$16,000,000 Brutalist house[886x381]

$36 million Salvador Dalí Museum[825x550]

'25 Verde' - by Luciano Pia [832 x 803]

'Aatrial House' by Robert Konieczny of KWK PROMES [2000x1414]

'Alphabeta,' Worship St, London, United Kingdom [5377×6351]

'Archi-Fiore,' Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [2000×1556]

'Banco de Londres y América del Sud(Bank of London and South America),' designed by Clorindo Testa and built in 1966, Buenos Aires Central Business District, San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, Argentina [1280×1029]

'Curvaceous' house in Singapore by Greg Shand Architects [1440 × 800] [MIC]

'Go.mir Guest House,' Yongdam Ward, Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea [5616×3744]

'Gothic' tridents of the old WTC [1920x1243]

'Hotel Manu,' Jung District, Seoul, South Korea [1480×2233]

'House 2 For A Photographer,' Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain [1885×1267]

'Interrobang,' Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [2000×2269]

'Light In Water' by DGT Architects, Paris [1500x1000]

'Mu-A,' Jung District, Daegu, South Korea [2000×2771]

'Mälarpalatset' (1891) - the most expensive residential building in Stockholm, Sweden [2500x1875]

'Needle Tower' at the Hirshhorn Museum, designed by Kenneth Snelson [OC] [5312x2988]

'New dubai' in PyongYang - North Korea - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

'Pino Familia,' Nowon District, Seoul, South Korea [1528×1000]

'Red House,' Seodaemun District, Seoul, South Korea [2000×1794]

'Salvaged Ring,' a coffee shop made out of scrap wood, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Province, Vietnam [1506×1000]

'Sugar Lump,' Icheon City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [2000×2537]

'Temp’L,' a pavilion made from an abandoned ship hull, Seoul, South Korea [2000×1371]

'The Long Room' is an oak library built between 1712 and 1732 - Dublin, Ireland [922×1231]

'The Parking Garage that Moonlights as a Sledding Slope,' a parking garage-sledding hill-amphitheater-large lantern in Piteå, Norrbotten County, Sweden [1512×1000]

'The jewel of Muslim art in India.' The Taj Mahal [900x700]

'Treescaper' - Hong Kong [2048 x 1928]

'Two Moon,' Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [2048×1438]

'Two houses' in Luque, Paraguay by Bauen Architects [1200 x 800] [AIC]

'White Boat,' Mapo District, Seoul, South Korea [1736×3000]

(Another) Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX. Rotunda this time!! [3024x3024][OC]

(OC) Boston's Atlantic Ave. at sunset [4000x2385]

1 WTC, New York City. [5525x3840][OC]

1 square meter house in Paris. Didier Faustino [1600x1411]

100-Year-Old Theatre In Buenos Aires Turned Into An Amazing Bookstore. [915x584]

120 Allen Street (New York City, USA) [449px × 698px]

200,000$ home in Innsbruck, Austria by Gerhard Blasiker [850x848]

230-Ft Sea Organ In Croatia Uses Waves To Create Beautiful Music. [915x608]

30 Rockefeller Plaza [5184x3456]

33 Thomas Street, NYC, extreme brutalism [900x1200]

800 year old stave church. Borgund, Norway. [2048x1346]

A 'hidden' street in Buffalo, NY. A row of townhouses raised roughly 1 story above street level with a drawbridge castle at the end. [565x557]

A Bridge That Turns Into An Underwater Tunnel Connecting Denmark And Sweden [915x726]

A Buddhist temple named Hwa-um-sa, Jeollanamdo, Korea[1344x750]

A House in Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Province, Vietnam [1500×1000]

A Starbucks coffee by Kengo Kuma - Japan (468x468)

A WWII machine-gun bunker, part of a former Swiss artillery fortress called Fuchsegg, is camouflaged as a stable beside the Furka mountain-pass road near the village of Realp, Switzerland; Arnd Wiegmann [1500 x 1000]

A beautiful photo of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul [1920 x 1200]

A fortress at the edge of the world - the Broch of Mousa, a 44ft high Iron Age stone keep on the island of Mousa, Shetland, Scotland [1600 × 1027]

A hotel designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser [1890x1134]

A nice day to be at a beautiful lodge in Northern Canada [3456x2304]

A panorama of the interior of Maeshowe, a 4800 year old chambered burial cairn on the island of Mainland, Orkney, Scotland, on the eve of the Winter Solstice. The cairn is aligned so that light directly strikes the back wall on this date. [2048 × 1052]

A postmodern icon in the form of an oversized Palladian window, Phillip Johnson's 500 Boylston St office building, Boston. [1200x1543]

A pure bamboo structure, one of the large domes of Diamond Island Community Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [1500×1000]

A room in 'Hyunam,' designed by Seung H-Sang, overlooking the mountains of Gunwi County, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea [2000×866]

A strangely idyllic North Korean lookout point building on the shore, near Rajin [7238 x 4775] photo by Frühtau

A street in the Fuggerei, the world's first ever social housing complex, founded by Jakob Fugger the Rich in 1516. It is still used for its original purpose, and supported by the original trust set up in 1516. Rent is 1 Gulder (0.88EUR) per year and 3 prayers a day. [1200 × 797]

A swimmable skybridge in Singapore. [1574x1968]

A typical Haussmann apartment block, in Paris [4288x2848]

A view inside the world's only 7-star hotel (the Burj Al Arab in Dubai) [OC] [7474x8275]

Abandoned 100-Year-Old Church Transformed Into A Graffiti Themed Skate Park [915x1365]

Abandoned Russian House in the Yaroslavl Region OS Gallery in comments [800x533]

Abandoned mansion. Photo by MGness. [OS] [2048×1365].

Abbaye de Jumièges, Normandie, France [OC] [3456x5184]

Absolute World buildings (Larger one is known as 'Marilyn Monroe' tower) in Mississauga ON, by Burka Architects MAD Architects [634X794]

Absolutely breathtaking... [1024x683]

Administration Pavilion, Hospital Sant Pau. Barcelona [OC][1200x1600]

Aerial view of the surreal world of the desert city of Dubai. (Johannes Heuckeroth, Germany, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards) [1247x831]

After hours at the Louvre [OC] [2500x1562]

Agra Fort, India [4096 × 2145]

Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall, Jung District, Seoul, South Korea [2000×1988]

Algerian Telecommunications Agency Headquarters, located in Algiers, Algeria by Mario Cucinella Architects [600x429]

Alila Resorts, Bali [2048x1366]

Alvarez Beach House, Playa Misterio, Lima, Peru [2000×3008]

American Radiator Building. Manhattan, NY [2015x3022]

Amsterdam townhouse [Link to street view in comments][769x1024]

An eclectic mix between Gothic and Victorian styles (i.e. Rushkin Gothic), Harvard's iconic Memorial Hall, Cambridge MA. 1870s [1000x714]

An ornate staircase found at the Palazzo Biscari, Sicily, Italy [mid 18th century] [427 × 640] - Couldn't find better resolution

Ancient Entry, Sigurta Park, Verona, Italy [499 x 750]

Ancient Inca House at Machu Picchu, Peru [3635 × 2696] (OC)

Andrew Road House in Singapore by A D Lab Architects [940x578] [AIC]

Angkor Thom South Gate Tower (King Jayavarman VII), Siem Reap Cambodia [OC 2,453-1,625]

Ann Demeulemeester Shop surrounded by vertical gardens, Cheongdam Ward, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [800×984]

Another one I took of the Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD [4912x3648]

Antwerpen Centraal, Belgica. [2,272 x 2,272]

Antwerpen-Centraal train station [3456 x 5184]

Any love for the Brutalists? Buffalo City Court Building [2142X2865]

Apartment No.1 in Mahallat designed by AbCT [600x966]

Apartment building, Barangaroo, Sydney [1800x3200]

Apple Store Shanghai by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson [1600x1101]

Aqua Tower, Chicago [2300x3067]

Aqua skyscraper, Chicago [1536×2048] (x-post from -r-pics)

Architectural Interior Design[732 × 496]

Argentine Pavilion 1889 [1200x 1044]

Ariake Passenger Ship Terminal in Tokyo, Japan [3401x2551]

Armour-Stiner House, Irvington, NY [1680 x 1108]

Arnhem railway station, Netherlands [2048x1335]

Arras, Northern France [1024x683]

Art Institute of Chicago [2558x2441]

Art Nouveau apartment in Riga by Mikhail Eisenstein [OC] [960x720]

Art deco style motel in Vilano Beach, Florida [OC] [2000 x 1125]

ArtScience Museum, Singapore [OC][2304x1536]

Artistic Apartment in Singapore [OC] [1000×1500]

Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center, Tokyo, Japan [814 x 1000]

Asam Church (St. Johann Nepomuk) | Munich, Germany [2048x1536]

At the far end - Vatican City (Edwin Leung) [2048x1386]

Atlas Hotel Hoian, Hội An, Quảng Nam Province, Vietnam [1500×1000]

Atrium lounge at Grand Hyatt (looking down). [2448x3264]

Auditorio de Tenerife, Spain, By Santiago Calatrava [5,692 × 2,716]

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland [1822x1024]

Azadi Tower (Borj e-Azadi) or Freedom Tower in Tehran, Iran [8252 x 4845]


BMW Tower and museum, Munich, Germany. Karl Schwanzer [2,839 × 4,617]

BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters, Roma Tiburtina, Rome, Italy [4320×3931]

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore at Dusk [1048x1235]

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan [1600x900]

Baegyangsa Temple complex in the mountains, South Jeolla Province, South Korea [4288×2848]

Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, IL x-post r-Chicago [OC] [4256x2832]

Baltimore City hall, 1875 G. Frederick & W. Bollman [3508x2340]

Bank of Georgia headquarters in Tbilisi, Georgia [645x428]

Barcode Building in St. Petersburg, Russia [1280x851]

Barcode Project, Oslo, Norway [2048x1342]

Barin Ski Resort, Shemshak, Iran [1500×1000]

Barkhamsted Reservoir [OC] [5456 × 3410]

Bascom Hall in fall. Built 1849 atop a drumlin that formed some 18,000 years ago [OC][4032X3024]

Basilica San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice [2587x1944]

Basque Health Department Headquarters - Bilbao, Spain [1024x801]

Basílica de Higüey, Dominican Republic (1971) [3072x2304]

Batllo house by Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona [942x934]

Batumi (former Soviet republic of Georgia) is what would happen if Salvador Dalí won the contract to design Walt Disney World. [1024 × 685]

Beautiful Blue Mosque Interior - [1920x1080]

Beautiful entry just south of DuPont Circle in DC [OC] [2658x2658]

Beautiful thatched inn in Oita, Japan (2335×1751) [OC]

Beautifully Detailed Tomb Of Jam Nizamuddin II (1439–1509 CE) In Makli Necropolis, Sindh, Pakistan | By Aliraza M.Iqbal [707x1024]

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University, by SOM. The walls are translucent slabs of marble [1600x1064]

Bell Tower of Kazan Monastery in Tambov, Russia, by Sergey Rannev [933×1400]

Belogorsk monastery in Perm, Russia. 02.01.2013 [1280x960]

Berlin Government District [2048x1365]

Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany [OC] [3264 × 2448]

Best Retail Store – Houston, TX – USA – 1875 [1100x621]

Big Sur [OC] [2048X1301]

Bill and Melinda Gates Hall at Cornell University, by Morphosis Architects [1600 x 928]

Biosphere 2, Arizona [1798 x 1200]

Black and Yellow, Downtown Ottawa [OC 1920x1280]

Blue Mosque in Istambul [3024 x 3024]

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey [4238x2766]

Bojnice castle in Slovakia [1280x1000][OS]

Border checkpoint between Georgia and Turkey. Architect Jürgen Mayer [564 × 752].

