$10,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars [5184 X 3456] [OC]

$20 Bill [1600x1067] [OC]

'Azureus' Poison Dart Frogs (5188x2303)

'Bearded Bee', Unidentified Hairy Eye Bee from Argentina, USGS [4798 x 3640] x-post -r-HI_Res

'Bloom' inside an Icicle [4928x3264][OC]

'Paint fight at the railroad tracks' [1024x768]

'The Little Farmer' by Adrian Borda, jumping spider on flower [2048 × 1419]

10 Layers of paint over drywall [oc][1800x1800]

100$ note good ole uncle Ben (5312x2988) [OC]

15 tiny mushrooms [OC] [2570 x 1714]

1899 United States Black Eagle Silver Certificate [4645 X 3377] [OC]

1943 Steel Penny (3040x2016)(OC)

1956 (U.S. penny) [5198x2904]

1970s 50c piece [OC] [5312x2988]

1990s Ear Piercing Instrument [0C] [3264X2448]

2 flies mating (2048X1299)

3 ballpoint pens [OC][5989x4000]

3-day-old Hermann's tortoise [OC] [3840x2560]

30 day old yellow perch [OC] [3995 x 3660]

35 mm film print [4480x6720]

60s silver half dollar [OC] [5312x2988]

6mm salticidae spider on red cushion [1280x853][OS][OC]

A 44 year old Orangutan hand. [1245x665]

A Banana Slug I found munching on a mushroom in Muir Woods. [3648x2736] [OC]

A Box of Chalk [1688x950] [OC]

A Caddisfly Larvae Casing Made Out of Sand Grains [OC], [3130 x 4382]

A Cosmos Flower Gone to Seed [OC], [3144x3417]

A Cow Killer Wasp aka a Velvet Ant (does not kill cows), USGS [4711 x 3541] x-post -r-HI_Res

A Damsel Fly in North Carolina [1280x854][OC]

A Damselfly [1200x800][OC]

A Fiery Skipper collecting pollen from a Shasta Daisy in Asheville, North Carolina. [OC] [2400x1597]

A Frosted Leaf [OC] [5184x3456]

A Full Moon [1280x1024]

A Fuschia flower [4608 × 3456] [OC]

A Jumping Spider's leg - credit: Jonas O. Wolff [2425x1750]

A Key [7360 x 4912] [OC]

A Kidney Stone (story in the comments) [OC] [6000x4000]

A Lizards Eye [oc][4128×2322]

A Peppercorn [5184x3456]

A Rusted Plant Hook [OC] [3456 × 3456]

A baby starfish [3264x2448](OC)

A beautiful pinky flower [2336x4160] [OC]

A bee gathering pollen [4272x2848]

A bee we saw by the pool in the Yucatan Peninsula [OC] [3056 x 2085]

A brilliant blue bee [1600x1016]

A broken 7' vinyl record my friend gave me. It's incredible to me that you can see the waveforms! [OC] [2448 × 3264]

A butterfly's tongue [1560 x 1225]

A caterpillar..I think [OC] [1300x870]

A chunk of galena. [1600x1067][OC]

A clean cent [4928x3264]

A colorful purple flower [OC] [5184 x 3456]

A curious jumping spider [1200x800][OC]

A cute bee and others on my afternoon hike [2841x1894][OC](album in comments)

A diamond embedded into the tip of a tool. (X-Post from -r-Pics) [4256x2832]

A drop of dew on a mossy tree. [540x960]

A drop of water [2048x1367][OC]

A flower [OC] [1200x1050]

A fly lands on the head of a vine snake in the Choco department of Colombia. (© Robin Moore-National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) [1247x816]

A gynandromorphic (half-male-half-female) jumping spider I found recently [OC] [1280x694]

A horn caterpillar that was on my tomato plant [3823x1238] [OC]

A huge wasp measuring 2.5 inches in length, visiting a banana tree in a front yard. (John Matzick, USA, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards) [1247x817]

A hummingbird moth sipping nectar from a phlox [2211 x 2211] [OC]

A light emitting diode (LED) [OC][4442x3318]

A little caterpillar having some lunch. [OC] [4296x2772]

A master glassmaker uses tweezers to create a handmade horse glass. [3500x2380]

A moth just visited me [3782x2837] [OC]

A mother and her kids. [1600x1171] [OC]

A photogenic little fruiting body. [4608 × 3072] [OC]

A pink flower [1200x870] [OC]

A really high res picture of my friends eye. (5472x3648)

A rose from the Berkeley Rose Garden... [OC] [2403X2400]

A shy jumping spider peeking between a sunflower's petals [OC][2048 x 1365]

A small dried up flower in front of a window with raindrops on it. [774x1080][OC]

A small eastern ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus) [OC] [1280x854]

A small mason bee, Osmia, on my thumb! [2869x1913][OC]

A small spider found in my house [OC] [2125x1417]

A smiling crab in Washington State, [oc][4608 × 3456]

A snail on my succulent {OC} [2000x3008]

A spider and his toothpick by Miron Karlinsky [1200x800]

A squabble over leaf rights? (3941X2611)

A tiny little screw lying on a quarter [OC] [5184x3456]

A toad in my backyard [1024x685]

A toothbrush I use for cleaning electronics, 1:1. [5400x3342]

A very comfy spider [1400x1100] [OC]

A waterproof ball's logo [OC][5184×3456]


Abandoned HotWheels in the back yard [OC][5400x3600]

Acan Lord coral [740x740]

Actual macro porn [3264x2448][OC]

Aerated water from faucet @ 1-24,000 s [1792x780] [OC]

Aesthetics Only Zipper [OC][14193 × 3667]

Aged driftwood [968x648][OC]

Agrias narcissus narcissus butterfly, French Guiana, 2012 by Didier Descouens [5,936 × 4,338] x-post -r-HI_Res

Air bubbles trapped in ice [2048x855] [OC]

Aldabra Giant Tortoise (Aldabrachelys elephantina) on Silhouette island in the Seychelles [3455x2303] [OC]

All terrain salticidae spider [1280x853][OS][OC]

An EXTREMELY small spiny assassin bug on my jeans (~4mm)[1200x800][OC]

An Orchid[1600x900][OC]

An ant takes a drink (x-post from r-AnimalPorn) [1920 x 1080]

An automotive lightbulb, lit. [OC][1993x1342]

An early human embryo on the tip of a needle (980x735)

An incandescent light bulb [OC] [6000x4000]

An injured Katydid. (OC) [4884 × 3255]

An old tattoo [852 x 1136]

An old watch [OC] [1824x1368]

Anaxyrus terrestris [3072x2304]

Anoles have beautiful eyes [2160x1440]

Another Automatic Time Device [OC] [5312x2988]

Another Bee, Another Flower. [3000 × 2250] (OC)

Another Jumping Spider, [OC], [5184x3456]

Ant Bite [2709x2619]

Ant Meets Worm [OC][3264x2448]

Ant [5184x3456][OC]

Ant carrying its larva. [1200x1064]

Ant eating a tiny insect [890x1000] [OC]

Ant in a waterdrop [850x615]

Ant looking for food [1080x1920][OC][OS]

Ant meets moss [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Ant milking Aphids [1400 x 930] [OC]

Ant on Dewy Grass [1600 x 1200]

Ant on Hoya flower [2160 x 1431]

Ant on a Cucumber [900x600]

Ant perched on a cocoon [OC] Taken at Choke Canyon Lake [2631x2631] post animalporn

Ant pushing a water droplet [896x590]

Ant taking a piss at me [800x800] [OC]

Ants attacking a Cicada [OC] [2632*4167]

