'Climbing trees is fun,' you said...


'Sharing is caring'

'You shall not sleep'-Gandolf


... a fursty.

.... I always knew cats were smart!

...and I'm all out of catnip

...and the 'nip kicks in.


1 in 6 wins

3 o clockz


<3 <3 <3

A cal king bed and two cats.

A girl i know thought this was a cute one what about y'all

A high percentage of reddit users

A little early for Christmas cheer but. . thought i should post

A searching we will go


Accidentally turned on the news.

After peeing all over my bed. I still love him though.

Aliens (-omo)-


Allow me to play you the song of my people.

Almost a perfect Bond Villain :D

Am I normal mum?

Ancient Aliens meme kitty

And apparently I taste good!

And it wasn't even his final form.

And tomorrow I can do it again

Angry German cat likes his wassermelone

Anyone else remember this nursery rhyme?

Are we done here?!

Are you f**king kidding me?

Are you serious?

Attorney at law

Aww, hell no...



Bath Time

Be careful with cats.

Be the pillow

Bear! That is most unlike you!

Because You're Worth It

Before you jump...

Best prank evur

Black demon


Boss Fight

Botched reassembly

Boxes, boxes, boxes.

Breaking boundaries

Browsing on Petsmart

Bunch of cats


But on cat nip it is.

But these are for girls...

But you said I could invite a friend over


Can I plz...

Captain Kitten

Cat Selfies

Cat breading

Cat doing deals

Cat home alone

Cat in a bag

Cat just wants some cake (x-post -r-animalslookingatfood)

Cat letting puppy win play fight

Cat not happy with its trim

Cat ponders a bubble

Cat sat in a tissue box.

Cat tries 'happy' pills

Cat with stuffed cat

Cat years.

Catch If You Can



Catnip is a hell of a drug


Cats always sitting where they want

Cats and their improv beds

Cats are not good at hide and seek.

Cats attempt at knitting

Cats can get away with it

Cats lives moods

Cats want you to die

Cats would no longer need to suck up to us if they could all do this

Cats: 1 Dogs: 0


Caught red-handed!!!

Cause mischief?

Challenge Accepted.


Cheeky cat on kitchen counter

Chillin' with the kittens


Cocaine kitty

Commuter cat

Contemplating kitteh

Cool cat is...

Cute kitty caught red-handed?

Da hood...he lives in it...




Damn, how do I set this to half an hour?

Dat walk tho.

Deeply Offended Cat - Where's the original image?

Definitely more catnip.

Dem Sneaky Kitties

Demon Cat Claims Another

Depression hurts...

Dey are not dollz!!!

Did you see our human?

Dikembe Catombo

Direct control :d funny cat <3

Dis Big I tell U!


Disappointed Cat (xpost from r-AdviceAnimals)

Disappointed Father

Do NOT look behind you

Do NOT mess with my ball

Do Not Patronize Me

Do you even lift?

Do you see a cat in this pic???

Dobby is a free elf!

Dog tried to tell kitty that he's not the boss.

Don't do it man...

Don't leave me hanging

Don't sit on the keyboard

Don't worry, I'll be back by tea time.

Don't. Laugh.

Dont mind me

Douche bag Cat

Dramatic cat


Dur dur dur dur

EPIC Bad Decision in...3...2...1



Edward Scissorpaws

Even lolcat sees how dumb they are

Even the king has a mother...

Every cat Iv'e ever had.

Every damn time!

Every day

Every owner's dream

Every singel morning

Every time there's something good on

Every time...


Everybuddy on the East Coast, [x-post from -r-aww]

Everyday Iz shufflin.

Evil Cat




Fierce Kitty

Finding Nemo..

Fine I'll try your stupid box

Fite club


For this you die in your sleep.


Forever alone :'(

Forgot to Charge my cat

Frank is a pretty girl.

Freeloader kitteh


Friend of mine who works at the library has had to tell more than one patron, 'It's a novel, not a manual.'


Fun now...





Get a boyfriend damnit!

Get back to work!

Get your shit together kid!

Going to Jail

Gone but not forkitten..lived loooooooong and purrspered.

Good cat - evil cat

Gotta have it

Gotta know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em.

Grumpy cat is grumpy

Guardian cat

Guess who


Halloween decorations


Hang on guys! Almost there!

Hang on, Human

Happy St. Catrick's Day

Happy cat not so happy

Hat or cat?

