$820 Million Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall

'A ship of war, of the third rate' circa early 18th c. [1986x1844]

'Aircraft passenger cabin' by Hans Jenssen for NatGeo [1920 × 1077]

'Amazing Grace', DDG 70 USS Hopper, fires an SM-3. She's named after today's Google Doodle tribute, R.Admiral (lower) Grace Hopper, who created the first computer code compiler and revolutionized the way we think of programming language [3705x2481]

'America's Flagship,' the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Sails in front of Iwo Jima. [2048 X 1367]

'Aprilia' by artist Alexandra Bircken [850 × 569]

'At least we don't name warships for our mother-in-law', the former HMS Battleaxe in Brazilian service as the Rademaker. [2100 x 1500]

'Atlanta' a Confederate ram on James River after her capture, c.1865 [3,000 × 1,915]

'Battleship Row'. Aerial view of battleship moorings at Pearl Harbor on the southern side of Ford Island, 10 December 1941, showing damage from the Japanese raid three days previous. Add'l info in comments. [5053 × 4043]

'Battleship Yamato' filming in studio pool, June 8, 1953. [991x734]

'Beast from the East' the IL-2 Sturmovik

'Big Wind', two turret mounted Mig-21 jet engines mated to an old Russian T-34. Designed to blow out burning oil wells. [670x446]

'CAT'S ARSENAL' - an infographic by LAMBUJA! [1920x975]

'City of Truro' - the first steam locomotive to reach 100mph, 1903 - and 'Earl of Berkeley' - a Great Western 3200 class, 1936 - sit wreathed in steam at Alresford, UK, 2011. [2880x1816]

'Dinah Might,' the first crippled B-29 to make an emergency landing on Iwo Jima during the fighting, is surrounded by Marines and Seabees on March 4, 1945.

'Dirty Dora,' a Hawker Typhoon being loaded with 500lb practice bombs

'Dr. ?'s Secret Pyramid Base' built to capture 'King Kong', Takayoshi Mizuki, Shōnen Magazine, 1967 [1346 × 1006]

'EH2 - Branch B : HAXPES + SXRD' Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy experiment [960 x 720]

'Earthscraper' planned in Mexico City [2539x1653]

'Endurance' of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition. Launched in 1912 from Norway, she battled her way through pack ice until trapped by ice and sunk in 1915. [664 × 899]

'Exploded Engine' display by Rudolph de Harak [1,600px × 1,165px]

'Faith' (s-n N5520), a Gloster Sea Gladiator Mk I, on the ground at an airfield in Malta, probably while serving with No 261 Sqn circa September '40. The aircraft has been refitted with a Bristol Mercury XV engine and three-blade Hamilton Standard variable-pitch propeller salvaged from a Blenheim.

'Fear not Madam, they are nothing but beggars' Nearly four and a half centuries later, the Royal Netherlands Navy flies the 'double beggar' jack to honour the first rebels in the Dutch war for independence [1.500×2.000]

'Full speed ahead and damn the navigation aids', the 'Honda Point Disaster', seven destroyers in less that seven minutes [566x394]

'HMS Dreadnought' by Jose Antonio Penas. [1663 × 781][x-post -r-ImaginaryWarships][ART]

'Hellfire' missile in transparent casing [2248x1333]

'Hey Bob, you ready to do a three-point turn?' [479x373]

'Hey Hey Hey!' A Fat Oscar. [800x533]

'Hishou' by Usui Kengo

'I <3 U' from the crew of HMS Daring, returning home from its first 9-month deployment - Happy Valentine's Day to all our subscribers! [964x757]

'IBM' written in 35 Xenon atoms, the dawn of the age of nanotechnology [485x388]

'Inside the Great Pyramids' [1024 × 1599]

'Just sign here, please' - delivery of a LeTourneau L-2350, the world's largest front loader. [1800x1200]

'Left Full Rudder' USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) underway in a tight turn to port while conducting training and completing qualifications in preparation for a 2017 deployment. Atlantic Ocean, Aug. 2016. USN Photo. [3936 × 2488]

'Lest We Forget'

'Marion' a beautifully restored Supermarine Spitfire

'Moonbeam McSwine' flying ace William Whisner's P-51 Mustang

'Old Brass Brains' - an analog tide-prediction computer used from 1912 to the 1960s. Officially known as the US Tide Predicting Machine No. 2. [2298×2790]

'Panzernest' prefabricated armored machinegun post [1280x832]

'Precious Metal' XR-51D (P-51) with Rolls Royce Griffon powered contra-rotating propellers[1000 × 664]

'Rendezvous by' Herbert C. Hahn. Heavy cruiser USS Los Angeles (CA-135) receives vital guard mail from a destroyer. Drawing, Colored Pencil on Paper. 1951. [1280 × 1004] [x-post -r-ImaginaryWarships][ART]

'Sabotage cartridge' - copy of a German 7.92mm round manufactured by the British [500x332]

'Second Chance' C-47

'Soyuz rocket rolls to launch pad in French Guiana' [595 × 842]

'Spitfire' from The Battle of Britain (link to film clip in comments)

'The Battleship Bombing Experiment' of 1921 [1,986 × 2,542]

'The Cannon Shot' by William Van Der Velde the Younger - a Dutch man'o'war fires a salute [2232 x 2652]

'The Fifty,' Alcoa's 16-million-pound stamping press [1500x996]

'The Gadget', the first nuclear explosion device in 1945 [1598 x 1300]

'The Gammasphere' spectrometer, an array of up to 110 High Purity Germanium Detectors. [3,000 x 2,993]

'The Longest Ship in the World' USS Pittsburgh (CA-72) a Baltimore-class heavy cruiser of the US Navy.[2035 x 1618]

'The Turtle' submarine used in 1766 during the American Revolution [317x506]

'Theo, I have run out of ammunition. I'm going to ram this one. Good bye. We'll see each other in Valhalla.' - Maj Heinrich Ehrler's last transmission.

'They sowed the wind, and now, they are going to reap the whirlwind' - Operation Gomorrah, Lancaster over Hamburg, August 1943

'Typhoon' submarine TK-20 [2048 × 1365]

'VW Sedan, Sectioned' [1024 × 772]

'Vos navires sont dans un autre château' - German tankers watch the French cruiser 'Colbert' burning during the scuttling of the Vichy French Fleet at Toulon, 27th November 1942 [1480 × 947]

'Yippee', the 5,000th P-38 Lightning produced. May 1944.

(4128*2322) Antonov 225-Mryia in Edmonton, Alberta. When I worked at the int'l airport

(4640x2610) Just a shell... Well half of a shell.

(August 24, 1950) USS Helena (CA 75) fires her 8'-55 to cover the withdraw of The 3rd Republic of Korea Division, encircled while fighting a delaying action near Yonghae, on the east coast of Korea [800x600]

(Falklands Friday) Triumph expressed in the form of a photograph. HMS Invincible returns from the Falklands. [1024 x 768]

(Falklands Friday)HMS Hermes returns from the war showing some wear and tear.[564 × 415]

(June 6th, 1942) USS Yorktown (CV 5) engaging Japanese aircraft during the Battle of Midway. Three Val dive-bombers would cripple USS Midway before being sunk by Japanese Submarine I-168 on June 7th, 1942. [5660x4467]

(October 26th, 1942) Sinking of the USS Hornet (CV 8) during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands [740x566]

(October, 12-13, 1950) USS Helena (CA-75) fires her 8'-55 guns at Chongjin, North Korea. At the time, her northernmost Korea War combat mission. [800x600]

(Tampion Tuesday) Tampion in one of the 12' guns on the pre-Dreadnaught USS Texas inscribed with Spanish-American War battles, ca 1900 [2500 × 2030]

(X-post from -r-militaryporn) The Merlin Engine Starts on a Supermarine Spitfire [2048x1357]

(budget) Buck Bros plane and shavings [1920X1080] [OC]

(x-post from Woodworking) Finished rebuilding my 1970 Delta Unisaw (2048x1365) [OC]

-r-WarshipPorn is helping to beta test a new reddit feature: Built-in image hosting! Here's a test: SMS Hindenburg. [2917x1795]

.303 British rifle cartridge

.45 Calibre Semi-automatic Pistol [1920x1080]

1 USS New York, which was built with 7.5 short tons (6.8 t) of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center to commemorate the victims of 9-11 in the Hudson River on Nov 2nd, 2009 [3888×2592]

1-100 Sinanju model, modeled by Jackwings [640x939]

1-72 scale tower of the battleship Yamato compared to a Tiger tank. completed with 18.1' shell. [1742 × 1416].

1.5GB Maxtor, 80GB Samsung, 1TB Hitachi [OC][2688x1520]

1.6GB Quantum IDE HDD [OC] [4823x3411]

10 Layer PCB Cross Section [420x312]

10,000lb explosive goes off near USS Jackson LCS 6 as part of recent shock tests - she apparently withstood damage 'better than expected' [1429x1400]

100-47 mm guns on the Italian heavy cruiser Pola. [1780 x 1684]

104-gun first-rate ship of the line HMS Victory. The world's oldest naval ship still in commission. [3072x2048]

105 mm Royal Ordnance L7 tank gun [640x640]

11 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbirds on the ramp at the same time [1920x1080]

12-pounder anti-aircraft gun mounted on HMS Agamemnon, 1916 [800×629]

120mm tank fired anti-infantry round m1028 [645x132]

13,000-ton Heavy Lifting Device (HLD) installs a X-band radar dish onto a twin-hulled semi-submersible drilling rig at Kiewit yard in Ingleside, Texas, ca. 2002. [800×1067]

14-gun Brig HMS Speedy, with only 54 men, engages, and captures the 32-gun Spanish Frigate El Gamo, 6 May 1801. The battle was so embarrassing the Spanish captain asked for a letter certifying he conducted himself honorably. [868x589]

147.1 litre, 10,000 hp Zvezada M503A engine with a 126 spark plugs and a 168 valves [512 x 384] other shots in comments.

15 Different types of bullets [466x466]

15' British Battleship Guns and Shells. People for scale. [3,648 × 2,736]

15th Century Postmill [1096×871] - from IAmA Dutch WindMiller

16' shell being moved from its storage stall to ammunition hoist on the USS New Jersey, 1944 [801×776]

175 Ton capacity charging ladle, U.S. Steel Duquesne Works, PA, 1989 [4052x5000]

17th century merchant ship cut in half [1280x598px]

18 cylinder radial engine used to power the Hawker Sea Fury [1080x1080]

18.5 thousand ton hydraulic press (325 x 246).

1886 illustration of railroad tunnel under the River Mersey 'shewing the relative position of Railway Tunnel, Drainage and Ventilating Headings' [783×721]

1912 Aveling and Porter steam traction engine [1400×1189]

1917 German U-Kreuzer Cutaway - from a Minecraft-style naval combat game [1920x648]

1919 Winther rotary snowplow [600x477]

1923 Bucyrus Model 50-B steam shovel which helped build the Panama Canal (now at the Nederland Mining Museum in Colorado) [2560×1707]

1930's football friendly. I am guessing the location is Gibraltar. In the background left is a R class battleship, probably HMS Ramillies. The closest destroyer is HMS Blanche (H-47), B Class. She became the first RN destroyer lost in WW2 when she struck a mine in November, 1939. [2100x1601]

1930s Pickwick Nite Coach - Cut In Half

1935 Alfa Romeo Bimotore [3528x1719]

1938 Fairchild-Maxson Mark I Line of Position Computer [1500x1000]

1939 Leica LTM [736x813]

1940 P-51 Mustang [1807x1217]

1942 tank assembly line (1346 x 933).

1942 tank assembly line [3087x2140]

1945 Dyson Landliner - a streamline bus with steerable front bogey. [1595x955]

1948 Soviet design studies, Project numbers 621 and 626, for troop-landing submarines [x-post -r-ImaginaryWarships] [1250×891]

1950s Ingersoll-Rand air compressor piston repurposed as a vice table. [816x612]

1953 Ferrari-Arnot XI world speed record hydroplane. [964x624]

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air [1000×777]

1958 BBC television centre [2520x1912]

1960 Fiat 1100 'Tipo Lusso' [700 × 1893]

1960's drill [3264x2448]

1963 Porsche 356 (cutaway illustration)[2364×823]

1966 Union Pacific Snowplow Locomotive [1024x768] [OC]

1968 Sikorsky S-64 Main Rotor Assembly [2500x1667]

1970 British Ericsson PABX Exchange Line Relay Sets [OC] [4147x2765]

1970 Super Boss Mustang 429 being loaded aboard USS Coral Sea (CV-43) [390×550]

1972 Skyline GT-R [1200x705]

1972. The heart of the Porsche 917-30 Turbo-Panzer. A twin turbocharged air-cooled, mechanically fuel injected, DOHC flat 12. In qualifying trim the engine produced 1500 HP. This car utterly destroyed its competition in 1972 and led to the folding of the Can-Am sportscar series. [800x547]

1979 Tucker Snowcat equipped with protective armour [900 x 676]

1990 Leyton House CG901 Formula 1 car [716x1024]

1993 Mazda Rx7 [1500x966]

1st Rate Warship [2860x2664]

2 Astute class SSNs sailing along side each other [2048 × 1162]

2 Islands? I Raise You a Super Island [1600x1200]

2,700-pound Mark 8 'Super Heavy' shells waiting to be loaded into the magazine of battleship USS Iowa (BB-61) [1,910x2,840]

2.5 Megawatt steam turbine and generator unit [5312 x 2988]

20 Amp Circuit Breaker [2368 x 3200]

20 B-25s fly in to the National Museum of the United States Air Force to commemorate the 70th aniversary of the Doolittle Raid. April 18, 2012.

200-ton manipulator for 4,000 ton press in the No. 2 forge shop, U.S. Steel Homestead Works, Press Shop No. 2, Homestead, PA [5000x3936]

2004 Ford F350 Bulletproof Power Stroke aluminum Heat Exchanger [1600x1200] (OS)

2007: Every aircraft carrier outside the US navy [2390x 1640]

2011 Daewoo - Chevrolet Lacetti Gearbox [1920x1200]

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Flat-Six (x-post from r-Porsche) [1258x852]

2014 Range Rover [710x471]

2015 Corvette Z06 8 Speed Transmission [OS][4147x3110]

2015 Jaguar F-Type [597x596]

2016 Honda RA616H Formula 1 Engine [1296x729]

2017 Jaguar F-Pace [3226x2419] [OC]

2017 Porsche 911[980x490]

201st Mexican Fighter Squadron 'Aztec Eagles' P-47 Thunderbolt, which fought in the Philippines under MacArthur, 1945.

20mm Frangible Armor Piercing (FAP) shell [1115x2796]

20mm Oerlikon crew on Iowa man their gun [2560x1676]

24 Hours of Le Mans Racecar Cut-away [1920x1080]

24-pounder long guns, which remain in perfect working order, Gundeck of the USS Constitution[3264 x 2448]

25 WWI Firearms (Animations in comments) [OC] [1920x1080]

25-Million Volt Tandem Electrostatic Accelerator, The Holifield Heavy Ion Research Facility, Oak Ridge Laboratory, DOE, 1980s? [2560 x 3200]

2500th military space launch in Russia, Soyuz-2.1b, Plesetsk (album in comments) [900x600]

256K Server Memory Module [OC] [2688x1520]

274mm cannon inside a Colbert class french ironclad 1885 [2510×1570]

28-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-4360. It powered many aircrafts in the 40s and 50s, including the Hughes Spruce Goose [1024x683]

2nd Generation Confederate P51 Combat Fighter [1920 x 960]

3 British Type 45 destroyers [2048 × 1365]

3 of the 52 17th century windmills used to drain the 12,000acre Schermeer lake in Holland [1606 x 1606]

3 speed DEWALT Hammerdrill Transmission [OC] [2448x3264]

3,7cm Panzergranate 18 armor piercing shell [1122x764]

3-8 Long Handle Swivel Head Ratchet [1385x300][OC]

3.5' Hard Drive Disassembled[960x717]

300 Ton Crankshaft in the World's Biggest and Strongest Diesel Engine (109,000HP) [429x643]

305 mm Italian howitzer, captured probably in 1917 by the German-Austro-Hungarian forces on the Isonzo-Front [1,365 × 1,031]

30mm AHEAD Shrapnel Shell [800x1107]

368th Fighter Group razorback P-47D seen carrying experimental rocket tubes designed to fire the 3.5' M8 rocket. These tubes proved to be very difficult to use and inaccurate; however, rockets mounted on underwing pylons directly proved highly effective.

384th Bomb Group 8th AF B-17 Bombers in the Combat Box

3D printed human skull cut in half with waterjet [600x380] (OC)

3D-Printed 1911 Cutaway [1024x765] (x-post -r-3DPrinting

3rd rate ship of the line HMS Wellesley sank after enemy 1940[1024 x 905]

4 blades vs 3 blades mixed formation

4,500 horsepower boring machine ‘Heidi’ breaks through at the final section of Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world's longest rail tunnel. [2132x1566]

40 mm and 20 mm machine guns firing during the shakedown cruise of light cruiser USS Biloxi (CL-80), October 1943. [5742 x 3811]

40,000-pound solenoid (a cylindrical electromagnet that generates a precise and uniform magnetic field) arrives at Brookhaven National Laboratory to map melted matter [2000 x 1335]

4012 Moog-style ladder filter from an ARP 2600 Synthesizer

40mm Bofors in quad mount firing aboard the USS WEST VIRGINIA (BB-48) ON 22 July, 1944. Note USMC crew on quad and director in foreground. [6164x4860]

40mm shells cutaway [3116x1992]

420 Ton Magnet for an Experiment at the Brookhaven Alternating Gradient Synchrotron [3200 x 2560]

429-MW gas turbine (GE 9HA.01) [4305×2271]

452nd Bomb Group B-17's over Berlin on March 22, 1944

460th B-24 going down in flames, death of 12 men

4M Memory Cards [OC] [OS] [1520x2688]

5 Axis CNC Machine [2896x1944]

5 Typhoon submarines [1.200px × 643px]

5 of 6. Project 941 Akula 'Shark'. NATO designation: Typhoon. 172m long, 23m wide. 24,500 ton displacement (surfaced). Test depth 400m (1300ft). 27 knots submerged. 20 SLBMs. They don't make 'em like that anymore. [2800x1888]

5-million volt Van de Graaff electrostatic generator. Argonne National Laboratory c.1950 [3200 x 1714]

50 Let Pobedy, world's largest nuclear-powered icebreaker [1600x930]

500 Series Shinkansen in Osaka [2500x1783]

52-quart foam cooler cut in half [2592×1936]

7 Cylinder Rotary Engine, on a Motorcycle [1019x768]

70-ton Slag Pot Carrier [1749×1164]

73 years ago today a Radioman aboard the USS Ranger (CV-4) received a shocking dispatch [890x721]

74 Years Ago Today. Model of USS Hornet (CV-8) with B-25 Mitchell bombers on deck, preparing for Tokyo Raid, April 18, 1942. Wisconsin Veterans Museum. [3,648 × 5,472]

750 KW Kaplan turbine at Collins Hydro project on Chicopee River, MA [1600×1200]

787 wing stress test [1200x799] xpost -r-aviation

8 bullets stuck in the barrel of a .357 [1024x345]

8th Air Force B-17 bomber raiding Focke Wulf plants at Marienburg, Germany (now Malbork, Poland), October 9 1943.

9-cyl radial water cooled Salmson P9, 1915, photo by Pline [3,167 × 2,993]

90 degree connectors are awesome! [1500x799]

90mm Beehive round. Fired from tanks, they would shower the target in a swarm of small metal darts called flechettes. [1000x556]

944 MW steam turbine with generator in coal plant Niederaußem [OC][1932x1088]

9M79K tactical ballistic missile with a cluster warhead [OS][2250x1500]

A 'Red Tail' P-51 of the 332nd Fighter Group

A 'blood chit' issued to the American Volunteer Group Flying Tigers. The Chinese characters read: 'This foreign person has come to China to help in the war effort. Soldiers and civilians, one and all, should rescue and protect him'. (R.E. Baldwin Collection)

A 150-kilovolt, 1800 amp mercury-arc valve [1536 x 2048]

A 155mm artillery turret, borrowed from the army, mounted on FGS Hamburg, December 2002 [1240×991]

A 16' thick, 6000 lb. conning tower hatch from the USS South Dakota (BB-57) [OC] [3400X5100]

A 17-Year-Old Invented This Smart Device That Makes Clean Water And Power At The Same Time [OS][750x1000]

A 1944 Beechcraft C-45 reflects the setting sun. Reno, Nevada

A 1944 Tula made Nagant revolver [2479x1555]

A 2014 Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera cutaway [2560 × 1920]

A 256-bit Selectron tube [1086 x 2560]

A 9-Cell Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavity (SCRF) being inserted into a vacuum oven [3,226 x 4,838]

A B-17 Flying Fortress of the 384th Bomb Group, 546th Bomb Squadron falls towards the ground after having its tail shorn off by falling bombs during a mission to Berlin, 9 March 1944

A B-17 Flying Fortresses (DF-A, serial number 44-8651) nicknamed 'Lorraine' and (DF-N, serial number 43-37993) nicknamed 'Mah Ideel' of the 91st Bomb Group in flight during a mission, August 1944.

A B-17 from the 490th Bomb Group going down over Monheim Germany. Can anyone figure out the date?

A B-17 in its last few seconds over Yugoslavia in 1944.

A B-17 in unusual livery

A B-17 of the 8th Air Force bombs the Focke Wulf plant at Marienburg

A B-17G Flying Fortress and a B-52H Stratofortress fly in formation [3000x2000]

A B-17G of the 96th BS, 2d BG, dropping its bombs.

A B-17s Wright R-1820 engine. [3226x2419]

A B-24 Liberator performs a bombing run during Operation Tidal Wave

A B-24 crew member shows what he would wear during a mission in the skies over Europe

A B-24 going to bomb Japanese installations is hailed by a ground crewman as it takes off past a line of P-40s, China, October 10, 1943,

A B-24J crash site on Saipan, damaged over Iwo Jima in late 1944- All crew survived.

A B-24M of the 448th Bombardment Group, serial number 44-50838, downed by a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter

A B-25 destroying Japanese oil factory-plant in East Indies 1944

A B-25 in New Orleans [OC]

A B-25 is brought for a test hop to the flight line at the Long Beach, CA, plant of Douglas Aircraft Company, Oct 1942

A B-25 sinks Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze off the coast of Xiamen, China, April 6th, 1945.

A B-25's Wright R-2600 engine [3226x2419]

A B-25J Mitchell in flight over Alaska on its way to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease. 1944.

A B-29 after an emergency landing on Iwo Jima

A B-29 from the 6th Bomber Air Group that crash landed off of Iwo Jima, 1945. In the distance the right is Mount Suribachi.

A B-29 landing at Shemya AAF in May 1945. Pit stop during its cold weather testing in Alaska.

A B-32 Bomber Mass-Production Factory in Fort Worth, Texas, 14th June, 1944. [1600 × 1112] [x-post from -r-HistoryPorn]

A B25 bomber attacks Japanese warships including No.13 class submarine chaser HIJMS CH-39 off Three Island Harbor, New Hanover during World War II. [1124 x 1470]

A BL 18-inch Mk 1 naval gun arrives at England's Imperial War Museum in London, ca. 1920. It was the largest and heaviest gun ever used by the British. The Second-World-War Japanese had a larger calibre at 18.1 inches, but the British shell was heavier. [800 x 600]

A British Blackburn Buccaneer bomber buzzes the Soviet battlecruiser Admiral Lazarev [1,024x768]

A British Royal Navy T-class destroyer steams next to the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Wasp (CV-18) in August 1945.(x-post from -r-colorization)[2649 x 2136]

A British blacksmith on HMS Sphinx removing the leg irons off a slave, 1907 [1020×894]

A Building. Photo by tribble-of-doom. [OS][900×675]

A C-130 Hercules takes off from the deck of the carrier USS Forrestal (CV-59) 1963. [1200x760]

A CANT Z. 1007 bomber in Rhodes. [1200 x 714]

A CANT Z. 506 floatplane [1306 x 897]

A CH-53 Super Stallion helicopters land on the flight deck of the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2) [4335 x 3096]

A Camouflaged Swedish Navy Ship [1286 × 960]

A Caproni Ca. 133 in North Africa. [800 x 307]

A Centaur 6A Rocket gets lowered into the Space Power Chambers for testing [1499 × 1124]

A Chesapeake & Ohio H-8 Allegheny - A steam locomotive designed to produce almost 7500 horsepower for use in Appalachian coal hauling [1237 x 685]

A Chinese Maritime Militia vessel—whom many claim is simply a cover for the Chinese Navy-- attempts to snag the USNS Impeccable’s towed array with a grappling hook during an incident in the South China Sea in 2009 [1075 x 719]

A Class 212A submarine being built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsch Werft (HDW) of Kiel, Germany [1600 × 1200]

A Consolidated B-24 Liberator emerges from “Flak Alley” over Vienna, Austria with its No. 2 engine smoking

A Country Cut in Half [600 xx 493]

A Curtis P-40 'Warhawk' ready to take off from Alaska

A Curtiss SB2C-4 'Helldiver' makes it's landing approach to USS TICONDEROGA (CV-14), October, 1944

A Curtiss SB2C-4 'Helldiver' makes it's landing approach, as seen from USS TICONDEROGA's (CV-14) fantail

A Digital Optical Module - one of the 5,160 DOMs melted into the Antarctic icecap to form the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. [900×564]

A Dolphin Necropcy, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center [3824x2168]

A Douglas TBD-1 torpedo plane from USS Enterprise (CV-6) flies over Wake during the February 24, 1942 raid

A F4K Phantom of 700 NAS overflies HMS Hermes during trials. May 1968 [800 x 631]

A F4U Corsair crash landing on the USS Shangri La, unknown month in 1945

A F6F-5N night fighter with AN-APS-6 radar and 2 20mm M2 cannon.

A FANUC R2000iB Industrial Robot [3264 × 2332]

A FM-2 Wildcat crash lands aboard an U.S. escort carrier.

A Fairey Albacore (foreground) with folded wings and a Fairey Fulmar, on the flight deck of HMS Victorius at sea. In the background is battleship HMS Duke of York. Mar 1942. [800 x 611]

A Fairey Swordfish approaching HMS Victorious after her post war rebuild.[1575 x 1052]

A Fermilab scientist works on the laser beams at the heart of the Holometer experiment. [2,560 x 1,707]

A French city street: sanitation (Pierre Patte, c. 1780) [1284×1036]

A GE J-85 engine sectioned for display [3,340 x 2,033]

A German Heinkel He-111H captured by the Soviets

A German helicopter departs from HSwMS Nyköping during the exercise Northern Coasts in the Baltic Sea [1200 x 800]

A German police boat in heavy seas, c.1915-1916 [2450 x 3200]

A Gloster Meteor F.3 of Royal Air Force 616 Squadron in flight. December 18th, 1944.

A Goodyear built Corsair FG-1D at Duxford.

A Grumman F4F of VF-6 testing out machine guns aboard USS Enterprise (CV-6). Apr. 1942. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

A Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter of USS Randolph (CV-15) parked on the port catapult, March 1945.

A Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighter Goes over the side of USS Barnes (CVE-20), 22 October 1943, after the pilot attempted to regain flying speed after receiving the Cut signal from the Landing Signal Officer

A Grumman TBM 'Avenger', Vought F4U 'Corsair', North American P-51 'Mustang', and Curtiss P-40 'Warhawk' fly in formation while participating in the 70th anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe 'Arsenal of Democracy' Flyover of Washington D.C. May 8, 2015.

A Harpoon missile launched from the Australian frigate HMAS Warramunga (FFH 152). [794 x 723]

A Haruna-class helicopter destroyer gives it both barrels. [2463 x 1631]

A Hawker Osprey prepares to launch from the HSwMS Gotland, a seaplane cruiser of the Swedish Navy. Baltic Sea, 1935 [928 x 630]

A Hawker Sea Hurricane is handled on the deck of HMS Argus.

A Hebern electric code machine [2016 × 1512]

A Heinkel He 111E bomber, with the original 'stepped' cockpit design and a retractable ventral gun position. The He 111P introduced the well-known 'greenhouse' cockpit.

A High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Warhead. [1489×415]

A Japanese 'Jill' torpedo bomber, during the Gilbert Islands assault, 4 December 1943, catches on fire, disintegrates, and heads for the water. Photo by USS YORKTOWN (CV-10).

A Japanese Kamikaze burning after it was hit by gunfire while attempting to crash into USS Vicksburg (CL-86) off Okinawa, 14 May 1945.

A Japanese Kawanishi H8K flying boat hoisted by the IJN tender Akitsushima, 1942

A Japanese Navy Mitsubishi A6M2 'Zero' fighter, tail code A1-108, piloted by Sakae Mori, takes off from the aircraft carrier Akagi, on its way to attack Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December 1941.

A Japanese Navy Type 97 Carrier Attack Plane (Kate) takes off from the aircraft carrier Shokaku, en route to attack Pearl Harbor, during the morning of 7 December 1941.

A Kawanishi H6K, an Imperial Japanese Navy flying boat, aflame on the water. 1944, location unknown. AKA 'Mavis' or Type 97 large Flying Boat.

A Lancaster attacks the German battleship Tirpitz during Operation PARAVANE, September 15th, 1944

A Landfill (illustration by Pierre Mion, c. 1970) [900×833]

A Lend-Lease Martin Baltimore for the Royal Air Force being destroyed by fire at British Gold Coast Colony during a stop of the ferry flight from USA to Egypt, December 1942.

A Leopard I tank cut in half. (x-post from -r-TankPorn). [1024×768].

A Line Magnetic Tube amp [7000x4681]

A Lockheed Constellation is serviced in Eastern Airlines heavy maintenance hangar. Miami Florida, Early 1950's. [5778x4570]

A Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II - The F35 Joint Strike Fighter 'program is the most expensive military weapons system in history' [1440 x 720]

A Los Angeles class submarine in dry dock. (5514 x 3680)

A MAN steam turbine for use in Abu Dhabi’s Shams 1 solar thermal power station [3,024 x 2,016]

A MH-60S conducts vertrep between USNS Walter S Diehl (T-AO-93) and USS Essex (LHD-2) as USS Mustin (DDG-89) pulls alongside. Andaman Sea, 2008 [3763 x 2517]

A MK-23 16 in. nuclear projectile for use on Iowa-class battleships; a 15-20 kiloton nuclear warhead adapted to a 16 in naval shell. Fifty were produced, each ship equipped to deploy ten. The weapon stayed in the nuclear inventory until October 1962. Add'l info available in comments. [750 × 841]

A Macchi MC 202 of the 4th Fighter Wing, Regia Aeronautica. [1100 x 673]

A Marine helicopter aboard the USS SEA LION (SS-315) during a practice reconnaissance mission off Little Creek, Virginia, 4 May 1956. [3600 x 2363]

A Marine observation plane flies low over Naha, capital of Okinawa. On this flight, the tiny ship drew small arms and antiaircraft fire from the city which was in Japanese control at the time, ca. May 1945.

A Mark 9 turret from USS Louisville (CA-28) rusting away in the Nevada desert. It once served in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's nuclear testing program for the purposes of a rotating radiation detector, collecting data on nuclear tests. Mark 9's were of 8'-55 caliber is size. [1027 × 630]

A Martin B-26G, taken Aug. 17, 1944

A Martin PBM Mariner is hosed down after it was hauled up the ramp at Naval Air Station, Banana River, Florida. March, 1943.

A Marx generator used for testing high voltage power transmission components [3000 × 4000]

A Mature Hedge (photo: Paul Debois)[533×800]

A Mechanical Micro-bee, constructed monolithically and folded to shape [2274 × 1557]

A Modern Shell tanker - from the mid 90's scanned in from an old poster [3487 x 2475] [OC]

A Molecular Beam Epitaxy device [1732 x 1536]

A Monotype caster [1000 × 1035]

A Morrow Tower Crane currently being leased by FINDORFF to build The James apartment complex in Madison, WI [1242X2208] [OC]

A Männlicher M1895 Repeater Rifle used in WW1 by the Austrian-Hungarien Army [3264× 2448]

A Navy Curtiss Helldiver (SB2C) is snapped against the background provided by its carrier as it returns from a strike at Japanese shipping.

A Navy jet is raised to the flight deck aboard the USS Ranger (CVA-61) [3600 x 3654]

A Nimrod MR2 maritime patrol aircraft passes over USS Spadefish (SSN-668) and HMS Trenchant (S-91) at the North Pole during Operation ICEX-92.[2552×3271]

A Norfolk & Western J Class 4-8-4 locomotive receives the 'high ball' light signal from the station master at Rural Retreat, Virginia, indicating that she is authorized to proceed at maximum scheduled speed. The 5,100 horsepower J Class could haul trains at up to 110 MPH. 1967. [3492x2811]

A P-38 with invasion stripes

A P-39 firing all guns simultaneously. This version shows the 37 mm cannon in the spinner hub, two nose mounted 0.50 caliber machine guns and four wing mounted 0.30 caliber machine guns.

A P-40 Warhawk, P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-38 Lightning fly in formation during the 2015 Heritage Flight Training and Certification Course at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Ariz., March 1, 2015

A P-47 Thunderbolt (R3-G, serial number 42-25845) of the 373rd Fighter Group in flight

A P-47 Thunderbolt is pushed into position for take-off from the USS Manila Bay, Saipan, Marianas Islands, June 23, 1944

A P-47 that suffered a oil leak after being hit by flak, Brescia Italy, January of 1945

A P-51, B-26, and B-29 of the 124th Fighter Squadron, Iowa Air National Guard during an open house.

A PBY-5A Catalina patrol bomber of patrol squadron VP-61 against a backdrop of snow-clad mountains in Aleutian Islands. March, 1943.

A PT marksman provides a striking camera study as he draws a bead with his 50 caliber machine gun on his boat off New Guinea. July 1943 [1108x1383]

A Pelton wheel being installed into Walchensee Hydroelectric Power Station. [1434 x 1248]

A Piaggio P. 108 bomber with crew, bomb load, and ground personnel. [1200 x 624]

A Pratt & Whitney F100 turbofan engine for the F-15 Eagle being tested in the hush house at Florida Air National Guard base. [2100x1275]

A Project 941 (Typhoon-class) submarine in dry dock at Severodvinsk, ca. late 80s [1587x1136]

A Prototype Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic [479 x 570]

A Reggiane Re 2000.

A Roll-on Roll-off Discharge Facility being set up during joint US-ROK logistic training exercise off the shore of Anmyeon Beach, South Korea [4816 x 3280]

A Rolls Royce engine bay [2048 x 1152]

A Roman street [1144×1040]

A Romanian IAR-80 ready for a new sortie in the Eastern Front.

A Royal Air Force Lockheed Hudson Mk VI (AE626) of the Middle East Communications Flight flying over the Egyptian pyramids, 1942.

A Royal Air Force Spitfire landing in Chittagong Airfield during World War II.

A Royal Marine stands guard by the stern of HMS 'Repulse' in Haifa harbour during the Arab Revolt, July 1938 [4353 × 3145]

A Royal Navy Type 23 frigate bears down on a Royal Navy submarine and its student commander as part of the Perisher Command Course, as seen through the periscope.[620 x 465]

A Russian submarine cut in half [2406 x 3500]

A Sandy-Bridge chip wafer [3888 x 2592]

A Scotch Egg [550 × 550]

A Soviet Lend-Lease A-20B with the Russian upper turret UCC-1

A Soviet P-63A-10 with drop tanks fitted in 1944.

A Spitfire IXc(?) belonging to 332(N) Squadrons B-flight flown by fenrik Kåre Herfjord in a raid the 17th of June 1943. In the cockpit is an unidentified pilot wearing a lifewest and an oxygen mask.

A Spitfire wingtipping a V1 Rocket (x-post from -r-pics)

A Swordfish aircraft with the Royal Navy Historic Flight

A TBM AVENGER and two F6F HELLCAT Aircraft warming up on the flight deck of USS RANDOLPH (CV-15) during operations in the Western Pacific

A Theatre from a Different Perspective (1000 x 775).

A Thin Slice of Merbau [975x650] [OC]

A Turkish Composite bow [650 x 317]

A Type 21 frigate has some gunnery practice in choppy seas on its way to the Falklands War, 1984 [768 × 512]

A U.S. Army B-17E at Hickam Air Field, after landing safely during the Japanese air raid

A U.S. Navy Lockheed PV-1 Ventura patrol bomber in flight

A U.S. Navy Seahawk helicopter lands on the Netherlands amphibious ship Johan de Witt [1800 × 1200]

A U.S. Navy submarine plays peekaboo with Russian battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy [800×563]

A UH-1Y Huey with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, flies past USS Rushmore [4757 x 3171]

A US Coastguard B-17 with droppable lifeboat

A US Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II hovers over the deck of USS America (LHA 6) during operational evaluations off San Diego last week. [7360x4912]

A US Navy Mark VI patrol boat wards off a Guardian Fast Patrol Craft, simulating the actions of an enemy vessel during a show of force strait transit with Carrier Strike Group 1 off the coast of Southern California, Nov 4, 2016 [6000 x 3375]

A USAAF Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress (s-n 41-24528) over Mount Bagana on Bougainville after participating in a raid on the Japanese airfield at Buka and then heading for Shortland harbour to attack Japanese shipping. 11 November 1942.

A USAAF C-47A Skytrain with invasion stripes

A USS Boston (CA-69) OS2U Kingfisher floatplane returns to the cruiser after rescuing a crewman of a downed TBF bomber, during raids on Japanese targets in the Hollandia Area, 21 April 1944

A United Airlines DC-6 is pulled into a specialized maintenance hangar. Once it is in place, the elevated walkways to the left and right will drop down, allowing crews to service the engines without having to climb around on the wings. 1948. [1581x1129]

A Vickers Wellington B Mk VI in flight (info in the comments)

A Visa credit card [1305 x 979]

A Vought F4U Corsair of a U.S. Marine Corps fighter squadron fires a salvo of eight five-inch rockets at a Japanese position in southern Okinawa

A Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplane is hoisted aboard USS Missouri (BB-63) during her shakedown period in the summer of 1944. [5,787 × 4,556]

A Vought SB2U 'Vindicator' on the deck edge elevator of USS Wasp (CV-7)

A Wallis and Steevens Steam Roller (x-posted -r-steamporn) [OC] [1632x918]

A Weber eight stack manifold for a Ford 427 V8. America's answer to the mechanical fuel injection systems employed by European racing teams, Webers were used on all Ford and Shelby racing cars. [790x790]

A Wellesley Mk.I of no. 47 Squadron RAF over the desert.

A Wolf in sheep's clothing. The fast attack submarine USS Seawolf (SSN-21) surfaces through Arctic ice at the North Pole. July 2015. USN photo. [4256 × 2832]

A badly damaged Heinkel He-111 after a night sortie

A bat [500x499]

A battle damaged Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless scout bomber of USS Enterprise's Bombing Squadron Six (VB-6) sits on USS Yorktown (CV-5) after landing at about 1140 hrs on 4 June 1942 during the Battle of Midway

A beautiful Patek Philippe watch [1179x594]

A beautiful silhouet: USS Wisconsin (BB-64).[2970 × 1950]

A bird's eye view of Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) Hanford laboratory's laser and vacuum equipment area (LVEA) [3500 x 2333]

A bit blurry but she sure looks good, heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper.[1200 x 773]

A blade of a wind turbine [1944×2592]

A book dedicated to cross sections! (X-post -r-nostalgia)[600x792]

A bowling ball [322x322]

A brand new HD750, GE CT Scanner ~ Coverless [1379x1200]

A breathtaking shot of Italian battleship Littorio in dazzle camo [1992x829]

A brilliant propaganda poster by Frank Mason in WW2

A burning 'Zeke' passes over the fantail just before crash-diving onto the flight deck of USS INTREPID (CV-11) about 25 November 1944

A camouflaged Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-21-IIb bomber seconds before its destruction by parafrag bombs dropped by a USAAF Douglas A-20 Havoc. Dutch East Indies. 1943.

A camouflaged USS New Jersey (BB-14) in 1918, showing the Connecticut class's ingenious 'wedding-cake' turret design [2658 × 1774]

A captured B-17 painted in Japanese markings

A carrier and a battleship: USS Midway (CV-41) conducts an underway replenishment with the battleship USS Iowa (BB-61). [2,853 × 2,141]

A carrot harvester at work [422x360]

A central cooling plant in Google’s Douglas County, Georgia, data center [2500x1712]

A central cooling plant in Google’s Douglas County, Georgia, data center [2500x1712] (xpost -r-technologyporn)

A classic DIY workbench of tools [ 1200 x 800]

A close up of USS Iowa entering drydock, giving a good view of A and B turret and her AA suit.[3944 x 2838]

A close up view of the second flight deck of HMS Furious during 1917.[4150 × 2857]

A close-up of the Holometer at Fermilab, an experiment designed to test the information storage capacity of the universe, and determine whether we live in a 2-D hologram. [2954 x 1965]

A close-up of the interior of the MiniBooNE tank, before it was filled with ultraclean mineral oil [2096 x 1634]

A completed B-17F heavy bomber is checked by final inspectors at the Long Beach, Calif., plant of the Douglas Aircraft Company before it moves to the flight line for rigid acceptance tests, ca. Oct 1942. [x-post -r-HistoryPorn]

A crane offloading the Deep-submergence vehicle ALVIN from the research vessel ATLANTIS at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, 2016. [1280×720]

A crashed G4M1 floating at Tulagi August 8th 1942

A crashed USAAF Republic P-47 Thunderbolt on the beach at Bernieres-sur-Mer, France June 1944.

A cross cut of a piece of wood used to mix paint by a house painter for 50+ years. (X-post r-woahdude) [496x279]

A cross section of an under sea cable [728 x 457]

A cross section of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) [4928x3264]

A crowd watches while the USS Iowa (BB-61) passes under Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia 1947 [3,000x1,721]

A cutaway of a screw compressor [479x360]

A cutaway of an 8-speed ZF 8HP showing the major stages of a hydraulic automatic transmission: the torque converter (left), the planetary gearsets and clutch plates (center), as well as hydraulic and electronic controls (bottom). [2,000 × 1,333]

A damaged Avenger returns to USS Bennington after a strike on Chichi Jima

A damaged B-24 Liberator assigned to 376th Bomb Group in flight of Toulon, France. Aug. 1944 [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

A detector of the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment [3000 × 1818]

A diagonal compound paddle engine [1242 × 902]

A diamond tipped tool [ 4256 x 2382] ( x-post from pics and macroPorn

A digger in a Russian Diamond mine. 2013-2014 'Mir” underground mine in Mirny, Yakutia, Russia [1000x667]

A dilapidated looking SMS Hindenburg on the way to scapa flow [1450x892]

A downed Japanese Zero. New Georgia. 1943

A downhill - freeride mountain bike with a gearbox that functions similar to a car + ~200mm suspension (Gearbox in comments) [800x526]

A drawing of mine. (ballpoint pen)

A drop of milk splashing on a graphics card [800x515]

A field coil of one of the USS California's (BB-44) 4 main motors prior to installation. circa 1916-1919[575x444]

A fine view of the sheer scale and complexity of the big gun turret for a Battleship. In this case, this appears to be a British 15' gun mounting, of the type mounted on R class batlleships, 'Queen Elizabeth' class [549 × 640].

A five-nation formation during Operation Enduring Freedom, April 18, 2002 [3000x1829]

A flight nurse christening a new bomber while the veteran crew, who have had two other B-24s shot up on missions against the Japanese, watch, Marianas, Oct 1944

A flight of B-17s

A flight of Republic P-47 Thunderbolts

A flight of five TBM Avengers in formation over the ocean

A forest of P-40's.

A formation of B-17s escorted by a P-51 over England, 1945

A formation of F4F Wildcats in 1939

A formation of German Dornier Do 17Z light bombers, flying over France on June 21, 1940.

A freshly modified P-38J Lightning 'Droop Snoot'. This is the version with a glazed nose, but a radar-equipped version was developed as well (Britain, 1944)

A full compliment of F-14 Tomcats sits aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) (date unknown) [1800x1200]

A futuristic hybrid wing body during tests in the wind tunnel at NASA's Langley Research Center. The patterns are formed by air movement over the fluorescent oil sprayed onto the wings. [2048x1366]

A gas-powered 1917 Christie Front Drive tractor towing a 1907 American LaFrance steam pumper - Boston Engine 8, c. 1920. (Leslie Jones photograph) [1013×800]

A gear box cut in half and polished [1920x1200]

A giant ammonite discovered at Quantoxhead, England [736x713]

A glorious photo of a Typhoon class sub under construction. Two pressure hulls and the ICBM section between them clearly visible [729 x 1100]

A group of Curtiss P-40 Warhawks escorting a pair of Consolidated B-24D Liberators on a flight near the Aleutian islands, Alaska, 1944.

A gun barrel after firing 400 rounds [1090X598]

A gun-coupled camera aboard a British RAF Spitfire plane made this record of a German Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter aircraft getting shot down in May 1942, over an unknown location. (AP Photo)

A half-sheared sheep[1024x798]

A helicopter and the giant saw it flies with. Used to trim trees along power lines [699 x 471]

A high-end espresso machine (1262 x 947).

A huge turbo on a rotary engine. [800x600]

A japanese armored barge. This is what the PT-109 and her sisters were after[737x529]

A jet engine at it's stress testing facility [1024x683][OS] more shots in comments

A large Cockcroft–Walton generator [2,000 x 2,665]

A large number of P-38s over Europe.

A log pile in East Anglia [2048×1367] by Lee Acaster

A look at a centermounted weapon installation without the engine (Bf 109 F)

A look into the Millennium Falcon at Comic-Con [2048x1536]

A man rides his wheeled vehicle with mounted a propeller. October, 1922 [3000 x 2425]

A map of the distance WWII fighters can fly from the UK mainland

A map of the various distances that WWII escort fighters could fly from their bases [1,255 x 1,005]

A military scientist operates a laser in a test environment. The United states Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate conducts research on a variety of solid-state and chemical lasers. [3008x1960]

A modern replica of the 'Shtandart', the first frigate of the Russian Baltic fleet, cruises in the Baltic Sea. The original 'Shtandart' was launched in 1703, her construction personally overseen by Peter the Great [2440 x 2068]

A motorcycle helmet! [600 x 478]

A nail through plywood [3582x1903]

A naked Porsche Carrera GT [1023x685]

A new B-25 bomber is brought for a test hop to the flight line at the Kansas City plant of North American Aviation. Photo by Alfred Palmer, Office of War Information. Oct. 1942. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

A nice up close shot of a French 100mm [1920 x 1080]

A painting of the Focke Wulf Ta 152 C1 from a Hobby Boss scale model kit

A pair of beautiful sisters, battlecruisers HMS Renown and HMS Repulse.[3000 x 1997]

A pair of de Havilland Mosquitoes in flight, c.1942.

A part of the beam delivery system for particle therapy in Heidelberg,Germany;MIC[400x600]

A patient being loaded into a F-5B Lightning's modified drop tank during a training excersise

A peek into the wrench drawer of the Carl Edwards #19 Nascar team [1920x1280][OS]

A picture of a microwaved Maxwell DVD-R [2560x1920]

A pinata cut in half [1286x1286]

A plasma lamp is a clear glass orb filled with a mixture of various noble gases with a high-voltage electrode in the center of the sphere [1589x1609]

A poem about the Lightning, written by a B17 gunner.

A pollo cross section [634x323]

A postcard from beautiful San Diego, 1946. [1280x881]

A poster of the USS Macon flying aircraft carrier at the Tillamook Air Museum [1600×1066] [OC]

A printed circuit board inside a mobile phone [1300×550]

A production Heinkel He 219A Uhu (Eagle Owl) Night Fighter with Hirschgeweih VHF radar antennas pictured in 1944.

A purple cabbage from our garden last winter. [1024 x 786] [OC]

A quadruped robot mammal called HyQ by Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia [3998 x 2250]

A radioactive USS Prinz Eugen (IX-300) under tow after shot Baker of operation Crossroads [1024 x 768]

A rare find, S82 torpedo boats (1897-1898) of the Kaiserliche Marine with S-85 in front in 1909.[7000 x 5475]

A rather haunted view of Admiral Hipper bombed in the port city of Kiel. May 3, 1945 [800×582]

A rather majestic scene: USS Maryland (BB-46) threading her way through the Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal. February, 1923. [5569x4323]

A recently installed component of the Compact Linear Collider test facility [7111 x 4746]

A reconnaissance observer in the tail of the British airship R33 (Selby, England - 3-6-19) [1247x905]

A restored Japanese Mitsubishi A6M3 'Zero'. Photo courtesy of John Cagle. June 2012.

A restored North American A-36 Apache

A restored North American A-36A Apache aircraft in flight, post-war

A restored North American A-36A Apache aircraft in flight, post-war, (note 'chin' guns and closed dive brakes). [1440x900]

A robotic saw cutting stone [500x281] (gif)

A rolling-airframe missile (RAM) fires from USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) during a live-fire exercise. Mar 2016. USN Photo. [6927 x 4500]

A rotary snowplow locomotive at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis [1024×705]

A sailor's salute as USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) passes the Arizona Memorial and arrives to participate in National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day events. USN photo dated Dec. 2, 2016. [2100 × 1402]

A sample of a cable anchorage for the Rio Antirrio bridge in Greece. [4416x3312]

A scaled down P-51 Mustang. [800x551]

A seven-mile line of steel rides at anchor in the Hudson River off New York City in celebration of Navy Day on 27 October 1945. [2500x3151]

A small vessel transits in front of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) as it transits the Strait of Hormuz as seen from the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG 58). [2304x1843]

A snow covered SB2U-2 sits on the flight deck of USS Wasp (CV-7), February 1942

A squadron of Corsairs, May 1943

A steam turbine with the case opened. Most electricity is produced by thermal power stations with turbines like this one. [1779x2126]

A stern section of a Yankee-class Russian ballistic missle submarine cut in half [1280 × 960]

A strawberry cut in half [3000x2000]

A surrendered E-boat. May 1945. Most could sustain 43 knots and had a burst speed of 48 knots. [800 × 607]

A synthesis of azurite and malachite cut in half [540x408]

A telescope of the HESS array to detect Cerenkov light from high energy gamma rays entering the Earth's atmosphere [1498 × 1000]

A torpedo being loaded on a Savoia Marchetti S. M. 79 'Sparviero'. [1000 x 664]

A tractor puller with 3, V8 race boat engines putting out nearly 5000HP (2611x1958) [OC]

A tree cut in half reveals a golf ball cut in half [1536x2048]

A tricycle design from 1882. wow. [1536x984]

A unique picture. USS Lexington lower deck hangar with spare body planes hanging from the ceiling. planes hanging are (nearest) Douglas SBD Dauntless and farthest TBD Devastator. On the deck are SBD Dauntless dive bombers. Unit is possible USS Lexington Scouting Squadron Two (VS-2) in 1941.

A very glamorous shot of HMS Rodney showing off her big 'ol frontside. They put all the guns on the front because she was so incredibly slow they figured she'd always be chasing whatever it was they were shooting at. [3400x1631]

A very unique photo: the bow of Russian submarine K-84 Yekaterinburg (Delta IV SSBN) stripped bare after the fire in 2011 (sorry for the low res.) [604x453]

A view inside the MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative) pilot plant at the University Autònoma of Barcelona [2547 x 3538]

A view of the gun deck of Danish frigate Niels Juel as she battles the Austrian flotilla at the Battle of Heligoland, 9th May 1864 - oil on canvas by Christian Mølsted[2528 x 1648]

A walrus and an elephant.

A work in progress watercooling build pic that -u-Retell took a few years ago while working at NZXT [3214x2151]

A worker bee with a transponder attached to study how they find an optimal route between multiple flowers. [1280 x 960]

A wrecked Zero on New Georgia, 1943.

A-10 Warthog

A-10 Warthog's Gatling gun, compared to a beetle [1800 x 1150]. (Xpost from -wtf)

A-20 Havoc light bomber crashes after being hit by AA fire on a mission against Kokas, Indonesia in July of 1943.

A-20 from the 416th Bomb Group making a bomb run on D-Day, 6 June 1944

A-26 Invader

A-26C of USAAF’s 97th Bombardment Squadron of 47th Bombardment Group, equipped with A-20s “Havoc”, at Grosseto Airport, Tuscany, May 1945.

A-36A 42-84081 of the 525th Fighter-Bomber Squadron 86th Fighter Bomber Group Italy

A-C Compressor Prius II [2205×1560]

A380 rudder, reposted from r-aviation (1181 x 976).

A6M2 Model 21, Allied codename: Zeke, ready for takeoff from a Japanese aircraft carrier, 1942.