Ants enjoying a tasty peach [1920x1080][OC][OS]

Aporia butterfly in Croatia. [3888x2592](oc)

Arboreal Orb Weaver, guardians of the pine tree [OC] [1247x831]

Argentine Ant[oc][1080×1920]

Armadillidiidae [2931x2142] [OC]

Arrow Back Spider Spinning Web [OC] [2458x2448]

Australian Hoverfly [3840x3840] [OC]

Australian Peacock spider (Maratus Bubo); Jurgen Otto [1500 x 1083]

BIC Ballpoint pen [OC][2250x1500]

Baby blackberries [5312x2988]

Baby lav [3106 x 2095] [oc]

Backlit lemon leaf [4032x2268] [OC]

Backyard Lizard [OC] [1226x981]

Ball-Point Pen [4748x2390][OC]

Ballpoint Pen [906x650]

Banded Woolly Bear [OC] [2048x2048] (xpost to r-CrossView)

Baseball stitches [3199x2132]

Baseball stitches [OC] [1298x864]

Basil Floret [OC] [5184 × 3456]

Beach glass [2 772 × 2 079] [OC]

Beautiful Blue Butterfly [OC] [3008x2000]

Bee [5184x3456][OC]

Bee and flower [OC][2972x3585]

Bee having a good day [OC] [1000x825]

Bee on a flower [OC] (4912x3264)

Bee's Eye at 10x [OC][3040x2016]


Beer [1920x1080] [OS]

Beer, dried at the bottom of a glass [2400x1800] [OC]

Bees? [3110x2073] [oc]

Beetle [4272x2848] [OC]

Beetle by Kirill Krivosheew [1000x667]

Beetle chilling on a flower [1620X1080][OC]

Beetle face as test subject for the new Macro setup [5472x3648] [OC]

Beetle portrait - pretty creepy huh? [4000x3000] [OC]

Believe it or not there is an insect in this picture [853x1280][OS][OC]

Bert Lincoln

Big and Little [1000 X 869]

Birdy, Denver Zoo [OC] [2743x1716]

Bismuth [1092x1542] [OC] [x-post r-geologyporn]

Black and white garden ant [1200x800][OC]

Black racer (Coluber constrictor) [OC] [1600x958]

Blackberry sprout [853x1280][OS][OC]

Blown Glass [OC] [5312x2988]

Blue Banded Bee [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Blue Banded Bee [1280 x 853] [OS] [OC]

Blue ballpoint pen [4414x5854]

Blue banded bees [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Bold jumper on a mossy post [2700x1800][OC]

Bold jumping spider checking out my wedding ring. [1280x1280][OC]

Book cover [OC] [1686x2355]

Braided Fibers on a Chair [1899 x 2848][OC]

Bronze frog (Lithobates clamitans) [OC] [1600x1014]

Bronze guitar strings (805x921)

Broom [5184X3456][OC]

Bubble Shell [5184 X 3456] [OC]

Bubbles in a lollipop [2047x1535][OC]

Bug on a flower [OC] (4233 × 3202)

Bugs mating [1920x1080][OC][OS]

Bumble Bee vs. Ants [5376x3024] [OC]

Bumblebee face (Bombus)(62 shot stack)[3456x1728][OC]

Bumlebee on a flower[3840x2160][OC]

Burned-out headlight. [1600x1083] [OC]

Burning Wood [OC][2048x1365]

Busy little guy

Butterfly [OC][1500x1250]

Butterfly eating banana off my hand [1936 x 2592] [OC]

Butterfly egg on a leaf [640 X 429]

Butterfly wing [OC] [3024x4032]

Cabbage [Oc][5312x2988]

Cactus [2000x3008] {OC}

Cactus in a Pot [OC] [2064 x 1536] 19 July 2014

California Spiny Lobster (Panulirus interruptus) [2048x1536] [OC]

Came across this little female wasp; named the red velvet ant or 'cow killer,' this female is known for it's extremely painful sting. [2922x1780][OC]

Candle Smoke [3071x3839] [OC]

Candle flame [2448x1836] [OC]

Cannabis Cigarette and Butane Hash Oil[544x720]

Cannabis [3216x2140] [OC]

Captain Crunch Crunchberry [OC] [6000x4000]

Carbonation in a beer bottle [OC][3840x2160]

Carbonation in a soda(3264x2448) (oc)

Carpenter Bee on Mint Flower[OC],[4226x3041]

Cat tail gone to seed [OC][5184x3456]

Cat's claw [2700x1800] [OC]

Cat's eye [OC] 4912x3264

Cat's tongue [855x655][xpost woahdude]

Caterpillar Feet [1152x768] [OC]

Caterpillar [1920x1080] [OC]

Caterpillar of the North American Gypsy Moth [4272 ×2848][OC]

Catorius Maxmillis (1600x1158) (OC)

Caught a horsefly [OC][1200x800]

Caught this fool checking out my girlfriend. [2909 x 2268][OC]

Cellar spider [OC] [1067x1600]

Chainmail [1280x853]

Champagne Cork [5312x2988] [OC]

Charançon [2000x1325] [OC]

Charred log near Gorman Falls - looks like black&white but it's true color - [2700x2160][OC]

Chef's knife [OC][3598x2119]

Cherry Blossom[OC][1432x955]

Chocolate cupcake frosting [OC][6000x4000]

Chrysopidae using lichen as camouflage [1280x853][OS][OC]

Chunk of ice[4563 x 3042][OS]

Chunk of snow[4330 x 2887][OC]

Cicada Face [OC] [1200x800]

Cicada [OC] [650x650]

Cicada [OC][5460x3790]

Cicada, 10 shot focus stack [7111 X 4739][OC]

Cigar [2500x1667]

Classical guitar string tied at bridge [OC] [1688x950]

Close Up Of Sea Urchin Spikes [1600p×1200]

Close up of a sour belt [OC] [5184x3456]

Close up of an Ant [2048 × 1365]

Close-up of a fly head [1200x897]

Close-up of moth on my carpet before it woke up this morning[OC][4644x3084]

Closeup of a rose after rain[1620x1220]

Closeup of a slightly dusty moth [2500x1871][OC]

Closeup of my best bud. [1600 x 1280] [OC]

Coccinelldae [5184 x 3456][oc]

Collection of droplets on leaf [3072x2304] [OC]

Color laserjet print [OC] [2454 × 2486]

Colored Contact Lens - 5184x3456

Colorful sawfly [1280x853][OC]

Colourful Moth in the Amazon [2464 × 1632] [OC]

Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris) from Brushy Fork Creek, Idaho [3755x2503] [OC]

Come at me bro! Damselfly shot [1200x800][OC]

Common Lime Butterfly [2048x1501]

Condensation [1136x640] (OC) Timelapse gif in comments

Condensation [OC] [1600x1200]

Condensation droplets on my windows (with my new MT-24EX!)[2746x1831][OC]

Condensation on a pop can [4912x3264][OC]

Condensation on the inside of a plastic bottle. [4272 X 2848] [OC]

Contrast [OS] [OC] [640x960]

Coral clam on a porites coral (REPOST with resolution) [4608 × 3456]

Cow nose [1400x933]

Crab Spider fighting a Honeybee [3351x2532] [OC]

Crab {OC} [3008x2000]

Crack in rusted steel [800X688]

Cracked iMac screen [OC] [5089 × 2863]

Crane fly (71 shot stack)[2874x1916][OC]

Crap, stay calm, I got this. [2020x1186][oc]

Crocodile Eye [990 x 659]

Crocuses on the first day of Spring [6000 x 4000]

Crushed Ground Pepper [6000x4000][OC]

Cuban treefrog (Osteopilus septentrionalis) [OC] [1600x1067]