Have you seen the cat?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

He caught a mouse

He never knew it was coming...

He's not putting up with your shenanigans

Hedonism Cat

Helper Cat

Hemingway's Cat

Hey, what are you thinking about?


Hide and go Zzzzz

Hide and seek

Hiding spot

Hipster lolcat

His acting career has only just begun!

Hitler cat


Hot tub

How I feel finally having the weekend off

How about never?

How dare you!!!

How passwords get stolen

How they see most things.

How to basket

How to get tail

How to keep your cats occupied

How to tell if it Is it safe for the cuddles

How to tell when the water bowl is empty.

Hu did it?

Human cat brings the lolz

Humiliation Cat

Hungry baby

Hungry cat plays no games


I am an Aeroplane. Old meme but still hilarious

I am now an airplane

I am very skeptical about this

I bathed u while u slept

I believe this applies to most animals but especially cats.

I can haz a cheezburger ?

I can haz chee-chee-ch-ch-chchchchch-cheeseburger

I can't even go near the Christmas Tree without a little hand reaching to claw at me..

I do love cats random crazy moods

I don't always poop

I don't know how to tell you this

I don't know why dogs like this

I dunno what happened, Mommy.

I find it amazing how cats can literally sleep anywhere

I find my lack of helmet

I fitz

I guess I'm sleeping on the floor tonight

I guess a lolcat is better than nothing.

I had to kick our kitten out of the bedroom last night because he kept meowing and walking on us. My girlfriend just sent me this picture.

I hate you.

I have 5 males cats. They still resent me for being neutered.

I have claimed this tiny human lol

I have to keep my laptop half open so my kitten doesn't climb all over it, but Leo is determined.

I heard it

I hold ur hand, k?

I immediately regret this decision.

I interrupts your leezure...

I is acute kitty

I iz taking a selfie on my new iPhone

I joined Slimming World three weeks ago, this is what I have pinned to my fridge as motivation!

I know you slept well

I love you lamp

I mean, that's what I'm reading. Get to it!

I missed you

I never thought it would start like this, but I'd always hoped!

I never took the Kobayashi Maru test until now. What do you think of my solution?

I photographed a wedding today. The bride's cat got me.

I really has one...see?

I saw fishy toy...

I shouldn't interrupt her nap time again...

I swear it's true..

I think this is a good place to put this....

I think this piece goes here, and. . .

I think, therefore I'm cat

I was feeding him and he gave me this look

I was only gone for five minutes!

I will survives

I will take this one

I would like to register a complaint!


I'd say yes if I was you.

I'm Pretty Straight On This !!

I'm a little teapot

I'm going to kill you last (x-post from r-pics)

I'm going to see The Lion King in 3d this weekend.

I'm in your kitchen...

I'm moving to Belize in a couple of months and I'm trying to learn some Spanish. I found an app that teaches you Spanish with LOL cats This is gonna be fun.

I'm not blocking the view

I'm not fat....

I'm not saying it was aliens...

I'm on your keyboard...

I'm opening my eyes now..

I'm pretty sure she hates me now.

I'm vaccinated.

I've been both.

I've waited...



Idiot friends...

If 10 guy had a cat.

If I fits, I sits

If I fits...

If looks could kill...

If my grandparents were cats

If not for sits..

If you're having cat problems I feel bad for you son...

Im just the bearer of bad news

Imaginative cat

Important investigation

In her element.




Invisible bike

Is this dog?

It all makes sense now

It changed me...

It takes two

It was all a dream

It's a vicious cycle, man.

It's all good in the hood

It's called an illusion, Michael!

It's cookie season again

It's dangerous to go alone, here take this.

It's down there somewhere let me take another look

It's mine

It's so hot that....

It's weigh day

Its time for a selfie!

Ive seen some Sh%t man...

Jack's cat (xpost from -r-30Rock)


Joy like no other

Just add water

Just my luck.

Just one of those mornings

Keep it down

Kindergarten Me

Kiss it. KISS IT NAO

Kittahs in Paris

Kitteh going online

Kittehs have their own way of doing things

Kitten Stuffs

Kitten got game

Kitten photographer

Kitties fortress

Kitty Approves

Kitty Doesn't Share.

Kitty bunk bed

Kitty is not pleased with the concierge.

Kitty is pleased to see you my...

Kitty is pleased to see you...

Kitty loves the ladies!

Kitty says you're her Valentine

Laptop Advice

Last night my security camera caught an intruder!

