'All I want - is to find a person who will look at me just like that cat looking at the lights on the tree.'

'Am I doing it right?'

'Angie is a therapy dog who comes into the library and lets kids read to her so that kids who are struggling with reading can gain confidence. Every time I’ve seen her in the library she’s always wagging her tail for the kids and is very attentive.'

'Beware of the dog'

'Checkout my new leg warmers!'

'Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter.'

'Good afternoon class, today we're going to learn what it takes to be a good boy'

'He got on the pillow when the pillow case was being put on'

'I hope she still loves me'

'I made this'

'I take my hedgehog grocery shopping, and no one tells me to stop.'

'I'm not sure what to do with my face'

'I've made a terrible mistake'

'I, big wrinkle, made all these little wrinkles.'

'In other news, a dog was found drowning in kittens'

'Maybe...I licked one'

'No! You may not take away my stuffed animal! Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY.'

'Pudding' is a resident Fox at the National Fox Welfare Society, as he's too friendly to be released back to the wild.

'Quick pic of me and the tree before I destroy it.'

'Repent! The End is Nigh'

'Sheriff's Deputies responded to a burglary alarm. Deps. located the 2 suspects responsible for setting off the alarm.' (From Twitter @SCCoSheriff)

'That's the hooman I adopted'

'The good girl is me, right??'

'This is how she falls asleep on the couch.'

'This paw isn't going to shake itself' - Floyd

'Where do you see yourself in 10 years?'

'You no study, you play with Pebbles'


11.5yrs old and still regal AF.

14 year old floof still looks like a pup.

14 years later: some grey fur, one less eye, and still my best friend.

15 years old and she tries to come to work everyday. Like, enjoy your retirement girl.

17 today.

2 months to 1 year.. Not much has changed :)

3-4 floof, 1-4 tongue

6 months since his rescue from one of largest warehouse seizures in Oregon, Baxter just called me mom.

7 week old boy has hearing aids on for the first time


A Bee-ver!

A Black Leopard's reaction when he sees his favorite zoo keeper

A baby Chinese water deer.

A baby Pudu, the world's smallest deer

A baby Skunk

A baby fox was brought to our local vet. Looks almost like CGI on this pic.

A black cat

A bowl of flour

A boy and his cow napping at The Goshen Fair

A bulldog scares off two bears

A couple of baby donkeys

A dapper cat in his finest fall flannel

A dog and her grand-daughter xpost -r-pics

A dog in need of human affection

A dog who is taking a sick day to spend more time with his penguin .

A friend found this lil' guy roaming in Iceland

A husky walks on water in Alaska, the image was taken after heavy rainfall covered the frozen lake.

A little kiss

A little roar next to dad

A lot can change in 7 weeks.

A magicarp in the wild

A pile of towels

A platypupper

A rare sighting of the North American Snow Loaf.

A skulk of foxes

A tub of shiba inu pups

A young warthog

Actual baby donkey. Not a baby pygmy goat. His name is Opie.

Adopted in 2007 and born in 2004, we've been to college, lived in 5 states, seen 3 jobs, and he got me every girlfriend I ever had. It's been an honor growing old with you. Hopefully we have a few more milestones to cross before we part ways

Adoption was the greatest gift for both of us.

Adorable baby sugarglider.

Adorable socks

After 6 years a family with sextuplets recreated their family portrait

After blow-dry

After crying under our house for an evening, Holly decided to choose us as her humans.

After reading that dogs lick the mouths of whomever they feel is in charge, I just feel like this dog is thinking “I CAN’T HANDLE THIS MUCH RESPONSIBILITY.”

Alaskan Doggo does a Jesus

Alaskan malamute-husky pupper

Alice the birthday girl

All aboard!

All grown up

All he wants is to go for walkies

All these presents are mine?!

Always make time for your doggos. Remember they may be a small part of your life, but to them you are everything!!

Am I clean now?

An actual teddy bear-wolf thing came into my store today.

An extremely rare white giraffe calf recently spotted in Tanzania

An friend of mine just had these cute Alaskan Malamute puppies

An officer and her partner

And then God said: 'Who's a good boy?'

And this's about to get crazy.

And to think, I tried to tell my girlfriend Big Al didn't need a raincoat...

Anytime you mention a bath he gets a little spooked.

Anyway, here's wonderwall.

Are you my new human?

Armadillo lizards are pretty cute, in their own way

As I was saying goodbye, my dog did this..

As a kid, I was embarrassed when my dad would hold my mom's bag for her. Now look at them go! Still traveling the world, strolling arm in arm, & my dad still carrying my mom's handbag so she doesn't ever have to lift a finger.

As promised... Samson and I after she became fully grown!

As requested, here's Pancakes - our new Birman kitten

Asleep on the warm sand

At 10 months old, I think he finally outgrew me

At 4 weeks old, my brothers kitten is already fed up of life

At Last, I'm a father again!.......Reddit, meet (Niko)la!

Atlas the Adventure Dog

Baby Chameleon doesn't know it hatched

Baby Dolphin

Baby Duck

Baby Otter

Baby chinchilla

Baby elephants suck their trunk the same way humans suck their thumbs

Baby giraffe loves to smile! Born on July 10th 2016 at Touroparc Zoo (Macon, France)

Baby weasel!

Baby wolf made front page 6 months ago. Here is how he looks today.

Back scratches are the best.

Beauty Shot!

Because I read a lifeprotip the other day, on a whim, I stopped while running to see if I could get near this cat. Sure enough he had the exact kind of collar I read about on reddit. He's home safe and sound tonight.