Cute little jumping spider [2200x1466] [OC]

Cute millipede portrait [1929x2893][OC]

Cutie jumping spider [3642 x 2204] [OC]

D eye of Franklin [OC] [5312x2988]

Dahlia from Golden Gate Park [OC][2400X962]

Daisy [OC][2752x2064]

Damselfly [1080x1080][OC]

Damselfly [OC] [4608x3072]

Dandelion from a hiking trip [OC] [5184 X 3456]

Dandelion puffball at night [2200x1650] [OC]

Dandelion seed head [2800x1751] [OC]

Dandelion with amazing rotational symmetry [2272 x 1704] [OC]

Dead Pixel on my TV. [OC] [3110x2073]

Dead housefly I found today [3456 x 3456][OC]

Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis) [OC] [3648x2736]

Dew drop [5312×2988]

Dew on a window (with a ring flash) [3040x2016][OC]

Dewdrops on grass; Fu Jianbin [1500 x 938]

Diamondbacked Watersnake (Nerodia rhombifer) scales [1024x678] [OC]

Dipteran overtaken by cordyceps fungus. Photographed in Drake Bay, Costa Rica [OC] [1280x854]

Dog's paw [1826×1217] [OC]

Dolomedes ( wharf spider ) I found this guy in my bedroom one morning. The largest spider in Canada. [2748 x 2388]

Dragonfly Exuvia [OC] [3890x5826]

Dragonfly [5184x3456][OC]

Dragonfly [OC][2048x1536]

Dragonfly after a foggy morning. 94088x2421][oc]

Dragonfly that landed at my place a year or so ago. [3456 x 2304][OC]

Dried Sage, City of Rocks (4715x2616)

Dried shaving gel [4288x2848]

Drinking [OC][1500x900]

Droplet Refraction [2592 x 2073]

Drops of milk splashing in water [1536x1024]

Dye drop in a bubble [1000x760] [OC]

Dye waves [x-ITAP] [OC] [1000x630]

Dyes and liquids [OC] [1200x720]

Ear bud foam [4644x3084] [OC]

Eastern Coachwhip [5184 x 3456] [OC]

Eastern Cottonmouth [5184 x 3456] [OC]

Eastern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulates) [5616 x 3185]

Eastern lubber grasshopper (Romalea guttata) [OC] [1600x1256]

Electric Blue Gecko [OC] [1920x1280]

Emerald moth. [2048x1493]

Emperor Moth caterpillar, Anglesey, UK [OC] [2816x2112]

End of a cigarette [732x732]

End of the line [OC] [6016x4016]

Engagement Ring [OC] [1936x1456]

Enjoying the sunrise [1619 x 1080] [OC]

Entylia carinata (tree hopper) [OC][3781x2524]

Era of Creativity (Souvenir from France, Silver pocket watch)[945x512]

Espresso bean [3840x2160]

Every time it rains, this centimeter-tall fungus sprouts from the deck [2272x1704][OC]

Exploded microchip in a power supply board [2592x1944] [OC]

Extreme dandelion closeup [OC] [1600x1136]

Eye of a Tokay Gecko. [580x435]

Eye of the viper [3877x3123] [OC]

Eyespot on left hindwing of a luna moth (Actias luna) [OC] [1600x1607]

Fabric Weave [OC] [5184 x 3888]

Fall foliage [1200x900]

Female green jumping spider - eating huntsman spider [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Female pelecinid wasp [OC] [1600x727]

Fernworthy Forest, Dartmoor, UK [OC][3720x2800]

Ferric Iron sitting on a magnet showing the delicate magnetic field. [4288x2854] [OC]

Ferrofluid [1600x1200]

Finding Life in Tiny Places [OC] (5184x3456)

Fingerprint [4288x2854] [OC]

Fingerprint left on a penny I found in my change. [1599x1279] [OC]

Fire and on BBQ chip [oc][1990×1440]

Firecave[4221 x 2814][OC](x-post pics)

First attempt at a macro eye [OC][2764x1843]

First macro subject: flower buds [OC] [2797 x 1748]

First submission to MacroPorn. Didn't even know this sub existed..

Fishing spider [3670x5496][OC]

Fishing spider face (and eyes!) at 10x [3369x2246][OC]

Flame [OC] [3264 x 2448]

Flashlight grip [OC][4032x2688]

Floating on McKay Lake, BC [2994 x 3996]

Flower Power[OC][1432x955]

Flower [2000x1207]

Flower bud of Callistemon Citrinus [1080x720][OS][OC]

Flower crab spider [OC][3297x2188]

Flower in my garden (5184x3456) (oc)

Flower w- Moment Macro Lens on iPhone SE [1136 x 640]

Floyd Rose guitar bridge [2048X1365][OC] I shot 6 bracketed images for this. 3 with focus on the lettering and 3 with focus on the bridge saddle and stacked them in PS.

Fly Kicking [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Fly [1080x668]

Fly and water [3473x2481]

Fly drinking water [OC] [1303x868]

Fly looking into camera [1200 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Fly on a Dandelion, [OC], [4270 x 2734]

Fly portrait [1600x1066][OC]

Fly tongue [1200x800][OC]

Fly, Caterpillar, Pepper.[4856x3478][OC]

Flying ant [2048 x 1280]

Food coloring suspended in oil and water [OC][5184x3456]

Food colouring and skin [OC] [1920x1080]

Fork prongs [OC] [1200x800]

Forward March! Ladybug (Coccinellidae) [1240 x 827] [OC]

Found this guy in an unexpected place. This Bold Spider isn't really common in the California Bay Area. He's got really cool fangs! [1654x1401]

Found this little guy at a conservatory garden. [OC] [4912x3264]

Found this little guy in my Orchid [5184x3456][OC]

Franklin's Gaze[Oc][3264x2448]

Frog eye. iPhone with DIY macro ring light [1024 x 1024] [OC]

From my garden [4372x3673] (oc)

Front Yard Flower [OC] [1536 x 2048] | 30 Jun 2014

Frost [3673x2719] (OC)

Frost [iPhoneSE w- Moment Macro Lens] [1136x640]

Frost on a hood of a car (X-Post from r-mildlyinteresting)

Frost on a window [2323x1549][OC]

Frost on an airplane window [3849x2566]

Frost on the car this morning [723x960]

Frost. [2947x1958][OC]

Frozen Dew [OC] [2988x3474]

Frozen droplet on a crystalised thorn [1800x1163]

Frozen droplet under my porch stairs [2466x3699] first post here

Fungus growing overtop of last years dead fungus [OC][2470x1852]

Fuzzy Honey Bee [2332x2332][OC]

Game Ball [OC][5202x3465]

Garter snake! [OC][2738×1825]

Gettin' froggy [1080x1080][OC]

Giant Luna Moth appeared on our window in Pennsylavania. [3648x2736][OC]

Giant Rainforest Mantis [OC] [3661 x 2432]

Giant leopard moth (hypercompe scribonia) [OS][OC][960x640]

Gnarly old piece of tree [3216x2136][OC]

Gold Dust Sprinkled Wings [1024x682][OC]

Golden Fungus [OC][3264x2448]

Golden Paper Wasp Larva [5184 x 3456] [OC]

Golden Paper Wasp larvae. [5184 x 3456] [OC]

Got a light? [OC], [2820x3081]

Grass Covered in dew [OC][2048 x 1365]

Grasshopper [1600 x 900]

Greek Bee (Icteranthidium grohmanni) by Brooke Alexander [5235 x 3694] x-post -r-HI_Res

Green Anole in my Backyard [OC] [2456 x 1381]