Last words...

Lava Everywhere

Lawyer cat

Lazy cat wants to play

Leave it to the cat to find a loophole

Let Me Eat You !

Let's go for a walk, he said...

Life is hard.

Life is tough.

Lifelong fear of bread

Like a floating head

Lil BUB and Tardar Sauce as Pinky & the Brain

Loaded and Ready to Fire!

Lol.. 101% true and i hate it when my cat do this

Long live the King

Look, I'm a hooman

Love lamp

Maid service

Master Jedi.

Maybe another time...

Meet the lolcat fairy!

Meowlyn Monroe

Met this cat named Patches today.. He had the craziest expression, I couldn’t -not- do this ;)

Mexicat is not pleased

Military discipline


Mitten Kitty

Mittens...all grown up.

Monday blues

Moon cat!

More like an evil cat

Morning After Cat

Most Interesting Cat


Movie star glasses make me look fabulous!

My aunt wished me a happy New Years with this picture of her cat

My bad...

My bf got me addicted to reddit, so for Christmas I tried to make him a card, but after a couple hrs failing at different collage makers, I finally gave up on printing it and just showed him it on the computer. He still laughed.

My boy is the definition of smooth

My cat is a little too excited for easter...

My cat is not amused

My cat is stunned.

My cat loves to hear what I did with my day

My cat only let's me do homework for short periods of time before she decides to step in.

My cat sticks her nose in and assumes she's in

My cat, the drunkard

My device! It worked!

My feetz

My moms cat loves belly rubs and everytime i get into bed she does this.

My tummy hurts

Naming the pets


Nazi cat

Need to work, but Comfy Cat

Never know wat they r doing

Never put paws into socket

New bowl

Niko and Milly at breakfast time.

Nine lives is never enough...

No I haven't seen your LSD

No dogs allowed

No need to call the electrician

No pictures please

No staring please....

No-neck lolcat.

Nobody ever listens to me (x-funny)

Nobody suspects a thing

Nope. They're all taken.

Not a cakeday post..

Not like you've done anything else today...

Not this one..

Nothing suss

Now go away.

Now it's a real party!


OMG RIBBONS! My favourite LOLcat of all time.

Oh god...

Oh gravity, aren't thou a heartless bitch

Oh grumpy cat...

Oh mike.

Oh no one would dare to.

Oh, in that case, go on right ahead!

Oh, no reason...

Okay kitty I'll be back though :,(

Okay, I'm ready...

Okay, now tape up the sides

On second thought...

Once you admit your wrongness, I may forgive you

One day my son..........

One of my favorite cat pics on the web right now.

One-eyed cat thinks you're an idiot

Opera kitty

Our cat doesn't seem to return my daughter's love.

Our soon to be cat overlord

PLZ don't bring me to vet


Perhaps it is his way of getting me back for emptying them in the first place.


Picture time !

Pierre hasn't started his New Year's diet

Pizza Cat

Plan B

Please turn off all electronic devices

Plotting kitteh


Poor kitty seen a big mouse

Potty time is a spectacle apparently....

Pour me a double

Private Fuzzball in boot camp

Probably a repost but it makes me laugh every time xD

Probably one of the saddest pictures on the Internet

Puttin mah face on

Quiet, you fool!

RAWR!...Just Kidding :)

Racks on racks on racks

Rainbow wall of happiness

Rare photo of a cat tree

Rawr!! <3

Ready for a backpacking trip

Ready.... aim....




Regretful Cat

Relax life is wonderful> Super cool cat

Relax! I washed them..

Release it!

Release me!

Release the Kraken!

Remain in position for 1-2 hours and repeat as necessary

Revenge cat

Rise of the LOL cats.

Rug life


Sad kitteh

Samuel L Catson for the win


Save the kitty from lifelong scarring!!!

Saw this and had to share

Scardy cat

Scumbag cats (x-post from r-funny)

Secret Weapon

Seduction cat

Self conscious kitteh

Sexiest cat I know

Sexy pose?

Seymour is never gonna believe this!

She's cute though...

Should've never let him watch The Shining.

Silence is Golden unless.....

Silly kitty, that's not a tail...

Skeptic billiards cat double checks your call.

Sleep plans

Slippery kittah!

Slow reader

Smooth Kitty

So my cat found the Christmas tree that we hid on the table he 'couldn't reach'...

So true...

So vain

So... close...