AA fire screening against Japanese air attack. USS Enterprise, 26th October 1942. [1111 x 898]

AA-12 automatic shotgun cut in half firing in slow motion [gif][600x338]

ABB's High Voltage DC test facility 2010 [5616 x 3744]

AGV carbon motorcycle helmet [2368x3200] [OC]

AH6 'Littlebird'

AK-47 cut in half [2400 x 1500]

AMC Connector, the largest cable laying vessel in the world. [More in comments] [768x512]

APFSDS sabot separation and cutaway penetration display [1839x794]

APFSDS sabot separation and penetration display [1839x794]

ASROC nuclear depth charge warhead fired by the destroyer USS Agerholmn[678 x 432]

ASUS Impact VI Z87 Motherbaord [OC] [4864x3648]

AT&T 22 Unit Coaxial Cable [1500 x 1000] [OC]

AT-AT [1168x1810]

AT-AT assault carrier with command cockpit cut in half cross-sections (576 x 668)

ATA Engineering's Engine Air Brake [OS][2100 x 1452]

Abandoned in Iceland: Old Bulldozer? (Can anybody identify it?) [5184x3456][OC]

Abloy padlock [1920x1080]

Aboard USS Missouri (BB-63). The pilot of a Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplane unstraps his flight log from his leg after returning from a flight. The Kingfisher is on the catapult behind him. This photgraph was taken during Missouri's shakedown period in the summer of 1944. [4,541 × 5,788]

Aboard USS New Jersey (BB-62). A Sikorski HO3S-1 helicopter takes off from the afterdeck while operating off Korea, 14 April 1953. The upraised green flag signifies that the pilot has permission to take off. Crash crew, in yellow helmets, are standing by with fire hoses at the ready. [1280 × 1049]

About 98% of what I need to do my job. Data center tech [1024x823]

Abrams' U.S.S. Enterprise (Popular Mechanics)[1600x1530]

Absalon L16 and Esbern Snare L17 [1502 × 999 ]

Active Charcoal Water Filter [3456x1946] [OC]

Actually not all that big: Moltke-class BC SMS Moltke[1450x891]

Adaptive optics [1700 x 1133]

Admiral Graf Spee at Spithead in 1937; HMS Hood and Resolution lie in the background [800 x 626]

Admiral Graf Spee in the English Channel, April 1939 [744×1541]

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier during the operation of Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea [2000 x 1333]

Admiral Kuznetsov in dry dock in July 2015 [1,300× 867]

Admiral Kuznetsov passing the White Cliffs of Dover this morning [962 x 541]

Admiral Kuznetsov' - Tractor with a jet engine on its decks! [1280x960]

Advanced Mortar System twin 120mm turret on Swedish CB90Hs [1024x680]

Advanced Test Reactor's four-lobed, clover leaf core. AEC's National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho. 1970s [3200 x 2567]

Aerial recovery of a Keyhole satellite film pod. [398x387]

Aerial shot of four carriers at the Intermediate Maintenance Facility at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, November 2012 [4228x2858]

Aerial view and underway, USS North Carolina (BB-55), April 17th 1942. 3 Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplanes total on fantail with 2 on cats. Portside 5' x 38 Mounts not centerlined. [1450 × 1824]

Aerial view of a 15th Air Force B-17 group bombing Vienna in April 1944

Aeroplane wheel [532x800][OC]

Aeros Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Rigid Cargo Airship [1600x900]

Aft End of Space Ship Two During Powered Flight [1575 × 883]

Aft section of the Soviet-Russian Project 941 nuclear submarine in dry dock. Sailor for scale. [800x534]

After 4 years of construction, 3rd French frigate 'Languedoc' join the Toulon navale base. [2048x 1151]

After action damage report for USS South Dakota (BB-57) showing all gunfire damage suffered during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. [9864x3732]

After years of using crappy adjustable wrenches, I finally upgraded to these two [1920x1080]

Agfa Optima 1960s 35mm camera [3976x2840][OS]

Air Power at Work-- A B-25J attacks the destroyer Amatsukaze, April 6, 1945

Air Vice Marshal William Forster Dickson, Air Officer Commanding the Desert Air Force, sitting in the cockpit of his personal Supermarine Spitfire LF Mark VIII, (JF814 WFD), Northern Italy, circa 1944

Air cooled, four cylinder 1600cc engine from a preserved 1960 Porsche 718 [1673x937]

Airbus 380 engine, a Rolls-Royce Trent 900, exposed [4288 x 2248]

Airbus A320 cockpit [1912 x 1912]

Airbus A350 XWB Winglet [1200x800]

Airbus A380 fuselage [1495×1080]

Airbus A400M Cutaway [1600x917]

Airbus Beluga [1280x850]

Airbus Defence & Space's new Large Multiple-spot Feed Array for Next-Gen Multi-Beam Antennas [770 × 513]

Airbus E-Fan prototype electric aircraft [1600 x 1035]

Aircraft carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) 2013 [2029×1636]


Airplane in front of a large scale wind tunnel c. 1930 [921 x 699]

Airsoft 40mm Grenade Sectioned Model [1067x1600]

Airspeed AS.52 Horsa en Normandy after D-Day

Akagi, Sōryū, Hiryū, Hiei, Kirishima, Haruna, Kongō, and Zuikaku advance into the Indian Ocean. March 30, 1942 [1,687 × 1,117]

Akula class nuclear submarine. [2048x1337]

Akutan Zero at Langley Research Center

Alaskan King Salmon [2048x1536]

Alaskan train, equipped to deal with snow.

Aleppo soap (handmade soap with olive oil, laurel oil and lye) [3264x2448]

Alexanderson alternator in the Grimeton VLF transmitter [2048 × 1536]

Aligning Advanced LIGO end test mass and associated optics [1395×924] [OS]

Alison 250 Jet Turbine Engine. Video in comments [1079x604]

All fingers crossed...The first US launch from a steam catapult by Cmdr. Henry Jackson's S2F-1 from the USS Hancock (CVA-19) 1 Jun 1954[5736 x 4322]

All of the parts that go into a Camaro ZL1 engine. [1280 x 960]

All six Pegasus Class Hydrofoils underway en route to their own decommissioning USS Pegasus (PHM-1), USS Hercules (PHM-2), USS Taurus (PHM-3), USS Aquila (PHM-4), USS Aries (PHM-5) & USS Gemini (PHM-6) - 13 June 1993 [2820 x 1880]

All the Aircraft and Squadrons of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, highlighted among the RAF and AAC. [OC][2700x3500]

All the aircrafts of the USMC Aviation, organized by Squadrons [OC][first version][1900 x 2259]

Allseas Solitaire - Largest pipe laying ship in the world. Details in comments [1600x1200]

Almost as far as the eye can see. The U. S. Fleet at Okinawa. 1945 [1200 x 750]

Also an aircraft mechanic, here's my messy box. Album in comments. [OC][1632 × 1224]

Also cross-section of a woofer [1000x754]

Alternate side of the street parking is suspended on The USS Constellation (CV-64). Her Flight deck loaded with cars, returning to San Diego from a 13-month Complex Overhaul in Bremerton, Wash. 1984. [720x753]

Aluminum Porn - 1923 Voisin C6 Laboratoire [3800x1220]

Aluminum V8 Intake Stacks from 1967 GM test car [1024x768]

Aluminum can crusher (430 x 278).

Amazing marble machine [620 x 620]

America class amphibious assault ship Infographic [3000x2173][OC]

American B-24 Liberator tail is blown off by Me 262 jet firing a R4M rocket over Germany, April 1944.

American B-26 bomber 'Flossie's Fury' loses her starboard engine while under AA fire over Toulon, France. Aug. 1944. Two crew survived. More info in comments. [1122 × 1457]

American Bison cutaway taxidermy [960x801]

American Brewster Buffalo fighter planes over Malaya, c.1942

American Liberty ships were deliberately scuttled off Omaha Beach to provide makeshift breakwaters during the early parts of D Day [3715 x 2980]

American P-47 Thunderbolt captured and flown by Nazi Germany.

American aircraft carrier USS Independence (CV-62) flashed the Italian Amerigo Vespucci with light signal asking Who are you?, the full rigged ship answered Training ship Amerigo Vespucci, Italian Navy. The US ship replied You are the most beautiful ship in the world [979 × 768]

American and French nuclear-powered aircraft carriers [5698 x 4070]

American crewmen of the 490th Armament Section, 386th Air Service Group, VII Fighter Command, remove ammunition from Browning .50 caliber machine guns on a Northrop P-61 Black Widow, Iwo Jima, 17 April 1945.

American football helmet [960x770]

American icebreaking oil tanker SS Manhattan works alongside Canadian icebreaker CCGS Louis St-Laurent. Northern Baffin Bay, May 22, 1970. SS Manhattan was the first merchant vessel to successfully transit the infamous Northwest Passage. [1200x756]

American soldiers watch a B-29 Superfortress heavy bomber take off Saipan. December 1944.

American soldiers watch a B-29 Superfortress heavy bomber take off from Saipan. December 1944.

American women working in the interior of the tail section of a B-17 Flying Fortress

Amphibious transport dock [4944×2009]

Amsterdam Central Station in 2017 [1772x605]

An 8-ton cryomodule of Fermilab's Superconducting Radio-Frequency R&D Accelerator Test Facility is lifted into place [6048 × 4032]

An 8th Air Force B-17 makes a bombing run over Marienburg, Germany, in 1943

An AH-1Z Viper helicopter, assigned to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), patrols waters near the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer (LHD 4) [4928x3280]

An AVRO Lancaster over Hamburg during the July 1943 bombing

An Air Force Research Laboratory optical engineer performing an experiment with multiple, interacting laser rays. [1319×1627]

An Air-Traffic Control Tower at Idlewild Airport (now JFK) - Popular Science, 1952. [629×780]

An American sailor inspects aircraft 'hangar' of the captured Japanese submarine I-400. The I-400 class was designed to carry and launch up to three Aichi M6A Seiran aircraft from a water tight compartment. Aug '45. [1600 × 1294]

An Anti-submarine HH-60H Sea Hawk helicopter flies over the German navy frigate FGS Hamburg (F220) in the Mediterranean Sea [1907 x 2669]

An Atom

An Audi B6 4.2L V8 engine. [1174x783]

An F-8 Crusader was used as a test bed for the first fly-by-wire trials. Early fly-by-wire system were based on the Apollo Guidance Computer. [764x599]

An F-A-18C Hornet launches from the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise during night flight operations [2520x1800]

An F6F Hellcat takes off from USS LEXINGTON (CV-16) for a raid on Formosa, about 12 October 1944.

An IJN escort ship, moments before it was sunk by a B25 [3609 × 2848]

An Intel 80486DX2 CPU, as seen from below [1110×908]

An Italian idroscivolant - when you bolt a 1930s radial aircraft engine to a pair of water skis. Driven by Goffredo Gorini and Francesco Bertoli in the 1935 Raid Pavia-Venezia. [1200×866]

An M-209 portable mechanical cipher machine [5391 × 3594]

An M3 Stuart light tank going through water obstacle, Ft Knox, Ky, June 1942 by Alfred Palmer [8,294 × 6,412] x-post -r-HI_Res

An Old Elbow and Heater Pipe [1200 x 900] [OC]

An RAF Republic Thunderbolt Mk II s-n HD298, 'RS-U', of No. 30 Sqn, taking off off from Chittagong, India, for a sortie over the Arakan front. HD298 (USAAF P-47D-27-RE s-n 42-26911) was wrecked when struck by Thunderbolt HD294 (USAAF 42-26907) on the ground at Chittagong on 17 November 1944.

An RAF airman talks to a pilot of the 14th Fighter Group on the wing of his P-38 Lightning at Atcham, England. August-November 1942. [6,266 × 4,014]

An SBD Dauntless scout-bomber and five TBD-1 Devastator torpedo planes prepare to take-off from USS Enterprise (CV-6) during operations in the south Pacific area, 4 May 1942.

An aerial photograph of a German attack on the Forth Bridge, October 1939.[551 × 541]

An aerial view of a convoy in the Atlantic, two escorts can be seen in the foreground 1941 [1200×830]

An aerial view of a portion of the Grand Fleet at anchor in the Firth of Forth, taken from the British Airship R.9. 1916 [976 × 826]

An apple being cut in half by water [240 x 180]

An artificial hand for a robot arm [4272 x 2848]

An artificial hand for a robot arm [4272 x 2848] (r-machineporn x-post)

An attacking Yokosuka P1Y 'Frances' is shot down next to USS Ommaney Bay (CVE-79) on December 15, 1944.

An early B29 being flight tested with a B17, 1944.

An early image of Wellington bombers in flight

An elevated view of the attack submarines Ray (SSN-653), Hawkbill (SSN-666), and & Archerfish (SSN-678) surfaced at the geographic North Pole, 6 May 1986 during ICEX 86. This is the first time three nuclear-powered submarines have simultaneously surfaced at the pole. [3000 × 1982]

An engine for a WWI-era minesweeper, c.1918 [2541 x 3000]

An experimental HL 131V 'quadmount' manned tail turret, with four MG 131 13mm machine guns, fitted to a Heinkel He 177A-3 (1943)

An inertia switch from a fuel pump circuit [OC] [1836x3264]

An iron worker's Heavy bags [ 1866 x 1644]

An island in Iceland...[808x536]

An old Bucket-Wheel Excavator, put on display after their phasing out of use in Fort McMurray, Canada [2048x1142]

An old wafer I saw at Intel's museum in the Bay area. You can see the dice cut on the wafer. [2800x1687] [OC]

An unidentified US pilot stands up in the cockpit of his plane (which appears to be a P-40) on the tarmac on Midway Naval Base, Midway Islands, 1942.

Analysis of damage on HSV Swift by retired US Navy Capt. Chris Carlson [1440 × 1028]

Anatomical Lego Minifigure (x-post -r-pics) [512x720]

Anatomy of a Dalek [1600 x 2400]

Anatomy of a P-38

Anatomy of an ocean liner [1900 x 764]

And then there is this thing SBX-1 [1280 x 1600]

Android [1050 x 588]

Animated cross section of a pregnant woman [201x252]

Annual U. S. Naval Production by Type. Graphic from 'The Fleet at Flood Tide' by author James D. Hornfischer. Artist Jeffery L. Ward. [1536 x 2048] [Infographic]

Another Caterpillar Diesel Engine [OC][4320x2432]

Another Firework [590x653] [Imgur repost]

Another pic of my ZX 670 - The reach on this thing is insane. [OC] [5,312×2,988]

Another wafer photo I took - this one a bit prettier. Shot at the Mountain View Computer History Museum. Highly recommended. [2800x1867] [OC]

Antenna porn of the day: the A601 'Monge', one of the largest ships of the French navy [3216x2002]

Anti-ship missiles in service 2015 infographic [6500x3250][OC]

Antisubmarine destroyer USS DL-1 Norfolk in 1957.[3000 x 2321]

Any idea what the pyramidal boxes on wagon wheels are in this photo of USS New Orleans, CL-22, from ca. 1898? [806x1024]

Anyone heard of Sturtevant Richmont Torque Wrenches? [1800x635][OC]

Anyone remember CueCat? [3264x2448] [OC]

Apache helicopter aboard HMS Illustrious [2709x1806]

Apollo 7 command Module hatch pressure relief valve [OC][1920x1080]

Apollo 7 command Module hatch pressure relief valve [OC][1920x1080](x-post from r-machineporn)

Apollo Lunar Communications Relay Unit (LCRU) with thermal cover [2560 x 2164]

Apollo Moon Suit by Stephen Biesty [913x1024]

Apollo Prototype Geological Hand-Tools and Toll Sample Container after modification by MSC [2897x3756]

Apollo Space Suit [1587 × 2118]

Apollo modules cross section [1200x1049]

Apposed cylinder aircraft engine [potato quality] [oc] [1600 × 1200]

Apprentice Top Draw! The collecting has started.

Aquitaine-class multipurpose frigate[2573 x 1442]

Arado Ar.196 being launched from catapult

Arado Ar.232 cargo plane

Arado E.381 rocket powered parasite fighter

Ariane 5 rocket with James Webb Space Telescope payload [205 x 945]

Ariel Atom 500 Engine, made from two Suzuki Hayabusa engines married at the crankshaft. [800 x 709]

Arktos amphibious rescue craft - It can operate on land, sea, and ice and fits in the belly of a C-130 aircraft. [1500×1000]

Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur's Big 'ol Screws [605x480]

Armature of the 'King Kong' Brontosaurus Stop Motion Model, RKO Studios, 1933 [1500 x 1181]

Armed to the teeth: Slava-class cruiser Varyag of the Russian Federation Navy Pacific Fleet [798 x 1280]

Armidale Class Patrol Boat of the Royal Australian Navy [4428x3087]

Armored corvette ATALANTE in Fitzroy Dock for some hull maintenance - Sydney, Australia, 1873. [1400×1161]

Armored electrical cables. Album in comments. width: [3264 x 1836][OC]

Armorers and mechanics of US 9th Air Force servicing a P-38 Lightning aircraft in the field, 1944; note external engine warmer.

Armorers load 20mm shells in a box for their P-61, 'Dangerous Dan', France, 1944

Armorers loading rockets under the wing of a F4U Corsair fighter, Okinawa, Japan, Jun 1945

Armoured cruiser Pisa at high speed showing of her lines.[2142 x 1297]

Armoured cruiser SMS Scharnhorst, 1907 [5096×3882]

Armourers of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) re-arm a Fleet Air Arm Hurricane

Armstrong Siddeley Mongoose aero engine photo by Nimbus227 [3,648 × 2,736]

Armstrong Whitworth Albermarle P5-S of No. 295 Sqn RAF. Found lacking in their intended role as bomber, these aircraft served as glider tugs for airborne operations, including D-Day for which No. 295 Sqn claimed to be the first squadron to drop troops.

Army reinforcements disembarking from LST's form a graceful curve as they proceed across coral reef toward the beach. Saipan, ca. June-July 1944. [3028x2048]

Arsenal VB10 French prototype fighter

Arsenal VG-33

Arsenal-Delanne 10 experimental tandem wing fighter

Articulated Tug Barge LEGACY on a shipyard transporter at Dakota Creek Industries, Anacortes, WA, 2011. [1600×1200]

Artillery Shell (Rolf Klep illustration for Fortune Magazine, 1939) [789×1000]

Artillery round? Please help identify. [853x1280]

Artist's concept cutaway view of Skylab 1 [2758 x 3480]

Artist's depiction of USS Zumwalt with fully outfitted antennae, mast and 30mm cannons [3400 x 2200]

Artist's rendering of 16m inflatable habitat for astronauts living on the Moon, July 1989. [4447x3345]

As beautiful as it is terrifying - Roland Sands & Victory Racing Project 156: Pikes Peak Unlimited Challenger [1200x800]

As mighty a warship as there ever was; Yard Motor Tug #5 passes the USS Nevada (BB-36) at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, where she would earn her first and only Battle Star in December of 1941. [3912x2480]

As of today, I've been on Reddit for nine years. So here's a great photo of CV-9, USS Essex, making waves during a Mediterranean cruise in January 1960. A C-1 Trader cargo plane prepares for takeoff at the stern, while Skyraiders and Skyrays populate the deck. [4816x3749]

As seen from the flight deck of HMS Illustrious, the battleship HMS Valiant has a 15' practice shoot during exercises in the Indian Ocean, 22nd December 1942. [OS] [800x610]

Assembly line of the A-31 Vengeance dive bomber at the Vultee Aircraft Company in Nashville (1943)

Assembly line robots of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California [2,048 x 1,323]

Assembly of Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6s in a German aircraft factory, 1943.

Assembly of a SU-30SM aircraft at Irkutsk aviation factory [1000 x 1469]

Astounding Crane Lift - 3,000t Liebherr LR13000 lifting three other huge cranes [533 x 800]

Astronaut Michael Good rides Atlantis' remote manipulator system arm to the exact position he needs to be to continue work on the Hubble Space Telescope [4288 × 2843]

Atari XEGS light gun [526x394]

Atlas V 421 launch vehicle at the moment when the Solid Rocket Boosters ignite. [1280x1920][OC]

Atlas V payload fairing containing a MUOS satellite [2683×3997]

Atmospheric diving suit built by Carmagnolle brothers in 1882 [2125 × 3200]

Attaching 130 lb Japanese bomb to P-47, Saipan, September 1944

Attention to Hidden Details. Fluke 4050A Power Supply Filter Very Securely Mounted. [OC] [1568 x 1568]

Audacious class aircraft carrier, HMS Eagle (R05).[1480 x 1904]

Audacious-class aircraft carrier HMS Eagle gives of smoking signals while in a sharp portside turn.[2008 × 1311]

Audi R18 Ultra [2048x1366]

Audi R18 e-tron quttro

Audi R8 [800x600]

Australia! HMAS Sydney (A 214), Melbourne (R 21), Supply (AO 195) and Yarra (DE 45). Both carriers were Majestic class light carriers. HMAS Melbourne had the ignominious distinction of ramming and sinking two friendly destroyers (HMAS Voyager in 1964 & USS Frank E Evans in 1969). Oops. [2700x2140]

Australian Army Light Armored Vehicles from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment conduct a live fire shoot on the flight deck of the HMAS Canberra [3600 x 2400]

Australian Army M1A1 Abrams Tanks at the Firing Range During Exercise Jericho Dawn [3110x2047]

Australian researchers create world's first 3D printed jet engine. (700x467)

Austro-Hungarian Ironclad SMS Custoza [5696 × 3600]

Austro-Hungarian dreadnought battleship of the Tegetthoff class, SMS Viribus Unitis.[3945 x 2344]

Automated machines pick up and carry cargo containers to stacks at the Port of Los Angeles, guided by a magnetic grid embedded in the pavement [1280 x 853] [OS]

Automatic gearbox [620x465]

Automatic transmission Valve body [2560x1920]

Automobile cut in half to reduce import taxes to Ukraine - As two pieces it is taxed at the rate for 'spare parts.' [1024×768]

Autonomous Concept Vehicle by Case IH, a unit of CNH Industrial. A monster robotic tractor that can be programmed using a tablet. [790x546] via Gizmodo:

Auxiliary heater (731 x 915).

Avenger in the drink after catapult launch fail from the USS Bataan

Avenger in the drink after ditching. 1941.

Avenger that overshot it's landing.

Avro Lancaster 'Thumper'

Avro Lancaster B Mk X - KB772 VR-R 'Ropey' - 419 Squadron RCAF

Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' in the sun, Monday 25th May 2015 [OC]

Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' standing proud on Saturday night. Photo by me.

Avro Lancaster NX611 ground run at sunset

Avro Lancaster SR-B drops bundles of 'window' during a raid on Duisburg on 15 October 1944.

Avro Lancaster SR-B drops bundles of 'window', 1944

Avro Lancaster with RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Awesome picture of USS Seawolf. Steaming somewhere in the Pacific (3755x2513)

Awesome picture of the USS Nimitz. My buddy works on a tug boat that helped maneuver it out of port in Everett, WA.

Awesome sharks teeth on Russian Sub [1200 x 1851]

Azipod drives on POLARIS - a Finnish state-owned icebreaker built at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, 2016. [2000×1333]

Aérotrain i80 interurban - a prototype 80-passenger monorail-hovercraft, Loiret, France, 1969. [2953×2103] (album in comments.)

Aérotrain i80 interurban - an 80-passenger air-cushion monorail built in 1969. [1802×764](album in comments).

B-17 'Memphis Belle' and B-24 'Delectable Doris' nose-art photos from an airshow at St.Pete-Clearwater Airport, early-mid 90's. [OC]

B-17 'Sally B' at sunrise, Duxford Air Museum, 20th September 2015. Photo by me! :)

B-17 Bombardier's, Navigators and Pilot's Compartments [750x995]

B-17 Flying Fortress 8th AF in Flak Filled Sky During Berlin Raid

B-17 Flying Fortress bomber in New Caledonia, 1944; note markings that showed 118 bombing missions, 20 aircraft destroyed, 7 merchant ships sunk, and 6 combat vessels destroyed.

B-17 Flying Fortress shot down 486th BG Merseburg Lutzkendorf November1944

B-17 Flying Fortresses from the 398th Bombardment Group fly a bombing run to Neumunster, Germany, on April 13, 1945.

B-17 Hel'en Hiwater with severe tail damage after colliding with another B-17 shortly after takeoff. Both aircraft landed safely afterwards

B-17 Memphis Belle (Replica) .50 cal. waist gun. [OC]

B-17 bombers in formation

B-17 heavy bomber awaits its flight test at Boeing's Seattle plant December 1942.

B-17 in heavy flak over Ludwigshafen

B-17's in the sky during the Stuttgart raid, September 6th, 1943

B-17's of the 91st Bomb Group nearing the Dornier Assembly Plant at Meulan, France at dawn, Aug 13, 1943.

B-17(G) 'Wee-Willie' after port wing blown off by direct flak hit over Kranengurg, Germany. Only the pilot, Lieutenant Robert E. Fuller, survived. April, 1945.

B-17, 'Hang the Expense III', after being hit by flak over Frankfurt on January 24,1944. Tail gunner story in comments.

B-17E Flying Fortress converted to XB-38 with Allison V-1710 liquid-cooled engines as an experimental testbed in the event the radial engines became unavailable, 1942. [1800x1209]

B-17F bomber 'Memphis Belle' of 324th Bomb Squadron, USAAF 91st Bomb Group in flight in the United States, June 1943.

B-17G 'Silver Dollar' is shot down in Marienfeld in 1944. 8 killed, 2 captured.

B-17G Fortresses of the 381st Bomb Group in flight, Summer-Fall 1944. [1800X1194]

B-17Gs of the 401st Bombardment Group (as denoted by 'triangle 'S'' tail code), 8th Air Force

B-17s of the 390th Bomb Group, flying out of RAF Framlingham, England, World War II

B-2 Spirit stealth bomber [1500x984]

B-24 Liberator nicknamed 'Hollywood and Vine' of the 453rd Bomb Group in flight

B-24 Liberator of the 43rd Bomb Group during a bombing run over the major Japanese base at Salamaua, Australian New Guinea, August, 1943.

B-24 Liberator on a bombing mission over Germany in 1945

B-24 Liberator “Black Nan - STEVONOVITCH II” 44-49710 of 779th Bomb Squadron, 464th BG shot down over Lugo, Italy – 10 April 1945

B-24 Liberators Bombing Salzburg Austria 1944

B-24 Liberators at low altitude while approaching the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania, August 1, 1943

B-24 dropping bombs. This is such an awesome shot.

B-24 hit by flak above Germany, June 1944.

B-24 of the 460th Bomb Group drops a load of fragmentation bombs on the Aidrome at Neuberg, Austria – 26 March 1945

B-24 on fire after being attacked over Turnitz, Austria, August 23, 1944. More info in comments.

B-24 with red zig-zag stripes, c.1945

B-24's flying through Japanese phosphorous bombs, January 1, 1945

B-24's of the 15th Air Force on their way to Muhldorf, Germany

B-24's of the 8th AF dropping some bombs over france. The scale of WWII never ceases to amaze me.

B-24D Liberators In Large Numbers Over Ploesti, Romania in 1943.

B-24Ds of 93rd Bomb Group in formation. Nearest aircraft is 'Joisey Bounce' (s-n 41-24226), wingman is 'The Duchess', (s-n 41-24147), and next higher is 'Bomerang' (s-n 41-23722). Circa 1943.

B-24J Liberator “Deadeye II” of the 392nd Bomb Squadron overflying Iwo Jima and Mt Suribachi, 1944-45.

B-24J Liberators inside a maintenance hangar at Hickam Field, Hawaiian Air Depot, July 30, 1944.

B-24s of the U.S. Army 15th Air Force bomb the railway yards of Salzburg, Austria, on December 27, 1944

B-25 'Mitchell' windtunnel model

B-25 Mitchell assembly plant in Kansas City.

B-25 Mitchell bomber takes off from the USS Hornet's flight deck for the Doolittle raid on Tokyo, Japan [963 x 768]

B-25 Mitchell just after dropping its bombs on a Japanese destroyer escort o April, 1945.

B-25 Mitchell makes a simulated bombing run at an airshow

B-25 Mitchell tail gunner position

B-25 assembly line at the North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, California 1942

B-25A Mitchell medium bomber of the 34th Bombardment Squadron

B-25C Mitchell bomber in flight over California, United States, 1942. [1400x1048]

B-25J Mitchell of the 77th BS Being Attacked by a Ki-43 Hayabusa

B-25J gunship, Betty's Dream, showing off her guns.

B-25J sporting Soviet insignia

B-25s being assembled, 1942

B-26 Marauder Bomber Hit By Flak over France 9th Air Force

B-26 Marauder with Invasion Stripes

B-26B Marauder “Shootin’ In” of the 556th Bomb Squadron releasing its bomb load, 1944-45.

B-29 'Dauntless Dotty' loading up at an airfield on Saipan, c.1945.

B-29 Superfortress 'Fifi' w- bonus B-17 'Texas Raiders'

B-29's of the 39th Bomb group, dropping bombs. Taken from the cockpit of another B-29.

B-29's of the 462nd Bomb Group en route home after hitting the Rangoon Burma docks on November 3 1944. These birds were so beautiful.

B-29's over Mount Fuji

B-29s dropping their payload over Japan.

B-29s release incendiary bombs on Yokohama in May, 1945

B-32 Dominator

B-36 Peacemaker in flight [1600x900]

B-52 plays 'I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU' with Soviet carrier Kiev. [1200x770]

B-52 ultra low pass of USS Ranger 1990 [1125x559]

B-61 thermonuclear weapon. In the back it is assembled, in the middle it is divided into its major subcomponents, in the front it is almost completely disassembled [773×522]

B-800 'Kaluga' diesel submarine being transported using a multitrack railway platform [3473x2307]

B17 Rear Gunner

B17 about to be hit by 1000 pound bombs from another B17 over Berlin.

B17 and B24 over the Golden Gate.

B17 without a tail.

B17F Propaganda Art

B25 bomber 'Jaunty Jo' on a low altitude bomb run being hit by AA fire and about to crash. Formosa, May 25,1945.

B25s flying past erupting Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, 1944

B29 in the sunshine today at IWM Duxford.

B5N ('Kate') torpedo bomber landing on IJN carrier Shōkaku. Note the trailing destroyer acting as plane guard. [3075 x 2000]

B787 showing how flexible its wing is during takeoff [1024x682]

BAE Systems MACH-10 Railgun Prototype [2436x1587] (Firing Video in Comments)

BARC (Barge Amphibious Resupply Cargo) with 60-ton cargo capacity [990×800]

BB-62 New Jersey on the gun line, Vietnam, 1969[740 x 496]

BBC Television Centre, London [7016x4961]

BBQ tool belt [ 2150 x 1680]

BF 109 And A Ju 87 Fly Side By Side

BF 109F-4 Over The Swiss Alps

BF-109 G6 propeller shaft and Mk108 cannon

BGM-71 TOW ('Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided') missile cut in half [1348x737]

BIG ass Grumman Hellcat at Camarillo

BMW 320 Turbo [1762x785]

BMW S54 engine torn down [1280 × 941]

BMW Team rll z4 24 Hours of Daytona [1200x978]

BNSF train going through Darling, AZ [3619x2218]

Ba 349 Natter.1945 German vertical take off rocket powered interceptor

Babbage Difference Engine built with LEGOs [1,600 x 1,195]

Badly damaged F4U-1A Corsair of Marine Squadron 216 flown by a wounded Lt. Robert Marshall managed to return safely to Torokina, Bougainville, after an encounter with a swarm of Zeros, December 1943.

Bagger 228 a German excavator and the largest land vehicle in the world [5075x1490]

Bagger 258, Abandoned Bucket Mining Excavator in Germany (buddy for scale) [3888x2592]

Bagger 288 - The Largest Land Vehicle in the World [1366x768]

Bagger 288 Bucket Excavator - The Largest Land Vehicle in the World [640x480]

Balao-class submarine USS Menhaden (SS-377) underway, showing her clean hull design and upworks. [1425 x 1129]

Ball screw [1500x851]

Ballastic-missle submarine USS George Washington being scrapped out at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, c. 1986. [700×427]

Bamboo culm [662×916]

Barbican Theater, London. [1280×855]

Bark graft on a pecan tree [720×960]

Base fuse for a 35mm shell [2000x1080]

Basler BT-67 'ZS-ASN' equipped for electromagnetic surveying, operated by Spectrem Air, Pretoria, South Africa, 2014 by Alan Wilson [5405 x 3603] x-post -r-HI_Res

Bat cut in half [2560 x 2048]

Battery of 140mm guns in some ironclad (likely French given the tumblehome) [1961x1363]

Battle Board of the USS Hornet, CV-12 [OC] [3264x2448]

Battle Group Echo in formation ~ November 1, 1987 [1.600px × 1.280px]

Battle Group Echo, with the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) carrier strike groups peeling away from the USS Kittyhawk (CV-63) strike group. [2947x1840]

Battle damage on SMS Derfflinger after Jutland[1100x759]

Battle damage to HMS Exeter following the Battle of the River Plate[220 × 165]

Battle of Jutland, 100 years ago today: The 2nd Division of the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet, with guns trained to starboard, prepares to open fire on the German High Seas Fleet. IDs and info in comments. [2860x2354]

Battle off Samar: Comparison between the top two heaviest Japanese units and the top two heaviest American units [1796 x 1520] [OC]

Battlecruiser HMS Renown, 1920[1450 × 1029]

Battlecruiser HMS Repulse, her sinking proved that large surface ship no longer could operate without air support.[2400 x 1446]

Battleship HMS Rodney Prepares Her Walrus Seaplane For Launch, 1940. [800 x 606]

Battleship New Jersey firing a nine-gun salvo during bombardment operations against communist targets in Korea, adjacent to the 38th parallel, 10 Nov 1951 [1416 x 1137]

Battleship Number 11: pre-dreadnought USS Missouri's deck plan, circa 1918. Very detailed. If you wanted to know where the butcher's shop or post office is (or the heads for all enlisted) here is your guide. [5515x4621]

Battleship Number 38, USS Pennsylvania, showing off her stems. View of the battleship's forward 14-45 guns and her forward superstructure, circa the early 1930s. [5557x4390]

Battleship Number 44, USS California, was a glamour ship, apparently. Officers pose with silent-film actress Dorothy DeVore, on board the ship at San Pedro, California, 1925. Lieutenant Abraham DeSomer is third from right. Collection of Lieutenant Commander Abraham DeSomer, USN. [6088x4918]

Battleship Number 45, USS Colorado. Vertical aerial photograph, taken in harbor on 2 May 1927 with three large and five smaller harbor tugs alongside and one astern. Note the sailors on deck and the two float planes on C turret. [5656x4540]

Battleship Number 55, USS North Carolina, at sea on the east coast April, 1942. For the first few months after Pearl Harbor she escorted convoys to Europe and served as a backstop for any Tirpitz problems. [5664x4589]

Battleship Number 57, USS South Dakota, at anchor off the Norfolk Navy Yard, August 20th, 1943. If I had to describe South Dakota in a word I'd probably choose 'pugnacious'. [5546x4274]

Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor, with Medal of Honor and Navy Cross Recipients highlighted. On these eight ships and Ford Island, Nine men earned the Medal of Honor and 30 earned the Navy Cross during the attack. [4357 x 3000]

Battleship Tirpitz Escorted By Multiple Kriegsmarine Destroyers Somewhere Near Norway, October 1942. [799 x 526]

Battleship Yamato under fire before being sunk, April 7, 1945 [1280 x 869]

Battleships of The Great White Fleet steaming out of Hampton Roads, Virginia, at the start of their World cruise, 16 December 1907 [3600 x 2863]

Battleships! [3000 x 4093]

Bayern class dreadnought SMS Baden. The Royal Navy did extensive testing on Baden after WW1 and found her to be superior to the Queen Elizabeth & Revenge classes in nearly every respect aside from speed. Better armour, guns, armament handling, damage control & survivability, etc. [WW1] [2751x2114]

Beam compass with dotted line attachment [2,937×2,203]

Beamlines leading from a Van de Graaff accelerator to various experiments, in the basement of the Jussieu Campus in Paris. [2592 × 1676]

Bear Kodiak - Cold Forged Downhill Skateboard Truck - Cut in Half [4117x2576]

Beaufighter and Mustang

Beautiful Birdcage F4U-1 Corsair!

Beautiful Boeing B-17 (XB-38) with inline Allison V-1710 engines

Beautiful F15 Nozzles [3456x2304 px]

Beautiful Grumman F7N Tigercat on the Tarmac at Camarillo

Beautiful photo of S-118 Okeanos of the Hellenic Navy, world's sole Type 209 submarine upgraded with AIP system [1491 x 747]

Beautiful picture of B-17s on their way to France

Beautiful picture of the Chicago Cubs' World Series trophy [904 x 575] There's a German submarine in the picture, too.

Beautiful polished aluminium P-40 at Flying Legends Show, Duxford 2014

Because of its large size, the C-5 Galaxy must eat twice its bodyweight in smaller aircraft per week to maintain its active lifestyle. (1024 x 681)

Beck-Mahoney Sorceress [2501x1876]

Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly

Behind the shell of a drift car [736 × 490]

BelAZ rolls out world’s largest dump truck ( 1280 × 960 )

Bell P-39 Airacobras

Bell P-63 Kingcobra

Bell P59 Airacomet, and Bell P63 Kingcobra

Bell Tower with set of bells hung for traditional full-circle change ringing [596×1600]

Bell YFM-1 Airacuda

Bell p63 Kingcobra being assembled

Belly of a Spitfire XII

Bengtskär Lighthouse [1947x3038]

Bentley Bentayga wiring harness (1348 x 947).

Best Fireplace Ever (900X600)

Best seat in the house

Best tool for banging and screwing [444x349]

Between two Kirov battlecruisers [983px × 768px]

Bf 109 F-4 circa 1943

Bf 109 F-4 on the steppe near Stalingrad (June 1942)

Bf 109E 1.JG27 (W3+) North Africa Feb 1942-02

Bf 110 after overshooting the runway with a Ju 52 above it

Big Muskie's Bucket - Could move 39 million pounds of rock every HOUR! [2582x1944]

Big Seven Saturday! IJN Battleship Mutsu at Sasebo [1280 × 858]

Big Trucks [1440 × 976]

Billet Aluminum Shelby cobra [701x515]

Billet of continuously cast copper (chemically etched) [3616×3584]

Bimota Tesi 3D (2011) - Beautiful and audacious suspensions [1688 x 1130]

Bismarck after a salvo. Terrible resolution but I haven't seen this picture before (Bundesarchiv)[799px × 496px]

Bismarck wreck (artist impression) [1559 × 1358]

Bismark at sunset [1600x1091]

Bizarrely artsy photo of my crap drawer [3984x2241] [OC]

Black Swan-class sloop HMS Crane (F123) leaving Singapore. T-class submarine HMS Teredo (S38) is also present. December 1961.[800 x 635]

Blackburn Skua IIs of No.803 Squadron

Bladder stone the size of a palm.[852*1136]

Blade of a wind turbine positioned for installation [1280×960]

Blast furnace at Saugus Iron Works, Massachusetts. Began operation 1646. [768×871]

Blohm & Voss 141, The Most Asymmetrical Aircraft Ever Made, 1938

Blohm & Voss BV 141, a German tactical reconnaissance aircraft

Blohm & Voss BV 142

Blohm & Voss had some.. interesting designs

Blown glass heating element from a very old printer [OC] [4608 × 3456]

Blue Angels in Formation in front of the USS Missouri (BB-36) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii [1600x1067]

Body scan showing the cross-section of a 250lb and a 120lb female [400x550]

Boeing 314 'Clipper' flying boat over Treasure Island.

Boeing 314 - The Yankee Clipper

Boeing 727 [1024×1234]

Boeing 747 cutaway [3382 x 1482]

Boeing 747 jet airliner [736×1120]

Boeing 747 with a fifth-pod engine [OS] [1490×993]

Boeing 747-8 landing gear assembly prior to installation [2816x1584]

Boeing 757 F-22 Avionics testbed [x-post -r-aviation] [1200x800]

Boeing 787 Dreamliners being built in Boeing's Everett factory [1600 x 1067]

Boeing 787-9 is a think of beauty (x-aviation) [3497*2702]

Boeing Airplane Company's Model 299, which was eventually designated the B-17 Flying Fortress

Boeing B-17, Exploded View [1000x700]

Boeing B-17G-20-BO Flying Fortress 42-31581 “Ole Miss” 305th Bomb Group. Something about this photo is really chilling, don't know what it is.

Boeing B-17G-35-VE 42-97880 code DF-F “Little Miss Mischief” of the 91st bomb Group 324th BS. England April 1945.

Boeing B-17Gs parked at Deenethorpe, England. Jan. 12, 1945.

Boeing B-29 468th Bomb Group Bombers Flying Over Mount Fuji Japan

Boeing B-29 Super fortress at flying in the sun. My favorite WWII aviation image ever.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber (USAAF serial # 44-69703) after crash-landing on Motoyama Airfield, Iwo Jima

Boeing B-29 Superfortress size comparison to Convair B-36 Peacemaker. The B-36 went into service in 1946.

Boeing Supersonic Boom Reducing Concept Model being prepped for wind tunnel testing, 2013 [795x1024] (-r-HI_Res link in comments)

Boeing X-37B reusable unmanned spaceplane inside its payload fairing before launch [1824x2736]

Boeing XB-15 at Panama

Boeing wing stress testing [2229x1484]

Bogatyr class protected cruiser Oleg 1918 [5038×2799]

Bogies, Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60, Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf, FDR [1800 x 1200]

Bombing of Ferrara, Italy by Consolidated B-24 Liberators of the Fifteenth Air Force on June 5, 1944

Bombs being dropped from two 20th Bomber Command Superfortresses over Burma

Boston Dynamics BigDog [OS] [630×777]

Bosun's chair deluxe. Crew aboard USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) apply gold paint on the starboard anchor. Gold anchors are a symbol of the Retention Excellence Award, given for sustaining superior levels of military retention. USN photo. [7360 x 4912]

Bottom half of the CMS experiment at the LHC [1920 x 1080]

Bottsand-class oil recovery ship [1024 × 739]

Bought my first tool off the truck, Snap-On PWZ1 [2991x1682] [OC]

Bought my last tool box

Bow thruster on a Great Lakes bulk carrier. Kayak for scale. [OC] [4000X3000]

Bowling pin [760×428]

Box turtle skeleton [OC][970x1280]

Boxing match held aboard USS Texas (BB-35) between #3 and #4 turrets. [740x585]


Brammo Impulse R electric motorcycle cutaway (xpost from -r-motorcycles) [2448x1836]

Brand new library book return. [OC][5472x3648]

Brazilian P-47, 'Senta a Pua' squadron, 1944.

Brazilian monitor Parnaíba: the oldest currently active, commissioned vessel in the world. Active since 1938 [460 x 675 ]

Brewster B-239 Buffalo with 33 1-2 kills and the pilot Lt. Hans Wind, Finland 1943

Brewster XF2A-1 fighter during flight tests

Bristol Beaufighter TF.X NE548 'UB-E' from No. 455 Sqn, RAAF, fires rockets in support of D-Day.

Bristol Beaufighter V8318 “F-Freddie” of No 252 Squadron, Royal Air Force moving out at El Magrun, Benghazi District, Cyrenaica, Libya, early 1943.

Bristol Beaufort with torpedo

Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV (Free French Air Force) - vintage Airfix box art by Roy Cross (1968)

Bristol Brabazon under construction. The double decker, four engine British airliner proved too large and inefficient for airline use. [1920x1480]

Bristol Centaurus Radial Engine [3264x2448]

British Allison P-51 'Mustang' unknown date. [2500x1575]

British Battlecruiser HMS Repulse [3600 x 2125]

British Churchill Tank internal view [1920x1080]

British Handley-Page 'Halifax II' [1600x1060] (x-post from -r-WWIIplanes)

British Ironclad HMS Northumberland at anchor, after her rig was reduced from five to three masts in 1875-1879 [3600 x 2092]

British T-Class submarine HMS TRENCHANT (P331) on slipway, 1945. [1024×708]

British WWI 18-pounder shrapnel shell [1000x1960]

British aircraft carrier propeller [1,024px × 731px]

British army co-operation and liaison aircraft Westland Lysander

British ironclad HMS Minotaur in port, c.1875 [2190 x 3000]

British nuclear powered attack submarine HMS Talent surfaces during trials [3,600x2,486]

British troops aboard a destroyer arrive at Dover after being evacuated from Dunkirk, May 1940 [727×960]

Broadside of the Japanese Pre-Dreadnaught Mikasa.....her larger 6 inch guns along the bottom are all located in their own armored casemates, while the 3 inch '14 Pounder' guns on the top row are actually sitting on the ship's deck. Mikasa was the flagship during the Russo-Japanese War. [4608 x 3456]

Brother made this for me at work so I could split the cases on my kx250 [820x461]

Browning M2 belt-fed .50 BMG machinegun cutaway model cycling [gif][600x338]

Bryant Internal Grinder, we use to grind aircraft cylinders. [3264x2448]

Buck Fifty Antique Store Rescue [1258x1049] [OC]

Buckau bucket-chain excavator Es 3750 [2126x1535]

Bucket Dredges [834×1024]

Bucyrus Erie 2570 New Drag Drum Bearing [5312x2988]

Bugs Bunny, by Jason Freeny [720 × 960]

Building [675x1200]

Built my 1-700 scale LCS 2 on keel blocks just so I can take a photo of it like the one that was posted yesterday[1000x1051][OC]

Bulled fired into log, then cut in half. [2448x3264] [OC]

Bullet found in a wood plank [2448 x 3264]

Bullet squib in a .357 Magnum [3200 × 2368]

Buran Shuttle at Baikonur Cosmodrome in 1988 [1635x1210]

Burger from a local stand [4128x2322]

Burgers on a grill over a charcoal fire [1200×739]

Burgmaster Turret Drill [2988 x 5312] - still in heavy use.

Burning Grumman F6F Hellcat after crash landing on USS Enterprise

Burnt Screwhole in a 2x4, that's some serious heat!

Business end of a tunnel boring machine used in Seattle [4320X3240]

Business end of an Underground Racing twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo [OC] [4230x3240]

Business end of stage 2 from the Saturn V rocket, the worlds largest and most powerful rocket ever put into operation. [3100x2074] {OC}

Buy more bonds! Now.

C-130 on skis from -r-aviation (1350 x 900).

C-47s carrying wounded soldiers prepare to take off from a landing strip in France.

C-layer muon truss, part of the dzero detector, Fermi Lab, DOE, 2013 [2660 x 2624]

C5 Galaxy unloading an A10 Warthog [3072x2048] (x-post -r-MilitaryPorn)

CADS-N-1 CIWS [2048 × 1536]

CAT scanner without its casing [1379x1200]

CB90-class fast assault craft [3021 × 1997]

CBU-97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon also showing the 'life cycle' of the Explosively Formed Penetrator [2848x2136]

CRESST – Cryogenic Rare Event Search with Superconducting Thermometers [3,888 x 2,592]

CV Joint [670x502]

CVW-1 over USS America (CV-66) in 1983. [2,225 × 2,757]

CWHM Lysander performs emergency landing in a field after engine failure Saturday.

Cab of a US Navy K-Class blimp. 134 of these blimps were built, carrying 4 depth charges, radar, sonobuoys, and MAD gear. [2560x1920]

Cabins in a fancy hotel? Nope. Cruise ship? Nope. Ocean liner? Nope. Officer's quarters on the Italian battleship Roma? YES. [1000x669]

Cables [2000x1333]

Cables for Peak-to-Peak gondola in Whistler, BC [2048x1536]

Cadaveric Image - Midsaggital Section Brain [3,648 × 2,736]

California-based glass artist Loren Stump specializes in a form of glasswork called murrine, where rods of glass are melted together and then sliced to reveal elaborate patterns and forms (more info in comment)[800x593]

Callisto, Kelvin Ma (Kelvinsong)-Wikimedia Commons, 2014 [2000 x 1143]

Calutron consoles. The girls operating them did not know what they were doing until long after the war. [1886 x 1500]

Camden Town Tube junction, London [1208 x 428]

Camera Lens - [1024x683]

Camera Lens [1000x820]

Can anyone ID this plane from what's given?

Can anyone ID this plane? It's probably a Dutch navy plane in Indonesia. The photo must've been taken right before the war.

Can anyone identify this warship?[640x396]

Can we do interior shots too? USS Iowa Turret Two Center Gun [1968x2920]

Canada Day - A pilot of No 417 Squadron RCAF climbs into the cockpit of his Spitfire Mk Vb at Goubrine, Tunisia, in April 1943.

Canada's General Fusion reactor prototype [1024x512]

Canadian Hawker Typhoon fighter-bombers prepare to take off, the Netherlands, April 1945.

Canadian National train over Cheakamus River, BC [2048x1325]

Canadian Pacific 'Royal Hudson' 2860 - down from Vancouver - meets Southern Pacific GS-4 4449 at Seattle's King Street Station during the latter's tour of the United States as part of the Bicentennial Freedom Train, 1975. [2412x1729]

Canadian Sailors Play A Game Of Hockey On The Flight Deck Of HMCS Magnificent (CVL-21), 1948. [1126 x 710]

Canadian carrier battle group. Yes! You read it right. [1125x550]

Cannonball packed with shrapnel [620×557]

Canon 1Ds camera with 400mm lens

Canon EF 200–400mm lens [5110×2677]

Canon camera with lens cut in half [710x392]

Canon photocopier

Canon photocopier cut in half (550 x 413).

Cans of soup [1580x1000]

Cans of soup [604x935)

Cantilevered gradient column and high voltage head of the Van de Graaff injector, Argonne National Laboratory circa 1970 [3200 x 2418]

Caproni Ca 316 [1100 x 592]

Capt. Jeff Rogers (left) and 1st Lt. Patrick Applegate are ready in the lower deck of a B-52 Stratofortress at Minot Air Force Base, N.D. [3000x1993]

Captain Robert L. Faurot and his P-38 at Schwimmer Base, Laloki, Port Moresby, New Guinea in January 1943

Captured FW190 in Belgium, early 1945

Captured Lockheed P-38 Lightning

Car paint from Detroit factory. Repost from -r-pics [736x830]

Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame (x-post bicycling) [2,048× 2,048] [OC]

Carbon Fiber and Aluminum honeycomb core, cut in half for your pleasure. [4600x3450] [OC]

Carcano M38 Cavalry [1000x563]

Carl Zeiss Microscope Objective [1065×1627]

Carpenter Bee Colony In An Old 2x4 [4032x3024][OC]

Carrier Aircraft Deluxe. USS Coral Sea (CV-43) underway as she approaches Naval Station, Pearl Harbor. On deck are Phantoms, A-6 Intruders, A-7 Corsairs and a couple E-2B Hawkeyes. Jan '81 [3,004 × 2,400]

Carriers galore. Twenty Reserve Fleet escort carriers. South Boston Naval Annex, Mass, May 1958 [5690x4480]

Casablanca-class escort carrier USS Savo Island (CVE-78) underway in May 1944.[1738 × 1298]

Case IH 7120 combines at work; Elliot Ross [1500 x 1000]

Casualties of the Royal Navy in The Battle of Jutland and comparison with other battles of the past [736x1012]

Cat 6060 Hydraulic Shovel [3264×2448]

Catalina, flying boat [1024x683]

Catalytic converter [4928x3264][OC]

Catapult Armed Merchant ship SS Empie Darwin 1941 [1200×1195]

Caudron C.714

Centaur-class aircraft carriers HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion with HMS Eagle in 1956.[2447 × 1799]

Centerless Ferris Wheel in Tokyo [380X320]

Central vacuum chamber for Z Machine Fusion Plant, 2010 [1500x1000]

Centrifugal Overhung pump [3264 x 2448]

Centrifugal Pump Old vs Refurbished [1198x792]

Ceramic laser automotive spark plug [825 × 536]

Chain-drive Mack “Bulldog” plowing snow, circa 1922 [1855×1364]

Chainsaw go kart mod [1600 x 1200]

Changing times. Unloading coal from schooner Paul Palmer, Portsmouth, NH, 1908 [3200x2254]

Charle de Gaules Carrier Strike Group [1957x275]

Charles de Gaulle quitting the Persian Gulf and heading back to the Mediterranean sea [2048 x 1365]

Chart room on board USS Lexington as the ship maneuvers into enemy waters during a strike on the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. December 1943. [2865x2048]

Cheating a bit, as this photo was taken in Thailand during the Vietnam War; however, the Invader is most definitely a WWII plane and I personally think these A-26K Counter Invaders are some of the most interesting examples of the type. Please forgive me!

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries (x-post from r-pics) [1024 x 732]

Chernobyl Unit 4 cutaway model [1024×680]

Chevrolet Turbine Powered Semi Tractor (873x566)

Chevy 6.2L V8 engine at the 2015 LA Auto Show [2358x4191] [OC]

Chilean Sa'ar 4 class fast-attack craft Angamos & Casma perform tactical maneuvering exercises in the Strait of Magellan. The Angamos was previously the INS Reshef and fought in the famous Battle of Baltim during the Yom Kippur War. She fought an Osa-class boat. [3,000 × 1,986]

China Launches Newest Aircraft Carrier! Chinese Grandpa builds a carrier for his grandson Qingdao, China [840 x 560]

Chinese Hanyang Type 88 [1000x563]

Chinese Navy Zubr-class LCAC Unloading a Type 96 Tank [2500 x 1746]

Chinese P-43 Lancers and Vultee P-66 Vanguards

Chinese Type 001A aircraft carrier under construction 2016 [2048×875]

Chinese built and operated 4000 Tons Monohull crane vessel [1782 × 1320]

Chinese handgun Shanxi Type 17 [1024x574]

Chinese laborers paint the side of the New Jersey (BB-62) during a port visit, 3 March 1987 [1200 x 804]

Chip Photograph of Apple - VTI 'Bagpipe' chip intended for first Apple Macintosh 1982 [1028x1312] (-r-HI_Res link in comments)

Chip-scale atomic clock [1465x1449]

Chirkei hydro power plant [716 x 1000]

Chrysocolla in Malachite [2863x2122]

Cigar box toolkit, Mitutoyo dial caliper, General’s machinist’s square, Brown & Sharpe micrometer, Starrett 559B screwdriver [1900×3400][OS][OC]

Cigarette Foil Ball, Cut in Half. album in comments.(From r-pics)[2764 x 2073]

Circular carbon fibre loom which builds the Lexus LFAs plastic reinforced carbon fibre body [628×340]

Clarence 'Kelly' Johnson's proposed designs for the Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter (late 1930s)

Claymore Mine [1024 x 768]

Cleaned and Added Labels [640 x 1136]

Cleaning Robot for large solar parks [1920 x 1080]

Clipped wing Spitfire making a hard turn

Close up of F4U Corsair cockpit

Close up of USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) launching a Rolling Airframe Missile [2048 x 1060]

Close up of a phased array radar [5052 x 4089]

Close up of the bow and 57mm main gun of the USS Independence [1600x 1067]

Close view of the superstructure of Japanese battleship Yamato [1022x634]

Close view of the upstream modules in the NDCX-II induction LINAC [1,599 x 1,064]

Close-up of the SR-71 engine. Taken at the Museum Of Flight in Seattle. [1971 x 985]

Close-up of the nose of a PBY Catalina aircraft being serviced at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, August 1942.

Close-up view of the RS-68A liquid hydrogen-oxygen engine and GEM-60 solid rocket boosters lifting a Delta IV to orbit, July 23, 2015 [1280x1920][OC]

Closeup of the Heinkel He 177 Greif

Closeup picture of fighter pilot sersjant Eivind Mundt Hauge from 332(N) Squadron.

Closeup view of Atlas V's RD-180 Main Engine and AJ-60A solid rocket boosters. [OC][1536x1920]

Closeup view of RD-180 main engine and AJ-26A Solid Rocket Boosters bringing MUOS-5 off the launchpad. [OC][1536x1920]

Cloud cut in half by an airplane. [484 x 468]

Cluster Bomb [594x445]

Coal offloading crane, Beelman River Terminals on the Mississippi River, Venice, Illinois. [1440×1080]

Coast Guard Cutter Rollin Fritch steams through the Gulf of Mexico in July, 2016[700 x 414]

Coca-Cola's new battery powered all-electric delivery truck [1293X970] [OC]

Cockpit detail of a 1934 Alfa Romeo Tipo B (P3) Raced by Scuderia Ferrari [OC][2448x3264]

Cockpit of Airbus A-380 [1400x945]

Coconut with husk (Cocos nucifera) [1535×2046]

Coffee Bean [968 x 633]

Cold boxes for the LHC cryogenic system [1912 x 2560]

Colgate toothpaste tube. [468x331]

Color photograph of a B-26 and its crew. What are the ducks for?

Colorized HMS Iron Duke - 1912 Dreadnought Battleship [680 x 428]

Colorized Jolly Rogers

Colorized photo of the first Heinkel He-111 to be shot down, landing in central Stalingrad. August, 1942. (x-post from r-WarThunder)

Colorized picture of a J7W1 Shinden being examined by American troops

Colosseum by Stephen Biesty [1700x1200]

Coloured picture of Flying Officer J B Burnside, the flight engineer on board an Avro Lancaster B Mark III of No. 619 Squadron RAF based at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, checks settings on the control panel from his seat in the cockpit. February 1944

Colt 1911 [963 x 571]

Colt 45 [1920x868]

Colt 45 cut in half [1920 x 1080]

Colt M1911 pistol cycling [gif][450x270]

Columbia University's Cyclotron in 1948 [1,024 x 783]

Combustion chamber of a German WWII-era rocket engine (hydrogen-peroxide, anti-ship missile) (Smithsonian Collection)[1472×1104]

Combustion chamber of a liquid-propellant rocket engine [675×1013]

Comparing the 1990 Soviet Navy and Today's Russian Navy [OC][1,900x25,000]

Comparison of USS Texas USS Massachusetts USS North Carolina and USS Wisconsin [546×540]

Composite 45 cubic inch 4500 psi paintball tank [2048x1536]

Compression ring - how engine piston holds combustion pressure [250x273]

Compressor Number 2 of Nasa's Abe Silverstein Supersonic Wind Tunnel [3002 x 2400]

Compressor stall with an engaged reverse on a DC-8 airliner [1024x581]

Computer terminals at the headquarters building of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, or WSSC, Laurel, Maryland [1024x804]

Concorde Flightdeck [2838x1892]

Concorde Jet [1600x1014]

Concorde landing at JFK [1270x825]

Condor Legion Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers over Spain, May 30th, 1939

Confused Mustangs

Conisbrough Castle, South Yorkshire [736 × 883]

Consolidated B-24 Liberator

Consolidated B-24 Liberator production line

Consolidated B-24 [3200x1800]

Consolidated B-32 Dominator

Consolidated B-32 Dominator in flight.

