will Surely Think You're DEAD!' - 1972 Verne Langdon Zombie mask created for Captain Company

'i think that dress makes you look fa' - automatic braking [3508 × 2481]

'the wild must win' - Yukon Jack - 1990

(cross-post r-newzealand) Swipe your flybuys card, get a free gumball! [3294x2448]

1-800-FIT-IS-IT (Jazzercise, 1984)

150 Extra Engineers (1952 IBM ad)

1872 ad from the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company: Millions of Acres--Iowa and Nebraska Lands For Sale

1877 - Ad for Weber Pianos (Puck Magazine)

1886 ad for Perforated and Medicated Toilet Papers from the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Co.

1892 Newspaper ad for Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce

1892 ad for Brooke's Soap featuring flying monkey heads admiring themselves in reflective pans.

1898 - Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush advertisement, [Warning Racist ad]

1899 Ringling Bros Poster [1028x1519] (-r-HI_Res link in comments)

1913 ad for Pho-phy-lac-tic brand angled toothbrush

1935 ad for Keds 'Gymnasium Shoes.'

1935 ad for Taystee Bread: 'The Mystery of the Fresh Loaf' (includes gratuitous racism)

1939 World's Fair Poster featuring Hughes Industries.

1939 advertisement from Jewelers' Circular Keystone magazine of the Gallet MultiChron 30 'Clamshell', the world's first water resistant chronograph wristwatch.

1940 Pabst Blue Ribbon ad. This is the first ad that used the now famous circular 'Blue Ribbon' instead of their Red, White and Blue logo.

1945 - 'Got a Rocket in Your Pocket?' - Reynolds Rocket Ball Pen Ad

1946 - 'Perfect Set-up!' - Wilson's Brothers men's underwear ad

1948 ad for Bryans Hosiery, illustrated by Salvador Dali.

1950s' Fashion lines [x-post from -r-WooWhoVintage]

1952 - She's in love...and she'll love Community for Christmas, 'Dear Santa, All my silverware please, not just a place setting!' - Community Flatware Ad

1953 ad for BOVRIL - puts Beef into you!

1955 ad for the Zamboni Ice Resurfacer

1956 Chrysler ad for an in car phonograph


1960 - 'Peanut butter lovers never had it so good...New Kraft Marshmallow Creme'

1962 Spiegel ad for the NCR 390 Computer.

1962 ad for Beachcomber Motor Lodge in Lorain, Ohio

1963 Sheaffer Lifetime fountain Pen ad predicting the future.

1964 Greek tourism ad

1967 Hai Karate Ad...'Don't Dare Use It Without Memorizing This'

1967 ad for Broomsticks brand Men's Fashion Slacks.

1967 magazine ad for RCA Color TV

1968 Presidential Campaign Button

1970 Clairol Lemon-go-Lightly Ad

1970 ad for Plymouth's 'Rapid Transit System' muscle cars: 'Cuda, GTX, Sport Fury GT, Road Runner, and Valiant Duster 340.

1970s Lee Jeans Ad [484x734]

1970s ad for Mork & Mindy starring Robin Williams

1970s-1980s Vintage Argentina Advertising Mazda Datsun Toyota Suzuki Ad Lot

1971 Dr. Who Cereal box [1058x653] [xpost from -r-kelloggs]

1971 Heineken [1400x1983]

1971 ad for Arrow Shirts.

1972 Canadian Club ad featuring the jet age answer to mountain climbing.

1973 After Six ad promises sex [871x1204]

1976 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Ad for Salem Cigarettes featuring Tom Selleck

1977 Pontiac Ventura

1978 Life magazine ad for Superman movie [2793x1889]

1978 Volkswagen ad

1980s Mcdonald's ad boasting about nutritional goodness.

1983 Budweiser Ad [647 × 800]

1983 Porsche Ad [599x878]

1983 double-paged ad for the IBM Personal Computer XT featuring Charlie Chaplin's Tramp character (but not Charlie Chaplin himself, who passed away in 1977).

1984 Kramer guitar ad.

1984 Mitsubishi Starion GSR-X illustration by Shusei Nagaoka

1986 - Klein Bicycles

1986 Reebok ad with Aliens movie tie in.

1987 Pearl Drums ad featuring Tommy Lee.

1990's Game Boy Ad [700x994]

2 Great Florida Favorites

2009 Honda Fit Ad [1280x1988]

2011 - 'Censorship tells the wrong story', Reporters Without Borders Campaign: Ad Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, UAE [850x1133]

2011 - Avia Motor Oil, 'Makes Your Horses Purr' Ad, Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany, [5197x3508]

2012 - The Spirit of Wine, wine tasting event, Budapest, Hungary [950 × 1347]

3 your fingertips

3D Classifieds Kitchen by HiperCentro Corona [1024x797]

3D newspaper ad in a fake classifieds page - Cocinas Corona [600x467]

3M - DDB, Singapore [925x1600]

3M Lint Roller: Cat [1600x1066]

3M Security Glass [682 × 1022]

3M billboard [424x300]

3M places $3 Million in a bus stop and challenges passerby to take the money in order to demonstrate the strength of their safety glass. [960 x 871]

40 years of Playboy, Tempo says Thank You![538x696]

50s Carrier room air conditioner ad

7-Up. from Boys’ Life 1960 [1610x2219]

7up with milk ad 1948

A 1975 French magazine advertisement for the AMC Pacer.

A Billboard in Times Square, NYC. (X-post r-pics) [3264x2448]

A Fancy Feline in a Viso Gaines Gürtel; Swiss advertisement by Marc von Allmen (c.1945)

A Few Buttons (1975)

A GR-R-REAT cereal story. Early Tony The Tiger, 1050s.

A Good Day to Die Hard movie ad in Oslo (x-post from -r-movies) [1224 x 1224]

A Mercedes can bring driving pleasure as well [800x409]

A Viagra Billboard Idea By My Dad [315x402]

A cleverly thought recruitment ad by Bergge Tattoos[605x849]

A club in the sky for men only, United Airlines magazine ad, 1953

A father's day classic from Durex [428 x 600]

A free automatic transmission is real economy. The 1972 Dodge Dart.

A friend of mine got this 'parking ticket'. Excellent outside-the-box marketing. [720x960]

A global award winning (2012 IPA Best of Health Awards) print advertisement for AstraZeneca's Brilique brand cardiovascular medicine (Title: 'Fight for Life'; Agency: Sentrix Health Communications (Italy); Executive Creative Directors: Mair Dilworth and Angelo Ghidotti; 2012) [3400x2400]

A good club soda is like a good woman... Canada Dry Club Soda, 1973.

A key element of the 90's, Z. Cavaricci. Ad from 1990.

A little late for a New Years resolution. Chesterfield ad from 1949.

A page from 'This is Arizona - Fiftieth Year Anniversary' (1962)

A page loaded with ads from the February 7, 1873 edition of Columbia, SC's 'The Daily Phœnix.'

A pair of Erik Bruun designed ads for Jaffa, a Finnish soda company (1959 & 1960)

A pedestrian crossing in India, interesting tourism ad for South Africa. [1200x800]

A sign encouraging people to give blood (for hanging inside a buss in Sweden [640x640]

A simple Kool-Aid ad 1957

A tobacco ad from pre-Soviet Ukraine

A very large Orson Welles advertises Paul Masson wine, 1980 [599x812]

A vintage Lithuanian press ad from 1933 for radioactive soap Radium

A&P 'Coffee Mill Flavor' ad from 1961.

AC Spark Plugs 1933 Popular Science

AT&T Commemorative Olympic Telephones

Abercrombie & Fitch, from 1940.

Ableworld Stairlift ad posted outside its store [640 × 630]

About 50 percent of all landmine victims are children. Advertisement from the International Society for Human Rights [1775x2400]

About as simple as it gets, 1960s car ad

Above the trash [funny x-post] [1200x900]

Absolut stirring (1994) - Absolut ritual (2005) Christmas-themed ads [918x604]

Ad campaign by the WWF: Lungs. Before it's too late [1400x913]

Ad for 'Arm Wrestling' the first and only spin-off of Nintendo's Punch-Out!! [325 x 457]

Ad for Bell Telephone from March, 1956 edition of National Geographic [2260 X 3263]

Ad for Bic razors [479X619]

Ad for Mac's Car Wax, 1956 [463x640]

Ad for McDonalds in Ebony Magazine, 1973.

Ad for Prince's self-titled 1979 album.

Ad for Thor, the movie. [500x450]

Ad for a lawnmower from Parks and Recreation Magazine, March, 1966

Ad for a local dentist opening up [1944x2592]

Ad for cologne based on the captain character from The Love Boat television show

Ad for my neighborhood, Beautiful Evans Park Estates, from 1940

Ad for the Canadian Paralympics (1600X640)

Ad for the KKK from the 12-31-22 edition of the Amarillo Daily News.

Ad for the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers digital watch games by Nintendo, 1989.

Ad for the Sylvania Dualette portable television from 1959.

Ad from Jardim Zoologico (1200x849)

Ad from Recreation Magazine- April 1962

Ad in the stall of a women's bathroom at a bar [2488x3264]

Ad that managed to make a 2 star review from The Guardian look like the film critic loved it. Misleading Advertising at its best... [462x461]

Ad to promote 2024 Hamburg Summer Olympics [480x360]

Ads from New Zealand's Powershop - 'Same Power, Different Attitude', created by in-house artists. [303x350]

Advert for a new dental clinic [1944x2592]

Advert wrapped on a van [544x389]

Advertisement featuring Boris Karloff and Jack Pierce, for The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) [500 × 669]

Advertisement for Aquafresh oral care products (Agency: Callegari Berville Grey; Paris, France; July 2007) [939X720]

Advertisement for Burger King (Title: Light; Art Director: Lucas Zaiden; September 2008) [1400X1100]

Advertisement for Canal+, a French premium cable television channel (Agency: BETC Eurorscg; Paris, France; July 2010) [990X1400]

Advertisement for Eden Hashish Centre 'The Oldest & Favorite Shop in Town Serving You the Best Nepalese Hash & Ganja' (Kathmandu, c. late '60's-early '70's)

Advertisement for Pepsi [503X620]

Advertisement for Tabasco Sauce (Importhaus K.H Wilms) (Agency: Jung von Matt-Spree; Berlin, Germany; Creative Director, Burkhart Von Scheven; March 2006) [795X1124]

Advertisement for Wonderbra (Agency: Publicis, Paris; 2007) [699X990]

Advertisement for Wonderbra (Title: 'Safety Line'; Agency: Euro RSCG Singapore; Art Director: Wee Loi; December 2007) [995X1156]

Advertisement for Wonderbra (Title: Straw; Agency: DMJX Creative Communication, Art Director and Illustrator: Mikkel Otterstrøm; Copenhagen, Denmark; June 2011) [770X1280]

Advertisement for a karate school for kids in Japan (Title: 'Ninseikan: Karate Boy'; Agency: Grey; Tokyo, Japan; Executive Creative Director: Masayoshi Soeda; February 2012) [1132X1600]

Advertisement for dial telephone service available to delegates to the 1912 Republican convention in Chicago: 'The ONE Phone That Gives SECRET SERVICE'

Advertisement for the Al Ain Desert Wildlife Park; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Agency: Bates Pangulf; Dubai, UAE; December 2008) [1120X1400]

Advertisement from a Native American Advocacy Group [736 x 474]

Advertising both their pens and razors [599x424]

Advertising on the back of a truck [500x640]

Agbar desert by Aigües de Barcelona [OS] [1024x768]

Ahead of the times - Whiskas 1965

Air France, 1946

Air conditioners with Turbo Cooling - McCann Erickson [1400 x 1064]

Akseli Gallen-Kallela: Bil-Bol poster for car company, 1907.

Alcoa AD introducING pop top beverage cans. circa 1963

Aljazeera Billboard in SF [OC] [3,264 x 2,448]

Alka Seltzer -- BBDO (Mexico) [1200 x 1834]

Alka-Seltzer ad circa 1940s

Alka-Seltzer how to handle a hangover. 1978

All glory to the Sony Bravia [1000 x 700]

All you need is hand. Billboard Ad by Pornhub [650x434]

All-American Oxfords, 1951

Alloys Bring the Future Closer, 1958

AlmapBBDO ad for Volkswagen. 'Don't rely on something just because it fits'. [1524x1025]

Aluminum: Because Women Liked Kettles, 1936.

America's taste just got better.