Borgund Stave Church in Norway [480x640]

Bosco Verticale Towers Milan - World's First Vertical Forest [1024x768]

Bosco Verticale, Porta Nuova complex, Milan Italy by Boeri Studio[1500X1000]

Bowles Hall Dormitory (Berkeley, CA )[1008x652]

Bradbury Building in downtown L.A. Constructed by George Wyman - original design by Sumner Hunt. [OC] [1600 x 2400]

Braga Stadium by Eduardo Souto De Moura. [720x899]

Brighton, Sussex, The Royal Pavilion [OC] [3264x2448]

British Columbia Parliament Building, Victoria B.C.[1500x1000]

Broad Street Station Philadelphia [1250x1048]

Broderick Tower in Detroit, MI [1000x667]

Brookfield Place, Toronto [OC] [3543x2130]

Brooklyn Curvy Housing - [1024 x 767]

Brutalism on display at University of Toronto's Scarborough Campus [919x1169] by John Andrews

Brutalist House [1000x1800]

Budapest Western Railway Station [1047x710]

Buffalo city court building ( Pfohl, Roberts and Biggie) [600 x 900]

Building in Macau [2048 × 1372]

Building in Venice, Italy [2473 x 2400]

Built by John Corbett for his French wife costing the equivilant of £16,685,895. She didn't like it.

Bus station - Amsterdam, The Netherlands [4692x2022] [OS]

Busan Cinema Center- South Korea [2,000 × 1,295]

Can you see the music ? @ Couvent Sainte-Marie de La Tourette- La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

Cantilevered Home in La Planicie, Lima by Longhi Architects [1280 x853] [AIC]

Cape town South Africa 1904 [1372x 1030]

Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi [1884 × 1499]

Carturesti Carusel - Square One - Romania [1710 x 2000] [Album in comments]

Casa Brutale by OPA [1535x953] (More in comments)

Casa Lee by Marcio Kogan [990x395] (More in Comments)

Casa Till, Los Arcos, Chile [1559x1070]

Casa Zauia by Mario Martins Atelier [1050x700] [more in comments]

Casino, Constanta, Romania [OC] [2592x1936]

Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello, Tuscany, Italy [480x720]

Castle Hotel in Dalian, China [2400x2046]

Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany [2048x1536] (OC)

Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis [OC] (1632x1224)

Cathedral of stone and light - La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona [4566x2270] [OC]

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg [OC] [1000 X 1500]

Ceiling Of Shahi Hamam, Lahore, Pakistan | By Shahbaz Aslam [1000x619]

Ceiling in Euston Station, London [3855x2570][OC]

Central railway station, Helsinki, Finland. [3000x1994]

Chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary, Puebla, Mexico (OC) [6821x3188]

Charing Cross Mansions, Glasgow - completed 1891. One of the last surviving remnants of old Charing Cross following the construction of the M8 motorway through the city. Photo credit to Patio Obrafotografia [4288 × 2848]

Charles Sieger's castle with moat [1460x822]

Chase Tower, Chicago [OC] [4743x2732]

Chemische Fabrik Wesseling Bei Köln, Germany, 1997, Bernd and Hilla Becher [1203x1600]

Chicago Loop [OC] [2048x1365]

Chicago Public Library Chinatown Branch, America[750 × 422]

Chicago skyline - Willis Tower, SOM (1973) [2488x3264]

Chicago skyline on a beautiful blue sky day [4430x2953]

Chiesa dell'Autostrada del Sole, near Florence [1600x1067]

Chop Stick Swingset and Concession stand by Visiondivision, Indianapolis, USA (1618 × 854)

Christ Methodist Church, East Coast Parkway, Singapore [2000×2173]

Christo, The Floating Piers - Lake Iseo, Italy [2048×1368]

Chungha Building, a renovated 1980s building in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [1280×1198]

Church of Christ the King, Cork, Ireland [1,896 × 2,297]

Church of Elektrėnai, Lithuania [1499x999]

Church of Hallgrímur - Guðjón Samúelsson - Reykjavík, Iceland [640x541]

Church of Our Lady before Týn [1600x1200]

Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen [4000x6016] [OC]

Church of the Good Shepherd, Tekapo, New Zealand, Rick Lussi, [OC], (5373 x 3538)

Church of the Light, Japan by Tadao Ando [1070x803]

Château de Chambord [2559 x 1439]

Château de Chambord, double helix staircase from outside [1888x2517] [OC]

Château de Chenonceau, France [1915x995]

Château de Chillon, Switzerland [1920x1080]

Cinco Terraços e um Jardim(Five Terraces and A Garden), a modern minimalist single house in Vilamoura, Portugal [1480×987]

Circuit of the Americas Observation Tower, Miro Rivera Architects [4000x6000] [OC]

Cities From The Air By Night - Leaning from helicopters, supported by a body harness, photographer Vincent Laforet took thousands of pictures of 10 cities to produce a stunning photoportrait of the modern city by night [1500x1500]

City of Arts & Science, Valencia (3264×2448)

City of arts and science, Valencia, Spain[3264 × 2448]

City with Frank Gehry's style in upcoming film 'Jupiter Ascending' [1920x790]

Cité du Vin, a new building in Bordeaux, France by XTU and Casson Mann Limited [5841x3899]

Clarksburg, West Virginia has some really beautiful architecture. [OC] [4912 × 3275]

Classic Federal Style restored by Hugh Newell Jacobsen [1280 × 850] (MIC)

Classically gorgeous museum in Boston [OS] [1200x798]

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, House of Pleasure, [480*480]

Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland, OH [OS] [1080x840]

Clifton Suspension bridge, UK. Built 1864 [By @Sage_solar, flickr] [1024x682]

Cloister at Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon, Portugal [1024 x 768]

Coal bunkers, frontal views. Bernd & Hilla Becher, 1986-1993 [1555x2000]

Cocooned in bamboo scaffolding - a building under construction in Hong Kong [OS] [800x1200]

Cologne Cathedral [1836x3264] [OC]

Cologne: Gothic Cathedral and Hohenzollern Bridge over river Rhine. Picture taken with iPod5 and WiFi-coupled lens system Sony Cybershot DSC-QX10. [4896 x 3672]

Colonial Mexican Hacienda brickstack. This was a sugar plantation smokestack. The Plantation was completed in 1890. OC (1944 x 2592)

Colorful, colonial Dutch architecture (Willemstad, Curaçao) [1600 x 900]

Colorized exterior view of the Aachen Cathedral, Germany, in 1927. [2560×1819]

Communique Headquarters, Yongsan District, Seoul, South Korea [1447×2200]

Compact house concealed with a shutter in Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil [2280×1520]

Concept house is pinned to the side of a cliff with unrivalled views of the Indian Ocean [634×771]

Conceptual, mobile gallery, designed to travel along the river Thames in London [1500x1125] Victor Paixao and five more architects

Concert hall in the Heydar Aliyev Center By Zaha Hadid. Incredible example of fluid architecture. [714x902]

Concrete home by Luciano Kruk [818 x 545] [MIC]

Concrete pipe cabin [1200x975]

Congress Center Hangzhou by Peter Ruge Architekten GmbH [2784 x 1848]

Congress Center, Hangzhou [2784x1848]

Convent de Sant Francesc, Santpedor, Spain [1000x1000][OS]

Cool modern building design [517 x 753]

Copenhagen's Royal Library, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Denmark [1600 x 1000]

Corridor of the Jeongjeon, the longest traditional building in Korea, Jongmyo Shrine, Seoul, South Korea [OS] [940×600]

Count the architectural styles! Hot Springs, Arkansas [3600 x 2227][OS]

Crazy architecure pattern in Georgia ( Sakartvelo - Caucasus ) - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

Crystal, Prague, Czech Republic [6022x4020]

Cube houses in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) [700x467] [OC]

Cubic Houses of Rotterdam. [1024x768]

Curtea de Argeș Cathedral in Romania [2000x1372]

Curvy, rustic house at the feet of Tarta Mountains in Poland [1,021×641] (X-Post -r-pics) (Additional photo in the comments)

DC Tower, Vienna [818x1243]

Da Vinci Staircase, La Rochefoucauld, France [497x750]

Dachang Muslim Cultural Center, Hebei Province, China (He Jingtang, 2015) [2364x1329]

Daehan Hospital, a western style two storey brick building built in 1907 by the government of the Korean Empire on a royal order of the king. The clock tower has baroque elements. Currently used as the Seoul National University Museum of Medicine. Jongno District, Seoul, South Korea [4288×2848]

Daehanmun, Seoul, Korea[1334 x 750]

Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic [4896 x 3264]

Dar al-Hajar (Rock Palace), Sana, Yemen. [970x646]

De Krijtberg Kerk in Amsterdam by Alfred Tepe [OC] [2356x4191]

De L'Europe Hotel, Amsterdam [2000x1333]

De Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands [2000x1331]

Delta Shelter by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects [2048 x 1365]

Dentsu Building, Tokyo. On Film. [OC][1840x1232]

Denver's new train hall canopy with 1890's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's + 2010's architecture as a backdrop. [1600x1067] [OC]