Because yesterday so many of you requested a current side-by-side pick...

Before and after my dog realizes I’m in the room

Before the dog park annnnddd after

Begging for belly pats ... don't believe the lies.

Being a 'good boy' is no longer on his agenda

Best Friends

Best pals

Biscuit rescued him 5 years ago, my best friend

Blossom, the Mini Australian Shepherd

Blue Heeler puppy

Bobcat mama and kittens checking out a house in Calgary

Booping a horse

Boston Police puppy

Boston police K-9 tries on his vest that he will grow into

Boy receives teddy bears made from his father's uniform

Boyfriend surprised me with this cutie the other day. Meet Marshmellow :)

Boyfriend tucked her in at 12pm, came home at 4:30 to this....

Bring your dog on a 5k in Louisiana, it would be fun they said.

Brother from another mother

Brown Labrador enjoying the winter sun

Bucket of Shiba Inu puppies (x-post -r-rarepuppers)

Bulldog knocks over boy apologizes

Bunny Corgi!

Came back to find this stray kitty fast asleep in my sunhat :) Koh Chang island, Thailand

Came home for lunch, found her like this infront of my bed.

Captain mittens!

Cat and his slipper doppelganger

Cat in relax mood

Cat looks weird because it's inbred

Cat on ice

Cat photobombs a family picture

Cat pillow best pillow

Cat recognises his owner in a video chat

Cat suffering from a horrible case of chickenpox

Cat suffers for horrible case of Chickenpox

Cat's chin fur makes her look forever surprised

Caught my wife with the cat this morning.

Caught the cat posing

Charlie and her pinecone

Charlie's first day home

Checked house security cam at work, heart melted.

Checked the numbers, you didn't pet me enough today.

Chicken didn't recognize him at first because he got a haircut

Chilling With Dad

Coachella ready

Coffee is better with a friend.

Come here you! Give me a hug!

Comet showing us just how sweet she is.

Cookie is fascinated with the Christmas tree

Cooper's first time at the beach.

Corgi doing a camping

Corgi stops to smell the tulips - life's good when you're flower height.

Couldn't find a chicken. This will have to do.

Cow puppy

Cows will be your friend if you treat them nicely

Cubone Cosplay

Cuddly Scottish cow

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Cute gecko eating a little snack!

Cutest Bombing

Deer Selfie!

Derpy Golden under the Christmas tree

Dis my toy now!

Discovered this little girl behind our shed. She's still figuring this world out!

Doesn't this dog look gorgeous?

Dog before and after being called a good boy

Dog creates his own puppy-snuggles blanket system

Dog nose how to love

Dog sees his heaven

Dog stops two skiers to get some very important assistance. (X-post r-gifs)

Dog.exe has crashed


Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

Donald Duck cosplay.

Double boop

Doughnut frosting

Drax the Destroyer and Rocket Raccoon

Dressed up and ready to go!

Drogo my South African genet. Loves laying on tablets and keyboards just like a cat.

Duke got his picture taken!

Dwarf hamster!

Dwayne Johnson before and after being called a good boy

Emergency Peanut Butter

Enjoying the Christmas snow

Enjoying the sun after a bath

Ever seen a baby hedgehog yawn?

Every day I walk my dog, he finds the biggest stick possible to bring as a gift-sacrifice for the 'big dogs'.

Every night while my husband is playing video games

Every time I come home from class I see this

Every time I take a bath. Never any privacy.

Every year my cat forgets what a Christmas tree is and re-discovers the wonder.

Everyone meet Vixen.

Everyone. May I introduce you to the Snow Leopard.

Exploring the woods.



Faces of a dog catching a fry.

Felt a slight tickle underneath my shirt. Looked down to find this guy trying to steal my button

Fenriz gets one last head scratch before lights out

Fierce and adorable

Finding myself recently single, I brought home a new adventure buddy to start the next chapter of my life.

Fireworks season again

First trip to the groomer!

Flowers for the bae

Fluffy baby kitten

Foot... where are you going? Foot... Nooooo!

For some reason my sisters cat sits like this everyday

Forest doggo

Fortune cookie

Found a stray last week shivering and barley moving, my cat has finally taken a liking to her.

Found him in the garage on Thanskgiving, reddit meet Onyx!

Found my fiancée in bed with my best friend.

Found out where the candy canes around the bottom of the tree went...

Found the crab apple bandits!

Found this amazing wolf dog in the south of Canada today, took a lot of self control not to steal it...

Found this happy guy in my garden

Found this little ball of fur in the forest

Found this little cutie at a café in town today and just HAPPENED to have my camera with me!

Found this little fella on a walk through the woods in Mississippi.

Found this sweet little fella a couple weeks ago so got him cleaned up and fed.

Found this wee guy on the west coast of Scotland.

Four puff balls


French bulldog puppy jumps into his owner's arms. Shows no hesitation second time around.

Friendly little elephant.

Gave the cat a job.

Girlfriend recently acquired a kitten. This is her favorite spot to...contemplate life, apparently.

Girls loving this huge fluffy Sheepadoodle

Going on a long voyage....

Golden Retriever regrets

Got greeted by my new vet receptionist today. Service was pawsitivley meowtstanding.

Got nervous when I saw a notification at 5AM on my security camera while out of town...

Got smoochies?

Got this guy last weekend. Reddit meet Tabasco.

Gravity set too high....

Group hug


Guess we are part of the wall now...