American Airlines Advert 1960s, xposted from r-OldSchoolCool

American Airlines, 1968 [660 × 865]

American Disability Association stair ad [750x1125]

American Heart Associations [550x710]

American Psycho Ad in New Zealand [765x454] (r-movies xpost)

Americas favorite... Oreo Creme Sandwiches, 1962.

Amnesty International 'It's not happening here, but it's happening now' campaign. Album in comments. [600x856]

Amnesty International - Brother Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina [1697x2400]

Amnesty International Belgium. 'The future of Rock is Justin Bieber' - 'Torture a man and he will tell you anything. In addition of being inhumane, torture is ineffective. Stop it.' [610x863]

Amnesty International Tinder Takeover [1654x1169]

An ad for FPA, raising awareness of the dangers when throwing lit cigarette buds out the window (x-post from Australia) [600x852]

An advertisement for - a french website that sells glasses [1000x1415]

An amazing ad for a new Disney Race (original post to -r-starwars by -u-creature_feature) [768x1024]

An old KLM ad for flights to America

An old ad for Seattle's Space Needle from the '70s

An unfortunate name for a toy, 1919.

Anando Milk – Superhuman Powers [Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson; Mumbai, India] (605X785)

Animal Planet, 'We Are Animals' [560x1120]

Ann Margaret for Bally's Wizard pinball machine

Another Fashion Victim (1988)

Another awesome Game of Thrones ad!(x-post from r-gameofthrones)[271x480]

Another brilliant PBS ad. (x-post from r-funny) [612x472]

Ant-Man billboard (x-post -r-mildlyinteresting) [3264x2448]

Anti rape campaign ad that makes you think [480x686]

Anti tailgating-visibility product 1922

Anti-Smoking Ad in a Mumbai Smoking Room [1024x768]

Anti-War ad (x-post from pics) [449x604]

Anti-anorexia ad from Brazilian agency Star Models [1200 x 2264]

Anti-gun ad in America. [880x580]

Anti-obesity poster from the French Ministry of Health. (Title: 'L'obesite commence des le plus jeune age' ('obesity starts at a young age'); concept, illustration, art direction and copy written by student artist David Lesage; March 2014) [2400X1696]

Anti-smoking campaign appropriates the Marlboro Man [762x487]

Anti-smoking in pregnancy ad [990x702]

Any of you guys remember the 1987 Samsung Galaxy? Neither do I. - OC Style emulation poster [1200x1553]

Any of you guys remember the 1987 Samsung Galaxy? Neither do I. [OC Style emulation poster]

Aquafresh headline [1000x750]

Ardbeg Whisky vs. Elephant [874x1122]

Are you beer body ready? [5240x2456]

Arena television - part of a good family, 1962

Argentinian Condom Ad [562x1014]

Argosy Black pipe tobacco from Playboy - 1978

Armour hot dog ad from 1966.

As effective as Kevin Costner

As tasteful, as colorful as your own home. The dependable '54 Dodge.

As your Dentist, I would recommend Viceroys

Assassins Creed advert found in London (1080 x 1920)

Atari 2600 clone, the Video Arcade Cartridge System, from the 1977 Sears Catalog.

Atari VideoGame PowerLords

Auckland Council in New Zealand reminds Aucklanders to vote in their council elections. [1280x627]

Audi - Nothing to Prove Print Ad [1280 x 960]

Audi R8 – 100 to 0 in 2.78 secs [3508 × 4961]

Audi, doing it right [960x542](x-post r-funny, details in post)

Automobile Juke Box ad from October 1945

Awards are Irrelevant - Tuatara Brewery [1193x1677]

Awesome Escalator Ad for National Geographic [600x941]

Awesome Raid ad I Saw on Facebook [506x658]

Awesome Ray-Ban ad (1181x1575

Awesome ad for Samsonite: Heaven or Hell [OS] [3200x971]

BASF Ad from the 90s [1541x2048] (xpost from -retrofuturism)

BBC billboard: Unbiased Reporting [1400x786]

BK taking a swing at McDonalds (356x536) (x-post r-funny)

BMW 507 (1957-59)

BMW Responds to Audi - Street Hoarding - [1024x889]

BMW setting its sights on Jaguar once again [1440 × 1080]

BMW used car ad [1280x1736]

BOVRIL: puts a smile into Vegetables

Back to the Future Part II battery powered car, Toys R Us ad from 1989.

Bacteria and your child [1800x1200] | Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Honduras Creative Directors: Hugo Rück, Flor Font, Tomás Balduzzi; Art Director - Illustrator: Dilan López

Bad film but amazing poster...Star Wars Episode 1 [1920x1080]

Bad food, bad dog. [3000x2003]

Baldwin presents a new home organ with 'Panoramic Tone' for only $996. (1962)

Balls Candy, 1978.

Bank Forum, Commerzbank - Ogilvy & Mather, Ukraine [1136x1600]

Barilla, italian main pasta producer, ironically comments on Italy elimination from the World Cup. [500 x 368]

Bat signals on walkways light up Auckland for the television premiere of Batman Begins [990 x 700]

Batmobile Toy, (Five inches of DANGER!!) 1966

Be Patient With People Who Stutter - [1600 x 1326]

Be p-p-patient - Dutch stutter foundation [1600 x 1320]

Be the girl with the BUSH

Bed & Breakfast [1500x1125]

Beech-Nut Gum 1936

Before Google there was World Book Encyclopedia, 1953.

Before you buy a color TV, make sure it can use this VIR signal... General Electric VIR TV, 1978.

Beijing Subway: Get there faster (Grey, Beijing, China) [1260 x 836]

Bell Telephone System. Telephone Hawaii - 1959

Bellator MMA promotes an upcoming fight by giving each man his own comic book cover [1080x809]

Ben-Gay Ad - 1940s

Benzedrine Inhaler - circa 1943

Berger Paint knows how to do billboards [1134x850]

Berger: Sky by JWT Mumbai [1134x850]

Bespectacled Babe for Hanes 'Mystrece' Stockings (1965)

Best ad I've ever seen on campus... [599x798] [OC]

Best thing ever happened to filter smoking! Hit Parade cigarettes, 1959.

Betty Crocker Pick-a-Pack cereals, 1956.

Betty Page as your typical 'Woman Driver', from Beauty Parade magazine, March 1952

Betty's Gay with Midol! (Ad from 1960).

Bic + Bicshave - 2 consecutive pages print ad [1190 x 862]

Bic razors ad [1024x724]

Big gun for tiger country, Fairlane GT! From Feb 1966 Playboy

Biggest Beer Bash of the Year! Bud Bowl II, 1990.

Billboard in Denver against driving high [478x638]

Billboard war: BMW vs Audi (X-Post from r-funny) [960x909]

Biologically superior to men, Virginia Slims magazine ad, 1971

Bireley's Orange Drink, 1951.

Birth Control Ad -- This Is My Baby Right Now -- Skyla [850x383]

Blade Runner Fan Club advert from 1982.

Blaupunkt Videomat Color 1975-76

Blocked by AdBlock [1240 × 775]

Blue Star Winter Cruise 1935

Bob Widlar's 1970's National Semiconductor Ad

Bob's Big Boy

Bobby Bonilla for Starter, 1992.

Boeing fleet line-up from the late 1960's (1724x1920) [x-post from -r-aviation]

Bold Cold Newport - 1970

Bold campaign by unicef [560x792]

Books tell the best stories. Publicis Switzerland. [4961 × 3508]

Borden's Apple La Mode ice cream, 1956

Born To Create Drama [1067x1600]

Bosch - Invented for Life print ad [1400 x 915]

Bosch Electric Screwdriver minimalist ad: the fly [1200x839]

Bosch electric screwdriver - Jung von Matt-Elbe Werbeagentur GmbH, Hamburg, Germany [1200x839]

Bosch refrigerator Ad [3000x2000]

Bose noise-cancelling headphones [1920x1080]

Bottoms Up: Colt 45 introduces the adult game for game adults.

BrAun wrist-watch print advertisement, beautifully simple and truthful, by BBDO, [1280 × 1810]

Brad Pitt is single Ad by Norwegian Airlines [540x720]

Braun : Precision Prevails [1800×1273]

Bravo - CN Print Ad - [X-post -r-nostalgia] [500 x 663]

Bread Is Life (Agency: Lorenzo Marini & Associati; Brand: Bice in Italy; October 1998) [624X924]

Brer Rabbit Molasses 1950

Brilliant Traffic safety ad! [960x468]

Brilliant toothpaste advertisement. [1,675 × 593]

Brilliant video camera ad [960x628]

British Airways Interactive Billboard [854×480]

Bro-Man-Gel-On, 1901

Bromo-Mints do not affect the heart!

Brownie Movie camera. 1950s

Brylcreem ad 1953

Buckle Up, Stay Alive (xpost -r-pics) - [900x1200]

Bullets leave bigger holes than you think [1270 x 1800] | Advertising Agency: Grey, NY, USA Creatives: Corel Theuma, Pieter Melief Graphic Services: Jay Green

Bund Friends of the Earth: Every 60 seconds campaign - Scholz & Friends, Berlin [1600x1130]

Burger King: Real Big Burgers [933X1400]

Bury your summer shaving cares in soothing Barbasol! (August 7, 1950 ad from Life Magazine)

But Mr. Throckmorton - 1936 (x-r-oldschoolridiculous)

But where can I find a jumpsuit that's right for MY lifestyle? [350 x 500]

Butter makes it better

By a package of panties and get a free Elvis record!

CNN Weather Report: 99% Accurate (DDB&CO ad agency, Istanbul, 2009) [1400x933]

COTYTAN liquid powder. A New York Daily News advertisement from 1929.

Cadburys chocolate, better than raw fish. 1944.

Caged Free Eggs [403x403]

California - Tokyo Route PanAm 1960's

Camel Cigarettes billboard ad on the side of a building [2195 x 1520]

Campaign for Staedtler highlighters by DDB&Co. 'older than facebook, twitter and pinterest.' [1280x1920]

Campbell's Beef Stew, 1956

Campbell's Tomato Ketchup, 1953.

Campfire Marshmallows 1926

Can anyone provide a higher resolution copy of this old flyer?

Can you spot the Camel Filters smoker? Camel Cigarettes, 1974.

Canadian Red Cross - Cossette Montreal, Canada [1354x1600]

Capsico, Red Pepper Sauce product line [1136x1096]

Captain Kangaroo always says, 'Schwinn bikes are best' - 1966 VS [1080x708]

Carlsberg - Probably a banana [600x403]

Carlsberg's revised ad slogan for its new organic beer [1200 x 843]

Carrying too much weight? [1600x1067]

Carsuals ad in the April 1970 Playboy magazine

Catherine Deneuve for Chanel, 1978

Cemex - Fast Drying Concrete [1200x848]]

Challenge Dad to a race...

Chapman Bros

Charmin: keep it clean [990 x 506].

Check your local listings

Cheerioats (later Cheerios) ad from 1945.

Cheez Whiz 'em!

Chenango Camp Trailer 1925

Cheryl Tiegs and Frank Gifford for Dry Sack on the Rocks

Chevrolet Chevelle, 1969

Chevy Concept Volt [373X620]

Child abuse campaign in Bulgaria 'Let's make the invisible visible' [960×650]

Children 'brought up' on POSTUM are free from the evil effects of caffeine - 1910

Children See Things Differently [720x479]

Chinese Coca-Cola ad [1026x1550]

Chlorodent Toothpaste

Chlorodent Toothpaste 1953

Choose who will drive you home -- Reykjavík Metropolitan Police [2048×1708]

Chuck Norris Action Jeans - 'Won't Bind Your Legs'

Chuck Norris Action Jeans 1982

Chuck Norris Action Jeans, 1983.

Chun King TV dinner, 1957

Cincinnati Industrial Exposition 1970

Citroen 2CV [460x620]

City of Toronto anti-littering campaign [2645x1453]

Class A electric cars from Ideal for slot racing, 1972

Classic 70's ad with a nice kitchen scene featuring Congoleum, 1976.