Derzhprom Building in Freedom Square, Kharkiv, Ukraine, sometime between 1939-1943 - constructivist masterpiece. [1000x667]

Digital Beijing Building [2560×1920]

Dime Savings Bank, Brooklyn, NY [1500x848]

Dinner in the sky at the Atomium, Brussels [4793x3044]

Distorted skyline of Chicago - there are countless options for playing with this sculpture. Also the reflection of the floor tiles is very cool and inspiring. Could have spend the whole day with it [OC] [3278x2467]

Doge's Palace, Venice [1978x1413]

Dolomitenblick House - An Angular Copper-Clad Apartment Building in Italy by Plasma Studio [780x520] [OS]

Dominion Office Building, Dubrovka, Moscow, Russia [2000×2729]

Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond, an artificial pond and the surrounding architecture of the Royal Palace complex of the Kingdom of Silla constructed initially in 674 AD and restored. Gyeongju, South Korea [OS] [2896×1944]

Double helix staircase in abandoned building in Belgium [2048x1347]

Dougong support system at Sagami-ji Temple, Japan [1740 × 2600]

Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 designed by Aéroports de Paris International [1470x1200] [OS]

Dulles Airport at dusk (Eero Saarinen) [2750x1633]

Dutch parliament building Binnenhof, The Hague, Netherlands [1470x922]

EYE Film Institute, Netherlands [3456x2304] [OC]

Ebisu East Gallery - Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. [685 x 1024]

Edinburgh, Scotland [427x640]

Egyptian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea [OS] [600×773]

El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, Buenos Aires [2715x1796]

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Germany [4592 x 3448]

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg by Herzog & de Meuron [1683x937]

Elevated bike path in Copenhagen [736×920]

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel [2787 × 1853]

Elvas Fortification, Portugal [1024x768]

EmQuartier Mall, Bangkok, Thailand [OC] [5207 x 7807]

Embassy of Mexico in Berlin - Francisco Serrano [1024×768]

Emerson College Los Angeles, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California [2000×1333]

Empire State Building spire, showing observation decks [OC][2430x3240]

Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright. Los Angeles, 1924. [3000x1650]

Ericsson Office in Kista, Sweden. [700x525]

Espaces d'Abraxas - Noisy-le-Grand, France. A filming location of Hunger Games [2048x1365]

Estação dos Caminho (railway station) located in Beira, Moçambique (ca. 1960). [1280 × 889]

Ethnography Museum in Baia Mare, Romania [2048x1303]

Evolution Tower, Moscow International Business Center. [2848 × 4288]

Evolution museum in Paris - hardly anyone ever goes to this amazing Jules-Verne-themed place [OC] [7304x5151]

Exit From St. Pancras Station, London (OC) (3648 × 2736)

Extreme Brutalism - the Robarts Library at U of T by Mathers & Haldenby Architects [2283x1404]

FBI South Florida Headquarters, Mirama, Broward County, Florida [2000×1838]

Facade of the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India [OC] [6016x4000]

Fall colors of Buseoksa Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Korea that dates back to 7th century, Yeongju City, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea [1100×734]

Fallingwater (Frank Lloyd Wright) Panorama - [OC] [2980 x 959]

Fallingwater house, Pennsylvania [1600x1344]

Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe [OC] [25660x1440]

Faryon Bridge, Peterborough, ON [OC] [5615x3743]

Ferris Wheel, Düsseldorf [OC] [3543 × 2362]

Finnish Forest Research Institute in Joensuu, Finland [800x600]

Finnish Parliament, taking influence from Egyptian temples, is an example of Nordic Classicism. J.S. Siren, 1931 [1024 x 749]

Flats in San Francisco, California [3264x2448] xpost r-CityPorn

Florence, Italy [2448 x 3264]

Florence, Italy [2448x3264]

Ford Foundation Building, Manhattan [2000x1335]

Form meets function: The roof supports at Kunming airport [900x600]

Former Sapporo Brewery, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan [5976x3992] [OC] [2016-11-13 Leica M240]

Former Ukraine president Yanukovych residency [OC][2048x1378]

Fort George, Trinidad. The little white house was designed and built by a visiting Ashanti prince from Ghana. [681x1024]

Forth Bridge in Scotland, open since 1890 ! [3648x2736][OC]

Fortress in Uzbekistan [500x750]

Frank Furness' National Bank of the Republic, a condensed allegory of a castle in the city struggling to not be squeezed. Philadelphia 1884. [365x451]

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, as seen on September 27, 2014 [1632 x 2464][OC] (Album in comments)

Fremont Troll Bridge, Seattle, WA [OC][1592x2252]

French Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, one of the most highly regarded modern Korean architecture [OS] [500×351]

French windmill, from a photo taken in 1853 [2329x3135]

From the inside looking to the top of 234m tall Fukuoka Tower, Japan [3568x2000] [OC]

Frozen St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse in St Joseph, Michigan [2683x1964] (Info in comments)

Fuji TV Headquarters in Tokyo [1009x550] by Kenzo Tange Associates

Gaineswood Plantation, Alabama [1024x786]

Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia by Architectus [900x583]

Gardens by the Bay botanical park in Singapore. Photographer: Darren Soh. [2000×1226]

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. [OS] [682 × 1024].

Garfield Park Conservatory - Show House. Architect - Jens Jensen - 'Florescence' installation by Luftwerk. [OC] 2000x1500

Gates Hall, Cornell University (Morphosis Architects) [1559x1025]

Gates of 185yrs old rebuilt Scottish distillery (OC) [3830x2554]

Gdynia Film Center, Gdynia, Poland [1500x1000]

Geisel Library, University of California, San Diego [1600x900]

German Chancellery in Berlin [5161x3337]

Germany 1900's [960x 1313]

Giant Buddha in Leshan, China [594x396]

Glasshouses at the Royal Botanic Gardens, London [OC] [2048x1301]

Gnessin musical academy, 1974 [1024×1024] [OC]

Green Mall in Osaka, Japan [730x980]

Green Music Center indoor-outdoor concert hall at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, Calif. by AC Martin [1012 × 675] [OS]

Green tiles in the sun, Lagos Portugal [OC] [4000 × 2672]

Gregynog, a mansion in rural Wales [2048x1365]

Greyjing Beijing @ CCTV Headquarters - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

Guan Yin of the South Sea, China[1920x1200]

Guest Bedroom in Tudor Turret on Point of Tonka Bay, MN [734 × 1100]

Guggenheim Museum [1024×768]

Guggenheim museum, Bilbao. [OC] 4032x3024

Guy Dessauges' Prefabricated Tube Housing (1966), modeled & rendered by Peter W. Althoff, 2008, (links in comments) [900 x 1200]

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul [3264x1836][OC]. Album in comments.

Habitat 67 by Moshe Safdie. Montreal, QC [4985x1195]

Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada [x-post -r-trippy] [1024x768]

Habitat ’67, Montreal [1900x1100]

Hagia Sophia [5182x3455]

Halifax Armory in Halifax, N.S. The oldest surviving example of a fink truss building; Thomas Fuller [825x471]

Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland [OC][6000x4000]

Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland [3400x2461]

Hallgrímskirkja Lutheran Church, Reykjavík, Iceland; Designed by Guðjón Samúelsson [1600 x 900]

Hamburg, Speicherstadt. [3.333×2.219]

Hangzhou East Railway Station, Interior [2048x1367]

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland [OS] [1600x1067]

Harpa concert hall, Reykjavik [OC] [2914x2443]

Harpa in Reykjavik, Iceland designed by Olafur Eliasson. [OC] [1536x2048]

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca Morocco [1280 x 854]

Hawa Mahal Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India [3456X2592]

Hazrat Ali mosque in Mazar i Sharif, Afghanistan [3016x2250]

Hearst Tower, New York City [2359x2976]

Heilig-Geist-Spital on the Pegnitz River. Finished 1527. Nuremburg, Germany [OC] [2048x1536]

Helical stairs inside Susqueda Dam, Susqueda, Girona, Spain [600x400]

Helicopter installs section of antenna mast, CN Tower 1975. [476x596]

Helix sidewalk leading to ship-topped hotel in Singapore. [1680x1050]

Herma Parking Building, Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [2500×1667]

Heydar Aliyev Center | Baku, Azerbaijan [800x600] (xpost from r-bizarrebuildings)

Heydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan [1200x800]

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, Baku, Azerbaijan [1200 × 701]

High rise residential building with vertical neighborhood by Axis Mundi, New York [1024x721]

Highly detailed doorway leading into a woodwork museum - Fes, Morocco [4000 x 6000] [OC] [OS]

Hirosaki Castle, Japan [901x600]

Hofburg Palace, Vienna [4698x3120]

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany [2560x1600]

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (near the Brandenburg Gate), Peter Eisenmann - 19,000 m² (4.7 acre) with 2,711 concrete stelae which vary in height from 0.2 to 4.8 m (7.9 in to 15 ft 9.0 in) [1024 × 392]

Holy Family Shrine in Ashland, Nebraska [1200×797]

Hong Kong Arts Centre by Tao Ho [990x1400] [OS]

Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Innovation Tower [1050x905][Zaha Hadid]

Hong Kong apartment complex [4000x2684]

Hotel in Capadocia, Turkey (3008x2000)

House built across a River, Vernon, France [4070x2140]

House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero Architects [630 × 840][MIC]

House of Engineer Zimmerman, St. Petersburg, RU [1024x768]

House on the cliff by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos [988x517] [MIC]

Houses in San Buenaventura, Mexico [1600x1200]

Housing Hatert, Nijmegen, The Netherlands [1861x1236]

Housing Hatert, a 72 apartment, 13-storey-high tower, which was completed in 2011, located in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Designed by Rotterdam studio 24H architecture [1680 × 2529]

Hyundai Pavilion during the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea [5518×3714]

I just took my Islamic Art & Architecture final and thought I would share the Masjid-i Shah in Isfahan [1224 x 816]

I see your Buffalo court building and raise you their awesome Art Deco city hall [1600x1200]

I took a Gopro up to the top of the highest building in my town. [1200x900] [x-post from -r-Pics]

I'm surprised I haven't seen this here yet. The gorgeous interior of the TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport, designed by Eero Saarinen (1287x1600)

Imgur's Best 15 Posts of 2015 Revisit this year's most awesome images, GIFs, & stories Reminisce Organic Modern Estate by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg [1000x600] [More in comments]

Imperial tomb, Vietnam [1997x1498]

Impression of new megahotel in Amsterdam RAI Area, Netherlands [800*450]

In honor of Mies Van Der Rohe, Barcelona Pavillion[3000x2000][OC]

In the Amsterdam suburb IJburg, narrow, individual parcels are sold and the residents then design their own house, with some interesting results [1024x845]

Indian Stepwell (more info in the comments) [800x601]

Indigo @ Twelve West in Portland, Oregon [4160x3120]

Iniala Beach House Interior designed by the Madrid based studio A-cero [1200 x 800] [MIC]

Inside Harpa Concert Hall in Iceland [776×1024] Photographed by Pedro Kok

Inside Harpa, a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík [1600×1066] Photo by Wilson Lee

Inside Seattle Central Library, Rem Koolhaas, Joshua Prince-Ramus [OC] [2136x3204]

Inside The 343 Years Old Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan | By Baber Afzal [1200x800]

Inside the Colosseum - Rome, Italy [3264 x 2448] [OC]

Inside the Eiffel Tower [OC] [2048 × 1365]

Inside the Gemini Residence - Converted into a Residential Building from Two Silos by MVRDV, Copenhagen Denmark [1024X768]

Inside the Sydney Opera House [2932 × 1957] [OC] Higher res link in comments.