Green Grasshopper [4016 x 2677] [OC]

Green Horse Fly, (Chlorotabanus crepuscularis) from North Carolina by Ashleigh Jacobs. [4018 x 3275] x-post -r-HI_Res

Green Sweat Bee Pollinating [OC][2448x3264]

Green lynx spider (Peucetia viridans) [OC] [1280x718]

Green stink bug (nezara viridula) with yellow paper background [1280x853][OS][OC]

Green tree frog found inside my house [5472 X 3648] [OC]

Grooves in a record [2269x1512] [OC]

Guitar string [620 x 400]

Guitar string wrapped around tuning key post [1280x960][OC]

Gulf Fritillary [5184x3456][OC]

HDD Head[5184x3456]-[OC]

HDD actuator heads! [iPhone6S] [OC]

Hairy legs [OC][1566x2048]

Half a hop cone (the golden 'lupulin' resin is what makes beer bitter). [3204x2136] [OC]

Hamilton's gaze [OC] [5184x3456]

Hand-placed square glitter [1600x1066px]

Harambe Jr., My orchid mantis is now L4. [1440 x 2560]

Hatching Hermann's tortoise [1920x1280][OC]

Hatchling (Eastern Hermann's tortoise) [OC] [1920x1280]

Have a Taste, human tongue [oc] [3264x2248]

Heating a vaporizer coil (1024x1024)(OC)

Heavy frost and ice [OC] [2000x1410]

Helicina, a kind of terrestrial marine snail [OC] [1440x960]

Hercules beetle I found crossing the road. [OC][4234x2823]

Here's cat's right eye (phone pic). She was very patient with me! ;) [3264x2448] [OC]

Hermann's tortoise hatchling [OC] [4511x3007]

Hermann's tortoise hatchling with micro SD card [OC][1920x1280]

Hey guys, I have some questions regarding macro photography of inverts, what lens do you guys use (wide angle and then just close up) flash? Diffusers? Really anything, going to be using this on bugs that I stumble across outside. Not sure if there is a difference in shooting inside and outside.

Hibiscus Stigma[3447x3447][OC]

High Park, Toronto. Some Flower some summer ago. [2560 x 1920]

High-key jumping spider [2700x1800][OC]

Hoarfrost (bonus wide shot inside) [OC] [4896x3672]

Hollyhock [OC][3648x2736]

Honey Bee Getting a Drink [3306x2204][OC]

Honey Bee on Red Osier Dogwood flower - Western Oregon [2218x3327] OC

Honey Bee(seeing how close I can get)[5472x3648][OC]

Hornet Closeup [2048x1572][OC]

Hornet head (86 shot stack)[45757x1980][OC]

Horse-fly [4288×2848] [OC]

Horsefly portrait [1280x1280][OC]

House Fly [3804 x 2334] [OC]

House Fly [OC][1024 X 687]

Hover fly coming in for landing [OC] [3875 x 2583]

Hoverfly - Flower fly [1280 x 853] [OS] [OC]

Hoverfly OC [2736 x 1824]

Human Eye [504x700]

Hungry Centipade by Igor Siwanowicz [1200 × 800]

Hunstman Spider [OC](2843x1895)

Hurricane Mathew macro effect [1080x1350] [oc]

I also have an eye - I may have got too close...also slightly blind now[4608x3456][OC]

I also took a picture of my friend's eye. [OC] [2000x1333]

I caught a fly chilling on a plant. (2592x1944)

I cut open a lime [OC] [1020x800]

I did a macro photography project with a tattoo gun and my own skin. This is a still of a line-work needle as it injects ink into the skin. [535x359][OC]

I found my first coachwhip (Masticophis flagellum) yesterday! Here is one of the many shots I got of it. [OC] [1280x685]

I gave a wolf spider a free vacation to a soft box. [1825x1217]

I got up-close and personal with a snail today [OC][800x1200]

I have a pen too! [1280x1280][OC]

I know it's cliche, but I enjoy taking macro photos of eyes. Full album in the comments. [2,592x1,944] [OC]

I love Christmas bokeh! [OC] [5312x2988]

I shot a dead tulip. [2250X1500][OC]

I spotted a troll in an orchid garden. [2100X2100][OC]

I think these damselflies fit this sub perfectly! (x-post -r-mildlyinteresting) [600 x 450]

I was taking some macro shots of a frog. Later in post I realized I could see my reflection in his eye [OC] [2314x1542]

I wish it was a little less blurry but it's awesome how perfectly circular it is even though it's grasping on to the leaf.[4178x2142]

I'm not a photographer, but I found out how to change the settings on my camera. Here's a bee, just doing it's thing. [3413x2560][OC]

I'm told this little guy is a Colorado Soldier Beetle, [OC], [5184x3456]

Ice 2 [2048x1365] [oc]

Ice Bubbles [OC] [5184x3456]

Ice crystals on a leaf [OC] [5760x3840]

Ice ice baby [5312x2988] [OC]

Immature sporophytes of a moss [2592x1944] [OC]

Infrared American Cockroach [1806x1204]

Injured mantis. [3456x2899]

Ink On Paper

Ink on the front of a $100 bill [OC] [1414×2121]

Inkjet Printed ink on Paper[OC][1085x750]

Inscriptions on a blade [OC] - [4320x2432]

Insect caught in spiderweb [764x1080 ][OC]

Inside a guitar [1280 x 1706]

Inside of a horse jawbone [2811x2109] [OC]

Insides of a worm [1200x800] [OC]

Insulin needle with a drop of insulin. Stacked three macro lenses on my iPhone for this! [2448x2448] [OC]

Iridescent Chelicerae [OC] [1800 x 1200]

Iris [3000x2000][OC]

Iris and water droplets [OC] [1600x1067]

Iron slag [2592x1944] [OC]

Is what I do macro photography? [OC] [1400 x 933]

It's not 134 shots, but here's my 9-shot stack of a horse fly [3278x2186][OC]

Japanese Maple Leaves against White Sky [OC] (2048 x 1365)

Juicy Lime for last night's gin and tonic [OC] [5312x2988]

Julia profile [3918x2612][OC]

Jumper caught a mosquito on my screen [OC][1492x1080]

Jumping Spider [OC] [4608 × 3456]

Jumping Spider captures Fly [3072x2304][OC]

Jumping Spider in Super Macro [OC] [1920x1080]

Jumping spider I snatched off my ceiling

Jumping spider [OS] [858 x 536]

Jumping spider killing a honey bee in my backyard [2516x2475] [OC]

Jumping spider next to some of his aphid buddies [OC] [2048x1365

Jumping spider with a stylish hairdo [OC] [4608x3456]

Just proposed [1600x992] [OC]

Just shot this. Here's how a single facial hair looks like up close [1200x800][OC]

Katydid's Perspective, Accidental Success [3264x2448][OC]

Key [OS][OC][960x640]

King of the Hill [1024 x 678][OC]

Kiss me! [OC][800x800]

Kitty face: Hello, Blaze! [OC][3836x2765](x-post aww)


Knifes Edge [518x3456][OC]

Koosh Ball [2048x1365] [OC]

LED bulb from Streamlight [OC] [5312x2988]

Lady Bug on Fox Tail {OC} [2000x3008]

Ladybug After the Rain [970 x 615]

Ladybug [4461x3089][OC]

Ladybug closeup [OC] [1600x1067]

Ladybug covered in dew [1200x816] [xpost -r-woahdude]

Ladybug floating away on a dandelion seed [1920x1200]

Ladybug! [OC] [1536 x 2048] 25 Jun 2014

Lake Tahoe sand [2048x1366]

Leaf of grape [OC][2560x1920]