Classic Vintage Clothing [1181x1722]| Advertising Agency: RKCR-Y&R, UK Creative Director: Mark Roalfe Copywriters - Art Directors: Algy Sharman, Al Brown

Classic advertisements for modern products. [2557x853]

Clever Ad for watches [600x400]

Clever Beer Ad During California Drought [600x956]

Clever Charity Box [X-Post -r-pics] [470x550]

Clever Condom Ad [640x480]

Clever FCUK advertisement [550x393] (x-post from -r-funny)

Clever McDonalds billboard [459x1096]

Clever Mr. Clean Advertisement [960x638]

Clever Quebec Car insurance Ad remind us to buckle up [900x1200]

Clever Texting ad by El Colombiano [1023x790]

Clever Weather Billboard [2448x1440] (x-post r-funny)

Clever ad by Virgin Australia promoting their flights to the USA [800x511](x-post from -r-funny)

Clever ad for lubricant [880x780]

Clever comeback Mercedes: Marriage - Love - Sex [1918x1282]

Clever cover for Amsterdam-based magazine de Volkskrant [540x774] by Javier Jaén

Clever media placement for wax strips [x-post from r-funny] [634 x 476] [OC]

Clever print ad for a brand of glue [788X620]

Clever slogan from Scubapro [900x400]

Clever web designer ad [655x655]

Clima Bicycle Lock - Leo Burnett, Bangkok, Thailand [960x680]

Close-Up Toothpaste, 1985

Clover Brand Candy Cigarettes, 1949.

Cobraphone memory telephone stores 24 numbers!

Coca Cola - 'It's The Real Thing'

Coca-Cola 'Revives and Sustains' ad from 1906 [500x1280]

Coca-Cola Advertisement (Advertising Agency: Maclaren McCann, Toronto, Canada) [301X605]

Coca-Cola ad on the back of a 1945 National Geographic magazine [xpost from -r-AdPorn]

Coca-Cola export bottles, 1948.

Coca-Cola is a delightful, palatable & healthful beverage

Coca-Cola: 125 Years at the Movies - [1200 x 1600]

Coconut Grove candy bar. circa early 1960s

Coke ad from 1890s

Colgate shaving powder-shaving stick-shaving cream ad from 1916.

Colgate: Don’t forget, Ice-cream, 2009 (Advertising Agency: Y&R; Bangkok,Thailand) [886X590]

Colours that stay longer, koen demuynck [1200x849]

Come out of the closet with Gay Bob. The worlds first gay doll for everyone, 1977.

Comedy Central [800x558][x-post r-funny]

Comfort: War and Peace [1179x1600]

Conair ad, Seventeen magazine, February 1988

Connect three robots together! The Robot Link, 1985.

Conoco N-tane gasoline. 1945

Contain Your Excitement - xpost from r-pics (1920x2560) Chew this over - [1600 x 1129]

Cookies Packaging [575 x 382]

Cookout, Mom-style! 1961 ad for McDonald's

Cool YKM bag [315 x 400]

Cool ad of a news agency in the local newspaper [1728x2592]

Cool looking Universal City Studios ad from 1966.

Coop’s Paints Insurance Ad. Coops Paint poured out of a giant can and down the side of the Atlas Building in Columbus, OH and flooded the parking lot - covering cars, as well as the parking attendant's shelter. Let’s hope Coop’s Paints is insured. (Advert. Agency: TM Advertising,USA,Dallas)[526X604]

Copenhagen Zoo - The wildest place in town!, Bates Y&R [1400x835]

Copenhagen Zoo [960x572]

Cork Tipped, Kool Cigarettes, 1948.

Cosadein an exempt preparation 1935

Cosecha Nueva, Niblets Brand Mexicorn, 1950

Cough -- The problem has been solved by Glyco-Heroin (Martin H. Smith Company, 1902)

Crayola Corner Halloween ad from 1957

Crazy cars? You want'em? You make'em! Johnny Toymaker, 1968.

Cream of Wheat, 1909

Creative Advertisement [Agency: Leo Burnett] (1158X928)

Creepy Van Camp's Pork and Beans ad from 1947.

Crisis Relief Singapore - Publicis, Singapore [1304x868]

Crotches Kill ad in Alberta, Canada [590 x 772]

Cucumber Man --an 1887 ad for seed.

Cut'em out and try'em on, Casio Watches 1986.

DATSUN: Join a minority group.

DB Export Dry - Colenso BBDO, Australia [1241x1802]

DDT is good for me

DHL: Hands [2400x1955]

DUREX Typography [590x590]

Danger from Water [1280x853]

Darkey in a watermelon

Dated (but funny) anti-gastroenteritis drug Ad [525x649]

Davre oatmeal, 1945

Delta Push-up bra [1417 x 1984]

Denon HD8 cassette deck ad, November 1985

Denver Water - Sukle Advertising (800x600)

Denver Water - Sukle Advertising [450 x 299]

Denver Water - You can't make this stuff [1280x1920]

Derby's Peter Pan peanut butter

Designed to rip your ears off!

Dewar's is the Scotch. 1956

Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka: 1 in every 6 seconds [2400 x 1851]

Diamond Power Tools [609x857] (x-post from r-funny)

Dicksmith does it right! (xpost funny,punny) Was told to xpost here. [640x960]

Diet Pepsi [591x800]

Disability Ad for Ramps - American Disability Association [700 x 895]

Disneyland Date Night (1957)

Disneyland ad from 1963

Divorce attorney business card [440 x 584] (Xpost -r-pics)

Dixco magazine ad with Don Garlits, Bill Hielscher, Bob Perry in Popular Hot Rodding, July 1972

Do You Want To Play A Game? Hint, It Is Not Tic-Tac-Toe [1968]

Do public information posters count? 'BEWARE THE CANCER QUACK' (Max Plattner, 1938)

Don't Cook Tonite Call Chicken Delight - 'A Kitchen Vacation for Mom' c 1950s. [x-post from -r-VintageMenus]

Don't Worry Darling... Schlitz Beer Ad [1952]

Don't forget to eat - Game Boy Color ad [600x811] (x-post from -r-gaming)

Don't ignore something that looks out of place; PAPD Advertisement in NYC [2800×2094]

Don't talk while she drives [3000x2210]

Double page HP Laptop ad disguised to look like two ads in magazine [OC][3692x2722] (x-post r-mildlyinteresting)

Douglas Aircraft Company, 1965.

Douglas Bull is an unsung hero, Hornes menswear ad, 1970s

Dr Pepper's Charge! Get Goin' Again Sweepstakes, 1968.

Dr Pepper--You'll love it HOT!

Dr. Pepper, America's Most Misunderstood Soft Drink (1970).

Dramatic prints display vitality, 1970s

Draw Winky: 1971 ad for Art Instruction Schools.

Draw so easy!

Drink Orange Crush

Drugstore shelf in Lebanon, Kansas, February 1957

Drummond sweaters

Du Pont ad for cellophane. 1955

Dude flashing a gang sign in a 1974 O.F.C. ad

Dulcolax - Cbgrey Paris France [1400x990]

Dungeons & Dragons in Omni Magazine 1980

Dunlop Formula 70 promises you more than just wide tyres, Dunlop Penthouse magazine ad, 1972

Duracell powering Vader's lightsaber [490x594]

Durex XL [658 x 900]

Durex condoms minimalist ad: carseat (agency unknown) [428x604]

Durex lubes - Mccann Erickson, Italy [1600x1157]

Dutch Organ Donation Foundation Ad [827x1183]

Dutch Railways - DDB Amsterdan, The Netherlands [1400x895]

Dutch Stutter Foundation ad. [1600x1326]

Délifrance - Saatchi & Saatchi, Düsseldorf, Germany [1600x1131]

E.T. didn't want you to drive drunk


Early Play-Doh advertisement, early-mid 1960s.

Early satellite TV, Wilson Microwave Systems, 1985.

Eat! Eat! Eat! & ALWAYS STAY THIN!

Eats flies. Dates a pig. Hollywood star. [700x486]

Ecuadorean cities are known for their unique cultural offerings [1050 x 827] | Advertising Agency: La Facultad, Quito, Ecuador Creative Team: Sebastián Villagómez, Germán Andrade, Santiago Zumárraga, Xavier Prado, Andrés Freile, Diego Jarrín Photographer: Ramiro Salazar

El Encanto Department Store Ad, Havana, ca. 1929

Electric banana

Electronic-intelligence. General Dynamics, 1960 [2251x3161]

Elevator company is using funny comic strips to get their name out there. Better than most of today's tactics in my opinion. [1000×4901](x-post -r-advertising)

Elm Grove Police Department - Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA [1204x800]

Elvis Presley lipstick, 1957.

Emerson Lake and Palmer have the best sound in car stereo [1600x1043]

Employ Adam Personal Ad [1000x750]

Energy Food! GW extra fine granulated sugar ad from 1963.

Enjoy Double Mint gum daily-It helps beautify the whole face. 1936

Enjoy light, refreshing Ballantine... that's Ale, brother! Ballantine Ale, 1955.

Enjoy the benefits of a cordless massager.

Enter the Wonderful World...Mego Super-Heroes ad from 1976

Erdal Shoe Polish [640x480]

Ericofon, 1954

Erotic Movies Ad [1600x1199]

Etch A Sketch - Sushi [1564×2024]

Euroawk advertisement [1200x900]

European Supermarket Price Wars [836 x 1024]

Eurostar Barbershop's hilarious advertisement in England [610x458]

Evans Cycles: Girl [1697×2400]

Even though I really wanted one of these, I never got one

Every Lidl Helps [760x537]

Everyone's talking about the 2018 Tesla Model 3 and I'm just here wanting the 1948 version [OC style emulation poster]

Evian Campaign 'Live Young' [1200x832] (xpost r-retouching)

Example of the earth tones from the 70's. Chatham Fabrics, 1970's.

Exquisite Silver Plated Nut Server. Planters, 1941.

Eye donation, Fortaleza City Hall - Propeg, Brazil [1697x2400]

Eyes Cured Without the Knife: a 1908 ad for H. T. Schlegal's Magic Eye Lotion

Faber-Castell -- Ogilvy (Hong Kong) [849 x 1200]

False Teeth, 60 days free trial!

Fashion Forward Frigidaire - 1970s (x-post-r-OldSchoolRidiculous)

Fast Food. Fast Relief [1800x1272] | Advertising Agency: BBDO, Duesseldorf, Germany Art Director: Klaus Meurisse Copywriter: Christian Mommertz

Father's Day gift we won't sell without a note from your mother. Hai Karate, 1969.

Feathers & Fur Pet Store, very clever! [325 x 260]

Febreeze Print Ad [2000 × 1416]

FedEx - BBDO, New York, USA [1400x986]

FedEx express [595 × 842]

Feed a family of five for $2.25, McDonalds ad from 1961.

Feel Clean All Over. Gas heat advert from 1971.

Feel Inspired' Books that will blow your mind (Biblioteq) [508x855] xpost r-wtf

Fevicol, an adhesive popular in India, has lots of clever ads. This is my favorite. [400x700]

Fiat Brazil's anti-drunk driving ad: 'Now you see it. Now you don't' [1024 x 724]

Fifty Shades premiered yesterday. This ad for a home improvement store appeared in Dutch papers today (title says 'captivating DIY job') [960x1280]

Fighting before switching.

Fill in carefully: an ingenious ad for a tattoo parlour [1024x724]

Finishizer photo manipulation - Ogilvy&Mather, Warsaw, Poland [1726x2400]

Firestone Reaches Around the World to Give Most Miles per Dollar (1928)

First came the word... Sony, 1974.

Fit more in (1082 x 1400)

Flag Brothers, 'One Good Thing Leads to Another', 1970s.

Flash-Matic Tuning, the world's first wireless remote control. 1955

Flight Centre -- M&C Saatchi [1542 × 886]

Flirt Vodka 'Subtle' Ad (600x873)

Fly TWA, New York, 1958

Fly to the world's proudest festivals [1214x1800] | Advertising Agency: Pool, Stockholm, Sweden Art Director: Johan Pödra Copywriter: Jenny Åberg Hüttner

Fly, sail, travel with Louis Vuitton luggage

For 1940 - Be Fit & Slim, ad for Bile Beans pills

For a better start in life, start cola earlier!

For a lovelier you -- X-post -r-VintageFashions

For a treat instead of a treatment, remember Old Gold. Old Gold Cigarettes, 1953.

For people going places! Old Crow Whiskey, 1967.

For prompt control of senile agitation -Thorazine.

For the fuller figure only. 1944

Ford -- BBR Saatchi & Saatchi [652 x 443]

Ford Maverick; the simple machine

Ford Mustang print ad [1133 x 850]

Ford Pinto - July 1972 - 'When you get back to basics, you get back to Ford.'

Forest Protection Ad [737 x 414]

Found this product in the local Indian store, I think the packaging is amazing. [1455x1600]

Free Unfloppable Floppy. Opus: no bad memories, 1985.

French wine ad from 1933.