Inside the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jehangir - Lahore, Pakistan [1024x683]

Institut de France (formerly Collège des Quatre-Nations) | Louis Le Vau | Paris, France [2125x1445]

Institute of Scientific Research and Development -- Kiev -- Ukraine -- 1965 -- Architects F. Yuryev, L. Novikov [1077x719] [ OC ]

Institute of Sound and Vision - Hilversum-Netherlands - Neutelings [812 × 1024]

Interesting House In Amsterdam [620x900]

Interesting looking building at the corner of Spruce and S Hicks St, Center City, Philly [4000x3000] [OC]

Interior Of Sukh Chayn Mavi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan| By Minhaj Qazi [1146x1600]

Interior of 'Juno Academy,' a hairdresser training facility in Cheongdam Ward, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [1463×1369]

Interior of a refurbished 1930s traditional housing in Bukchon Hanok Village, Jongno District, Seoul, South Korea [2404×1934]

Interior of the Geunjeongjeon Hall, the Throne Hall of the Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea [OS] [1200×800]

Interior of the Lloyds building, London [4095×1980]

Interior of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan [2048x1365]

International Convention Centre. Sydney. (3000x2000)

International Finance Centre, Guangzhou, China [1197x1831] designed by Wilkinson Eyre

Interstate 80 Bridge in Cuyahoga Valley National Park , Ohio [OC] [2992x4000]

Inverted arches in Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England.[1600x1200]

It's cold outside, and I just want to take a nap with this view again. [OC] (3264x1836)

Italian Pavilion built in Milan for the 2015 Expo [2362x1575]

Italian Rationalism examples [1334x750]

Ithaca College Park School of Business & PRW Center - both certified LEED Platinum (OC) [2048 x 1365]

Jakarta Skyline [906 × 450]

Jesse Hall and the Columns on the Francis Quadrangle of the University of Missouri [5312x2988]

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and the Shanghai Tower; three of the worlds tallest buildings all on one intersection. [3264x1836] [OC]

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge Cincinnati, Ohio [3718x2092][OC]

John Hancock in the Fog. [2448x3264] [OC]

Josef Stenbäck was known for his art nouveau-romantic nationalism inspired stone churches, pictured here is the church of Varpaisjärvi, Finland [2048x1366] [OC]

Jungle House, Guarujá, São Paulo State, Brazil [2000×2160]

KHVatec Headquarter, Seocho District, Seoul, South Korea [1024×1280]

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, by Moshe Safdie [1600x1066]

Kavellaris Urban Design recently completed this colorful apartment building in Box Hill, Australia, named the Spectrum Apartments, each slightly angled balcony has been been painted one of seven colors. [3000 × 1586]

Kazakh National University of Arts, Astana, Kazakhstan [3597 x 1872]

Keenan TowerHouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas (2000) by Marlon Blackwell Architect [600x749]

Kežmarské Hut by Atelier 8000 in the High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia [818x614]

Kim Ok Gill Memorial Hall, Seodaemun District, Seoul, South Korea [OS] [630×402]

Kinetic building in Tehran, Iran (OC) (661x998)

King's College Chapel, London, UK (Sir George Gilbert Scott, 1864) [7000x5280]

Kings Cross Underground Station, London UK. [640x1136][OC]

Kloof Road House in Johannesburg [1000x560]

Knights of Columbia Headquarters, New Haven, CT, USA (1968) [1280x1255]

Kolomenskoye,Moscow,Russia [OC] [2710x1814]

Koppartälten (the Copper tents, 1790), Hagaparken, Stockholm, Sweden. [1600 × 870]

Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway, Ireland. [2048x1360]

LDS church in Silver Spring, MD [4746x3395] [oc]

LG Sangnam Library by Kim Swoo-geun, Seoul, South Korea [4288×2848]

La Piedra Del Peñol, Colombia [1063x1600]

Landscape architecture and urban design in Osaka, Japan [736×1,104]

Large cast-iron book alcoves in the hall of the former Main Cincinnati Public Library Building designed by J.W. McLaughlin in 1874 [728x718]

Las Lajas Sanctuary - Ipiales, Colombia; [1024 x 768]

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Ipiales, Colombia [1024x768]

Le Palais des Papes, Avignon, France [4241x1728]

Leadenhall Market In London [2645x1792]

Library for children, France, by Atelier de Montrouge (1965) [1600x1113]

Lichtenstein Castle [2500x1669] [OC]

Lichtenstein castle in Germany [3888x2592]

Lightwell above staircase, Glasgow [740 x 600]

Linderhof Palace | Ettal, Germany [OC] [4160 × 2340]

Lines of Light by HYLA Architects [1600x1202] [MIC]

Lippo Towers, Admiralty District, Hong Kong City; Jose Fuste Raga [1500 x 1000]

Lisbon Oriente Train Station - Santiago Calatrava - Portugal [OC][4817x3211]

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool, England, UK [OC] [3962x2302]

Liège station, Belgium [2048 x 1360]

Long Room at the Old Library, Trinity College in Dublin Ireland [1920*1080]

Looking down a 27m deep Initiation Well (inverted tower) [800x1200][oc]

Los Angeles City Hall [5,184X3,456][OC]

Lotus Building in Wujin China [1600 x 1059]

Love Shack beach house - Strathmere, NJ [960x1240] Designed by Ambit Architecture

Low Winter Sunset at the Opera House in Dresden, Germany [OC][1933x1332]

Luang Phor temple in Eastern Thailand. [5700x3800][OS]

Lyric Theatre interior, Belfast (O'Donnel + Tuomey Architects) [878x1200]

Löyly, Helsinki [4320x2880]

Madras High Court, Chennai (formerly Madras), India [3872 × 2592]

Makli Necropolis, Sindh, Pakistan [1500x1035]

Malmö City Library, Sweden - Henning Larsen Architects [1128x740] [OS]

Malmö Library by Henning Larsen [500x750]

Maqbaratoshoara (Mausoleum of Poets), Tabriz, Iran (1280 x 960)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore. Designed by Moshe Safdie (3686 x 2765) [OC]

Marina City, Chicago [600x900] [OS]

Marina bay sands hotel Singapore [OC] [3264 x 2448]

Marrakesh Menara International Airport [2048x1536]

Mashkhur Jusup central mosque in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. [2,048 × 1,536]

Masonic Memorial to George Washington; Alexandria, VA (OC) [5312x2988]

Massive Tetris pieces? Accra [1337x2048]

Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India [4368 × 2779]

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India [OC] [3888 x 2592]

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - Berlin, Germany [6000x4000] [OC]

Metro - African American Civil War Memorial station - Harry Reese [3264x2448]

Metrosol Parasol, Spain [OS][1200 x 800]

Mexico City's Biblioteca Vasconcelos [1194 x 663]

Miagao Fortress Church, Iloilo, Philippines, which doubled as a defensive tower against Muslim pirates [1920x1080]

Miami airports colored glass window [1080x1920]

Microsoft Office Building in Milan, Italy [990x659]

Migrant tent home in Texas, 1939 [4112x2748]

Miller Park Baseball Stadium, Milwaukee, WI [OC] [5,620 × 3,747]

Milwaukee Art Museum (originally Milwaukee War Memorial), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1952 and 1957. [1247x859]

Milwaukee City Hall, built in 1895. [675x1013]

Minimalist's Dream [xpost -r-roomporn] [1134x756] by Edward Ogosta

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow [690x880]

Mitochondrion -- Art & City Museum – Ordos -- Kangbashi - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

Miyazaki's inspiration for Howl's Moving Castle: Ribeauvillé, in France [4288x2848]

Mod told me I didn't post from the original source, so I'll post it again for anyone who didn't see, because it's neat: Chand Baori, India (A huge step-well) [1024x768]

Modern House On Rugged Terrain, by nuform, in Chile. [ 1050×700]

Modern house [1920x1200]

Monsanto - a Portuguese town built among rocks [721x541]

Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France (during yesterday's supertide) [2060 x 1236]

Montjuïc Communications Tower [622x967]

Montjuïc Communications Tower, Barcelona [4496x3000][OC]

Montreal Olympic Stadium: Roger Taillibert [3264x2448]

Monument on Freedom Hill in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia - by Janez Lenassi [2612×1469][OC]

Monument to Genghis Khan, Mongolia [636×2412]

Monumental Limestone Fireplace in 'Greenest Custom Home in America' - Portola Valley, CA [1076 x 1600]

Moon Bridge Temple, China [469x700]

Moonrise over the Sacré-Cœur, Paris [5184 × 2916] [OC]

Morey Mansion, Redlands, California [2216x1662][OC]

Mosendane house, Soweto, ZA [1140x400]

Mosque interior in St Petersburg, Russia [660x1024]

Mt. Rubidoux Peace Bridge and Tower, Riverside, CA. [4288x3216][OC]

Muqarnas Dome of the Shrine of Imam Dur, built in 1085, destroyed by ISIS earlier this week [743 x 493]

Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition, Shenzhen, China, 2016 [Coop Himmelblau, 2634x2312]

Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Santiago Calatrava, 2015) [2000x2000]

Musée Océanographique de Monaco [4653x4654]

My wedding venue, Marty Leonard chapel, fortworth, Texas [1536 x 2048] so in love.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore [869x579]

Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran [610x333]


Natadera Temple in winter, Japan [2048x1363]

National Fisheries Development Board HQ in Hyderabad, India [858x536]

National Library of Sejong City, South Korea [OS] [1800×1200]

National Museum of Finland which was opened 100 years ago today. Designed by Gesellius, Lindgren, and Saarinen. [1600 x 1068] [OS]

National Museum of the American Indian [OC] [5312x2988]

National Museum of the American Indian, Washington D.C., USA (Douglas Cardinal, 2004) [2400 × 2860]

National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein [1100x825]

Natural History Museum London [990x742]

Natural History Museum, London [598x900]

Nave of Sainte-Chapelle, Paris. [1200x675]

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision [812x1024]

Neuschwanstein - the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle [1146x767][OC]

Neuschwanstein Castle, located in Hohenschwangau, Germany. Architect: Eduard Riedel [2560x1440]

Neuschwanstein Castle. Commissioned by Ludwing II of Bavaria , late 19th c. Hohenschwangau, Germany [OC] [3072x1728]

Neuschwanstein castle through mist (Germany) [1024x768]

Nevada State Capitol, Carson City, Nevada, United States [OC] [3386 x 5073]

New Acropolis Museum...built above working excavations and at the foot of the Acropolis, this building beautifully respects its ancient roots. [560x854]

New Croton Dam [OC][1960x1470] X-Post from -r-infrastructureporn last year.