Leaves covered in ice [3204x2136] [OC]

Leopard Gecko Eye [1600x1065]

Lil Froggo I found. [2988x2988]

Lily in the evening [OC] [4080x3748]

Lincoln in his memorial, on the tails side of the penny. [1024x1024]

Little Red Jumping Spider [OC][2503x2066]

Little blue dragonlet (Erythrodiplax minuscula) [OC] [1304x1600]

Little flower on Mississippi River levee [5312x2988]

Little jumping spider [3024*3024] [OC]

Little salticidae spider on my friend's hand [1280x853][OS][OC]

Llama eye [459x500]

Long Legged Fly [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Longhorn Beetle [OC] [4740x2745]

Looking down the anthill [3040x2016][OC]

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys! [3456x5184][oc]

Lovers on a leaf [2311x1540]

Luna moth's antennae [2848x4272] [OC]

MICR Toner [4608 × 3456] [OC]

Macro flower shot [3264x2448]

Macro image of a large bee (Svastra atripes) [2,048 x 1,490]

Macro of a record player- [1616x1080] [OC]

Macro of my girlfriends eye [640x960]

Macro shot of the human eye [1024x848]

MacroBook [707 x 524]

Maggots enjoying a meal. [5184 x 3456] [OC]

Magnetite [OC] [2000x1758]

Male Anthophora Montana (bee) by Amber Reese [4221 x 3404] x-post -r-HI_Res

Male Martinapis luteicornis bee, Wilcox AZ, by Dejen Mengis [4666 x 3840] x-post -r-HI_Res

Male Morpho deidamia deidamia butterfly by Didier Descouens [4,561 × 3,799] x-post -r-HI_Res

Male southern carpenter bee (Xylocopa micans) [OC] [1280x854]

Male southern carpenter bee (Xylocopa micans) [OC] [1600x1090]

Male wolf spider; Vasily Menshov [OS][2500 x 1667]

Mantis Face [OC] [2448x3264]

Mantis Neck [2904x2073][oc]

Mantis [OC] (5312×2988)

Marbled White Butterfly [2048x1464]

Matcha Dusted Genmaicha [4928x3264] [OC]

Matches [3264x2448]

Mate the Beatles [OC] [3648 x 2736]

Maw of the Suntiger [OC][3949 × 2837]

Medical Compression Tape [4288x2854] [OC]

Melocosa fumosa, a Wolf Spider from western Montana [3408 × 2272] [OC]

Melting snow on the Island [4441x2836][oc]

Mercury switch [2945x4815][oc]

Mercury, forgive my crappy desk [3,000×2250][OC]

Messing with oil and dyes [1000x670] [OC]

Messy eater [1600 x 1067]

Microchip [4688x2784] [OC]

Milk Drops Splashing Into Water [1536x1024]

Milk, Oil, and Food Coloring Part 2 [1333x2000] [OC] - Album in Comments

Milk, Oil, and Food Coloring [OC] [1333x2000] - Album in Comments

Milk, canola oil, and food coloring [OC] [3000x1670]

Mineral Layering inside Geode [2048x1524][OC]

Mineral slab of agate [1500x1000]

Minimal focus [OC] [1273x955]

Mite on a mushroom [OC] [1440x960]

Moldavite [3678x6226][OC]

Mole cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa) [OC] [2048x1365]

Molten metal [2560x1920]

Monarch Butterfly at Colorado Bend State Park Bend, Texas [2600 x 1740] [OC]

Monarch [6000x4000][OC]

Monarch perched on yellow wildflower, taken in my yard [OC][4380 x 2988]

Montana Six-Plume Moth [3072x1728]

Morning Dew on a Purple Bellflower, Lake Louise Banff National Park [OC] [5344 x 3008]

Morning Frost on a leaf and piece of grass [OC](2710X2069)

Morning Glory [OC] [4928 × 3264]

Morning dew on a fly [990 x 673]

Moss on a granite rock at sunset [2991x2244][OC]

Moth Orchid [600 x 811]

Moth on a cricket pitch [1024x768][OC]

Moth on my office window [2448 x 2448] [OC] iPhone+olloclip

Moth on plastic table [3072x2304][OC]

Mushroom in the Forrest [6000 x 4000] [OC]

Must be the last one of the season [oc] (5184x3456)

My (apparently dirty) guitar. Thank for the inspiration -u-non4prophet [OC] [4572-3048]

My Cat's Nose [4278x2848]

My Doberman's zipper nose [960x640]

My biologist girlfriend's gift

My brown eye [OC] [640x640]

My cat's eye [OC][1920x1080]

My daughter's lollipop. [OC] [4912x3264]

My daughter's sunflowers finally bloomed [3318x2212]

My dog's nose [OC][2738×1825]

My dye looks like silk sheet cave [OC] [1000x580]

My eye [OC] [4382x2669]

My fingerprint after sorting a bunch of dirty coins. [1600x1200]

My first ant [OC] [1775x1126]

My first stack. Midline of an Electric Shaver [0C][5696x3777]

My friend's pencil grip. [2448x3264][OC]

My girlfriend asked me to kill this jumping spider. I asked her to watch it while I grabbed my camera. [1600 x 1067] [OC]

My orchid mantis Harambe Jr. is now L5 [2560 x 1440]

My pet Giant Australian Rainforest Mantis eating a fly [OC][4608x3072]

My sister's eye [OC][3680x3680]

My two cents (OC of discontinued Australian 2 cent piece) [3640x2427]

Nail hole [5312 x 2988][OC]

Needle Type Stuff Comparison [OC]

Neoscona crucifera winning at life. [1635X2044] [OS]

New Life Sprouting In Coal [1136 x 640]

New Life [3139x2089] [OC]

New Mexico Thistle (Cirsium neomexicanum) north of Wickenburg, Arizona [OC] [3648x2736]

New Saguaro growth [3264x2448] [OC]

New lens+good lighting [3264x2448]

Night-blooming cereus [2128 x 1409] (bonus timelapse in comments)

Night-blooming cereus before a bloom [1409 x 2128] (testing out diy onehanded single flash reflector)

Norma 7x64 Spent Shell Casing [OC] (4912x3264)

Northern Bluet (Enallagma Annexum) male [2695 × 1967] [OC]

Northern Flicker [1600x1280]

Nose of a puppy [2700x1800][OC]

Not a planet - just the tip of a ballpoint pen [610x610]

Nursery Web Spider Portrait [1280x1280][OC]

Nutmeg veins [3170 x 2019]

OC 2336x3504 - polka dot butterfly eye - first attempts at macro - any advice or tips welcome

OC 3504x2336 - my first attempts at Macro photography - tips and advice please.