French's Mustard, 1956

Fresh & Sexy by Playtex [436x590]

Fridrih Mushrooms: Make every meal fancier, Illustrator: Anna Kulakowskaya [1800×1273] [OS] +2 more in comments

Friend of mine is working on this 'invisible ad campaign' for hotel bathrooms.[1172 x 587]

From Amnesty International's 'Not Here But Now' series (Walker) [882 x 1323]

From the good ol' Johnson Smith catalog--Live baby alligators.

Fujifilm Smile Capture [1400x914]

Funeral Service Ad in a Subway [600x450]

Futuristic Capabilities (1982)

G.I. Joe - 1964

GLS: Dragon [1826×2400] ~ France

GMP Advertising Develops Romania's Gold Award winning response to Britain's anti-immigration campaign [458x658] {Gallery Link In Comments}

GOODNESS! What BARGAINS!...TRICK or TREAT With These Wonderful Roxbury Candies - 1953 Roxbury Candy Ad

GTA IV Outdoor Ad - This example is unquestionably more effective than a billboard. Great work! [600x800]

Game of Thrones ad in Today's New York Times [1024 x 764] (x-post r-gameofthrones)

Game of Thrones advert on a beach [950x632]

Gameboy Color Ad [500x676]

Garnier «Hide Yesterday» (Publicis Switzerland) [2362x1620]

Gay houseware made from Alkathene. 1956

Genuine Official U.S. Government Surplus Astronaut Space Suit (circa 1959)

George Plimpton for Intellivision

Germanwings - Parisseldorf [2400 × 1697]

Get in on our 15th birthday celebration! Dairy Queen, 1955.

Get into the slim of it... Paulina Porizkova for Diet Sprite, 1984.

Get them off your dog [936x729]

Gibson Ripper Bass, 1973.

Gibson it's sensational!

Gillette cleverly advertising their razors at a hockey game [570x444]

Give a hoot! Don't pollute! United States Forest Service, 1982.

Give your child all the fun in the universe! He-Man toy ad from the 1980's.

Give your fingers a better use with this testicular cancer prevention campaign by Y&R Lima. [3544 × 2068]

Glassex Glass Cleaner: 'FISH' Print Ad; Released: July 2004 (Agency: J. Walter Thompson Madrid, Spain) [453X640]

Glassex Print Ad[1200x849]

Gm gets very personal when it comes to cars. 1974 GM line up ad.

Goebel Beer, 1947

Gold Flake Cigarettes.

Golden Nectar Kool-Aid, 1957.

Golds Gym. F_T [137 x 212]

Goodwill staying relevant. [716x960] {x-post from r-pics}

Google - Grey, Istanbul, Turkey [1181x790]

Google: We know what you're searching for, even when you don't. (One more in the comments.) [2988x2000]

Google: We know what you're searching for, even when you don't. [1280x857]

Got a minute? Get a meal. Burger King, 1966.

Got the Spangles?

Great Fashions For Great Guys - 1970's Lew Magram 'Shirtmaker To The Stars' Ad

Great advertising if you really are confident about your pizzas... [750x926]

Great copy, ugly car name [640 x 849]

Great placement. [1200x848]

Gripe Water - 1927

Guerrilla grocery store stunt for breast cancer awareness [2304x1296]

Guerrilla job search site ad. Made by redditor vrakodar [2816x2112] [x-post from pics]

Guess what happened when William got 4995 in tax refund (1977)

Guide dogs are vital to the blind - Mira Foundation [3772x2489]

Guinness Facebook Ad [443x364]

Guinness [538x800]

Guinness advertising posters in 1936 designed for Nazi Germany but they were never used [306x423] [x-post r-ireland]

Gym Ad [453x604]

Gym Motivation Ad [419x600]

Haagen Dazs App Gif [495x266]

Haggar Expand-O-Matic slacks. 1979

Hai Karate ad 1967

Hair Rental, You Know It Makes Sense - 1970's Ambassador Service LTD Ad

Hallowe'en themed ad: Finger a witch butt [800x800]

Ham Banana Rolls Recipe, United Fruit Company, 1960.

Hamm's Beer - from the land of sky blue waters. 1959

Happy 25th Birthday from Knott's Berry Farm to Disneyland [960x720] [x-post -r-orangecounty]

Happy Birthday ad for Tom Jones, taken out by his national fan clubs, 1974.

Happy Halloween from Hunt's (1967) (x-post-r-OldSchoolRidiculous)

Happy Thanksgiving - Vintage

Happy Valentine. No matter who you like, you can find the gift here. Elgiganten - Electronic Store. (720 x 960)

Harley Davidson [1600×1067]

Harper’s Bazaar December 1951

Harrison Radiator Division of GM advertising air conditioning. 1961

Have a KitKat bar [535X938]

Have a break.. [1600x1066]

Hear Trouble Coming (1941)

Heathkit Electronics ad 1975

Hedy Lamar for Schaefer Beer 1948

Heinz Hot Ketchup [458X640]

Heinz Jet-Age Values

Heinz ad for hamburger and hotdog relish, 1957.

Here's When My Throat Says... Spud Imperial Cigarette Ad, 1940's

Hereford's 30 Proof Cow Spirits, 1976.

Hertz Rent-a-Car, 1957.

Hey Charger! Where'd you get that racy look? The 1975 Dodge Charger Daytona.

Highlighter Ad by Luxor [495x700]

Hillbilly Jeans advertisement, 1973.

Hindenburg - 2 Days Across the Atlantic

Historically Hardcore [421x650]

Hitman: Blood Money [2006] 'Beautifully executed' [800x600]

Hits lead to hits[3201x2052]

Hohner Harmonicas ad featuring 'Little' Stevie Wonder, 1963.

Honda AD in Car & Driver 60th anniversary (Via r-Honda) [1520x1200]

Honda Print Ad [1200 x 848]

Hoover 1955 [400x304]

Hops are natures own sedative... Anheuser-Busch Malt Nutrine, 1906.

Hot Biscuits bring new 'Pep' and 'Sparkle' to 'Below Par' Menus! Bisquick ad from 1938

Hot Dr Pepper ad with special offer - 1966

Hot Shingles In Your Area [1280 X 851]

Hot Wheels For Real - Double-loop dare at the X-Games - case study in comments [615x893]

Hot Wheels Safari Series -- Ogilvy & Mather(Mumbai) [1009 × 567]

Hot Wheels highway ad [900x423]

How Indian E-Commerce websites Compete! [600x450]

How far will she go? Canterbury belts Playboy magazine ad, September 1970

How to Hypnotize, one of those many ads from the back of comic books in the 1960s and 1970s

How to Survive an Atomic Bomb... 1951 insurance ad

How to kiss a girl

How to market an Aston Martin [640x480]

Howard Johnson's, 1964

Humorous car adverisement observed in the wild by -u-Cleveraliases [x-post r-wtf] [2592x1936]

Hungarian Rat Poison Ad [1600x766]

Hunting Season Begins - Le Bafane Shopping Center - [836 x 1190]

Hydrox Cookies, 1951.

Hyundai dog (1200 x 849)

I Haven't Been to a Barber in a Year! 1954

I bought an automotive shop two years ago. Here's the ad from when it originally opened in September 1930.

I call it 'Reggievision'. Panasonic Omnivison Portable Video Recorder, 1980.

I dreamed I was a toreador in my Maidenform bra

I found her! [473x896]

I know we had weird ideas about radiation, but this seems extreme [1930's]

I too have chanced brand to Prince, 1957

I'm getting my wife a new Kenwood Chef!

I've robbed the rainbow to make you gay!

ID requested on a 70s product (mod approved)

IDM Ad-Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities[935x960]

IKEA - BBH, Singapore [700x700]

IKEA - Early Christmas Sale - TBWA Lisbon [679 x 900]

IKEA - JWT, Warsaw, Poland [1800x1272]

IKEA, 'Clothesbeast' - DDB Germany, Dusseldorf, Germany [1600x1131]

IKEA: Store Opening [1600 x 1113] Grabarz & Partner, Germany

IKEA: Where are my socks? ~ Turkey [1599 × 2400]

Iams - Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, Australia [1400x987]

Ice Cream on hot Cream of Wheat!

Ice cream sandwich ad from Italy, 1956

Idk if this counts but its a clever bar code(xpost from mildly interesting)[1024x764]

If It Isn't a Reo, It Isn't a 'Speed Wagon.' (From 1919.)

If You Can Carry A Tune, You Can Play The Gahoon! from 1948.

If Your Husband Ever Finds Out...

If taming oil well fires were your job, you'd wear a Rolex. (from 1968)

If they find it, they'll play with it [880x569]

If you don't have a parachute, don't jump - Trojan Condoms, 1993 [658x800]

If you've got the time, we've got the beer. Miller High Life, 1971.

Ikea Room Delivery - DDB Berlin [1400×933]

Illegal Phone - Ad from 1984 DAK catalog

In Case The Market Crashes - Ad [640x409]

In and out [1024 x 792]

India is polio free - Scarecrow, Delhi, India (700x920)

Ingenious ad aimed at victims of child abuse [450 x 450]

Innocence in Danger - Herezie, Paris, France [1200x849]

Innocent - Reaction to iPhone launch - [1224x1632][OC]

Instinct condoms: Cowboys, by Nikita Solovyov [700 x 990]

Interlude computer game for the Apple II & TRS-80.

International Horror Film Festival [600x828]

International Nickel Company 1954

Introducing Voyager. The 1974 Plymouth Voyager.

Introducing a Timex for men of iron. Timex Triathlon watch, 1985.

Introducing the Apple II


Iranian billboard promoting wearing a hijab [400x289]

Iron-on transfers for t-shirts, 1974

Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?

Isaac Asimov in a Radio Shack ad

Isca Taps - FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa [1106x784]

Isn't this a pretty Hat? - 1927

It's 'four' games in 1. Family game console from JC Penney, 1976.

It's 4 to see instead of 3. The 1950 Studebaker Champion.

It's Plastics Picking Time down South

It's beautiful when you fill it up. 1974 AMC Hornet Sportabout.

It's for you! Bell Phone Center Store, 1980.

It's nice to have a girl around the house - Mr Leggs 1960

It's not happening here. But it is happening now. Amnesty International [600 x 900]

It's not how much you pay, it's how much you get. Commodore 64, 1984.

Ives Toy Train 1922

J.C. Penney cool in 1975

JVC Videosphere TV ad, 'Enjoy JVC Portable TV For 10 days at No Risk! Turns You On... Even When It's Off!' - circa 1970s

Jade East circa late 1960s-early1970s

Jaguar - Devour the road (MIC) (1280x843)

Jamaica Tourism: Escape Today - [1600 x 1200]

James Moran & Co.'s Romeo fine cut chewing tobacco ad from 1874.

Jardiland Garden Centre - Pet Centre - Rosapark, Paris, France [1022X1440]

Je*s jeans bus stop ad [605x464]

Jeans Add, Je's [960 × 678]

Jeep - BBDO Proximity, Malaysia [1240x900]

Jeep - Leo Burnett, France [1342x1800]

Jeep Honcho Pickup Truck (1976-1983)

Jello, 1959

Jerry Lewis for Royal Crown Cola circa 1963

Jerry Orbach for Dewar's (July 1969)

Jim Beam Whiskey ad [274x513]

Jimmy made it himself!

John Goodman for Arrow Schnapps, 1980 - [540x767]

Johnny Carson Apparel Inc. 1977

Johnny Seven O.M.A. (One Man Army) 1964

Jose Cuervo - April 1976 - 'Try it on the rocks.'

Jose Cuervo Tequila 1976 ( a couple oz before studying serious anatomy).

Juicy Fruit from 1905 to 2002.

July 31, 1861 ad for T. Gilbert and Co. Piano Fortes

Jumpstart literacy campaign [821x441]

Just Add Color - Converse [2256x1496]

Just because it works doesn't mean it's fixed [1024x724]

Just one question, Mom...

Kabo Corset Co. Bou-K-Bra. 1948

Kampfe Brothers Star Safety Razor ad from 1895.

Karat Coffee break 1977

Keep it classy, Volvo [500x342]

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, 1961

Kelly Girl ad 1963

Keloptic - Turning impressionism into hyperrealism [1600x1066]

Keloptic - Y&R Paris [600x849]

Keloptic -- Y&R (Paris) [1600 × 1066]

Kelvinator Refrigerator Styles ad circa 1964

Kenner's Daddy Saddle - 1960's Kenner Products Co. ad

Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1960s

Kentucky Fried Chicken, circa 1967

Kia - Moma, Sao Paulo, Brazil [1066x1600]

Kickin' Jeans Don't Bind Your Legs! - Century Martial Art Supply Ad [1978]

Kickin' Jeans featuring Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace, 1980.