New NATO Headquarters, still under construction, Brussels, Belgium [1152×768]

New York State Capitol, Albany, New York, United States [OC] [4522 x 3018]

New York’s Iconic Cliffside “Pumpkin House” (built in 1925) [1280 x 719]

New concert hall of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice [984x680]

New home nestled into a Bird Sanctuary , Cape May, New Jersey [3300 x 2550] [OC]

New train hall at Denver Union Station [2036x1357] [OC]

Nieuwegein City Hall [1280x853] by Johan Vanreybrouck

Nile House, Prague [1700x1133]

North Korea's recently completed Sci-Tech Complex [670x439]

Nutsubidze plato 's iconic sky bridge -- Tbilissi - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

O House, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland (w- bonus CarPorn) [1200x900]

OCBC Centre by I.M Pei, Singapore [511x640] [OS]

Office Block, Barangaroo, Sydney [3000x2000]

Offices in Serbia [3200x4000]

Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park, Robert Reamer [3648x2736]

Old Mill, Berry College Campus, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia by Alan Cressler [5760 x 3840] x-post -r-HI_Res

Old NECCO Candy Factory, Fort Point, Boston, MA [OC] [2048x1365]

Old Soviet-era military airship hangar converted into a tropical resort in Krausnick, Germany.[1817x1367]

Old is Gold - Photographed by Hanan Khaleeq - Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur, Pakistan [960x640]

Old is Gold - Photographed by Hanan Khaleeq - Noor Mehal, Bahawalpur [960x640]

Old vs. New in Warsaw [1200x1017]

On the walls of the Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara, Gujarat, India [1080 x 1920]

One Airport Square, Accra, Ghana [2000×1946]

One World Trade Center from above - by Bruno Boni [1080x1080]

One of my favorites from my time in NYC, the Ansonia, designed by Paul E. Duboy in 1899 [720x497]

One of my favourite views in London - The Shard perfectly echoing the spire of St George The Martyr church [4160x3120]

One of the finest examples of Soviet constructivist architecture - the Zuev Workers' Club, Moscow, designed by Ilya Golosov in 1926 [4500 × 3375]

Opera House, Harbin, China, by MAD Architects [1440 x 975]

Opera in Oslo, Norway [3264x2448] [OC]

Orsay Museum, Paris [2448x3264] [OC]

Osaka castle (大阪城) in Japan [1200x750]

Otherworldly Stairs Designed by: Vincent Dubourg [605x795]

Ottawa, Ontario - Chateau Laurier (L) and The Parliament Buildings (R) [OC - 1920x1280]

PARKROYAL on Pickering hotel in Singapore [2048x1358]

PPG Building Pittsburgh, PA [OC] [5967 x 3945]

Pagaruyung Palace - Indonesia [1280x842]

Pakistan Monument, Islamabad | By Zill Niazi [2048x1389]

Pakistan Monument, Islamabad. [1800x1200]

Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco, California (2048 x 1536)

Palais de Justice [3888 × 2592]

Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona by David Leventi [1860 x 1481]

Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona [OC] [5472 x 3648]

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía VALENCIA, SPAIN, 2014 by David Leventi [1200x951]

Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, Italy [OC][4587x3058]

Palácio da Alvorada, the official residence of the President of Brazil, by Oscar Niemeyer [3506x2337]

Panama City spiral building [767 x 1022]

Panorama of Columbia University in New York City [13687 x 2199]

Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain [2868 x 2207]

Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary [1024x575] [OC]

Paro Taktsang, Bhutan [1440x900]

Paro Taktsang, the Tiger's Nest. 10,000 feet above the Paro valley in Bhutan. [808x537]

Part of the Red Bull Headquarters Complex, Fuschl am See, Austria [3648 x 2056]

Parus Building, Moscow [899 x 1200]

Peace Bridge in Calgary, Canada by Mohsen Kamalzadeh [3840x2160]

Penthouse Oasis [667x1000]

People watch fireworks from inside their rooms in the Wyndham Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA. [1500x1000]

Perth Council building by night. Perth, Australia [OC] [1225 x 817]

Petra, Jordan [1293x869]

Petrobrás Headquarters, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [1600x1600]

Phare D'Eckmühl (Lighthouse) stair case; Penmarch, Bretagne, France [1374x1920] [OC]

Philadelphia Museum of Art (1876) (1536x1216)

Philadelphia Post Office [1024x768]

Photochrom postcard of the then-new main campus University of Glasgow, circa 1895 [3538 x 2618]

Piazza dei Miracoli - Pisa, Italy [2048x1536]

Pinx 'Podo(grapes)' Hotel, Seogwipo, Jeju Island, South Korea [OS] [1920×480]

Pirelli Tire Building in New Haven CT [818x958] by Marcel Breuer

Plane House by K-Studio Architects [1600 x 1072] [MIC]

Plans For New Shibuya Skyscraper in Tokyo Unveiled [718 x 525] Designed by Kengo Kuma, SANAA and Nikken

Pont du Gard — a ~2000 years old Roman aqueduct in Southern France [12648x4482]

Pool House [1280x803]

Possibly the best photo I've ever taken. The Louvre, Paris, by I.M. Pei [OC] [3264 x 2488]

PostModern Batumi - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

Postmodern Hotel in Zaandam, Netherlands [2000x1333]

Potala Palace, Tibet [1280 x 960]

Prahran Hotel, Victoria, Australia (1940, expanded 2013) [3200x2464]

Praxis, Mexico City (Agustín Hernández Navarro, 1970) [1280x1046]

Predjama Castle - Slovenia [1250 x 833]

Price Tower, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the only realized skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright [OC] [6000 x 3376]

Private retreat at Caribbean island of St. Lucia [1800x1200] (x-post from -r-Travel_HD)

Psyrtskha Train Station [640x640]

Pterodactyl – Culver City, CA [2000 × 1333]

Public restroom in San Sebastian, Spain [600x381]

Pudong, Shanghai [OC - 1680x1024]

Pudong, Shanghai [OC 1600x1060]

Quadracci Pavilion, Milwaukee Art Museum, Santiago Calatrava [4623x2603] [OC]

Quaker Bridge, Croton Dam, Croton, NY. (OC) 640x1136

Quiet TreeHouse by Pete Nelson [666 × 500]

Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin [1600x1064]

Ray House by Wallace Cunningham [1185x959] [MIC]

Re-purposed Tobacco Barn...Enormous Stone Fireplace & Vaulted Ceilings Surrounded by Walls of Windows | Honeybrook, PA [990 × 662]

Red Bull HQ, Fuschl am See, Austria [1200x776]

Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, CO - Designed by Burnham Hoyt [1000 x 1250] OC

Reflections at Keppel Bay, Singapore [2280x1520]

Reflections at Keppel Bay, Singapore [2280x1520] [OS]

Reflective cube home in rural northern Michigan (found this while running on a dirt road). [OC] [4272x2848]

Reggio Emilia Train Station, Italy [2048x1152]

Renovated 1919 Bungalow 'Potting Room' - inspired by Parisian Hotels (by Meriwether Felt) [1248 × 832]

Research laboratory by KINO Architects - Tokyo, Japan [2000x1500]

Residence in Kifissia, Greece by Tense Architecture Network [829 x 900] [MIC]

Resort designed by Space Architects and Pisud Design Company in Keemala, Phuket, Thailand [2364 × 1330] + album

Restaurant 'Vasara' in Palanga, Lithuania [1024x768]

Ribbon Chapel by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co.[1200 × 600]

Ribbon Chapel, Hiroshima Japan by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co. Ltd. [700x797]

Ribbon Chapel, Hiroshima. designed by Hiroshi Nakamura [1200x800]

Ripon Building, housing the corporation of Chennai, Chennai, India [4100x1810]

Robarts Library at night, University of Toronto, a brutalist masterpiece [1137x758]

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH [OC] [1080x810]

Rock house on the river Drina near Bajina Basta, Serbia [3500x2285]

Rogier Tower, Brussels, Belgium - [1944x2454] [OC]

Rolex learning center in Lausanne, Switzerland [1024x683]

Roma Tiburtina train station, [1639x648]

Roman Aqueduct [1600x1178]

Romsdal Folk Museum, Molde, Møre og Romsdal County, Norway [1920×1530]

Rooftops of Munich from Saint Peter's Church [5446x5453] [OC]

Rookery Building Staircase, Chicago. [2448x3264]

Roosevelt Memorial, New York - Louis Kahn [OC][2,783x2,138]

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen Denmark [OC] [4659x3264]

Rotterdam Central Station [1626x1080]

Rotterdam, Netherlands [2048x1152]

Rotunda Stairwell, Poznan, Poland (1955) [1600x1066]

Round Fireplace, Round Room - Southwest Pueblo Adobe | Urban Design Associates [990 × 766]

Royal Academy for Nature Conservation, Ajlun, Jordan (2013)[1582x846]

Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, Canada (1979)[1936x2218] [OC]

Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, Canada (WZMH Architects, 1979) [5616 x 3744]

Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman [1280x1024]