Oil and ink abstract (in camera, no post) [2084 × 2382][OC]

Okra [638x640]

Old Mountain Dew bottle [4864x300][oc]

Old industrial voltage gauge [5184x3456][OC]

Old weathered wicker chair [OC][6000x3789]

Once more unto the breach, dear friends [3648x5472][OC]

One Hundred American Dollars [OC] [3492x1630]

One hell of a ride [OC] [891x551]

One man´s gain is another man´s loss... (Green Gecko - Phelsuma longinsulae) [4272x2848] [OC]

Optical motion sensor from a Microsoft Mouse [OC][2862x2862]

Orange Butterfly on Yellow Flowers [2601x1514] [OC]

Orange Spores Emerging From A Moist Shed [1280x750]

Orange ladybug hiding [1200x800][OC]

Orange spots very very close [1080x720][OS][OC]

Orb weaver [4939x3648][OC]

Orb weaver spider [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Orchid Detail. [OC][2400X1843]

Oreo [2592X1936]

Our tarantula's first molt [4138 x 2328]

Owl butterfly caterpillar with accidental mosquito in flight [1800x1200][OC]

Oxidation on these dog tags [4752x3168][OC]

Paddle-tailed Darner (Aeshna palmata) in flight - Bitterroot River, Montana [2789x1846] [OC]

Paper Wasp [1280 x853] [OC] [OS]

Paper wasp, (Polistes metricus), from Maryland, by Sam Droege [6120 x 3912]

Part of a '0' in '100' from the back of a $100 bill! [OC] [2309×1299]

Patch of grass after a rainstorm [OC][2048 x 1536]

Peacock Plumage [660x495]

Pencil Sharpener [5184X3456][OC]

Pencil Shavings [2448x3264]

Pepper #5 [3456x5184][OC]

Perfect snowflake from my deck [2997x2133] [OC]

Phidippus mystaceus, a species of jumping spider found in North America. [1280 x 905]

Phillips head screw [2700x1800][OC]

Pholcidae [OC] [4098x2732]

Physalis - Natural Structures [OC] [1920x1080]

Picture of an Emu's feathers at the Zoo [3205 x 1369] [OC]

Pigmy rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius) [OC] [1280x866]

Pillbug sneaking [1200x750][OC]

Pink Sand - Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda. [OC] [3464x1757]

Pink Tulip [6872 x 4676] [OC]

Pink flower [OC] [1273x955]

Pistils [2592x1728]

Playing with some cobber wires [1280x640][OS][OC]

Pocket watch clockwork [OC][3'848x2'143]

Pocket watch that's seen better days [OC] [3648x2736]

Pollen Party! Melissodes desponsa bea cover in pollen by Dejen Mengis, USGS [4490 x 3493] x-post -r-HI_Res

Pollination by honey bee [1890x1292]

Polymer coated guitar strings become 'hairy' with prolonged use [3168x4752] [OC]

Pomegranate Pip [3133x4699]

Poppy seed [OC] [5312x2988]

Poppy seeds [1600x1067] by Ron Pilcher

Poppyseeds photographed using phone camera and a lens from a cheap laser pointer [3264 x 2448] [OC]

Portrait of common wasp [2121x1955]

Potato [1517 x 1080] [OC]

Praying mantis O v O [2592x3872][OC]

Print on US100 BILL [4288x2854] [OC]

Ps4 buttons [5312x2988] [OC]

Purple daisy [1080×1920][oc]

Purple glue stick left out, started to sweat (x-post from -r-mildlyinteresting) [3000x2250]

Pygmy rattlesnake (Sistrurus miliarius) [OC] [1600x1067]

RPG Dice [OC] 6000x3600

Rain Drops After The Storm [1334X750] (had to resubmit with resolution in brackets)

Rain and berries [6000 x 4000] [OC]

Raindrops glide off a Brown Pelican's feathers at the zoo in Hanover, Germany [2527x1481]

Raindrops on fallen leaf [5616x3744] [OC]

Raspberry. [OC][2121×1414]

Really weird, really tiny fungus. [2560x1920] [OC]

Red Rose [636 x 589] [OC]

Red Velvet Mite [1600x1200] [OC]

Red Velvet Mite [770 x 1080] [OC]

Red flowers [OC] [5312×2988]

Red parasites in the ear of this bright Green Gecko (Phelsuma longinsulae) explain why the poor creature was paralysed [3720x2480] [OC]

Red-eared Slider. [5184 x 3456] [OC]


Reverse Macro of a spider [OC] [2200x1466]

Reverse Side of State Quarter [4288x2854] [OC]

Right-Hand Border of a $5 Bill [4608 x 3072] [OC]

River Frog (5501x3536)

Roadside Ice [2764x1843] [OC]

Robber Fly sucking its prey dry like its drinking from a juice box [1250x1080][OC]

Robber fly [OC] [1200x800]

Rocky Mountain Tree Bark, [OC] [960 × 830] Independnce Pass, CO

Roly Poly [1580x1053]

Rose Whirl[1600 x 1067][OC]

Rose [OC] [5184 X 3456]

Royal Purple Headband Seeds [3355x2065] [OC]

Saitis Virgatus, really expressive faced spider [OS][2042×1788]

Salt Suspended in Alcohol [3105×2062][OC]

Salt and Pepper[1600 x 1067][OC]

Salticidae in autumn [1280x853][OS][OC]

Salticidae on my computer case ventilation grid [OS][OC][960x640]

Salticidae over headphone wire [OS][OC][960x640]

Salticidae spider on dog food bowl [1280x853][OS][OC]

Sand on a fingertip [4394x3456]

Sand spider [OS][OC][960x640]

Sap [OC] [4160x3120]

Sap pellets weeping from trees create tiny amber marbles in Kingston, Ontario, Canada; Jay Foulds [OS][1200 x 799]

Scabrous Tiger Beetle (Cicindela scabrosa) [OC] [1600x1067]

Scales of a Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer [1600 x 1067] [OC]

Schizostoma laceratum (stalked puffball) [OC] [3648x2052]

Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Pin [OC] [6000x4000]

Sea Anemone [2203x2937][OC]

Sea Anemone {OC} [3000x2008]

Sea Urchin in Greece [1836x2448]

Self Portrait [OC] [2000x1600]

Semi-transparent shell atop a flashlight. [4288x2854] [OC]

Sempervivum plant [OC] [3000x1993] x-post from -r-succulents

Serrated Knife Blade [768x1027][OC]

Sharpie tip [OC] [5982x3988]

Shot a jumping spider today [2000x1332][OC]

Shrimp Tail at 230x magnification [1398 x 750]

Sierra Ensatina [4752x3168] (OC)

Silicon Carbide Foam. Diameter of each beam is about .0016 inches. [3576x2340]

Silverfish (1600x1113)

Since I was asked for a 'size comparison' picture of my little rose, here it is with an American Quarter. [OC] [2448 × 3264]

Since we're doing eyes, here's a surprisingly detailed photo of mine with a garbage camera [604x438]

Six forks. [2048x1361]

Skipper Butterfly [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Slime mold looks like a wine glass under a microscope [990 x 745]

Slow and Steady [OC] [3264x2448]

Small Iridescent Beetle on a Brick [3096x4128] [OC]

Small crystals [OC] [1492x552]

Small red damselfly-bro, on my finger [1280x853]

Smaller water striders (Family Veliidae) [3494 × 2329] [OC]

Smallest spider-insect I have ever seen. [4608X3456][OC]

Smart Water Condensation [OC] [5760x3840]

Smoke [4272x2848] [OC]

Snail Looking at a Bubble [860x613] [OS]

Snail [2592x1723] [OC]

Snail [800 x 1101]

Sneeze City [OC] [1536 x 2048] | 30 Jun 2014

Snow covered Christmas bulb [OC] (2000x1515)

Snowflake Right Before Melting [681x680] (x-post from r-pics)

Snowflake [2048x1536][OC]

Snowflake [3214x2296] [OC]

Snowflake at 50K [500 x 357]

Snowflake by Alexey Kljatov [640x480] [OS]

Snowflake on Glass [4166x2589][OC]

Snowflake on a Piece of Glass [4218x2768][OC]

Snowflake that landed on me today! [1952x1735]

Snowflake up close [2947x2080][OC]

Snowflake. [800x600]

Snowflakes [721x721] [OS]

Snowflakes on a black glove [OC] [1920x1440]

Snowflakes on a window screen [OC] [4157 × 2754]

Soap Bubble Solar System [OC] [3402x2268]

Soft moss spores [2675x4012][OC]

Soldier Ant [2560x1700]

Some kind of fungus growing on the underside of a picnic table [2800x2200]