Consolidated PB2Y Coronado

Consolidated PBY2 Coronado, 1942. Patrol Bomber with 217 total units produced.

Constitution Class Starship [7368 × 2587]

Construction of Anson, the fifth Astute-class submarine, next to sisters Artful and Audacious [2000x1125]

Construction of New Containment Dome Over Chernobyl [2374x1552]

Construction of Pieter Schelte - Largest vessel in the world [1200x899] [OS]

Continuous Variable Transmission [768 x 528] no gears, no shifting. It's pretty cool

Control rods inside the dummy Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant in Austria, taken using a snake robot [1715x1139]

Convair B-36 with experimental tracked landing gear, to reduce ground pressure for soft-field use. 1949 [1756×1126]

Converted Ferguson TE20 tractors used by Edmund Hillary's team on the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1957 [3000*1990]

Core i5 CPU [OC] [2805x1923]

Core rope memory used on the Apollo guidance computers [1148 x 800]

Cornstarch and dulce de leche alfajor. [4160x4160]

Corsair Fighter Fires A Load Of Rocket Projectiles On A Strafing Run Against A Japanese Stronghold On Okinawa

Corsair being presented to natives. Date and location unknown.

Corsair firing rockets

Corsair firing rockets over Okinawa

Corsair flys close ground support

Corsair on the USS Bennington, February 1945

Corsairs being ferried through Panama Canal, 1943

Corsairs during final assembly

Couch [1600×1200]

Could anyone identity these aircraft?

Counterflow plate chiller, for rapidly cooling boiling beer to fermentation temperature [1200x900]

Covered Lunar Habitat Concept, Kitmacher-Ciccora-NASA, 1990 [2800 × 1702]

Craftsman Dovetail Saw.[OC] [1920X1080]

Crane building the jetty at Port of Leixões, Portugal, c. 1885. [1600×1148]

Cranes erecting a six-megawatt wind turbine, Denmark, 2012 [2126×1535]

Crankshaft from a 10 cylinder 100,000hp marine diesel engine [444x600]

Crash landing of a F6F-3 (Hellcat) onto USS Enterprise (CV-6), Pacific Ocean 1943 (Colorized) [2949 × 2196]

Crashed C-47 near Bastogne in 1944

Crazy twin-turbo LS Corvette built by Nelson Racing Engines [1024x768]

Crest of Russian Borei class submarine Alexander Nevsky (K-550) [900 x 600]

Crew Of HMCS Regina Stand Beside Their 4 Inch Gun And It's Shield Art, Including The Kill Tally From An Italian Submarine, 1943. [2669 x 2102]

Crew Of USS Des Moines Manning The Rails In Preparation For President Eisenhower, November 30th, 1959. [1037 x 635]

Crew aboard the USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) lean into a stiff wind as the ship stands out of Naval Station Mayport for the open sea ahead of Hurricane Matthew. [4624x3082]

Crew member inside B29 bomb bay

Crew of Fletcher-class destroyer USS Abbot (DD-629) 1945 [15280×5529]

Crew of HMS Eagle (R05) taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, November 1969. [OS] [606x800]

Crew of Soviet Kirov-class cruiser 'Kalinin' enjoying a peaceful violin serenade in 1955. Location unknown. [561 × 899]

Crew relaxing on a Vought F4U Corsair

Crewman pulls the propeller through on an F4U-1 Corsair of Marine Fighting Squadron 218 at Barakoma Airfield, Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, 1943.

Crewmen man the rails as the USS Iowa returns to port following her deadly 1989 turret explosions. Behind them, the damaged turret is locked to starboard, still in firing position. The explosion cost the lives of 47 of Iowa's crewmen. [2840 x 1910]

Crewmen of Texas pose for a picture on top of one of the main battery guns, 1918 [2098×2767]

Crewmen of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier banish post-battle nervous strain by taking a swim in the warm waters of a lagoon in the Marshalls only a few days after laying siege to and conquering Roi Island in the Kwajalein atoll. [2048x 2283]

Crews check the performance of the firefighting Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) system aboard USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) [6016 x 4016]

Croatian missile boat Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir (RTOP-12) fires RBS 15 AShM [1278 × 719]

Cross Section of a Typical Water Tower [OS][331x343]

Cross section drawing of a Steam Train by Stephen Biesty [1900x762]

Cross section of Kowloon Walled City. Located in Hong Kong, it housed 33,000 people on 6.4 acres. It was one of the most densely populated areas in the world until it was demolished (xpost -r-charts) [2254x1752]

Cross section of a jacketed lead bullet striking a steel plate - simulation [gif][600x338]

Cross section of a number of different cables. [2832x1890]

Cross section of a piece of wood with layers of lacquer-paint (x-post r-mildlyinteresting) [768x1024]

Cross section of an under sea cable [666x500]

Cross section of an under sea cable. [666 x 500]

Cross section of cables [2800x1900]

Cross section of first stage of rocket ship - 1956 retrofuture illustration by Virgil Finlay. [1500×1005]

Cross section of the Spencer Repeating Rifle and 7 round magazine. Invented in 1860 as the first lever action rifle. It could fire up to 30 rounds per minute at much larger distances then a muzzle loading musket, which could only fire 3 rounds per minute with a skilled soldier. [1292 x 712]

Cross section of the unopened fruiting body of the New Zealand basket fungus (Ileodictyon cibarium), [1706×1508]

Cross section of the world's longest high-voltage subsea AC cable [800x945]

Cross sectioned great grey owl specimen showing the extent of the body plumage [1529x1800]

Cross-Section of a Ship in a ShipBreaking Yard [1800x1164] (x-post from r-DestructionPorn)

Cross-section model of a Subaru Forester in the 2015 Manila International Auto Show. Album in comments. [3264 x 2448]

Cross-section of 1-2' Pneumatic Grinder, cut using 55,000 PSI abrasive waterjet [3264x2448]

Cross-section of Fleshlight sleeve options [1024 X 676]

Cross-section of a model 17th-century merchantman ship.[1520x711]

Cross-section of a piece of white oak that has fossilized [1024x768]

Cross-section of camera and lenses from 1966 - 1970. At the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. [OC][1219x914]

Cross-section of entire human body [347 x 200] [GIF]

Cross-section of stick of wood used to stir paint for 50 years

Cross-section of the 1931 Nautilus. A renamed and re-equipped 1917 submarine that was used to explore the North Pole [1200x746]


Crowded Pearl harbor during RIMPAC16.[939x1280]

Cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas being lengthened 75' by adding new midsection - drydock at Keppel Verolme shipyards, Rotterdam, 2005. [957×599]

Crusaders on duty: USS Midway (CVA-41) with F-3 Demon, F-4B Phantom II and F-8 Crusader jet fighters on her flight deck. The two Crusaders parked furthest forward are from VF-24. 20 June 1963. Photo J.D. Osborne [1280 x 1206][OS]

Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS II) detectors [1,024 x 768]

Cryogenics for the LHC test facility in 2001, String 2 [1607 x 1184]

Cryostat of a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer [774×1164]

Cultured Pearls [834×1245]

Cummins dual and quad turbo V12 and V16 earthmoving engines in for rebuild. [OC] [1080x1920]

Curiosity is a car sized rover that is currently exploring Mars [3000x2064]

Curiosity rover [2570x3686]

Curta Mechanical Calculator [800x600]

Curta Type II [1024 × 690] [OS]

Curtiss C-46 Commando flying 'The Hump'

Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk in Soviet markings. This aircraft was shot down on 23rd Feb 1943. The photo story of its recovery from a Russian swamp is in the comments.

Curtiss P-40 NACA Langley Field 1939.

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk undef maintenance in North Africa

Curtiss P-40E gun test at night

Curtiss P-40E of the 11th Fighter Squadron, 343rd Fighter Group

Curtiss P-40F's of 325th Fighter Group passing low over the water during Operation Torch, Africa (c. november 1942)

Curtiss SB2C-1 'Helldiver' bombers fly over task force 58 carriers, while returning to USS YORKTOWN (CV-10) after strikes on Chichi Jima

Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver assigned to VMO-151

Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk spotting plane being hoisted aboard USS IOWA (BB-61), off San Francisco, July 1947

Curtiss SOC-3 'Seagull' floatplane taxis up to a U.S. Navy cruiser, for recovery, circa April 1944

Custer Bomb cut in half [2592x1944]

Custom Body Hammer [576x392][OS] Build in comments

Cut Away rifle SA-80 [1229x816]

Cut in half Pyritized Ammonite [715x667]

Cut-away diagram of the 16-inch turrets on board the North Carolina class battleship.

Cut-away of Siemens' new Hail Extension II Gas Turbine [2157x1535]

Cut-away of a boiler in a steam locomotive. National Railway Museum. [1600x1067] xpost -r-steamporn

Cutaway Bore Obstructions of a Webley Mark IV .38-200 Revolver [650x293]

Cutaway Colt M4 [2048 x 1365]

Cutaway Thrust 2 Land Speed Record Car '1983 [2048x1536]

Cutaway and infographic of missing Korean submarine - presumed sunk [OC] [2642 x 1208]

Cutaway example of a Sherman tank used for training crews and technicians [2048x1365]

Cutaway locomotive on display at Steamtown National Historic Site [4608 x 3072][OC]

Cutaway model of a 17th century English merchantman ship of about 400 tons [3,382 × 1,581]

Cutaway of B-36 [1920 x 1293]

Cutaway of Stalin's Super Sub - Project P2. Drawn in MS Paint and shaded in GIMP. [OC] [X-post] [4000 x 1888]

Cutaway of a Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post (aka Doomsday Plane). The modified 747s are designed to serve as a mobile Pentagon in the event of nuclear war. [1628x1260]

Cutaway of a General Electric J85-GE-17A turbojet engine [3340 x 2033]

Cutaway of a John Deere 3350 tractor transmission with 16 forward and 8 backward gears [2,848 × 2,136]

Cutaway of a Nissan HR12DDR engine [3230 × 2964]

Cutaway of a Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major R-4360 Engine [5312 × 2988]

Cutaway of a Rolls Royce Pennine engine [1200 x 780]

Cutaway of a Soviet Atomic Nuclear Powered Mega Zeppelin. (x-post from -r-ImaginaryFuturism) [1024×678].

Cutaway of a THAAD missile [1280x705]

Cutaway of new Russian spy sub with all the gizmos [OC][1920x1440]

Cutaway of the ATLAS experiment at CERN [1257 x 886]

Cutaway of the BMW Sauber F1.08 [3000x2254]

Cutaway of the Einstein Tower in Potsdam, Germany - a solar observatory and spectrograph built to test predictions of the Special Theory of Relativity. [1200×989]

Cutaway of the Imperial Guard Baneblade Tank from Warhammer 40k by John R. Mullaney. [OS] [1680×1289] (x-post from -r-TankPorn).

Cutaway of the Jedi Great Temple on Yavin [2378×2546] [x-post from -r-ImaginaryLandscapes]

Cutaway of the Lexus IS F 8-Speed Automatic Transmission [2592 × 1944]

Cutaway of the Nissan GT-R showing engine and intercooler [3888 x 2592]

Cutaway of the P-38 Lightning.[2500x1759]

Cutaway of the nose of a model of the unbuilt Boeing 2707 Supersonic Transport at the Museum of Flight Restoration Center in Everett, WA [OC] [1600×1066]

Cutaway of triple expansion compound steam engine, 1888 [3559 × 3392]

Cutaway view inside a cavity magnetron as used in a microwave oven [3888x2592]

Cutaway view of a Mercedes-Benz Unimog differential [2000 x 1333]

Cutaway view of the British Handley-Page 'Halifax II' [1,600px × 1,060]

Cutaway view through stator of induction motor. [2560x1936]

Cutaway view through stator of induction motor. [2560x1936] (xpost -r-TechnologyPorn)

Cutawl Company K-11 Cutawl Machine [OC] [4272 x 2848]

Cutterhead of the world’s largest-diameter tunnel boring machine, which will dig the State Route 99 tunnel beneath downtown Seattle beginning in summer 2013 [ 2048 x 1536 ]

Cutting in half an SLR camera with a 60,000 PSI waterjet

Cymer’s Laser Produced Plasma EUV Power Source [1200 x 800]

Cyrix (IBM) 6x86MX Socket 7 CPU [OC] [6000x4000]

DB 603 engine from a Ta-152 (3840x2560)

DBCATA (Disposable Barrel and Case Area Target Ammunition) 40mm grenade and unfired cartridge for noiseless launch [750x750]

DCNS concept for the new French frigate 'Intermediate Sized Frigate' [640x960]

DDG 1000 Zumwalt in the cold [1200 × 799]

DDG 114 Ralph Johnson shows well the new 'twisted' rudder design, aimed at preventing cavitation erosion[1920x1067]

DDG-1000 looms in the snowy island seascape [1000x630] photo by Dave Cleaveland

DIY Socket Rails [1600x1200]

Dale Churchill guides a shiny AT-6 Texan near Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona

Damaged Fw 190 A-4 in Tunisia May 1943

Damaged P51, February '45. This aircraft was fixed and returned to service.

Danish dough I made in class yesterday [OC] [3264x2448]

Darius wind turbines [2000x1500]

Dark matter liquid xenon detector [455×680]

Dashboard of 1963 Chrysler with push-button transmission. [720×687]

Dauntlesses near Midway. [1202 X 873] Source:

Dazzle camouflage explained [2185x3017]

De Grasse anti-aircraft cruiser of the French Navy (infographic)[3334 x 1800]

DeWalt Brushless 20v Impact Drill-Driver set, my early Father's Day gift [1024x768]

Deadmau5 mask-helmet[520x700]

Dear Leader Kim-Jong Un riding one of North Korea's Romeo Class Submarines. North Korea currently 'maintains' the largest arsenal of submarines, with a total of 70 vessels estimated under their control [630x398]

Death Star cutaway [2723×1217].

Death Star, by Hans Jenssen & Richard Chasemore [1813x1201]

Deck of the USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [5534 × 3680]

Decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Oriskany (CV-34). Pensacola, Fla. (2006). [1954×1235].

Decoys launched from South Korean Incheon-class frigate [3139 x 1881]

Defender Of Great Britain

Defender and Viraat (formerly Hermes) [1300 x 867]

Dell PowerEdge T630 [647x431]

Delta IV Heavy rocket at sunrise, awaiting the launch of NROL-37. [OC][1280x1920]

Demolished Zero on Munda, New Georgia in the Solomon Islands, 1943

Demonstration of the dexterity of robotic arms used to handle radioactive material, 1950s Britain. [800×608]

Depth charges deployed by two South Korean Pohang-class corvettes detonating [4632 x 2468]

Derelict sailing yacht [2048 × 1207]

Desert Sunlight Solar Plant (1200x801)

Despite heavy flak damage this B-17 returned to England after a raid over Cologne, Germany, October 1944. The entire crew survived.

Destroyed P-47s at Metz-Frescaty airfield during Operation Bodenplatte, 1945.

Destruction of the battlecruiser HMS Queen Mary at the Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916 [729×533]

Detector construction of the XMASS Experiment [1,296 x 1,936]

Deutschland-class heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer photographed from Prinz Eugen. February 1942 [5687×3015]

Dewalt 12v Driver - Telco Construction [1600x1200] [OC]

Didn't know Korea operated one of these. South Korean navy WIG craft [845 x 390]

Direction des Études et Fabrications d'Armement (DEFA) 30mm aircraft cannon [4368×2912]

Disabled battleship Gneisenau lives on as Norwegian coastal defense battery. [1300x970]

Disappearing Ram's Skull[290x179]

Discarded rockets of the Apollo 11 voyage. Found at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean by's billionaire, Jeff Bezos. [2200×1470]

Do Helicopters count? Royal Navy R-4 in 1944

Do X-ray photos count? Inside of firearm suppressors [439x800]

Docked Italian battleship Roma [1,486x2,045]

Docking of Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft in Earth orbit (1975 Davis Meltzer illustration for NASA) [4629×3955]

Dodge 413 'wedge' engine with dual cross-ram four barrel carburetion, 1960. [808x690]

Does anyone have more info on this Fw-190 variant?

Domed Buildings [1807x745]

Don't be fooled by the Tumblehome posts. It's actually Tin Can Tuesday. Here's a mess of Japanese Murasame-class destroyers. One sister is missing from this family photo. [3000x1955]

Don't mind me I'm just gonna take a little nap. A walrus on an Oscar II? class submarine [1608x1170]

Donuts and coffee. [1120x708]

Doolittle Raider B-25s on the flight deck of USS Hornet (CV 8) AKA USS Shangri-La. US cruiser in the background, potentially USS Nashville (CL 43) [1200x962]

Door locking mechanism in Apollo 14 [3648 x 2736] [OC]

Dornier DO 17's over France, Summer 1940. [800x530]

Dornier Do 24

Dornier Do 317 V1 heavy bomber prototype. Developed from the Do 217, the Do 317 was found to offer no significant advantages over other types and development was limited to 6 prototypes, one of which is seen here.

Dornier Do 335 B-2 prototype V-13. This aircraft was an heavy fighter ('destroyer') Do-335 B-2 variant, mounting 2 additional MK103 cannon in the wings and 2 300L (80Gal) drop tanks. V-13 specifically included front landing gear changes, armoured windshield and DB 603E engines (more in comments).

Dornier Do 335 Pfeil

Double hangar decks of the HMS Ark Royal [760x597]

Doubleshot 'Enter' keycap [1200x803]

Douglas A-20G-30-DO (S-N 43-9693) (5D) of the 410th Bomb Group, 644th Bomb Squadron with Invasion Stripes

Douglas A-4G Skyhawk lands on the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne (R21) in 1980 [1651×1066]

Douglas C-47 'Skytrains' of the 12th Air Force Troop Carrier Wing loaded with paratroopers on their way for the invasion of southern France, 15 August 1944.

Douglas Dauntless Dive Bombers

Douglas SBD 'Dauntless' dive bomber lands on USS LEXINGTON (CV-16), during the Marshalls and Gilberts Operation, circa November 1943.

Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber parked at Pearl Harbor

Douglas SBD Dauntless in flight.

Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless scout bombers preparing to take off from USS Yorktown (CV-5) during operations in the Coral Sea, 18 April 1942

Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless scout-bombers and Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat fighters on USS Santee's (ACV-29) flight deck during Operation Torch

Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless

Douglas SBD-5 bombers fly in formation near their carrier, USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6) during operations with task force 58 in the Central Pacific, March 1944.

Douglas SPD's somewhere over the Pacific.

Douglas TBD-1 of Torpedo Squadron Three (VT-3) At Naval Air Station, North Island painted in McClelland Barclay experimental camouflage design number 7. 22 August 1940.

Douglas X-3 Stiletto - Experimental jet aircraft [1800x1180]

Downed German Messerschmitt fighter BF.109 slams into the ground. 1944. Location unknown. [685 × 800]

Downed He111 in Czechoslovakia

Downed Zero on a Pacific Island. Found this after going through my girlfriend's grandpa's photos

Drawers of screwdrivers on diy wooden rails, plenty of Wiha, and Bondhus. More pics in thread. [OC][3715x2089]

Drawn depiction of H. H. Holmes' murder hotel-castle [1500x1350] (xpost -r-pics)

Drill bit sharpener at the World Museum of Mining in Butte, MT [OC] [3000 x 2000]

Drillbit in slow motion [600x337]

Drive shaft maintenance on icebreaker USCGC POLAR STAR in drydock at Mare Island, CA, 2015. [2448×3264]

Drone-UAV Northrop Grumman RQ-4A Global Hawk x-post from -r-aviation [3266x1895]

Dropped a plate when washing up - it broke exactly in half [X-Post from r-mildlyinteresting, 2592X1936]

Drove 4 hours for American screwdrivers [4602x1809][OC]

Dual Purpose Oil Platform (Pumping and Housing) [2000x1425]

Dual port 100GbE Mellanox adapter. [4250x2390][OC]

Dual record player, direct drive (1200x900)

Dubuque-class gunboat USS Dubuque (PG-17).[3000x2252]

Ducati 1078 SSR. Photo by Hans Viveen. [640x426]

Ducati 1199 Panigale R built with no structural frame. [1500x938]

Dummy 35mm Millennium CIWS aboard HDMS Niels Jule (F363). The actual gun was removed prior to the Fall 2014 deployment. A dummy gun was mounted to preserve air flow characteristics around the flight deck. [1684 x 1023]

Dutch F-16 [800x1162]

Dutch Submarine O-10 [3600 x 1886]

Dutch cruiser HNLMS Java (one of the shipwrecks recently scavenged from the Java Sea), berthing with the unfinished Sydney Harbour Bridge as a background, circa 1930 [1400 x 989]

Dynamometer capable of testing wind turbines up to 5 megawatts in-capacity. [2280×1419]

ENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer - the first Turing-complete electronic general-purpose computer - with one of its inventors, John Mauchly [2834x2302]

ESA's Compact Payload Test Range for antenna testing. [2464 x 1640]

ESA's Hybrid European RF and Antenna Test Zone (HERTZ) for antenna testing [4928x3280]

ESO's Very Large Telescope looks into the night sky above the Atacama Desert [4256 x 2832]

EVERETT, Wash. (Nov. 21, 2016) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd (DDG 100) arrives at its new homeport, Naval Station Everett (NSE), after departing from San Diego, California. [5568 × 3712]

Each round of Rheinmetall’s 35mm Oerlikon AHEAD airburst ammunition contains a lethal payload of heavy metal spin-stabilised subprojectiles, unleashed in the path of an oncoming target at a programmable, predefined point in time [1.600px × 1.600px]

Early Heinkel He 111 J 74

Early days of Aircraft Carriers - HMS Argus [636 x 687]

Early model of a B17 in flight. Notice the early USAAF roundel

Early production G4M1s of Kanoya Kokutai with the original shape tail cones

Early-model A-20A flown by the 58th Bomb Squadron over Oahu, Hawaii on May 29, 1941.

Easter Sunday, April 9th, 1944 aboard the USS Duane [2000×1605]

Echelon of F4U Corsairs in flight

Edsall-class destroyer escort USS Menges returning to active duty after being repaired.[1571 x 1953]

Egyptian navy Ambassador MK III stealth fast missile craft crossing the Suez canal. [2360x1530]

Either these men are on the set of 'Tora Tora Tora!' or Captain Buckmaster of the Yorktown stood two hundred feet tall and weighed three thousand tons. Fingers crossed for the second option. [600x600]

Ekranoplan EK-12P Ivolga [1024x683]

Electric Boat workers prepare Virginia-class attack submarine USS Illinois (SSN-786) for rollout. July 2015. [2222 × 1778]

Electric transmission towers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation [1600x1066] [OC]

Electrical arcs created at Sandia's Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator II [2000 x 1357]

Electrostatic triplet lenses - a device that will transport antiprotons from ELENA to experiments [1615 × 1075]

Elemen'tary No. 1 Screwdriver, Starrett 559A and 559B, Kershaw Torx T Tool, and Felo bits in 3D printed holder and Altoids tin [3264x1836] [OC]

Elementary school in New Jersey, originally built in the 40s or 50s. [2,816×2,112][OC]

Elephant [960 x 540]

Elevated derailment near Herald Square, Chicago, c. 1940s [1096×1390]

Elon Musk standing next to the 100th Merlin 1D rocket engine produced by SpaceX [787 x 1257]

Embraer Phenom 100

Emirates A380 passing over London. [4130x2597] (-r-aviation)

Emperor Hirohito and his staff aboard Musashi, 23rd July 1943 [1280 x 940]

Empire Flying Boat, Imperial Airways [1594 × 1085]

Employees at the Lockheed assembly plant at Marietta, Georgia, paint the first operational F-22 Raptor to be delivered to the Air Force. Photograph by John Rossino [1200x722]

Employing some of the largest moving objects ever built, a lignite mine in germany. (video in comments) 12000x1370

Empulse R Brammo [5760 × 3240]

Endeavour Cockpit [1050x699]

Energy efficient propulsion system of the Norwegian tanker BOW CLIPPER [2052×2736]


Engine Alliance GP7200 [1280x1171]

Engine bay of the gasoline and electric powered LaFerrari [1280 x 1020]

Engine change, P-47, Saipan, July 1944

England expects that every man will do his duty. 210 years on from Trafalgar. HMS Victory and HMS Dauntless, the old and the new. [1200 x 801]

English: USCGC Bernard C. Webber (WPC-1101) underway offshore of Miami, Florida. 2012 [3705 x 2410]

Englishman's brain [1200 x 1600]

Equine: Enterolith (stomach stone) [960X720]

Erickson S-64E Rotor Assembly [2048 x 1959][OC]

Escape Capsule [1247×1600]

Essential features of a biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory

Estimated Damage report against Surface Ships in the Air Attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 8th, 1941. (Japanese assessment in the aftermath of the military strike) [964×739]

Euphrates-class troopship HMS Malabar 1870 [4500×2736]

Eurocopter X3 293 MPH helicopter [3543x2362]

Europa, Kelvin Ma (Kelvinsong)-Wikimedia Commons, 2013 [2000 x 1125]

European Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) ships (Dec. 2016) [2016 x 1440]

Everyone is posting multiple graphics cards and all I have is this 8x Geforce 780 TI GPU render box... (2688x1520)

Evolution of U.S Navy Destroyers Infographic [2500x3300]

Evolution of the US Navy Aircraft Carrier by the US Navy [2550 x 3300]

Evolution of the USS Enterprise [1095×730]

Ex-US Coast Guard Hamilton-class high endurance cutter serving as a Gregorio del Pilar-class frigate in the Philippine Navy [3000 x 1969]

Examico 1936 wind-up car with 4 speed gearbox with neutral and reverse, functional steering and parking brake [1173x1033]

Excavator in Voskresensk, Moscow, Russia [800x544]

Expeditionary Fast Transport USNS BRUNSWICK (JHSV-6) launched May 19, 2015 by Austal USA, Mobile, AL. [1500×1000]

Experimental three-wheeled mail collection Indian motorcycle, 1912 [1024 x 822]

Experimental tracked landing gear on a Convair B-36 Bomber [1756x1126]

Exploded Ferrari by Fabian Oefner [4000x2000]

Exploded locomotive (1100 x 745).

Exploded view of a lock blade knife [3000 x 2121]

Extremely calm waters in a Greenlandic Fjord. [2048x1360]

F-1 rocket engine used in the Saturn V program. [OC] [2697x1926]

F-111 twin TF-30 engines full afterburner [600x600]

F-14 Tomcat [2880x1206]

F-14D launches from USS Constellation (CV-64) with USS Mobile Bay (CG-53) alongside. Arabian-Persian Gulf, 2003 [1735 x 1344]

F-22 Raptor going supersonic [1503x2100]

F-22's over Alaska, looks photoshopped but isn't. Photo by John Dibbs [800x1200]

F-35 trap. An F-35C Lightning II catches its first arrested landing aboard USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Nov, 2014. US Navy Photo. [3258 × 2213]

F-A-18F Super Hornet assigned to the Jolly Rogers of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 103 launches from the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) to conduct its first strike in support of Operation Inherent Resolve [2500x1669]

F-A-18F launches from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), DDGs in the back either USS Gridley-Sterett-Dewey[2000 x 1200]

F1 Engine Thrust Chamber

F2H 'Banshee' over the battleship BB-62 'New Jesey' and aircraft carrier CVA-39 'Lake Champlain' [2020x1551]

F4F Wildcat in flight

F4F-4 Wildcats testing their machine guns aboard USS Ranger (CV-4) in preparation for Operation Torch - early November, 1942 [3658 x 2944]

F4U Corsair after landing on the wrong carrier

F4U Corsair at the Chance-Vought factory in Stratford Connecticut March 1943

F4U Corsair with Anti-aircraft fire overhead

F4U Corsairs

F4U and F6Fs flying in formation over the USS Missouri while the surrender ceremonies to end World War II take place on board [1247 x 959]

F4U's and F6F's fly in formation during surrender ceremonies; Tokyo, Japan. USS Missouri left foreground. September 2, 1945. [X-Post -r-HistoryPorn]

F4U-1 'Birdcage' Corsair landing on the Solomon Islands - 1943

F4U-1 Corsair fighter at Langley Research Center at Hampton, Virginia, July 1943.

F4U-1 Corsair in VMF 214 ('Black Sheep' squadron), Torokina airstrip, Bougainville, December 1943. [1024x656]

F4U-1 Corsair of VF-17, “The Jolly Rogers,” landing aboard USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) south of Bermuda during her shakedown cruise, 17 July 1943. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

F4U-1A Corsair of Marine Squadron VMF-216 at Torokina, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, 10 Dec 1943

F4U-1A fighters of Navy Squadron VF-17 transiting the Panama Canal on the flight deck of an Escort Carrier, 1943.

F4U-1D Corsair of VMF-112 USS Bennington CV-20 on 10 February 1945

F6-F Hellcat in flight. Truly one of the weapons that turned the tide in the Pacific Theatre.

F6F-3 Hellcats.

F6F-3 fighters and SBD-4 scout bombers on the flight deck of USS Essex (CV-9) during her shakedown cruise

F6F-5 Hellcat firing a Tiny Tim at Naval Ordinance Test Station at China Lake on November 6, 1945

F86 Sabre (Jet), Cut in half at the USAF Museum [3264x2448]

FM-2 Wildcat suffers a hard landing on the training aircraft carrier USS Sable on Lake Michigan

FP-45 'Liberator' insurgency pistol [1400x1000]

FS Charles de Gaulle as a storm rolls in while at dock in Toulon. [1600 x 876]

FW-190 'Butcher Bird' in flight.

FW-190 D9, probably one of the best German fighters of the war, with Leutnant Kurt Tanzer, Staffelkapitän of 13.-JG 51, contemplates his final flight from Parchim-Redlin to Flensburg on 2 May 1945 to await the arrival of British forces and surrender.

FW190C prototype with large turbo-intercooling ducts, capable of almost 700 km-h at 10+ kms altitude.

FW190s hidden in a forest. Exact year and location unknown.

Face-off between a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter and a light aerobatic plane [1280x853]

Fairchild C-82 Packet

Fairey Barracuda Mk III, PM 933 N6L, of 810 Naval Air Squadron pictured in 1945. The Barracuda was an effective torpedo bomber which served from '41 through to the mid-'50s.

Fairey Swordfish from HMS Ark Royal as seen from HMS Kelvin, off Sardinia (Battle of Cape Spartivento), 27th November 1940. [OS] [800x621]

Fairey Swordfish with folded wings being brought up to the carrier deck

Fantail's awash. Seawater spills over the fantail of USS Iowa (BB-61) during high power maneuvers in shallow waters at Chesapeake Bay, VA, 19 November 1985. [2000 × 1326]

Farmer's problem-solving box [2592x1456]

Fast Minelayer HMS Ariadne (M65) Off The Coast Of Glasgow, August 1943. [800 x 596]

Fedorov Avtomat [1800x900]

Feed system on a GAU-8-A 30mm gun system [3648 × 2736] [OC]

Female pilots leaving their B-17, 'Pistol Packin' Mama', 1940s.

Fermilab physicist Brenna Flaugher checks connections for a silicon vertex detector for the CDF experiment. [3000 x 2151]

Ferrari 250 GTO Testarossa Engine [1200X1600] [OC]

Ferrari 312 V12 Formula 1 Exhaust, 1966-69, Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013.[1024×768]

Ferrari 458 camera car. [960x720]

Ferrari Enzo cam and oil pump drives [1280x853]

Ferrari v10 f1 cutaway (hand drawing in comments)[1,100px × 800px]

Ferris Wheel, Düsseldorf [4000x6000][OC]

Ferris Wheel, Düsseldorf [OC] [3543 × 2362]

Ferrying Lightnings and Thunderbolts.

Feuma apple processing machine [475x327]

Fiat CR. 42 fighters in Belgium, 1940. [900 x 471]

Fiberglass Drug Sub [OC][3200 x 1759]

Fictional spaceship 'Anvil Terrapin' from Star Citizen videogame [3140 x 2160] [OS]

Field modding a D-25 'Thunderbolt'

Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

Fight Along the Rach Ba Rai in a Monitor.1967[1386 x 1090]

Filled up some of that empty space! [3456x1944]

Final Talos Missile Launch in 1979 [2870x1900]

Final moments of carrier HMS Courageous - first RN warship to be lost in the war[1247x871]

Finn and Jake's tree house from Adventure Time (x-post from -r-adventuretime) [866x1228]

Finnish Bristol Blenheim landing. It was a British light bomber used extensively in the early days of WW II. It was one of the first British aircraft to have all-metal stressed-skin construction, retractable landing gear, flaps, a powered gun turret and variable-pitch propellers.

Finnish Fokker D.XXI

Finnish Messerschmitt 109 G-6 taking off

Fire Hydrant [1650x2550] drawing with labels and functional descriptions

Fire Hydrant [2448x3264]

Fire hydrant [576x1023]

Firecracker [915×1144]

Firecracker cut in half [640 x 747]

Firefly-class transport ship [1400x577]

Firepower Friday! USS Iowa (BB-61) fires her 16' guns while USS Saratoga (CV-60) conducts a underway replenishment with two unknown destroyers, 1987 [2,820x1,870]

Firespray-31-Class Patrol and Attack Craft (Jango-Boba Fett's Slave 1)- [783×1024]

Fireworks Cut In Half [1260x1600]

Firing solution computer, USS Alabama [OC][6016×4016]

First 6 of 18 segments that will form NASA's James Webb Space Telescope's primary mirror [4256x2832]

First British jet Gloster E.28-39 1941

First EMD F125 rolling out of the production line, January 2016 [1632x1224]

First F-35B STOVL Joint Strike Fighter delivered to MCAS Yuma [x-post from -r-militaryporn][1200x857]

First Wave of US assault troops and F6F Hellcats at Makin

First captured Me262.

First cutaway of USS Parche spy sub of Blind Man's bluff fame [OC][3700x1657]

First flight, 120 feet in 12 seconds, 10:35 a.m.; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. 1903 Dec. 17 [1024x738]

Fisher P-75 Eagle 1944

Fisheye photograph of the ISS Cupola Module - almost like a real-world TIE Fighter cockpit. -- Credit: ESA-NASA [4288x2844]

Fishing vessel cut in preparation for new 60' midsection [x-post -r-drydockporn][957×631]

Five aircraft carriers, four amphibious assault ships, and more in Norfolk, Virginia [2580x1440]

Flak bursts through the vapor trails from B-17's of the 15th Air Force during the attack on the rail yards at Graz, Austria. March 3, 1945. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

Flak damaged Marauder hanging on.

Flat-12 turbo-diesel locomotive engine. Unknown type.[1024x768]

Fleet at Port of Gibraltar with a destroyer in drydock, c. 1931. [1600×1020]

Flight Deck Plane Handlers converge on a Grumman TBF that has just made a good qualification landing on a training escort carrier, circa Mid-1943

Flight deck crews put out flames after #30 F6F-3 of VF-2 crashes into USS Enterprise's (CV-6) port side 20mm gallery. November 10th, 1943.

Flight deck of HMS Argus in 1942, with Grumman Martlet (F4-F Wildcat), Supermarine Seafires and Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers on deck being readied for use.

Flight deck of USS Nimitz (CVN-68) [3059 x 2172]

Flight deck of the shuttle Endeavor. [1050x699]

Flight of RAAF Spitfires fitted with tropical air filters under chin.

Flight ops on the deck of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning [1599 x 1066]

Floor Speaker Cut In Half[1200x630]

Flower-class corvette HMCS Timmins of the Royal Canadian Navy in rough seas during a patrol in 1943 [4023 × 2860]

Flying Fortress and Little Friend. 'Liberty Belle' accompanied by 'Miss Velma' [1200 X 672] Source: Mission4Today

Flying boat - Catalina [1024x683]

Flying pubs: RAF pilots fill auxiliary fuel tanks with beer bound for troops in France following the invasion of Normandy. Britain, 1944 [1024 x 769]

Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor

Focke-Wulf Fw 200 C 'Condor' in flight, 1941.

Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor captured near Stalingrad

Focke-Wulf Ta 152 German high-altitude fighter-interceptor designed by Kurt Tank and produced by Focke-Wulf. The Ta 152 was a development of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 aircraft, with a pressurized cockpit and a maximum speed of 472 mph. Only 43 were delivered for operational use in 1945.

Focke-Wulf Ta 152 H-1

Focke-Wulf Ta-154A-1 'Moskito' nightfighter, with FuG 220 'Hirschgewei' radar antennae (ca. 1944)

Focusing magnet used to narrow down external beams of charged nuclear particles which emerge from the Cosmotron at Brookhaven National Laboratory. c. 1957 [3200 x 2457]

Fokker D.XXI

Fokker DR.1 Triplane [1500x826]

For my 200th post to r-WarshipPorn, I'd like to submit the pic which in my opinion is the very definition of WarshipPorn - I give you the USS Vincennes (CA-44) passing through the Panama Canal in January of 1938, lit by the tropical sun and slicing through the water as she turns to Port.[740x600]

For my 250th post I give you the greatest carrier of them all. USS Enterprise (CV-6) Off Puerto Rico, July 23, 1938. (Colorized) [1280 × 864]

For the last time in the Shuttle program, Space Shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour are placed at LC39A and LC39B [3000x2000]

For when you need to use your Grenade Launcher as a giant shotgun - XM199 40mm buckshot cartridge [736x488]

For...uh...Seaplane Tender Sunday, here's USS Timbalier with two Martin Mariners, ca. 1948 [1110x891]

Ford 1.0L Ecoboost engine cutout [2000x3008] [OS]

Ford Capri 2.8 Cutaway [2354x1338]

Ford F-150 Differential (automotive cutaway album in comments) [4592x1456] [OC]

Ford Model T snowmobile at speed [2500x1702]

Ford Model T with caterpillar treads and skis, approximately 1920. [867x781] xpost from r-autos

Ford's 1.0l 3-cyl Ecoboost Engine [4256 x 2832]

Forecastle of USS Nevada (BB-36), 1937[700px × 1,132px]

Foremost Terra Bus [1136x852]

Forklifts aboard USS Nimitz (CVN 68) [5062 x 3239]

Formation of B-17 bombers over Germany 1945

Formation of B17's of the 95th Bomb Group Raid in 1944, leaving some nice contrails.

Former United States Navy Ship Kilauea breaks apart and sinks following a torpedo attack from the Collins Class submarine HMAS Farncomb, on the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) off Hawaii, during RIMPAC 2012. [1003x667]

Formidable-class pre-dreadnought battleship HMS Irresistible in 1902.[3040 × 2409]

Formula 1 Car w- part labels [3508x2480]

Formula 1 car V12 from the 70s era. [xpost -r-formula1] [2448x1836]

Formula Rossa, The fastest roller coaster in the world[1024x768]

Forward RCS Ports, Space Shuttle Atlantis [2048x1365] [OC]

Fossilized conifer cone from the middle Jurassic (Pararaucaria patagonica) [1280×1115]

Fossilized pine cone [4320x3240]

Found a PC in my basement! (Rambus alert) [3120x4160] [OC]

Found a decently colorized picture of IJN Fusou-Fuso in drydock. [1260 x 1024]

Found an old torque wrench at work! [2448 x 3264]

Found in r-MachinePorn. Lexus IS automatic transmission (2592 x 1944)

Found this beauty on my Facebook feed yesterday.

Found this pristine little guy today.[1334 x 750]

Foundry [3888x2592]

Four 7.5' guns destined for the armored cruiser HMS Shannon, ca. 1906. Atop the turrets are mounts for 12pdr 18cwt guns (some fitted). In the background are Shannon's 9.2' main battery turrets. [1400x1007]

Four F-35B Lightning II flyover USS America [1620x 1049]

Four Goodyear FG-1D Corsairs of Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-323 'Death Rattlers' on a rocket strike against Japanese positions south of the front lines on Okinawa.

Four Horizon class destroyers [1280 × 832]

Four TBM Avengers flying in formation, January 12, 1945. Part of VT-4 from USS Essex (CV-9).

Four Trafalgar-class nuclear attack submarines together. HMS Triump, HMS Trafalgar, HMS Turbulent and HMS Tireless. (800 x 400)

Four antineutrino detectors immersed in a large pool filled with ultra pure water as a cosmic muon veto system, Daya Bay, China [5120 x 3407]

Four days ago, a malfunctioning SM-2 Blk IIIA missile exploded over USS The Sullivans shortly after launch [1280x855]

Four key American aircraft of WWII

Four meter diameter stern sheaves of fiber-optic cable laying ship CABLE INNOVATOR [xpost from -r-DryDockPorn] [1024×768]

Four years of being an electrician and tool addict.[3024x4032] [OC] Album in comments.

Fragment of a 16 inch shell fired by the USS Massachusetts (BB-59), later recovered from 60 feet below the armored deck of the Vichy battleship Jean Bart [900x675]

Free Mills are the best Mills [1836 × 3264]

Freedom Alert: American nuclear carrier exiting the Suez Canal. [4920x3280]

French 'cuirassé' Hoche (pre-dread battleship) [1242x748]

French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle test fire Aster 15 missile [1588 × 1291]

French Arsenal VB 10, originally designed and ordered in 1940 would not flight until 1945. Mounted 2 engines in tandem inside the fuselage, driving co-axial propellers in the nose. IT was finally cancelled due to the available surplus of WW2 planes.

French Battleship Richelieu in 1944 [2,100x1,326]

French Battleship Richelieu sailing sometime in 1953 [1450 x 964]

French Cruiser Gloire with a unique camouflage [800 x 450]

French D.520 from GCB I-18 'Vendée' in formation over France, 1940

French Fishing boat in the harbour of Aberwrac'h (Britanny, France), by Pline [2840 x 2130]

French Gunboat Lion, 1884-1907 [3600 x 2425]

French Hulks of the Line circa 1877 [800 × 505]

French Type 38 torpedo boats 321 and 315 on the Seine in 1922.[5552 × 6144]

French Wall Clock circa 1747, Case maker Jacques Caffieri [2700 x 5182] x-post -r-HI_Res

French aircraft carrier Bearn, sometime prior to 1939, showing her battleship hull and defensive armament [2258 × 1658]

French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle (R-91) in the Mediterranean Sea [4928 x 3280]

French battleship MARCEAU, 1887 [3600 x 2433]

French battleship Richelieu in the Indian ocean 1944 [2100 × 1326]

French carrier battle group [2835 × 1327]

French carrier battle group transiting Suez [1803 × 1200]

French cruiser Colbert in the early '60s [2072 x 1299]

French cruiser submarine Surcouf armed with two 203mm guns 1929-42 [2175×1298]

French frigate La Motte-Picquet firing Exocet AShM [1924 × 805]

Fresh Paint on the USS Ford's [CVN-78] Bulbous bow.[1600 X 1064]

Fresh out of the Norfolk Norfolk Navy Yard and looking sharp in her measure 32 design 13F camouflage, the ammunition ship USS Wrangell (AE-12) steams through Hampton Roads on shakedown shortly after commissioning. [1500x1159]

Frigate LE BEARNAIS (F775) in dock at Toulon, France, 1962 - damage from collision with sistership LE LORRAIN [x-post -r-drydockporn][1000×706]

Fritsch Multitwist automated pretzel maker [678x382]

Frog embryo with (left) and without (right) cell adhesion defect. [1005 x 671]

Front end of the K-band Multi Object Spectrograph (KMOS) cryostat [3872 x 2592]

Front gear to be overhauled off plane. Taken at work today. [Dirty][5184x3456][OC]

Front side! Battleship Number 43, USS Tennessee, in Puget Sound, 8 May 1943, following her reconstruction. [6142x4898]

Front view of the semiconductor trackers for the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider [3000 x 2001]

Frosty articulated pipes loading liquefied natural gas (LNG) onto a tanker. [3836×5755]

FuG 220 and FuG 202 'Lichtenstein' night fighter radar equipment on the nose of a Messerschmitt Me 110 G-4

Fuel tanks of the B-24 Liberator 'Little Warrior' with the 861st Bomb Squadron explode over Fallersleben, Germany, after being hit by anti-aircraft fire, Jun 29 1944.

Fujikura FSM-60S Fiber Optic Splicer [4288 X 2848]

Full range of 20mm cannon projectiles cut in half [2400x1500]

Full size construction mock-up of the Boeing 2707. America's supersonic transport that never was. [1200x1028]

Full-scale model of a B-29 on display in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park. The B-29 was shot down in Dec 1944 by the Japanese Ki-61 next to it. They didn’t recover too much of the B-29 (landing gear underneath it),but still managed to come up with a pretty good representation of the interior

Fully Restored 1934 Caterpillar Motor Grader Parked infront of Hewitt Equipment in MTL. (4666X3110) [OC]

Functional pickup truck made with 11,000 pounds if ice. (3 more pictures and a video in comments)[1614 x 844]

Future British carrier strike group (CGI) [1440 × 960]

Future Dreadnought-class submarine of the Royal Navy. They are eplacement for the Vanguard class of ballistic missile submarines. [1300 × 867]

Future Surface Warfare Officer. A child plays with a remote controlled warship as USS Halsey (DDG-97) departs Pearl Harbor, 2014 [4186 x 2637]

Futuristic Netherlands, drawn in 1970 [1500x1000]

Fw 190 A-5 fighters of JG 54 (Ostfront 1943)

Fw 190 A-5-U11 with two-30mm, Mk 103 cannons

Fw 190 found in the woods. Date and location unknown.

Fw 190 with a Ju 88 in Mistel configuration

Fw 190G-3 long range fighter-bomber

Fw-190A3s of JG-51 seen in the Russian snow

Fw190 with groundcrew, Stuka's in background

GAU-8 Avenger - 30mm Cannon - Gearing [2000x2570] [OC]

GBU-8 Television Guidance System (xpost from -r-MilitaryPorn) [800x800]

GE Power-H System Turbine [2000 x 1125]

GE-9H Gas Turbine [4928 x 3280]

GIs looking at the remains of Luftwaffe aircraft in a German scrapyard at the end of WWII

GPS 3 SV01 in EMI testing at Lockheed [OS][2400x3600] [x-post r-satellites]

GaN on silicon carbide wafers [2048 × 1484]

Gamymede, Kelvin Ma (Kelvinsong)-Wikimedia Commons, 2014 [2000 x 1214]

Gantry cranes arriving at London's new Gateway Port [5184x3456]

Garage in property line dispute, Minnesota. [1000×634]

Garbage disposal unit [3687×2458]

Gas Turbine (4305 x 2271).

Gas station underground storage [4320x3240]

Gatling Gun Gif [500x500]

Gator Navy Deluxe. USS Boxer (LHD-4) takes timeout for a photo opp. Pacific Ocean. Aug. 2016 [4581 x 3049]

Gdansk Crane was built before 1366. It was burned by the Soviet troops after they conquered the city in early 1945. The brick structure survived, the wooden parts have been restored, Poland [1229x960]

Gemasolar solar plant located in Seville, Spain [2778x1852]

Gemtech GMT-300BLK suppressor monolithic baffle stack [3116x2508]

General Motors Bison Bullet Turbine Powered Semi Tractor (875x500)

Generic automobile flasher module [2160x3840]

Geodesic fuselage of a Vickers Wellington

George Moore's steam-powered mechanical man, c 1892. [1448×2104]

Georgios Averof is a Greek warship which served as the flagship of the Royal Hellenic Navy during most of the first half of the 20th Century. Although popularly known as a battleship it is in fact an armored cruiser, the only ship of this type still in existence. [311px × 720px]

Geothermal steam turbine (model)[5472 × 3648][OC]

Gerhard Michalski (73 victories) in front of his FW 190 D-9, near Frankfurt in 1945

German 212A class U-boot [1024 × 768]

German Air Force cannon ferry parade held on Lake Ladoga, Finland. Aug. 1942. [2422 × 1600]

German Battle Cruiser HINDENBURG [3600 x 2693]

German Bf 110 Messerschmitts in flight. Date and location unknown. [1267 × 880]

German He 111H-22 With A Vergeltungswaffen-1 Beneath Its Wing, 1944

German He-111 medium bomber cockpit view

German Leopard 1 tank (x-MilitaryPorn) [2343x1326]

German Leopard I tank [1600x905]

German Me 262 jet, flown into American lines near Frankfurt by defecting Luftwaffe pilot

German Navy Type 212 diesel-electric submarine U-34 (S184) [5012 x 3341]

German Navy minehunter Gromitz after running aground in Norway 2007 [858×600]

German Type 212A submarine (2143 x 1675)

German U-Boats in Keel harbour, 1914. Notice U-20 (second left) who torpedoed and sank RMS Lusitania off the coast of Ireland in 1915 which eventually contributed to the entry of the United States into World War 1 [5117x3417]

German Uboat U118. Washed ashore at Hastings [1278×808]

German ace Franz von Werra in the cockpit of his Bf 109 E-4 with his pet lion Simba

German battleship Bismarck firing on HMS Prince of Wales during the Battle of the Denmark Strait, 24 May 1941 [3600 x 2056]

German battleship-battlecruiser Gneisenau.[2708 × 1781]

German cruiser GNEISENAU in 1899 [3600 x 3072]

German cruiser Prinz Eugen shortly before atomic test, 1946 [5425×4060]

German frigate 'Sachsen' firing a SM-2 SAM [1600 × 1066]

German frigate F222 Baden-Württemberg from above in Wilhelmshaven [1024 x 683]

German frigate KÖLN off Somaila [4000 × 2600]

German gunnery training ship 'Schlesien' some time after 1933. A veteran of Jutland, she served in the German Navy as a coastal defense, gunnery training, and anti-aircraft ship, and briefly as a gunship during the invasion of Poland [1600 × 1103]

German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen firing her forward guns during tests in 1946.[9016 x 11636]

German heavy cruiser-pocket battleship Admiral Scheer during the Spanish Civil War.[4000 x 2234]

German oiler Speßart (A-1442) and Italian frigate Aliseo (F-574) conduct underway replenishment, 2015 [3000 x 2000]

German plane in Westmoreland, TN

German predreadnought coastal defense battleship SMS Ägir early 1900's [1900×2561]

German reconnaissance seaplane Arado Ar 196A-2 in front of hangar. Germany. 1939. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

German zeppelin sinking in the Thames estuary April 1st 1916 [1280×781]

Germans inspecting Gabby Gabreski's P-47 after crash landing.

Germans testing a Messerschmitt Bf 109 E3, 1940

Germany's secret Special Forces U-boat: Narwal [OC][2000x1000]

Giant 17ft python pregnant with 87 eggs caught in Florida Everglades

Gif of the internal mechanics of a Luger [610x395]

Gigantic fake Nimitz-class carrier currently under construction in Iran, now with deck markings and model F-35s. [1510x1510]

Girder Transporter [700 x 487]

Give some love for this non prop defender of the Reich. Extremely awesome pic of ME-262

Glass Loaf (Murrine) (story in comments) [650x481]

Glorious brick laying machine [2187x1640]

Gloster Meteor F Mark III of No. 616 Squadron RAF, Belgium 1945

Gloster Meteor...

Gluhareff MEG-3X personal helicopter, c. 1960. [1912×1532]

Gnome [OC] [1080x1920]

Go ahead. Just try and sabotage the Naval Ordinance Plant operated by the Hudson Motor Company. Detroit 1942 [1500 x 1045]

Good view of how small an Essex Class deck was with late 1960s aircraft, May 1969 [5770x4338]

Goodyear F2G 'Super' Corsair. First flying only in July '45 and rendered superfluous by the F8F Bearcat, only 5 F2G-1s and 5 F2G-2s were built before the production order for 428 aircraft was cancelled.

Goodyear FG-1 'Corsair' fighter lands on Peleliu airfield just two weeks after the invasion of the island in September, 1944

Google Data Center: Campus Network Room [2000x1333] [AIC]

Google server farm in Council Bluffs, Iowa [2,500 × 1,667]

Gorgeous shot of a space shuttle launch [504 x 720]

Got this at a pawnshop for 60 bucks,I don't think the guy knew what he sold me.

Got this cool shot of a crane on a foggy day. [6000X4000]

Got to crawl through Sentimental Journey today. Had a blast.

Grand Central Terminal - sectional view showing passageways to hotels, office buildings, etc. (1939)[3554×2387]

Grand Central Terminal cross-section 1939 [1920x1290]

Great Lakes Training Carrier USS Wolverine spewing coal smoke. Powered by two side-mounted paddlewheels, capable of 18kn, operated only in shallow freshwater, this converted passenger paddle steamer (along with the USS Sable) helped train pilots and test technology between 1942-45 [700x454]

Great Naval Weapons: Giant Guns - Their Muzzle-Energy, Projectiles, and Penetrating Powers, 1921 [1264×1823]

Great Northern type 4-8-4 locomotive, engine number 2586 [2333 x 1346]

Great White Shark [1554 x 1800]

Great White Shark anatomy model [1132x818]

Green Bank Radio Telescope - the world's largest fully steerable radio telescope [3,264 x 2,448]

Greyhound Silverside bus getting inspected in 1947 [2100x1801] - colorized by me

Greyhound bus raised on in-ground hydraulic lifts, c 1940s. [1280×1098]

Grill with food cooking on it [700x513] [OS]

Gromit of Wallace and Gromit fame [427x640]

Ground crew member in vehicle made from salvaged parts including a P-38 fuel tank, Italy, 1945

Groundbreaking ceremony Samsung factory. Xi'an, China [1200x798]

Grumman F3F-3 fighters from Fighting Squadron Five (VF-5), USS Yorktown (CV-5) in a three-plane formation over the Southern California coast, circa 1939-40. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

Grumman F4F-3S, 1944. Due to the successful use of fighter seaplanes by Japanese forces in the Pacific, in 1942 Grumman experimented with a new development of its F4F-3 Wildcat, in the creation of a floatplane version of this fighter. Project was canceled.