Half German Shepherd, half Corgi

Happy Family

Happy Hot Dog

Happy Sniffs

Happy Thanksgiving! I call this picture 'We have no idea how we actually managed to take this.'

Happy mama

Hat Snek

Hattie Cat

Have you ordered your slipper warmers this winter?

Having a cat reduces productivity by 90%

He LOVES snow. Won't even come inside.

He can smell catnip from a mile away.

He carries it around everywhere

He doesn't like his new bow tie

He finds bombs for belly rubs.

He grew into those ears.

He likes to hold his own feet

He looks like an oversized stuffed animal.

He loves his new sister

He may be old be he still loves the snow!

He needs his giraffe to sleep

He realized he will never be a seal

He thinks he's people.

He thinks he's pretty cool....

He was sad playtime was over and he had to go inside

He's all kitted out and ready for Halloween!

He's been a fan of his big sister since they met!

He's cute and he knows it

He's gone from adorable to derp face over the years...

He's got a full bowl of water inside. Moron

He's not conventional, but he's still a good boy!

He's upset that I took his place on the couch so he just sits...and stares :-

Hedgehog to the sky!

Hello? Yes, this is dog

Hen taking care of kittens during storm.

Her face after I told her that was not her bed and she needed to give it back

Her first Christmas in a warm home

Her first attempt at eating from a dish got a little messy.

Here is one majestic Golden Retriever forest puppy, perched on a pile of rocks.

Hey Dad, let's play!

Hey it's okay, just come cuddle. [x-post from -r-eyebleach]

Hey, it's Mom...with groceries!

Hi, I'm Kal!

Hiding out in his dog fort with a fellow comrade.

His face just lights up.

His lil hat....

His wife is going to deliver soon, he keeps jumping in and out looking at her

Hitman Cat gets no joy from his job

Holding a very dear friend

Hole in blanket utilized for fresh air regulation

Honestly, I could have stayed home alone this weekend - Cat

Honey, I think we need to stop feeding the squirrel. He's looking festively plump.

Hot doge


How cute is this guy?! Hair on point!

How is this not a cartoon?

How you doin'

Human you have returned!

Husband surprised me with my fur baby

Husky pupper

Husky responding to his name in a completely normal manner

I Approve.

I admit it, it's me who feeds her at the table.

I adopted this little fellow from the shelter today

I adpoted a new best friend this week.

I am Fox, hear me roar

I am a Crocodile

I am loaf

I asked my wife to send me some underwear pictures, this is what I got in return.

I bite everything

I bought the bed for a puppy, I rescued this guy last night instead...

I built my husky a canopy bed, and now she won't get out of it.

I can't believe he's the same cat!

I come home to this guy everyday

I did an oil painting of my friend's old dog, I hope you enjoy it.

I didn't want cats. My wife wanted cats. So we compromised and got 5 cats.

I don't know if it is aww, but I awwed

I don't know what I did to deserve this

I found my cat hiding in my pillow case. He seemed more shocked than me.

I found this little nugget in a shop at the beach yesterday - she is WEARING PEARLS

I gave my cat a mini scarf because he was cold- he's so cozy he has not stopped purring

I have a spy on the inside.

I hope this doesn't go to her head

I hug and kiss this little dude on the daily. I let him sleep next to me on the couch and in my bed. He's my little homie and for some reason he still looks at me like a little tube sock with a sad face

I just made an adorable little furry friend

I killed this for you

I know how I'll be voting in a few weeks: my corgi Pancakes for President.

I learned my lesson: you can't go to the humane society 'just to look'

I made dis

I open the cupboard for one second and he jumps inside and now we're in a standoff.

I raise baby wallabies. When they are grown up, they bring their babies back to show me. This is Jill and baby Jockey.

I saw your upset cat on the couch and raise you mine when I took her place on the chair

I see your husky and raise you my frenchie

I spent 30 minutes picking my puppy's bed. I don't know why I bothered.

I strapped a GoPro to my friend's dog and he took this.

I take my Corgi to my parents house every weekend to play with their Alaskan Malamute. They're best friends and I think their smiles explain it all.

I think my cat is actually a tiny man in a cat suit

I think my cat is getting real tired of my crap.

I think my dog Marty just won dog Halloween. (x-post from -r-Halloween)

I think she's enjoying her first night at her foreverhome

I thought they were supposed to hate each other!

I train seeing eye puppies! My latest student!!

I tried to throw the boxes out but she keeps making this face. So I guess we are keeping the boxes.

I wanna stay!

I want to be a vet so I can do this!

I want to see what happens when someone rings the doorbell

I was a little worried about leaving my kitten at a friend's for the weekend. It turns out, I had nothing to fear.

I was blessed by this good dog this morning.

I went to the Amazon and found my long-lost brother

I will never get tired of that smile.

I woke up in the middle of the night to my cat singing me the song of his people.

I woke up to him sleeping like this next to me this morning. I think at this point, we need modelling agencies for cats.

I would give all my karma to have those ears. Complete me.

I'd advise against touching her watermelon

I'll just nap here

I'm a volunteer photographer at an animal shelter, this is one of my favorite puppers

I'm still not sure whether Lemon is a dog or just a really cute stuffed animal.

I've always wanted a dog. I used my kids as an excuse but really, he's mine! Meet Fergus.

IKEA pillow purchase justified!!!



If I pretend to tolerate this, does this mean I'm on Santa's nice list?

In Mexico this dog walked through a parade for the Pope thinking it was for him

In case you were wondering, here's what a baby camel looks like.

Initially enemies, now close buddies

It is impossible to have depression in this house

It snowed last night, he's refusing to come inside now

It started out as a kiss, how did it end up like this ...