Some literal macro porn (SFW) [OC] [720x537]

Some sort of rainbow fly. [OC] [3436x1932]

Someone stamped my penny. [1600x1200] [OC]

Southern Copperhead [3456 x 5184] [OC]

Southern Copperhead [5184 x 3456] [OC]

Southern Yellow Jacket (Vespula Squamosa) [5,616 x 3,744]

Spider Hanging From Leaf [OC][3264x2448]

Spider Web {OC} [2000x3008]

Spider crawls out onto a dewy web. [990x742]

Spider finishing off a meal over her web. [OC] [1920 x 1280]

Spider found in the shade at Pedernales Falls [3840 x 1260][OC]

Spider wears a water drop as a fancy hat [1240 x 826]

Spider web and dew drops from this morning. [940x670] [OC]

Spider web and water drops [2540x2894]

Spider web, Chitan National Park, Nepal [OC] [3648 × 5472]

Spider with prey [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Spider's Lair [3492x1964][OC]

Spiked ball[OC][630x1200]

Spiralled trimming from milled aluminum [OC] [1500x1000]

Spores on the Underside of a Sword Fern [3872x2592] [OC]

Spotted Fritillary butterflies [2400x1600]

Spotted this frost pattern on my window and couldn't help by grab my phone [720X1024]

Spring Cactus Bloom, Tucson AZ USA [4272 × 2848] [OC]

Spring into action [OC][4272x2848]

Spring is here! A couple wasp head shots (album in comments) [3018x2012][OC]

Spring violet [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Stainless steel scoring pad [4288x2854] [OC]

Stalactite in the making [1836x2448] [OC]

Stellar Dendrite Snowflake [3711x2475][OC]

Stink bug [OC] [5184x3456]

Stinkbug likes blue [2 772 × 2 079] [OC]


Street resistance [2 772 × 2 079] [OC]

Striking surface on the side of a match box. [1280x960] [OC]

Stripped Meadowhawk (Sympetrum pallipes) from the Bitterroot River, Montana [3700x2500] [OC]

Stunning colors on this moth still out in the morning. [3264x1840] [OC]

Sun-Bleached Moth [3744 × 5616][OC]

Sunflower [7952 x 5304] [OC]

Sunflower close replacement post. [3418 x 2629] [OC]

Sunflowers in a dew drop [1842x1227] [OC]

Sunflowers in the water drop on a sunflower [3610 x 2407][OC]

Suspended Chia Seed [2000x3000][OC]

Sweat Bee gathering some pollen [OC] [1645x1097]

Sweet Potato sprout [1760x2200] [OC]

Sweetest Honey Bee by Adrian Borda [1800 × 1196]

Synthetic hair paint brush after one use. [1600x1200] [OC]

TGIF! Closeup of bubbles in my beer [OC] [1600x944]

Tangerine disjunction [960x800] (x-post from r-pencilporn)

Tangled metal[OC][636 x 589]

Tea Infuser [4293X2415][OC]

Temnostoma bombylans ♀ 14 mm [2048x1365]

Tendril Spiral[3456x2304]

Tenebrionidae beetle (Darkling Beetle), Little Stsimons Island, Georgia, 2016 by Sam Droege [5252 x 3778] x-post -r-HI_Res

The American 100 dollar bill [2732x2050]

The BIC mascot looks like he's smiling at me [1816 x 1292] [OC]

The Billy Idol Bee (Billy Idol Melecta) by Sam Droege [3965 x 2919]

The Extruder On My 3D Printer. [OC] [5472 x 3648]

The Flower of the Venus Flytrap. [3706x2471][OC]

The Fly OC [1848 x 1148]

The Human Eye [720x898] (x-post from r-pics)

The Inside of a Burnt out Light Bulb, [OC], [3357x4750]

The Key Of 'C' [OC][5202x3465]

The Pattern on these Butterfly Wings [OC], [5184x3456]

The Scars of a Coin. The date on the quarter was 1990. [2099x1399][OC]

The Stare-down Honey Bee and Miridae something?[4583x3055][OC]

The Strike Strip of a Diamond Box of Matches(taken with a new Tamron 60mm)[2802x1165][OC]

The astronaut from the back of the Ohio 50-States quarter [OC] [6000x4000]

The back of a mushroom I found in my yard. [1936x2592]

The chain of my bike [3369 x 2247]

The closest I've gotten: Moth scales! [2638 x 1759][OC]

The evolution of a SIM Card! [OC; 4184x1648]

The eye of a Enyalius lizard [OC] [1440x960]

The eye of a cat[3007 x 2004][OC]

The eyes of a jumping spider; Elchin Jabbarov [1500 x 1060]

The face of a jumper, Frigga species [OC] [1440x960]

The mosquito drinks from an apple [1936x1328]

The orchid mantis inhabits various types of flower, and as each individual grows its coloring changes to resemble that of its chosen bloom. [1920 x 1200]

The portrait of a wasp [OC] [1440x1080]

The rain brings out the snails in my garden. [960 x 640] [OC]

The surface of a strawberry [2048x2048]

The texture of this moth's wing came out pretty good.[OC], [3684x2393]

The tip of a nail file on a pair of nail clippers[2048x1587][OC]

The voice coil (electromagnet) of a home theater subwoofer [OC][5822x3486]

The world's slowest rollercoaster [1000x667] credit in comments]

There are 108 stitches on every baseball [OC] [6000x4000]

There is 1 tab on a can of soda [OC] [5184x3456]

These two water droplets look like they have eyes. [640 x 1136][OC]

Thin-legged Wolf Spider - Genus Pardosa [3180x2460] [OC]

This brown butterfly [5184 × 3456] (OC)

This grasshopper has some spikey legs. [3781X2670][OC]

This is what I cranked out with a homemade macro lens. A deer skull. [4368x2912] [OC] [MIC]

This little friend just caught an ant in his web. Tried to take a good picture of him with my phone. [5312 × 2988] [OC]

This little guy buzzed into my picture to take a pollen bath. [OC][2400X1849]

This little guy. [3223x2280][OC]

This little rose decided to bloom inside my house. It's total diameter is maybe that of a US quarter. [OC] [2448x3264]

Thistle [OC][2379×2102]

Thumbnail Frog Peeking [5168 x 2896] [OC]

Thumbtack at 1x and gross at 5x [8758x6542]

Tin foil [OC] [2000x1429]

Tiniest jumper caught a mosquito on my screen door [1620x1080][OC]

Tiny LED bulb [3526x2351] [OC]

Tiny Mushroom (iPhone SE w- Moment Macro Lens) [1136x640]

Tiny Red Egg Patch [OC][3264x2448]

Tiny black ants on tree roots [oc][4128×2322]

Tiny cactus [5224x3407][OC]

Tiny crab watching sunrise on South Padre Island [2000 x 1600][OC]

Tiny flowers [2592x1944] [OC] (link to album in comments)

Tiny flowers... and headphone jack for size reference [1600x1200]

Tiny jumping spider, giving me the eyes [1200x800]

Tiny light [1688x1219]

Tiny lizard on a mushroom [843 x 754]

Tiny toy camera and macro lightpainting [1280x853][OS][OC]

Tip of a pen

Toad [1449x1348] [OC]

Tobacco worm [1881x2517]

Today i found a ladybug [2000x1333][OC]

Took a closeup of a bird before release [1920 x 1272]

Tortoise hatchling [1920x1280] [OC]

Tortoise hatchling face [OC] [3840x2560]

Tortoise hatchling in a half-shell [1920x1280] [OC]

Tortoise hatchling limbs [OC] [2276x1280]

Tortoise hatchling rear [OC] [1920x1280]