Grumman F4F-4 'Wildcat' fighter, of Fighting Squadron 41 (VF-41)

Grumman F6F 'Hellcat' undergoing maintainance on board USS Essex (CV-9)

Grumman F6F 'Hellcat', unknown location and date. [1024x790]

Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat after crashing on a U.S. Essex-class carrier

Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighters landing on USS Enterprise (CV-6) after strikes on the Japanese base at Truk, 17-18 February 1944

Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighters on the flight deck of USS Saratoga (CV-3) as a TBM torpedo plane approaches to land

Grumman F6F-3 Hellcats over California

Grumman F7F Tigercat

Grumman XF7F-1 Tigercat, circa 1942

Grumman XSF-1, BuNo. 8940, on the flight deck of the USS SARATOGA (CV-3)

Guidance gyroscopes for Japanese WWII Long Lance & Midget Sub torpedoes [1,024 x 768]

Guide to Modern Naval Artillery, Part I [11000x8000][OC]

Guided missile cruiser USS Galveston (CLG-3) fires her 6'-47 cal. main guns during shore bombardment operations off Vietnam. 1965. USN Photo. [4792 × 6272]

Guinness record -- #Xiaomi sells 2.11 million phones in 24 hours[640x359]

Gun Bay from P-51D Mustang

Gun camera footage of US air attack on the Japanese heavy cruiser Haguro at the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay 2 November 1943 [690×635]

Gun silencers [900x601]

Gunner's Mates from USS DeWert (FFG-45) fire a gun salute toward Quebec City, 2012 [2832 x 4256]

Guns of the P-38 Lightning ' Glacier Girl'

Guts of a P-47. Now you see why she's as massive as she is: those turbo and intercooling ducts are enormous!

Gyroscope from NASA's Gravity Probe B [800 x 629]

Göppingen Gö 9 pusher propeller research aircraft

H 44 battleship model which got as far as the drawing board. 1,131 feet, 144,000 tons and 8 x 20' main armament. Compared with Bismarck. [750×510]

H. H. Holmes Murder Castle (xpost from r-Art) [651X585]

H.IX V2 (Ho 229-Go 229 prototype), the first prototype to fly with jet engines fitted in 1944. It may be distinguished from the V3 by the oversized landing gear, taken from an He 177.

H.M.S. Dragon and her Lynx deploying flares while on exercise, 2013 [2880x1699]

H0 Märklin BR 53 K Model Locomotive Cutaway [1379x1077]

HM Airship R100 in hanger, c. 1929. [1200×1524]

HMAS Adelaide off the Australian coast [3600x2370]

HMAS Adelaide simultaneously conducts a vertical replenishment transfer while at the same time conducting amphibious operations for her unit readiness evaluation. [3600 x 2400]

HMAS Anzac in rough seas off the coast of eastern Australia [2,402 × 3,602]

HMAS Arrow wrecked after being caught up in Cyclone Tracy. Darwin, 1975[3271 x 2085]

HMAS Arunta plows into a wave as the ship sails through rough weather off the coast of Victoria 2014 [3600×2668]

HMAS Canberra off the north Queensland coast with 5 x MRH 90 aircraft on deck and her 4 Landing Craft deployed [3600 x 2104]

HMCS Bonaventure (CVL 22) with Grumman S-2 Tracker aircraft on deck. Late 60's. [608 x 756]

HMCS Bras d'Or, Royal Canadian Navy experimental 240t-displacement hydrofoil with recorded speeds in excess of 63 knots in 1969 [2,048x1,360]

HMCS Corner Brook Floating On The Surface. [2605 x 1080]

HMCS Quebec, one of two cruisers to serve in the Royal Canadian Navy after the Second World War, Copenhagen 1954 (1,000 x 787)

HMCS TORONTO (FFH 333) sails in St. John's, NFLD following a six month deployment to the Mediterranean and Black Seas, January 2015 [750x1334]

HMS ACORN, a 970 ton British sloop launched in 1884 [3600 x 2358]

HMS AMBUSH (S120) Astute-class nuclear fleet submarine, BAE Systems, Cumbria, England, 2011. [615×943]

HMS Alliance (sole surviving WWII Amphion-class Submarine) [964 × 642]

HMS Ambush damaged during collision with commercial ship today [1024x630]

HMS Ark Royal being dismantled in Izmir, Turkey, 2013 [970x744]

HMS Artful about to get her feet wet. (1500x888)

HMS Artful, Astute class nuclear-powered attack submarines [1500 × 1034]

HMS Artful, the third of the Royal Navy's new Astute Class attack submarines. [1300 × 1040]

HMS Battleaxe (89) before she was sold to Brazil. Gotta love those British names. [3909*2409]

HMS Benbow of the Iron Duke-class leading the line, 1917 [680 x 800]

HMS Defender alongside USS George H. W. Bush (960 x 720)

HMS Defender departs from Portsmouth [1300x876]

HMS Defender transits the Suez Canal on her maiden deployment [3600 × 2400]

HMS Dragon (2904 x 1872)

HMS Dragon (D 35) [1258 × 1800]

HMS Dragon (D35) [1680 × 1040]

HMS Dragon (D35) showing off her beautiful bow art. [2709x1806]

HMS Dragon (foreground) with the Russian Kirov Class battlecruiser 'Pyotr Velikiy' (2000 x 1334)

HMS Dreadnought [3600 x 3384]

HMS Duke of Wellington. Albumen silver print from a waxed paper negative. 1854. [3000 × 2303]

HMS Duke of York and two of her KGV sisters [3000 x 1729]

HMS Duke of York, HMS Nelson, HMS Renown and HMS Formidable of the North African coast in support of Operation Torch, November 1942. [OS] [800x603]

HMS Duke of York, a King George V-class battleship, famous for sinking the Scharnhorst.[2218 x 1301]

HMS Duncan (D 37) [1379 × 1600]

HMS Duncan arriving in Cardiff for this week's NATO summit. [600x899]

HMS Duncan squeezing into a Cardiff dock [1024x546]

HMS Eagle shows off her lines as she rides at anchor off Hong Kong during her time on the China Station. She's joined by the Depot Ship HMS Medway, which has several Submarines of the O and P classes rafted alongside. [5678×4143]

HMS Endeavour - a British Royal Navy research vessel, under command of James Cook she circumnavigated the globe from 1769 to 1771. [1159×933]

HMS Furious, 1920s, was a modified Courageous-class battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy during the First World War and was modified and became an aircraft carrier while under construction. [4647x2800]

HMS Gambia, HMS Bermuda, and HMS Daring escorts The Queen on RY Britannia. 1953.[800 x 623]

HMS Gloucester (D96) as seen from the carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) in May, 2011. [1280x747]

HMS Glowworm Lays A Smokescreen As She Engages Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper At Close Range, April 8, 1940. [953 x 686]

HMS Glowworm in close combat with the Admiral Hipper during the Norwegian Campaign, 1940.[600 × 393]

HMS Hermes home from the Falklands. Video in comments. [1024 x 872]

HMS Hermione's cat, Convoy, asleep in his hammock, November 1941 [800x620]

HMS Hood during builder trials in 1920.[1800 × 999]

HMS Illustrious and USS Saratoga at Trincomalee 1944.[1023 × 749]

HMS Illustrious leaving Portsmouth for the last time this morning [624x466]

HMS Illustrious returning to Portsmouth, 2011. [2473x1979]

HMS Implacable (1805, ex-French Duguay-Trouin), passing HMS Implacable (R86), on her way out of Portsmouth harbour to the channel where see was scuttled the next day, 1st December 1949. [OS] [800x589]

HMS Indefatigable (R10) passing through the Suez Canal, 1st December 1944. [OS] [800x544]

HMS Indomitable during Operation Pedestal. Photo taken from HMS Victorious [800 × 626]

HMS Kent shadows the Russian submarine in North Sea [5184 × 3456]

HMS King Edward VII pre dreadnought battleship 1905-16 [3000×2033]

HMS King George V and USS Missouri (BB-63) off Japan on 16 August 1945, the day after the Japanese Government agreed to surrender [3600 x 2803]

HMS M1, a WWI-era British submarine armed with a 12in gun. [1090x817]

HMS M2 submarine aircraft carrier 1927-33 [1750×986]

HMS Monarch an Orion-class battleship sailing down the Tyne, 1911.[1650 × 1055]

HMS Nelson firing her 16-inch (406 mm) guns during a practice shoot. The Nelsons were unique in British battleship construction, being the only ships to carry a main armament of 16-inch guns and the only ones to carry all the main armament forward of the superstructure [1600x1060]

HMS Nelson showing her nine sixteen inch guns 1944-48 [2793×3062]

HMS Nelson, distinct with all 3 main armaments forward of the superstructure (1943) [1,280px × 960px]

HMS New Zealand, an Indefatigable-class Battlecruiser, carrying Admiral Jellicoe on an review of the naval defences of the Dominions. Port Adelaide, South Australia. 25th of May 1919 [1,800 x 1,147]

HMS Portland fires a Sea Wolf missile in the Gibraltar Exercise Areas. Using a short range supersonic missile, Sea Wolf enables ships to defend themselves against aircraft and antiship missiles. [3848 x 2570]

HMS Prince of Wales [1200 × 800]

HMS Protector (and a curious friend) viewed from Inexpressible Island [2400 x 3000]

HMS Queen Elizabeth [1500 × 1090]

HMS Queen Elizabeths fat behind[1024X693]

HMS Reaper ferrying German aircraft including the me 262, Ar 234, Ta 152 and He 219

HMS Revenge, Ramillies, Royal Sovereign and Resolution, taken from their sister HMS Royal Oak in 1930.[900 x 720]

HMS Rodney (29) stands out of an English port in full camouflage markings following a limited refit in 1942. [2048x1416]

HMS Rose prepares to fire across the bow of an unknown warship [960 × 640]

HMS St Lawrence, a 112-gun first-rate that served on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. Built at Kingston, she was the only Royal Navy ship of the line ever to be launched and operated entirely in fresh water. [1,632 x 1,814] [Art]

HMS Starling (U66), Leader Of The Highly Successful 2nd Escort Group, Moored At Greenock, March 24th, 1943. [1024 x 768]

HMS Unicorn, the last surviving sailing ship that never had sails [1536 x 1152]

HMS Vanguard during fitting out 1945-46 [1450×1510]

HMS Vanguard newly completed and ready for duty in 1946.[991 × 1535]

HMS Victoria, firing. [1450 x 1233]

HMS Victorious (S29), the second Vanguard-class submarine of the Royal Navy. [1800 × 1279]

HMS Victorious at Pearl Harbor in service of the USS Navy, 1943.[8456 x 3944]

HMS Victory - a 104-gun first-rate ship of the line [2547 x 3000]

HMS Warspite bombarding German positions in Normandy, June 1944 [690 x 318]

HMS Warspite fitting out, October 1914[1200 x 757]

HMS Warspite on her way down the slipway, 103 years ago today. [660 x 371]

HMS Warspite, Valiant & Malaya about to open fire. Photo taken from HMS Barham [1600 × 1043]

HMS X1, a British 'cruiser' submarine which was the largest, most heavily-armed, and deepest-diving submarine of her time [2325x1618]

HMS illustrious [1024 x 604]

HNLMS De Ruyter looking menacing[1200×800]

HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen launching NSM (Naval Strike Missile) [2560 × 1421]

HP SAS Expander Card [OC] [1024x685]

HP-01 wrist instrument (It's like 70's smartwatch) [530x345]

HSwMS Smyge, an experimental ship of the Swedish Navy used to test stealth technology.[2810 x 1880]

HSwMS Sundsvall after performing a RAS (replenishment at sea) during Swenex [1900 x 1300]

HSwMS Visby (K31) inside Muskö mountain naval base. [749 × 499]

HTRE-3 experimental reactor for a nuclear-powered bomber near Arco, ID [OC] [2592×1944]

Hair [2480 × 1464]

Half-cast and skeleton of a humpback whale, Smithsonian Museum, 1885. [866×481]

Half-section of a Porsche 996 [2048x1536]

Half-shorn Merino sheep [1200 x 625]

Hammel Red Giant - the world's most powerful shredder [1024 x 683] - video in comments of it eating engine blocks

Hand Grenades (2048 x 1586)

Hand-wired prototype of a circuit board from the late 1970s [OC]

Handley Page Victor bomber taxiing for takeoff [1585x1013]

Hangar deck of USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) taken during Operation 'Sea Orbit', 15 September 1964 [5719×3964]

Hansen Writing Ball, first commercially-produced typewriter. [584 x 573]

Happy 121st Birthday to USS Olympia. She was first commissioned on 5 February, 1895, and is now a museum ship in Philadelphia. She needs work but she's still around. [2,829 × 1,344]

Happy Birthday Romania. Here's some IAR80s lined up.

Hard disk head crash [5616x3744]

Harmony of the Seas's final construction phase in Saint-Nazaire [1200x801]

Harriers leave HMS Ark Royal for the last time, 2010 [3600x2400]

Harriers on the deck of the Atlantic Conveyor sailing from Ascension Island to the Falklands. You can see the container walls erected to hide the Harriers as well as protect them from salt water [1120 x 463]

Harriers over INS Viraat and a Talwar-class frigate, Jizag International Fleet Review, 2016 [1600 x 1200]

Hasselblad EL Lunar Data Camera – the camera used by the Apollo astronauts [863x793]

Having a cookout on top of a moving submarine [1200 x 820]

Hawker Hunter making insane vortices during high-G pull-up [1200x800]

Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Hurricane at Yorkshire Air Museum. Excuse the sky, I photoshopped out some rather ugly telephone cables.

Hawker Hurricane at the Finland International Airshow 2014 (album in comments) [850x563]

Hawker Hurricane being loaded onto CAM ship

Hawker Typhoon firing rockets at a railway, Nordhorn, Germany March 1945

Hawkins-class heavy cruiser HMS Effingham at anchor in a Norwegian Fjord, May 16 1940.[2198 x 1846]

He 111 B bomber of KG 88 dropping bombs, Spain, 1938

Head of a 6 MW wind turbine [1499×1000]

Head-on deliberate midair collision is a weapon of heroes.

Heat Transfer Reactor Experiment-3. A nuclear powered jet engine developed as part of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion program [772x954]

Heavily sloped steel armor penetrated by a 105mm APFSDS dart [1037x778]

Heavily-armed Ulsan-class frigate and Pohang-class corvettes in Sout Korea [4401 x 2448]

Heavy Cruiser USS Indianapolis CA-35 in 1939, one of the two Portland-class cruisers.[2631×1480]

Heavy bomber Consolidated B-32 Dominator, the last Allied aircraft to be engaged in combat during World War II.

Heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. She saw action during Operation Rheinübung, an attempted breakout into the Atlantic Ocean with the battleship Bismarck in May 1941. The two ships destroyed the British battlecruiser Hood in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. [1024x821]

Heavy damage on the USS Casin (DD-372) and the USS Downes (DD-375), there were in drydock at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked [971 x 768]

Heavy lift vessel Xiang Yun Kou delivers the Arendal Spirit, a 'Flotel' accommodations rig for the offshore oil and gas industry. Sleeps 490. [2959×2466]

Heavy seas [550px × 395px]

Heavy-lift vessel MV BLUE MARLIN delivers the damaged USS COLE (DDG-67) to Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Mississippi, 2000. [1000×626]

Heckler & Koch G3 A3 Battle Rifle cutaway model [2695x583]

Heckler & Koch Mod. P7 M8 cutaway demo pistol [1954x1495]

Hedgehog anti-submarine mortar mounted on the forecastle of HMS Westcott, 1945. [800×614]

Heinkel HE-115- Introduced in 1939. 138 produced, saw limited service as a scout plane and torpedo bomber.

Heinkel He 111 shot down in East Lothian October 1939

Heinkel He 112

Heinkel He 119 high-speed reconnaissance prototype

Heinkel He 162 Volksjager (Peoples Fighter) or Salamander, ca. late 1944.

Heinkel He 177 A-5 with British markings flown by Brown at Farnborough in September 1944

Heinkel He 177 Greif was the only operational long-range bomber to be flown in combat by the Luftwaffe during World War II.

Heinkel He 219 Uhu ('Eagle-Owl') night fighter, ca., 1944.

Heinkel He-111 with dummy torpedoes

Heinkel He-111's of German 'Legion Condor' over Spain

Heinkel He-162 Salamander's

Helicopter refueling a tank [1920x1080]

Helix subsea remotely-operated cable trencher [3072×2304]

Hellcat above Yorktown’s hangar deck, 1943

Hellcat crashlands on USS Enterprise - daring rescue

Hellcat drones ready for airborne radioactivity monitoring during the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests 1946 [1,100 x 735]

Hellcats on the carrier deck.

Helldiver (bottom right) attacking Japanese shipping

Hellenic navy zubr-class hovercraft [1600x1195]

Hemi powered Air Raid 'Victory Sirens' produced by Chrysler during WWII. Audible from over 25 miles away [900 x 540]

Hemi-Powered Chrysler Air Raid Siren, loudest warning device ever sold, 138 dB at 100 ft, audible from 30-50 miles away [2048x1536]

Henry O. Studley Woodworking Toolchest [1117x1188]

Henschel HS129

Henschel Hs 129 detailed cut-away drawing [2069 × 1359]

Henschel Hs 132 Dive bomber and Interceptor

Her Majesty's Troopship 'Olympic', sister of the famous 'Titanic', carrying troops home from WWI in 1919 [2514 × 1941]

Here is a unique shot! A US Army UH-1 Huey is pushed into position to take off from the Iowa.[3000 x 1982]

Here is ships being shipped by a .. ship (x post from r-pics) 600x398

Here's a step drill I made. (1024x768)

Here's an old school. Literally. HMS Britannia (l) and HMS Hindostan (r) as cadet training ships, Dartmouth, England. [1600x1200]

Here's the cross-section of my 1.25-lb-patty mega-burger: an inside view of 4000 calories of delicious regret [OC] [4287x2050]

High Speed Turns - USS Harry S Truman [2442x1374]

High Speed Wind Tunnel at Ames Aeronautical Lab, in Moffet Field, California 1948 [3,017 x 2,074]

High performance bicycle wheel [1600x1200]

High voltage undersea cables [2660x1666]

High-Voltage Lab, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands [2048 x 1365]

Highway failure in Northern California [2048x1370]

Hilti 30-C in your hands feels HUGE. [1050 x 750]

Hilti polycrystalline diamond coring bit [1279x997]

Hindu Kush Hydro Power Plant, 1911 - taken in what is now Turkmenistan by Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii, an early pioneer of colour photography [3329 x 3010]

Hispano-Suiza Nene (Rolls-Royce) centrifugal compressor turbojet cutaway (designed 1944-45) at the Museum of Air and Space Paris, 2009 by Pline[4,000 × 3,000] x-post -r-HI_Res

Historic Movie Theater in Philadelphia [1247x802]

Holland I, the Royal Navy's first submarine, built 1901. [1751×1010]

Holland class offshore patrol vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy (infographic) [3000 x 2000]

Holmium laser rods glowing [1083 × 726] [OC]

Home-made electrostatic fusion reactor [1600x1200]

Homebrew Plate Chiller [1200×900]

Homemade Light Table for Screen Printing [1512×1512]

Honda CB350 complete airway from intake to exhaust. (MIC) [1024 x 683]

Honda F20C S2000 Engine [1280x1024]

Honda K20A inline 4 engine from the DC5 Integra Type-R [640 × 775]

Hoover Dam generator rotor [2448x3264], banana-colored forklift for scale [OC]

Hope you guys enjoy the top of my tool cart

Hornsby Chain Track Tractor [314x314]

Horten PUL-10 homebuilt flying wing [1024x768]

Horton Ho 229 flying wing jet bomber early prototype without jet engines yet fitted.

How a Kris Vector lessens recoil (480 x 210).

How a Type-III AK-47 Works (x-post r-woahdude) [280x209]

How a battleship's gun loads. [700x600]

How a silencer works on a gun (636x459 gif)

How many destroyers can you fit in one dry dock? Six, apparently. Dry Dock #2, Mare Island, California. 6 x 4-stacker destroyers. 1922. [5000x4007]

How rare is this?

How the brake cooling system works in a F1 car (640 x 360).

How to draw a cutaway in MS Paint (see comments) [940 x 501]

How well do you know your (cut in half) candy bars?

How your food goes down your esophagus to your stomach instead of trachea (windpipe) thanks to your epiglottis [360X270 gif] animated SFW

How's this for a top drawer? [3264x2448]

Howe & Dhow. HMS Howe (32) passes through the Suez Canal on her way to join the British Pacific Fleet, 14 July 1944. [800 × 586]

Hubble Space Telescope [1600x1200]

Hubstands on Intercomp 777 on a set of Intercomp pad levelers. When you don't have $60k for a Hunter alignment rack. Fishing line will do. [2448 X 3264]

Huge tree trunk (cut in half) into beautiful table [640 x 623]

Hull designs of stealth warships compared [6500x1450][OC]

Human Head [400 x 400]

Human body sliced 5000 times [500x288]

Human female [More images inside] [3191x2124]

Human head - face (Mutter museum) [1280 × 720] [OS]

Human-powered Burrell-Boydell 'endless rail' tractor transporting dressed stones, c. 1880. [3274×2630]

Hungarian Bf 109F-4.

Husqvarna Demolition Robots [1280×913], more images in comment

Hydraulic Turbine (1921) [2360×1598]

Hydraulic crane at Venice Arsenale built in 1885 by Armstrong Mitchell of England. One of the first cranes to use a hydraulic accumulator providing for greater power. [4000×3000]

Hydrofoil Clipper [1800x1012]

Hyperloop [1394 x 884]

Hypervelocity Ballistic Range Impact Study, 17,000 mph, 1962 [2948 x 2269]

Hypnotic Rotary Motor Cross Section (x-post -r-mechanical_gifs) [320 X 240]

I also just got my first brand new tool box. Matco 4s (1215 x 911) (OC)

I can't seem to find a place for my new set of pliers [2822 x 2117]

I climbed into the swing mechanism of a 1904 railroad swing bridge. Superior, WI. More photos in comments [4000X3000] [OC] also posted to -r-abandonedporn

I digitally painted a pair of Messerschmitt Bf-109E4's

I do not know if Imaginary - SciFi things are allowed, so hope you like it: Spaceship cross section [1920x1080] - source in comments

I don't know if this counts, but I just 3D printed the USS Iowa (BB-61). [2688x1520]

I found a photo of my Dad cooking a barbecue on top of a moving Submarine x-post -r-pics (1730x1182)

I gave colorization a shot, I think it really brings this old Hellcat to life. Hope you guys like it.

I got a new watch, I thought it looked pretty technology-porny [960x960]

I ground away a chestnut, revealing the embryo. [1318 x 1036][OC]

I had some free time at work today, so I put together a comparison for you guys! USS New Mexico (BB-40) in her original configuration (top) and her post-1931-1933 modernization. [1280x1736]

I have Top Drawer too [5312x2988]

I hear you guys like plier drawers [3456x1944]

I honestly do not know what these are. Photographed at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for nuclear physics [OC] [5618X4000]

I know it's not much but I'm loving my new roll cart!

I like American submarines too! USS Archerfish, a Long-Hull Sturgeon, in drydock at Bremerton, 1989 [1500x1745]

I love using these pliers [2130x2340]

I love victorian BBs part 2: HMS Mars (1896)[3648 x 2736]

I rescued a pair of knipex I found in a load of dirt [1200×1200]

I see r-MachinePorn loves soviet-era machinery. Here's a rare beast: Zil-4904 screw-drive all-terrain vehicle [1200x900]

I see your small ball bearing and raise you a smaller LED [5184x3456]

I stumbled across 'The Battleship of the Future' in a Popular Mechanics issue from 1940. [2698x2111][xpost -r-ImaginaryWarships]

I told a client they needed more mice and they brought me these. [3219x2028]

I transcribed my Granddad's letter he wrote to his parents 71 years ago detailing his role in the Rhine Invasion-Operation Varsity on March 24, 1945. He details flying in with 100s of Allied gliders, setting up in a forest for the night, and coming face to face with Germans.

I went to Shipbucket and made this to emphasize the differences between Akagi and Kaga.[1718 x 1060]

I wonder how he earned his call sign. [600 x 901]

I'm an aircraft inspector and this is my top drawer. Bonus water 'landing' photo. [2448 x 3264]

I'm an aircraft mechanic, and this is my toolbox (drawer 1 of 4). [3264x2448] [OC]

I'm really sorry guys, but my Gigant is unloading goats. I win. [983x655]

I've invented wireless headphones that play music AND capture 3D Audio [1750 × 1438]

IBM Power 8 Die. 12 Cores. 5 Billion Transistors. 4Ghz. 300 Watts.[1500x1164]

IBM Selectric III typewriter [1600x1059]

IBM z13 Mainframe [4000x2072]

IBM's Watson is a computer system that was specifically developed to answer questions on the quiz show Jeopardy! [851x1280]

IBM's supercomputer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center [1250x1000]

IJN DD Shimakaze May 5 1943 [1280×923]

IJN Heavy Cruiser Takao, 1945 in Seletar [1600 × 1129]

IJN Mikuma after the Battle of Midway. She had been bombed by planes from both the USS Enterprise and USS Hornet. Note her shattered midships structure, torpedo dangling from the aft port side tubes and wreckage atop her number four eight-inch gun turret. [5724 x 4501]

IJN Nagato docked at Kure in August of 1942 [2653 x 1813]

IJN Yamato human for scale - Colorized photo [720 x 480]

IJN battleship Fuso at Kure drydock, 1933 [1434 x 1110]

IL2 Sturmovik also nicknamed 'The Black Death'

INS Vikramaditya [1600 × 1066]

INS Vikramaditya [3500 × 2219]

INS Vikramaditya, a modified Kiev-class carrier, in a tight turn to starboard during her trials in 2013. [1500 × 1000]

INS Vikrant, India's first indigenously built aircraft carrier, moves out of dry dock for further outfitting [1200x800]

ISF Transmission [1600x1067]

ISOLDE Decay Station [1440 x 961]

ITER Tokomak complex labeled [OS] [6614 x 8740]

Ice Hockey helmet and American Football helmet [2048x1537]

Ice clings to HMS Anson's main battery as she escorts an Arctic convoy some time in 1942-3 [4796 × 3401]

Ictineo, the steam powered submarine [1008 × 300]

Identify the big aircraft!

If all do their duty, (Falklands Friday) will never become (Malvinas Monday). 45,000 ton SS Canberra returns to Southampton. [800 x 533]

If you could choose a plane to take into combat what would you choose? I would a take a P-51D!

If you were in an AVRO Lancaster bomber cabin and look to the tail this is what you'd see

Ike and entourage. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) followed by the fast combat support ship USNS Arctic (T-AOE 8) and USS Nitze (DDG-94), transit the tight quarters of the Strait of Hormuz. July 2016. USN Photo. [4633 × 2850]

Il-2 Shturmovik aircraft in flight over Berlin, Germany, April-May 1945

Il-2's flying over destroyed city

Illustrated Doberman head [1807x1084]

Illustration of a Cleveland-class light cruiser [2388x1506]

Ilyushin Il-2M Sturmovik over Berlin

Ilyushin Il-62M airliner [1500x1019]

Imperial Airways Handley Page H.P.42 at Samakh, British Mandate of Palestine, 1932 [5,029 × 2,325]

Imperial Japanese Nambu Type 14 Pistol [700x1007][OC] Animation in Comments.

Impressive engine room on the 288ft superyacht QUATTROELLE [1,200x800]

Improvised vehicle using a drop-tank as a body put together by U.S. Air Force ground crew - Iwo Jima, 1945 [2501x1871]

In Celebration Of Warspite's 103rd Birthday, Here She Is During The Spanish Civil War, 1937. [1700 x 1200]

In its early days, Airbus used modified Boeing 377 'Super Guppies' to transport large aircraft parts to its Toulouse, France plant for final assembly. This led to the jest 'Every Airbus is delivered on the wings of a Boeing.' [600 x 390]

In memoriam of the the fast transport Swift (HSV-2), which has reportedly sank after a missile attack off the Yemeni port of Mokha on the Bab al Mandeb. She was operated under charter for the UAE Army at the time. Purported video of the attack and aftermath in the comments. [2100x1011]

In the 'No Thanks Department' a view looking aft on the main deck of USS Vermont (Battleship # 20), while she was steaming in heavy seas circa 1910-14. Note man standing by the ladder leading to the quarterdeck whaleboat. [3960x2276]

In the early 1960's the US Navy studied the possibility of converting an aircraft carrier into a rocket-launch platform to place satellites into orbit. [1204×909]

In with the new, out with the old. (3264x2448)

In-flight view of one of two Boeing JB-17G aircraft. The aircraft were modified as test bed aircraft for the Allison T-56 turboprop, ca., 1950, probably over Ohio. [1800x1188]

Incomplete French battleship Jean Bart sailing from Casablanca to Cherbourg for repairs in 1945 [1280×862]

Incredible picture of Atlantis STS-135 ready for launch. [1280 x 800]

Indefatigable-class battlecruiser HMAS Australia, the only capital ship ever to serve in the RAN.[1000 × 1280]

Independence class Littoral Combat Ship - LCS [1494 × 981]

Indian Navy sailors having a yoga lesson in the hangar of aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 18 2016 [700 x 500]

Indo-Israeli LR-SAM-Barak-8 missile test fired from the destroyer INS Kolkata [1366 × 908]

Inertial Navigation System 'INS' from Concorde 01 [1024×876]

Inertial navigation unit of French IRBM S3 [4000 × 3000]

Infiniti's VC-TC Variable Compression Turbocharged engine [8000x5333]

Inflatable Lunar Habitat Concept, Kitmacher-Ciccora-NASA, 1989 [4447 × 3345]

Ingalls Shipbuilding launches 31st Arleigh Burke-class destroyer 'Paul Ignatius' (DDG 117) [7184 x 4768]

Inherited a nine-pound spiking maul from my grandfather. Head was loose. Made a new handle out of Ekki wood

Inner Surface of a Hemisphere of The Plastic Ball Particle Detector [4093 x 3320] x-post -r-HI_Res

Innovative artificial island idea [3099 x 2190]

Inside GTT's membrane-type LNG containment tank [1029x570]

Inside Royal Navy nuclear submarine HMS Ambush, 2012 [1200×737]

Inside a Blu-ray-DVD Laser Head [3021x1836][OC]

Inside a CT Scanner [X-Post from -r-InterestingAsFuck]

Inside a Communication Satellite [1500×1046]

Inside a DSLR: The Medium Format Pentax 645Z [2560x1706]

Inside a Silicon Graphics Indy Workstation [OC] [4877x3774]

Inside a Storm trooper Helmet. [500×451]

Inside a hydroelectric turbine [1024x636]

Inside a hydroelectric turbine [1024x643]

Inside a mechanical calculator - [1200x960]

Inside a model locomotive [800x533]

Inside an A380 Test aircraft [1636x1227]. Photo by

Inside an AT-AT [1168x1810]

Inside an RAF jet engine, partial cross-section [X-Post -r-technologyporn] [1920x1280]

Inside of a NES cartridge [400x445]

Inside of a frag grenade. [1568x2100]

Inside of a gas pump (x-post r-mildlyinteresting) [2688 x 1520]

Inside of an electric motorcycle (x-post -r-motorcycles) [1836x2448]

Inside of the Mark 1A Fire Control Computer on the USS Cassin Young(more pictures of the ship in comments)[4032x3024][OC]

Inside the 20mm rotating gun of a CIWS.[OC][720 x 1280]

Inside the 6' turret shell room on the HMS Belfast 2007 [3888×2592]

Inside the Great Pyramids [736x1149]

Inside the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier [2424x1626]

Inside the Hubble Telescope [1280x1228]

Inside the Linac4 tunnel [7360 × 4912]

Inside the STAR Detector at Brookhaven's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider [1250 x 986]

Inside the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System Carbon Fibre Liquid Oxygen Fuel Tank [1900 x 1200]

Inside the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 [1160 x 1160]

Inside the cockpit of a P51 Mustang

Inside the largest Cruise Ship ever built [1600x1051]

Inspecting a snow plough for Mount Kosciusko [Kosciuszko], Australia, 1934 [2843 x 2362]

Installation of the fuel tanks on a LNG-powered container ship, NASSCO shipyard, San Diego, CA, 2015. [4000×2667]

Installing an MRI (664 x 440), courtesy r-pics.

Installing engine of a diesel CNR locomotive, Kingston, Ontario, 1928 [800×1051]

Installing new frame rails in a Kenworth truck. More pics in comments [OC] [1080x920]

Integration of HIFI (front-right), PACS (front-left) and SPIRE (back) instruments aboard the Herschel satellite [3507 x 2480]

Intel 80486 [1341x1002]

Intel i7 capacitors-resistors [2816x2112]

Interesting infographic of a US Navy Wasp class amphibious assault ship. [1032x668]

Interior of Ecuadorian Navy Type 209 diesel-electric submarine [2000 x 1333]

Interior of the Olympus B-2100 habitat as supplied by Bigelow. [1125 x 782]

Interior schematic view of Bigelow Aerospace B330 [645x370]

Interior view of the Apollo 13 Lunar Module showing the 'mail box', a jerry-rigged arrangement which the Apollo 13 astronauts built to use the Command Module lithium hydroxide canisters to purge carbon dioxide from the Lunar Module. [800 x 634]

Internal Steel Layers of a Katana [600×450]

Internals of a Nerf Strongarm [OC] [2937 x 2203]

International Space Station at 'night'. [4928x3280]

Inverted-type research light microscope [506x461]

Io, Kelvin Ma (Kelvinsong)-Wikimedia Commons, 2014 [2000 x 1143

Iowa 16 Inch Gun (1348 x 754).

Iowa fires it's 1000th shell [3000 x 1966]

Iranian air force Thunderbolt

Irish Rail 079 built 1976, shunting at Alexandra Road in Dublin [3455x2592]

Is it a Submarine or a Cruiser? French 'Undersea Cruiser' Surcouf at sea prior to its disappearance in February of 1942. More info in comments.[1959x1486]

Island porn? Here's USS Belknap's island after a bad day. [3000 x 2400]

It's Fleet Problem Friday! The US Atlantic Fleet, with 15 Battleships in its ranks, reposes at anchor in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in advance of Fleet Problem VII in March of 1927. [2329x1829]

It's nice having friends that understand! (birthday present) [2592x1944]

Italian Battleship ROMA in 1942 [3600 x 2697]

Italian Hydrofoil patrol boat Sparviero (P420) *Nibbio Class* [1600 x 1587]

Italian M. Goventosa’s 1930s single-wheeled motorcycle [1000x841]

Italian Macchi C.202 Folgore (Italian 'thunderbolt') with an Italian-built version of the Daimler-Benz DB 601Aa engine was considered to be one of the best wartime fighters to serve in large numbers with the Regia Aeronautica.

Italian Macchi C.202, 1943.

Italian P-38 Lightning

Italian battleship Giulio Cesare passing the Ponte Girevole in Taranto, 1937-1938.[1436 x 964]

Italian battleship Littorio surrounded by salvage tugs after the Battle of Taranto November 12 1940 [1587×864]

Italian battleship SARDEGNA [3600 x 2733]

Italian cruiser Muzio Attendolo in Messina harbour on 15 August 1942, after having been torpedoed by HMS Unbroken [1600 x 1060]

Italian cruisers Alberico Da Barbiano and Alberto Di Giussano docked side by side in the 1930s. On December 13, 1941, both ships were sunk by British and Dutch destroyers in the battle of Cape Bon, while carrying fuel to North Africa. [800 x 629]

Italian destroyer escort-torpedo boat Ardente mooring at Naples, 6 January 1943. Behind a group of crewmen at berthing stations is a group of demobilized Vichy French soldiers, being repatriated after the Axis occupation of Tunisia. Ardente was lost to a collision six days later. [1600 x 1006]

Italian motorjet Caproni Campini N.1 1940

Italian submarines simultaneously firing their deck guns during the 'H' naval review in Naples, May 1938. The first two ships in the last line are apparently Zara-class heavy cruisers. [2239 x 1520]

It’s Monitor Monday! The HMS Marshall Ney- a British WW1 Monitor with 15 inch guns [1024 x 742]

Ivan the Great bell tower. [600x2736]

J-2X Rocket Engine [2700 x 1797]

JET Project Tokamak Fusion Reactor [1417x1031]

JET, the Joint European Torus [1920x1280]

JLAIR Optical Tracking System - Shot video of the Red Bull Stratos from the ground [751x500]

JPL's entry 'RoboSimian' in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, December 2013 [2000 x 1335]

Jack-up crane vessel VIDAR installing the blades of a wind turbine. [2946×1955]

Jack-up vessel BRAVE TERN installing turbine blade at the Block Island Wind Farm, Aug 15, 2016. [2400×1600]

Jack-up vessel INNOVATION transporting three foundations for offshore wind turbines. [5712×4326]

Jack-up vessel SEA INSTALLER with newly erected offshore wind turbine. [1280×1066]

Jahre Viking - The Largest Self-Propelled Man-Made Object Ever Built [1254 × 901]

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Ikazuchi (DD 107) with the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) 2010 [6480×4320]

Japan Railways N700 Series [667x1019]

Japanese 'Zero' about to crash into the sea after an unsuccessful Kamikaze run on USS ESSEX (CV-9), 15 May 1945.

Japanese Aichi M6A Seiran

Japanese Air Force One - kept entirely free of grime and meticulously polished - is a thing of minimalist beauty. [1600x1065]

Japanese Aircraft Wrecks at Lae New Guinea 1943

Japanese Army G3M Type 96 bomber flying over the Sun Yatsen Mausoleum, Nanjing, China

Japanese Army Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate 'Frank' fighters. Excellent performance and maneuverability, it was considered to be the best Japanese fighter to see large scale ops. A match for any Allied fighter, powerful armament (could include two 30 mm and two 20 mm cannon) increased its lethality, 1946.

Japanese Battle Cruiser Haruna running trials in 1915 [3600 x 2822]

Japanese Battleship Musashi taken from the bow (August 1942) [1167 × 767]

Japanese Battleship Nagato in the early days of her long career.[5228 x 4228]

Japanese Cruiser 'Matsushima', 1896[1960x1088]

Japanese H6K4

Japanese High Speed Train [1920x1080]

Japanese Ko-hyoteki midget sub used at Pearl Harbor [OC][2500 x 500]

Japanese ME-109

Japanese Navy Nakajima B5N 'Kate' bomber

Japanese Navy Type 97 Carrier Attack Plane (B5N1 'Kate')

Japanese Roadway after Sinkhole (x-post from -r-pics) [1920x1152]

Japanese Type D ('Koryu') Midget Submarines In a drydock at Kure Naval Base 1945 [1280×1015]

Japanese Zeke type Kamikaze aircraft diving on USS Columbia (CL-56) during the Lingayen Gulf operation, 6 January 1945

Japanese Zeroes drop White Phosphorous Air-Burst Bombs on B-24 Bombers over Iwo Jima; ca. February, 1945

Japanese aircraft attacking Pearl Harbor, Oahu, US Territory of Hawaii, December 7th, 1941

Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryū under attack by B-17 bombers. [5024 × 3740]

Japanese aircraft carrier Junyo with two coastal submarines moored alongside 1945 [740×615]

Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūjō at anchor in Yokosuka June 1933 [1736×2397]

Japanese aircraft carrier shokaku 1941 [3937×1340]

Japanese armored cruiser TOKIWA, 1898 [2520 x 1567]

Japanese battleship Nagato after her refit in 1936 colorized by Irotooko Jr.[1280 x 666]

Japanese battleship Nagato at the Kure naval base 1942 [2000×2337]

Japanese bomber crews relax on an airfield in Japan with a 'BETTY' bomber in the background is carrying an 'OHKA' (BAKA) piloted bomb beneath its fuselage.

Japanese carrier Kaga making speed showing her some original design elements. Three flight decks and twin 7.9 ' turrets forward. Circa 1930. [1280 × 960]

Japanese class-leading battleship 'ISE' sunk in shallow water by air attack at Kure, 28 July 1945. 14' main armament. [1033 × 1280]

Japanese cruiser Mogami, lead ship of the Mogami class of heavy cruisers in 1935, when she entered service in the Imperial Japanese Navy.[1980 × 1215]

Japanese destroyers [4256 × 2832]

Japanese dive bomber is shot down during air attacks on TF-58 off the Marianas, 22 February 1944. Seen from USS YORKTOWN.

Japanese fighter on sea floor, Papua New Guinea (x-Submechanophobia)

Japanese ironclad Kongō, 1877 [3600 x 2778]

Japanese mechanics training with a Nakajima Ki-44 frame

Japanese naval aircraft prepare to take off from an aircraft carrier (reportedly Shokaku) to attack Pearl Harbor

Japanese plane shot down as it attempted to attack USS Kitkun Bay (CVE-71) near Mariana Islands (Pacific) [3000x2421]

Japanese torpedo gyroscope [768x1024]

Jawbreaker candy

Jean Bart alongside cruisers Suffren and Montcalm, 1950s [616×804]

Jean Bart, the last European battleship [2154 x 1311]

Jeanne d'Arc helicopter cruiser of the French Navy, the last cruiser of France (infographic) [2960 x 2584]

Jefferson Lab accelerator facility (album inside) [3718x2092]

Jerr-Dan Rotator [2048x1070]

Jet Assisted Take Off of A-20B Havoc 41-2990 at Wright Field

Jet engine cutaway showing the centrifugal compressor and other parts [1,288 × 966]

Jet fighters YP-80 44-83028 44-83029 Italy 1945. Mt. Vesuvius in background.

Jim and the Aquanauts - deep sea diving suit [3000 x 2136]

John O'Conner flies his freshly restored FG-1D Corsair named 'Kathleen' at Airventure 2010 by Tyson V. Rininger

Joined by a sistership and a pair of treaty Cruisers, USS South Dakota (BB-57) executes a formation turn across the wake of the USS Lexington (CV-16) off Okinawa on April 28, 1945. [2000x1521]

Jonsered chainsaw motor [1023x813]

Ju87 Stuka destroyed at El Alamein November 1942.

Ju88 fuselage used as simulator to train turret gunners

Junior rates Accommodation on HMS Queen Elizabeth. No more 30-40 man mess decks, JR's now share 8 birth cabins with communal mess squares and wash facilities. Senior rates and Officers share 2 birth cabins. [600 x 689]

Junkers 88 (U4+TK) from Kampfgeschwader 30 sinking in the ice on Jonsvatnet, near Trondheim, Norway, 1940. This aircraft was salvaged in 2004 and is currently under restoration.

Junkers 88D1 with damaged propellers after touching the sea surface while on a mission. The crew managed to fly the damaged aircraft 700km back to Sola, near Stavanger, Norway. Date unknown, possibly May 1943.

Junkers Ju 252 cargo aircraft was planned as a replacement for the Junkers Ju 52-3m. Although the Ju 252 was a vast improvement over the Junkers Ju 52-3m, the situation at that time did not permit any disruption of the existing production lines.

Junkers Ju 287, 'a Nazi Germany aerodynamic testbed built to develop the technology required for a multi-engine jet bomber.' '... featured a revolutionary forward-swept wing, and apart from said wing was assembled largely from components scavenged from other aircraft.'

Junkers Ju 287, late 1944.

Junkers Ju 388 Störtebeker multi-role aircraft based on the Ju 88 airframe by way of the Ju 188. Intended for high altitude operation, with design features such as a pressurized cockpit. Introduced very late in the war, production problems along with war conditions caused few to be built.

Junkers Ju 390 'Amerika Bomber'

Junkers Ju 390 prototype strategic bomber 1944

Junkers Ju 390.

Junkers Ju 86 German monoplane bomber and civilian airliner designed in the early 1930s.

Junkers Ju 88

Junkers Ju 89 prototype strategic bomber 1937

Jupiter cake [426x852]

Jupiter, Kelvin Ma (Kelvinsong)-Wikimedia Commons, 2014 [2000 x 1000]

Just a nice P-38J photo, gentlemen.

Just finished shadowing my top drawer and plier drawer. [OC] [2448x3264]

Just got my new socket rails in [3984x2241] [OC]

Just in time for Christmas!(some assembly required)

Just received my Knipex Cobolts in the mail. I like good pliers. [2000x1788]

K-223 Podolsk returns from patrol (album in comments) [900x600]

K32 Helsingborg [2403 × 1600]

KGV-class dreadnought HMS Ajax at the Grand Harbour of Valletta 1921 [2129×1340]

KRAZ truck with a MIG-15 turbojet engine used to clean and blow-dry the runway in winter. Domodedovo airport, Moscow, Russia [1000x667]

KRI Oswald Siahaan (354), a Van Speijk-Ahmad Yani-class frigate, firing a P-800 Oniks AShM during a gunnery exercise [800 x 600]

Kamikaze explodes after ramming into the USS New Mexico (BB-40), April 1945 [1,172x658]

Kamikaze plane getting shot down

Kashtan CIWS on Russian Kirov-class battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy firing [1654 × 1181]

Kawasaki Ki-10

Kawasaki Ki-61

Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien

Key and Tumbler (400x225)

Keyboard Background Light [OC] [3120x4160]

Ki-84 Hayate prototype, Army Air Inspection Section, IJAAS, 1943

Kilo Class sub in drydock showing pumpjet propulsion [990x750]

Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) module of an F1 car [1936x1296]

King George V-class battleship HMS Howe (32) passes through the Suez Canal on her way to join the British Pacific Fleet. July, 1944. [800 × 586]

Kingston HyperX Fury Blue [2448x1836] [OC]

Kingston Pneumatic Pick-&-Place Machine on their SMT line in California, used to place caps, resistors, eeproms, etc. on devices [OC] [5000x3333]

Kirov-class battlecruiser passing through the Suez canal. [1280 × 710]

Kitchen on the USS Bowfin (SS-287) now a mueseum ship at Pearl Harbor, 2012 [4000×3000]

Klein Interchangeable Multi-Bit Screwdrivers-Nut Drivers[1200x1800]

Kneel before the alter of steel . . casting at Giessen [731x908]

Koenigsegg Regera [640x320]

Korg MS-10 PCB [1397x955]

Korth PRS roller-delayed blowback .45ACP pistol with a fixed barrel disassembles [1600x1185]

Korth Revolver [2464x1603]

Korth revolver in 9mm para sectioned [2300x1495]

Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin - Soviet space control-monitoring ship [1200x784]

Kowloon Walled City [4716x1754]

Kowloon [4716 × 1754]

Kriegsmarine torpedo boat 'S 102' in the Black Sea, circa 1942-3 [2937 × 1891]

Krupp Raumer S armoured minesweeper, prototype WWII [1329x1011]

Krupp's Bagger 288 doing what is does best, removing overburden to enable mining operation [2126 x 1444]

Kuta Gate in Bali [900x1350]

Kyushu J7W1 Shinden

L7 105mm tank gun Cut model on display at the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster , Germany. [1492x1492]

LCS 6Jackson’s trimaran hull clearly shown this bow-on photo. [1024 x 685]

LCS Donuts. USS Independence (LCS 2) demonstrates her maneuvering capabilities in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego. July 2013. [4485 × 2988]

LEGO brick injection-mold. Retired after producing 120M bricks so as to preserve 2µm fault tolerance. [2,576px × 1,932px]

LNER Class A3 'Flying Scotsman' prepares to depart Kings Cross for her last scheduled run. 14 January, 1963. [3504x2399]

LNG Tanker the 'Arctic Princess' [3,504 x 2,336]

LNG-powered tugboat. [2200×1551]

LNG-powered tugboat. [FIXED] [2200×1551]

LST's pouring army equipment ashore on Leyte Island in the Philippines 1944 (Navy) [2785x2269]

LST-325 and LST-388 unloading while stranded at low tide during resupply operations, 12 June 1944 [3607×2737]

LT5 from a ZR-1 [1536x2048]

Lady Florence Norman rides to work on her autopod, 1916 [550x752]

Lakes freighter straight-deck bulk carrier steamship [1000×769]

Land Rover Series III from the angle owners see it most frequently [2200x1642]

Large Hadron Collider [2000x1333]

Large electrical pieces I saw on the highway. Not sure of the capacity - usage but I figured it belonged here where Reddit might could explain [960x720]

Large gun inside Watertown Arsenal, 1917. X-post to -r-militaryporn [3150x2271]

Large lathe (500 x 377).

Large-scale excavator at a lignite open pit mine. [2126x1444]

Largest 3D printers in the world - Voxeljet powder casters [1772x1183]

Laser experiment for the ADM-Aeolus satellite’s Doppler wind lidar called Aladin [3456 x 3456]

Lasers for barium ion spectroscopy [1297 x 907]

Last Moments: under fire at pointblank range, HMS Glowworm (1,350 tons) closes to ram German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper (18,200 tons) [744 × 619]

Last moments of an unfortunate FW190 in front of a Mustang. The pilot is about to jump out, while gear in 'down' position says 'ok, I had it, you win'.

Last month I found some abandoned warships in France - more in comments [OC]

Last of the Gunfighters [793x1024]

Last remaining gunboat from the Gallipoli campaign has been restored & unveiled (X-post Militaryporn) [962 x 686]

Last ride of the Extra Joker. B-24H Liberator, #42-95379, 'Extra Joker', in the last photo taken of her on August 23, 1944. [xpost -r-WarplanePorn]

Last trip of Jeanne d'Arc, Brest, 2014 [1024x683]

Late war German jet bomber, the Arado Ar 234-C

Launch of Mussolini's yacht Diana, later completed as fast aviso for the Italian Navy, 1940. [1500 x 1126]

Launch of USS Washington (BB-47) - she would never be completed and was ultimately sunk as a gunnery target in 1924. [900×730]

Launch of a Torpedo Boat at Chalon-sur-Saône, France [1601×1020]

Launch of the USS Detroit (LCS-7) on October 18th 2014 [636x288]

Launch preparations for Vanguard 1 - humankinds’s fourth artificial satellite and the first to be solar powered, 1958. [3000×1960]

Launch the alert Buick! [4288 x 2848] Crew's cars on the deck of USS Ronald Reagan as it shifts home ports. As seen on r-pics!

Launching of French battleship Hoche, 1887 by Alexandre Brun [3,134 × 2,548]

Launching of USS ROBALO 9 May 1943, at Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wis.[1398x1097]

Lavochkin La-7

Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-3

Layers of a raw egg shell [1721x1546]

LeTourneau Over Land Train (1552x1024)

Lead ship in the largest class surface combatants of the Marina de Guerra Revolucionaria or Cuban Navy, the Rio Damuji (309) cruises through Havana Harbor in July of 2011. [1280x848]

Lead ship of her class HNLMS Holland (P840) [1300 x 747]

Lead ship of her class, Hr.Ms. Van Speijk. These ships were versions of the British Leander-class frigates with Dutch radars.[2835 x 2835]

Leatherman OHT [OC] [4608x3072]

Legend class cutter of the United States Coast Guard (infographic) [2781x 1860]

Lego Man [1024x768]

Lego Millenium Falcon with the top off [2048x1351] (x-post from -r-StarWars)

Leica SL typ601 [1772x1245]

Leica camera lens

Leica camera lens. [900×1003]

Let's see how high these babies can fly! [1450 x 1160]

Lexus IS Automatic transmission (info in comments) [2592x1944]

Lexus LFA 8-Speed Transmission [1600 × 1067]

Lexus LFA 8-Speed Transmission. [1600 x 1067]

Lexus LFA gearbox[620x414]

Liberators over Iwo Jima, 15 December 1944

Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane lifting a Liebherr LR 11350, LR 1350-1 and LTR 1100 [3188x2125]

Liebherr LTM 11200 [2560×1920][OS]

Liebherr r9800 mining excavator [1063 x 794]

Lieutenant-Commander Eric 'Winkle' Brown Does A Flyby Of HMS Ocean In His Sea Vampire (LZ551), This Is The First Instance Of A Jet Aircraft Taking Off And Landing On A Carrier, December 3rd, 1945. [976 x 549]

Light cruiser HMS Liverpool damaged by a Sparviero torpedo bomber in October 1940. The ship would survive another torpedo hit from the same type of aircraft in June 1942. [1332 x 1640]

Light cruiser Karlsruhe, the Port of San Diego, California, March 28, 1934. Taken from the aircraft carrier USS Langley (CV-1).[6000 x 4640]

Lightning bolt silhouette. USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). Date and location unknown. [1024 × 682]

Lightsaber [1424×581]

Linear Accelerator tank (37.4 inches inside diameter). c. 1961 [3200 x 2554]

Linear Aerospike Engine (3000 × 2361)

Lippisch DM1 delta wing glider

Littoral combat ship USS Jackson (LCS 6) during a full ship shock trial.[900 x 712]

Lloyds and Leadenhall Buildings, London [4000x2248]

Loading .50 cal. machine guns on P-47, England, 1944

Loading Fuel Into Wing Tanks Of Army PBY Catalina In Labrador

Loading a jeep into an army Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Loading a torpedo on an Indian Navy submarine. [1600×1128]

Loading the ammo in a P-38, UK 1942.

Loading up a B-29 for a raid on Tokyo, 1945.

Loc-Line modular hose. I love this stuff.[2736 × 3648]

Lock picking [400x300]

Lockheed F-4A Lightning A55-3 pictured while serving with 1 PRU (later No 87 Sqn) RAAF.

Lockheed F-5 Lightning photo reconnaissance version photographed against the English countryside from the vertical camera installation of another F-5 Lightning, 1944. [533x700]

Lockheed Martin Sea Shadow [3165x2160]

Lockheed P-38 Lightning [4433x2913]

Lockheed P-38 Lightning at sunset, December 1944.

Lockheed P-38 Lightning testing its guns.

Lockheed P-38M Night Lightning (44-27234 c-n 422-8238), a former P-38L converted to P-38M standard.

Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star

Lockheed PV-1 Ventura [1676x1004]

Lockheed YP-80A in Altitude Wind Tunnel (AWT) at the Glenn Research Center, 1945. [1200×900]

Locomotive #92214, of Britain's last class of steam locomotives, '9F,' operates with a historically correct coating of coal dust and grime to illustrate the average condition of freight-hauling steam locomotives during their working life. [2638x1743]

Locomotive snowblower. Just outside of Anchorage, Ak [OC] [3648x2736]

Lombard Steam Log Hauler [799x533]

Longitudinal cross-section of a ship-of-the-line showing it's interior arrangement. [2520 x 2021]

Look inside MIT's 'ARC Reactor,' C-Mod, only 0.68 meters in radius, smallest fusion reactor with the strongest magnetic field in the world. [2880x1440]

Looking across the wingspan of a Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant, Germany 21 March 1944. [800x511]

Looking out of the periscope on a Russian submarine. [1280 x 947]

Looking straight down the nose of an SR-71 Blackbird. Strategic Air and Space Museum, Ashland NE. [OC] [5180X3456]

Los Angeles-class USS Toledo (SSN-769) transits the Arabian Gulf with crew on the sail, 2016 [1874 x 2310]

Lotus Hybrid Evora 414Evolution [800x433]

Love it when your visit coincides with a warship's - JMSDF training ship Kashima tied up next to HMS Belfast on the Thames, Aug 2, 2016 [7081x2607]

Lovell steerable dish radio telescope, built in 1957. [3719×2457]

Low pass of a Mossie

Low pressures cause condensation to forming off the tips of spinning propellers. (x-post from -r-pics) [1400x945]

Low-level Mustang

Lt Col Wallace Hopkins Drop 500 Pound Bombs From Wing Racks Of His P-51 “Ferocious Frankie”

Lt Edwin Wright shows off the damage to his P-47 Thunderbolt, October 1944

Lt. Mark Baden lands his A-6 on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) after the partial ejection of his BN Lt. Keith Gallagher. [700 x 487]

Luftwaffe Dornier Do-217 carrying an Henschel Hs 293 anti-ship guided missile: a radio controlled glide bomb.

Luftwaffe personnal making sure the MG151-20 operates at peak efficiency.

Luftwaffe poster showing the defensive armament of a B17 bomber.