Kids who dig the latest say Seven-Up 'Floats' are greatest!

Kids who pull rip-offs, know about these. Rip-Off's Shoes, 1984.

Kill Bill Vol.2 had the best ads [872x528]

Kissing the Blarney Stone, Canadian Club Whisky, 1947.

Kitchen Bouquet--The Spirit of the Chef in Your Own Kitchen (from 1910)

Klipsch Speakers - 1957

Kodak battery ad [1920x1280]

Kodak color film offer for a Voter's Choice watch. 1972

Kodak football advertisement

Kool-Aid, 1938

Korean Plastic Surgery Ad [OC] (2448x3264)

Kotex Cats are Sensitive by Nature [525x292]

Kotex ad. 1971.

Kraft American is back and plentiful, post WWII 1947

Kuba Komet on the cover of the Kuba 1957-58 product brochure

L'Oréal Vintage Ad (1924) [1200x900]

LAN TAM -- McCann (Bogota) [1240 x 808]

LEGO - Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany [1200x849]

LEGO Creates Anti-LEGO Slippers [599x311]

LEGO Fiction Meets Fiction [1230x1740]

Land Rover Ad [478x640] (x-post r-4x4)

Larry Bird for McDonald's McChicken Sandwich

Lasik Ad [1400 × 967]

Late 1960s recruitment ad for the NSA from a college newspaper

Late night pizza place sign [820*655]

Lays 1967

Lee Can Change Your Image, 1971.

Lego - Imagination [612x832]

Lego Ad 1981 [1700 x 2160]

Lego Jurassic -- Grey (France) [1100 x 777]

Lego Jurassic World Ad [731x1024]

Lego [2600x860] (x-post from -r-pics)

Lego ad by Jandl, bratislava. 'It's time for Lego Technic' [1280x960]

Lego packaging [550x1024]

Lego, the thoughtful toy.

Lego: Builders of Tomorrow (Jung von Matt ad agency, Germany) [1200x849]

Lego: Periscope [1200x800]

Lemon, Ice & Alcohol... [600x1015]

Lemon, Ice & Alcohol... [600x1015]

Lemz - Children See Things Differently - [714x476]

Les Paul and Mary Ford in an advertisement for the new Gibson guitar model, the Les Paul. 1953

Levi's Glove Pants, 1979.

Levi's Womenswear ad from 1979.

Lexus Billboard [640x640] [x-post from -r-illusionporn]

Life Color Labs (photo developing). 1952

Life Size Inflatable Doll. 'Just add air. Life like in every detail.' Liverpool Sales, 1970.

Lifesavers sleeping bag

Ligne Pure skin regimen, 1983

Liking isn't helping. Be a volunteer. Change a life. Photographer: Sebastian Siah [1385×922] (powerful images clearly aimed at Facebook) +2 more in comments

Lime flavored Green River Soda

Lincoln Logs 1959

Liquor Ad from Turn of the Century (Zagreb)

Listerine vs. halitosis 1930

Lithiated 7up. Dispels hangovers. circa early 1940s

Little Debbie through the years.

Live the Dream (Delorean, 1981)

LiveLighter - Don't be sucked in. Western Australian Health Campaign [482x720]

Local businesses' cooperative billboards [2236x2236]

Local gym ad sign. [632x473]. X-post from R-Funny.

London Sperm Bank [2500x1278]

Look again - Julyna's ad for a fundraiser to fight against cervical cancer [777x960]

Look your best while you wear your least

Looking ahead to the 80s!

Looking for seafood? [774 x 1024]

Lowe, Bangkok for Sunlight Dishwashing Detergent. An interesting approach to 'removing germs and stains' [1024 × 723]

Lucky Strike cigarette ad from 1930 advertising health-weight benefits: 'When tempted to over-indulge, reach for a Lucky instead' [717x1024]

Lucozade: the sparkling glucose drink! Replaces lost energy! Ad from 1953

Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound (from 1882).

M-1 semi auto Garand rifle from Winfield 1959

MC Hammer concert doll

MI6 recruitment campaign - M&C Saatchi [800 x 1139]

Mac's Car Wax, 1956

Macho Musk Oil - 1978

Macho Musk Oil by Fabergé - 1978 - [736x980]

Mad Men Season 5 Guerrilla Marketing Ad [640x527]

Made for each other, Wills, 1989, India

Madge the manicurist for Palmolive.

Magazine advertisement for Allen's Cocaine Tablets, 1886

MaidenForm -- Sawed In Half


Make it a Radio Xmas! Newspaper Ad from December 1922.

Make it your next wagon, the 1973 Ford Country Squire.

Make your next cigarette a Tipalet.

Mallory Hats. Shower proofed by Cravenette, 1936.

Mamba Fruit Chews, 1990.

Mandown Ad by Calm [600x800]

March 1994 Spring-Summer Fashion Ad for Emporio Armani featuring Great Pyramid of Giza, shot by Christian Moser in Egypt [707x984]

Mars-the 3 flavor candy bar. 1957

Master Foods Chicken & Veal Paste magazine ad, 1968

Masterworks Stamp Collecting Kit from 1979.

Mattel's Monogram 'way out' Models ad from 1969.

Maybe this will be the year!

Mc donalds Vs. Subway (xpost -r-funny) [1200x900]

McDonald's - 'World is invited' [2506 x 3532]

McDonald's - Leo Burnett, USA [1600x1067]

McDonald's - TBWA, Shanghai, China [1199x1800]

McDonald's Ad in Zürich (x-post -r-minimalism) [480 x 283]

McDonald's Philippines ad. Guess the context ;) [800x800]

McDonaldland Play Set, 1976.

McDonalds 'Open All Night' Ad [960x742]

McDonalds Fries - [1600 x 1067]

McDonalds Sundial [413x960] (x-post from funny)

McDonalds billboard on the border between Sweden and Norway [652x368]

McDonalds by DDB Johannesburg. Cannes Lion winner. [590 x 864]

McDonalds open at night [550x500] (x-post -r-offbeat)

McDonalds sun clock from 2006. Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago. [1997x1305]

McDonald’s - Cossette West, Canada [952x1442]

Medicated Chicken [900x1200]

Meet the 1972 Olds. Oldsmobile, 1972.

Member's Only - 'When you put it on...something happens to you' 1983 Member's Only Ad

Memory Master Ad [600x707]

Men and Women: Look Young with Dr. Campbell's Safe Arsenic Wafers. (1890s)

Men wouldn't look at me when I was skinny

Mercedes - Formula Won (x-post -r-formula1) [720x960]

Mercedes thanks BMW for 100 years of competition between the two. [1024x539]

Mercedes-Benz Christmas advertisement [472x521]

Mercury Cougar 1976

Mickey Mantle, NY Yankees home run champion, says: 'Viceroys are richer tasting'

Midwives wanted - Union for Midwives and Nurses in Sweden - Familjen Pangea [1800x1334]

Mini - JWT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [1400x1400]

Mini Cooper Subway Entrance [440x708]

Mio Ad Changes With Addition of Water (x-post from -r-mildlyinteresting) [2203x2937]

Misereor - Kolle Rebbe, Germany [1200x849]

Mod Formica girl, 1960s

Model Products ad for Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner model kits. 1972

Model Racing Becomes A Sport! - AMT Corporation’s AMT Model Racing Set Ad [1962]

Mollie's Fund - Melanoma Monsters [1200x1600]

Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America: Kinder Egg [960x663]

Montana poster, 1950's

More Doctors Smoke Camels than Any Other Cigarette (486×640)

More Euroawk ads (see comments) [905x426]

More attractive than you think. Ad to promote German craftsmen [500x889]

More fun than what?

Most flavorful

Movie advertisement page for San Francisco in August 1975.

Mr. Tire ad on the back of a semi truck [537x720]

Mugen hairdressing school - Age Isobar, Brazil [1066x1600]

Multitasking, Babe perfume magazine ad, 1980

Musk by English Leather. 'The civilized way to roar.' 1977.

My home town, circa 1935.

NASA's Vintage Travel Posters [940x1358]

NSPCA [X-post -r-pics] [960x960]

NY Powerball - Yeah, THAT Kind of Rich - [1600 x 1219]

Nabisco Fig Newtons, 1966.

National Campaign Against Forest Fires by Morphine Studio [670x950]

National quality furs

Natural Geographic - turning point [666x931]

Natures's Remedy 1936

Naugahyde advert [600 x 403]

Neatest 'Trick Or Treat'... A Microsheen Shine! 1950's Griffin Microsheen Stain Boot Polish Ad.

Need Money for my Family... Campaign by Oro Verde that turned trees into beggars [960x621]

Nehru coats from Sears 1968

Nestle Milky Bar, 1979.

Nestlé Permanent Hair Wave ad from 1920.

Netherlands Burger King Makeup [640 x 429]

Never an After-Thirst. Squirt Soda, 1953.

New Audi Advert. [604x350] (Yes it's fake but it should be real!)

New Guinness ad [547x750]

New Man Clothing - 1985

New Swerl Suds End Soap Scum!, dishwashing powder ad in the July 19, 1948 issue of LIFE magazine.

New Weiner Wrap!

New York Seltzer Ad from the 1980's.

New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team: celebrating their winning streak as of yesterday. [960 x 355]

New for 1977--the Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon and Ford Cruising Van.

Newport Lights - 'Alive with pleasure!' - 1990

Newport cigarettes, Alive with pleasure

Newspaper ad for ladies underwear, October 1920

Newspaper's online edtion ad [900x634]

Nice ad for 'Rios' - rios illustration. 'we put anything on paper' [3000x1999]

Nike - Run [451x700]

Nike's 'Run Through the Wall' ad spans two buildings [300x500]

Nike. Hyperwarm campaign. Michael Spoljaric [1200x665]

Nike: Bullet in the Chamber. unfortunate ad [1200X600]

Nike: Man Versus Machine [311x503]

Nikon Cameras, 1988.

Nikon FaceDetect (1270 x 898)

Nikon S60 Face Detect [1270x898]

Nikon [1920 X 1358]

Nissan Sentra - August 1982 - '$4949...YOU NEED THIS CAR!'

Nivea Men [600x424]

Nivea Night - TBWA\NEBOKO, Netherlands [600x560]

Nivea uses couch to advertise anti cellulite cream [599x301]

No freedom of information, no voice of opposition | [1800x1350] | Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris

Non-stick surface (x-post from r-pics) [485x342]

Norman Rockwell for Crest, 1958.

Norwegian : 'Destinations' [949x693]

Norwegian Airline shows destinations on its national flag [654 x 477]

Nose Hair Trimmer Ad [1600 x 1045]

Not exactly an ad, but this 'Tailgating Isn't Worth It' billboard is still awesome (x-post -r-pics) [780x464]

Not quite an ad, but I hope you enjoy it: The form parents would use to send a telegram from Santa Claus to their children. 1930s.

Nothing wakes you up as... [550x683]

Nottingham Jazz [200x172]

Now RCA puts TV underwater (1956)

Now That Your Hair Is Longer, You Need Wella Balsam - 1972 Wella Balsam Shampoo Ad

Now Zenith harnesses the sun... Zenith, 1965.

Now a word from the world's first talking watch! (from 1981).

Now she can cope...

Now the difference is perfectly clear.

Now the difference is perfectly clear. Sony cassette tapes, 1980's.

Now there's a better way. Sony SL-8200 Betamax, 1977.

Now when you can't stop to think, you don't have to. Bell Phone Center, 1982.

Now... Individually wrapped. Charms, 1937.

Nrg Zone fitness centre, Photographer: Konstentin Zavorin, Designer: Arseniy Laskaris [1700×1070] (the logo is above her head)

O.J. Simpson Dingo ad from 1981.

OT toothpaste [1128x799]

Odor destroying light bulbs, Westinghouse 1952.

Office Gentleman Club -- Tabasco (Ukraine) [1338 × 1772]

Ogilvy & Mather South Africa for VW - Don't Text and Drive [2877 x 4069]

Ola: Eliminating stains [1683x2400]

Old Gold cigarettes, 1950. This ad was part of a campaign to fight 'scare health claims'.

Old Maid, United Air Lines, 1966

Olympic themed Ad: Durex (x-post -r-funny) [720x524]

One angle is not enough Ad by VW [599x849]

One of the real joys of living. Schlitz Beer, 1960.