Sodium Fine c;

Some days I just feel like this

Somehow being in German makes it funnier (xpost from -r-funny)

Someone's at the door

Something's wrong...

Sometimes old kitties just get tired So they need lots of loving <3



Sorry if repost

Sorry, we're all out.

Sparkle Death

Special tissues

Squishy thinks he's part octopus

Ssssh! It's time the dog took what's coming to him!

Stealth level: 87

Stealth level: Master

Stealth mode kitty

Stealthy cat

Stealthy kitty

Step 1 to being a Crazy Cat Lady

Stick it to the dog!

Stop teasing Coco

Story of my life

Stress Relief Kits

Stupid drive-thru.

Sums up every animal out there.

Sunbathing cat



Suspicious smell



Take that, human! The ultimate revenge!

Taking kitty for a walk

Target Locked!


That leg..

That's why i'm here

The Force will be with you. Always.

The Führer

The Morning After Cat The Previous Weekend

The Wrath Of Kitten

The amount of cat posts

The best of the internet!

The dog still thinks I'm fur.

The dog went missing? YAY... I mean... I'm sorry

The first cat picture to make me lol in a while - X-post from r-funny

The first lolcat was created in 1905 by Henry Whittier.

The human sleeps tonight

The joys of motherhood

The last ingredient

The lion king

The most maddening cat in the world.

The tigress awaits her prey

The yeti strikes

Then it is agreed...

There is always a few missing pieces when you get a Ikea Cat

There's something wrong with this mirror... [Fixed]

They can hear pretty good but...

They see me rollin....

They're actually delicious... who knew?

They're planning..

They're plotting

This Bowl?

This cat is a gentleman

This cat is on a roll

This doesn't concern you, walk away.

This doesn't concern you...

This is My Shoebox.

This is going to get worse before it gets better

This is ground control, you are clear for landing

This is how I penguin

This is like my cat whenever she hears the can opener...

This is true for every cat

This is your captain speaking

This level is just way too hard!

This might take him awhile

This thread...

Those 3am runs..

Thoughtful cat packing a bonus snack

Thoughtful kitteh.


Time for plan B!

Time to cook

To dream the impossible dream...

To shred or not to shred?

Today I brought home some cat-grass for my two cats.

Toilet etiquette

Too many cookies for santa?

Tough little guy

Trick or Treat?

Truth in advertising

Trying to avoid a vet trip

Trying to hide

Turkey Maru

Typical cat superhero

Uncle Sam has returned! In cat form!

Unthanksgiving Cat

Vampire kitteh

Vegetarian cat

Vending machine

WE MEET AGAIN! (requested xpost from -r-aww)




Waffles is getting cynical.

Waffles loves good weather

Wait, he's right behind me, isn't he?

Walk away she is mine :)

Want some catnip!?

Waste of a good lap dance...


We all woke up in a daze, and there he was.....

We're in love

Well, is it, or isn't it?

Went out on my balcony and saw this little guy staring at me from my next door neighbor

Weres ur money lost anyon the couch?

What a cat

What are you thinking about?

What cats would pray for

What do you mean?

What have I done with my life?

What you looking at?

What's delaying my dinner?

Whatcha Thinking?

When getting a cat..

When kitty is sad, send in happy turtle.

Where were you last night?

Who the hell is 'Rudolph'?

Why am I not eating?

Why does everyone keep getting confused?

Why don't you have a seat


Will cats ever evolve to solve this problem?

Woah woah woah woah, slow down, human!

World's toughest cat

Wrong colour!

Wrong stash.

X-Ray Cup

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Yeah, that's the attitude I would expect


Yer a wizard, kitteh.

Yes you have

Yoga kitteh

You done vacuuming?

You got something right there...

You need to go to the store.

You want cuddles on demand?

You will never love anything... as much as this cat loves pizza.

You're SOL.

You're a cat, sir.

You're not bad luck

You've been warned.

Your leaving for how many days?

Your soul?

blocky cat

can i help u

cat ninja

computer kitteh

dead... sure.

go jeeeezusss cat!


hooman i need your help


i look amazin

i wuz gonna scratch mah post

it's the perfect time to run in House

man down!

me irl

meowracles? I got nothin

need moor shooz!

ninja kitteh

o hai

raptor kitten!



this picture is a purrfect definition of redditors.

twinkle twinkle little star

up up and away

why cats shouldn't watch cartoons..