It was her 16th birthday today and I wanted to share this picture with you all!

It's a perfect watermelon

It's a snoozing continuum!

It's cricket!!! 100% holiday sweaters and fluffy fur

It's fluffier than the stuffed animal..

It's hard to tell but one of my dogs helped mow the lawn.

It's his 1st birthday, I thought it would be an appropriate time to let him know...

Its picture day!

Japanese dwarf flying squirrel squats chubbily on a branch in the light snow

Japanese raccoon dog, AKA tanuki

Jasper is so cute he doesn't even look real

Jix the police dog all grown up and no longer sleeping on the job!

Just a Pregnant Guinea Pig

Just adopted this little nugget!

Just gave these two assholes a bath...

Just had a bath

Just in case you were wondering what a baby platypus looked like.

Just look how proud she is!

Just picked this gal up from the shelter! Her name is Potato

Just picked up this girl from an adoption event

Just rescued this cutie from a dumpster!

K9 Kiah has become the first police pitbull in the state of New York!

Khajiit has wares if you have coin.

Kitten takes after her Momma.

Kittens and their matching bunnies

Knock knock!

Korea's cutest national treasure

Last week we went two miles; This week we pushed it to two and a half!

Let them out for 10 minutes and they turn themselves into snowmen...

Let's put up a plywood tree so the cat won't eat it...


Like Father, Like Son

Like mother like daughter

Lil' Jon Snow

Lion cubs pose with dad for a picture

Little Archer had his first car ride today.

Little dude loves his orange

Little owl and baby kitten built an unlikely friendship in a Japanese coffee shop

Little red floof

Loki playing outside.

Look at the paws

Look at this sweet little face

Look, it's you!

Looking majestic whilst waiting for treats

Love is everything

Lucy is ready for Christmas!

Made a new friend at the train station.

Made bunk beds for the boys

Made me aww when my friend told me.

Majestic pup

Mary the Greyhound, normal activity..

Me and my mini me

Meet Alfie.

Meet Dammit Carl. Full name: Dammit Carl, get in the house!

Meet Desmond. We got him from the shelter last weekend.

Meet Hank.

Meet King George...16 years old and still...sleeping...

Meet Maddie. Found underneath my wife's car in a parking lot this morning.

Meet Simba. He has no boundaries.

Meet Squirtle, Ohio State's newest service pup in training

Meet Sweetie, my new mini Australian Shepherd

Meet Tucker!

Meet my buddy Bodhi

Meet our new kitten Franklin

Meet our new puppers and old baby.

Met this little floof today outside a cafe in Uruguay, 10-10 for silly sitting pose, would give pats again!

Mini ninja turtle

Mom carries her puppies one by one to a fire truck after house fire

Moments before attacking my phone.

Momma Bear and baby bear

Momma needs peace and quiet

Mommy and baby snuggling

Mordor Eyes

More 5 minutes please!

Most adorable doggo

Mother and daughter


Moved from San Diego recently. His reaction to snow says it all.


Much angry...

Munchkin likes to sit on his own paws

Murphy's first Christmas

My (not so) little buddy turned 1 today!

My 1 year old kid and 150lb mastiff are best friends

My 12 year old with his annual Santa pic

My 1yo puppy at her birthday party!!

My 22 year cat, who I got when I was 4, got to be in my engagement pictures. Love isn't a big enough word. <3

My 3lb kitten's favorite place to nap is on top of, underneath, inside, and next to our 70lb Golden Retriever.

My 4 month old blue whippet pupper.

My 4 year old decided the kitten needed a hat.

My Fiancée knitted herself and Esmé matching Xmas jumpers.

My German Shepherd was lonely so we got her a friend. I think they like each other.

My Girlfriend's Cat, Lemon.

My Roommate's three-legged rescue pup just can't believe it's park time!

My Samoyed thinks if she's not facing me when I'm eating, she's not being rude (she knows begging isn't allowed). This is her compromise.

My adventure cat Ellinore, sprinting through the snow.

My all white Husky in front of a graffiti wall downtown

My anti social cat decided to crawl on me tonight, so 2016 isn't so bad.

My best man looking dapper

My bestie has the cutest little munchkin cat in the world... meet Theo! I've never seen a cat sit on his paws like this before.

My big sister's fiendishly handsome German Shepherd, Spike.

My black and white shepherds❤️

My blind cat was Daredevil for Halloween

My blind dog met another blind dog last weekend, and I'd say he's a little smitten.

My boy Duke smiling like an idiot

My boy turned fiftheen y-o today, we've been buddies since I were 5. Followed me up mountains and to the cities.

My boyfriend and I met at the dog park, so it was really their 2 year anniversary last weekend.

My boyfriend nonchalantly sent me this pic of a dog waiting at the bank today

My brother and his dog always sleep together

My buddy said he had to work from home today because his dog looked sad...

My cat Alice has marble fur

My cat likes to have a 'cocktail' whenever I have a drink (she meows until she gets it) and she'll only drink out of this festive glass

My cat steals potatoes and walks around like a boss.

My cat struck the HS senior portrait pose

My cat, Goose, won't leave the bedroom anymore so I set up a tiny Christmas tree just for her.

My cat.

My childhood dog turned 17 today!

My classmate brought his pupper to class. Reddit, meet Bender!

My coworker got a new puppy

My cute little grocery shopper

My dachshund puppy feeling confident in her scarf and fur coat

My dad and my dog they have done this every night since we have gotten her when she was 10 weeks old.