Only $2.57 for an American flag. Goodyear, 1963.

Only Ford gives you a choice of three kinds of pickups, 1962.

Oreo Cookies - 1960s

Oreo ad, posted minutes after the lights went out at the Super Bowl [808x808]

Oreo cookie ad from 1952

Organization with Peter Walsh 2009 Office Max [350x262]

Ortoimplant Dental Clinic - HYPE, Zagreb, Croatia [1000x1400]

Our idea of pop art, Pepsi 1990.

Our show depends on color. On the RCA XL-100 it looks incredible. RCA, 1974.

Outdoor ad for Black Sabbath's new album in decades - McCann, Copenhagen, Denmark [1138x757]

Outdoor advertisement for Cingular Wireless; (Agency: BBDO, New York) [597X610]

Outdoor advertisement for Nescafe [560X401]

Outdoor advertisement for Pantene shampoo; (Agency: Lem; Shanghai, China) [858X1400]

Overman Tire (1934)

PSA: 'Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past. Get tested for HIV.' By Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada [864 x 1200]

PVC transparent film ads by Guillermo Siachoque and Alberto Cristancho (x-post -r-retouching) [1400x933]

Pac-Man watches from 1980.

Page from brochure for Cinebox, a coin operated film jukebox, 1963

Page of ads featuring medicines, bicycles, and skirt bone, from The Popular Science Monthly, June 1895

Paid Advertisement (This time you can't blame Stan!)

Pakistani news site PSA [477x730]

PanAm airlines ad, ca. 1960s

Panasonic Nanoe Automotive Air Conditioning - Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, Australia [2036x1440]

Panasonic introduces Dashboard Disco. 1970s.

Panasonic nose trimmer - Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia [1400x968]

Panshakes. The new way to make pancakes, Pillsbury, 1966. + $.07 coupon!

Pantone - Y&R, Shanghai, China [960x1440]

Papa Johns - Door Sticker [768 × 266]

Papa says it won't hurt us, Iver Johnson revolver ad in Harper's Weekly magazine, April 16, 1904

Paper Mario ad (x-post from r-gaming) [2948 x 2049]

Paper Mario, Nintendo Power magazine, 2001 [499x750]

Papermate -- TBWA Malaysia [2565 × 1760]

Park Assist by VW [802x535]

Park Avenue Razor Blades: Pro cooling strip (1058x695)

Parking space for jeeps [900x632]

Part-Time Cop (1982)

Pears Soap Advertisement - Matchless for the Complexion. 1876-1890

Pedigree - AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil [2160x1440]

Pedigree -- CLM BBDO [1200 × 1543]

Pedigree [600x399]

Peds foot covers. 1966

Penguin Audio-books [652x945]

Penguin Audiobooks [1242×1800] +2 more in the comments

Pep O Mint Lifesavers, 1957

Pepsi : Iconic Refreshment (2 more in the comments) [1800×1272] [OS]

Pepsi vs. Coke (Agency: BBDO; Title: 'Pepsi: Straws') [360X710]

Pepsi-Cola Sign, New York [1600x1067]

Perfume and Parabolics, Springmaid Perker magazine ad, 1948

Perma-Lift Brassieres 'The Lift that never lets you down'.

Personal luxury with Pontiac flair, the 1984 Grand Prix.

Personalized Home Bar - Only $5.98 - 'Adds class to any party or gathering, and points up the cleverness of its proud owner.' (1960s)

Pet Baby Raccoons (x-post -r-comicbookads)

Philips Bodygroom for Men - Ogilvy and Mather, Johannesburg, South Africa [1800x1273]

Philips Cassette Car Radio ad, 1968

Philips joining in with the Suarez Banter (x-post from london) [3264×2448]

Photo manipulation company [1251x1740]

Physical Fitness Is Child's Play - Romper Room Toy Ad, 1972

Picks up five times more woman than a Lamborghini [873x1200]

Pictionary by Ogilvy Malaysia, [1600 x 1131]

Pictionary: Bear vs Bear [1800x1294] by Ogilvy Malaysia

Pierce Brosnan for Jose Cuervo in 1986.

Pilot Capless Pen, the modern fountain pen, 1966

Pioneer Electronics - June 1975 - 'Thanks, Elton'

Pixie Stix, 1963.

PlayStation 2 ads were so original. [3000x1956]

Playstation 2, bubble wrap bus stop. [450x532]

Playstation Vita -- TBWA -- Laurent Seroussi [1800 x 1145]

Please don't text and drive [721x960]

Plump, Pampered Oysters (1959)

Plymouth Road Runner Dealership Ad - 1969

Poison by Dior [512 x 383]

Politics aside, the anti-American Iranians have some pretty good graphic designers. [x-post -r-wtf] [1025 × 1200]

Pollution is closer than you think [450x491]

Pond's. Cleans pores. Fights pimples. [769X1024]

Pony Express recruiting poster from 1860

Pornhub seems to make a lot of adporn. [610×794]

Porsche - Nobody's Perfect [600x843]

Porsche promotional poster for the 1970 Targa Florio

Portable Gaming is here

Porter Chemcraft Set. Late 1950s.

Poster for decaffeinated “Kaffee Hag”, 1914, Germany

Poster-ad for the 3 Stooges in Three Little Beers 1935

Postmodern ad for advertising [1450x941]

Power to be your best. Apple Desktop Media, 1989.

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner [1400x990]

Powerhouse Gym [960 x 624]

Poweride, Electric Cars for Kids, 1970.

Pretty nutty San Fran poster from 1969 [600x800]

Pringles Hot & Spicy [439X620]

Pringles genius click-by-click infinite banner ad. Live instance in comments [410x461]

Print Ad titled Elevator by Lowe Istanbul advertising agency for Becel in Turkey, 2008. [599x424]

Print Advertisement for Band-Aid bandages (Title: 'Hulk'; Agency: JWT Dubai (UAE); Executive Creative Directors: Russell Heubach and Chafic Haddad; March 2010) [1600X1132]

Print Advertisement for Pilot water resistant pens (Title: 'Mummy'; Agency: Grey; Barcelona, Spain; Art Directors: Jose Miguel Tortajada, Oscar Amodia and Dani Páez; Photographer: David Barra; July 2010) [905X1280]

Print I did for a campaign to legalize Brothels in my country (Full series in comments) [OC] [800x1132]

Print ad for Bose Noise Reduction headphones [656X928]

Print ad for Burger King from the Netherlands (2012) [803X1200]

Print ad for KayaKing jumbo peanuts, (Agency: Ogilvy & Mather; Jakarta, Indonesia; Theme: 'KayaKing: Choking'; 2008) [1000X714]

Print ad for Nikol brand baking dish, 'Nikol-Jacuzzi' (Agency: Gitam-BBDO, Israel; Theme: 'Treat your food to something good.'; July 2009) [1024X720]

Print ad for kitchen knives. [2200x3111]

Print advertisement for Alka-Seltzer which, in Ukraine and Russia, is known as a quick cure for hangover symptoms. (Agency: Provid; Kiev, Ukraine; Creative Director: Kirill Chichkan; Art Director: Denis Music; 2008) [1754X1240]

Print advertisement for BMW Mini Cooper (Title: 'Hitchhike'; Agency: TBWA\Frederick; Santiago, Chile; Creative Director: Miguel Angel Barahona; Photographer: Wallo Salazar; November 2006) [1084X1680]

Print advertisement for Clorets, a global brand of gum and mints positioned as a breath freshener (Title: 'Fish'; Agency: Mccann; Guaynabo, Puerto Rico; Creative Directors: Juan Santiago and Manuel Torres; February 2007) [1200X927]

Print advertisement for Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Title: 'Thick'; Agency: Fortune Promoseven, Oman; Creative Director-Art director: Noufal Ali; January 2008) [848X1200]

Print advertisement for NMA, a United Kingdom-based supplier of women's shoes (Title: 'Killer Heels, by NMA'); TBWA\London; 2008) [800X548]

Print advertisement for Nivea nail polish (Title: 'Nivea Beaute Calcium Power: For Extra Strong and Extra Long Nails'; Agency: TBWA Vienna (Austria); Creative Directors: Gerd Turetschek and Robert Wohlgemuth; 2008) [849X1200]

Print advertisement for Post-it Notes (Title: “Post-It: For the Things You’ll Forget”; Agency: The Dukes of Urbino; Uk; Creative Directors: Graham Victor Warsop & Michael Blore; 2007) [1132X1600]

Print advertisement for Sanyo Xacti CA6 100% Waterproof Digital Movie Camera (Title: 'Octopus'; Agency: V2power; Bangkok, Thailand; Creative Director: Watcharapon Chonlasuek; 2007) [1200X1920]

Print advertisement for Snickers chocolate candy bar (Title: 'Big'; Agency: The Assistant; Creation: J.O & J.B; August 2007) [1012X772]

Print advertisement for Wonderbra (Title: 'Missionary Knockout'; Agency: Doberman Creative Company, Slovenia; Creative Director: Igor Kenda; Photographer: Branko Podbevsek; June 2000) [617X926]

Print advertisement for, an online travel booking website based in Indonesia. (Title: 'Book Anytime. Go Anywhere'; Agency: Hakuhodo Indonesia; Creative Director: Lucy Novita Prasmono; November 2015) [2400X1558]

Pro-vaccination ad, 1950s.

Product placement in Twin Peaks (Apple, 1990) [1440x1080]

Promotional photo for Control Data Corporation's Cyber 70 mainframe computer (1971)

Public Transit [1400x835]

Public transport strap [1141x747]

Pull the cords :)

Pump it up. Reebok, 1989.

Puts you first, keeps us first

Quaker Granolies...? 1977.

Quebec Car Insurance Ad [1290x1707]

Queen: The Royal Tour Commences. Advertisement for Queen's first three albums and their 1975 North American tour.

RC COLA [500x632]

RCA Victor advertisement featuring Nipper. 1932

Raid Ad [509 x 720]

Ramos-Pinto's Port wine poster ad from the 1960's.

Rats Ride Ivory Soap!

Ray Charles for Pioneer LaserDisc

Reach for a Lucky instead 1930s

Red Rock Cola Co. 1951

Reddi-wip's favorite recipe [500x429]

Remove the ugly mask of FRECKLES - 1927

Retro, comedic ad for a Record Label showcase [5000 x 5000]

Revell's Jacques Cousteau Calypso Model 1976

Rice Council of America, keepin' it classy. Life 1967

Richer Colours, koen demuynck, [849x1200]

Rico's Orange-Pineapple Fountain Syrup [1956]

Rod Stewart wears Kickers Shoes, 1975.

Roffe Shapes the Slopes, 1972

Roir cassette only albums 1981

Romance Dies At The Touch Of Dishpan Hands - 1930's LUX Dish Soap Ad

Ron-Jon Split Highway Billboard(s) [500 x 400]

Rose Marie Reid junior swimsuits ad,1956 [500x507]

Rover Automobile advertising safety harnesses. 1967

Royal Australian Navy - Y&R, Melbourne, Australia [1400x990]

Royal typewriter ad from 1946 life magazine

Run by Nike [575x375]

Ryanair's US Election Special [978x512]

S & H Green Stamps 1970

SNCF Téoz Train: Try It Once And Forget The Road [1200x782]

SPAM-dandy Skillet Suppers - 1960's Hormel SPAM ad

STACKED for convenience

Sabrina Demonstrates The World's Finest Projection Equipment...Bell And Howell Ad [1950's]

Sabrina demonstrates ....her Bell and Howell Projector 1959

Safe! Exciting! Real!

Sales brochure for 1967 Mohs Osentatienne Opera Sedan

Samsonite- Heaven and Hell of Air Travel (3200x971)

Samsung Opera Ad [800x1128]

Samsung did it again. [960x678]

Samsung puts TV on back and Camera on front of trucks to show cars when road is clear. GIF [636x287]

Santa Claus and the gift of Lucky Strike cigarettes, late 1950's.

Sanzer hand gel - Chuo Senko, Thailand [1600x1067]

Savage by Firebird Games, 1988.

Save Money with These Fine Gift Values from October 1969, including a $5.95 Desktop Computer!