Rundeskogen in Sandnes, Norway [1680x1629] by Helen & Hard as

Russian-Soviet Embassy, Havana Cuba [683x1024]

Ryugyong Hotel, NK [1024x1458]

S House by Domenack Arquitectos [2000x1373] [MIC]

S-Trenue Tower, Yeouido financial district, Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul, South Korea [920×1361]

SIS-MI6 Headquarters at Vauxhall Cross [1600x1200]

Sacra di San Michele, ~1000 AD, the biggest benedictine abbey in Piedmont, Italy [2288x1712]

Salim Singh ki haveli in Jaisalmer, India [1024 x 768]

Salt Lake City Public Library, Salt Lake City, Utah [2400 × 1920]

Saltair Pavilion Ca. 1900, Salt Lake City, UT [7199 X 5583]

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Expansion, San Francisco, California [2000×3000]

Sands SkyPark, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore [1000x750]

Sangdong Charcoal Village, a charcoal sauna built in an abandoned mining town, Yeongweol County, Gangwon Province, South Korea [2000×1333]

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral [2994x 4202]

Scape House by Kouichi Kimura Architects [2000x1325] [MIC]

Schloss Neushwanstein (Germany, 1925) [1800x1260]

Schwerin Palace and Gardens, Mecklenburg, Germany [3160x3160] designed by Georg Adolph Demmler

Science Hall. A building so punctual, it has a period after its name. Taken in Madison Wisconsin [3024X4032] [OC]

Science World at Telus World of Science; Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada; Wikipedia user Differense [1280 x 853]

Scott Monument - Edinburgh, Scotland [853x1280]

Seagram Building, New York City - Mies van der Rohe, 1958 [1014x1280] - photo by Ezra Stoller

Seaside cabins in Norway. [1400x990]

Seattle Central Library; by Rem Koolhaus [1024x631]

Seattle Central Public Library [2048x2048]

Seattle Public Library [3993 x 2626]

Seongdong Cultural & Welfare Center, Seongdong District, Seoul, South Korea [1875×2000]

Seoul Memorial Park Crematorium covered in snow, Seoul, South Korea [OS] [3000×1400]

Sevit Floating Islands, Seoul, South Korea [OS] [1900×1267]

Shah Jahan Mosque Night View - [840x400]

Shah Jahan Mosque, Sindh, Pakistan | By Iqbal Khatri [1024x680]

Shanghai Natural History Museum, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China [5489×3988]

Shanghai Tower touching the clouds [1068x1600]

Shanghai World Financial Center. The tallest tower with a hole in the world. [950x1426]

Shanghai [OC 1600x1060]

Sheds made from old boats [921x614]

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi [OC] [3872x2592]

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi [990x742] (x-post -r-palatecleanser)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi; Chris Wilde [990 x 742]

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Dubai - [1719 × 1130]

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE [1500x1000] (x-post -r-EmiratiPics)

Shell House. Karuizawa, Japan. By ARTechnic Architects (1600x1267)

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport by Studio Fuksas [1494x996]

Sheraton Huzhou hot spring resort China[2099x1019]

Shipping container apartments; Travis Price Architects[831 x 1056]

Shrine Of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Multan, Pakistan | By Babar Asghar [1024x668]

Shrine Of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Multan, Pakistan | By Ibrahim Shah [1280x1920]

Siberian Church, Russian Federation [ 1150x768 ]

Side of a building in Chicago, Illinois [OC] [3361X2448]

Silliman University Hall [2872x1798] - the oldest standing American structure in the Philippines (built in 1909)

Simone Handbag Museum, Garosu-gil, Sinsa neighborhood, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [650×992]

Sinsa-dong Office Complex, Sinsa Ward, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [2000×1617]

Sky Gardens at the ParkRoyal in Singapore [2560×2410].

Slate roof on a house in Frankfurt [2136x2848]

Sliced Gherkin [OC][1944x1944]

Slovakian gas station [1,280×853]

Smith Tower, Lyon Building, Arctic Club - Seattle, WA [2725 × 3395] [OC]

So tall, yet so thin. The Summit and The Highcliff, otherwise known as the Hong Kong Chopsticks. [945x630]

Socar Tower, South Korea [650x925]

Solar stadium in Taiwan. (680x790)

Some like it rough - Gaelic part of Connemara, Ireland [OC] [2592x1944]

Sou Fujimoto's public toilet in Ichihara is a garden escape: the glass box lavatory sits in the middle of a 200 sqm garden, enclosed by a 2 meter wooden log roll fence to maintain privacy. [1024x682]

Soumaya Museum, México City - Arq. Fernando Romero [2288x1520]

Sovietic time building of the Ministry of Transportation, Tbilisi, Georgia (credit: Geert Goiris) [540×660]

Sowden House designed by Lloyd Wright [900x562] [AIC]

Space Opera - Sydney Opera House [3240 x 2160] [OC]

Spaceship Earth at Night, Epcot, Florida, USA [OC][1600x1067]

Spanish synagogue, Prague [1575x1278]

Sphinx Observatory, Bern-Valais, Switzerland. [1200x675]

Spiral ceiling! [1605x1605]

Spires reaching out of the wood, stunning architecture.[843 × 872]

Spring 2012 in Rome. (Martina Biccheri, Italy, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards) [1247x981]

St Marks Square, Venice Italy [2048x931]

St Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy (OC) [3404 x 5106]

St. Joseph's Oratory, Canada's largest church, took more than 40 years to build [4288x2848] [OS]

St. Nicholas Church, Hérémence, Switzerland (Walter Förderer, 1971) [1278x1492]

St. Paul's Cathedral - Dunedin, New Zealand, Rick Lussi [OC] (3648 x 5472)

St. Peters Basilica , Rome, Italy (through a keyhole) Credit to Michael Brand [2048 x 1279]

St.Louis Arena [850x575]

Stade Vélodrome 2014 [1680x850]

Staircase in Palazzo Barberini, Rome [1003x1024] Such elegance

Staircase, Oyonnax, France [1280x950]

Stavrides residence in Cyprus[1000x645][OS]

Steel House, Lubbock, TX, USA - Robert Bruno, 1974 (1280 x 854)

Steirereck restaurant, Vienna [2000x1300]

Stephen King's House in Bangor, Maine last fall [OC] [4884x3235]

Stepwell, Rajasthan, India [1600x1200][OC]

Stone House By The Sea, Location Unknown [1600x2560]

Stone House by Whitebox Architects [1440 x 960] [AIC]

Stone Walls & Cathedral Rafters lend Old World Timelessness to Spacious, Open Living Area [766 x 990]

Stone bridge between 2 cliffs (Huangshan Bridge - China) [1200x900]

Stone carved walls of an old Vishnu temple in India [OC] [2048x1365]

Street of the Knight, Rhodes, Greece [2000x1186]

Street view of York Minster (OC) [1365x2048]

Study Cascade, Columbia University Medical Center [4000x3000]

Stuttgart City Library [1280x903]

Subway Train station. New York [750x491]

Sugar City, Halfweg, Netherlands [1137x768]

Sun-Dappled Cathedral Sunroom-Hallway in Beautiful Stone Residence | Snake River, WY [1978×2560]

Sunrise over the Circuit of the Americas (xpost from r-Austin) [2707×1776]

Sunset at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan (Federal Territory Mosque) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [2048x1635] Photo by Peter Stewart

Supreme Constitutional Court, Cairo, Egypt [2487x1567]

Supreme Court, Ottawa [OC 1920x1280]

Sustainable tree house by Mithun architects in Summit Bechtel Reserve, Mt. Hope, West Virginia [818 x 539]

Södra Latin, an upper secondary school in Stockholm established 1891 [2400x1540] Designed by Per Emanuel Werming

TWA Terminal in JFK Airport, NY by Eero Saarinen [1577x2000]

Taipei Public Library Beitou branch, an eco-friendly library built with wood and installed with solar panels and other devices to conserve energy, Taipei, Taiwan [6000×3374]

Taliesin West by Frank Lloyd Wright [1616x1080][OC]

Tamansari Water Castle Underground Mosque in Jogjakarta. It was once hidden underneath a man made lake, accessible only through a elaborate system of secret chambers, and was found again when the lake got drained to make way for new construction. [768x1024]

Tamayo Museum- Teodoro González de Leon- México City [450x600]

Tatemono vertical city - tokyo japan - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

Teatro Oficina by Lina Bo Bardi, São Paulo, Brasil - [1370x587]

Tehran's Planetarium, Iran [1024x682]

Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), Bangkok, Thailand [OC] [1944x2592]

Temples in palitana, gujarat, India [2000 x 1375]

Tetris House by Studio MK27 Architects [600x648] [MIC]

Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX [3024 x 3024] [OC]

Thanksgiving Chapel. Dallas, TX. Architect: Philip Johnson, 1976. [900 x 675]

The 'Aggrenad,' Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea [1280×901]

The 'China House' in Tianjin, China. The house is decorated with hundreds of millions of ancient porcelain flakes, ancient bowls, dishes and vases, inlaid everywhere in the architecture; Reinhard Krause [1200 x 823]

The 'Daum Space.1,' the former headquarters of a Korean tech company 'Daum,' Jeju Island, South Korea [OS] [2000×1265]

The 11th Century south door at the small church of St Mary and St David, Kilpeck [3261x4372] [OC]

The Admont Library_ Austria. [915x612]

The Aldar building in Abu Dhabi [509x350]

The Alster Tower--Boldt Castle; Alexandria Bay, NY [OC][4000x6000]

The Aqua, Chicago, IL. [1600x1067][OC](x-post from -r-itookapicture)

The Azure Blue Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle [725x955]

The Barbican Estate, London [1000x542] [OS]

The Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in 1971 (900x1345)

The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, commonly known as the Sagrada Família. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. [2048x1381]

The Bell Tower, Furman University [1965x1306]

The Bible says that after the flood, Noah's ark landed on Mount Ararat (seen here through the Arch of Charents) [2400x1599]

The Big Duck, a building that's found its way in architecture theory. Long Island, New York. [870x583]

The Biltmore Estate [1334 x 750] [OC]

The Bombay Sapphire Distillery in the United Kingdom [1680x1120] by Heatherwick Studio

The Bosco Verticale, or “vertical forest,” towers in Milan, Italy; Flavio Lo Scalzo [1500 x 1000]

The Bridge of Avignon, France. [4722 x 3153] [OC]

The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge, UK [2048x1365]

The Brion Cemetery, Treviso [2592 x 3456] [OC]

The Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles. Designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. [OC] [2000 x 1500]