My daughter got to pick what she wore for her school pictures. Daddy approves

My deaf dog Pinkman has to touch you while she sleeps.

My dog Yogi who runs rampant on the property finds me taking a picture of a mountain. I put phone on burst and captured this!

My dog barely escaping a deadly wave

My dog doesn't understand how to play with a frisbee

My dog got out of the house, expected him to run away but he just did this.

My dog helping me at work. Dr Nugget!

My dog is too old to go on walks anymore, so my brother put her in a wheelbarrow and went around the neighborhood.

My dog looks like a mafia boss.

My dog never has time for frisbee anymore.

My dog realized he can't fit through the baby gate door anymore, now he is sad.

My dog spent 15 minutes this morning trying to get the roomba to play with his stuffed squeaky shrimp.

My dog steals my bed every morning. When I wake up he whines until I get out of bed. After I get out of the shower this is what I see.

My dog waits patiently with a foot in her bowl to let me know she's hungry

My dog, enjoying the finer things in life.

My favorite gaming companion :)

My favorite picture I've ever taken of Flipper

My favorite receptionist Eddie was at the vet today!

My fiance's family just got a new mini aussie. Meet 14 week old Reese.

My first attempt at drawing realism! Before I learned of the blep... should've drawn the blep

My friend got a new phone case.

My friend had a wise visitor appear in her garden ❤️

My friend had her daughters at a zoo when she heard, 'Ma'am, there's a lemur on your baby.'

My friend just sent me this picture of the new dog he adopted. His name is Frederick and I thought you guys might want to see him.

My friend's brother brought a 3 month old shiba to the party

My friend's cat and rat are best buddies

My friend's dog has a unique smile

My friend's dog won 3rd place on a Petco Star Wars contest.

My friend's kitten, Rudi

My friend's new pup, Kuma.

My furry child the day I brought her home. Happy 4th birthday girly-girl!

My girl loves staying cozy.

My girlfriend has been out of town for the past few days. I think he's starting to miss her.

My girlfriend is pet sitting at a home with special needs cats. This is Aristotle, he doesn't have any teeth.

My gorgeous four year old Bengal, Indi

My grandma's dog and her toys, she has never torn apart one and my grandma washes them for her!

My grandpa tried rocking my nephew to sleep, but ended up rocking himself to sleep.

My hands are cold..

My heated blanket... that breathes loudly.

My hooman forget to pick me up

My kitty had her first snow experience today. I'd say it went well

My kitty says goodbye to me when I leave for work

My knees slammed against the bottom of my desk when I felt something lick my ankle. No idea how he got in or where he came from...

My little black munchkin staring at our Christmas tree

My little buddy last summer.

My little deaf girl enjoying the last of the winter sun ♡

My local Humane Society posted this picture of a dog who found a home just in time to help decorate the Christmas tree!

My mom and sister surprised me with my dream dog last Saturday. Meet Lola.

My mom just posted this on Facebook. It was titled 'Downton Abbey fashion night'.

My mom rescues dogs so she had a lot of help cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner.

My mom sent me an email yesterday with the subject 'She won the contest.' This is what she sent..

My mom sent me this today after I told her she was crazy to think her cat made 'facial expressions'

My neighbor has a new puppy that I like to play with through their gate. Today he had on a lil sweater.

My new Siberian Forest Cat, Vladimir Pawtin ❤

My new baby!

My new kittie Skittles: the most loving cat I've ever seen.

My old husky Turbo in his later years.

My parents adopted a German Shepherd

My parents cat turned 20 this year! She still thinks she's a kitten.

My parents' dog was just put on a diet. This is now how he greets me.

My phone case has a satellite for better reception

My roommates new kitten 'Morty' is pretty cute...for a cat

My shy new friend... First day in a new home

My sister and her husband recently adopted, this is his first snow.

My sister and our Alaskan malamute puppy

My sister asked me to watch her cat. It appears she was doing the watching.

My sister's puppy, Bean, enjoying a Puppachino

My sisters puppy is best friends with my friend's dog. They love to FaceTime each other.

My son found a stray kitten and brought him home this week. My Daughters named him Leo. I call him Leonardo DeCatrio.

My squirrel-obsessed dog never even noticed

My stupid username is finally relevant to my stupid cat. It's been a really big day for us.

My turn again! My turn again!

My uncles new puppy is too cute!

My wife insisted that I take Christmas pictures of our cat. It went better than expected.

My wife just sent me this picture of her and our corgi heading out for a drive.

My wife sent me a message while i was at work saying the cat is watching the baby

My wife's a pet groomer, today we met the cutest cat in existence

Nap on the grass

Neighbors new puppy couldn't be found until we looked in the play room. How stinking cute is this?

Netflix and chill

Newest member of the family!

Next level purrito

Nice of my doggo to take me for a walk.

Nice to have a buddy when you're down & out

No biggie, just a bumble bee's butt.

No one messes with my niece

Not all heroes wear capes

Not sure if he belongs here but my bird is pretty darn cute (xpost -r-parrots)

Nothing beats a day in the woods with your best friend

Nothing like a cat fight in Fort Asshole

Novak Djokovic making a ball boy's day

November vs. December

Nurses are incredible human beings. After finally convincing us to go home for a night's sleep from the NICU after a hellish week, we came back in the morning to this.


Oh.. Those paws...

Old boy outside the dentist sees past the physical realm

Old dogs are cute too.

Old girl blocks the door from closing and makes me feel guilty when I leave for work.