Save paper. Save the planet [1200x942]

Save the Children sticker on a trash can. Simple, yet effective. [x-post from -r-pics] (451x759)

Save the trees ad by Sarnova [659x939]

Save your lady from the CLOTHESLINE DRAGON

Saw Faster Than Fast - Stihl - Altmann + Pacreau, Paris [1200 x 857]

Saw this hiring ad in Prague underground[1050x780]

Say Jolly to your Cola 1975 (danish Jolly Cola)

Schick razor ad [496x750]

Schlitz Beer's new easy-opening can

Schwalbe: reliable rubber [480x514]

Science World - Rethink, Canada [892x1206]

Scot Tissue Ad circa 1950s

Scotchgard: Dressing ~ Singapore [2400 × 1696]

Scrabble ad -- Pereira & O'Dell [1800x1196]

Sea-Monkeys 1971

Seagram's Gin - 1940s

Sears Music Shop 1938

Sears The Men's Store Travelknit Four Piece Leisure Suit Modeled By Tom Seaver [1976]

Sears optical ad [600 × 815]

Seatbelt advert [700x307] (x-post)

Seatbelts Save - Mumbai Traffic Police [960x646]

Sebo museu do livro : A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie [500x336]

See Disneyland from the air! Skyway at Tomorrowland (Disneyland Poster from 1956 by Bjorn Aronson)

See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet 1951

See the World Differently - Viagra Ad [1024x1448]

See what you've been missing. Mitsubishi VisiTel, 1988.

Seek Help [x-post r-funny][1200x800]

Sega Ad [605 x 420]

Sega Game Gear

Serving America's new quest for quality. Chrysler advert from 1961.

Seven-Up - Why We Have The Youngest Customers In Business Ad

Sex Is No Accident [802x1193]

Sexist Vintage Ad: Mr. Leggs pants

Sexual predators can hide in your child's smartphone [2880x2036]

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Breakfast Band [1522x1025]

Shades of Rome: Ravioli with real Italian flavor - Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, 1965

Shakespeare's works, the mini-dress and Gordon's Gin. What will the English think of next? Gordons Gin, 1967.

Shakey's Pizza 1966

Shakey's Pizza, 1972.

Shasta Soft Drinks ad from the 1970's.

She Was The 'Perfect Wife', Except For One Neglect... 1930's Lysol Feminine Hygiene Ad

Shenley Whiskey, 1943

Shieldtox Naturgard - Euro RSCG, Bangkok, Thailand [1600x1051]

Short Shorts Marketing [814x492] (X-post r-funny)

Shotgun Approach [5472 x 3648]

Sia Huat - 'For The Sharpest Knives' [600x849] The resolution is poor, but the concept is nice.

Siberalem online dating - McCann, Istanbul, Turkey [1600x2400]

Simple logo for the Central Texas HSR line [1314x1314]

Simply Coke (652 x 977)

Sinclair Motor Oil 1949

Six And The Single Girl - 1966 Ford Mustang Ad For Their 6 Cylinder Car

Six Months of Lights without Refueling, Parker Flaminaire, 1968.

Sizzling-good eating: It's hard to wait when it's Wilson Franks (1955)

Skate park ad [960x666]

Skegness is so bracing, 1908.

Skippy Candy Bar 'Don't ya wish we had two?' 1931

Sleep with people from around the world [960x540]

Slow firm strokes at the base of the brain - 1933

Small section of downtown Toronto 'destroyed' for Godzilla promo [1000x800]

Snapchat took over the Luxor in Las Vegas for CES 1-16 [1200X1600] [OS]

Snapchat's behemoth billboard in Times Square 3718x2092 [x-post -r-minimalism]

Snicker's and Photo Retouching [1500x2029]

Snickers Jeremy Clarkson [640 x 640]

Snickers Peanut Butter [723 x 850]


So I was looking through my 'miscellaneous' folder from ad school... [1275x1650]

So good they're bad. Hush Puppies, 1972.

Soft drink ad done by Hungarian artist Julius Erbit in 1945. (Source in comments.)

Solves every washing problem - Total [2000x1414]

Someday you'll be a star! Western Electric is crossing a telephone with a TV set. (1968) [800×1004]

Someone put a 'Skip add' button on a real life ad [2117×2822]

Sony - Bee [2400×1600]

Sony Betamax, 1978

Sony Cassette Player, Japanese Ad c. 1980 [1352x1002]

Sony Walkman 'New York' - Saatchi & Saatchi [975x1400]

Sony ad, 1973. (X-post from -r-HistoryPorn) [540x960]

Sony's new marketing for their waterproof mp3; The bottled Walkman [945x532]

Sooooo fluffy and warm - Harry's 'All Day Long' [1800 x 1113]

Sound Posters Saxsofunny by DM9DDB. [810x600]

Space Food Sticks 1971

Spam 'n' pancakes on the fire!

Spam 'n' pancakes on the fire, 1940s [420x566]

Spartan Golf Club (x-post from r-oddlysatisfying) [500x247]

Speaking of great KC Royals billboards, this is my all-time favorite. [990 × 272]

Specktoscopes, 1953.

Specsavers Ad. [580x633]

Spoiler level 80 [To gather the whole family] - Promotional poster of housing in the new building in St. Petersburg, Russia [800x533]

Spontex (2007) (Agency: TBWA Paris; Art Director: Thierry Buriez) [590X905]

Sport Life Fitness Club -- Geometry Global Kiev [1000 x 707]

Sprite interactive 'ad' on a beach. Couldn't find out the company who is responsible for it, but to good not to share [960x720]

St Patrick's Day at Selfridge's, 1909

Stacked for convenience. [500x696]

Stairway Everest [662x847]

Standard cars 1956

Star Wards Weekend, MIC [720 x 490] [Cross-post from -r-starwards]

Star Wars The Arcade Game Comes Home (1988).

Star Wars: The Arcade Game Comes Home - 1983 Atari Ad

Stelazine (drug) ad 1973

Stereo Lays An Egg... Panasonic Audio Egg Ad [1974]

Stewardess on Human Toilet: Grey [1984x2835]

Stomatol Toothpaste - The first animated billboard in Sweden, placed in 1909. It is still in use. Photographer: Anna T [1200x839] [OS]

Stop at the shop that has Poppets! 1956

Stride Rite Star Wars Shoes, 1982

Stripes bring out the tiger in Cougar. The 1971 Mercury Cougar. - Richter7, Salt Lake City [600x987]

Stud Central...Train Pulls In At 9:00 [1970's Men's Fashion Ad]

Student ad for Bic 4-Color Pens (x-post -r-pics) [2845x2590]

Subliminal orange juice advertisement (Agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide, now Havas Worldwide) [579X390]

Subtle Red Bull Advertisement on campus [640x480]

Sudden Death: How To Avoid Heart Failure (1902 newspaper ad)

Sugar International ad. 1964

Summer in London [1132x1600]

Sunbeam Bread, unknown

Sunscreen Promotional Ad - [1772 x 1334]

Suntory Whisky Ice Cube Art [660x660]

Super Soaker - JWT Frankfurt, Germany [1200x848]

Superette: Short shorts [1.312 × 923]

Superior Silk Ad, featuring the Statue of Liberty in her original copper color (1880s)

Superman Movie Ad [802x557]

Suva Bike Helmet Print Ad [411 × 600]

Swanson International Dinners

Swedish ad for countries with anti child beating laws. The countries seen have laws against child beating, other countries don't.[720x540]

Swedish pop group promotes their new single 'Nattdjur' (Night animal) with a poster quoting the lyrics and during daytime the poster says 'Live for the day' but when it turns dark it says 'Die for the night' in luminious paint [2400x1201]

Sweet dreams [1536x2048]

Switch to Swatch: 1984 ad with tennis legend Ivan Lendl

Sylvania sub-miniature tubes 1949

TAM Airlines ad: Rio-Miami-Rio every single day [680x450]

TAMPAX Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, France. Art Director: Carole Chaladus. Photographer: Vincent Dixon [1200×739]

TEC7 - Glue everything [OC] - [600x450]

TEDxBuenosAires: Martin Luther King Jr. [1,800×1,156]

Tabasco Ad [500x714]

Take a Wallbanger where you never took a Wallbanger before. Club Wallbanger, 1974.

Take any 5 for only $6.95. RCA Stereo 8 Tape Club, 1970.

Take it from Isaac - RadioShack: Isaac Asimov presenting a TRS-80 CoCo (1982)

Take life easy in Traditional Jumpsuits

Take the bus. The 1977 VW Bus.

Tame the beast [746x1043]

Tan, Tough and Terrific! Philco Radios, 1955.


Tasty Candy Cigarettes

TaylorMade Golf Club at Petco Park [1339x2000]

Team up Skippy Peanut Butter & Hellmann's Mayo - 1963

Teen Spirit doesn't smell like five plastic buttons [1600x1250]

Test Your Handling Skills - Mini Cooper Ad [480 x 882]

Thai Anti-Sleepy Driving Ad [833x1194]

Thalys Fast Tran [1800x1199] (More in the comments)

That's gross. [600 x 800]

The 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, a totally new idea in elegance.

The 1972 'mid-size' Ford Torino, more car than you expected.

The 2016 All Star Game - NBA [473 x 592]

The 29 footer solves the case for more space. John Wayne for Apollo Motor Homes, 1974.

The Audi's seats are designed by orthopedic surgeons. Audi, 1970.

The Bachman Pretzel Bikini. 'Sassy! Classy! Velvety!' 1970s.

The Beta format, 1984

The Camel billboard at Times Square, 1943.

The Conservative Party (1992) [727x960]

The Dark Knight Rises (x-post from movies) [OS] (2012) [1024x768]

The Economist has some cool ads. Here's one of the few that i like. (606x621)

The Economist in its prime. [559 x 792]

The Economist: Scratch and Win [1052 x 1200]

The First Domestic Abuse Ad to Ever Run in Saudi Arabia (x-post r-pics) [1800x1201]

The Ford Maverick, 1971. Pretty sure it comes in yellow.

The Greatest Cereal on Earth. Post Sugar Crisp, 1955.

The Green Giant's a Mighty Popular Man... 1953 Green Giant Ad

The History Channel -- brilliant photo layering [242 x 343]

The Jeep Wagoneer in all its glory, 1966

The Karo Kid, Karo Syrup magazine ad, 1948

The Kenner Daddy Saddle, 1965.

The Lung Association [1000 x 222]

The Magic Flute - 1977

The Marlboro Baby

The Mexican rainforest is under threat [1000x680] | Advertising Agency: JWT Amsterdam, Netherlands Executive Creative Director: Bas Korsten Art Directors - Copywriters: Maarten Vrouwes, Friso Ludenhoff Designers - Illustrators: Kyoko Takeshita, Robert Harrison, Ronald Mica

The Mini Automatic.

The Muppets, per usual, nail the satire in their new ad (1024x1365)

The New American Car: a 1970 ad for the AMC Gremlin.

The Now Taste of Tab

The Official Adventures of Batman & Robin Record, 1966.

The Original Alpine Sun Lamp. Includes the vital Ultraviolet spectrum. 1928

The Perfect Billboard. (Saatchi & Saatchi NZ)[1200 x 770]

The Playboy Pipe 1968

The Proctor Automatic Pop-up toaster. 1948

The Readiest Road to Health: Vigor's Horse Action Saddle, c. 1897

The Rodspeaker. Rod Stewart sponsored speaker setup.

The Rolling Stones 'Made in the Shade' album and tour advert from 1975.

The Sooner You Advertise Here, The Better. [400x540] (xpost from r-funny)

The Sound Machine - 1970's Bell & Howell ad

The Sound of London - Fogg - Perfect Fools [1482x2196]

The Text and Drive ad reminded me of this other gem [1400x297]

The Thirst Slacker, Falstaff Beer, 1968.

The Ultimate Small Business Computer

The Ultimate Small Business Computer, 1978

The Vest Pocket Kodak. You don't carry it; you wear it like a watch. 1920

The ablest car on the American road, the 1952 Ford.

The computer with the future built in. AT&T PC 6300, 1985.

The darndest things happen to the man in Goldenaire slacks, 1960

The end of the Plan Jane john

The first mail from space. Western Union, 1974.

The first women's abuse ad to ever run in Saudi Arabia [1800x1200] | Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Creative Director - Art Director: Scott Abbott Copywriters: Scott Abbott, Jimmy Youssef Photographer: Ali Riffai

The freshest biscuits around

The hard disk you've been waiting for, circa 1980.

The largest cocoa cup in the world. 1949

The latest adult toy. Dodge Street Van, 1978.

The new Chrysler Cordoba, 1970.

The new car you'll enjoy is a Vauxhall!