The Carson Mansion, home of Ingomar Club, Eureka, California [1500x1015]

The Chatsworth, New York City 866x1258

The Cherokee Gothic style Bizzell Memorial Library on the campus of the University of Oklahoma [3456x2304]

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia. The church marks the spot where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated. Photo by Amos Chapple [991x702]

The Cliff House - San Francisco, CA [3260 × 2002]

The Conservatory at the Biltmore Estate [1334x750] Taken 8-8-16

The Courtyard of the Lions at the Palace of the Lions in the Alhambra, Granada, Spain (c.1362-91) [610 x 457]

The Dolomitenblick (residential home). Sesto, Italy. By Plasma Studio (780x520)

The Dolomitenblick. Sesto, Italy. By Plasma Studio (780x520)

The Door of Divriği Great Mosque [1024x768]

The Dunmore Pineapple, Airth, Scotland [OC][2336x3504]

The Fabulous Fox Theater - St. Louis. Built 1927-29, by William Fox - designed by C. Howard Crane. [1800 x 956]

The Forth Bridge, Architects: Sir John Fowler & Sir Benjamin Baker [OC][2838x1892]

The Gateway Arch. St. Louis, MO. [800x1200]

The George Peabody Library in Baltimore [3000 x 2250]

The George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Designed by Edmund G. Lind [3000x1996]

The Georgian Parliament building in Kutaisi, Georgia; David Mdzinarishvili [1500 x 868]

The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan [6016 x 4000] [OC]

The Graz Art Museum in Graz, Austria aka the Friendly Alien. (1024x683)

The Grotto Sauna is an 800-square-foot sweat chamber perched on the edge of a private island just outside Toronto, by PARTISANS [750x558] [OS]

The Guild, West Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia [2364×1883]

The H3 residence by the Athens based 314 Architecture Studio [1024 x 613] [MIC]

The Hearst Castle Indoor Roman Pool, at Night [OC] [3110 x 2073]

The Hill House by Melbourne based studio Andrew Maynard Architects [800 x 701] [MIC]

The Historic Patsy Clark Mansion in Browne's Addition, Spokane, Washington [OC][4000x3000]

The Home of Catalan artist Xavier Corberó - Outside of Barcelona, Spain [1256 x 1000]

The House of the Soviets in Kaliningrad, Russia. Nicknamed 'buried robot', the brutalist structure looks like the head of a giant robot buried in the ground. [1116x1534]

The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest [1600x900] Photographed by Paul Gabronis

The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest [2448x1836] [OC]

The Interlace Singapore, Ole Schereen[1700x895]

The Interlace, Singapore [2048x1128]

The Italian Chapel, Lamb Holm, Orkney, Scotland. One of the world's smallest Catholic churches, constructed between 1943-5 from two Nissen huts joined end-to-end by Italian POWs held on Lamb Holm during WWII [interior in comments] [1841 × 1227]

The John C. Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee, opened in 1969 [4752x3168]

The Korea Pavilion installed during the Expo 2010 Shanghai China [1024×637]

The Krause Music Store, a National Historic landmark building, is a 1922-vintage structure and the final work of famed architect Louis Sullivan, considered one of the greatest architects of the Chicago School of Architecture. [600 × 813]

The Leonardo Glass Cube, finished in 2003, Bad Driburg, Germany [3642 x 1824]

The Library of Birmingham (UK) [OS] [1333×1000] Photo by Christian Richters

The Long Room, Old Library, Trinity College; Dublin, Ireland [1920x1080]

The Lotus Building in Wujin, China. [1680×1120].

The Lotus Temple in Delhi (961 x 643)

The Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India [1024x768]

The Metropol Parasol at the Plaza de la Encarnacíon in Seville, Spain, is the largest wooden structure in the world; Dorothea Schmidt [990 x 742]

The Milwaukee Art Museum [OC]{2048 × 1152]

The Moulin Rouge, Paris (4752 x 3168)

The Municipal Building in New York City, still under construction in 1912. [1234x1500]

The National Gallery Singapore [1540×944]

The Natural History Museum, London [3002x1913]

The New York Times Building, New York City [1800 x 1711]

The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, also know as the MAC, was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and completed in 1996. [1024 × 673]

The Observatory atop of Sphinx Rock - once the highest altitude observatory in the world! | Nathan Yan [OC] | [2048x1600]

The Oculus of the Pantheon -- Rome, Italy [3968x2976][OC]

The Old Seoul Station, an eclectic style building featuring a Byzantine-style central dome built in 1925, which is now used as a museum. Seoul, South Korea [4288×2848]

The Old Stock Exchange, Copenhagen (Børsbygningen), completed 1640. This building housed the Danish stock exchange until 1974 and now houses the Danish Chamber of Commerce [4608 × 3456]

The Oldest, original High School in Buffalo, NY: Lafayette High School - [424 × 634] (gallery in comments)

The Ordos Museum in Inner Mongolia [1644x1232]

The Ordos Museum in Inner Mongolia [1644x1232] by MAD Architects

The Overhang House by DADA & Partners [1280x1186] [MIC]

The Pakistan Monument, Islamabad [2048x1356] x-post -r-ExplorePakistan

The Park, Prague, Czech Republic [1024x685]

The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet [3872 × 2592]

The Reichstag - A Perfect Blend of Classical & Modern [4519x2984]

The Roman Pantheon's 2,000 Year Old Concrete Dome [3203x2100]

The Royal Albert Hall, London [4015x2677] [OC]

The Royal Palace of Caserta [3388x1756]

The Ruins of The Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson Mansion, just outside Bacolod City, Philippines [600x900]

The Russian Academy of Sciences [1280×1422] Photograph by Cemal Emden

The SPACE Group Building, a combination of 3 elements (a utilitarian brick building, a modern glass building, and traditional architecture) designed by Kim Swoo-geun, Seoul, South Korea [OS] [553×369]

The Sagrada Família, Barcelona [OC] [2448x3264]

The Salk Institute - Designed by Louis Kahn in 1965 [4000x4000] [OC]

The Salk institute in San Diego has some mind blowing architecture. [900x611]

The Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, Ireland - designed by Calatrava. [600x397]

The Selexyz Dominicanen is a bookstore housed inside a 700 year old Gothic Church in Amsterdam [714 x 834]

The Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad [1800x1223]

The Shrine of Sayeda Fatima Al-Masouma, Iran. (X-post from -r-pics) [2048 × 1411]

The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute [1000x1500]

The Stepwell of Adalaj (Adalaj ni Vav) in India [1600x1055]

The Taj Mahal from across the Yamuna River [OC][3277x2333]

The Temple of Valadier in the Frasassi Gorge, Italy. Photograph by Giacomo Marchegiani [990x742]

The Tietgen Residence Hall by Lundgaard & Tranberg - Copenhagen, Denmark [OC] [3264x2448]

The Tower of Cedars (384ft) is the first vertical evergreen forest in the world. [915x1300]

The TransAmerica Pyramid [2448 x 2448] [OC]

The Two Hulls House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects [1000x1305] [AIC]

The University of British Columbia's stunning library [1276 x 748]

The Watergate complex [OC] [5312x2988]

The Wave House by artist, designer and builder Mario Romano in Venice, California. The rippling facade is made up of hundreds of individual aluminum panels. [1214 × 810]

The White Temple - Wat Rong Khun in Thailand [730x973]

The Whitney Museum of American Art at Gansevoort, Gansevoort Street, New York City, New York [2000×1335]

The World's First Skyscraper City Is Made of Clay(Shibam Town in Yemen)[1600 × 1200]

The black dessert house in Joshua tree national park [3,186x2,124]

The ceiling of the hexagonal Jondeokjeong Pavilion, Changdeok Palace, Seoul, South Korea [840×630]

The ceilings above the balconies of this building are each painted so the art can be enjoyed by people on the street. Located in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida and designed by architectural firm DFA, the owners expect to change the art every few years. [1300 × 867]

The conservatory that time forgot....the Orangery in Edinburgh, Scotland. [OS] [2561 × 1938].

The copper roof on the Château Frontenac in Québec City has just been replaced - I thought I'd share (OC - 2709x2032).

The crown of the Jewelers Building in Chicago - taken quite early (before 9:00am) to have this kind of lighting. This city has such a stunning architecture! Did you know that inside of this building was an elevator that could lift a car? [OC] [3597x2268]

The epitome of Brutalism - Buffalo's City Court Building [1600x1311] by Pfohl, Roberts and Biggie [OS]

The facade of A'Beckett Tower, an apartment building in Melbourne, Australia, by Elenburg Fraser [900x756] [OC]

The facade of Wells Cathedral, England [3000x1856][OC]

The integrated resort of Marina Bay Sands [3455 × 2303]

The interior of Glasgow Cathedral [4000x6000][OC]

The interior of Shenzhen International Airport; designed by Studio Fuksas [1920x1275]

The interior of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia [1024 x 680]

The late-Modern National Commercial Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by Gordon Bunshaft-SOM. [800x1025]

The longest apartment building in the world. Lutsk, Ukraine. [738x608]

The main hall of the Monserrate Palace (Sintra, PT) [800x1200][oc]

The many windows of Venturi's complex and contradictory Guild House in Philadelphia, one of the most influential buildings in the last sixty years. [599x382]

The mass hall in San Lorenzo, Spain [3264 x 2448] [OC]

The most beautiful Medieval stained glass is in Paris at Sainte-Chapelle [4162 x 2796]

The nearly-finished Millennium Tower in Boston, MA [OC][4000x6000]

The neomodernist Singh Nanotech Center, UPenn, Philadelphia. Weiss-Manfreidi [1366x681]

The new VIA 57 West in Manhattan (Bjarke Ingels Group) [1050x1380]

The parliament building of Norway, the Stortingsbygningen, decorated as it appeared in 1941 during the German occupation for the shooting of the Norwegian film 'Max Manus', 2008 [970 × 647]

The patio of Sinseol-dong Hanok, a combination of old and new, Dongdaemun District, Seoul, South Korea [2000×2131]

The patterned walls of Gyeongbok Palace made out of bricks, Seoul, South Korea [OS] [2100×984]

The sculptural, ship-inspired rooftop of Le Corbusier's Cité Radieuse-Unite d'Habitation. 1952 [800x600]

The sharp Hague municipal office by Rudy Uytenhaak [901 x 1280]

The smallest house in Buenos Aires, originally occupied by a freed slave (1836 x 2448).