Old woman uses a marionette of herself to feed squirrels in the park

Omg little puff ball

On second thought, I'll stay inside.

On the way home from the shelter.

One cup of floof to start your day.

One of my favorite pictures of my 15yr old lab

One of the puppies I am currently fostering

One year makes a lot of difference

Only took 20 mins to get this shot


Our 10 month old Chocolate spent some time with us on our big day.

Our 3lb kitten's favorite place to nap is in between her two 180lb Irish Wolfhound brothers.

Our Husky Stark seemed a little overheated after his walk this morning, so we decided to tried something out. We regret it now because it is next to impossible to get him to come out...

Our campus dog has a identification card now

Our cat with one of her kittens

Our cat won't stop bringing home sponges!

Our cats never cuddle...

Our dachshund acts more like someone's dad every day

Our indoor cat moved from a gray apartment block view to this

Our local Wildlife care center owner with his wolf.

Our new pet Hedgie, Olive!

Our new puppy is still growing into himself... he's unaware of his tongue about 80% of the time

Our newest addition to the family.

Our son and his big sister ringing in his official adoption and the end of his time in foster care.

Out for a family walk

Owls are scared of bananas

Paint me like one of your French girls



People keep saying he will grow in to them...

Percy, the perfect pitbull

Perfect fit

Perky Ears

Petflix and Purr

Photo of my cousin's cat. My grandma sent it to me and told me I had to put it on the Internet.

Picked up this bundle of joy last night!

Pip has a date with the Corgi next door tonight.

Pit bull baby

Player 3 has entered the boop.

Please enjoy this unedited photo of my gigantic cat, Guillermo. (husband for scale)

Please see instruction manual before assembling german shepherd puppy.

Please turn off the lights

Please, tell me more

Pleased to make your acquaintance

Pope John Paw

Portal Kitty

Possibly the greatest image ever

Pretty much just stealing karma from a Reddit friends kitten.

Properly organized fox storage

Pup holder.

Pupper does a deathstar

Puppy made a six hour flight more bearable

Puppy playing in the leaves for the first time

Puppy tub

Pure ecstasy

Qizai, the only brown panda in the world!


Read me a bedtime story

Ready for a night in

Recently put our cat on a diet. We set him up with an automatic feeder... he's not a fan.

Red Panda Being Majestic AF

Reddit meet Jack. Aka the puppy that looks like a bunny.

Reddit meet my kitty Luna, she's a bobtail with 6 toes on each foot. She's perfect!

Reddit meet my new best friend

Reddit said they needed more ducks... here are two of mine.

Reddit, meet Gravy my 15 pound kitty

Reddit, meet Luna

Reddit, meet Mia!

Reddit, meet Twinkie. She is my old neighbor's cat. She lives a block from the local college campus and literally chases students for pets. If you leave your front door open she wanders in and chills and politely leaves when asked. I moved in May and miss her. She always made a bad day a good day.

Redit meet milly

Reggie's face anytime someone says 'treat'

Ruff day

SO sent this picture to remind me to pick up dog food on the way home

Safe to say that my hedgehog doesnt enjoy trips to the vet anymore

Safety first!

Same look

Satisfied kitten

Saw an Australian shepherd make the front page; here's my boy, Atlas!

Say hello to Dickface

Say hi to Tracker

Sea lion pups roll in sand for sun protection

Seal jumps into boat to say hello

Secretary at work rescued this little guy who was born just a little different from the rest of his litter.

She Fits , She Stays

She Spent Two Years at the Shelter due to her Age but I'm so happy to have her, Meet Rowdy Ronda Meowsy

She always gives a welcoming gift (which is anything she can get) to whoever shows up at my house. I got greeted with this the other day

She fits so she sits

She found a way to bug me at eye level when I'm on the toilet

She gave me this look every time I tried to take her out of the bag.

She got tired and had to be carried to the car

She is the best thing in my life

She just battled a moth for about 20 minutes and stopped for a break. P.S. We think the moth is winning.

She just learned she can hug a dog, priceless reaction.

She loves shopping

She makes this face every time she farts

She thinks she's a human baby

She was so excited for her birthday present, now she feels terrible about it.

She's a golden retriever and husky mix :)

She's behind me... isn't she?

She's checking if I'm working

Shelter Dog CANNOT Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted

Shiba Inu and Corgi Cross

Shipment of loafs, fresh from the bakery

Show me the carfox!

Sitatunga calf is happy with their stick

Sleepy Wind being cozy in my hoodie :)

Sleepy puppy... 8 weeks old

Sloth in Costa Rica holding tight after Otto Hurricane!



Snail eating

Snek wants to play fetch

So Calm!!!

So I adopted a puppy yesterday

So I think we're done with the bird feeder until next winter...

So I was out walking my mini cow when Howie Mandel stopped for a picture...

So Peaceful Tommy

So happy. Just like real people after their first litter.

So majestic one minute, so tired the next.

So they really do make this face...

Soccer ball for scale

Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges...

Some funny looking cats

Some of us have no patience on Thanksgiving.

Some things never change

Somebody got a new bed today...

Someone came to visit. (Woodchips for scale.)

Someone isn't to be trusted with a decorated Christmas tree

Someone posted this on Facebook. It's... one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen.

Someone put the dog filter on their gecko....this might be the cutest thing ever!

Someone's puppy fell asleep on me, so I'd say thanksgiving was a success

Sometimes my kitty has shower thoughts, and her brain explodes a little


Spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a wok on top of the freezer

Starting to look like the jolly holidays.