Luger pistol cutaway [1924x768]

Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber [1424x579]

Lumber [640 x 500]

Lumia 950 XL with custom backplate. [1024x1024]

Lynx Helicopter Fires Flares At Sunset Over The Destroyer HMS Dragon [1600x944]

M-V Blue Marlin transporting HMAS Canberra (LHD-02) from Spain to Australia [3000*1916]

M16 Silencer from 1970

M1911 [963x571]

M47 Dragon Anti-Tank Guided Missile Propulsion and Steering Section[1500x900]

MAN Diesel & Turbo process-gas screw compressor [4288x2848]

MAN LZ 19-30 11 cylinder Diesel Engine made for airships and fast vessels - 185 liter, 2000 horsepower [1584x2110]

MAN steam turbine (666X1024)

MAZ 7907 24x24 all wheels drive truck [1024x768]

MD-160, the only Lun-class ekranoplan firing it's Moskit anti-ship missile [1600x982]

MG MGB Convertible - Brian Johnson for scale. [940x630]

MG MGB Drivetrain [1024x768]

MG Metro 6R4 Rally Car [2048x1536]

MGB GT on display at the British Motor Museum [1024×768]

MGB GT on display at the British Motor Museum [x-post from -r-ThingsCutInHalfPorn][1024×768]

MGB Half Car Project [700x429]

MH-60R helicopter flying off of the USS Freedom, LCS 1 [1200 x 900]

MICE Single Cavity Test Stand at Lab 6 at The FERMI Lab, 2014, DOE [7358 x 4911] x-post -r-HI_Res

MIG 15 engines on snowblowers (640 x 422).

MIRV, a collection of nuclear weapons carried on a single intercontinental ballistic missile [3000x1924]

MLX01 maglev train Superconducting magnet bogie [2592 × 1944]

MOS KIM-1 computer [3792x4675]

MQ-8B Fire Scout leaves the flight deck of the USS Coronado (LCS 4) [3819x2542]

MRI Machine without the cover [1379x1200]

MS Oasis of the Seas [6666x3673] [OS]

MS Schwabenland about to launch a Ha 139 from it's catapult, 1937 [1280×989]

MS-06 Zaku II, from the anime franchise Gundam [1192px × 2016]

MV Agusta Brutale 800 [3000x1500]

MV City of St. Petersburg - a RORO car carrier with unique design meant to reduce fuel consumption. [744×496]

MV Karadeniz Powership 'Zeynep Sultan' [3264 × 2448]

MV-22B lands aboard HMLNS Johan de Witt (L-801), Mediterranean Sea, 2015 [1440 x 960]

Macbook Charger [750 x 618]

Macbook Pro GPU[1112x753]

Machine for processing gold ore, Standard Stamp Mill, Bodie State Historic Park, Bodie, California. [1500 X 999]

Machine gun barrel after a squib. [773x580]

MachinePorn, I give you Boston Dynamics` Petman: the most intriguing and and beautiful creation I have ever seen. [896 × 1280]

Machining Inconel with a ceramic cutting tool [730x410]

Machining a Space Shuttle Main Engine Injector (1977) [2388x3000]

Machining a Water Block for my GPU [5248x2952]

Macro Shot of a Midas Pro2 Mixing Console [OC][3283x2188]

Macro shot of HDD platter and read-write head [1920x1080]

Madison Square Garden, Popular Mechanics illustration, 1967 [640 × 1005]

Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller in Bremerhaven. The length is 399 meters (1309 feet), making it the second largest ship in the world. [2592x1728]

Mag-light flashlight [2500x1300]

Magnetic Drum Memory, c. 1951, ≈256 bytes-in², University of Auckland [2556x1941]

Magnetic suspension test bed shown used to develop control hardware, control software, and position sensing for a magnetically suspended, canned rotor water pump [4800 × 2700]

Main span cable of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge eastern span [276x275]

Main spars of the F-35. Product of Alcoa 50000 press. [1162×785]

Maintenance tool kits of the Royal Norwegian Air Force - [787x1200]

Maj. Bob Kirtley stands in front of his P-38 at Mines Field, now Los Angeles International Airport, before the 95th Fighter Squadron shipped off to Europe in WWII.

Makeshift WC on the supply and replenishment submarine U-460.[1043 x 1600]

Making deviled eggs when suddenly Triple Yoke

Makita power drill-driver used to de-kernel corn [1200x800]

Malachite - Katanga, DR Congo [1246x772]

Mammoet’s Trailer Power Assist (TPA) hauling a giant ass tank - Render [960 × 641]

Mammoth Cave with Tour Route Marked, National Park Service, (n.d.) [2378 × 555]

Man carrying pod under a P-38 Lightning. The pod had room for 1 brave photographer.

Man dwarfed by gigantic gears he is working on for the navy, at General Electric (GE) plant in US', by Dmitri Kessel, 1942 [853 × 1280]

Manhattan Bridge under construction, New York 1909 [3744 x 2256]

Map of British Minefields during WWI [2000×2265]

Map of River Thames showing comparative range of naval guns firing upon London (Illustrated London News, 24 July 1909)[1696×2336]

Map of the Square and Stationary Earth, Orando Ferguson, 1893 [3142 x 2162]

Marine One's custom V-22 Osprey built for VIP transport [2048x1360]

Marine VMF-111 Grumman F4F-3A Wildcats wear 'Orange Force' cross markings during August 1941 war games conducted in South Carolina.

Marines fire a salute during a funeral service aboard USS Honolulu (Battle of Kula Gulf) [800x600]

Marines training glider, Parris Island 1942

Marshal Ustinov, first modernized Russian Navy Slava class cruiser, began 30-day sea trials today. [3733 x 2100]

Martin B-26 Marauder bombers formation 1944

Martin PBMs in a hangar at Nas Banana River, Florida in March 1943

Martlet fighters (The Grumman F4F Wildcat) aboard HMS Formidable off North Africa, November 1942.

Mascot head (Iowa's Herky the Hawk) Taken on cell phone [4128 × 2322]

Mass spectrometer in the nose of a NASA WB-57 high-altitude research aircraft [3072×2304]

Mauser C96 'Broomhandle' pistol [1200x709]

Mauser C96 Bolo pistol [1280x894] [OC] (x-post r-guns)

Max IV Synchrotron Laboratory, Lund University-FOJAB arkitekter, 2013 [4500 x 2699]

Max Verstappen's Toro Rosso STR10, 2015 Italian Grand Prix [1024 x 576]

May 16th, 1991, the last time the Iowa Class Battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64) fired off its main battery. (970 x 585)

May 28 1977. President Carter looking unimpressed aboard the newly commissioned USS Los Angeles. Note Admiral Rickover on the far right staring deep into your soul. [1,280 × 873]

May, 1944. White stripes painted on B-26 in preparation of the D-Day landings on June 6th at Normandy.

Mayflower II crossing the Atlantic passes HMS Ark Royal [1280x960]

Maz 7907 experimental heavy haul vehicle (1985, two built, none survived) [2048x1472]

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom (x-post from r-pics)[1200x1593]

McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat

McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat prototype, early 1944. [1000x695]

McDonnell jet-turboprop hybrid XF-88B Voodoo circa 1950s [1,800 × 1,158]

Me 262 A-1a model I'm working on. [4128x3096] [OC]

Me 262 V series

Me 262 shot down by P-51 (gun camera photo)

Me 264 Amerika Bomber, 1942

Me-163 A-V4 In A Field

Me-262 at Pensacola NAS Museum

Me-262 ‘Mistel’

Me-323 'Gigant' in flight, Germany 1941 -- x-ColorizedHistory

Mechanical Adder (1200 x 960).

Mechanical Calculator cut in half (710x568)

Mechanical computer with a neat linear gear selector [OS] [2352x1568]

Medal of Honor Winner William R. Charette Selects the Unknown Serviceman of World War II Aboard USS Canberra, 1958 [800x600]

Men of the 75(NZ) Squadron posing with a Lancaster

Mercedes F1 Car Deconstructed and Suspended [OS][1680x947][1MIC]

Mercedes Formula One car exploded view at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands [OC][OS] [4272x2848]

Mercedes' new AMG, 4.0L, 510hp, Biturbo V8 [1590x1060]

Mercedes-Benz M186 engine [1280x960]

Mercedes-Benz Unimog with Mulag roadside mowers [1280x1024]

Mercedes-Benz created this joystick-controlled, fuel cell powered car in 2009 as a homage to the very first car ever made; their own 1886 Patent-Motorwagen [2000 x 3000]

Mercury capsule [1600x900]

Merlin 266 engine at my local aerospace museum [960x720] [OC]

Merlincar: a 27 litre, 1000hp hand-built Rolls-Royce Merlin Aircraft engined car. ex-Guinness Book of Records 'world's most powerful road car' [1763x1097]

Messenger line being fired at US Navy supply ship 2014 [4256×2832]

Messerschmitt 109E maintenance

Messerschmitt 110 over North African coast

Messerschmitt 163 'Komet' engaging B-17

Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun. The Bf 108 was adopted into Luftwaffe service during World War II, where it was primarily used as a personnel transport and liaison aircraft.

Messerschmitt Bf 108 downed in Czechoslovakia 1941

Messerschmitt Bf 110 navigator-gunner back seat

Messerschmitt Bf110 fighter of Zerstörergeschwader 76 heavy fighter squadron over the English Channel, August 1940

Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet 'The Devil's Sled'

Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a-U1 - night fighter-interceptor

Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant

Messerschmitt Me 410 A-3 shot down on the banks of the Sangro River, Italy

Messerschmitt Me A 262B-1a-U1 - Now The Hands Of Americans - Equipped With A Radar FuG-218 'Neptun', Germany, 1945

Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet as seen through the gun camera of an attacking P-47 Thunderbolt. The Komet was shot down as a result of this action.

Messerschmitt P.1101

Metric side of top drawer [5312 x 2988] [OC]

Mi-26, world's largest helicopter, courtesy r-EngineeringPorn (800 x 500).

Mi-26T helicopter main rotor uncovered [1000x667]

MiG 105 - prototype Soviet spaceplane [700x485]

Micrometers in custom drawer inserts. [1280x722]

Midget Submarine [1751 × 1010]

Midships of RMS Titanic - diagram from White Star Line publicity material, 1912. [1401×2088]

Midway as you have never seen it! Exact moment of Yorktown's mortal blow captured on film, along with torpedo tracks, fighter-craft shadows and flak bursts. More in comments. [1200x800]

Midway-class aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CV-43) and her escorts as they pass under the Golden Gate Bridge. San Fransisco, March 1983. On deck are aircraft of Carrier Air Wing 14 (CVW-14). [2961 × 1993]

Mig 29 on the deck of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov [4288 × 2848]

Migrating to a new system [OC] [4032 x 3024]

Mil Mi-26 [ 1024 × 768 ]

Miles M.39B Libellula

Miles M.39B Libellula tandem wing experimental aircraft 1944

Military Strength chart. [2500 × 4869t]

Milk being poured into a coffee cup. [900x1246]

MillRight CNC Desktop CNC Machine [2153 x 1669]

Milling isolation traces to make a printed circuit board. The layout is made with cadsoft eagle and the pcb-g-code script. The traces are 0.2mm wide and 0.1mm deep. [2048x1536]

Milwaukee Cordless Line-up [1246x412]

Milwaukee Fuel Cordless Band saw with Swag Cutting Table [800x535]

Milwaukee Tools and More Milwaukee Tools located in Redding California [2048x1235]

Minecraft USS Nimitz [960 x 540]

Mini socket wrench [3264x2488]

Miniature fully functioning Bridgeport [581 x 800]

Minolta CF70 from 1990, the first digital full-colour copier featuring breakthrough LIMOS technology (found at work, sorry for bad quality) [2208×1242]

Minotaur-class armoured frigate HMS Agincourt 1865-89 [1200×1548]

Minotaur-class light cruiser HMCS Ontario (C53), 1951 [970x545]

Mirrorless Camera Olympus OM-D E-M1 [1280x853]

Mistral-class amphibious assault ship L9013 Mistral [2598 × 1729]

Mitchell B-25J in flight over Alaska on its way to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease. 1944. More info in comments. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

Mitsubishi F1M2 'Pete' reconnaissance floatplane

Mitsubishi G4M ('Betty') bomber burning as it is shot down by a fleet air wing two (FAW-2) PB2Y-3 'Coronado' patrol bomber in the Central Pacific. May 22, 1944.

Mitsubishi J2M Raiden - such a beautiful, deadly plane

Mitsubishi J8M1

Mitsubishi Ki-20 heavy bomber (a variant of the Junkers G.38 airliner) at rest at the airfield in Hamamatsu, Japan, 1940s.

Mitsubishi Sulfur Hexafluoride high voltage circuit breakers being transported in Superior, WI [OC] [3264X2448]

Model 1855 Sidehammer Pocket Revolver [1600x970]

Model 24 Stielhandgranate - German WWI-WWII Hand Grenade [1443x2055]

Model airplanes haging from the ceiling of Union Station in Chicago, February 1943 [736 x 951]

Model of Chernobyl's destroyed Unit 4 [2048 × 1360]

Model of Russian Underwater Uninhabited Nuclear Power Plant for Arctic anti-submarine system [1280x853]

Model of the Horten Ho 229 by Northrop-Grumman to test its 'stealthiness'

Modern Mountain-bike Air Shock [1024x683]

Modern air sprung mountain bike suspension fork [1024 x 541]

Modern vacuum tubes by Stefan Riepl [2468x1200]

Modernization! USS Idaho (BB-42), now sporting better armor, new engines, tripod mast, 5-inch anti-aircraft guns, and torpedo bulges![1280x1736]

Modernization! USS West Virgina (BB-48), in her original configuration (top) and her post-Pearl Harbor rebuild (bottom).[1280x1736]

Modernization!(quick fix) USS Texas (BB-35), as she appeared in 1914, 1927, and 1943! [1280x2508]

Mods area asleep, quick, post pictures of monitors on monitors! [585x425]

Modular Motorcycle frame from Speed Week 2016 [OC][4576x3056]

Molten salt reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory [933 × 725]

Montgomery Ward Power-Kraft TPC-8937A 3-1-16' 7.0A power planer. Restored. [5312x2988] [OC]

Morane-Saulnier M.S.406

Moray eel jaw anatomy [1024x887]

More landing gear porn. This time on the plane and slightly less filthy. B777 Nose Gear. [OC][3456x5184]

Morgan Plus 4 at the 2014 Geneva motor show [2048x1360]

Mosin-Nagant M91-30 [1000x563]

Most beautiful colorized photo I've seen. Charles Martel French Pre-Dread (Repost) [1081 x 638]

Most used tool between work and home. [OC] [5184x3456]

Motor, chassis, and switch from a handheld electric mixer I dismantled [OS] [OC] [4608 × 3456]

Mountain Bike Wheel Hub [1024x683]

Mounting motor on a Fairfax B-25 bomber, at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Inglewood, Calif, 1942, by Alfred Palmer [9063 x 7265] x-post -r-HI_Res

Moving 16-inch gun projectiles aboard Battleship New Jersey 1953. (1986 x 1410)

Mu2e Magnet Coil Test at the Central Helium Liquefier at Fermilab [7360 x 4912]

Muddy Cat. A PBY Catalina makes a muddy landing at Amchitka in the Aleutian Islands. June 23, 1943. USN Photo.

Multiple bullets stuck in a barrel [x-post from -r-interestingasfuck] [773x580]

Multiple high endurance cutters at Coast Guard Island, CA. 2010 [2000 x 1060]

Multistage rocket design by Wernher Von Braun, 1952. [1384×1950]

Mushkin Silverline RAM [3672 x 2065] [OC]

Mustang and Corsair

My 'tiny' Posi Lock 110 3 Jaw Puller [720x960] [OC]

My 1-2' drive IR rattle guns. One new, one older than me [2,048 × 1,536][OC]

My 15lbs persuader [1200x900]

My 1944 Bridgeport M-Head Milling Machine. Still runs like a top after 60 years[550X800](OC)

My 300th post. The amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8) pulls alongside the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) for a vertical replenishment. Oct. 10, 2014 [5184x3456]

My 500th post on the greatest subreddit ever. What is likely the largest piece left of the greatest warship to sail the seas. The Stern Plate Of The USS Enterprise (CV-6) [1024x683]

My 500th post!.Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga refuels from USS Ashtabula off Vietnam in 1966.[4502 x 3553]

My AMD Phenom II 965, finally retired [4000x3000][OC]

My Clavicle [1280x960]

My Cooke & Hull sextant. [OC] [1546x2048]

My Dad's Old Carpenter Pencil, 'Not that old, 20 years or so.....' He said.[OC] [1099x728]

My Drawing of a Bf 109 F-4-Trop (wish it was in color ;)

My Fathers group, the 460th BG, 15th USAAF says hi to some Germans, 1945

My First Toolbox, link in comments. (sorry for bad quality) [540x960]

My Grandfather and I took roughly the same picture of the USS Becuna at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia about 30 years apart [OC 3000 x 2000].

My Grandfather's wooden spirit level [2048x1152] [OC]

My Los Angeles class sub is safe and warm, unless you're a SEAL that needs to be deployed through the Seal Delivery Vehicle pod. [3008x1960]

My Matco cabinet, album in comments [2592 × 1936]

My OCD inducer ... making sure i have all my sockets [OC][1600x1200]

My dad's Martin PBM-3D Mariner

My favorite World War II American X-plane, the Vultee XP-54 (700 x 329)

My favorite drawer, more pictures in comments [OC][800x450]

My favorite ship of WW2 - The Big E CVN 6 [610 x 740]

My favorite ship that never was: USS Montana BB-67. [1600 x 831]

My favorite ship: The French battleship Richelieu ![1962x1275]

My favorite wrenches [1600x900]

My first Snap-On tool, and what a first! [2048x1536] (OC)

My grandfather saluting his P-51 after his last flight, circa 1945 [x-post from -r-historyporn]

My home box. Let's see some tool boxes from everyone here!

My home garage (960x542)

My home garage 2 [960x542]

My humble top drawer [2688x1520] [OC]

My humble wrench drawer [2688x1520] [OC]

My latest Amazon-Ebay tool haul (x-post from r-tools) [3260x1840]

My new (to me) Snap-On box, album in comments (3264 × 2448)

My onion is three onions! [1024x648]

My own repost from 9 months ago. USS Midway CV-41 & USS Iowa, BB-61 Battle Group Arabian Gulf ~ December 1987 [481 × 600]

My plumbing truck

My popsicle [3264 x 2448]

My son flew out to stay with Grandma for a week. Not three hours after landing, he sends me this picture. USS George Washington (CVN-73) Naval Station Norfolk, 3 Jul 2016[2048 x 1536]

My toolbox! (3226x2419) (OC) (OS) Album with drawers in the comments.

My top drawer. Diesel mechanic. [2448 × 3264]

Mystery tool I need help identifying[607x455][OC]

N&W Class J 611 steam locomotive traveling through North Carolina [AIC] [OC][1920x1536]

NASA Boeing's X-48B Blended Wing Body Design 2006 [3000×2518]

NASA Low Cycle Fatigue Laboratory [OS][1000x1250]

NASA and MIT's cellular material morphing wing [595X335]

NASA's Guppy [1024 x 682]

NASA's Lunar Landing Research Vehicle [3000 × 1668]

NASA's Pathfinder and Sojourner at JPL in October 1996, being 'folded' into its launch position [3000 × 2048]

NASA's Super Guppy [4039 x 1966]

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer's (WISE) cryostat tank [1024 x 1365]

NASA's carbon dioxide gun for astronauts to move around during Gemini EVAs, 1960s [4554x3642]

NASA's new polar science rover, GROVER (Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Research) [2000x1333]

NASCAR car cutaway (1080x1920, vertical)

NETGEAR AC3200 Nighthawk router [5000x668]

NIRSpec - the Near-Infrared Spectrograph of the James Webb Space Telescope [5616 x 3744]

NOV Rolligon Tractor Trailer [1200x650]

NOvA Neutrino Experiment 14,000-ton Far Detector at Ash River, MN [7358 x 4909]

NRG3, A Roller Wrench Tool Kickstarter. I saw one of these first-hand, and they're sweet. [700x525]

NSB Class 93 DMU - Norway [2000 x 1128]

NSM fired from a Skjold class corvette [1920 × 1080]

Nagato-class Japanese battleship 'Mutsu' underway; shown here early in her service life, ca. 1922. [8133 x 5567]

Nakajima J9Y Kikka 1945

Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi 'Sabre' was a one-man kamikaze aircraft developed by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in the closing stages of World War II in 1945. The Imperial Japanese Navy called this aircraft Tōka 'Wisteria Blossom'.

Naked Mil Mi-35M under constraction for RuAF (X Post from -r-militaryporn )[1200x840]

Naked SpaceX SuperDraco thruster ([OS] via ArsTechnica) [640 x 247]

Naked bow sonar of the USS thresher while under construction in Portsmouth Navy Yard in 1959.

Naples harbour, May 1938. Left to right, destroyers Maestrale, Grecale, Scirocco, Libeccio, Antonio Da Noli, Ugolino Vivaldi, Luca Tarigo, Nicolò Zeno, Giovanni Da Verrazzano, and training ships Cristoforo Colombo and Amerigo Vespucci. [2208 x 1136]

Narco sub (1844 x 952).

Natural Gas Regulator [3264x1836] [OC]

Nautilus Minerals seabed mining robot [3072 × 2304]

Nautilus cutaway [1024x752]

Naval Mine Cut in Half [3648 × 2736]

Naval Special Warfare Command SEALION II (SEAL Insertion, Observation, and Neutralization) [4116x2936]

Naval Station Norfolk in the Fog

Naval Station, San Diego: Late 1940's mothball fleet [805x506]

Naval architect William Francis Gibbs looks across the water at his creation: SS United States. The fastest ocean liner ever built, she had a top speed of 38.32 knots and could steam in reverse at 20 knots - faster than many modern cruise ships travel forward.[5190x3384]

Navalized 20mm AA gun aptly named 'Sea Vulcan' by the ROK Navy [1527 x 1013]

Navalized P-51 prototype undergoing trials on the USS Shangri-La, November 1944 [1600x931] (xpost from -r-WarshipPorn)

Navy 1: 43 becomes the first US President to trap the wire on USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) aboard a S-3B Viking from sea control squadron VS-35 Blue Wolves 1 May 2003 [1280 x 840]

Navy Curtiss-Wright SB2C Helldiver

Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) [2100x1500]

Navy and Marine personnel aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7) participate in a swim call off the coast of Honduras on Thanksgiving Day. [3000 x 1932]

Navy sailors stand guard near Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov on the Defender of the Fatherland day in the northern city of Murmansk [3500×2334]

Near completed hull of HMAS Canberra LHD 02 [3240x2017]

Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full...USAF B-52 demonstrates low altitude flying for sailors of the USS Ranger(CV-61) Persian Gulf 1990 [800 x 554]

Negro sailors of the USS MASON commissioned at Boston Navy Yard 20 March 1944 proudly look over their ship which is first to have predominantly Negro crew. [3045×2033]

Nelson-class battleship HMS Rodney.[930 x 1355]

Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm [640x480]

Neutral Molecular Beam Surface Probe, DOE [3200 x 2560]

Neutron detector array at ISOLDE [2000 × 1332]

New 2014 Paoli wheel gun [1022x767][xpost -r-formula1

New Horizons, just prior to launch almost a decade ago. In just 9 days, it will finally arrive at pluto. [1050 x 800]

New Wildcats ready for delivery

New Windows 10 build looking clean [1920x1080]

New delivery! Automotive student [3264x1836]

New swiss tunnel-cleaning truck. What a cutie =) [976x569]

Newer Technology MAXpowr G4 400 MHz CPU Upgrade, ca. ~2000 [OC] [8000x6000]

Nice visiting SNJ

Nicolai Nucleon Downhill Mountain Bike Frame [1928x1788]

Nikon 14-24mm f-2.8 AF-S NIKKOR Lens [950X665] [OS]

Nikon D3 cut in half [400 x 600].

Nikon D4 with 14-24mm lens cut in half [3222x2452]

Nikon D5, from CES 2016 [1020x680] [OS]

Nikon F3 camera [x-post r-EnginneringPorn]

Nissan GT-R, it has a rear mounted transmission for better weight distribution.[1024x768][OS]

Nissan GTR [2000x1500]

Nissan's 1.5l 3cyl Turbo produces 400 HP from 40kg engine to power its ZEOD car participating at this year's Le Mans 24hr [4000x4000]

No Pixels Required - Olympus OM-1 repair with Pentaprism removed [2000x1406] [OC]

No, this is the US Pacific Fleet. The US Fifth Fleet at anchor within the Ulithi Atoll. March, 1945 [2501 x 1894]

Nokia 3310 in half (somehow they did it!) [1920x1794]

Nordberg two-stroke diesel radial engine formerly used as part of a flood control facility for Lake Okeechobee [2,048 × 1,536]

Norfolk & Western Class J 611 steam locomotive passing underneath the Blue Ridge Parkway in Webster, VA on May 8, 2016. [OC][1920x1536]

Norfolk Southern celebrates its 20th anniversary by assembling 20 locomotives in historic liveries [1200x797]

Norfolk Southern locomotive rolling on a residential street in Warsaw, IN [3856x2341]

North American B-25 Mitchell

North American B-25 Mitchell aircraft taken between 1942 and June 1943

North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber

North American B-25J-1-NC (S-N 43-3892) in flight

North American FJ-1 Fury of VF-5A Screaming Eagles being pushed by the wings from the elevator of the aircraft carrier USS Boxer, CV-21, 10 March 1948 [1869x1387]

North American XB-70 Valkyrie: A high-altitude bomber that could fly three times the speed of sound (Mach 3) and could make use of a phenomenon called 'compression lift' to support its weight. [1,529 × 1,200]

North American XP-51 3-4 front view (S-N 41-039, 2nd a-c built)

North Carolina (BB-55) July 1945 [3000×2094]

North Korea's newest stealth corvette that was recently spotted [4072 x 2080]

North Korean 'Computerized driving simulator' (x-post from r-WTF, of all places) [990x660]

North Korean submarine launching a torpedo during a 'Carrier strike exercise' [1582x1046]

North Pole rendezvous of the American submarines Archerfish (SSN 678) (top), Ray (SSN 653) (center) and Hawkbill (SSN 666) (bottom) on May 6, 1986 [1197 × 943]

Northrop A-17

Northrop Grumman X-47B [3000 x 1997]

Northrop P-61 Black Widow

Northrop P-61 Black Widows with Invasion Stripes

Norwegian Escape Almost Ready for Her Debut [2048 x 1362]

Norwegian Skjold class corvette [1280 × 853]

Norwegian Skjold-class corvette covered in ice [2048×1365

Norwegian navy ships [4941 × 3294]

Norwegian woman on a downed He-111

Nose of B-17G-85-DL, Nine-O-Nine [OC]

Not a plane but it did fly - captured Flettner FL-282 being repaired, France, 1945

Not all warships have guns: The Danish resistance cutter 'Henny' carries a family of Danish Jews home after the end of WWII - Starting in October 1943, 'Henny' and hundreds of other Danish fishing boats carried over 90% of Denmark's Jews to safety in neutral Sweden [3575 × 2359]

Not cut in half, but certainly splayed open to see the guts (jet engine) [4256 x 2832]

Not exactly cut in half, but here is a naked F-86 Sabre. [3226x2419]

Not strictly a warship, but here's a a section of 26' steel armor intended for use on the Japanese ship IJN Shinano after a ballistics test. The test simulated getting hit by a 16' shell fired from a U.S. Iowa-class battleship from a range of 13 kilometers. [x-post -r-pics]

Not your typical wwii plane image. However this is the aircraft my father served as tail gunner on. So you could say, this is my favorite WWII plane.

Nothing like a Junkers Ju 87 laying its egg.

Now THAT is a lathe . . Sheffield Forgemasters shop [679x860] by Uwe Niggemeier

Now THAT'S a shovel.... [500x750]

Now for something different: USS Recruit, built in Union Square, New York City, 1917, as a recruiting tool. Lasted 3 years. [1345 × 1059]

Now hear this: Despite having the worst moderators in recorded history, WarshipPorn has hit 30,000 subscribers.

Nuclear Pit [600x378] [OS]

Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine USS Archerfish in Drydock, Bremerton, WA 1989 (album about design and construction of these submarines in comments) [1500x1745]

Nuclear Reactor Core [1725 x 1700]

Nuclear Reactor [5017x3054]

Nuclear Steam Turbine [900 x 599]

Nuclear reactor and cherenkov radiation [2791x3668]

Nuclear reactor being made in a forge, courtesy r-pics (640 x 740).

Nuna 3 solar car with a top speed of 130 km-h [2,048 × 1,368]

Nut, sanded down [700 x 394][OS]

N°23 'Mills Bomb' British Grenade [890x1195]

O bow view of Type 45 destroyer HMS Dauntless (D33).[799 × 1280]

OC 198 Squadron, S-L J. M. B. 'Mike' Bryan inspect the hole in the wing of his Typhoon 1B TP-N, where the ammunition box was hit by 20mm Flak round, 27 September 1943

OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

OMSK, an Oscar-class Russian submarine, perched in drydock showing bow detail. Year and location unknown. [1434 × 1076]

OS2U-3 Kingfisher

OTC model of the upcoming largest crane in the world. 10,000 ton capacity. [OC] [4250x2390]

OV1-08 PasComSat Grid-Sphere Satellite when inflated, showing plastic designed to later dissolve [1280 x 1020]

Oerilkon 8cm aircraft rocket warheads [2000x2232]

Off Virginia Beach. An unmanned rigid-hull inflatable boat operates autonomously during an Office of Naval Research-sponsored demonstration of swarmboat technology held at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. Oct. 2016. USN Photo. [1915 × 1020]

Office Printer [468x351]

Official US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence Identification Guide for China's People's Liberation Army Navy[3240 x 2700]

Official portrait of Gordon Cooper while wearing the Mercury spacesuit. [1043x1836]

Oh sh!t (part one) . Battleship Number 27, USS Michigan suffered a burst barrel on her #2 turret. Not the barrel laying on her deck and a gaping hole in her superstructure. Also, importantly, notice the damage to the mid-portion of her foremast. [5729x4442]

Ohio Works of the Carnegie Steel Co, Youngstown, Ohio, 1910 [2816x392]

Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine USS Alabama (SSBN-731) prepares to transit the Hood Canal as it returns to homeport at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor. Christmas Eve, 2015. USN Photo. [7360 × 4912]

Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Ohio (SSGN-726) arriving in Busan, South Korea [4540 x 3044]

Old Dirty Craftsman Ratchet [2136x1131][OC]

Old Excavator (OC) [1958x2956]

Old Ironsides Underway with her topsails - USS Constitution [1442 x 1358]

Old mobile phones beautifully shot (x-post -r-CoolCollections) [2000 x 1461]

Old pipe with limescale buildup [800x600]

Olive-drab painted B-29 bombers, late 1943. [2792x2180]

Olympias, a reconstruction of an ancient Athenian Trireme [1280 × 960]

Olympus Camera [2000x1500] [OS]

Olympus O-MD E-M5 and 12-50mm lens [3852 × 2779]

Omega cal. 1861 movement [3200x2133]

OmegaCAM's 32 CCD detectors that together create 268-megapixel images. The OmegaCAM camera lies at the heart of the VLT Survey Telescope in Chile. [1360 x 1020]

OmegaCAM, the monster camera of the VLT Survey Telescope [1020 x 1360]

On April 14th, SpaceX launched a resupply mission to the ISS. The first stage of the Falcon 9 Rocket which took it to space, returned to earth and attempted to land on a barge in the ocean. It hit its target, but tipped over and exploded. This was taken just moments before touch down. [682 x 1024]

On D-Day, 71 years ago today, began Operation Neptune, step 1 of Operation Overlord. [Repost from Colorized History][1400 × 1073]

On the coast of the Caspian Sea the revolutionary ekranoplan 'Lun' is rotting on its berth. [1350x900]

On the deck of the Charles de Gaulle [2048x1363]

On this day 72 years ago, the heavy cruiser Atago was sunk in the opening engagement of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. She's seen here during speed trials in 1932. [1,600 × 791]

On this day in 1949: HMS Implacable, a 149 year-old ship of the line, Veteran of Trafalgar, sailed out to be scuttled in Ventor Deep[976 x 549]

One hell of a beautiful generator [2157x1535]

One more for SSGN Saturday: Project 949 'Granit' Oscar I showing off the width that allowed for 24 SS-N-19 missiles in between her pressure hulls [3000 x 1895]

One of 4 drive gears on a 2000 ton stamping press. Yellow caulking gun for scale. [1230x1230]

One of Hobart's Funnies that assisted with the invasion of Normandy, 1944. Details in comments [800x796]

One of NASA's Lunar Orbiters [2400 x 1800]

One of New York Central’s “Mercury” engines in Chicago, 1936 [2048x1094] courtesy r-Pics.

One of Only Two Known Pictures of the Largest Carrier of WWII, the Shinano [1920x984]

One of Torpedo Eight’s Douglas TBD-1 Devastator torpedo bombers aboard USS Hornet (CV-8), mid-May 1942. Two weeks later none of these planes would make it back to the USS Hornet at Midway

One of USS Alaska's (CB-1) Curtiss SC-1 floatplanes taxiing up to the landing mat streamed alongside, to be picked up by the aircraft crane

One of a kind: Stern view of nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser USS Long Beach (CGN-9), at-sea sometime after her early 1980's refit (800×1100)(Source in comments)

One of my all time faves. The gorgeous Hawker Sea Fury.

One of my favorite P-51 photos. The 15th Fighter Group, March 1945, climbing to their objective with drop tanks.

One of the Flight crews of 8th USAAF B-25, 'Little Nemo' with the aircraft in 1945

One of the agent reactor tanks at the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant [4928 × 3264]

One of the antenna dishes of the Very Large Array in New Mexico [5184 × 3456]

One of the cryogenic magnets of the LHC [1721 x 1720]

One of the many drawers full of Gedore goodness [OC] [1200x900]

One of the rarest of the white hulls, the missile range instrumentation ship USNS Howard O. Lorenzen (T-AGM-25) and her embarked Cobra King radar system are lit by the rising sun at Fleet Activities Yokosuka. [4110x2740]

One of the two 20-cylinder MTU Series 8000 propulsion engines of the German Rescue Tug 'Nordic', each capable of 8,600 kW [1430 x 1449]

One of the welds that transfers the 6.77MN thrust of the F1 engine to the Saturn V rocket [1620×1080]

One pass through the planer-jointer [ 1200 x 640]


Oops... [800x600]

Open ballistic missile hatches on Typhoon class SSBN [2900 × 1884]

Open case turbine at the AKW Zwentendorf Nuclear power plant [2048x1361] [OC]

Open missile tubes for P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) anti-ship missiles on the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov [1024 × 768]

Operation IVY BELLS -USS Halibut [OC][4000x1536]

Operation IVY BELLS -USS Halibut detailed cutaway [OC][4000x1536]

Operation Sandy.USS Midway with a captured V-2 Rocket on her flight deck.[700 x 489]

Original Curtiss propeller blades sold as decoration... and they don't look bat at all.

Original GM Hydra-Matic automatic transmission from 1939 [6000x4000]

Original Macintosh, cut in half, and still working, from The Hackery, in Vancouver BC [OC][2448x3264]

Original Mini [1920x1245]

Orion Exploration Test Flight [736 x 1087]

Oscar Ii class submarine in ice [2288 × 1712]

Otto, one of the two ALMA Transporters [4000 x 2670]

Ottoman submarine Abdül Hamid in 1886—the first submarine to fire a live torpedo underwater [3539 x 1393]

Our schools auto shop tool wall [2592x1456]

Our smallest and biggest spanner [2448x3264] OC.

Out of the gaping mouths of Coast Guard and Navy Landing Craft, rose the great flow of invasion supplies to the blackened sands of Iwo Jima, a few hours after the Marines had wrested their foothold on the vital island. February 19, 1945. [2930×2048]

Oval Office in the Sky [3017×1934].

Oven and Stove with Dinner [800x832]

Overblown white water-lily [OC] [1097x1550]

Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60 in the opencast mine near Jänschwalde, Germany [5714 × 1198]

Overhead view of the ALPHA experiment at CERN [4,256 x 2,832]

Overhead view of the Cryogenic Electrostatic Storage Ring (CSR) [2500 x 1685]

Overhead view of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) aka 'Big Ben' underway at the Norfolk Navy Yard on 21 February 1944. Franklin had been commissioned on 31 January 1944. The Franklin would go on to be the most heavily damaged US carrier to survive the war. [1270x1024]

Overlapping ball joint cups on the front of a 1938 Auto Union Type D GP racecar [1700 x 1275]

P-38 'Glacier Girl'

P-38 'Glacier Girl'. Date unknown.

P-38 Lightning Napalm Bombing Near Ipo Dam Luzon, Philippines

P-38 Lightning aircraft in flight during a demonstration, AAF Tactical Center, Orlando, Florida, United States, 1944-1945, demonstrating one engine flight.

P-38 Lightning testing its guns

P-38 Lightning, twin-boom beauty.

P-38 in Italy, mechanics have turned a gas tank into a toy car.

P-38 in flight.

P-38 re-emerges from the sand in Wales

P-38 with one engine taken out by flak returns from Blechhammer, Germany with B-17s for protection, July 7, 1944.


P-38's. Aleutians. 1944. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

P-38F, 94th FS USAAF, Italy

P-38J Lightning 'Mary Rose II' of the 485th FS-370th FG. Florennes-Juzaine, Belgium, (A-78) November 1944. [1,600x1,161]

P-38J Lightning aircraft with the 'droop snoop' conversion in practice bombing, probably in the United States, 1943-1945.

P-38J Lightnings 1st FG Formation 42-104428

P-38s of the 77th Fighter Squadron

P-38s, many of them brand new, getting destroyed because war ended and no longer needed. Clark Field in the Phillipines

P-39Q as it was recovered from a Russian lake

P-40 Tomahawk belches flames as its engine starts.

P-40 Warhawk aircraft damaged in a taxiing accident with another P-40 at Bellows Field, Oahu, Hawaii, December 8 1941. [1185x764]

P-40 heading to base in India after dropping its 500 lb bomb on the Japanese supply base at Kamaing, Burma, 1943

P-40Cs of the AVG, Hells Angels in flight, 1942.

P-40K 'Jinx' being camouflaged with natural jungle growth, Assam Valley, India, 1944

P-40K Warhawk | Capt Colwell 51 Fighter Group

P-47 Crew chief guides pilot so he doesn't have to zig-zag down taxiway to see, Marianas, Jan 1945.

P-47 Thunderbold emergency landing in a minefield

P-47 Thunderbolt silhouetted by an exploding ammunition truck

P-47 as seen with additional 20mm guns mounted underneath the wings

P-47 from about 1945, can't tell which model, but it looks stateside

P-47 hit in the prop

P-47D 'Duck Butt', 392 FS-367 FG, Lt. Arthur G. Witters

P-47D Thunderbolt of the 201st Fighter Squadron based in the Philippines and staffed by pilots from the Mexican Air Force, 1945.

P-47D Thunderbolt “Big Squaw” and another P-47 of the 19th Fighter Squadron make a low level pass over East Field, Saipan, October 1944. [3781x2882]

P-47N bringing Hell with it

P-51 'Mustang' fighter planes being prepared for test flight at the field of the North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Inglewood, Calif. October, 1942

P-51 Mustang during wind tunnel testing at North American Aviation, ca., 1939.

P-51 Mustang fighter plane in construction, at North American Aviation, Inc., in Los Angeles, California ca. 1942 by Alfred Palmer.

P-51 Mustang fighters seen through a window of a B-29 Superfortress bomber, 1945

P-51 Mustang on assembly line

P-51 escorts during mission over France, July 20, 1944

P-51 headed to target carrying two 550 lb bombs over England, 1945

P-51 in flight over England, August 1944

P-51 over France, July 1944

P-51's Flying Above The Clouds On A Practice Fighter Escort Mission On 20 July 1944

P-51A Mustang during a test flight near the North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, California, United States, October 1942

P-51A Mustang with USAAC roundels.

P-51A Mustangs - 1st Air Commando Group - Burma, 1944

P-51B Mustang [1600x1000]

P-51C Mustangs (Tuskegee Airmen) at Ramitelli Airfield with goats by Toni Frissell.

P-51D and C-46 Commando, again at Camarillo

P-51D-20-NA undergoes maintenance. Ober Olm, Germany, 17 April 1945.

P-51D-5-NA 44-13366 takes a test flight. 1944-45.

P-51s at Grenier Army Air Field

P-51s at Portland Airbase

P-51s of the 355th Fighter Group preparing for the Warsaw shuttle mission. 18 September 1944.

P-61 over Italy, 1945

P-61B Black Widow Nightfighter in Flight, 1945 [3506x2803]

P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) missile tubes on a Oscar II class submarine [455 × 700]

P-8A Poseidon flying over USS Zumwalt [4322 x 2881]

P38 Lightning climbing into the loop. Duxford, yesterday.

P47 engine, supercharger and exhaust system

P47s stationed in Pizza, Italy during winter 44-45. Guess the nation-air force they belong to!

P4Y2 Privateer in civilian service as a fire bomber; 1998. [OC 879 x 554]

P51D Mustang 'Moonbeam McSwine' - Low pass, Duxford. 9-7-2016

PBY Catalina

PBY Catalina getting ready to be pulled ashore in the Aleutian icy waters

PBY Catalina wreck from 1960 located in Saudi Arabia. More info in comments.

PBY waist gunner mounting port side gun blister

PBY-5A 'Wandering Witch', taken while getting read to board at 'Wings Over Wanaka 2016' airshow. Only PBY flying the Southern Hemisphere.

PBY-5A Catalina patrol plane flying past Segula Island (just east of Kiska), Aleutians, Summer 1942.

PBYs in the Solomon Islands

PEARL HARBOR (Dec. 2, 2016) Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) arrives at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to participate in National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day events.[3103 × 4661]

PHENIX Detector, Brookhaven National Laboratory [4256 x 2832]

POW! Battleship Number 22, USS Minnesota, shows off her mine damage while in drydock, 1918. Her starboard bow took heavy damage, but she suffered no deaths and she made it back to port for repairs under her own power. Thanks U-117! Also- creepy guy at the bottom of the picture. [5884x4768]

PT-170 with 'dazzle' paint job [1,500 x 1,018]

PT-196 in the Philippines, sporting a shark-mouth paint job. [1542x821]

PT. PT. Good for you! Good for me! Mmm good. Mmm good. Up in the morning to the rising sun. Up in the morning to the rising sun. Gotta run all day till the running's done! Gotta run all day till the running's done! Ho Chi Minh is a son-of-a-bitch! I'll stop, haha. PT on USS Idaho, 1920s. [5690x4564]

PZL M-15 Belphegar at the Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego. Krakow, Poland by Alan Wilson [4385 x 3281] x-post -r-HI_Res

Pacific P-51B

Pack 'em in there, any which way you can! USS Sitkoh Bay (CVE-86) underway with an assortment of aircraft destined for Korea: TBM Avengers, SNB, R4D Skytrain, JD-1 (the Navy's version of USAAF's A26-C Invader) and F4U Corsairs. [1600x2000]

Paddle-wheel steamboat [1280×720]

Painted 'The Czech Night Hawk' on his most successful mission. Thought I'd share it here.

Painting invasion stripes on a Spitfire... not as neat as the rebuilds would have you think!

Painting of the USS Archerfish sinking the IJN Shinano. The Shinano was the largest warship ever sunk by a submarine [Art] [1280 x 1024]

Pair of P-38's flying low above the runway at Shemya AAF on August 1, 1945. Possibly my favorite photo of P-38's ever.

Pair of low-level Lightnings

Pan American Stratocruiser [Queens, NY 1951] [1125x756]

Panama canal [2315×610]

Panzergranate 39 APCBC (Armor Piercing Capped Ballistic Cap) shell for the infamous 88mm KwK 43 L-71 tank gun [700x1541]

Paper smoke ball [748x667] [OC]

Parasitic Mistletoe haustoria penetrating a poplar branch [1024×768]

Paris is suffering terrorist attacks. Post French ships. Here is the battleship Paris undergoing speed trials in 1914. [999x596]

Part of Adam Savage's Workshop. [1920 x 1280]

Part of D-Wave Systems' quantum computer, without the protective thermal canister - [2048x1263] by Kim Stallknech

Part of Operation Upshot-Knothole, was a 15-kiloton test fired from a 280-mm cannon on May 25, 1953 at the Nevada Proving Grounds. [2945×2338]

Part of an electromechanical analog computer from a Vickers Viscount flight simulator [2736x2052] (crosspost from r-geek)

Part of an intricate power system that delivers energy to your homes and businesses (1920x1080)

Part of the thermal and vacuum test rig for the James Webb Space Telescope's (JWST) Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) [4256 × 2832]

Partial cut away of a Audi R8 LMX [3500x2467]

Payen PA-22

Pe-2 with rear facing defensive rockets

Pearl Harbor Attack #1. Track of Carrier Task Force for Pearl Harbor Attack, 26 November--23 December 1941. [Infographic] [1,004 × 710]

Pearl Harbor Attack #2. The main and support units comprising the Japanese fleet headed to Pearl. Source info in comments. [2321 × 1741]

Pearl Harbor Attack #4 'Morning Thunder' by Robert Taylor captures the second wave of the attack depicting crewman aboard Hoga (YT-146) rendering aid to USS West Virginia (BB-48). [ART] [900 × 541]

Pearl Harbor Attack #5 The damaged battleship USS California (BB-44) lists to port after being hit in the attacks. Two torpedo hits, port side below her armoured belt, one 550 lb. bomb, starboard upper level deck, and another near miss off her port bow. 100 crew lost, 62 wounded. [1180 × 930]

Pearl Harbor Attack #7 and final. An aerial view reveals the outline of the sunken USS Arizona (BB-39) at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. 1,177 of the ship's officers and men perished in the attack. Photo courtesy of David Doubilet, NatGeo. [1190 × 781]

Pearl Harbor, stuffed with RIMPAC 2016 participants [4000x1005]

Peekaboo I see a wind tunnel! Nasa's 16-Foot High-Speed Tunnel (subsonic), tries to hide behind a building, 1941 [2887x1521]

Pelamis Wave Energy Converter in drydock - the world's first offshore wave powered machine to feed electricity into the grid. [1280×853]

Pentax K-5 camera [4288×2848]

Pentax K1 Camera and Lens [1400x518]

Perfect agate shell cut in half [960×720]

Personnel of the 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group sit atop an F-5A-10 Lightning (serial number 42-13289) nicknamed 'Zola' [source: American Air Museum in Britain]

Petlyakov Pe-2 nicknamed Peshka ('Pawn'; also Russian for 'little Pe'), a Soviet light bomber regarded as one of the best ground attack aircraft of the war and extremely successful in the roles of heavy fighter, reconnaissance and night fighter and similar in many respects to the British Mosquito.

Petlyakov Pe-8, Soviet WWII heavy bomber that bombed Berlin in '41, pictured in the USA while serving as transport for Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov between 19 May–13 June 1942.

Peugeot 905 by John Allen [720x410]

Phoenix Wire Recycling mini-plant 3000x1687

Photo Copier (PC LOAD LETTER?!?!) [480x360]

Photograph of USS Artisan (ABSD-1) with USS West Virginia (BB-48) for scale.[892x609]

Photograph taken from Short Sunderland Mark III, W4030 'H', of No. 10 Squadron RAAF, while attacking German type VIIC submarine U-243, west of St Nazaire in the Bay of Biscay 1944 [800×619]

Piaggio P.119 fighter prototype

Piano Action [OC][5456x3632]

Piano Workings [3264 x 1836]

Piccadilly Circus Underground station, London UK. Sectional drawing from 1928. [1000 x 1157]

Picture from the hangar of Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. The long groove visible on the floor is part of a winching system to pull aircraft across the hangar without using a tow tractor. [1024 x 768]

Picture of a spinning hard disk [1024x683]

Picture of my iPhone's camera flash [1174x1454] [OC]

Picture of turbine-generator room from Olidan, Trollhättan. Sweden's first hydroelectric power station opened in 1910 and still operating [2688 × 1520] [OC]

Pikachu [1920x1920]

Piloting is... different in Alaska - The 'DoubleEnder' bush plane prototype: 2 x 130 hp Rotax engines mounted in push-pull configuration to mitigate asymmetrical thrust in case of engine failure [OS] [1100 x 733]

Pineapple Innards [1600 x 2400]

Pinnacle video capture card, circa late 90s [OC] [3200x2070]

Pipe Dragon snow groomer, used to make half pipes (noticed in background of Winter X Games) [994 x 336]

Pipelaying ship Deep Energy in drydock for maintenance at Keppel Verolme shipyard, Rotterdam. March 2015. [1200×745]

Pisa Tower [780×1074]

Piston from the worlds smallest V-12 engine - More pics and a video inside [770x504]

Pitaya [1647 × 1345]

Plane hit the ship.

Plane-in-plane porn: a C-124 Globemaster delivers a ski plane to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, 1956 (photo by Jim Waldron) [3000×2400]

Planes from the USS SARATOGA (CV-3) air group in the hangar at Naval Air Station (NAS) Seattle. May 1939.

PlanetSolar: The biggest embarkation fueled by solar energy [1280x800]

Planing-semi--fully-submersible swimmer delivery vehicle [900 x 700]

Play Taps for USS South Dakota (BB-57) as her flag is hauled down for the last time on January 31st, 1947. She would remain in reserve until 1962 when she was struck from the Naval Register and sold for scrap. [6148x4970]

Please identify this aircraft!

Pliers anyone? [2048x1152]

Pliers drawer is getting a little crowded! [3264x2448]

Pocket Battleship? Fast Battle...canoe? USS Missouri (BB-63) shaped canoe transiting unknown waters date unknown [700 x 558]

Point-to-point construction (pre-PCB) in a 1948 Motorola VT-71 7' TV

Point-to-point construction (pre-PCB) in a 1948 Motorola VT-71 7' TV (784 x 957).

Polarization discriminating beam splitter [OC] [2094x1944]

Polikarpov I-15

Polish Border Guard's hovercraft on the frozen surface of Vistula Lagoon [1200x900]

Polish TKS Tank [700 x 384]

Pool Table [960 x 718]

Popcorn and a coke [1120x712]

Porsche 356 [800×496]

Porsche 911 Carrera S cutaway [OC] [3264x1840]

Porsche 911 factory from 1970 [971x971] (x-posted from -r-historyporn)

Porsche 959 [5472 x 3648] [OC]

Porsche 962C[1920x1579]

Porsche 996 in Prototyp Car Museum (Hamburg) (xpost from -r-autos) [OC] [3200x2368]

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Drivetrain [3872 × 2592]

Porsche pursuit crane is capable of filming at 120 mph (792 x 452).

Portal 2 Sentry Turret [640x905]

Portal Crane 31 at Charleston Naval Shipyard. Built 1939 by the R.W. Kaltenbach Corp. of Bedford, Ohio. [OC][3814×3378]

Post WWII: A pile of scrapped B-29's

Post-war French battleship Jean Bart [3401x2448] (is this considered warship onanism?)

Post-war photo of a salvaged turret from the Japanese battleship Mutsu. In 1943 she suffered a catastrophic explosion in her #3 turret- breaking her in two with the loss of 1,121 sailors. A turret from the Mutsu is currently on display at JMSDF Etajima Naval Base. [1200x825]

Potential threat? Sailor at the bottom right has their rifle trained on me. HMS Sutherland, Plymouth UK, May 2012 [OC] [2048x1536]

Potsdam Royal Theatre (Drawing by Carl Gotthard Langhans, 1793)[1041×787]

Power generators in the Hoover Dam, Arizona, United States [2764 x 4141]

Powerful cutter (720 x 720).

Pratt & Whitney F119 after burning turbo fan [OS] [13378x4963]

Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 static test [3179 x 2115]

Pratt & Whitney F135 afterburning turbofan [3,940 x 2,215]

Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turbine [1280x720] [more in comments]

Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp [1600 x 1200]

Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major engine at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, OR[1600x1066] [OC]

Pratt & Whitney T-220HT Hall Effect thruster firing [3072x2304]

Pratt & Whitney testing an F100 engine, which powers F-15 Eagle and F-16 fighter jets [2048x1421] [OS]

Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine, used in the F-35 Lightning II, being tested AEDC's sea level 2 test cell [3282 × 2291]

Pratt & Whitney’s new PurePower Geared Turbofan aircraft engine [2200 x 1467]

Pre-dreadnought HMS Rodney (1888) firing whilst underway, with her decks awash [2130 x 1417]

Pre-dreadnought battleship HMS Victoria shortly before being launced in 1887.[1400 x 1792]

Pre-dreadnought battleship Regina Margherita on speed trials in July 1904.[4561 × 3948]

Precious Opal [1333x1000]

Prelude - Largest Vessel Ever Floated [940x705]

Pretty impressive crane taking down another crane [2448x3264]

Previously mentioned 'LiL'Nemo' 8th USAAF B-24

Prewar Boeing B-9 bomber and Boeing P-26 fighter

Prime Minister Winston Churchill strokes Blackie, the ship's cat of HMS Prince of Wales, goodbye as he is about to cross the gangway to the USS McDougal (DD-358). This meeting lead to the Atlantic Charter. [800 x 800]

Prinz Eugen, Northeast Lagoon, Bikini Atoll, sometime in 2000. [1022 x 560]

Project 22350 frigate 'Admiral Gorshkov' in Baltiysk.[2560×1920]

Project 885 Yasen class SSN [4523 × 2907]

Project 941 'Akula' (shark) class SSBN (NATO designation: Typhoon) in the background and his replacement- Project 955 'Borei' (Northwind) SSBN in the foreground. [2992x1565]

Project N.V., A watercooling masterpiece. [1000x669]

Prop vortices on a pair of B-17s

Propaganda photo of a man hand filing reduction gears at a GE plant, 1942 by Dmitri Kessel. Probably a warship, but could be for a Victory Ship [853x1280]

Propellers of The Titanic c. 1912 [1800x1405]

Proposed design for Iowa class Battleship-Aircraft Carrier hybrid [1132×1200]

Proposed second deck for the Golden Gate Bridge [1024x661]

Protector Palm Pistol [3000x2000]

Prototype ASW Hydrofoil HMCS Bras d'Or Foilborne In The Open Ocean, One Of The Fastest Warships Ever At A Blistering 63 Knots. [600 x 474]

Prototype element of the planned linear accelerator CCDTL LINAC 4 [2,272 x 1,704]

Prysmian subsea cable plough on Normandy Beach, 2014. [5184×3456]

Prämeta Silver Mercedes Wind-Up Car from the 1960s [1545x905]

Pulstar Nuclear Reactor [480x640]

Putting a key into a lock [636x357]

Pyramid of Giza Lego cutaway [2048 × 1365]

Quad turbo 60 liter V16 Cummins QSK60 in for rebuild [OC] [1080x1920]

Quadrupole magnets surrounding the linac of the Australian Synchrotron used to help focus the electron beam [1200 × 800]

Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean, 2014 [6000 x 3375]

Quarter-scale model of a cross-section of the Cosmotron Particle Accelerator at Brookhaven National, circa 1950s [3200 x 2551]

Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier Propeller [1500 × 1090]

Queen Elizabeth, the UK's newest aircraft carrier [1927x989]

Queen Elizabeth-class battleship HMS Barham after the Battle of Jutland.[3324 x 5000]

RAAF Beaufighter Mk. 1cs from No. 30 Sqn flying over New Guinea in 1942.

