'Be different and you'll always stand out.'


'That's it? Alright, whatever.' - Putin

'The only thing that can beat me is a queen.'

'You'll never take me alive!'

'look at my new selfie... shit.'

*This* is how you do Christmas decorations

2 guys ,2 sheep, 1 helmet.

319 million people and it has come down to this

360 wall ride

3D Printed Optical Illusion

70 Hours of Dots

A Bridge Too Low

A cozy bed on a snowy day

A few people were skeptical about the octopus taking pictures of me yesterday, so I turned the image sequence into a gif!

A guy from my uni managed to swap hats with the Pope.

A majestic doge appears

A misunderstanding of sorts...

A quick reminder that Steve Irwin once chased and caught an emu with his bare hands.

A wave

Absolute winner of bottle flip challenge...

After 2 years I finally finished my sculpture with infinity mirror. It's been a journey

Airplane crashes into another airplane on runway.

Always be sure check the ATM.

An asian cinema villain is born

And people said white cakes were boring.

Android Exclusive!

Animals are Better

Ants working in harmony create a daisy chain to pull dinner home.

Are you as excited for Christmas morning as Mr. Bean?

Asshole Mario

Australian wildlife is working together to bring down mankind.


Bats illuminated by lightning

Batter Up!

Beautiful 8-bit waterfall by Mark Ferrari.

Because a big, bulky case is too obvious.

Bernie catching peoples attention

Bernie has had enough of Trump's bullying.

Bernie the bird whisperer!

Best. Day. EVER.

Bill Murray overwhelmed with joy at the Cubs going to the World Series

Binocular soccer

Birthday card

Black friday in Brazil


Boom Headshot!

Boris Johnson using the force

Box eats Maru

Brewing a Mana Potion

Bye bye!

CGI sugar

Casually sliding in

Cat fight in the making

Cat is broken!

Cat mother love is so cute

Cat on ice.

Caught in the act.

Check this out. I'm jump right through this thing

Cheetah attack on unsuspecting dog.

Classic Lennon

Concealed folding shotgun

Coolest Thing I Saw at Lego HQ Today

Cop breaks down and cries after being forced to kill a suspect high on meth. A sobering image of a side not often considered.

Cop kills running man

Crab Sidewalker It Is

Curious cat.

Dachshunds can’t wait to take a bath

Dad mode active

Damn it, i'll have to walk home now

Danish special force training

Dat pass from the referee.

Demo of how bricklaying bots work

Detecting a prey under three feet of snow is the kind of skill that cuts the survival..

Discreet RV garage

Dog + leaf blower

Dog left stranded on ice sheet in Russia saved by sailors

Dog playing soccer with owner at the beach

Dog shows cliff divers how it's done

Don't Burn Your House Down This Thanksgiving

Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone's Beautiful 4-hit Combo from Today's UFC Event

Donald Trump will be the first US President to ever have received a Stone Cold Stunner

Drone footage of a flowing lava river

Drunk guy using the ATM

Dumping paper airplanes

Edward Spiderhands

Effects of Teeth Loss

Election reaction on CNN.

Elephant finds a giant elastic ribbon, has the most fun ever

Entertaining an orangutan

Excuse me, miss

F* a Magic Carpet

FBI priorities right now

Facebook these days

Fake mirror

Fat Penguin Faceplants

Feelin' the beat in 1980.

Fight fire with fire!

Finals week blues

Finish Him

Fire Ants Can Self-Assemble Into Shapes!

Fireworks factory explosion.

Fist bumping the wrong guy.

Flare surfing

From hapiness to trauma within a second!

From the heart

Get out of my cup!!!

Girl shows off her longboarding skills

Goalkeeper performs a minor miracle

Gold winners in the Olympics of 1956 and 2012

Good guy cockatoo

Gotta go huehuehue

Great day for a drive

Great demonstration of why the kneecap is a useful thing.

Guy Fieri before Food Network fame, selling mufflers on TV.

Guy is being watched while he eats

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday!!

He was born ready.

He's 11

Here I Come...

Hey bud, you got a light?

Hey, man GO!

Hi Reddit, I made a series of animations to help us all take a deep breath

High road Low road

Hillary got a little bit too excited

Hillary ¯\_(ツ)_-¯

Holy sh*t! I thought they used CGI to make the direwolves that big

Homeless man uses rocks to catch fish

Horse Boop

How Pluto must feel today

How to cook the perfect Christmas dinner

How to pick up your friend after they've had one too many

How to stop a store robbery with calories

Human attacks!


I can jump this...

I didn't know Van Damme had a daughter...

I don't share food, you infidel!

I guess his instincts kicked in?

I just discovered SplitDepthGIFS and my mind in blown.

I learned how to stand coins today

I made a GIF about how babies are made

I see you bending honey and raise you to bending water without touching it

I want this!

I'm pretty sure this is the cure for depression

Imma eat this cotton cand... ?!?

In case you don't understand FPS (Frames per second)

Interview with an interesting twist

Is that a fish in there? Let me take a closer look

It looks like she's blowing the team away. I love the little hop at the end.

It's fine...this is my life now...

It's opposite day

It's so true.

Jack Nicholson getting pumped for the big scene in 'The Shining'.

January 20, 2017

Japanese self service checkouts pack your bags for you

Japanese toilet paper holder

Jaws division (joy Division album mashup) [oc]

John Cena gets a Christmas Present

Jumping the distance in a single hop

Just a Truck Driver being a bro

Just a reminder that Dave Chappelle is hosting SNL for the first time ever this Saturday.