Staying warm under my daughter's jacket :]

Stop and smell the flowers

Stranger doggos

Stray kitten and bunny pair I found outside my home

Stretchy doggo

Strike a Pose..

Sugar glider is extremely excited about the dried papaya

Sunda flying lemur

Synchronized sleeping

T.V. remote for scale.



Take your dog to work day

Taking in the smells

Tell mom I'm on my way home for the holidays. Mom texts back 'they're waiting..'

That ocelot stare.

That's what friends are for

The 'Pomsky.' The result of breeding a husky and a pomeranian.

The 'why can't I have 2 bones?' Face

The Fox and the Hound

The Golden Tub

The amazing instincts of a trained hunting dog to find birds

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

The carpet shark

The cat shelter I volunteer with has a program that brings senior cats to visit seniors in nursing homes. This says it all.

The cutest way to weigh an animal

The dog's been doing it for years, now the 6 month old has joined in.

The doggos are not pleased.

The face of winter

The fluffiest cow ever

The fur-pit claimed another victim

The goalie we need

The guy I'm dating has the funniest cat ever. Will sit like this forever if you don't give him attention.

The happiest looking kitty

The kitten I found last summer has fully embraced the kitten I found three months ago

The mask

The moment my dog realized I was in the truck behind him...

The moment we knew he was the one

The mrs wanted a cat, I didn't. So we compromised, and got a cat. Meet Waylon Jennings.

The neighbors dog loves me

The new cat is fearless.

The only difference is 60 pounds when he sits on me now. Still worth it

The only girl out of the 8 my German Shepard had!!

The party only lasted 5 minutes, happy birthday Oscar

The plus side of Sports Authority going out of business

The vet said the anti-scratch cone would be $50.00. Tractor Supply had it for $19.95...

The warmest spot in all the house...

There are so many dogs and cats on r-aww that we forget about weasels.

There's nothing better than some good neck scratches

These baby chicks want to warm themselves up

These have been the happiest six months of my life.

These hedgehogs ready for Christmas

These three dapper gentlemen

They got an office puppy today and I'm planning on stealing it soon

They watched the whole movie like this.

They've claimed the planter as their new playhouse

This Arctic fox is a thing of beauty

This adorable rat.

This albino squirrel comes to our door & begs for corn every day!

This baby Giraffe

This baby fell asleep. When it came time for the picture, Santa told the parents not to wake him.

This cats name is Goobers

This coyote pup on Conan

This dog has a wonderful life.

This dog is an overachiever. No excuse not to play fetch with him now.

This dog is not stuck...

This dog works at my mechanics shop and hangs out with you while you wait for your vehicle

This dogo has resting bitch face

This dogs life.

This gem

This guy turned 4 Yesterday, he was born on 12-21-2012 to stop the Mayan apocalypse

This if Flynn. Flynn loves Christmas.

This is Albert.

This is Arlo.

This is Ben. People say he's weird, but he actually quite special.

This is Chief, simple yet majestic

This is Daniel and he's an aspiring guide dog!

This is Dora and she has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen on a cat.

This is George. He's 20 next month. Two decades haven't made much difference! Happy birthday my little mate.

This is Leo the deaf neighbor dog. Sometimes he will come to say hi through the broken part of the fence to me.

This is Mara, I get to take her home in October

This is Milly. Her last owners gave her away because all she wanted to is cuddle and wasn't playful enough.

This is Neo, whose favorite pastime is chewing on things that aren't the dog toys my family buys him!

This is Nova, my first cat ever

This is Oscar. He lives in the dementia ward and especially loves my grandma. Thank you, Oscar.

This is Patrick, the world's largest wombat

This is Scrappy, born pure black and now spotted due to vitiligo

This is Smiley, he belongs to a friend of mine. He is a child therapy dog born with dwarfism and without eyes. He's pretty awesome.

This is a picture of my dog, and my daughter dressed like my dog, going apple picking.

This is how my cat sleeps...

This is how my roommates cat decided to sleep on me today

This is how she waits by the pillow for us to wake up

This is how they sleep! Nugget (the sausage dog) makes sure of it.

This is my buddy Nelson, we've been together since he was 7 weeks old. He comes to work with me sometimes. Say hello to Reddit Nelson.

This is my cat, her name is Pants. She is as annoying as she is adorable!

This is my kitten, Norah Jones. She is my best friend and is very photogenic.

This is my new handsome flatmate.

This is my newly adopted kitten Sophie!

This is where I keep my spare cats.

This is why my Fiancé and I need to stop visiting the Humane Society.

This kitty's eyes are gorgeous

This little birdy is a Korean crow-tit and it looks like a fluffy cotton ball with tiny wings

This little bugger has perfected 'puppy dog eyes.'

This little goober's expert photobombing skills.

This little guy looks like he's having a great day

This little guy told his Dad that he wanted to learn how to train his dog and his Dad said there were lots of dog training videos on YouTube. So here he is, showing them to the dog!

This little guy visited us for his first doctor visit today!

This little kitty had its own seat on the three hour train ride I was on in Spain! It sat so nicely for the whole time

This must be what the entrance to heaven looks like

This old fart woke us up at 4am because there was a fire in our neighbors front yard about to hit their cars. Probably saved their house, too.

This old man really enjoys those butt scratches

This police dog was given retirement presents by the community on his last day on the job

This pretty girl came to visit my daughter

This pug waiting for his owner at Starbucks this morning.

This puppy is a lot of work, but how can you get mad at this face?

This squirrel was begging for more popcorn after two girls near me ran out. He came over to me and did this just as I took the photo because I couldn't believe how close he was!