The summer House[728 × 546]

The sumptuous maritime windows of the New York Yacht Club, Midtown. Done in the Beaux-Art style by Warren & Wetmore [1000x642]

The tip of the Messeturm in Frankfurt, Germany [2489x2597] [OC]

The tree house[480 × 356]

The view of London from the Shard. [3000x4000]

The world's 2nd tallest building - the Shanghai Tower [980x1470] by Marshall Strabala and Jun Xia

The “Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm” in Hammond, Louisiana, designed by Holly & Smith Architects. [800 × 1200]

These windows have remained (mostly) intact since 1248 - lasting through flooding, fires, the French Revolution, and both World Wars. The stain glass of Sainte-Chapelle. [OC] [1860x1395]

This Château (Saint-Germain-de-Livet, in France) combines several architectural styles [3141x2384]

This cliff-side home designed by GilBartolome Architecture showcases organic forms with zinc roofs located in Salobreña on the Granada coast, Spain. [1800 × 1200]

This is the building I work in, it has an actual moat to protect us from vehicle attacks [887 x 655]

Throne room in Chowmahalla Palace, residence of the erstwhile Nizams of Hyderabad, India [OC][5079x3386]

Tierra Patagonia hotel in southern Chile (2368x2368)

Tietgen Dormitory by Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter (Copenhagen, Denmark) [640x425] [MIC]

Tiles of Opera House looks different the further we get - Sydney, NSW, Australia [OC][3456x2009]

Tiles of the Operahouse Sydney [OC][1526x1175]

Timaru Basilica, Timaru, New Zealand [OC] (4992 x 3318)

Tintern Abbey [5472 × 3648]

Tiny house in Tokyo [799×931]

Tofino house in BC by AA Robins [700x467]

Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan [1626x1080]

Tomás Terry theatre, Cienfuegos, Cuba. Commissioned by an Irish-Venezuelan immigrant in Italian style and decorated by a Filipino-Spanish painter. [4752 × 3168] +=

Took a trip to Fallingwater (Frank Llyod Wright) this weekend. I could look and listen to the waterfalls for hours. [OC] [720x960]

Toronto City Hall [OC 1600x1060]

Toronto City Hall [OC] [1936x2592]

Torre de comunicacions de Montjuic, Barcelona [1285x1920] [OC]

Tour Carpe Diem, La Défense, Paris, France [2000×3000]

Tower Block Hybrid, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [2000×1333]

Tower details from a pavilion, Hospital Sant Pau. Barcelona [OC][1200x900]

Tower of Hercules, almost 2000 year old lighthouse built by the Romans [1 903px × 2 562px]

Traditional Turf Farmhouses, Glaumbaer, Iceland [3072x2045] [OC]

Traditional atrium of the Habib House, the official U.S. ambassadorial residence of Korea, Seoul, South Korea [740×493]

Traditional roof in Seoul, South Korea [OC] [2048 × 1536]

Trakai Island Castle, Trakai, Lithuania. 14th c., reconstructed post-WWII. [OC] [2048x1536]

Transformable Antarctic Research Facility [2400×1200] (Designer: Sergiu Radu Pop)

Trashigang Dzong, Trashigang, Bhutan [4928 × 3264]

Tree house on a lake [1000x667]

Treehouse in Redmond, Washington [600x800]

Treehouse, Redmond, USA, by Steve Rondel [457x700]

Tribune Tower, Chicago; looking up. [OC] [1500x2000]

Trippy carving above a doorway in Bali[768x1024](x-post -r-indonesia)

Tuntex Sky Tower in Kaohsiung, Taiwan [483X802]

Turkish Mosque, architect unknown[2,448px × 1,630px]

Twilight at an ancient mosque in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. By Joel Koczwarski. [990 x 742]

Twins Born 28 Years Apart [1600x1067] [OC]

U.S Embassy, Dublin, Ireland. Designed by Michael Scott in 1962. [1024X768]

UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Saucier + Perrotte architectes & HCMA [900x679] photo by Marc Cramer

Ultramodern Shell Residence by ARTechnic Architects [1100x871] [MIC]

Underneath the Dome of Shahjehan Mosque, Thatta, Pakistan [2048x1365]

Underneath the Dome of The Shahi Hammam (Royal Bath) in Delhi Gate, The Walled City of Lahore [2048x1362]

Underneath the Dome of the Bahria Grand Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan [2048x1536] [OC]

Underneath the dome of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan [2048x1365]

Uniquely shingled 'Wes Anderson' Viewing Room with Stunning Views of New England Fall Foliage (Built 1902 by George A. Reid - Onteora, NY) [2560 x 2144]

United States Air Force Protestant Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO [OC] [2048x1365]

United States Capitol, Washington DC (December 2013) [OC] [2048x1364]

United States Supreme Court Building, Washington DC [OC] [2014x1355]

Universidad Laboral de Gijón, Spain [3648x2736][OC]

University of Manitoba Administration Building - Winnipeg, Canada [OC] [4032x3024]

Utah Natural History Museum - University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah (Ennead Architects) [1024 x 681]

Utopia city, Bjarke Ingel architect [1566x923]

Valencia, Spain[1600x1000]

Valle de Los Caídos Basilica, San Lorenzo de el Escorial, Madrid, Spain [3872 x 2592]

Varnhem Abbey Church in Sweden built ca 1150 AD [3296x2472]

Venice, Italy, November. [2048 x 1334] A beautiful winter.

Veronica Beach House by Longhi Architects in Lima, Peru [747x804] [OS]

Victoria Gate, Leeds city centre, Leeds, United Kingdom [2000×1333]

View from the Residence, Burj Khalifa[480 × 480]

View of the Amalienborg Palace and the Copenhagen Opera House, Copenhagen, Denmark [2896 x 1944]

Villa Amanzi's clifftop (Phuket, Thailand) [1000 × 931]

Villa Dodia, Lonavala, Maharashtra State, India [2000×1144]

Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter, Netherlands [1064x1035] source in comment [OS]

Villa Vals, Switzerland, links in comments [720 × 1058]

Vilnius University Library in Vilnius, Lithuania [2000x1315]

Vimy Ridge, France [OC] [2777x1561]

Vineyards Residence by Swatt | Miers Architects [990x532] (More in comments)

VitraHaus, Weil am Rhein, Germany [2000x1392]

Walker Workshop Oak Pass Main House [1085x680] (More in Comments)

Walking on Livorno waterfront, Italy. [1080x1080]

Walter Towers in Prague, Czech Republic [1920 × 1080]

Walter Towers in Prague, Czech Republic [2560 × 1600]

Warm & Inviting Carolina Shingle 'Holiday House' - Old Shell Point, Beaufort, SC | Allison Ramsey Architects [2114 × 1568]

Washington Dulles International Airport [OC] [4032x3024]

Wat Rong Khun - Chiang Rai Province, Thailand [3200x2400]

Wat Rong Khun, by Chalermchai Kositpipat - Chiang Rai, Thailand - [2007x1506]

Water Town - Outside of Shanghai [1600x1060]

Wavy, the ceiling of the POLIN Museum - Warsaw, Poland - Rainer Mahlamäki [OC] [3198 × 2399]

Went to St. Louis yesterday. Snapped this decent picture of the arch. (1073 x 1907)

White Temple of Chiang Rai, Thailand [2560x1920]

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland - [700x1050]

Willis Tower Chicago (formerly known Sears Tower) the shape is as if you would pile cigarette boxes in different heights (it was the architect's intention, when designing it) [OC] [3597x2367]

Winner of this year's RIBA Awards, Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC), the 'Modern Day Machu Picchu,' seen from below, Lima, Peru [1920×2880]

Winter Palace, St. Petersburg from above [3094x1836]

World Trade Center Station (PATH), NYC [OC] [2267x1500]

World Trade Center, NY [866x1390]

World's Largest Outdoor Chandelier - Cleveland, Ohio [OC] [1080x1080]

World's largest building by floor area, Chengdu global center [1600x899]

Worlds Tallest Building as of 1884 [1859x1391]

Wrigley Memorial on Catalina Island CA [OC][1060x1600]

Wyoming Residence 3-Story Windows face Beautiful Stone Patio over Waterfall & Pond [1978 × 2560]

Xanadú, by Ricardo Bofill, Spain [1000x680] [OS]

Yaksaam Temple on Mt. Geumo during the winter, overlooking Gumi City, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea [1280×853]

Yamasaki's serene and fascist Modernist pavillion Robertson Hall, home of the Woodrow Wilson School. Princeton NJ. [2396x1546]

Yeongdo Haedoji Village Sight Tree, Busan, South Korea [2000×1840]

Yokohama Ōsanbashi Pier, designed by former husband and wife team Farshid Moussavi and Alejandro Zaera-Polo 'Foreign Office Architects' [2048x1365] photo by jun-ta - x-post from -r-JapanPics

You've seen the best of 'Old Buffalo,' here is a taste of the new - Gates Vascular Institute [1031x890]

Yunnan Provincial Museum, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China [2000×2999]

Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi [990x742]

[1024x600] the Zeppelinfeld Stadium entrance, designed by Nazi architect Albert Speer

[4889x1874] The faculty of health in Copenhagen. A rare example of brutalistic architecture. The largest building in Denmark by sq ft.

[768 x 1024] World's largest spiral escalator - New World Daimaru Department Store, Shanghai

[OC] Some building in some place I forgot [5908×3176]

[OC] Sun and moon tower. Guilin, China. (3110×2073)

[OC]The Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Memorial Arches. Kunming, China. (2524×1872)

[OS] Memorial to Chechen and Ingush victims of Stalinism, Russia [599x851]

[OS] Pole House, Fairhaven, Australia, by F2 Architecture (album inside) [1500x1000]

[OS] the Park Vista hotel in Gatlinburg, TN. Hopefully it survives the fires [1200×800]

calypso rotterdam [2600 × 1733]

fennell residence, a floating home in portland designed by robert harvey oshatz[943 × 734]

harbor house. Antwerp, Belgium [OC] [2046 x 1509]

incredible ceiling of the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of God in bulgaria - La Dent de L'Oeil [OC][2048x1378]

one40william, CBD of Perth, Western Australia, Australia [1200×776]

snarkitecture turns the national building museum of washington D.C. into a 10,000 sq ft ball pit [2000x3000]

socal beach house [3187x1793]

the palm house in vienna consists out of 45 000 glass tiles [1600 x 1066][OS] (more in comments)

Český Krumlov Castle [2048x1365]