RAAF Dornier Do 24K A49-4 with No.41 Squadron code 'DQ-G'. Inherited from Dutch East Indies Nacal Air Service following Japanese capture of Indonesia.

RAF Boulton-Paul Defiant, notice the A turret just behind the cockpit.

RAF Dakota flying through the valleys

RAF Gliders and Tow Planes Head for Normandy Coast on D-Day June 6, 1944

RAF Lancaster LM446 of No. 619 Squadron, coded PG-H

RAF pilot gets a haircut in between missions in front of his late-war Spitfire. Most badass thing ever.

RAF pilots learning to fly in formation on bicycles with wings attached to them

RCA Selectron 256-bit vacuum tube at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA [3648×5472] [OC]

RCA Victor inspector testing radio frequency alignment and making final test of chassis, 1937 [3000 x 2134]

RITM-200 reactor ready to be installed into the hull of a new 'Arktika' nuclear icebreaker. [1769 x 2480]

RMS Olympic passing the battlecruiser HMS Indefatigable, Cowes, 1912 [1024×464]

RMS Queen Elizabeth bringing American troops back home, New York harbour 1945 [1280×1596]

RMS Titanic [2165 x 797] [OS]

RN offshore patrol vessel HMS Dumbarton Castle (P265) flys her Paying Off Pennant, 2007 [3000×2400]

ROK Naval Academy graduation ceremony [2000 x 1411]

ROK Navy Ulsan-class Frigates and Pohang-class Corvettes [2028 x 1377]

ROK Navy Yisunsin-class destroyer [1600 x 1129]

ROKS Dokdo (LPH 6111) in the Sea of Japan during operation “Invincible Spirit' 2010 [1700×1270]

ROV equipped with chainsaw [940x529]

RPG [740x162]

RSM-56 Bulava ICBM pod [800x532]

RSS Ernest Shackleton is a Royal Research Ship, charged with resupplying Antarctic scientific stations [1458x860]

RT-2PM2 Topol-M ICBM loaded into a silo (album in comments) [600x900]

Radar-guided B-17s drop bombs through an overcast cloud layer on a German city in early 1945.

Radio proximity fuze of a WWII-era anti-aircraft shell. [465×1280]

Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator [576 x 400]

Radomes at the Misawa Security Operations Center, Misawa, Japan [2500x1618]

Railgun Prototype on display aboard joint high speed vessel USS Millinocket (JHSV 3) in port at Naval Base San Diego. (July 8, 2014) [3964x2831]

Ramform Titan [4368x2910]

Range Rover [3264x2448]

Range Rover car, the whole deal [OC] [3264x2448]

Rare sight - someone just blew up two Islamist armed trawlers in Libya [900 x 785]

Raspberry Pi X-Ray (More in comments) [2376x1656]

Raspberry Pi [3000 x 1913]

Rattlesnake Rattle [500×375]

Raw Diamond [1000x667]

Raytheon SM-6 Dual I Test Firing off Hawaii off USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 (FTM-27 Test) [1024x700]

Re-organized top drawer All the heavy hitters....[4160x3088]

Real Italian submersible boat design from cold war (see comments) [OC][2000 x 500]

Real warships have curves! HMS Royal Oak in dry dock. [971x1,558]

Rear Admiral J.J. Clark's task group 58.1 reverses course, during attacks on Yap, 28 July 1944 [3600 x 2825]

Rear gunner in a Mitchell

Rear of the Ohashi tunnel tunnel boring machine, 2008 by Ken Ohyama [10,052 × 6,212] x-post -r-HI_Res

Rear section of a Porsche 911 [3872x2592][OC]

Rear turret of a Heinkel He 177 Greif

Reciprocation to Rotation Conversion (500 x 500).

Recoil [400-224] (x-post from -r-gifs)

Record Player [1680x1050]

Redwood lumber with termite damage [1024×479]

Relative size of a CG, CVN, and an LHA [2100x1500]

Reloading a P-38 Lightning

Remains of floating 'Mulberry B' harbors off Gold Beach, Arromanches, as of 1990. Towed across the Channel on D-Day, some had gun emplacements and living quarters. [1,575px × 1,049px]

Remarkably, this picture of USS Arizona (BB-39) had not been posted in warshipporn. With President Herbert Hoover on board, returning from a cruise to the West Indies, 29 March 1931. Photographed by a USAAC plane from Langley Field, Virginia. Note the President's flag on the mainmast. [3948x3624]

Remember Pearl Harbor. A circular chart from Naval Shipyard Power Plant #2 used to track the boiler feed water temperature. The morning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it also recorded both waves of the air raid. More info in comments. [615 × 570]

Remember to wear your hardhat! Looking up at USS New Jersey (BB-62) [1886 x 2865]

Remington M51 cutaway [800x600]

Remote Minehunting System (RMS) is lowered from an Independence Class LCS [1024x681]

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) [960x768]

Removing the forward torpedo tubes during scrapping of a submarine - maybe Oberon class. [1024×768]

Removing the propeller shaft from US Coast Guard vessel Hollyhock. [xpost from -r-drydockporn][4256×2832]

Renault Twizy F1 Concept [1280x854]

Rendering of a solar power array in Kagoshima [1474×985][OS]

Renfe Talgo Serie 730 [1024x724]

Replacing the sleepers without removing the rails (x-post from -r-gifs) [240x180]

Replicas of the Me 262 and Bf109 at ILA airshow 2010

Representatives of Japan stand aboard USS Missouri prior to signing of the Instrument of Surrender September 1945 [1000×795]

Reproduction Butcher Bird

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt after crash landing in Normandy

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt firing it's guns at night

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, ca., 1943.

Republic P-47C or P-47D Thunderbolt 'Hou La La' (date and location unknown)

Republic P-47N Thunderbolt

Republic XP-72

Residue Solutions MudMaster screw-driven vehicle [2816x2112]

Restored A-36A Apache aircraft 'Margie H' on display at the USAF Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. [1800x1211]

Restored Babbage difference engine at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA [1600x1066] [OC]

Restored a Millers falls No. 14 Jack Plane [2048x1152]

Restored vintage Skil 77 7-1-4' wormdrive saw [5312x2988] [OC]

Retina Implant's eye implant to help restore sight in people with damaged retinas [1280x1024]

Retrofuture dashboard of the 1955 Buick Roadmaster [2000×1333]

Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant in Barcelona, Spain [2,112 × 2,816]

Revolver [830x540]

Rheinmetall MG 3 machine gun cutaway model [2808x1409]

Riding high with the US Navy's Pegasus-class hydrofoil [736x763]

Rim Driven Propeller[2400x1800]

Riveted Tank, Harmony Borax Works [3228x3228] [OC]

Road Core [1344x750][OC]

Rob Ator flies P-38 'Ruff Stuff' at Airventure 2010 by Tyson V. Rininger

Robots on a Hyundai vehicle assembly line [2,362 x 1,555]

Rocket With Turbopumps designed by Dr. Robert Goddard [2771 × 2208]

Rocketdyne F-1 Rocket Engine being tested at the Edwards Air Force Base in California. The same engine used on the first stage of the Saturn-V Rocket. [2,203 × 3,000]

Rockford fosgate T2 power subwoofer [1200X900]

Roland Sands Design '2 Stroke Attack' - Hybrid Yamaha RD400 (motor) & TZ250 (frame) - [2560x800]

Roller Bearing for Las Vegas' Ferris Wheel: 8,800 kg; 2,300mm OD, 1,600mm ID, and 630mm wide [3,921 × 2,713]

Rolling a 1.8 million pound vessel off a barge using two double-wide 12-axle self propelled trailers. 384 wheels. [oc] (2048 x 1536)

Rollout of USS OMAHA (LCS 12) at Austal USA - Mobile, Alabama, 2015. [1200×900]

Rollout of the USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) deckhouse. All composite materials. [937x626]

Rolls-Royce Azumith thrusters [640×926]

Rolls-Royce Merlin 63 showing intercooler radiator, supercharger and carburetor [3456 × 2304]

Rolls-Royce azimuth thruster [1325×1913]

Roman Candle [os] [1280x1600] Link to more in comments.

Romanian IAR 80s all-metal monocoque fighter and ground-attack aircraft. Lutwaffe pilots found it to be comparable to the Bf-109E but not quite as good.

Romanian river monitors on Danube river [1.024px × 768px]

Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group participating in Annual Exercise 16 with the Japanese Navy [2048 x 1363]

Rosenbauer Panther - Airport Fire Truck [2048x1536]

Rosenbauer Panther 8x8 Fire Truck [OS] [975x572]

Rossi combination gear reducers for bucket wheel excavator [1362x554]

Roussen class fast attack missile craft of the Hellenic Navy (infographic)[2250 x 1500]

Royal Australian Air Force flying American-made 'Lockheed Hudsons' over Malaya.

Royal Australian Airforce 454 Sqn Baltimore's bombing the rail yards at Castelfranco Veneto, Italy on 28 December 1944.

Royal Australian Navy LHD-AWD-FFG-FFH size comparison [1654 x 1168]

Royal Australian Navy ships HMAS Darwin, Anzac and Warramunga sail into Jervis Bay [3600x1636]

Royal Festival Hall [1449x939]

Royal Navy Dreadnought-class SSBN infographic [1200x 840]

Royal Navy S-Class submarine HMS Stratagem (P234) 1943-44 [1239×535]

Royal Navy Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine HMS Talent conducting Dive and Surface Drills in the Kyle of Localsh, Scotland 2009 [3600×2486]

Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring in the South China Sea [3600 × 2400]

Royal Navy central battery ironclad HMS Alexandra, Malta 1886 [2364×3432]

Royal Navy dreadnought HMS Superb emerging from the darkness, spring 1909. Her masts have been stepped down so she can pass under bridges as she makes her way down the River Tyne after construction. [1024x798]

Royal Navy midget submarine XE7 underway at Gareloch, Scotland, 1950. [1467×1096]

Royal Navy monitors of the Dover Patrol practicing with pontoons to be used for a cancelled landing on the coast of France in 1917[1821x 1212]

Royal Navy motor torpedo boats at HMS Hornet, Gosport, 4 June 1944 [800×603]

Royal Navy ship HMS Ocean (L12) transits the Arabian Gulf alongside the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) [6016x3384]

Royal Navy torpedo boat destroyer HMS Albatross 1898-1904 [2647×1317]

Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose fires a Harpoon [2675 x 1829]

Royal Navy's Grand Fleet in the Firth of Forth 1914 [960×720]

Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet at anchor in the Firth of Forth in 1916. Photographed from Royal Navy Airship R9. [x-post -r-HistoryPorn] [1561 × 1310]

Rubber Ducky (if a Rubber Ducky had a skeleton and organs) [800x800]

Ruger P85 Cutaway [538x494]

Run-flat tire compared with a regular tire [1200×1403]

Russia just test fired its new 'Kanyon' nuclear armed nuclear powered torpedo [940x400]

Russian 125mm tank gun ammunition [3456x2592]

Russian Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate [2048 x 1191]

Russian Akula-class fishing boat [1200 × 818]

Russian Baltic Fleet Ship 'Neukratimy' cut in half (pr. 1135M) [1,025 × 683]

Russian Bora Class corvette surface effects ship [1200x900]

Russian K-329 Severodvinsk, a Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine, which joined the fleet this year. [2456 × 1785]

Russian Kirov class battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy transiting Suez canal [1280 × 857]

Russian Kirov-class Battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy [1600x984]

Russian Kirov-class battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy in dry dock [3430 × 2278]

Russian Konkurs: Anti Tank Guided Missile [1400x600]

Russian Navy Carrier Battle Group near Tartus in Mediterranean Sea. [1200x802]

Russian Navy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in Atlantic Ocean near Portugal en route to Syria yesterday [1199x799]

Russian Navy deep-submergence rescue vehicle BESTER-1 [1600×1302]

Russian Oscar II class submarine in dry dock [1200 × 900]

Russian Oscar II submarine with open missile tubes and P-700 Granit AShM missile [1144 × 856]

Russian Oscar class submarine [3264 × 2176]

Russian Oscar-II class cruise missile submarine Omsk in dry dock [1200 × 900]

Russian PB silent pistol with both detachable and integral suppressors [1500x863]

Russian PZAM 7.62mm 'pressure sustaining' silent cartridge before and after firing[1265×832]

Russian Slava-class cruiser Marshal Ustinov [4424 × 2489]

Russian Typhoon Class sub [1280 x 907]

Russian Victor-class submarine [2406 × 3500]

Russian Yasen class submarine [4672 × 3104]

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov [2868 × 1913]

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov [3072 × 1904]

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in the English Channel off Dover on Oct 21st 2016 [2048x1909]

Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy; reportedly entered the UK EEZ recently [940x545]

Russian coast guard ship PSKR-137 Khabarovsk. Amur river [3456 x 2592]

Russian corvette Zeleny Dol transits the Bosphorus, 2016 [2000 x 580]

Russian guided missile sub, Yankee 667M 'Andromeda' (NATO designation 'Sidecar') cut in half [2607 × 1659]

Russian heavy duty fire truck [1024x768]

Russian nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine 'Yekaterinburg' (K-84), a NATO Delta IV SSBN, high and dry at Zvezdochka. Year unknown. [933 × 700]

Russian sailor sanitizing the deck during NBC drills on board the nuclear powered cruiser Pyotr Velikiy [658 x 438]

Russian sailors man the rails as Russian navy missile-cruiser Varyag departs San Francisco Bay [1050 x 750]

Russian submarine Kursk after being raised [1024x768]

Russian submarine protecting a motor boat from big waves [800 x 533]

Ryan FR Fireball propeller and jet powered fighter

S-300F Fort (SA-N-6 Grumble) long-range surface-to-air missiles hatches on Russian Slava-class cruiser Moskva [1920 × 1080]

S.S. Leviathan [15000x3344]

SAAB 900 Turbo [1600x566]

SAAB Draken, Fighter Jet. [1098x825]

SB-29 'Super Dumbo' air-sea rescue aircraft, fitted with an A-3 droppable lifeboat [1,800 × 1,180]

SB2U Vindicator Of VS-42 Squadron Returns To USS Ranger (CV-4) After Scouting Ahead Of An Atlantic Convoy, December 4, 1941. [1999 x 1529]

SBD Dauntless Dive-Bombers in 1941

SBD Dauntless aircraft on the flight deck of USS Wasp (CV-18)

SBD Dauntless dive bomber takes off from USS Wolverine (IX-64), 20 March 1943.

SBD Dauntless over Wake Island

SBD Dauntless: Battle of Midway Veteran

SBD-5 on takeoff roll last weekend in VA

SBX Radar Platform - Pacific Missile Defense [1034x738]

SEAL Carrier SDV with LMG [1600 x 1067]

SEAL caught in the act of infiltrating the Russian submarine Severodvinsk [1632 x 1224]

SEALs practice water insertion techniques. Sub believed to be USS Michigan (SSGN 727). April, 2013. [3140 × 2069]

SK torque wrench. Likely older than half of us. [2448 x 3264]

SM U-118 washed ashore at Hastings, Sussex, 1919 [1247 × 942]

SM.79 bombers of 193rd Squadron, 30th Wing, 87th Group, Regia Aeronautica over North Africa, ca. 1941.

SMD Rock Trencher 1 - a subsea crawler used to bury underwater cables [1024x683]

SMS Derfflinger being scrapped after it capsized at Scapa Flow 1946 [726×512]

SMS Derflinger's turret upside down during salvage operations. [726 x 521]

SMS Frauenlob passing under the famous Levensau High Bridge in the Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal sometime prior to World War One. She was sunk during the Battle of Jutland with only 9 survivors from a crew of 320. [4757x3920]

SMS Scharnhorst (shown 1907), German cruiser. She was part of the German East Asiatic Squadron at sea when WWI began (along with her sister ship Gneisenau and several smaller warships) under Admiral Maximilian von Spee. More info inside! [4728x3044]

SMS Von der Tann, First Battlecruiser of the German Imperial Navy. [1600x1200]

SNAP-1A (System for Nuclear Auxiliary Power), circa 1960s [2398 x 3023]


SNJ from a local airshow

SR-71 Blackbird [1600x960]

SR-71 Blackbird [OC] [4928 x 3264]

SR-71 Blackbirds are seen on the production line at Lockheed Skunk Works in the mid-1960s [970 x 552]

SR-71 Cutaway View [2500x1500]

SR-71A Blackbird [1316x767]

SR71. xposted from -r-pics. Wow. [2919x961]

SS John W. Brown, Liberty Ship to sail from Hampton Roads [768 x 1024]

SS-N-19 Shipwreck cruise missile in its tube after the raising of the kursk (K-141). [650 x 487]

SSGN Saturday you say? You didn't? Oh well, here's a Project 949A Oscar II headed to sea anyway [1599 x 1104]

SSGN Saturday: Project 670 'Charlie' class SSGN INS Chakra running on the surface, date and location unknown [2849 x 2861]

STEREO’s IMPACT Solar Electron and Proton Telescope (SEPT) instrument [1232 × 1174]

SWIM CALL! USS Haley (DDG-97), Arabian-Persian Gulf, 2012 [2100 x 1500]

Safou Fruit [794 x 800]

Sage Gateshead Music Center [1807x1301]

Sailboat in front of the USS Iowa [1024 × 684]

Sailor on Polish destroyer Piorun (Thunderbolt) loads kitten 'Spitzky' into the ship's 4' gun as mom watches; Spitzky was nearly washed overboard during Piorun's 30-minute engagement with the Bismarck[800x610]

Sailors abandoning the doomed USS Lexington (CV 2) during the Battle of the Coral Sea, May 8th, 1942. [640x355]

Sailors aboard the USS Milius watch as a riverine patrol craft and the USCGC Adak conduct a maritime infrastructure protection exercise in the Arabian Gulf, 2012, [5184 x 3456]

Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) man the rails to render honors to the Juan Sebastian de Elcano, a training ship for the Royal Spanish Navy [2136x3094]

Sailors aboard the guided missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93) load a Mark 46 torpedo into a launcher while underway in the Pacific Ocean on June 4, 2011 [3872×2592]

Sailors employed in the very peacetime job of polishing HMS Vanguard's gun caps. [1600x1265]

Sailors leaving the former HMAS Australia before she was scuttled, April 1924 [2671 x 2126]

Sailors on board the destroyer USS Ramage (DDG 61) man the rails while escorting USS Constitution, underway in Massachusetts Bay as the Navy's Blue Angels fly over in salute on the occasion of the Constitution's 200th birthday. 21 July 1997 [1394x2100]

Sailors on the foredeck of HMS Berwick as she escorted convoy JW53 to Murmansk, 1943 [2197 × 1464]

Salt Lake City Mormon Temple [540 x 360]

Salvage divers working after the attack on Pearl harbor 1941 [740×605]

Salvage operations after the collapse of the Tay Rail Bridge, Scotland, 1879. [2500×1662]

Salvaged 64 gun Swedish warship Vasa, launched in 1621 and raised in 1961 [6048 × 4032]

Sanding a camera down layer by layer [700x394]

Sandwich [1388x935]

Sandworm or TBM S-210 [1122x841]

Saphir, the French SSN which virtually sunk the Teddy Roosevelt and most of its escort mid February[2160 x 1431]

Sargent 722 Autoset - Restored vintage ARN - Album in comments [4128x2322] [OC]

Sarin bomblets in a chemical warhead of a US Army rocket (M190 Honest John) ca. 1960. [4615×3631]

Sarlacc [853x1445]

Satan 16, a P-61A-10-NO Black Widow 426th Night Fighter Squadron at a forward base in China, 1944

Saturn V (Illustration by Stephen Biesty)[2000x4570]

Saturn V Apollo Flight Configuration Cutaway [1885 × 3044]

Saturn V Cutaway (2000 x 5984)

Saturn V Rocket - can you find the lunar module?[382 x 613]

Saturn V Rocket - including info on its construction, etc. [2000 × 5984]

Saturn V Stage 3 J-2 engine - Photo by Ian Aberle [683x1024]

Saturn V [2000x5984] (xpost from -r-space)

Saturn V. [2000x5984]

Saunders-Roe SR.45 Princess flying boat, c. 1952. [1852×660]

Saunders-Roe SR.N5 Hovercraft serial XT493 during British trials in Borneo - 1965 [2048x1377]

Savana Mining Dredge [2450 x 1633]

Sawstop PCS175 professional cabinet saw with 52 in. rails and professional T-glide fence.

Scale of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier [964x669]

Scaled Composites' tandem-wing Proteus testbed aircraft in flight over Rosamond Dry lakebed [3000x2750]

Scene from the upcoming Dunkirk movie showing accurate underbelly color-scheme for MK1 Spitfires during 1938-1940.

Schienenzeppelin - A German high speed train from the 1930s. Top speed was 210 km-h (130mph). [637×850]

Scrapping of ex-Murmansk, Soviet cruiser aground off Norway [2722×1814]

Scrapping of the ballastic-missile submarine USS George Washington (SSBN-598) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, c. 1986. [700×427]

Screw-propelled snowmobile: Fordson Snow Devil - 1924 [1000x813]

Screw-propelled vehicle at the World Museum of Mining in Butte, MT [OC] [1600x1066]

Sea Cruiser section built with LEGO [700x393]

Sea Fury and Firefly aircraft on the snow covered flight deck of HMS Theseus, off the west coast of Korea, 8th December 1950. [OS] [800x607]

Sea Hunter, the US Navy's new 'unmanned ocean-going vessel'[4928 x 3280]

Sea Hunter; an autonomous unmanned surface vehicle (USV) [2957x1968]

Sea Wolf-class attack submarine USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) moored in the Magnetic Silencing Facility at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor for her first deperming treatment 2006 [1960x3008]

Seafire crash landing aboard escort carrier HMS Stalker

Seahawk landing on the deck of the Hyuga class helicopter destroyer JDS Ise [4256 x 2832]

Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct tunnel [2400x1600]

Seawolf-class attack sub USS Connecticut (SSN-22) running on the surface. Philippine Sea. Nov. 2007. Bonus photo in comments. [2500 × 1667]

Secrets of German's New Pocket Battleship 'Deutschland' and Her Wonderful Engines, from Popular Mechanics, September 1931 [3450x 2550]

Section of Penobscot Narrows Bridge [1280×851]

Section of USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) during construction. [667×900]

Section of a hibiscus bud [2448x3264]

Section of the 1914 twin ships Duilio and Giulio Cesare [1000x672]

Section of undersea oil pipeline developed for Operation Pluto to deliver fuel across the English Channel during WWII [1600×1068]

Sectioned firearm sound suppressors [3129x1185]

See this box? It has no less than six turbocharger units attached to it. For marine engines [600px × 325px]

Seismic pit for the ITER fusion reactor [4780x3120]

Select-O-Speed transmission of 1964 Ford 5000 tractor. [2741x2150]

Semi Truck (1214x683)

September 8th 1923: Seven US Navy destroyers run aground at Honda Point, CA. 23 US Navy sailors are killed in the worst peacetime disaster in the US Navy's history. From front to back: USS Delphy (broken in two), USS Young (capsized), USS Woodbury (hit rock), and USS Fuller [3000 × 1771]

Server racks at a Google data center [2000x1333]

Server racks in a Google data center located in Mayes County, Oklahoma [3000x2000]

Servicing the Butcher Bird. Date and location unknown.

Servicing the guns.

Servicing the nacelle of a turbine at Lillgrund - a Danish offshore wind farm. [2126×2091]

Setra touring coach takes visitors through the vertical curve at the Daimler test track in Unterturkheim, Germany [1280x853]

Seven Caltech students test fire their oxygen-methyl alcohol motor at Arroyo Seco near Los Angeles in late 1936. By January, the motor was producing between 5 and 8 pounds of thrust for up to 44 seconds. The Caltech program later became known as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. [601x329]

Seven SBD Dauntless dive-bombers in flight, 1942-43.

Severely damaged De Havilland Mosquito FBVI, MM401 'SB-J', of No. 464 Squadron RAAF parked at Friston Emergency Landing Ground. The aircraft was hit by AAA attacking a V1 launch site in the Pas de Calais on 21 Feb '44, but made it back to the ELG, testament to the strength of the 'wooden wonder'.

Seversky P-35

Shanxi Chinese Type 17 handgun, .45 ACP (enlarged copy of the Mauser C96 Broomhandle) [1024x574]

Shanxi Type 17 Chinese Handgun [1024x574]

Shearer Loader in a Coal Longwall [2682 x 1788]

Shearing a sheep [600x467]

Sheer size of a crane out at sea in Dubai [4160x3120]

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 bicycle crank and chainring

Ship breaking at Alang, India. [xpost from r-drydockporn] [1024×768]

Ship carrying the 85 mtr. high X-Band Sea based self-propelled Radar [2100x1500]

Ship cut open at a ship breaking yard on the coast of Bangladesh [945x603]

Ship of the Line [2869x2664] [x-post from r-WarshipPorn]

Ship's Gearbox [2928×2082]

Ships and Submarines of the US Navy 2014 (converted from Raytheon PDF - link in comments [2515x2059]

Ships and submarines participating in exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2012 sail in formation, July 27, in the waters around the Hawaiian islands. [2100 × 1500]

Ships and subs of the US Navy 2014. Graphic by Raytheon. [9525 x 7800]

Ships of the Black Sea fleet at sunset [1920 × 1200]

Ships of the Black Sea fleet, Krivak-class missile frigate Ladny leading [1920 × 1200]

Ships of the Black Sea fleet, Slava class cruiser Moskva [1920 × 1200]

Ships under construction at Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard, Ulsan, South Korea. Photographer: Seong Joon Cho. [2000×1334]

Shipyard transporter carrying a tug with dual azimuth thrusters. [2554×1699]

Shipyard workers use instruments to precisely align USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) as she enters Dry Dock 6 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash. The ship's hull must line up precisely with the blocks that will support the ship as water is pumped from the dry dock. Sept. 2006. [2100 x 1372]

Shitty WarshipPorn. North Korean Patrol boat on the Yalu River [5472 x 3648] [OC]

Shivalik class frigate of the Indian Navy (infographic) [2100 x 900]

Shock and Awe. USS Iowa (BB-61) fires a broadside from her 16' guns. [2,790x1,860]

Shock blast detonated off the starboard side of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), September 19, 1987. The test was conducted to demonstrate the carrier’s ability to withstand underwater shock waves. [750x617]

Short Sunderland Mk III of No 461 Sqn RAAF taking off from RAF Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales. No 461 Sqn Sunderlands destroyed 6 U-Boats during WWII as well as engaging in many battles with Ju-88s in the Bay of Biscay (story in comments).

Showa L2D Tabby- Japanese transport

Shuttle [1600 x 1075]

Side-by-Side Saturday: Battleship and Cruiser Lengths [1490x1526]

Side-by-Side Sunday: The 75th Anniversary of the First Air Fleet [2064x1428]

Side-by-side cockpit of the F-111 Aardvark [1,800 × 1,348]

Siemens 1.2-million-volt circuit breaker prototype [1247x900]

Siemens HVDC transformer used to transport of electrical energy between Australia and Tasmania [2126 x 1535]

Siemens SGT5-4000F gas turbine [2157x1535]

Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion's getting refueled above USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7).[2882x1800]

SilencerCo 'Maxim 9' integrally suppressed pistol prototype [700x700]

SilencerCo 'Specwar' and 'Saker' 7.62mm suppressors (x-NFA) [720x478]

Silencerco Osprey Suppressor [2271x1703]

Simple-Simon Band Saw [OC] [3264x2448]

Simpson House [1070 x 746]

Sinking her just pissed her off: The rebuilt USS Tennessee, transformed from pre-war beauty to fiercely purposeful in appearance [2000x1581]

Sinking of oiler USS Mississinewa after being struck by a Kaiten in Ulithi anchorage, Caroline Islands, 20 Nov 1944; photograph taken from fleet ocean tug USS Munsee [714×900]

Sitting in the Tail Gunner turret on the B-24J Liberator 'Witchcraft'

Six inch guns on the protected cruiser USS Newark (C-1) 1892-1901 [9991×8045]

Six of the primary mirrors of the James Webb Space Telescope being prepared for acceptance testing [4256x2832]

Sixty grand for a pair of speakers? [1600x950]

Size comparison of the battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) moored near the 'large cruiser' USS Alaska (CB-1) [3159 x 2632]

Size comparisons with the P47.

Skeleton of 1955 300SL Le-Mans racer [1280x914]

Skil 534 6-1-2' sidewinder saw. Restored [5312x2988] [OC]

Skjold class corvette [3830 × 2554]

SkyLab cutaway [3600 × 1815]

Skylab [1280 x 1091]

Slava class cruiser in a rough sea [600 × 536]

Slice of Aloe Vera [800x535]

Slice of a large slab of 'Fordite.' [1600 x 1200]

Slice of sand dredger ARCO TRENT, a sculpture by Richard Wilson in the tidal zone of the River Thames, Greenwich, England. [1484×989]

Sliced trunk line cable [643x611]

Slow motion 'octoplus' tool in action [500x281]

Slow motion lathe turning cast iron. [530x331]

Small avocado cut in half using a knife [4160x2340]

Small spanner [900x517]

Smile! Sailor on the USS alabama (BB-60) holds up a 40mm clip for the camera. [1150 x 935]

Smoke cut by laser [3715 × 2089]

Smoke pouring out of the number two turret of USS Iowa after deadly explosion 1989 [3000×2123]

Smuggling luxury cars James Bond styleee - Armored Stealth Boat [OC][2500x1521]

Snail Cross Section [1267x611]

Snow deposited on a cabin [400 × 386]

SnowPlane built by an American with spare plane parts in the 1940's & 1950's after paralyzing blizzards hit the north-some dumping up to 40 feet of snow [1110x678]

Snowblower train, Skagway, Alaska [1600 x 1150]

Snowmobile Tour Bus (2048x980)

So Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, found the wreck of the IJN battleship Musashi today from his yacht - here's the first view of Musashi's bow crest in over 70 years[1000x563

So we're doing islands now, huh? Behold the mighty and venerable USS Long Beach! [1024 x683]

So we're posting up our top drawers? Mind if I join? [1334 x 750]

Socket Drawer 1 of 3 European Performance Specialist [4160 x 3088]

Socket drawer 2 of 3 European Specialist [4160 x 3088]

Sockeye Salmon [2048x1536]

Soft X-ray Spectrometer [OC] [800*557]

Solar power heats NASA space shield material. The tests apply heat equivalent to 1,500 suns to spacecraft shields. [1500 × 2250]

Solar transit

Soldier wearing four tube night vision goggles (1024 x 759).

Soldiers inspect a crashed Messerschmitt 109

Solenoid valve [672x505]

Solved: Those things aboard USS New Orleans are carriages for early Nordenfelt multi-barrel machine guns. [702x479]

Some 16' big boys, laid out on the deck of USS Iowa.[1500 x 2235]

Some 460th BG B-24 Nose Art. From a souvenir 15th USAAF Book of my Dad's.

Some Old Gears [640x806]

Some P51's escorting a B-29. Not sure about the date or location, but this has to be one of my favorite photos ever.

Some Russian subs [1000 × 635]

Some of the 24 double ended Scotch class boilers of the RMS Titanic [950 x 703]

Some of the only 118 B-32 bombers produced on the assembly line in Fort Worth, TX. 1944.

Some old stereographs I found of the USS Maine (circa 1898) and RTC Great Lakes (X-post r-navy) [1,536 × 1,527]

Some planes are built around the engine. Other are built around the cannon. Or around the armor. This one is built around the turbo-supercharger.

Someone designed a Rocket Propelled Chain Saw [750 x 600]

Someone from r-abandonedporn suggested I posted pictures of a vault in my apartment building's basement. A wider shot of the door is in the comments. [OC][4912x7360

Sony Alpha DSLR [620x409]

Soubrobotte Art Piece [1920x1080]

South Korean Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicles being loaded onto Go Jun Bong-class LSTs [4256 x 2832]

South Korean patrol boat (right) rams a North Korean boat (left) during the first battle of Yeonpyeong in 1999 [1482 x 1000]

Southampton-class light cruiser HMS Glasgow.[1229 × 757]

Soviet Cruiser ORDZHONIKIDZE in July 1954, while conducting a port visit at Helsinki, Finland. [3600 x 2895]

Soviet Kirov Class nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser Frunze, 1986 [2660×1780]

Soviet Kirov-class cruiser 'Kalinin' depicting crew maintaining 180mm (7.1') x 60 cal. main battery guns. Source and year unknown. [1303 × 2007]

Soviet Kometa-class passenger hydrofoil. Top speed 32 knots. [900×593]

Soviet Lavochkin La-7

Soviet P-39Q-15 found in 2004 after crashlanding during a transfer flight in 2004

Soviet SP-4 'closed circuit' pistol cartridge that fires a projectile without expelling the propellant gas [761x1040]

Soviet Submarine [OS] [1080x1350]

Soviet T-54 tank cutaway display at the Armour Museum in Parola, Finland [3896*2616]

Soviet Tango-class sitting in the snow, photo by Danila Tkachenko [1020 x 816]

Soviet Tu-16 getting a good look at a Typhoon class submarine in the Barents [1600 x 1041]

Soviet Tupolev Tu-2 twin-engine high-speed, daylight, front-line bomber. Designed to challenge the Junkers Ju 88, the Tu-2 proved comparable. The Tu-2 was one of the outstanding combat aircraft of WW II and it played a key role in the Red Army's final offensives.

Soviet Typhoon class SSBN TK-208 under construction in Severodvinsk, USSR ca. 1979 (album in comments) [795x1100]

Soviet Whiskey Twin Cylinder Class guided missile submarine [3000 x 2346]

Soviet aircraft carrier Minsk and Kiev Date unknown [14000x985]

Soviet command ship SSV-33 'Ural', NATO reporting name 'Kapusta' (Cabbage). Based on the hull of the 'Kirov' class missile cruisers. Not a happy ship - story in comments! [3000 x 2311]

Soviet cruiser MURMANSK (formerly USS MILWAUKEE, CL-5) off Lewes, Delaware, on 8 March 1949, just prior to being turned to U.S. Navy control [3600 x 2822]

Soviet era carriers still in service [3000×6000]

Soviet freighter Anosov off the cost of Puerto Rico during the Cuban missile crisis 1962 [920×668]

Soviet light bomber Petlyakov Pe-2

Soviet pilot Kostyukov's La-5 art

Soviet submarine Cut in Half . Photo taken on a shipyard during the utilisation. [533 x 667]

Soviet ww2 Kirov-class cruiser [2005 x 1223]

Soyuz Spacecraft Transported via Schnabel Rail Car, Kazakhstan [4184×2712]

Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft [3500 x 1572]

Space Marine Predator [5000x3000]

Space Sex [1280 × 478]

Space Ship of 2038 (from Amazing Stories, 1938) [1778x1238]

Space Shuttle Discovery over Switzerland [1280 x 1024]

Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) Block II Controller [773 × 1031]

Space Shuttle as seen from the International Space Station. [4288 x 2848]

Space Shuttle main engine test fire [2,400 x 3,000]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Full Thrust carrying Dragon capsule for CRS-8 mission to ISS [1280 x 1920]

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket speeding off the launchpad [OC] [1920x1536]

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lifted off at 8:29 p.m. EST and touched down about 10 minutes later. Photo by Michael Seeley [1920x1280]

Spade bit blowout [960 x 1200]

Spanish Flag used by a Ship of the Line in the Battle of Trafalgar [620 x 413]

Speaker driver cut in half [1015x760]

Special Calipers [2000x1500]

Spektr - A Russian Mir module that collided with the Progress spacecraft in orbit [1104x718]

Spent shell casings from a naval gunfire support mission by HMS Cardiff (D108) on the night of 5 June, 1982, as part of the Falklands War. [689 × 456]

Sperry Ball Turret [OS] [1280x853]

Spider-Man cut in half [1236x1235]

Spitfire 'tipping-off' a v1 flying bomb

Spitfire Mk21 - I drew this about 30 years ago when my leg was in plaster and I was bored out of my mind. Clutch pencil then Rotring ink pens. [3310 x 2477]

Spitfire R6923 QJ-S over southern England, May 1941.

Spitfire chases a Heinkel He-111

Spitfire cloud.

Spitfire mk Vb-trop under maintenance

Spitfire on floats

Spitfire, Hellcat and Raiden

Split Apple Rock, (Kaiteriteri, S Island, NZ) is a geological rock formation in the Tasman Bay made of granite. The cleft to produce 2 sides of the 'apple' was a natural occurrence. It is unknown when this happened & the cleaving of the rock has attracted mythological explanations [1641x695]

Spooler holding the bubble of helium in the head of a high-altitude research balloon, Palestine, Texas [OC][1800×2471]

Sputnik II, the first spacecraft to carry a living animal (illustrated cigarette card, c. 1957) [821×760]

Sri Lanka Navy ships sail in formation with USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19), the flagship of U.S. 7th Fleet [2100 x 1402]

Stalagmite revealing its creation over thousands of years

Stalin's Super Sub - Project P2. Drawn in MS Paint and shaded in GIMP. [OC] [4000 x 1888]

Standard House Wire [4896x2752] [OC]

Stanley 99A. Oiled. Cleaned. Restored. [1953x699] [OC]

Stanley Bedrock #603 Type 5 made in 1911 [604x453] [OC]

Stanley Job master 80744. Not sure if it's rare or not, but the only confirmed existence of it onine are eBay postings, so I figured I'd share it with you guys! [5312x2988]

Stanley Steamer 20 hp cylinder [OS] [3872 × 2592]

Stanley Sweetheart chisels with a lapped and polished back. [2048x1536]

Star Wars - Millennium Falcon floor plan [1619 × 2254]

Star Wars VII - Rey's speeder [2560x1700]

Star Wars VII - Sf Tie Figthter [2560x1691]

Star Wars VII - Stormtrooper Transport [2560x1691]

Starboard quarter aerial view of USS Missouri (BB-63) mooring in Norfolk, 1951. Colors are shifted, all lines not yet doubled-up and the gangway already has personnel coming aboard. [1450 × 1840]

Staring down the barrel of a 16'-50 caliber naval gun on USS Iowa (BB-61) - March 2013 [3264 x 2448]

Steam Locomotive Engine cutaway. x-post from -r-CutawayPorn [3504 x 2336]

Steam tractor at the Northern Pacific Railway Museum in Toppenish, WA [6000 x 4000] [OC]

Steam turbine for the Batillus-class supertankers [1000x745]

Steel Caisson of the type used to build the Forth Bridge in Great Britain. (1930s cigarette card from NYPL collection)[411×760]

Steel ingot casting from ladle, Homestead, PA, 1915 [750x606]

Stephen Biesty's steam train [1900 × 762]

Stern Plate of USS Enterprise (CV-6), Located in River Vale, NJ ([3,264 × 2,448]

Stern view of the USS Nevada (BB-36) as she prowls off Cherbourg in 1944 [2372x1801]

Stern view of the USS North Carolina in Pearl Harbor in November 1942 [4540×5640]

Steve Wozniak signature above a prototype Apple PCB [1600 x 899]

Steyr AUG bullpup assault rifle cutaway model [2500x1080]

Steyr M95

Stochastic Cooling 'Kickers,' Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Upton, New York [3067 x 2047]

Stone Machine (450 x 250).

Stop buying socket driver sets, instead get a drive handle and use the sockets you already have! [1994x1105]

Store's looking a bit yellow lately (X-post from r-tools) [2448 x 1836]

Stormtrooper Helmet [736x875]

Straddling Bus Prototype, China, 2016. [1580×1097]

Straight down shot from the b-24 of a strike.Taken by my Dad

Stratified Lunch Delivery System [OC] [2988x5312]

Straw tracker chamber of the NA62 experiment at CERN [200 x 1335]

Streaked with rust after months at sea- HMS Hermes enters Portsmouth Harbour on return from the Falklands War, 1982 [1800x873]

Streamline Tow Truck, circa 1938. [1000×737]

Street legal 86 wheel 170 ton Aussie roadtrain hauling gold ore. [OC] [1600x1200]

Streetcar service car, Chicago, c. 1950. [1454×920]

Strolling across the bow of a Typhoon, the gentle giant. [2160x1440]

Structured Cabling [2099x3248]

Structured Cabling by Alejandro Cynowicz [1024x682]

Stukas over the Eastern Front

Stunt driver on the roof is controlling the car (600 x 400).

Sub is dead today, so here's a dead sub. USS H-3 wrecked on the California coast, January 1917. [740px × 535px]

Submarine Halbronn (U-139) in dry dock, Brest.[4223 × 6000]

Submarine Power Cable [1936x1296] [OC]

Submariners on USS Virginia (SSN-774) operate the ships controls [ 2465 x 1633 ]

Submarines of Europe [4500x4000][OC]

Submarines of the World [14000x10000][OC]

Submitted to r-pics a while back. Didn't get much attention, hopefully it does here. I took this photo about a year ago on the USS Texas.[2448x3264] [OC]

Subtraction of the Russian nuclear submarine 'Kursk' [800x599]

Subtropolis, underground mine turned into commercial space [OS][1600x1200]

Suidobashi Heavy Industry's Developed a Kinect-controlled 5-ton robot that could be the world's most dangerous toy ever. [615×604].

Sun isn't out, but guns are anyway - first public appearance of the Zumwalt's 155mm AGS barrels leading up to the commissioning ceremony in Baltimore [900x1200]

Sun simulator that simulates the harsh environment of space [950 x 760]

Sunken ship clamp [2565x1991]

Sunrise at the Very Large Array - Magdalena, NM [OC] [2048x1536]

Sunrise over the USS Ronald Reagan off the coast of Japan [2048x1152]

Sunrise over the fo'c'sle, USS Lassen (DDG-82) [3000 x 2000]

Sunset on board of the Egyptian Navy Mistral 'Anwar El Sadat' [1920x1080]

SuperDraco engine from SpaceX's Dragon. Each engine produces 16,000 pounds of thrust. [2000x1569]

Supermarine Seafires and a Fairey Swordfish on British Aircraft Carrier, 1942

Supermarine Spitfire Mark IIA in flight over the coast of England, April 1941

Supermarine Spitfire crashes after touching down on the aircraft carrier deck

Supermarine Spitfire floatplane variant

Supermarine Spitfire on startup

Supermarine Spitfire, unknown date and location. [3147x1878]

Superstructure for days! A rather fetching view of Piotr Velikiy lying at anchor. [3390x2216]

Suppressed Glock 20 [1920x1080]

Surfacing sub with the shadow of a PC-3 Orion overhead [716 x 960]

Surrendered U-boats at Lisahally, Northern Ireland. June 12, 1945 [611 × 800]

Suspension cable on Golden Gate Bridge [644 x 960]

Suzuki RMZ250 engine cross-section [640x480] (xpost -r-TechnologyPorn)

Svanen lifting ship working on the Burbo Banks Offshore Windfarm [4147 × 2772]

Swedish Leichter Panzer Landsverk L-30 [3,360 × 2,180]

Swedish Visby class corvette [1500 × 1000]

Swim call on USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) in the Gulf of Aden [3883×2912]

Swiss BF-109E3 nose art

Swiss Bf 109E-3 that nosed-over while landing, 14 February 1941

Swiss Vetterli Rifle [1920x894] [OC] Animation in Comments

Swiss-fliegertruppe Messerschmitt Bf-109E3 showing its teeth

Sydney Town Hall Grand Organ [4000 × 3000]

T 47-class French Destroyer Maillé-Brézé, playing her role as a British warship in the upcoming film Dunkirk [1921x806]

T-4A Altay tractor on display at the glorious Science and Technology Museum of Tractor History in Cheboksary [2250x1500]

T-65 X-Wing [1859x1223]

TAISUN (the world's strongest crane) at the Yantai Raffles Shipyard holds the 17,100 metric ton deck box of Scarabeo 9 in the air [3648 × 2736]

TBM and SB2C aircraft parked at the aft deck of USS Hornet (CV-12). June, 1945.

TEREX RH400 [1280 x 960]

TGS hydraulic salvage grab [3456×2592]

TIL The automaton in the movie Hugo was a real, working clockwork mechanism. [1440×900]

TV Stand (500 x 320).

Ta152 armament. Wow.

Tailgunners [768x960]

Tamron 15-30mm lens [800x600]

Tank cut in half [1024x768]

Tank turret made of cast steel. [834×563]

Tank turret on a North Korean Navy gunboat [3456 x 2304]

Tank with a silencer attached for test firing in urban areas (486 x 424).

Tap that [2448x3264]

Task Force 77 in formation off North Vietnam, March 1965. [3600 x 2856]

Task Force 77 in formation off North Vietnam, March 1965. [3600 x 2886]

Task Force One, the world's first nuclear task force, sailing around the world in 65 days without a single refueling or replenishment.[1062x786]

Task Group 38.3 enters Ulithi anchorage in column, 12 December 1944, while returning from strikes on targets in the Philippines [3600 x 2888]

Task Group 38.3 making a turn to port while entering the Ulithi Atoll, December 12, 1944. TG 38.3 was the hard edge of the most powerful fleet the world had ever seen (3rd-5th Fleet). Shown after striking at Japanese forces in the Philippines. [6144x4970]

Task Group 38.3 turning to starboard, entering the Ulithi Atoll, Dec 1944. From front: USS Langley (CVL-27), USS Ticonderoga (CV-14), USS Washington (BB-56), USS North Carolina (BB-55), USS South Dakota (BB-57) and four light cruisers. This was a tiny fraction of the entire group. [6118x4920]

Task force Charles de Gaulle during Daesh deployment [2835 x 1124]

Tattoo machines with disposable tubes (3264x2448)

Taurus .357 Magnum revolver cutaway [2000x990]

Team of subsea robots designed for commercial mining of ores on the seafloor. [2700×1800]

Technician holding a model of a weapon this (model of a) B-25 will drop, during a Wind Tunnel Test.

Technicians repair radar on P-61, Saipan, July 4, 1944

Telebelt Semi-Trailer-Mounted Telescopic Belt Conveyor [1920×1080]

Tens: Camels and USS Concord (CL-10), North Africa, 1920s [740x615]

Tens: The Crew of USS Yorktown (CV-10) spells out ハロー日本 (HaRo NiHon: Hello Japan), 1960 [740 × 580]

Tens: USS Maine (BB-10), ca. 1905 [10016x8045]

Tens: USS Paul Jones (DD-10) anchored in Mexican waters, December 1915 [900x575]

Tesla Model S [3840 × 2160]

Test of solar panels on Mariner Mars proof-test model, 1964. [1934×1522]

Testing a jack-up drilling rig in the yard [1019x1529]

Testing machine guns of Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat fighters aboard USS Ranger (CV-4), while en route from the U.S. to North African waters, circa early November 1942

Testing of 1.4 million volt X-ray machine, 1941. [500x557]

Teufel Ultima 800 Loudspeaker [1300x1300]

Texas Instruments 486DX2-66 [OC] [6000x2226]

That is a lot of gun,missile and speed for such a little warship. Italian missile boat-hydrofoil Sparviero showing off in the Mediterranean. [1189 x 778]

The 'Akutan Zero' in San Diego. September 20, 1942

The 'Bali Sea' train ferry [3,504 x 2,332]

The 'Ditch Witch' Track Trencher [1342x831]

The 'Himiko' water bus of Tokyo [1600 x 821]

The 'Love Boat' - in LEGO [1600 × 918]

The 'Plenum' of Chamber A, (NASA Johnson's cryogenic vacuum chamber) [2048 x 1393]

The 'Tsesarevich', 1904, at Qingdao[1300x912]

The 'unsinkable battlewagon', ( Manila Bay) pre-1942. [1024 x 691]

The -u-Vepr157 Family arrives in Milan, Italy to start their European Vacation [1024×768]

The 14″ guns of USS Nevada in action at Normandy. 72 years ago today. [920 x 721]

The 15 inch guns of HMS WARSPITE bombarding German positions around Caen during the invasion of Normandy, 6 June 1944 [1519 × 1105]

The 15-inch guns on the monitor HMS TERROR, 1915. Note the smoke producer on the control top.[1025 × 787]

The 16 Raytheon VIRGO HgCdTe arrays of the VISTA telescope [2048 × 1536]

The 1919 Leyat Helica [1024 × 680]

The 1955 Alcoa 50,000 ton hydraulic press, still in use including press parts for the F-35[2700x1800]

The 27 million pound, Krupp Bagger 288, digging machine (two people for scale) [2126 x 1444]

The 3.5-m primary mirror of the Herschel Space Telescope [4288 × 2848]

The 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine from an E90-92-93 BMW M3 on a Dyno run. [1600x1200]

The 4.5 liter, 562 bhp V8 from the Ferrari 458. [1024x724]

The 5,000th Lightning built, a P-38J-20-LO, 44-23296, was painted bright vermilion red, and had the name YIPPEE painted on the underside of the wings in big white letters as well as the signatures of hundreds of factory workers, see comment, 1943 - 1944. [1808x1211]

The 5000th Lend Lease airplane delivered to the Soviet Union at Ladd Field in Fairbanks Alaska.

The 520MeV Cyclotron control room at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for nuclear physics [4263 X 2848][OC]

The 8.2 L Lamborghini V12 engine as used in Class One offshore powerboats [1,287px × 1,600px]

The 80 inch drivers of Union Pacific 844. An FEF-3, she was built in 1944 and featured state of the art steam technology. One of these technologies were the lightweight tandem connecting rods, made of alloy steel. The big wheels and lightweight reciprocating motion were good for 120mph [1140 x 772]

The 850 H.P. Duesenberg V-16 geared aircraft engine, c.1919 [3600 x 2977]

The ADM-Aeolus satellite’s second Aladin laser prior to closure showing the complexity of the 80 optical components [3294 x 1966]

The AEGIS experiment in the antimatter hall at CERN [1235 × 1080]

The ALICE experiment at CERN [6435 × 5431]

The ALMA Antenna Transporter [4112 × 2524]

The AMiBA is a radio telescope designed to observe the cosmic microwave background that is located in Hawaii. [1920 × 2560]

The ATLAS calorimeters [5184 × 3456]

The ATLAS detector during the installation of the calorimeter, in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN [2707x1764]

The Ack Ack gun tub of the only remaining Flower-class, HMCS Sackville [4592 x 3056][OC]

The Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) aboard Curiosity on Mars [983 x 738]

The Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) on NASA's Curiosity [1024 × 768]

The Alvord Meteorite cooled at a rate of 1°C every thousand years [636×477]

The Amphibious Ready Element on the flight deck of HMAS Canberra during Sea Series 2015. [1600 × 1079]

The Arena of Nimes, France [1200 * 929]

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Farragut (DDG 99) passes by the smoke from a suspected pirate skiff it had just destroyed [4256 × 2832]

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen (DDG 82) patrols the eastern Pacific Ocean. [3000 × 1937]

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin (DDG 89), left, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), and the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam (CG 54) transit in formation [1864 × 1042]

The Atacama Large Millimeter-submillimeter Array, ALMA, high up in the Atacama Desert, Chile [990x742]

The Athlit Ram, original warship ram from around 530–270 BC. [2,048 × 1,536] [x-post -r-artefactporn

The Atlantic Fleet in the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro Date by Henry Reuterdahl. 1908 [1614 × 1200] [ART]

The Australian War Museum's BF109-G6 (The last 109 with it's original camouflage and markings)

The Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne greets her Hawaiian hosts. Pearl Harbor 1958 [1909 x 1313]

The B-17G 43-38172 'Lovely Julie' of the 8th AF 398th BG 601st BS which was damaged on a bombing mission over Cologne, Germany, on October 15th, 1944

The B-24 'Extra Joker' bursts into flames after being attacked Fw-190s over Turnitz, Austria on August 23, 1944.

The B-24H Liberator 'Pegasus' landing at Attlebridge, Norfolk England using parachutes to help brake after the plane's hydraulic system was shot out during the bombing mission ca., 1944. [1800x1200]

The BICEP2 radio telescope at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, with aurora australis over it. [1946x1293]

The BaBar detector at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center [2951 x 1915]

The BaBar detector at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center [2951 × 1915]

The Babbage Machine - the first computer designed from the 1800s, fully mechanical [1600x1200]

The Back End Of A WWII T28 Super Heavy Tank (OC) (3000x2000)

The Barnacle, for unpaid tickets, is held in place with suction cups that require a force of 750 pounds to release (640 x 360).

The BepiColombo Mercury Planetary Orbiter Mechanical and Propulsion Bus (MPB) Proto-Flight Model [4928 × 3280]

The Bismarck [3600 x 1714]

The Bismarck on the Elbe river near Hamburg, Germany. She was sunk 73 years ago today. [3495×2405]

The Boeing B-17G-15-BO 'Wee Willie', 322d BS, 91st BG, takes a direct flak hit on her 128th mission.

The Bombe, an electromechanical device used by British cryptologists to help decipher German Enigma-machine-encrypted secret messages during World War II [2560 x 1920]

The Brazilian dreadnought Minas Geraes fires what was then the heaviest broadside ever fired fro a warship. Seen from the bow. [1857 × 1332]

The Bridge of the USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) in the South China Sea [3000 x 1688]

The British Grand Fleet led by HMS Iron Duke, July 1914 [7251 × 4746]

The Bréguet-Bugatti 32A (Quadimoteur Type A) early aircraft engine [1200 x 871]

The Canadian Light Source synchrotron [4,050 × 2,700]

The Canadian Navy Frigate HMCS Winnipeg departs Esquimalt Harbour in the fog [2048 × 936]

The Capitol Dome [1732*2944]

The Champaign Gal B-25 Mitchell bomber performs a flyby over the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in honor of the 70th reunion of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.

The Charles de Gaulle's First deployment with a rafale only air wing [2048x1364]

The Chinese Type 1130 CIWS The Type 1130 CIWS, with 11 30mm barrels, is the largest Gatling cannon in the world, firing up to 11,000 rounds a minute (Nearly 200 rounds a second) [1200 × 757]

The City of anarchy (Cutaway of the Kowloon Walled City the most inhabitant city in the history per square kilometer in history). [1240 ×1912].

The Closest USS blueback (SS-581) came to being nuclear. [1500 x 1034]

The Coherent X-ray Imaging (CXI) experimental station at SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source X-ray laser [1600 × 1066]

The Collings Foundation beautiful 'Witchcraft' B-24

The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN [2048 x 1365]

The Confederate casemate ironclad 'Atlanta' on the James River, following her capture by the Union Navy in 1863 [2928 × 1852]

The Confederate commerce raider CSS Alabama chasing down the Yankee clipper Contest in Gasper Strait, Java Sea, 1863. Contest would ultimately be burned. [1600 x 900]

The Consolidated B-32 Dominator (Consolidated Model 34) was a heavy bomber made for United States Army Air Forces during World War II, and had the distinction of being the last Allied aircraft to be engaged in combat during World War II (over Japan).

The Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets (CLOUD) experiment [2705 x 1795]

The County Class Destroyer HMS Glamorgan (D19) and the repair ship HMS Triumph (A108) underway in the Atlantic, 1972. [800 x 512]

The Cray Y 190A Supercomputer at the NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California. 1990. [2884 × 2268]

The DARPA-funded DEKA robotic prosthetic arm, controlled by electrical signals from the body [4368x2912]

The DEAP 3600 dark matter detector. [5041 × 4977]

The Dark Energy Camera, based at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile [4032 x 6048]

The Deus Ex Machina Moto Grigio [2000x1333]

The Dextre robotic arm outside International Space Station [3032 × 2009]

The Dornier Do 335 Pfeil (Arrow), 1945.

The Earth [1204 x 768]

The Ekranoplan: a Soviet Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV) designed by Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeev (More information in the comments) [640x342]

The English flagship 'Resolution' and the Dutch flagship 'Brederode' duel during the Battle of Scheveningen, July 31st 1653 [5950 × 3680]

The Enriched Xenon Observatory 200's (EXO-200) time projection chamber [2,592 x 1,944]

The European Union major naval forces by 2017 without the United Kingdom (in brackets with) (infographic)[2280 x 1411]

The Evening Star Buildings [3000 x 1993]

The Evoluon building in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Opened as a science museum in 1966.

The Exceptionally Thin Sony VAIO X Notebook (ca. 2009, pictured with iPhone) [OC] [3888x1296]

The ExoMars 2016 entry, descent and landing module, 'Schiaparelli', being assembled in a biological contamination controlled clean room [4608 x 3456]

The Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) fusion reactor [2783 x 1866]

The Experimental Radial Engined BF109X

The F-82 Twin Mustang, an oddly beautiful aircraft.

The F2G 'Super Corsair' was an experimental, late war application the P&W R-4360 quad row, 28 cylinder, 3000 HP radial engine, though only 10 were built several went on to be world class air racers [1920x1080]

The Fiat G.50 Freccia 'Arrow' in North Africa was Italy's first single-seat, all-metal monoplane with an enclosed cockpit and retractable undercarriage to go into production.

The Forbidden City [1807x1157]

The Fox Theatre [3380x1160] [OC]

The Fox Theatre [3428x1588] [OC]

The French Fleet at Cherbourg, France. Photographed by Gustave Le Gray. Albumen silver print from a glass negative. Aug 4-6, 1858. Historical info in comments. [4125 × 3246]

The French Maginot Line [xpost from -r-history] [2445×864]

The French battleship Jean Bart's post-war armament. A 'bored at work' creation. [2048x1051]

The French frigate 'Poursuivante' rakes the HMS 'Hercule' during the Action of 28th June 1803 [3504 x 2336]

The French heavy destroyer Fantasque on trials in Casco Bay, 13 June 1943. Fantasque and her sisters were the fastest class of destroyers in WWII, capable of a blistering 45 kts [1103 × 1072]

The French heavy frigate 'Belle Poule', painted in funeral black, transfers the coffin of Napoleon I Bonaparte to the steamer 'Normandie' at Cherbourg during the 'return of the ashes', December 8th 1840 [1400 x 925]

The French line engaged with the British line in the Battle of the Virginia Capes, sealing Cornwallis' fate at Yorktown and effectively securing independence for the United States (1552 x 974)

The GAU-8-A Avenger Gatling gun next to a VW Type 1 [1800x1150]

The GERDA Muon Veto Cherenkov Detector [1920 x 1280]

The GRAVITY instrument at ESO’s Very Large Telescope [4000 x 2251]

The Gaia Payload Module that will create a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way, in the process revealing information about its composition, formation and evolution [4288 × 2848]

The Gearing-class destroyer Ernest G Small after losing her bow to a mine and subsequent heavy seas off Korea 1951. She made it back to Japan for repairs by steaming backwards. [2,273 x 1,647]

The German 'Green Monster' Tractor pull champion launching in competition. [800x534]

The German Messerschmitt Me-323 'Gigant' military transport. Album in comments. [1024 × 593]

The German Navy by the end of 2016 [1824 x 1344]

The German Navy training ship Deutschland (A 59) passing in review during the International Naval Review celebrating the centennial of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour on 4 July 1986 [2770 x 1840]

The Great White Fleet [2174x2010]

The Grumman XF4F-2 'Wildcat' prototype. Underwhelming performance led to a thorough redesign, which resulted in the F4F-3 and follow-up variants.

The Guided Missile Cruiser USS Horne (DLG-30) steams through San Francisco Bay in June 1967, bound for Hunters Point at the completion of a shakedown cruise. [1294x1027]

The H.O. Studley Tool Box [4912x3264]

The H.O. Studley Tool Chest [1280x1024]

The HAWK-I Instrument at the Very Large Telescope [3504 x 2330]

The HAWK-I instrument mounted on the Unit Telescope number 4 of ESO's Very Large Telescope [4,088 x 2,912]

The HMS Rodney, downfall of the Bismarck. [1204 x 767]

The Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared (HIFI), a very high-resolution heterodyne spectrometer. [3507 x 2480]

The HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) camera aboard Mars Express [3008 x 1960]

The Horten ho-229 flying wing fighter, first flown in 1944 by the Luftwaffe, rebuilt to exact specs by the model testing team at Northrop Grumman [1024x768]

The Human Heart [1200x808]

The ISOLDE Decay Station [1440 × 961]

The ITER tokamak complex [OS] [3000x1468]

The Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik was a ground-attack aircraft produced by the Soviet Union. With 36,183 examples of the Il-2 produced during the war, and in combination with its successor, the Ilyushin Il-10, a total of 42,330 were built, making it the most produced military aircraft design in history.

The Imperial War Museum posted this picture to advertise for their upcoming 'American Air Show'--but what kind of plane is this?

The Incredibly Complex Layers of the Wendelstein 7-X Experimental Fusion Reactor [5616 x 2092]

The Insides of a Heckler & Koch G36 [450 × 263]

The Italian Lady Be Good

The Ivy Mike 'Sausage' device [1,600 × 1,166]

The JCG Shikishima (PLH-31). She is designed as an armed escort for plutonium transports from Europe to Japan. As such, she is uniquely armed with AA radar, twin 35 mm, and a 20mm Vulcan. She also enjoys a range of 20k nmi- long enough to make trips to Europe without resupply. [1920 x 1280]

The James Webb Space Telescope's primary mirrors getting uncovered in preparation for instrument installation [1200 x 790]

The Japanese battleship-carrier 'Hyuga' sunk at her moorings at Kure Naval Base, 1945 [1225 x 750]

The KSTAR (Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research), a magnetic fusion device. [3,199 x 2,134]

The Kowloon Walled City. [4716 × 1754]

The Kuznetsov Battle group, its composition and its journey from Russia to Syria[1280x3180] [OC]

The Large Helical Device in Toki, Japan [1024x683]

The Largest Piston Aircraft Ever Made : the B-36 Peacemaker [1920 x 1293]

The Launch of Apollo 15, July 26, 1971 [2275 x 3000]

The Little Mermaid [873x655]

The London Tower Bridge lifting mechanism. [1600X1064]

The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Dallas (SSN-700) returns to homeport at Groton, Conn., following its final scheduled deployment after more than 30 years in service. Nov 22, 2016. USN photo. [1000 x 714]

The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Houston (SSN 713) leads a formation of ships from USS George Washington [3620 × 1419]

The Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD) components integrated onto the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft. [4752 x 3168]

The M80 Stiletto US prototype naval ship. [736 × 561]

The MAGIC telescope at night. [3072 x 2048]

The MAVEN spacecraft undergoing testing for Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

The MUSE instrument on the Very Large Telescope: equipped with 24 continuous flow cooling systems [4,072 x 2,765]

The MareNostrum supercomputer housed in the elegant Barcelona Supercomputing Center [2000 x 1330]

The Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) and it's sky-crane landing system, all packaged up and ready to go before launch in 2011 [1100 x 731]

The Matter in Extreme Conditions experimental station at SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source X-ray laser [1195 x 700]

The Mechanical Galleon is an elaborate nef or table ornament in the form of a ship, which is also an automaton and clock. It was constructed in about 1585 by Hans Schlottheim in southern Germany. [750x1002]

The Messerschmitt Foundation's airworthy Me-262, photographed at Payerne AIR14, Switzerland (more in comments)

The Meteosat Third Generation Imaging satellite's combined antenna [4422 x 2943]

The Millennium Falcon [OS] [1920×1358] by Hans Jenssen

The Millington Diamond Motor. A 2.5L, Four cylinder engine produced in Britain. It develops 333BHP without the use of forced induction and revs to 9000 RPM. [1024x839]

The Mitsubishi A7M2 Reppū, powered by a 2,200 horsepower Mitsubishi Ha-43 engine. The legendary Japanese pilot Saburo Sakai claimed that it was the fastest airplane he had ever flown, and that it could easily outperform its American counterparts. Only eight of these were ever built.

The Molecular Beam Epitaxy System used to grow the crystal structure of the 1.3-micron communications Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) [1500 x 1155]

The Mos Eisley Cantana from STAR WARS [972 x 639]

The MotherBoard of the Moto 360 SmartWatch [1920x1012]

The Mt. Adams Incline - Cincinnati, Ohio. [2408 × 1731]

The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) instrument for ESO’s Very Large Telescope [4182 x 2782]

The NMBS-SNCB Type 12 [1680 × 1128]

The NOAA-2 O3 Photometer [1360 x 1022]

The NOvA neutrino detector [4500 x 3002]

The Nammo hybrid engine that will hopefully power the Bloodhound SSC rocket car to 1,000 mph. [598x336] [GIF]

The National Ignition Facility (NIF), one of the largest lasers ever built, helping to research nuclear fusion [2048 x 1365]

The Naval Battle of the Yellow Sea, woodblock print by Kobayashi Kiyochika Inoue Kichijirô, 1894 [1306 x 650]

The Navy's new rail gun that will be officially presented to the public in early February. Capable of firing a projectile over 100 nautical miles at six times the speed of sound [4817x2763]

The Navy's unmanned X-47B lands aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) [1500 × 998]

The New Jersey makes an argument for surrender to the enemy [1,501 x 1,203]

The Northrop Grumman X-47B Unmanned Combat Aircraft [OS] [1,600x1,200]

The NuMI Horn at MI 8 [2,000 x 2,997]

The OPAL Endcap Electromagnetic Calorimeter [991 × 1024]

The Official Black Panther Patch, 460th BG, 15th USAAF

The Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine USS Wyoming (SSBN 742) approaches Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay [1280 × 960]

The Oseberg Ship, a well-preserved Viking ship discovered in a large burial mound [4320 x 3240]

The P-38 is quite the sexy bird. But a P-38 kicking up water on a super low pass? How can you beat that? P-38E Lightning #91, serial 41-2227 of the 54th FS 343rd Fighter Group, Alaska

The P-47 Thunderbolt

The Palace of the Soviets, an unbuilt mega-architecture project from the USSR [1120x889]

The Peruvian naval fleet flagship - and the last primarily gun-armed capital ship in the world, Almirante Grau (BLM-81), looking resolute and redoubtable at the Port of Callao, Peru (Picture taken March 26, 2007)(1177×616)(With bonus picture!)

The Petlyakov Pe-3

The Plusjack Walking Harvester (1999) - [434x404]

The Polaris missile tubes of the Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi (C551), Europe's first guided missile cruiser (1961).[3049 x 2048]

The Polikarpov I-15 was a Soviet biplane fighter aircraft of the 1930s. Nicknamed Chaika 'Seagull' because of its gulled upper wings, more than 1,000 I-15bis fighters were still in Soviet use during the German invasion when the biplane was employed in the ground attack role.

The Proton rocket that launched ExoMars 2016 [3500 x 2330]

The Proton rocket, that launched ExoMars 2016 [3500 × 1815]

The RU 800s railroad ballast cleaning and track renewal system. Video in comments [4000 × 1600]

The Rolls-Royce Griffon used to power Precious Metal, a highly modified P-51 Mustang. [646x485]

The Ronin 47. (960x540)

The Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis (ROSINA) - a combination of two mass spectrometers and pressure sensor [1990 × 1319]

The Rosetta spacecraft with thermal blankets ready for testing in the Large Space Simulator, at ESTEC in The Netherlands. [3366x3892]

The Royal Australian Navy & the Fleet Air Arm [OC] infographic [1920*2674]

The Royal Australian Navy Skyhawk being an all-purpose aircraft, was the subject of a 1970s experimental sea trial of an A-4 on board a Royal Australian Navy submarine There was no objection from the aviators to operating the Skyhawk from the somewhat limited deck space of the submarine [800x494]

The Royal Navy destroyer HMS Dauntless (D33), the Spanish navy air defense frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon (F-102), and the guided-missile cruiser USS Gettysburg (CG 64) are underway in formation during the British navy-sponsored joint exercise Saxon Warrior 11 [2100 × 1500]

The Royal Navy in 1939, as published by *The Daily Telegraph.* Ships marked in red were lost by war's end. [2744x1398]

The Russian Navy polar icebreaker (the first such ship) 'Yermak' tows the coastal-defense ship 'General Admiral Graf Apraksin' off the rocks of Suursaari in the Baltic Sea, May 1898 [1200 × 800]

The Russian flotilla is getting ready to depart for the Mediterranean! [1080 x 1080]

The Russian pre-dreadnought Oslabya on the way to Tsushima[2000x1398]

The Russians hate her. Norwegian FS Marjata[1280 x 960]

The SGT5-8000H gas turbine, built by Siemens [2156x1535][OS]

The STAR detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) of Brookhaven. [2400 x 1627]

The STAR detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory. [1,362 x 2,048]

The Schmalspurbahn, DR-Baureihe 99.23–24, 1954–1956, Harz Mountains, Germany [4048 x 3036]

The Sea-based, X-band Radar (SBX-1) transits the waters of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam [3000 x 1948]

The Silicon Vertex Tracker - the heart of the BABAR experiment at SLAC [3000 x 2185]

The Solar Wind Electron Analyzer flying on the MAVEN spacecraft currently orbiting Mars. [3200 x 2400]

The Soviet Navy of the future, depicted by GH Davis in Popular Mechanics, July 1950, depicting a 'Sovetsky Soyuz'-class battleship and new destroyer and sub classes. Notable for being almost entirely wrong. [x-post r-imaginarywarships] [1187 × 894]

The Soviet Navy's sole Papa class submarine. She was extremely expensive, built from Titanium and the fastest attack sub ever, reaching a top speed of 44.7 knots [2979x2313]

The Space Shuttle's Large Format Camera Lens [1280 x 622]

The Spectrometer on INTEGRAL [1600 x 1200]

The Spirit of St. Louis - the first plane to complete a non-stop solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. [2850×1240]

The Stardust Sample Collection Apparatus [2,103 x 1,909]

The Sudbury Neutrino Detector [2,400 x 3,357]

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) is a neutrino observatory located 6,800 feet (about 2 km) underground in Vale Inco's Creighton Mine in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The detector was designed to detect solar neutrinos through their interactions with a large tank of heavy water. [3580x2375]

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, a detector located in a mine that is designed to detect solar neutrinos. [2400 × 3357]

The Super Proton Synchrotron [2000 × 1331]

The Surrogate robot ('Surge') built by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory [1024 x 1431]

The Swedish cruiser 'Gota Lejon' ('Great Lion') camouflaged for war [1286 × 960]

The Sydney Opera House [1772x850]

The Terrible T, USS Tautog (SS-199), credited with 26 Japanese ships sunk during the Pacific War - May 29, 1945 [5612 x 4210]

The Thames Barrier on the river Thames, London UK. Picture from Science Museum. [OC][3840x2160]

The Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Cowpens (CG 63) fires Standard Missiles (SM) 2 at an airborne drone during a live-fire weapons shoot. [4256 × 2832]

The Time When Two Super Carriers Became Floating Army Helicopter Bases (article in comments) [636 x 424]

The Type 42 destroyer HMS 'Manchester' decorated for the Red Nose Day charity drive, 1991 [1168 × 768]

The Tyrrell P34B, a Formula One car raced in 1976. Driven here by Patrick Depallier. The smaller front wheels were an attempt to remove the wheel's profile from the airflow over the car. [908x606]

The U-175 surfaced after being depth charged and hit with USCGC Spencers battery's [2981 x 2416]

The U.S. Navy Gato-class submarine USS Tunny (SSG-282) launching a SSM-N-8 Regulus I missile in 1958. [859 × 356]

The U.S. Navy attack submarine USS Dallas (SSN-700) in floating dry dock USS Shippingport (ARDM-4) at New London, Connecticut, on 25 March 2001. [1500 × 1200]

The U.S. Navy battleship USS Iowa (BB-61) during an underway replenishment with the Danish frigate Peder Skram (F 352), left, and the West German destroyer Rommel (D 187) during the NATO exercise 'Northern Wedding '86', on 1 September 1986. [2870 × 1900]

The U.S. Navy guided missile cruiser USS Canberra (CAG-2) underway on 9 January 1961[5730 × 4241]

The U.S. Navy seaplane tender USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13) with a Martin P5M-1 Marlin , circa 1957. Still get a kick out of seeing such a large plane be lifted by a crane [1846 x 1175]

The U.S. Navy's only forward-deployed aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), underway in the Philippine Sea. Sept. 2016. [Color-enhanced] [7360 × 4912]

The U.S. fleet at Majuro Atoll in 1944. Visible are three Independence-class light carriers, four Essex-class carriers, USS Enterprise (CV-6), a South Dakota-class battleship, and two Iowa-class battleships. [2,957 × 1,995]

The U.S.S. Indiana, her deck lined with Sailors and Marines, as seen from the Golden Gate Bridge, returning from the Pacific (Oct. 6, 1945). [1905 x 3000]

The US Air Force's only tugboat, the RISING STAR, on her winter haulout at Thule Air Base, Greenland, 2013 [xpost -r-drydockporn][4272×2848]

The US Navy Raumboote 'USN 148' being lifted by the boat repair crane 'Langer Heinrich' at the Ship Repair Department, Bremerhaven, 1953. Built in 1942 as R99 for the Kriegsmarine, between 1945 and 1947 she served with the German Minesweeping Administration as 'Algol'. [1140 x 760]

The US Third Fleet prepares for the invasion of Leyte, 6 October 1944 [2048 × 1541]

The USCGC Eastwind during World War 2, July 1944 [1024 x 530]

The USCGC Taney in Baltimore, she is the last warship that fought in the attack on Pearl Harbor that still is afloat today. [2774 x 2081]

The USNS Red Cloud (T-AKR-313) slides down the slipway into the waiting Pacific at NASSCO, San Diego, August 7th 1999 [2100 x 1422]

The USS Hercules and USS Taurus. Two Pegasus Class fast attack patrol boats showing their hydrofoils. [768 x 512]

The USS Iowa crosses the Panama Canal at Miraflores Lock near Panama City, Panama Wednesday, March 28, 2001 [2000 × 1312]

The USS Iowa in a drydock [1600 × 1056 ]

The USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) as she pulls into Sydney Harbour, July 2007 [1280 x 851]

The USS New Jersey showing one of her forward 40mm swimming pools during the Vietnam war. [1416x928]

The USS Normandy (CG 60) (right), the fast attack submarine USS Annapolis (SSN 760) (center), and the fast combat support ship USS Seattle (AOE 3) (left) transit the Suez Canal [2100 × 1569]

The USS North Dakota (Virginia-class submarine) [3072 x 2044]

The USS Requin (SS-481)- a Tench class submarine- shown here in her role as a radar picket [1,500 × 985]

The Union Pacific 4012 'Big Boy' 4-8-8-4 [4510x2815]

The United States Coast Guard, May 2015

The United States Navy as part of the Sixth Battle Squadron with Rear Admiral Hugh Rodman, by Burnell Poole.[944.619][Art]

The United States Navy, April 2015 [12000x8000][OC]

The United States' greatest ace, USAAF Major Richard Bong in his P-38 Lightning aircraft 'Marge', Dobodura, New Guinea.

The VISTA telescope at sunset [3543 × 3543]

The View From The Cockpit Of A Glider CG-4 Trailer's Transport Aircraft C-47 'Skytrain', 1944

The Virginia-class attack submarine Minnesota (SSN 783) is under construction at Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding. (2100 x 1397)

The Vostok Monument, Russia. Album and links in comments. [1024 × 768]

The Welbike - a British motorcycle fitted in an air drop canister for use during WWII. [2048x1265]

The Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) experimental stellarator (nuclear fusion reactor) [2048 x 1363]

The Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) reactor [5220 × 4399]

The Wendelstein 7-X experimental fusion reactor [OS, 2000x1282]

The Whirlwind computer, a prototype of the SAGE computer used for air defense of North America against Soviet bombers, 1952 [1804×1312]

The Whole Family [4160x2340]

The World is now truly my Oyster - a Milwaukee Sawzall I bought for $10.00 [2581x1900][OC]

The X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle is an unmanned, reusable spaceplane made by Boeing [1824x2736]

The Yamal, a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker [3872x2592]

The Zarya Functional Cargo Block as seen from orbit. This was the first piece of the International Space Station, and was launched on November 20th, 1998 [1280 x 848]

The absolutely massive Arecibo Observatory radio telescope measures 305m wide [1950x1545]

The advantages of wheels not being attached to the wings...

The air cooled, Flat Six cylinder engine of a Porsche 911 rebuilt by Singer Design [2700x1797]

The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), followed by the fast combat support ship USNS Arctic (T-AOE 8) and the guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG 94), passes under the Freedom Bridge while transiting the Suez Canal [4725 × 2950]

The aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) transits the Gulf of Aden [1331 × 1064]

The aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), the Navy's 10th and final Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, heels hard to starboard [2100x1500]

The aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73) sails through calm seas near Guam at sunset while under way in the Pacific Ocean [2546 × 1697]

The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) leads a formation of ships from Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 12 during a maneuvering exercise [1274 x 1915]

The ass of an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT3 [2048x1536]

The asymmetric core of a high-end bowling ball. [1280x720]

The back of a Chinese movt 'Bauhaus' watch, OC, more incl a Hamilton in comments [2820x1945]

The battlecruiser Peter the Great, during the passage of the English channel today [1280 x 1021]

The battleship Conte di Cavour during the parade in the Bay of Naples on 5 may 1938.[964 × 1417]

The battleship USS Iowa (BB 61) leads its battle group. One carrier battle group on each side [2000 × 1592]

The beginning of an A&P's tool collection [5312 x 2988] [OC]

The big guns of USS Nevada (BB-36) [3400 x 2745]

The biggest pipelaying vessel in the world, the Solitaire, transiting the North Sea Canal [OC][5312 x 2988]

The biggest ship in the world, the Prelude. [3940x2561]

The black Panther-Logo of the 460th BG, 15th USAAF in Italy AFTER 30 missions!

The bomber B-24 H Liberator, 493 Bombardment Group, 'Little Warrior', Loses Control When Its Fuel Tanks Explodes After Being Hit By Flak, Quakenbrück, June 28, 1944

The brand new Pilatus PC-24's cockpit [3150x2109]

The central portion of the Heavy Flavor Tracker (HFT) being installed at RHIC's STAR detector (top), and the surrounding portion before installation (bottom). [2,000 x 3,222]

The chassis of a car! [1280x960]

The closest the Germans ever got a carrier— the German catapult ship Bussard with her three Blohm and Voss BV 138 Seedrache float planes [900 x 346]

The complex inner machinery of a WWI U.S. submarine, amidships, looking aft. (Library of Congress) [1247x859]

The construction of the Thames Embankment, 1867 [3950x2817]

The controls of a VERY small steam engine [OS] [3264x2448] (x-posted -r-SteamPorn)

The core of the LISA Pathfinder mission - designed to test technologies needed for the Evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (eLISA), an ESA gravitational wave observatory planned to be launched in 2034 [2506 x 1411]

The crew of a B-26 Marauder outside their plane, nicknamed Ginger, 1944.

The crew of the USS Bennington (CV-20) spelling out a tribute to the USS Arizona (BB-39) as they pass the sunken ship and the platform that served as the original memorial on Memorial Day, 1958.[1200 X 900]

The crew of the aircraft carrier USS MIDWAY (CV-41) mans the rails as the ship arrives at Pearl Harbor 1991 The USS ARIZONA Memorial is in the background at upper right. [2840×1880]

The cryogenic system for the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) second generation instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) [2919 x 2448]

The damaged bow of battleship USS Wisconsin, after a collision with destroyer USS Eaton [1280 × 834]

The de Havilland DH.103 Hornet

The deadly Phalanx CIWS [1761x1500]

The decommissioned destroyer Hayler (DD 997) takes fire during a sinking exercise [1956 × 1304]

The decor of the main gun turret of the battleship Massachusetts, 1890 [3478 x 4250]

The electrodes housing box shown with two flight proof masses and two non-flight models for the LISA Pathfinder mission [2048 × 1536]

The eleventh HMS Vanguard of the Royal Navy is the lead boat of her class of Trident ballistic missile-armed submarines. HM Submarine Vanguard (S28), commissioned in August, 1993. [1500 × 1090]

The end of a coil wound heat exchanger ( 1186 x 780 )

The energy-saving booster pump system in Chicago's Merchandise Mart building [2779 × 2392]

The engine bay of the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini. It is outfitted with two 4.0L V12 engines developing a combined 700HP. [2048x1360]

The engine from a Junkers Ju 86 bomber. One of the very few examples of an opposed cylinder engine. [1,280 × 959]

The engine of custom 1954 Buick by Russ Losing at LeMay Family Collection at Marymount Event Center, Tacoma, WA [OC] [1600x1066]

The engine of the US Army's experimental 'land train' [1280 x 854][OC]

The engine used in all 2014 Red Bull Air Race planes - The Lycoming Thunderbolt [1200 × 800] [xpost from -r-aviation]

The entire British fleet circa 1938-9 including ships under construction. More in comments [2877 x 1614]

The evolution of US nuclear attack submarines [GIF][3000x1000][OC]

The ex-USS Oriskany goes down by the stern May 17, 2006. [2098 x 962]

The experimental Boeing Vertol XCH-62 heavy lift helicopter[1024x622]

The fast attack craft S21 'Dommel' of the Bundesmarine in the late 1960s, showing off her twin 76mm guns [1417 × 694]

The final moments of a B-26 Marauder

The firing of a Seaslug test missile by HMS Girdle Ness (A387), a Royal Navy Guided Missile Trials Ship, ca. 1958. Seaslug was a first generation surface-to-air missile for use by the Royal Navy, with the Mark 1 entering service in 1961. [800 × 529]

The first ETF MT-240 mining truck under construction in Slovenia [655 x 499]

The first Italian dreadnought battleship Dante Alighieri firing a broadside.[2000x1330]

The first battleship build by the United States Navy that were comparable to contemporary European ships, USS Indiana (BB-1).[3389 x 4038]

The first commercially available all-metal Router Pantograph. Make mortise and tenon joints super quick and easy; very unique. Higher-res photo and info in comments [975x717]

The first production of usable nuclear electricity occurred on December 20, 1951, when four light bulbs were lit with electricity generated from the EBR-1 reactor [500x373]

The flagship (technically the only ship, so we'll call it a flagship) of the Mongolian Navy, Sukhbaatar III, is a tugboat manned by 7 men, only one of whom knows how to swim. [500x372]

The flagship of Russia’s North Fleet—the nuclear powered Pyotr Velikiy (Peter the Great) [3562 x 1992]

The flight deck of the aircraft carrier Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) is completed with the addition of the upper bow. The bow weighs 787 metric tons and brings Gerald R. Ford to 96 percent structural completion. xpost from r-warshipporn. [2100x1397]

The former German submarine UB-148 underway in heavy seas, after having been surrendered to the United States. 1919. [2903 × 2167]

The forward bomb bay of a Rockwell B-1 Lancer [3648 × 2736]

The forward turrets of the Italian battleship Littorio. [1364 x 2068]

The front end of a Volkswagen [OC] [3552x2000]

The future USS Oahu (PR-6) nears completion at the Kiangoan Dockyard and Engineering Works at Shanghai on October 1st, 1928. [1500x1105]

The future guided- missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) departs the Bath Iron Works shipyard for its second at-sea period to conduct builder's trials, during which many of the ship's key systems and technologies will be demonstrated [6144 × 4096]

The game is on, French carrier Charles de Gaulle and his battle group departing today for eastern Mediterranean sea [994 x 640]

The garage tool room [4032x2268]

The gas detectors for the TOTEM experiment [1495 x 1122]

The gateway to Hell, Burns Harbor Basic Oxygen Furnace [900x723]

The giant building block set that will become the next Ford-class aircraft carrier - John F. Kennedy (CVN 79).[960×639]

The glowing core of Idaho National Laboratory's Advanced Test Reactor [2791x3668]

The grooves inside of a tank's main-cannon [1492x1492]

The guided-missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93) fires an SM-2 missile during a live-fire exercise. Sailors from the John C. Stennis Strike Group are participating in a sustainment training exercise (SUSTEX) to prepare for future deployments. [3839 x 2553]

The guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG 94) transits alongside the Egyptian Navy corvette El Suez (F941) during a passing exercise.[4256 x 2832]

The guided-missile destroyers USS Sterett (DDG-104), USS Dewey (DDG-105), USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108), USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112), and USS O’ Kane (DDG-77) transit the Pacific Ocean on Oct. 25, 2016. [1800 x 899]

The gun crews of a Navy cruiser covering American landing on the island of Mindoro, December 15, 1944, scan the skies in an effort to identify a plane overhead. Two 5 inch (127mm) guns are ready while inboard 20mm anti-aircraft crews are ready to act. [2809×2339]

The gun deck of USS Constitution. Circa June 2014 [2592 x 1944][OC]

The gunboat SMS Iltis of the Imperial German Navy, with a decorative Pour le Mérite medal at her bow, early 20th century [1024 × 842]

The hardware of the Saturn V Stage 3 J-2 engine. [1024x683]

The hardware of the Saturn V Stage 3 J-2 engine. [1024x683] (xpost -r-TechnologyPorn)

The heat exchanger of one of the F-1 engines used by the Saturn V launch vehicle of the apollo missions, recovered from the Atlantic. [OS] [1080x721]

The heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen of the Kriegsmarine recovering one of her Arado Ar-196 floatplanes, circa 1941. This photo affords an excellent view of one of her four 21' torpedo batteries [1200 × 802]

The hidden motor in the bicycle frame (728 x 420).

The hidden power of US Navy during WW2, the Liberty-class naval cargo ship.[4331×3451]

The highest-capacity heavy lift rocket currently in use. This Delta IV Heavy is being prepared to deliver a classified satellite into orbit on June 9, 2016. [OC][1280x1920]

The hot-water fern drill used for construction of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole. [1247×856]

The hull of USS Long Beach (CGN-9), the last traditional Cruiser hull built by the US Navy, laid bare in early morning light. [2917x2260]

The incomplete and battle-scarred French battleship Jean Bart sailing from Casablanca to Cherbourg for repairs, 1945 [3,354x2,259]

The incredible Pratt & Whitney J-58 Ramjet that powered the SR-71 [1498x798]

The innards of Bristol Centaur rotary valve engine [1200x968]

The inner workings of a 1911 [332x243]

The inner workings of a mechanical watch [1179x594]

The inside of a burning log [800x600] (Xpost from -r-pics)

The inside of a pool table [2448x3264]

The insides of a Patek Philippe watch [1179x594]

The insides of an ISS module. [2728 x 1798] (x post r-space)

The interior of a London & North Eastern 4-6-2 three-cylinder 'Pacific' express locomotive. [3000×1855]

The interior of the tank which surrounds Argonne Lab' 4 MV high-current dynamitron during operation. Circa 1970[2537 x 3200]

The ironclad turret ship HMS Devastation of the Royal Navy. Launched in 1871, Devastation was the world's first ocean-going capital ship to mount the entire armament above the hull, as well as the first to go totally without sails [3468 × 2364]

The last French Battleship - Jean Bart [2154 x 1311]

The last cruise, the last launch. F-14D Tomcats stage to depart USS Roosevelt (CVN-71) for the final time before retirement, 2006 [1800 x 1200]

The last fighting sailship: The SMS Seeadler ('Sea Eagle') runs before the wind. Between December 1916 and September 1917, she sunk 15 Allied vessels, before being wrecked at Mopelia [1146 x 1452]

The last gun cruiser in active service & the flagship of the Peruvian Navy: BAP Almirante Grau (CLM-81) [1024 x 1367]

The last primary structural element of CVN 78 Gerald R. Ford was lifted into place yesterday. [1113x739]

The launch of the Orion EFT-1 on board a Delta V Heavy Rocket [637 x 955]

The launch of the Voyager 2 Probe on top of a Titan Centaur Rocket, in 1977. It visited all 4 of the outer planets, finally reaching Neptune in 1989. It's sister craft, Voyager 1, is now entering Interstellar space. [2012 x 2994]

The lead ship of her light cruiser class, USS St Louis (CL-49) seen here departing Tulagi Harbor, Solomon Islands, 12 Jul 1943. The bow and Union Jack of fleet oiler USS Lackawanna (AO-40) is visible to the far right. [1,201 by 948]

The light carrier Ryūjō of the Imperial Japanese Navy under construction in the Number 5 drydock of Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, 20th October 1931 [2996 x 2369]

The littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) getting a drink from the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6). [OS] [4526x2827]

The littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) transits alongside the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) [1600 x 1067]

The long green mile. Battleship Number 40, USS New Mexico, passes through the Panama Canal, returning to the East Coast for eventual scrapping in 1947. Note the sailors all over the ship, enjoying the leisurely cruise. [4010x4222]

The machinery of an astronomical clock [4368 × 2912]

The main armament of Iron Duke-class battleship, HMS Emperor of India.[1809 x 1176]

The main tuned mass damper atop Taipei 101 [2669x1773]

The mechanics of a ricochet in simulated cross-section - steel-cored bullet striking an aluminum plate at an oblique angle [gif][600x338]

The mighty USS Pinto (ATF-90) motors up the Elizabeth River on October 17, 1944 following an overhaul at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. [1500x1170]

The most famous ship of the Kriegsmarine, battleship Bismarck in Kiel in late September 1940.[1535x2074]

The most fearsome weapon in the Navy's arsenal (cross-post -r-pics) [2877 × 1620]

The most heavily armoured guided missile cruiser in history. USS Mississippi (EAG-128 exBB-41) firing a SAM-N-7 Terrier surface-to-air missile during at-sea tests, circa 1953-55. [5790x3801]

The most operational LCS in the US Navy [4032×3024] (OC)

The new cockpit interior of the Bloodhound SSC, the British rocket and jet-powered supersonic car. It will attempt to reach a speed of 1000mph in a South African desert in 2015-2016 - [1200x920] by Stefan Marjoram

The newly commissioned USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) churns up the Chesapeake as she makes her way out of Baltimore bound for her new homeport at San Diego. [4096x2731]

The nose armament cluster of B-25J Gunship 'Betty's Dream' [3600x2400]

The not so well known Alfa Romeo V8 turbo engine [1,024px × 768px]

The officers and crew of the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin (DDG 89) pose for a group photo under the ship's screws at Fleet Activities Yokosuka [2100 × 1500]

The official rendering of the future Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) to be built for the US Coast Guard. The first of a planned 25-member class is due for delivery in 2021. More details in the comments. [1920x1080]

The oldest and newest carriers active in the US Navy in 1960... the USS Essex (CV-9) and Saratoga (CV-60) [960×768]

The one-man submarine 'DeepWorker 2000' [2,670 x 2,003]

The only Ho229 survivor spotted under restoration

The only Me 323 known to still exist.

The only nuclear sub to sink an enemy vessel - HMS Conqueror returns from the Falklands, flying the Jolly Roger for a confirmed kill [1024 x 723]

The only time all 4 Iowa-Class Battleships were ever in the same place at the same time [700x500]

The open crankcase and crankshaft of a Wärtsilä-Sulzer 12 cylinder marine diesel[1229x1639]

The original Ferris Wheel at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.[1122×1474]

The original NIST atomic clock on a chip [1,465 x 1,449]

The painting 'Torpedoboote im Manöver' by Will Stoewer, depicting the German fleet hoisting signal Z for torpedo boats to attack at the Battle of Jutland, May 31 1916 [3181 × 1765]

The parts of a Mercedes-McLaren SLR Engine [1280 x 960]

The parts of a Shelby GT500 Engine [1600 x 1200]

The people of Montevideo head out to see if rumors that the Admiral Graf Spee would be scuttled were correct after the Battle of River Plate. [800 x 507]

The periscope of HMS Talent pokes above the waters of Kyle of Lochalsh [1687 x 2680]

The post that inspired this subreddit. (x-post pics)

The powerplant of Big Sky's new six person Powder Seeker chairlift. [5184x3888]

The propeller and rudder of the Great Lakes bulk carrier 'Edward L. Ryerson'. Kayak for scale. Duluth MN [OC] [4608X3456]

The prototype Blackburn B20 flying boat.

The prototype for the de Havilland Hornet fighter (1944)

The radioisotope thermoelectric generator aboard Cassini [1,528 x 2,271]

The rear of a Ford GT40 replica showing its famed 'Bundle of Snakes' V8 headers. [3942x2611]

The recent blizzards in and around Moscow taught me that Muscovites in Russia know how to plow a damn highway. [800x600]

The recoil of this 30 mm Gatling Canon can stall the airplane they built around it. [1800x1150]

The remains of Soviet Sverdlov class Cruiser Murmansk [2464 x 1648]

The remains of a Henschel Hs 129 in Tunisia, 1943.

The restored HMS Gay Archer (P1041) [3581 x 2628]

The running gear and electrical equipment of a Pennsylvania Railroad DD1 electric locomotive. [3,593 × 1,746]

The russian 700 hp Kamaz truck, winner of the 2013 and 2014 Dakar and actual leader of the 2015 edition (1200 x 1600).

The scuttled French fleet at Toulon on 28 November 1942 [1512×1183]

The sea breaking over her decks after three of the HMS Ark Royal's jet aircraft had been recovered. There were five more in the air and they were all brought down safely in these conditions. Off Scotland, 14th November 1957. [OS] [800x600]

The seemingly top heavy Brazilian river gunboat Amapa (P32) [1554 x 1036]

The self-trimming Bessemer Saloon Steamer [636x358][OS]

The ship that holds the record of the longest range gunnery hits from a moving ship to a moving target in history, HMS Warspite during the Spanish Civil War.[1025x623]

The solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 [1920 x 1080]

The steamship 'Turbinia' proved the viability of steam turbine power by showing up uninvited to the 1897 Royal Naval Review and racing between the assembled warships in full view of the Lords of the Admiralty and the Prince of Wales. She outran all pursuers, reaching 34.5 knots. [2000x1408]

The stern notch of the 740’ long ATB barge “Lakes Contender”. This is where the tug that pushes the barge fits in to. Duluth, MN [OC] [4608X3456]

The suction head of a 'snorkel' dredge in all its rusty, confusing glory. Dredge Vicksburg. Water is pumped through the nozzles and cannons at high pressure to liquify the mud and is then sucked up through the cage. [OC][2988x5312]

The sun rising over San Jacinto battlefield and USS Texas (BB-35)[1084x720]

The surface of a rewritable memory chip. [650x453]

The surviving figurehead of the USS Massachusetts (BB-2), now in Dahlgren Hall at the US Naval Academy [991x836]

The tall ship Elissa, first laid down in 1877, leads a brand new USS Texas (SSN-775) into Port Galveston, Texas [3239 x 2400]

The target assembly for NIF's first integrated ignition experiment mounted in the cryogenic target positioning system, or cryoTARPOS [1893 × 1396]

The terrifying Honda P1 humanoid robot from 1993. Can't help imagining it with guns-chainsaws for hands. [1356x2560]

The three men who dropped Little Boy in 1945, Dutch Van Kirk, Morris R. Jeppson, and Paul W. Tibbets, sit in their seats in the Enola Gay cockpit after 60 years.

The top drawer [4000x3000][OC]

The top of the W-16 block from a Bugatti Veyron.[1280x960]

The tower of USS George Washington (CVN 73) looms over a launching E-A-18 of the Vikings of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 129 [2707x4068]

The two-man crew of a burnt Mosquito which flew through the burning oil and gas of a Dornier Do 207 that they had just destroyed.

The unfinished Italian aircraft carrier 'Aquila' tied up at La Spezia sometime following Italy's surrender [4000 × 2481]

The unfinished atomic bomb 'Gadget', from the Manhattan Project [600x423]

The uniquely shaped Brazilian Submarine Rescue ship Felinto Perry (K-11) with her landing pad above her bridge. [4000 x 2248]

The up-armed USCGC Adak in the Persian Gulf, 2012 [960 x 644]

The upper interconnect layers of an Intel 80486 DX2 microprocessor, first produced in 1989. 200x magnification [1024 ×1024]

The vapor trails from two Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft light up the night sky

The viewing port on the Target Chamber of the National Ignition Facility (NIF) [1,500 × 1,000]

The warship HMS Helsingborg visited my hometown this weekend. [3624x2448][OC]

The weapon systems of Kirov class cruiser 'Kirov-Admiral Ushakov' [GIF][1920x600][OC]

The weapon systems of a Sachsen class frigate of the German Navy [4256 x 2832]

The wooden Mosquito.

The world's first nuclear-powered submarine, USS Nautilus with New York City in the background. 1956 [2100 x 1433]

The world's largest enclosed ferris wheel in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. [768x1024]

The world's most complicated pocket watch (1160 x 1160).

The world's only Magnetohydrodynamic drive powered ocean vessel; the Yamato - 1 [3072x2304]

The world's second nuclear submarine, USS Seawolf, being launched in July 1955 [1415 x 1109]

The wreck of a P-38 Lightning (serial number 42-68177) of the 20th Fighter Group that crash landed at Sudbury, home of the 486th Bomb Group

The yacht America, pictured in 1891. America won the first ever America's Cup in 1851. Spent time as a blockade runner for the CSA & later as a member of the blockade for the Union. She was also a sail training vessel for the US Naval Academy after the war. [3840x3041]

Theater stage and fly loft. [913x792]

There are now 3 Carrier Groups and 1 Amphibious Ready Group in the Eastern Mediterranean. Kuznetsov, Charles de Gaulle, Eisenhower and Wasp. [Infographic update][OC]

There is quite a bit to a Keurig coffee maker, courtesy r-ThingsCutInHalfPorn (2988 x 5312).

There there, it's not so bad - consoling a morose Sea Sparrow on DD123 'Shirayuki' [640x480]

There's not nearly enough love for the Gator Navy on this sub. So, I give you the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2), lead ship in her Class of Amphibious Assault Ships. [2404x1831]

These Brembo brake calipers on the 2012 Effenbert Liberty Ducati 1098R WSBK. [466x310]

These geode bookends [3200 x 2000]

Thiel CS2 Loudspeaker

This Cat excavator has very big feet! Sevier Lake playa, Utah. Bonus photo of nearby evaporating salt pond (540x2016)

This Croissant [2409 x 2409] [X-Post from -r-food]

This P-47 miraculously managed to land after sustaining damage which resulted in large part of the aircraft being covered with oil.

This Typhoon seems to have had a malfunction with one of its missile tubes. [1280 x 893]

This device is used to pull barges out of the Mississippi river. South St. Paul MN [OC] [4680X3456]

This house I found in Toronto[1836 × 3264]

This is NOT an OSHA approved workplace. USS South Dakota (BB-57), fitting out on January 1st, 1942. View looks aft. All sorts of fascinating details in the picture. [5026x6170]

This is a nanoinjector, a microscopic machine used to inject cells with DNA (X-post from r-pics) [798x535]

This is captioned on navsource as 'Stern view of someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley.' But God does Nevada look heavy in this photo. [2372x1801]

This is unusual high Calcium buildup from a water treatment plant pipe [2048x1536]

This is what a warship looks like in our parts of the world. Osebergskipet, viking era, circa 800AD [2048x1399]

This machine is used to shape fenders for classic roadsters by Cooper Technica, Inc. in Chicago. [1600x917]

This machine walks along the pre-erected cement pylons, it lays a section of high speed rail base and keeps going [3600x1040]

This morning, the first stage of a falcon 9 will attempt to land on a barge out at sea. Elon Musk has named that barge 'Of Course I Still Love You', in honor of science fiction writer Iain Banks, whose books helped inspire him. [639 x 518]

This motorcycle helmet [960x698]

This photo could have been taken (if you had a time machine, of course) in 1705, 1755, 1805 or 1855 (it was taken around then). A Royal Navy squadron comprising a first rate (120* guns) and 3 x third rates (74* guns) at anchor, Grand Harbour, Malta. *these are guesses on my part. [2926x1952]

This photo illustrates the excellent insulating properties of aerogel. The crayons on top of the aerogel are protected from the flame underneath, and are not melting. [369x441]

This photograph shows both sides of the printed circuit board inside a typical keydrive (ca. 2004), in this case an inexpensive 64 MB USB 2.0 device. Explanation of labels in the comments. [1000x959]

This photograph shows very useful detail of the armoured windscreen and method of canopy opening on the Bf 110. The Bf 109Gs are possibly from I-JG 27

This sub isn't dead! We can salvage it... (the grounded USS H-3 being portaged on log rollers into Humboldt Bay) [1200 × 878]

This subreddit is dead today, so here's a shot of the launch of the Italian submarine Giuliano Prini (S523). 12-12-1989. [1182x770]

Thomas Edison and his early phonograph. [2640×3327]

Thought I would share a vintage Snap-on set. Album in the comments. [3264x2448]

Three Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-68A engines propel the Delta IV Heavy rocket to orbit. Photo from the 11 June 2016 launch of NROL-37 [OC][1920x1280]

Three Astute-class nuclear attack submarines in the build hall together. [1024x688]

Three Avro Lancaster B1's of No 207 Squadron RAF, in formation over the English countryside during WWII.

Three Blohm & Voss BV-138 seaplanes, on the German catapult ship Bussard.

Three Hurricanes chase another

Three Navy Grumman F4F-3-3A Wildcats of Fighting Squadron VF-5 from USS Yorktown (CV-5) flying in formation, circa 1941. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

Three Typhoon class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines [4672 × 3104]

Three anti-neutrino detectors used to study the behavior of neutrinos are being prepared in a dry pool [OS][4288 × 2848]

Three million volts hit a car in the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Pittsburgh for a ‘lightning test’, 1940s [489×750] (xpost -r-HistoryPorn)

Three sisters photographed shortly after the conclusion of the Gilberts Campaign. The battleships, in an anchorage protected by anti-torpedo nets, are (from left to right): USS Idaho (BB-42); USS New Mexico (BB-40); and USS Mississippi (BB-41). [5691x4511]

Thunderbolt featuring a direct 88 mm hit. Landed safely.

Tiddles, the ship's cat of HMS Victorious, at his favourite station on the aft capstan,where he can play with the bell-rope 1942 [1500×1990]

Tiger-1 H Tank (1348 x 803).

Tiger-1 H Tank [2816x1680]

Tightening the tail rotor blades of an SH-60B Sea Hawk helicopter [2250x1500]

Timber slicks, corner chisel, various chisels L to R [1028x931]

Timberland PRO Rip Saw Logger Boots [1000x1000] [OC]

Timeline of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy [1400×876]

Tiny Turbine Engine - Idle Speed of 100K RPM [800x532][OS]

Tiny but deadly. 2man mini-sub with torpedoes [OC][1900x1300]

Tire Iron Mod. I usually use the 3-4' and was sick of checking which end to use. [1793 x 3187]

Titan missile complex [706x530]

Tocardo tidal-power turbines to be installed in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, Netherlands. [1410×1200]

Today is the anniversary of the XB-70's first supersonic flight [1500x1200]

Toilet [2500x1667] [OC]

Tomahawk Mk. IIB AK457 - GA O, a No 112 Sqn RAF machine, pictured in North Africa in 1941. The squadron was the first in the RAF to use the shark's mouth, from mid-1941 onwards.

Tomahawk tubes are a no pedestrian area aboard USS Florida, SSGN-728, [640x480]

Tool Panel [1600 x 966] (x-post organizationporn)

Tooth [1024x768]

Tooth showing the effect of a cavity forming [1024x627]

Tooth with cavity [806x607]

Top Gear Russia Magazine Accidentally Published An Image Of A Classified Submarine [1200x900]

Top drawer industrial-automotive diesel tech. [3264x2448]

Top of a Coke can cut in half. [1136x640]

Top of an aluminum can. [640x1136]

Top view of a P-61 Black Widow

Torpedo Squadron Six (VT-6) TBD-1 aircraft are prepared for launching on USS Enterprise (CV-6) at about 0730-0740 hrs, 4 June 1942 (Battle of Midway)

Torpedo boat № 61 of the Imperial Russian Navy cruising off St Petersburg Marina, after 1895 [3320 × 2359]

Tortoise [1440x825]

Towed Camper [1024x471]

Town Class Destroyer HMS Leamington Returns To Halifax, Nova Scotia After Being Caught In A North Atlantic Gale. January 22nd, 1943 [800 x 500]

Track of Carrier Task Force for Pearl Harbor Attack. [1004×710]

Tracked Air Cushion Research Vehicle (TACRV) - a turbofan powered hovertrain testbed built by Grumman, c. 1972. [3000×2039]

Tractor [8834 x 4783] [OC]

Train transporting Soyuz TMA-16 spacecraft to launchpad at Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Sept. 28, 2009. [3000×1890]

Training aircraft carrier USS Wolverine (IX-64) underway in Chicago harbor, 22 August 1942 [1843×1329]

Transfer of a Polaris Missile between USS Proteus (AS-19) and USS Patrick Henry (SSBN-599), at Holy Loch, Dunoon, UK in 1961. [827x587]

Transferring fluids between vac trucks; literal machine porn! [2448x1836] [OC]

Transportation Technology Incorporated People Mover. January 1971. Photo from the Metro Transportation Library and Archive [5961x4739]

Tree cut in half reveals a golf ball cut in half (800 x 1066).

Tree of Life, 1891 [631x668]

Tree root system [2160 x 2160] (OC)

Tree roots [2000 × 1477]

Tree within a tree (X-Post -r-Pics) [720x960]

Trident tubes for a British sub [X-post from -r-photoshopbattles][1764x1323]

Tried colorizing this photo of the Mariners

Triple Bypass Shooter Sandwich [3264×2448]

Triton 3300-3 Submersible [3,000 x 2,182]

Troop carrier Douglas C-47s tow Waco CG-4A gliders during the invasion of France in June 1944

Truck that moves the median (480 x 270) gif.

Trunk of a Cork Oak [1200×765]

Tsunami evacuation pod (3369 x 2246).

Tucker Sno-Cat, Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, November-December 1957. x-post r-Historyporn. [725x475]

Tugboat approaches USS Vicksburg (CG-69) with Italian frigate Aliseo (F-574) and Spanish oiler Patiño (A-14) docked in Croatia, 2015 [3000 x 2143]

Tunnel boring machine (1200 x 900).

Tunnel boring machine being used for the new metro line in LA [1152x1536] (x-post -r-LosAngles)

Turbine Blade Machining [620x384]

Turbine blades of a GE J47 turbojet from a Boeing B-47 bomber [OC][5184x3456]

Turbo alcohol engine [4128x2322]

Turkish Navy sailors conducting firefighting exercise on board a Barbaros-class frigate TCG Oruçreis (F-245) [3500 x 2336]

Turkish Navy sailors on board a Barbaros-class frigate TCG Oruçreis (F-245) [3500 x 2336]

Turkish Power Ship [1500x640]

Turtle Shell [1920x1024]

Twin turbo charged V twin motorcycle [600x400]

Two Avengers fly over USS Hornet, 1944 [1280 x 960]

Two Cheng Kung-class frigate of the ROCN from afar, pictured in Zuoying naval base, Kaohsiung (sorry for potato quality) [4032 x 3024]

Two Corsair pilots discussing their mission.

Two Fairey Gannet AEW3's of 849D Flight, HMS Eagle. Hong Kong 1966 (my photo) [2388 x 1608]

Two Japanese Coast Guard vessels, JCG Muzuki (PS 11) and (JCG Nobaru PS 16), ram a Chinese boat piloted by activists who had placed a Chinese flag on Uotsuri Island- 8-15-2012 [3500 x 2298]

Two Kuznetsov class aircraft carriers [2000 × 1179]

Two MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopters, from the Eightballers of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 8, fly over the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) [4432x3166]

Two Macchi C. 200 'Saetta'.

Two Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen-class frigates with B-52 and two F-16s in the background [4888 × 3259]

Two U.S. Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters receive fuel from a KC-130 Hercules while transporting Humvees over the Gulf of Aden. [1851x1244]

Two U.S. Navy Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver dive bombers of Bombing Squadron 83 (VB-83) fly against the backdrop of ships of Task Group 38.3 operating off Okinawa

Two Warships, Two Eras, One Idea [500 x 650]

Two airborne P-51 Mustangs of the 84th Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group.

Two famous ships in one shot: HMS Vanguard and Queen Elizabeth.[1024 × 684]

Two men standing next to open missiles hatches of a Typhoon class SSBN [1356×768]

Two oil derricks in winter. [800x450]

Two people kissing

Two-percent scale model of the SLS solid rocket boosters and core stage RS-25 engines [960 x 720]

Type 61 aircraft direction frigate HMS Salisbury (F32), 5th December 1974. [OS] [800x589]

Type 903 Replenishment Ship Taihu and Type 054A Guided Missile Frigates Yancheng and Daqing. [1308 x 736] [Album in comments] [OC]

Type IA ocean-going U-boat U-26.[2000 × 1129]

Typhoon class SSBN [1100 × 721]

Typhoon class SSBN and Kirov class battlecruiser in the background [1688 × 1104]

Typhoon class nuclear submarine escorted by Tugboats. [1200x741]

Typhoon-class submarine replenishing in ice-covered seas - illustration from a 1986 DIA report. [1200×974]

U-103 crew members attempt to repair their 37mm AA gun, struggling in the rough sea [652×921]

U-117 and U-66 caught on the surface by American CVE aircraft. August 7, 1943 [757 × 603]

U-534. Sank by an RAF Bomber in 1945, she is one of only four German WWII submarines in preserved condition in the world. Now a major tourist attraction in my town, Birkenhead, England. [5033 × 2255]

U-534: A German WWII submarine chopped up for display at Birkenhead, England. [1024×768]

U-Boat 110, forward Torpedo Room [2817 x 2224]

U.S. Capitol Dome, Thomas Ustick Walter, architect, 1859 [2087 × 3500]

U.S. Fleet moored in Pearl Harbor on 3 May 1940 [3600 x 2821]

U.S. Navy Sea Shadow (IX-529) 1999 [3165x2160]

U.S. Navy Yard, Washington. Sight shop, big gun section. 1917: Possible future armament for the New Mexico (BB-40-42) class [3250x2299]

U.S. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships are underway (4288 x 2848)

U.S. Navy submarine USS Nautilus (SS-168) Sinking the Japanese destroyer Yamakaze on on 25 June 1942 [2937×2319]

U.S. and British warships anchored in Sagami Wan, outside of Tokyo Bay, Japan, on the day the Allied ships entered Japanese waters, 27 August 1945. Photographed from USS South Dakota (BB-57) as the sun set behind Mount Fuji's distinctive cone. [3200 x 2623]

U.S. soldiers examine a WWII one-man German torpedo-carrying craft (non-submersible) which beached on the Anzio beachhead area, Italy. April, 1944. [x-post -r-HistoryPorn] [3846 × 2985]

U.S.S Missouri [800 x 726]

U.S.S West Virginia giving direct fire support with its 16' guns during the landings on Okinawa [1569x1688]

U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN 65) haulin' ass, U.S.S. Porter (DDG 78) and Cole (DDG 67) keeping up during exercise Bold Alligator off the Virginia and North Carolina Coasts. 2-4-2012. [2226x1590]

U.S.S. Oakland (CL 95). 6,000 ton light cruiser, 32.5kns, 12 x 5' guns. Launched 1942, served in TG 58-38 throughout the war in several major engagements earning 9 battle stars. As a lifetime Oakland Athletics fan & native of the Bay Area I had to put a pic up! [2802x2208]

U.S.S. Vermont in 1898 [3000 x 2388]

UCSB's five-qubit array superconducting quantum circuit, for a quantum computer. [1711x1140]

US Air Force 'Beetle' prototype, designed to work with nuclear powered bomber aircraft [1280x990]

US Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV) depart USS Bataan (LHD-5), 2016 [1400 x 935]

US Marines and Navy sailors boarding a Sri Lanka Navy's Yuhai-class LST SLNS Shakthi (L-880). USS Somerset (LPD-25) can be seen in the background. [2500 x 1669]

US Navy DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class [5144 × 3840]

US Navy Mark VI patrol boat in Guam [4736 x 3157]

US Navy Operations Specialist 3rd Class inside the combat information center (CIC) of the USS Harpers Ferry (LSD-49) [4634 x 3084]

US Navy SEALs torpedo armed mini-sub [OC][1900x1300]

US Navy personnel freeing a PBY-5A Catalina aircraft from frozen waters in the Aleutian Islands at Kodiak Bay, Alaska, late 1942.