Those ears though

Those eyes!!!

Those treats are gluten-free right? :)

Those two having a discussion

Thought an owl got in the house for a second

Tigers cannot purr. To show happiness, tigers squint or close their eyes. This is because losing vision lowers defense, so tigers only purposefully do so when they feel comfortable and safe

Tilly, 6 months old, soft and loving, blind. She charges and stampedes everywhere, smashing her head often. She never has anything but love, energy, and gratitude for life. Thanks for a valuable lesson Tils.

Time for bed!

Time to go shopping!

Tiny Babies

Tiny bat stretching.

Tiny pupper

Tiny puppy... Coke for scale.

Tiny, grumpy old men

To understand pillow you must be one with pillow.

Today's my first day working for a company that allow dogs in the office. Here's my 13 year old lab ready for his first day.

Today, this guy alerted me to a fire in our washroom. He got all the treats for dinner.

Toddler dresses up as her Grandmother on Halloween

Toddler was asked to feed the cat

Took a portrait of my old friend using my medium format film camera - Sonny, in a rare moment of dignity

Took my Golden Retriever Puppy to the park

True guilt


Trying to get attention

Trying to take a holiday picture of Dexter

Tucking his tail under his chin

Two Husky Puppies meeting at the vet

Two pit bulls in pajamas

Two years ago I raised an orphaned wallaby. Now she brings her own joey home to visit me.

Vacuum cleaners are mean and scary

Vadim Trunov Captures the Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever

Valiant escape attempt

Venus has Heterochromia

Vine Snake

Vole sleeping in an iris flower

Waiting for his bath

Waiting to surprise my SO with this little nugget when she gets home from work.

Was never allowed near cats all my life, here's our kitten Hurayra. Couldn't be happier!

We adopted this little bandit and he's already stealing our hearts ❤️

We are sitting here in the kitchen paying attention to my seven month old daughter. Doggo has been sitting here like this the whole time.

We brought home a rescue puppy today!

We got him a little sister

We got our boy Asher yesterday, and he's already quite the cutie! He's a 7 week old Silver Lab!

We had an unexpected visitor this morning... He followed my wife home from playing in the field with our puppy.

We made a dress for our lepord gecko!

We took in a homeless kitten. His name is Doug. He's fitting in nicely

We're going on an adventure!

We've been best friends since I was eight and she still managed to make it to the wedding.

Well hello there, seapupper.

What 3 months of love (and food) gets you. Smoke showed up in our yard 3 months ago. He hasn't left.

What kind of monster wouldn't throw that stick?!

When Dad Has Your Back

When I tell Amos to sits, he sits. Doesn't matter where. Doesn't matter when. He just. Sits.

When he realizes the person is still there and goes back to being dead

When kids take selfies on your phone

When my SO is tickling me, and I let out a fart...

When no pillow is available

When the Predator Becomes the Prey

When the pizza rolls are too hot.

When the term 'survival of the fittest' doesn't apply to you.

When ya dog is OG but you just another giddy white suburban kid.

When you accidentally open the front camera

When you bop the nose.

When you hear the treat bag open up and you know who's been a good boy.

When you lie on your front

When you take a moment to thank God for the creation of donuts

When your dog is losing her eye sight and your apartment complex has two elevators.

Whenever I catch him with my clothes in his mouth, he has to wear them.

Whenever my wife takes a bath, my dog likes to check in periodically to make sure she hasn't drowned...

Where are we going?

While I can't get my dog to sit still for 10 seconds...

Whiskey turns two (coworker's dog)

Who could be more cute than him?

Who says black cats aren't photogenic?

Wife has sent me the following with 'Its called Fashion Brad, look it up'

Winslow was told to get out of the kitchen because he was in the way of Thanksgiving preparations. Winslow found a loophole.

Winston Is Ready For Christmas!

Winter cuddles

World. Meet Bear, a 8 week old border collie ❤

Yes am dog also!

Yes? No? Floof is confused.

You Can't See Me

You can tell when the girls had a sleepover

You guys seemed to like Vixen. So here's another !

You taste like friendship (X-Post from -r-funny)

You're taking me home now right?

You've come to the wrong neighborhood

Young fan waiting on fist bumps

Young fan waiting on fist bumps after a Boston Bruins pre game warm up

Your Uber has arrived


Zekes first christmas

a VERY good boy i found today

a fair warning for this killer

beware - i'm thorny!

bird made a friend!

boop the snoot

caracal kitten

ever seen a husky corgi mix?

fast floof

fell asleep on my lap like this.

forgot to put out water for the dog at my niece's baptism. Thank god the dog's an expert level survivalist.

gentle pats only

gf finally let me get a cat.. i think she is happy

going on an adventure


hair goals

here is a picture of a baby Axolotl to brighten up your day

how to play catch

just a kitten snuggling with a baby owl

kitty playing outside in the snow.

meet Nellie. she is 17 years old and wishing you happy holidays!

nearly mauled to death

never knew cats could have wiggly ears

nibble nibble

panda doggo

sleepy Shiba trusts his human

snack time

spider spots

ssh, don't want to wake him up.

that's not funny

they follow him everywhere

this dog hugged everyone who walked by outside in japan

turned up to a birthday party. this was his face.

was named rumble. brought the jungle.

went to the shelter to get a puppy, instead i came home with 7-year-old Tofu

you taste like friendship

ᵍᵘˡᵖ ᵍᵘˡᵖ ᵍᵘˡᵖ ᵍᵘˡᵖ