Just noticed this implied figure eight on a playing card.

Kickflip on a Glass Skateboard

Kid Gets Hit in the Head by a Water Balloon

Kid destroys opponent In dance off

Kid gets sacked

Kids in Africa recognize Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Kids today will never know the struggle [OC]

Kim Jung Un looks at the White House

Knock knock, Neo (OC)

LA Traffic This Evening

LPT: Do not annoy siblings 3x your size

La Chancla

Labouring Like a Boss

Lemur loves his back scratches.

Light & Dark

Little girl accidentally trolls a seal.

Lizard doesn't appreciate his cute hat

Loop de loop on skis

Love story

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Charlie the venus flytrap!!!

Mace Windu helps her out with the force

Mages actually exist!


Make a Wish!

Man tries to put out Olympic flame with fire extinguisher in Brazil

Man's best friend

Master Chicken

Me in winter

Michael Jackson moves from standstill moonwalk to the full thing, and it's just mesmerizing to watch

Miley Cyrus crashes professor's physics lesson

Monster caught on video

More grown up than many adults.

My favorite part of Harry Potter

My mom's Shepard is afraid of the pool, so when his ball gets stuck he uses waves to get it.

My new car decal

My puppy had her first snow day Today while preparing for an action-movie trailer

Never give up, never surrender

New Zealand's Kaikoura earthquake as seen from space

Next generation playing cards from Japan

Next level pantsing

Not on my watch!

Novel idea to minimize accident damage.

Obama and his bro Biden in Indiana

Oh Hey Der Hooman

On a stage filled with Superheroes, Channing Tatum is the only one to help 92 yo Stan Lee

Open for the airplane!

Otter Slide ∞

Our white blood cells attacking a parasite.

Oxygen isn't the only gas in the water

Parents are late, better start walking home.

Peace Out USA.

Please don't play with the equipment


Projection my Brother-in-law has set up in his front window

Pullout bunk bed

Quick, call the police.... Oh... Nevermind

Real Life Universal Soldier

Reindeer herds in Norway

Removed for being too interesting for -r-mildlyinteresting, this fan is attached to the ceiling and turns on three axes! Whoa!

Ren ♥ Vader

Reverse gif of a watermelon popsicle melting

Ridicuclous crazy Tetris skills

Robo-Katana bisecting a peapod

Root canal procedure

Ruler of Dubai and VP of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed

Russian guy gets high and breaks into an airport

Russians playing with a taser.

SWAT squad stops car

Safety at woooooooork...

Scariest costume this Halloween

Schooled By Your Gran

Senator Vincent Vega (R-CA)

She gets excited about salad tong rides

Sheep thinks he's a dog

Silver conductive pen creates a beautiful origami led city

Sinking feeling

Sisters are so evil.

Skateboarding in high heels

Skaters dedicated to a cause.

Slavic Trash Can Artillery

Smooth AF

Smooth criminal

Sneaky Sneaky!


So I came home to this.

So that's how ticket machines work

So this just happened during the protest in Hong Kong.

Somebody put a GoPro on a liquor bottle and passed it around at a wedding.

Someone took a drone selfie

Something similar.

South Carolina cop planting a taser next to the body of Walter Scott. Slow-motion. [x-post ImageStabilization]


Starry Night in dominoes

Steady, human

Steamroller 'Crushes' Golf Ball

Storm cloud


Surprise guitar solo!

Surprise motherf**ker!

Surprise! Better keep your guard up.

Synchronicity (∩▂∩)

T-Rex jet ski


Tae Kwon Do Masters

Take my crutches, I'm going back to the youth

Taking the fastest route

Taste of Lemon First Time

Tender: Where people meat

Terminator Dog


Tesla's new titanium underbody shield vs. a block of concrete.

Thanks for the block, ref!

That Glove Flip

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

That sick recovery.

That's Paul Rudd?

That's a lamp, bro

That's why I like dogs.

The Ball does what it wants

The Levitron, where the pull of gravity is equal to the magnetic repulsion

The Life of a Dandelion

The boss said: 'Work carefully'........Sure!

The dreaded plastic bag

The flip of all flips

The guys who used to live in my apartment left us a little surprise in the kitchen.

The president America deserved

The proper way to leave an interview

The reason barber chairs have armrests...

The result is perfect

The ultimate Jenga move

This company builds secret storage compartments. They're actually pretty cool.

This dude wanted to play with the balloon too... until he realized he was standing next to Hillary Clinton.

This gif is a better Avatar movie than The Last Airbender.

This is a knife

This kid is going places

Too soon? [OC]


Trying to make it through the end of 2016

Two brothers in total sync with one another

Two model trains on three tracks

Up up and Away!

Usain Bolt fooling with a Brazilian reporter

Vevey, Switzerland drone selfie

Vying for attention

Wat are you doing hooman

Watching humans from space is like watching bacteria in a petri dish

Well yeah Fuck that too

Well, shit.

What color is this GIF?

What happens when a thunderstorm hits the world's busiest airport (ATL)

What's behind the mask

When god says, nope not today

Where did the window go? (X-Post -r-aww)

Who needs bottle openers?

Why you should never celebrate too soon

Wind reversed waterfall on the Faroe Islands

You can step on lava

You guys wanna go for a walk?

You're home!!


Zoolander just walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week...

catch fail.

eagle gets it belly rubbed

eggplant in everyway

he best reversed gif I have ever found

little bear

real champ

what to do in traffic jam

you're welcome