The original 1981 MS-DOS advertisement (x-post -r-geek)

The packaging on this ButterFinger is Bart's hair. [244x198] [FIXED]

The rather large National Post-Tronic Bookkeeping Machine, 1959.

The revolutionary General Electric Widescreen 1000, shown with optional VHS recorder and man with clipboard, 1978

The safest knife (636 x 800)

The sassy one from Canada Dry. Wink Grapefruit Beverage, 1965.

The secret of Mr. McLellan's prize winning smoked hams... You've come a long way baby. Virginia Slims, 1972.

The sooner you advertise here, the better! [181x955]

The speaker of the house. General Electric speakerphone, 1984.

The tiger face on this bag of nuts actually spells out 'tiger nuts' [2448x3264] [OS]

The two most trusted words in meat!

Theo Mark Allen for Alaskan Brewery CO [1194x1192]

There's always room for one more, who uses Rexona deodorant (danish, 1973)

There's more Go! Go! Go! in Schwinn Bikes with Gears (1960)

There's no thrill like seeing big color TV happen... Before your very eyes! NBC Television, 1956.

These have never been an official ad, but I've always LOVED the anti-smoking photoshoot done on America's Next Top Model. [1600x1200] [AIC]

Think Small - Volkswagen Beetle Ad [827x1050]

Think twice about the weekend. Pepsi, 1970.

Thirst-aid Station. A&W Root Beer, 1956.

This ad is so old, it's for a Mario video game - but not on a Nintendo console...

This movie from 1914 advertises its main feature as the body measurements of the lead actress the L&M moment, cigarette ad in newspaper insert magazine, Parade, June 25, 1972

Tingling Fresh, Gibbs SR toothpaste 1956

Tipalet cigarette ad from the 1960s: Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere

Tipalet cigarette ad from the 1960s: Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere [535x400]

Tiparillo M ad 1967

Tis the season! - Put a Pinto under your tree!

Today, aluminum is something else. Alcoa aluminum, 1970.

Today, you tour Disneyland. (KFMB-TV ad from 1955.)

Todays Monarch Malleable Ranges. The approved Monarch Malleable now available is truly a kitchen modernizer. 1945

Together Peace - Coca Cola (Agency: Ogilvy & Mather) [2048x1448]

Toll House Cookies-WWII Ad

Tootsie Roll ad from 1951

Topical! Sun, Sea, Snd, Sex - Expedia [590x862]

Toronto Academy of Karate [550x817]

Toshiba VCR, 1980

Toyota FJ Cruiser 4x4 - Y&R, Peru [1600x1062]

Toyota Land Cruiser 1964

Treat him right on Father's Day... Give him Old Golds! Old Gold Cigarettes, 1961.

Trimz DDT laced wallpaper for children, 1947.

Tuborg thirsty man poster from 1900

Tuborg wants you to remember the MILFs on Mother's Day [1000x1000]

Turkish vodka ad [644x499]

Turns mosquitoes OFF! [480 × 621](x-post r-funny)

Two Fingers is all it takes, Tequila ad, 1982

Two Howard Johnson's lodging ads from 1959.

Two Perspectives [14,00x931]

Two Rules for Success [880 x 587]

Typical Vintage Commercial Cleaning Lady.

ULINE Pallet Notes [423x421]

Ukraine International Airlines - kaFe, Kiev, Ukraine [1130x1600]

Ultra-Violet Sunshine! (1929)

Uncle Fester's Mystery Light Bulb Advert from 1967.

Underberg [German herbal liqueur]

Unexpectedly Powerful [1400x915]

Unicef - Prolam Y&R [1791x1190]

Unicef Switzerland - Saatchi & Saatchi, Zurich, Switzerland [1600x1128]

Unique Cleaning Ad [2938 x 2203] (x-post -r-mildlyinteresting)

Unique ad that takes advantage of the tide for Sharks and Rays exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium [960x640]

United Airlines September 1967 - 'Ohio? It means 'Good Morning' in Japanese.'

United Colors of Benetton Moscow (Russia) [566x800]

United Nations - Leo Burnett, Colombia [1191x1701]

Unusual Place for your Plates [1285x966]

Using sex appeal and comedy to advertise a wide-angle lense [800x523]

VW Ad Campaign [960px × 678]

Va-rice-ity (1970)

Vampire burrito vanquished by Alka Seltzer - Sancho BBDO Colombia [1280x905]

Van Heusen Shirts -- Cross Post -r-WooWhoVintage

Vehicle wrapping-banner service [625x469]

Vespa. Stop for nothing. [1417x1772]

Viagra -- DDB (Egypt) [2400 × 1455]

Vibra Finger-for localized massage in needed areas.

Vicks Vaporub billboard from the Dominican Republic: 'Take a deep breath' - TBWA [600x734]

Vin Mariani: a cocaine infused wine endorsed by Pope Leo XIII

Vincent Price for tilex

Vintage Chubbettes ad - [353 x 900]

Vintage Hong Kong travel ad for JET BOAC [1711 × 2399]

Vintage Pepsi-Cola ad from the early 1940s really understands the young people. [x-post -r-fellowkids]

Virgin Airlines ad for AUS to USA flights [800x511]

Vivianne's Studio [550x688]

Volkswagen - AlmapBBDO [1524x1025]

Volkswagen - Ogilvy, Cape Town, South Africa [1160x1574]

Volkswagen - Rapid acceleration, Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town [640x910]

Volkswagen - Y&R Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [1400x530]

Volkswagen Ad in French requesting to Maintain a Safe Distance [1000x666]

Volkswagen Beetle - Topless [520x369]

Volkswagen Beetle, mid sixties.

Volkswagen Swing Ad [1024x1434]

Volkswagon [600x404]

Volunteer Wildlife Services ad (x-post from r-pics)[549x720]

Volvo [605x413][x-post r-funny]

W. L. Douglas shoes for $3. The best shoes for the least money! (ad from 1894)

WD40 Ad (600x400)

WOZ Die Wochenzeitung Left wing weekly: Smartphone - Leo Burnett, Zurich, Switzerland [1191x1800]

WWF - Horrifying - More Horrifying. [863x610]

WWF - Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark [880x691]

WWF Superstars of Wrestling Ice Cream Bars, 1987.

WWF Wrestling Buddies by Tonka, 1989.

WWF: 1-10th of the Catch of Long Line Tuna Fishing is Actually Tuna [810x1146]

WWF: Blue Fin Tuna Conservation [1600x1043]

Walking Dead street campaign [599x533]

Walking off with the Major's boots

Walt Disney Pictures, Alice in Wonderland - AUGE, Milan, Italy [1600x1200]

Wanted! (x-post from -r-funny) [897x1200]

Wash Fat Away with La-Mar Soap! (from the 1920s)

Washington's Birthday Sale at Goodyear, save on home appliances. Rochester Post-Bulletin, Feb 19, 1969.

Watch whatever whenever

Watch whatever whenever. Sony Betamax advert from 1978.

We can make beautiful music together.

We know billboards here in Kansas City [960 x 766]

We're efficient. (x-post r-Volkswagen) [500x647]

Weapon Regulation Ad by Amnesty International [800x800]

Well-crafted advertisement for Panasonic HDTVs [413X620]

Western Union phallic character [152x584]

Western fishing line -1957

What Are We Breathing, [1535x2171]

What The Heck Is Electronic Mail? 1977 Honeywell Ad

What goes around comes around [746x960]

What goes around comes around. Keep the sea clean. [1200x969]

What this country needs is more people who...EAT OYSTERS!!! 1936.

What women are for

What, no asbestos? [x-post -r-PropagandaPosters]

Whatever they're cooking up must be good...

Whee--It's Vitamin C! Florida Orange Juice ad from 1951.

When fast food ads encouraged you to go outside and be active. Burger King, 1973.

When tempted to over-indulge, reach for a *Lucky* instead!

When tempted to over-indulge. Reach for a Lucky instead. Lucky Strike cigarette ad from 1930.

When the name speaks for itself, 1960s ad from Ferrari [430x569]

When the slopes are great, the roads are rotten. The 1983 AMC Eagle.

Where there's life...there's Bud. Budweiser, 1961.

Where were you during the Roman Missile Crisis? [2363x1574]

Whitman's Sampler candy with Humphrey Bogart 1954

Who knew the dog treat industry was such a circus?

Who says women don't have balls? [748X564]

Who will drive you home? - Drunkdriving ad from Iceland [2038x1708]

Who's keeping up with Commodore?

Whose hand are you holding? [595 x 842]

Willesden Electricity Dept, Sussex. 1936.

Win Ringo Starr's immaculate '57 Chevy hardtop! Craig Car Audio, 1978.

Win a Styx Van - from a 1979 Billboard Magazine ad (x-post -r-thewaywewere)

Win all you can haul! General Foods contest advert, 1985.

Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things.

Women should... [600x849]

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants, 1970s

Wonderful Copenhagen travel poster from 1959

Wonderful iPad Mini ad on the back cover of Time Magazine [1280x854] xpost r-apple

Woolco Ad for the Compu Chron Electronic LED Watch in the El Dorado Arkansas News Times, November 20, 1974

Working the Corner - Ogilvy & Mather [1211x822]

World Wildlife Fund: Before it's too late. [1400 x 913]

Would this body lie to you?

Wrap-around sound. Motorola Car Stereos, 1971.

Wrong Way? - Garmin Ad From Grey Beijing Agency, China [600 × 426]

Xpost from -r-Pics. Thot it might be appreciated here, too! [768x1024]

Xyladecor - - CBGrey Paris, France [3000 x 2100]

Y&R, Lima ad for Toyota concept vehicles - Seems obvious once it's been done. [OS] [1800 × 1308]

Yahoo is doing it definitely right [xpost from r-Pics] [1408x909]

Yardley cosmetic ad for earth children 1971

Yerba Mate, 1901

You Can Have Hours And Hours Of Fun With Silly Putty, 'The Wonder Toy Of The Twentieth Century' - 1964 Silly Putty Ad

You Can Only Find It Here, Back To The Future II Battery-Powered Car $159.99 - Nov. 1989 Toys 'R' Us Ad

You Can't Help Inhaling (1941)

You can be someone's superhero! [xpost r-PropagandaPosters][600x800]

You got the right one baby. Diet Pepsi, 1991.

You'll love the difference! Move up to Schlitz, 1961.

You're not you when you're hungry [610x827]

Youth is a state of mind. Chrysler is build for it. Chrysler, 1966.

Yum, bananas!

ZIPPO Lighter Ad 1942

Zenith Flash-Matic Remote Control TV from 1956.

Zippo ad from Life Magazine, 1954.

Zoo Safari's fantastic print ad. [1400x966]

Zoo bus [600x419]

Zurich Chamber Orchestra: 'Goosebumps' [3000x1974]

[1000x1000] 'Just in case he wins...' Ad by Royal Jordanian Airlines

[1000x654] The Frontier Post - Creative way to promote safe driving.

[1950's] Look For The Magic Inset... Perma-Lift Ad

[1983] Compuserve, Welcome to Someday

[600x435] A Gripping ad by Coke. I must say it really Grabs your attention doesn't it?

[600x721] Apple ad from 1984

[802x557] Clever Man of Steel elevator ad

[OC] For once, an ad I agree with. HTC One, NYC Times Square. [3264x1840]

[OC] Mercedes Benz live ad in Toronto [1344 x 1008]

[Request] Does anybody know which agency made this ChildLine UK TV ad in 1986?

[os] Remarkable photo manipulation - thick plastic to protect the flavour of your water - for AGUA water by Sanch BBDO [1687x1191]

agency - LG2 '12 [870x1196]

bmw pre-owned [640x868]

boeri: it's your head [1024x788]

c i der [400x400] (xpost from -r-DesignPorn

coffee brand Café Pele Created Contagious Billboard Makes You Yawn, Then Gives You Coffee (1827x1142)

d.vice [1280x640] xpost from -r-funny

did you mean 'battleship'?[2.268×1.517]

powerful UN Women campaign using Google searches -Ogilvy & Mather [469 x 331]

vintage condom ad

»No holes« Colgate Flour toothpaste 1977

“Bad Dog Breath?” 2009 Ad From 8 In 1 Dental Snacks, Agency: Publicis in Frankfurt, Germany, [3000 × 2120]

“NO . . . YOUR POST-WAR ADMIRAL RADIO won’t bathe the Baby!' - 1944 Admiral Radio ad

“Swings Four Ways” - Automatic Radio “Tape Dek” Convertible ad, 1970s

“What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?” [656 × 937]