Tree fungus OC (species unknown) [5312×2988]

Tricholoma magnivelare, aka Pine Mushroom [OC] [4928x3264]

Trichomes [1247x1017] [OC]

Trico Mayfly - Genus Tricorythodes from Bitterroot River, Montana [3321 × 2214] [OC]

Tried macro photography of a snowflake for the first time using a reversed lens [OC] [900x600]

Tropical orbweaver (Eriophora ravilla) [OC] [975x1600]

True Bug (unsure of species) on hand, Massachusetts [2780x1580]

Twisted leaf[OC][636 x 589]

Twisting fall[1993x1121][OC]

Two 24-gauge craft wires on a Coiling Gizmo (x-posted to -r-WireWrapping) [OC][2448x2448]

Uncle Ben $100 note [5312x2988] [OC]

Unknown spider found March 21, 2013 in a steam tunnel underneath the Beltsville Agriculture Research Center, Maryland. [4504x3122]

Up Close and Personal with a front yard flower | Alexandria, VA [OC] [1538 x 2048] 19 June 2014

Used Toothbrush [1325x2000][OC]

Vanadinite Crystals [3066x1853]

Velcro (x-post r-pics) [1024x786]

Venus Comb Murex (Murex pecten) by Sam Droege [5760 x 3840] x-post -r-HI_Res

Walking stick portrait [1080x1080][OC]

Was told you guys would enjoy seeing this eye (cred Suren Manveylen) [900 x 735]

Was told you would enjoy - from r-tattoos, needle injecting ink during a tattoo session [OC][2400x1600]

Washington [3456 x 5184] [OC]

Wasp Stinger [600x450][OS]

Wasp [5472 x 3648] [OC]

Wasp face (20 shot stack)[3300x2199][OC]

Wasp face closeup [OC] [1600x1067]

Wasp guarding her nest: iPhone + Olloclip [OC] [2448 x 2448]

Wasp holding a drop of water [OC][2738×1825]

Wasp infected with Cordyceps [3639x2650]

Wasp looking at it's shadow [900 x 1116]

Wasp nest [2400x1600] [OC]

Wasp sucking the insides out of another insect [1200x899] [OC]

Wasps! Hate these guys, but couldn't pass up the opportunity... [OC; 4051x1670]

Watch Parts [3872x2592]

Water Droplets on a CD [5184x3456] [OC]

Water Magnified Spider [1337x890][OC]

Water drop on glitter [OC][2048x1365]

Water droplet at the tip of a leaf..! [OC] [4176x3120]

Water droplet falling onto Snow [OC] (4912x3264)

Water droplets on a peacock feather [2048x2048]

Water droplets on a spider web. [3456 x 5184] [OC]

Water drops [OC] [1000x600]

Water drops on a CD [1366x768] (Xpost -r-waterporn)

Water drops on blades of grass [3827x5755]

Water on a penny- A6000 w- Novoflex bellows and 105mm f-3.5 [3315x1865]

Water strider (Limnoporus notabilis) [3068 × 2045] [OC]

Web Designer [1952x2664][OC]

Western Forktail (Ischnura perparva) from near Missoula, Montana [3000x2000] [OC]

Western Tiger Swallowtail - by Ron Richey [OC] [2000x1355]

Wet Caterpillar [4288 × 2848][OC]

Wet Luna Moth [4288 × 2848][OC]

What is this cool plant I found? [3648x2736] [OC]

White-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum obtrusum) from Clark Fork River, Montana [3000x2000] [OC]

Whitebanded crab spider feasting on a bee [OC] [3318 x 2212]

Who's eating who? [2000 × 1125]

Wing of a Green Darner dragonfly [2880x2267]

Wire Blender Thingy Tip [OC] [OS] [2048x1371]

Wolf spider carrying babies [1200x800][OC]

Wolf spider portrait [2189x3283][OC]

Wolf spider, Lycosidae. 7 image stack [2700x1800][OC]

Wood Frog (I think) [OC] [4928 x 3264]

Wrigley Gum Wrapper [4288x2854] [OC]

Yellow Hairy Flower Wasp [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Yellow and purple creation [OC] [636x588]

Yellow flowers [OC] [4608x3456]

Yet Another Drop of Water [OC] [4937 ✕ 3290]

Young Sphagnum Moss [OC] [3725x2585]

Young red mite, 5x magnification [2700x1800][OC]

Your photos inspire me to do the best I can with my Android, like this under side of a Dandelion [3027x1409]

Zebra blue butterfly [1280 x 853] [OC] [OS]

Zippo [OC] [2688x1512]

Zombiewalk macro [1200x800][OC]

Zooming in on a daisy [OC] [3152 × 3905]

[2048x1582] Toad who lives under my porch.

[2468x3194] A nice little aphid family living on a plant in my yard. These things are so tiny.

[5184x3456]Daddy longlegs saying hi to a minifigure.

[5312x2988] Microflora from top of 200+ year old Live Oak

[OC ]Praying Mantis Egg Hatching [5760x3840]

[OC] A bullet with some patina [4608x3072]

[OC] Antheraea Polyphemus Moth Macro number 2 [6912 × 5048]

[OC] Antheraea Polyphemus Moth [1564x1038]

[OC] Cactus [3648x2736]

[OC] Cherry or Berry [5727x3818]

[OC] Daylily [2048x1546]

[OC] Detail of a Canadian $2 bill... [1440x900]

[OC] Dew Drops on a Poppy [3024 x 4032]

[OC] Gutter downspout [5152 × 3864]

[OC] He was barely bigger than my pinky nail... [1680x1050]

[OC] Macro Crayons [6456 × 4048]

[OC] Matilija poppy [1920×1280]

[OC] Moth on Marble [5877x3306]

[OC] My pet spiderbro decided to pose for a portrait. [3315x2458]

[OC] My son's frog (5184x3456)

[OC] Newly Hatched See Through Praying Mantis [2770x2510]

[OC] One more of my pet spiderbro. [4317 × 3238]

[OC] Phidippus Audax Jumping Spider Macro [6102x5105]

[OC] Resistors

[OC] Salt Crystals MAcro using Modified Raspberry Pi Camera [2592x1944]

[OC] Scarabaeidae Larvae (White Grub) [5546x4925]

[OC] The controversial $20 [1680 x 1050]

[OC] Tire Tracks - xpost from ITAP [1948x1220]

[OC] Winter has arrived here in Karlstad, Sweden. [2957x1958]

[OC] [2048 x 1536] Some form of lichen on rock.

[OC] [4781x2689] Dead Cockroach

[OC][1,732 x 1,204] my research organism, the kudzu bug Megacopta cribraria (Hemiptera: Plataspidae)

[OC][6000x3591] Snail

[OC][OS][2048x1536] Dead Bug

[OS] Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa) [4737x3641]

[OS] Carpenter Bee Eye (Xylocopa) [7488x4992]

antique-cash-register [1000x667]

baby turtles at a home aquarium in Crete [OC] [1600 x 1067]

blown glass [OC][5312x2988]

branch encased in ice (6000 x 4000)

butterfly scales [2000x1325]

dandelion [2048x1365]

dusting bee [4912 x 3264] [OC]

found this little guy on Vancouver Island [3456x5184][OC]

mushroom or flower?[OC][5184x3456]

my office phone [1680x1050] [OC]

my snowflake attempt [3000x2250][OC]

passing away [OC] [1024x682]

razor blades and glowstick juice, made in the usa [OC] [1387x925]

shootin' some soap [x--r-ITAP] [OC] [1200x670]

slam dunk [640 × 959]

steel trevally [1024×724]

wasps need love too [OC] [6016x4016]