US Office of Naval Research R-P FLIP (FLoating Instrument Platform) 2012 [2706×4090]

US helicopter CH-53 gearbox, man for scale [720*466]

US nuclear cruisers [1600 × 1265]

USAAF B24-D Liberator LADY BE GOOD. Located another photo of the crash site.

USAAF Liberator Attacked With Japanese Phosphorus Bomb While Bombing Truk

USAAF bombers flying over Mount Vesuvius Italy, 1944. [800x653]

USAF 'Beetle'. Designed to service nuclear powered bombers. [1280x1280]

USAF C-47A Skytrain carrying Normandy Invasion markings. She operated out of Devon, England during the invasion. [1210 X 520] Source:

USAF Rockwell B-1B Lancer departing Dyess afb, Texas [2048x1365]

USB pen [1266 x 1028]

USCGC Eagle under full sail in 2013 [1776 x 1275]

USCGC Eagle: A former German barque and one of only two commissioned sailing vessels. [2048x1366]

USCGC Stratton underway during RIMPAC 2016 [1000 x 666]

USNS GySgt. Fred W. Stockham (T-AK-3017) bathed in sunlight as she sits alongside USS The Sullivans pier at Stapleton, Staten Island. [1400x1200]

USNS Henry J. Kaiser (T-AO-187) conducts a replenishment-at-sea with the Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship USS Rushmore (LSD-47) and the amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD-2) 2011 [4781×3187]

USNS Kanawha (T-AO 196) refueling probe pulls away from the guided missile destroyer USS Mitscher (DDG 57) 2003 [2100×1378]

USS ARIZONA (BB-39) in New York during trials 1916 [4104×3215]

USS Alabama (BB-60) [2560 × 1600]

USS Alabama (BB-60) anchored in Puget Sound, Washington, March 1945 [2799 x 1901]

USS Alabama as seen looking aft. Sitting in Mobile Bay. [4032 x 3024

USS Alaska (CB-1) as see at Philadelphia Navy Yard30 July, 1944. [5516x4130]

USS Alaska (CB-1) photographed from USS Missouri (BB-63) off the U.S. east coast during their shakedown cruise together in August 1944 [3600 x 2868]

USS Alaska maneuveres in front of uss Missouri during their shakedown cruises, Aug 1944.[1130 x 1728]

USS America (LHA-6) departing from LA.[1700 x 1133]

USS Arizona (BB-39) burning after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 1941 [2940x2326]

USS Arizona (BB-39) leading USS Nevada (BB-36) into a head sea, May 1932 [1500 x 1167]

USS Arizona (BB-39). Removal and salvage efforts of Turrets #3 and 4, Feb. 25, 1942. Add'l info in comments. [2423 × 3000]

USS Artisan (AFDB-1),a Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock, at Manus Island with USS Iowa in dock, 1944.[3000 x 2421]

USS Atherton was a Cannon class destroyer escort commissioned in 1943 and sank the last U-Boat sunk off the United States during WWII. Here she sails alongside USS Essex in...2009? Wait, that's not an Essex class aircraft carrier! [1023x862]

USS Barbel in the clear water of the Pacific [1100 x 710]

USS Biloxi (CL-80) photographed in a turn to port during her shakedown cruise. October 1943. [6232 × 4846]

USS Blakely (DE-1072) in the Kiel Canal - September 18, 1971 [1728 x 1222]

USS Blueback (SS-581) in muddy waters. [1250 x 837]

USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) and USS Ashland (LSD 48) in formation. Nice view of ten Ospreys lined up on the Bonhomme Richard’s deck [4305 x 2870]

USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) sailing off the coast of Australia, 2015 [3497 x 1982]

USS Bunker Hill CG-52 pulls away from the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 after taking on fuel.2011[1421 x 960]

USS Cairo at Vicksburg [3264 x 2448][OC]

USS California (BB-44) August 1945 aft main battery turrets [2500 x 1967]

USS California (BB-44) at high speed. That, of course, is a relative term. Her nickname was the 'prune barge' and was about as fast as one. But she could look fast with that clipper bow! [5056x2948]

USS California (BB-44) overhead view December 1945 [2681 x 2061]

USS Canberra bombarding the coast of Vietnam 1967 [981×1259]

USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) standing in under a fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge. Date not certain, possibly Oct 2011. [xpost -r-pics] [1600 × 1034]

USS Carr (FFG-52) at Staten Island, N.Y, during Fleet Week 2005 [3600×2400]

USS Carronade (IFS-1) Inshore Fire Support Ship (IFS), part of the 'brown-water navy' [956x663]

USS Chicago (CG-11) as she appeared in 1978, USS Chicago (CA-136) as she appeared in 1945 in the comments. [800x600]

USS Chung Hoon (DDG-93) Prepares for dry dock, 2013. [2411 x 3215] [OC]

USS Chung Hoon (DDG-93) in dry dock Pearl Harbor at night, 2013 [4128 x 3096] [OC]

USS Congress (56 gun frigate) is left in flames by CSS Virginia during the Battle of Hampton Roads. March 8th, 1862. Painting by the late Tom Freeman. [908x900]

USS Connecticut (SSN-22) departs Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for sea trials, 2016 [3000 x 2000]

USS Constitution in a dry dock [3264 × 2448]

USS Constitution's hull in drydock

USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) on Yankee Station conducting flight ops with an F-4 Phantom on final approach. Photo taken from USS Francis Hammond (DE-1067) in plane guard position. 1972. [1280 × 853]

USS Coronado (LCS-4) is nudged into her berth at Pearl Harbor for repairs following an engineering casualty in the Western Pacific. [4730x3148]

USS Cowpens (CG 63) fires a Standard Missiles (SM) 2 at an airborne drone during a live-fire weapons shoot in the Pacific Ocean [4256 × 2832]

USS Devastator (MCM 6) transits through the Arabian Gulf. Devastator is participating in U.K.-U.S. Mine Countermeasures Exercise 17-1.[4928x3280]

USS Drayton (DD-366) off the West Coast in October 1941, as seen from a Navy Texan trainer [5809x3740]

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle in operation against ISIS [2048 x 1067]

USS Elrod (FFG-55) Guantanamo Bay, 2012 [2100 x 1500]

USS Enterprise (CVAN-65). Flight deck carnage following the January 1969 Zuni-rocket explosion off Hawaii; seen here soon after the fire was extinguished and before flight operations resumed. [1024 × 810]

USS Enterprise (CVN 65) on fire in 1969. A Zuni rocket detonated and ignited jet fuel. [1,881 × 1,492]

USS Enterprise (CVN 65) under construction [1689 × 2100]

USS Enterprise CV-65 motto. “We are Legend; Ready on Arrival; The First, the Finest; Eight Reactors, None Faster” [3000x2400]

USS Enterprise with air wing on display. Sometime in the 1980's. [1535×1900]

USS Firebolt (PC-10) fires a Griffin missile during weapon proficiency training. Arabian Gulf, 2015 (x-post r-Militaryporn) [4407 x 2975]

USS Franklin listing alongside the USS Santa Fe. The carrier had been hit and set afire by a Japanese dive bomber during the Okinawa invasion [1000 x 768]

USS Franklin, CV-13, on the East River, heading to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for repairs of bomb damage, 28 April 1945 [5747x4457]

USS GAMBIER BAY (CVE-73) straddled by Japanese shells and falling behind the rest of her task group, during the battle off Samar, 25 October 1944 [3600 x 2843]

USS Gallup (PF-47) The only remaining Tacoma-class frigate in the world.[1000x750]

USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77) underway in the Atlantic conducting training prior to her upcoming deployment. A Ticonderoga-class cruiser is visible off Bush's port bow. Dec. 2016. USN photo. [3964 x 2832]

USS George H.W. Bush CVN 77 sails in some rather interesting Atlantic waters [3908x2600]

USS George H.W. Bush conducting flight operations, date very uncertain [1400x1073]

USS George HW Bush (CVN-77) launches an X-47B drone during carrier qualifications, May 2013 [3657x2434]

USS George Washington (CVN 73) transits the Atlantic Ocean conducting carrier qualifications with F-35C Lighting II carrier variants 8-16-16 [2250x1500]

USS George Washington (CVN-73) and USNS Yukon (T-AO-202) conduct UNREP, Coral Sea, 2013 [5117 x 3411]

USS George Washington (CVN-73) maneuvers past Mt. Surabachi on Iwo To island, formally known as Iwo Jima, on 7 September 2014. [3000x1996]

USS George Washington (CVN-73) transits the wind-blown Strait of Magellan on November 1st, 2015. [3000x1980]

USS George Washington (CVN-73) underway in the Pacific Ocean with Mt. Fuji in the background. Nov. 2009. [3,000 × 2,400]

USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) showing off its tremendous size. [752 x 960]

USS Gerald R. Ford is a beautiful carrier [5182 x 3200]

USS Growler Diesel Sub (1958) with Regulus 2 missile launcher [800 x 600]

USS HALSEY (DDG 97) stands out of San Diego at sunset. [3022 × 1679]

USS Halibut -vintage nuclear cruise missile submarine -see comments [3803 x 2387]

USS Hancock (CV-19) Recovers a Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter, circa 1944.

USS Harry S. Truman Strike Group deploys to the Middle East [640×480]

USS Henderson and the aircraft carrier USS Leyte (CV-32) being refueled by USS Cimarron of Korea between October 1950 and January 1951.[1200 × 957]

USS Hercules (PHM-2) bow-on. She was a Pegasus-class missile hydrofoil, armed with a 76mm OTO and two quad-packs of Harpoons. Foil-borne, she could dash at 48 knots. Source for this pic is the cover of a Boeing brochure uploaded to [1899 x 2458]

USS IOWA (BB-61) - View from the forward superstructure, as the ship follows other battleships out of a Pacific Anchorage during 1944 [2519 x 3200]

USS Idaho (BB-42) bombarding Okinawa at point-blank range. She gets a notable and distinctive appearance in the movie Hacksaw Ridge. [4396x3276]

USS Idaho (BB-42) under way [1600 x 1200]

USS Idaho (BB-43), underway in June, 1927 and providing an excellent view of her aircraft catapults. [2595x1460]

USS Idaho BB-42 bombarding Okinawa 1945 {1280x960}

USS Illinois, SSN-786, under construction [2048x1159]

USS Independence CVL 22 are captured in a three-dimensional (3D) low-resolution sonar image of the shipwreck [1200x778]

USS Indiana (BB-58) fires a salvo from her forward 16' guns at the Kamaishi, Japan Iron Plant. The forward mast of USS Massachusetts (BB-59) is visible directly behind Indiana. In the distance is most likely the USS Quincy (CA-71) due to her Measure 22 camouflage. July 1945 [3787 × 2839]

USS Indiana's severely damaged starboard hull. BB-58 had crossed the bow of USS Washington (BB-56) in the dark on February 1st, 1944. Not shown was the extent of the damage done below the waterline- her starboard propeller shaft was severely damaged as well. [6186x5048]

USS Intrepid (CVS-11) recovering the Gemini 3 spacecraft, 23 March 1965 [4656×3698]

USS Iowa (BB 61) firing a 2,700-pound projectile from the barrel of a forward 16' gun during sea trials off the coast of Mississippi, 1984 [2,700x2,160]

USS Iowa (BB-61) firing a broadside [1,200x857]

USS Iowa (BB-61) is launched at New York Naval Yard on 27 August 1942.[720 X 960]

USS Iowa 16 Inch Gun Turret, Voytek S. (with Jeff Dahl)-Wikimedia Commons, 2007 [2000 x 1120]

USS Iowa BB-61 on its way to San Pedro, CA from Vallejo, CA, June 2012[4288 x 2848]

USS Iowa at Dry Dock [1600 × 1311]

USS Iowa at her moorings in Los Angeles. I took this picture from a cruise ship a couple years ago.[3264 x 1836]

USS Iowa during the night at the LA Fleet Week with USS Wayne E. Meyer and USS America in the background.[1920 × 1080]

USS Iowa from 'Magnificent Ships: Volume 1' for Vive VR Headsets [4356x2520] [Art]

USS Iowa in 1984 (x-post r-HistoryPorn)[960X1224]

USS Iowa, the largest warship designed to be able to traverse the Panama Canal, eeks its way through the locks for the last time, with inches to spare. 2001 - [1996×1297]

USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) pulls into the port of Valletta, Malta [2100x1396]

USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) rusts in Philly [OC] (3982 X 2953)

USS LCS-102 as she appears today at Mare Island. Over 900 of these 158-foot craft were built, each kcapable of 16 knots while carrying a full company of infantry. [1798 x 1011]

USS Langley (CV-1) Anchored With Multiple US Dreadnoughts, Culebra Island, March 18, 1926. [2500 x 1438]

USS Lexington (CV-16), Museum on the Bay, Corpus Christi, Texas [1920x1200]

USS Lexington at Tacoma showing off her 8 inch guns, 1929.[2408 x 1758]

USS Little Rock (LCS-9) is launched into the Menominee River in Marinette, Wisconsin [2000x1305]

USS MOFFETT (DD-362) Porter-class destroyer, 1944 [2887×2334]

USS Macon counts as a warship. No discussion. Vroom vroom. [4320x3549]

USS Maryland (SSBN-738) blows out her ballast tanks as she prepares to submerge off Cape Canaveral, FL to conduct a live fire test of an inert Trident II D5 Missile as part of her post-shipyard shakedown cruise. [4531x3236]

USS Massachusetts BB59 Looking aft from the bow. Battleship Cove, Massachusetts. [4032 x 3024]

USS Miami (SSN-755), entering drydock on March 15, 2012. Two months later she would be totaled in an act of arson. [1500x2100]

USS Midway (CVA-41) preparing to launch a pair of F-8 Crusader fighters during carrier qualifications, circa 1963 [710 x 510][OS]

USS Midway (CVA-41): Flight Deck Director signals an F-4 Phantom II fighter into position on the starboard catapult in preparation for launching. 5 August 1970. Photo Kevin Freedman [595 x 765][OS]

USS Midway CV-41 & USS Iowa, BB-61 Battle Group Arabian Gulf ~ December 1987 [481 × 600]

USS Mississippi, BB-41, picture 2. From virtually the same point of view, but taken 20 years later! Underway at three knots in Puget Sound, Washington, 13 July 1944. She is painted in Camouflage Measure 32, Design 6D. [5661x4589]

USS Missouri (BB-63) and USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), refueling from USNS Kawishiwi (AO-146) in July, 1986. [3000x2010]

USS Missouri (BB-63) fires a six-gun salvo from her forward sixteen-inch guns turrets. The six projectiles are visible in flight at upper right of photo. USN Photo courtesy Getty Images. More info in comments. August 1944. [1024 × 855]

USS Missouri (BB-63), Pearl Harbor [OC][1024 x 681]

USS Missouri at dry dock [1224 × 792]

USS Missouri fires a salvo of 16-inch shells from turret 2 while bombarding Chongjin, North Korea, in an effort to cut enemy communications, October 1950. [2846 × 2260]

USS Missouri fires at Iraqi targets at night while near the Kuwaiti coast in 1991 [3000 x 1976]

USS Missouri firing during Operation Desert Storm, 6 Feb 1991 [3000×1976]

USS Missouri on her shakedown cruise in 1944.[736 x 939]

USS Missouri squeezing into the Panama Canal [595 x 741]

USS Missouri towers over visitors in drydock, Hawaii. [1224x792]

USS Mobile Bay (CG-53), USS Chung Hoon (DDG-93), and USS Russell (DDG-59) take part in a show of force transit, 2015 [5866 x 3915]

USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20) in floating drydock at Rijeka in January [4288×2848]

USS Mustin (DDG-89) leads a single column formation of warships from the U.S. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) as part of the annual bilateral Guam Exercise (GUAMEX). Jan 2015. USN Photo. [3993 × 2662]

USS Nevada (BB-36) underway, unknown date [3333 x 2683]

USS New Jersey (BB 62) passes through the Gaillard Cut during a transit of the Panama Canal [1500 × 1009]

USS New Jersey (BB-62) and USS Missouri (BB-63) picture was taken April 5-7 1953 at Yokosuka Japan [960x640]

USS New Jersey (BB-62) at sea with the Pacific Fleet [3240 x 2602]

USS New Jersey (BB-62) fires her main 16' 50 caliber and 5' 38 caliber secondary guns, in the northern Pacific Ocean. [3600 x 2319]

USS New Jersey (BB-62), USS Missouri (BB-63) and USS Long Beach (CGN-9) viewed from USS Enterprise (CVN-65) [1489 x 1885]

USS New Jersey (BB-62), delivering the pain at Mach 2.4 [3000x2400]

USS New Jersey and IJN Nagato in the SAME photo? 30 December 1945 [2600x2003]

USS New Orleans (LPD-18) fires a RIM-116 surface-to-air intercept missile from its Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) launcher while off the coast of California during a live-fire exercise. May 2013. [4,042 × 2,694]

USS New Orleans with her bow blown off forward of turret two after the Battle of Tassafaronga [1200 x 968]

USS New York (BB-34) arrives off New York City to take part in Navy Day celebrations, circa 19 October 1945.[2564 × 3257]

USS New York (BB-34) in heavy seas while en route from Casablanca on convoy escort duty, March 1943 [4517×5658]

USS New York and USS Texas light up the New York City night sky, May 3rd 1939, during the New York World's Fair [2000×1503]

USS Nimitz (CVN-68) moored along side HMS Ark Royal (R09), August, 1978 [2985x2400]

USS Noa recovers the Friendship 7 capsule after John Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth. [1367 x 667]

USS North Carolina (BB-55). Thanksgiving Dinner menu. 25 Nov. '43. Happy Thanksgiving to all our WarshipPorn crew. Stay safe. [658 x 719]

USS North Dakota (SSN 784) Will be commissioned today 10-25-14 at 11 A.M. Link in comments [960x638]

USS North Dakota in drydock at Brooklyn Navy Yard 1910 [3000×2256]

USS Ohio in dry dock undergoing her SSBN to SSGN conversion. 14 Aug 2003. [3005x1957]

USS Oklahoma (BB-37), undergoing the parbuckle (righting) process eight months after being capsized during the Pearl Harbor attack. [2727x1863]

USS Omaha (CL-4), in all of her casemated four-piped glory, reposes at anchor in San Diego Bay sometime between 1925 and 1929. [3048x1707]

USS Omaha (LCS 12) [3226 × 2419]

USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79), right, under attack while the trailing destroyer fires on January 4th, 1945. USS Ommaney Bay would be sunk in this battle. [640x451]

USS Paul F. Foster (DD-964) turns away after an attempt to replenish fuel from USNS Rappahannock (T-AO 204). The seas were too high and conditions too rough to safely execute a scheduled replenishment at sea (RAS). Oct. 2002. USN Photo. [2800 × 1837]

USS Peleliu, the last Tarawa-class LHD, was retired today [1797x1283]

USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) pumping out after being hit by a Japanese torpedo plane while anchored in Buckner Bay, Okinawa. August 12, 1945. [1591 × 1043]

USS Philippine Sea (CG-58) fires her third Tomahawk Cruise Missile towards ISIS-ISIL targets during combined strikes last night. [2100x1400]

USS Prinz Eugen (IX-300) passing through the Panama Canal on her way to Bikini Atoll to participate in Operation Crossroads - March 1946 (5555x4410)

USS Prinz Eugen (IX-300) transiting the Panama Canal, March 15, 1946 [5790x4596]

USS Ramage (DDG-61) pours on the power and churns up the Atlantic while operating with the George H.W. Bush Strike Group. [1390x993]

USS Ramage (DDG-61) transits the Arabian Gulf with colors spread full. Ramage is named for Vice Admiral Lawson P. Ramage, a notable submarine commander and Medal of Honor recipient in World War II. Jan. 2016. [4302 × 2868]

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) conducts rudder checks as part of the ship's Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) following a six-month Planned Incremental Availability [2100 × 1500]

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) transports Sailors' vehicles during a homeport transition.[637 x 960]

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) conducting rudder checks during her inspection in 2007 [2100x1500]

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), the world's most expensive parking lot. January 2012.[4288x2848]

USS Ronald Reagan enters Apra Harbor for a scheduled port visit [2100 x 1500] (2011)

USS Ronald Reagan performing what looks to be a very tight turn [2100x1500]

USS S.P. Lee (DD-310, right) and USS Nicholas (DD-311, left) hard aground following the Honda Point disaster, 8th September 1923. Both were total losses, along with 5 other ships and 23 crewmen [3000 × 2398]

USS Sable (IX-81) One of two Side-wheel paddle-steamer aircraft carriers, used for training Naval Aviators in the Great Lakes. [3032x1714]

USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413), 'the Destroyer-Escort that fought like a Battleship', an epitaph earned for engaging an enemy fleet consisting of 4 battleships, 6 heavy cruisers, 2 light cruisers, 11 destroyers, including the Yamato.[800x519]

USS Santa Fe (CL-60) alongside the burning USS Franklin (CV-13) - March 19, 1945 [5715 x 4412]

USS Saratoga (CVA-60) in the New York Naval Shipyard, May 1956 [1525×1893]

USS Seawolf (SSN-21) during sea trails. Sept. 1996. USN Photo. [2100 × 1500]

USS Shoup fires the Mk 45 5-inch during RIMPAC 2016, July 16 [4043x2888]

USS Somerset (LPD 25) [2048 x 1462]

USS South Dakota (BB-57) fitting out on the 1st of January, 1942. Excellent view of the quarterdeck & the interior of the aft turret. [6178x4990]

USS South Dakota (BB-57) leaving Philadelphia on 4 June 1942 for her shakedown training [10000×5167]

USS South Dakota (BB-57) operating off the East Coast of the United States, August 9th, 1943, after service with the Royal Navy's Home Fleet. Note the destroyer keeping pace to starboard. [5679x4502]

USS South Dakota (BB-57), soon to be known as 'Battleship X', during her shakedown cruise(s) in mid-1942. Excellent view of how compact her hull was. [5658x4468]

USS Swordfish (SS-193) ready for launch - April 1, 1939. She sank 21 ships before being lost with all hands near Yaku Island in January of 1945 (1950x1363)

USS TANG - sunk by her own torpedo, 24 October 1944 [1600×669]

USS Tennessee (BB-43) firing a broadside 1921 [2350 × 1869]

USS Tennessee (BB-43) providing fire support for troops invading Okinawa, April 1 1945 [800×644]

USS Texas (BB-35) in heavy seas, early-mid 1941 - one of my favorite pics and a good desktop background. [1,493px × 1,191px]

USS Texas BB-35, [OC] [4032 x 3024]

USS Texas BB-53 underway March 1943 [480×1132]

USS Texas, the first US battleship to become a permanent museum ship and the first battleship declared to be a US National Historic Landmark.[706 × 1000]

USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1962 (note the capsized hulk of USS Utah (BB-31) in the upper left). [1923x1501]

USS Timbalier and Martin Mariners

USS Toledo (CA-133) and USS Juneau (CLAA-119) moored in Japan following Korean War operations. Note the difference in size. [800x600]

USS Valley Forge (CV-45) launches a weather balloon (UFO) [590x735]

USS Vincennes (CL-64) steaming off the U.S. East Coast on 28 March 1944. Photographed from a Squaron ZP-14 blimp at an altitude of 150 feet. Ship's camouflage is Measure 33, Design 3d. [4374 x 3427]

USS Virginia and USS Connecticut at Groton. Guess where the reactor is [2000 x 867]

USS Washington (BB-56) loading supplies in Iceland mid 1942 [2648 x 1976]

USS Washington, BB-56, at anchor in Puget Sound, 10th of September, 1945. [6154x5004]

USS West Virginia (BB-48) Damaged during the Attack on Pearl Harbor, she's seen here at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in July, 1944, after completion of repairs and modernization. [4751x3577]

USS West Virginia (BB-48) and USS Tennessee (BB-43) photographed from USS California (BB-43) during fleet maneuvers in the 1920s. Note collapsible stations and railings aboard California and the quick-release gun tampions on her 14' guns. [6170x4942]

USS West Virginia, 7 December 1941, from the Library of Congress.[1024 x 845]

USS Wichita operating with the British Home Fleet, 22 April 1942 [1140×712]

USS Wichita riding out a storm off the coast of Iceland [730x585]

USS Wisconsin (BB-64) Receives Fuel From HMCS Protecteur (AOR-509) In The Persian Gulf, November 1990. [2019 x 2048]

USS Wisconsin (BB-64) now a mueseum ship in Norfolk, Virginia [1932×2352]

USS Wisconsin at the Naval Weapons Station Earle, New Jersey 1990 [1182×1489]

USS Wisconsin never ceases to impress [OC][4847x2563]

USS Wisconsin, BB-64 in Auxiliary Drydock AFDB-1, April 1952, Guam[3911x3856]

USS Worcester (CL-144) testing her radiation washdown system - July 7, 1954 [4744 x 3830]

USS Wright (CC-2), one of two National Emergency Command Post Afloat ships [738 x 580]

USS Wyoming (SSBN-742) in the sun off the coast of Georgia [1280x960]

USS Yorktown (CV-5) Bombing Squadron Five (VB-5) SBD-3 aircraft spotted forward on the flight deck, during operations in the Coral Sea, April 1942.

USS Yorktown (CV-5) lists heavily to port after being struck by Japanese bombers and torpedoes at the Battle of Midway. A destroyer stands by to assist as a salvage crew tries to right the stricken aircraft carrier [1,200 × 728]

USS Yorktown (CV-5) photographed from a Douglas TBD-1 torpedo plane that has just taken off from her deck February 1943 [5734×4489]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [1280 × 853]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [1920 × 521]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [2500 × 1667]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [2796 × 3797]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [5184 × 3110]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [5736 × 3824]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) pier-side near the Bridge of the Americas, Panama Canal [4351x2252]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) steams alongside USS Independence (LCS 2). [4928 x 3280]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) steams in formation with USS Independence (LCS 2) and USS Bunker Hill (CG 52) on the final leg of her three-month journey to her new homeport in San Diego[4418 x 2941]

USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) [1500 × 1000]

USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) [3636 × 2380]

USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) [768 × 1146]

USS Zumwalt (Left), USS Jason Dunham (Right Foreground), USS Leyte Gulf (Right Background) (1080x720)

USS Zumwalt - From aboard the USS Jason Dunham (DDG-109) in Baltimore Harbor [4032 x 3024]

USS Zumwalt 35.4 MW Turbine Generator [2100x1500]

USS Zumwalt showing a little forced perspective... but still impressive.[1280x1707]

USS Zumwalt the lead ship of it's class [1280×1707]

USSR Space shuttle Buran ready for liftoff being transported by twin locomotives, 1988. xpost from -r-historyporn [1200x980]

UV water filtration at aquarium [ 3024 x 4032 ]

UWaterloo Steam Tunnels [1000x750]

Uboat 155 exhibited in London, 1918 [885×625]

Udaloy class destroyer RFS Severomorsk (D619) painted dark [1100 x 733]

Udaloy class destroyer off Syria [900 × 600]

Ugly warship of the week: Italian Auxiliary Monitor Monte Sabotino. The ship was armed with a single 15' gun that fired a 1,949 lbs shell to a range of 21,000 yards. [2,036x1,307]

Ultimate key tool [667x667]

Under the hood of San Francisco FD's new Fireboat 3: three Cummins engines designed primarily to provide a backup water supply system to the city should an earthquake take the primary one out.[OC][4032x3024]

Undersea Cable (1006 x 960).

Undersea Coal Mines, Hashima Island, Japan [824 x 588]

Undersea cable cross-section[666x500]

Underside of IBM 160MB Hard Disk (3264 x 2448)

Unimog, nuf said. [450x600]

United 777-200 #2 engine with cowlings removed. [OC] [2100x1400]

United Kingdom's Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary as of Sep. 2015 [5760 x 3648]

United States Air Force C-5 Galaxy disgorges a Navy Mark V Special Operations Craft [1800 x 2700]

United States Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams MBT is loaded onto the United States Navy dock landing ship USS Germantown (LSD 42) at Gwangyang, South Korea [4133 x 2534]

United States Navy Airship comparison, with Hindenburg for sale. [2783x3242]

United States Navy armored cruiser USS Brooklyn (ACR-3) The ship that brought the body of John Paul Jones home from France [5319x2030]

United States and Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy sailors conduct joint visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) training aboard USS Mason (DDG 87) [3818 x 2685]

Universal joint [OS][1280x300]

Unknown portly fellow aboard HMS Kelvin crossing the English Channel for the first time in many years. Circa D-day +10 [1406 x 1080]

Unknown portly fellow delivering a 'soapbox speech' on the stern of HMS Exeter circa early 1940 [4558 × 3417]

Unknown ship transits in front of USS Iowa[760x478]

Unrestored Horten Ho 229 at the Smithsonian Institution's Garber Restoration Facility, by Michael Katzmann [3,072 × 2,252]

Up close and personal with Atlantis. [768 × 1024]

Up close shot of a Fast Stealth Missle Boat Firing one of its 8 anti-ship missles during a live fire drill. [1600x1152]

Update.This is why I cut my hose in half [OC][3648 × 5472]

Updated US Navy Air Arm V2.0 [2000 x 2800][OC]

Ural-5920 all-terrain vehicle [2592x1944]

V-1 Flying Bomb (xpost -r-wwiipics) [792x499]

V-22 Osprey on the French Mistral-class amphibious assault ship L9013 Mistral [1170 × 778]

V-46-6 V-12 diesel engine from a T-72 tank [3648x2736]

V2 Missile (nazi for scale) [1800×1112]

V8 tank engine [700×466]

VLPC wafer for DZero future detector. [3000 x 2000]

VM-T 'Atlant' heavy lift plane carrying a fuel tank for the Energia carrier missile [1601x910]

VMF-214 pilots (the 'Black Sheep') leave the parachute loft and run to their Vought F4U-1 'Corsair' aircraft on call, 11 September 1943

VSS Unity glides for the first time, after being released from WhiteKnightTwo (VMS Eve) [2048×1152]

VW Beetle [736x490]

VW Beetle cut in half to make outdoor dining booths, Sputnik Burger, Vientiane, Laos. Album in comments. [2056×1535]

VW Type 2 - cutaway view [1753x862]

VW microbus literally cut in half [800x600]

Valentino Rossi's 2006 YZR-M1 MotoGP bike [2700x2025] (more in comments)

Vanguard Satellite SLV-2 Being Examined at Cape Canaveral [3000x2213]

Variable Compression Engine by Infiniti [8,000 × 10,647]

Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator (LINAC) [1200 x 800]

Various Brands of Chicken Nuggets [1500x1125]

Various naval guns undergoing maintenance at South Korean Navy ammunition depot [4752 x 2792]

Various padlocks [5202x3465]

Vermeer RTX1250 Trencher & Cable Tractor [OC] [4445 x 3774]

Versabar's VB 10,000 oil rig remover [2,000 x 1,333]

Vertical section through a United States battleship, showing magazines, barbette, and turret (Scientific American, 1905) [2400×3000]

Very cool model of Russian Borei class SSBN [947×1024]

Vice Admiral William 'Bull' Halsey Watches From The Upper Superstructure of USS Hornet (CV-8) As A B-25B Mitchell Bombers Lifts Off, Headed For History In The Doolittle Raid, April 18th, 1942. [1519 x 1182]

Victor class submarine in dry dock [3264 × 2448]

View along the ion beam into a cryogenic quadrupole unit of the Electrostatic Cryogenic Storage Ring (CSR) [1337 x 1367]

View from inside the cab of a Noell container crane looking out at the Port of Los Angeles [1080x810]

View of IBM digital computer model 7090 magnet core installation. ITT Artic Services, Inc., Official photograph BMEWS Site II, Clear, AK, by unknown photographer, 17 September 1965. [828x1024]

View of the bridge and forward 8-inch gun turrets of heavy cruiser HMAS Australia, 4 September 1944 [780×1064]

View of the edge of Kaga's flight deck, 11 May 1937 [2367×2150]

View of wrecked aft flight deck of USS Franklin (CV-13) as she arrived off New York City for repairs on 28 April 1945. Franklin was heavily damaged by Japanese bombs off Okinawa in March '45. [5755 × 4527]

Vinci rocket engine [1200 × 1600]

Vintage Fiat 600, with family

Vintage Space Needle cross-section [1563x1977]

Vintage TCIHP: Conversion of frigate Rhijn into a steamship at Vlissingen, Netherlands. 1826 washed ink drawing by H. Play Veldt. [1600×1166]

Vintage brass fireplace tool set [OS][1600x1600]

Viraat & Vikramaditya [1472 x 962]

Virginia class cruisers, the last nuclear-powered surface combatants to be built by the U.S. Navy (infographic) [3000 x 2400]

Virginia-class attack sub USS Illinois (SSN 786) conducting sea trials. 8-1-2016. [3000x2400]

Vittorio Veneto and Giulio Cesare, at the Battle of Cape Spartivento, November 27, 1940. [800x495]

Vittorio Veneto-class battleship Roma, one of the most famous victims of the world's first precision guided weapon, the Fritz X.[3072×1827]

Voith Schneider Propellers on a ferry under construction.[1123x820]

Volkswagen 2.0L Turbo Diesel Injection Engine [4709x3140] [OC]

Volkswagen's garage at its complex in Wolfsburg, Germany [1,280×853]

Voltage Transformer [480×397]

Volvo 240 full of stuff (xpost from -r-volvo) [845x1163]

Volvo L120E with a Overaasen UTV 400 snow blower (video in comments) [1920x1080]

Volvo L220G Loader, at mine in southern Virginia [OC] [3872x2592]

Voronezh, Oscar-class submarine of Russian Navy, rescues 5 people off an 11-meter boat. The boat, Barents-1100 ran out of fuel in rough weather in northern White Sea on 9 June 2014 [800x533]. Photo by EMERCOM.

Vought F4U Corsair being rearmed

Vought F4U Corsair under maintenance

Vought F4U Corsair, parked at Duxford Air Show, 16th September 2014. Photo by me.

Vought F4U-1A 'Corsair' fighter (BuNo 55995) of fighter squadron seventeen (VF-17), on Bougainville in February 1944.

Vought F4U-1A 'Corsair' fighters fly in formation during a mission in the Solomon Islands area. March 28, 1944.

Vought OS2U Kingfisher

Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplane, of Observation Squadron One (VO-1) Taxiis alongside USS Arizona (BB-39), after a flight in the Hawaiian Operating area, 6 September 1941

Vought SB2U Vindicators over the Sierra Nevada range near Mt. Whitney

Vought V-173 'Flying Pancake'

Vought V-173 Flying Pancake. It made its first flight on November 23, 1942. Only one built.

Vought XF4U-1 Corsair

Vulcain engine of Ariane 5 rocket [1688 × 2872]

Vulcan Bomber flying beside my train [1024X681]

Vultee Vengeance, although not used by the US in combat it saw considerable use by the Brits and Commonwealth allies in the East and the Pacific. This one is probably in Dutch New Guinea.

Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose

Vvvvrrrrrrrrppp!! A Phalanx close-in weapons system fires during a live-fire exercise aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer (LHD 4).[1935x2002]

WAM-V Proteus [1600x1280]

WATER FIGHT! USS Normandy (CG60) and HNLMS Evertsen (F805)conduct operations off African coast, 2007 [2100 x 1378]

WW1 Lewis machine gun. [gif][500x500]

WW1 Trench [1000 x x480]

WWI German submarine washed ashore at Hastings, England (1278 x 808) from -r-MilitaryPorn.

WWI era German cannon [1247 x 839]

WWII 18 pound Shrapnel Artillery Shell [640x480]

WWII Japanese Flying Boat Kawanishi H6K 'Mavis' cutaway [3291*1803]

Walking Tree Harvester [468 x 370]

Walnut [878 × 1000]

Walter Snow Fighter [1728x1152]

Wankel Rotary Engine [1600 X 1200]

Warming up a P-38's engines to allow them to be started, Battle of the Bulge, December 1944. [1800x1183]

Warp speed! Battleship Number 21: USS Kansas reaches her design maximum 18.294 knots while running trials in 1906. Note that the ship's 7-inch broadside guns have not yet been installed. [5657x4555]

Warship Gore: 15' shell hit to SMS Seydlitz's port wing turret during the Battle of Jutland [2,400x1,817]

Warship Sizes

WarshipPorn is officially two years old today! In honor of this, I am reposting the first image I ever submittied to this great subreddit: 'USS Niagara, Oliver Hazard Perry's Flagship at the Battle of Lake Erie, in Toledo (2012) [4608x3072][OC]'

Wasp nest [1600×1200]

Water King Amphibious Excavator in Anstruther Harbor, Scotland [4608x3456][OC]


Wavelength shifting 'SciBar Fiber' [1,024 x 1,536]

We clearly need more AA. USS Mississippi, 1944. [1500x1353]

We're doing islands? Okay. HMS Sheffield (F96) salutes HMS Diamond Rock, likely in 2001 [2560 x 1920]

Weapons of a Slava class cruiser [900x600]

Welcome to the Aerotrain. ( 2275 x 1950 ). More info in comments.

Welrod integrally suppressed pistol [1210x1150]

Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator Fusion Reactor. Greifswald, Germany [1280x977]

Went to Poland last week, had to visit the WWII destroyer ORP Blyskawica [5227x2423]

Wera Joker wrench set [3264x1836] (repost, see comments)

Wera tools that KC Tool is giving away in their bit guessing contest [956x642]

Wernher von Braun with Saturn V engines [2,415px × 3,000px]

Westland Lysander P.12 prototype.

Westland Sea King ASR Helicopter [1451x1012]

Westland Whirlwind, a contemporary to Hurricanes and Spitfires, never reached the production levels of either but it's performance was exemplary.

What I got my Father for Christmas [4250 x 2390]

What aircraft is this? Is it a mockup?

What difference does 100 years make? The train = ~540 tons good for ~7,500hp. This one GE90 777 engine core? ~6tons.... 115,000hp.

What do you do when the demand exceeds plant's capacity? Well, if weather is nice, you assemble P38s outdoors.

What happens in a minute on internet [675 x 767]

What kind of plane is taking this photo?

What the inside of a penny looks like (1836 × 3264)

What was the absolute worst job in the pre-oil fired Navy? Coaling*. Several hours of bagging coal from a barge & moving them below deck. While in your white uniforms. A crew of a US pre-dreadnought coaling in 1919, Charleston Navy Yard. [3765x5451]

What's inside Jabba the Hutt (1011 x 1800).

What's left of HSV-2 Swift, after being hit by an AShM [1920*1214][low quality, sorry. More pics inside]

What's this guy do? [852x1136]

What, no French pre-dreads yet? I give you my favorite: the Charles Martel (1280×885)

Wheel hub maintenance on a mining truck [1024x768]

When train wheels spin (1600 x 1200).

When you need to connect 16 fire hoses to something. St. Paul, MN [OC] [5184X3456]

Which one would you choose for a ride, provided you can't both? Me? I'm REALLY not sure!

White PCB on an older Sapphire motherboard [1024x836]

Who else is tired of F-18's? USS Ranger in August 1961 Showing off the diverse array of aircraft in her air wing, plus a couple 5' turrets. [2000x1242]

Why they put two wheels on an axle (1536 x 2048).

Willy Wonka's office was the original thingscutinhalfporn [736x409] [video]

Wind Turbine Blade Porn [1600x1200]

Wind Turbine Nacelle [5200×3400]

Wind Turbine [1807x1380]

Windup Mercedes (1545 x 905).

Wine bottle I cut in half for a magazine cover [625x800]

Wings of a Bf 110. They are *absolutely huge* irl. Photo taken at Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim, Germany

Winston Churchill walks the deck of HMS Prince of Wales during the Atlantic Charter conference [1536 × 1155]

Wireless, Carbon Fiber Octocopter, used for flying camera sequence in filmmaking [1600x1191]

Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff [2448x2448] [OC]

With a deckload of helicopters belonging to the 1st Air Cavalry Division aboard, the USS Boxer (LPH-4) prepares to depart for Vietnam in the fall of 1965. [755x1000]

Women install fixtures and assemblies to a tail fuselage section of a B-17 bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant

Wonderful Agate from Entre Ríos Argentina [540x467]

Woodcarver colleague just got these, no idea what they're for [OC] [2592x1944]

Wooden Model of Borromini's Church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane in Rome [800 × 1205]

Wooden-wheeled Mustang

Worcester class anti-aircraft cruiser of the United States Navy [2754 x 2068]

Work in progress: Stratolaunch, the world's largest plane [1900x1080]

Workers install the Mark III magnetic detector at the spear storage ring at The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), 1991? [3200 x 2560]

Workers painting the bow of the FFN destroyer Le Triomphant, 1940 [1157×878]

Working on the Concorde (900 x 717).

Working pulse jet cut in half [450x360]

World's fastest naval vessel - WP-18 Special Forces Interceptor [1800x1201]

World's first nuclear submarine - USS Nautilus (numbered key in first comment)[3600x900]

World's largest container ship [1920 × 1280]

World's largest mobile concrete pump heading for Fukushima. [650x366]

World's largest radio telescope 'FAST', Pingtang county, China [4256x2832]

World's largest submarine - Typhoon Class [OC][2200x1099]

World's largest tunneling machine 707x446 [os]

World's largest wind turbine blade (83.5m, 274 ft) in transport [920x612]

World's sturdiest tape dispenser from r-EngineeringPorn (4000 x 3000).

Worlds biggest cruise ship Oasis of The Seas [4000x2204]

Worlds largest helicopter, mil mi26 [800×500]

Worlds largest indoor farm using LED lights [768 x 512]

Worlds last airworthy B-29 showed up to my hangar..

Wreck of the submarine Kursk after being raised from the bottom of the ocean (xp r-warshipporn) [1024x768]

Wrecked Italian aircraft in the Castel Benito airfield, Libya (today's Tripoli International Airport), after its capture by the 8th Army, January 1943. [1024 x 632]

Wrecked Me 323, Tunis, May 1943 (x-posted from -r-HistoryPorn & -r-HI_Res)

Wrench & ratchet comparison [OC][1600x1200]

Wrens arming a Sea Hurricane

Wylfa Nuclear Power Station [2178x1517]

X-15, Cutaway View, NASA, 1962, [3000 × 2791]

X-3 Stiletto 1954 [1536 x 1408]

X-47B aboard the Nimitz class carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) May 14, 2013 [4928×2872]

X-Post from r-Warshipporn: USS Akron Under Construction [726x900]

X-Wing Concept Art for Force Awakens by Devin Schoeffler [1800x2782][X-Post -r-StarshipPorn]

X-post Trafalgar Class nuclear submarine [2300 x 978]

X-post from r-3Dprinting. 3D printed sectioned light saber [2448 × 1836]

X-ray Of A Toy Robot - Space Fighter, by Brendan Fitzpatrick [1000×1250]

XB-38 (b-17 variant) with inline engines

XB-42 Mixmaster

XB-70 Valkyrie [4698x3159]

XLR-99 Rocket Engine used to power the X-15 [1800 × 1145]

XM16E1 (Early M16) cutaway model being manually cycled [gif][480x360]

Xerion 3800 and Vaderstad Rapid A 800C [OC][3549x1996]

YANTAR, an oceanographic research ship of the Russian Navy considered by western sources to be purpose-built for espionage. [4028×1945]

Yakovlev Yak-3's 1944 - 1945. Robust and easy to maintain, it was much liked by pilots and ground crew alike. It was one of the smallest and lightest major combat fighters fielded by any combatant during the war, and its high power-to-weight ratio gave it excellent performance.

Yale's Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) machine [3008 x 2000]

Yamaha FZ-09 (not cut in half, but close enough) [955x716]

Yamaha NMax engine cut section [1280 × 851]

Yamaha PES1 Electric Concept Motorcycle [2000x1498]

Yamaha R1M cutaway (xpost from -r-motorcycle) [4032x3024]

Yamato class battleship Musashi under fire at the battle of the Sibuyan Sea 24 October 1944 [1600×1261]

Yamato-class Japanese battleship Musashi with her crew exercising on the forward main deck. June 1942. [2332 × 1605]

Yas Superyacht on Transporter [615x346]

Yes I'm a slob but this was my Grandpa's box. He was a man of means by no means. This and his 78 Cutlass were his most valued possessions, an Olds mechanic for 40 years. [2448 x 3264]

Yesterday's Battle of the Thames. [651 x 419]

Yeti Ice Breaker at Fairbanks International Airport (960 x 685).

Yippee, the 5000th P38J-20 produced, May 1944

Yoda cut in half [1155x866]

Yoga class on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), July 20th, 2014 [3872x2220]

You may be cool, but you will never be this cool: unknown pilot in a P-38

You want Island Porn huh? How about two?[1393 x 459]

You wouldn't want to poke this hornets' nest - massive reserve of US destroyers, mostly Wickes and Clemson class, laid up in San Diego 1924 [2941x2077]

Z-Machine Pulsed Power Facility - worlds largest X-ray generator [1,500 x 1,000]

Z-Machine Pulsed Power Facility - worlds largest X-ray generator [2,700 x 1,784]

ZF's 9-Speed transmission on display at their North American HQ

ZF's 9-Speed transmission on display at their North American HQ (1276 x 957).

Zara-class heavy cruiser Fiume at full speed.[1416 x 1001]

Zeiss Cinema Lens: CP.2 28mm-T2.1 with PL mount [619x517][OS]

Zeiss Otus 55mm f-1.4 lens [1280x853]

Zero at Camarillo, 2919

Zero-g payload building at the Space Experiments Laboratory at the Lewis Research Center, now known as John H. Glenn Research Center on August 2, 1967. [2400x3000]

Zippo [800x510]

Zumwalt heads out to sea for the first time this morning on sea trials! [1001x733]

[1,100 × 1,481] Still counts right? USS Recruit under construction in Union Square, Manhattan, 1917. While she never fired in aggression, her presence helped recruit 25,000 people into the US navy.

[1000 x 1500] Image from the 'Atlantic Ghost Fleet' images by PROJ3CTM4YH3M

[1000 x 667] Indian Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant under construction at Cochin Shipyard

[1023 x 680] Unknown Borei class sub behind the Kirov-class battlecruiser Pyoter Veliky

[1024x515] The Internal Mechanism of a Watch by Patek Philippe, Considered the Finest Watchmaker in the World.

[1024x574] Actual gun cut in half

[1024x768] Retired Soviet runway cleaning truck. An Engine from a Mig 15 blows debris and snow off runways so they're safe for fast jets

[1024x768] the ABV, Armored Breaching Vehicle. made to plow through enemy strongholds and landmines

[1030 x 710] Tirpitz in color, Norway, 1942

[1083 x 565] For years now, I've always likened the bows of Torpedo Rams (depicted here: USS Alarm) to Jay Leno's chin.

[1130 x 778]IPS-18 Iranian fast attack craft in dock

[1164 x 1218] HMS Astute looking mean after her commissioning ceremony

[1200 x 1200] SSGNs of the world, December 2016

[1200 x 2148] French carrier battle group deployment [OC]

[1200 x 768] Yasen-class submarine Severodvinsk sailing with Typhoons visible in drydock behind her

[1200 x 900] Sailors man their workstations at the Flight Operations Centre of the Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. Note the old-fashioned, bulky computers with CRT screens.

[1200 x 900] Two Soviet behemoths pier-side together, an Oscar II SSGN and a Typhoon SSBN.

[1280 x 960] A colorized image of battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz in harbor after sustaining major damage at the Battle of Jutland

[1417 x 596] Russia's future 'Leader' class destroyers. Sitting at 200m length and 13,200 tons, it's closer to a large cruiser design

[1500 x 1580] This model shows the second unique feature of the Soviet submarine 'KOMSOMOLEZ': Two additional screws on its rudders. The main unique feature was of course its unmatched max. depth: 1250m.

[1500 x 2100] USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) approaches USS Missouri (BB-63) and the Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor.

[1506 x 845] Nimitz-class aircraft carrier alongside USNS Mercy (Hospital Ship)

[1536 x 1152] 5' long calipers (X-Post from -r-woodworking)

[1579 × 1391] 19 of Italy's remaining 22 submarines, surrendered and held in Malta Harbor. September 29th, 1943

[1600 x 1047] A little late for SSGN Saturday - The USS Ohio (SSGN 726) with its Seal Delivery Vehicle (SDV)

[1600 x 1141] Bismarck Dora turret

[1600 x 1200] Indian Navy Kilo Class SSK tied up pierside

[1600 × 1600] Part of the Russian baltic fleet at Anchor, i spy two Project 956 Sovremennyy-class destroyer, 2 Project 1232 Zubr-class, 3 Project 2038.0 Steregushchy class i think, Image sourced from keypublishing forum

[1600x1139] Bismarck's Caesar Turret

[1920 x 932] Early Concept art for the Royal Navies type 31 frigates.

[1920x1277] One of the two drive cylinders of Stephenson's Rocket, the first modern steam locomotive

[1930 x 1462]We've built a carrier, but it looks boring... What if we slapped some cruiser turrets onto it?

[1962x1400] Talos? Check. Tartar? Check. Double (big) macks? Check. Biggest island around? CHECK. This is USS ALBANY

[2,100 x 1,378] Refueling at sea - quite literally as close to porn as it gets.

[2,448 x 3,264] Airport moving sidewalk

[2,784 × 1,995] 1985 Artist's concept of a Soviet ballistic missile being launched from a Delta III-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Art was used by the Defense Intelligence Agency to educate American citizens about Soviet power without revealing satellite imagery or capabilities.

[2048 x 1609] Not sure if AviationPorn or WarshipPorn. F-35C flies over the USS Zumwalt in Chesapeake Bay

[2142 x 1448] USS Newport News, CA-148, underway in the Mediterranean, September 9th 1957

[2250X2790] Roll Tide! USS Alabama underway in the pacific in 1945.

[2400 x 3300] All the US Navy aircrafts in a single graphic - organized by squadron. [OC]

[2448 x 3264] Chevalier cnc mill at school. (re-upload with resolution)

[2500 x 1875] Chinese Type 052C missile destroyer [x-post -r-militaryhistoryvis-]

[2500 x 1982] USS Oregon (BB-3) in drydock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, 1898 (x-PropellerPorn)

[2780 x 1850][OC] USS Wisconsin (BB-64) looking all menacing.

[2856 x 1657] SMS Ostfriesland

[3000 x 1971] Any love for dedicated SSBN tenders? USS Holland AS-32 at Apra Harbor in Guam, 1993.

[3024X4032][OC] General Electric TurboSupercharger cutaway. Link to more images in comments.

[3495x4746] USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) Slicing Through the Water (x-post from -r-Submechanophobia)

[3697x2361] Island Porn Winner (tie). Here's Albany's sister CHICAGO, flaunting her massive island and colossal missile directors to attract a mate.

[4000x1536] USS Halibut (SSN-587) in it's special operations configuration. Successfully tapped Soviet underwater communication lines and photographed the sunken K129

[4032x3024] Yamaha's R1M. Engine album in comments.

[4208x3120] Im working with concrete, currently at a waterworks factory and i discovered this jewel from 1904, Norsborg Sweden.

[4512 x 3008]The JDS Izumo underway with some helicopters on her deck.

[458 × 495] A A USMC KC-130F on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal, 1963

[4608 x 3456] [OC] USS Yorktown CV-10 at Patriot's Point in South Carolina, This is the Ship that helped sink the Yamato in 1945

[4928 x 3264] Yasen-class submarine Severodvinsk at sea with a tug, date unknown.

[529x580] An old television

[560 X 420] USS Zumwalt

[600 x 400] A close-up of the Russian aircraft Admiral Kuznetsov revealing another unique feature: A crane, purportedly meant to be used to lift crashed aircraft off the runway.

[634 x 498] The USS Macon and her crew (counts, right?)

[640×438] Aircraft carrier USS Cowpens during Typhoon Cobra (18 December 1944)

[740 x 583] Battered and beaten, the IJN Aoba sits, settled in shallow waters after multiple hits from American air strikes during the 24th of April, 1945.

[740x505] USS Monadnock crossing the Pacific during the Spanish-American war

[740x615]USS Aaron Ward (DD-773-DM-34) After sustaining damage from multiple suicide planes

[785 × 1023] 1967 STP Turbocar built for the Indianapolis 500 . It was powered by a Pratt and Whitney PT6 turboshaft and had 4 wheel drive.

[800 x 518] Launch of a P-270 'Moskit' supersonic anti-ship missile during the exercise Vostok 2014 (x-post -r-militaryporn)

[800 x 609] The weirdest AA turret i've ever seen, on HMS Vanity.

[950x720] The induction system of the P-47 Thunderbolt. The turbocharger and its complex ducting gave the P-47 its rotund barrel shape.

[960x540] Quad Titans

[990 x 701}Alternators made in Budapest, Hungary, in the power generating hall of a hydroelectric station in Iolotan (Eloten), Turkmenistan, on the Murghab River, ca. 1910.

[Art] Illustration of the English carrack Henry Grace a Dieu 1546 [4721×3656]

[Art] Japanese Battlecruiser Amagi [1920x1200]

[Art] Japanese depiction of an American warship 1854 [1920×1080]

[Cutaway] Me262A-a1

[GIF] Key & Lock [400 x 300]

[Graphic] Your basic WWII DE. The type shown is a Rudderow or John C. Butler-class DE. The main difference was the propulsion plant, the Rudderow-class had a GE steam turbo-electric drive engine, whereas the John C. Butler-class had Westinghouse Geared Turbine drive. [2,353 × 1,620]

[OC] 1991 lathe from Craigslist free [3264x2448]

[OC] 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R Cutaway [3888x2188]

[OC] 5 F1 engines on a Saturn V at the US Space and Rocket Center [3264x2448]

[OC] 8MB 60ns 30pin SIMM Non-Parity [4320x3240]

[OC] A welder's best friend. Huge chunks of copper, freshly blasted! [4128x3096]

[OC] An oil press that I saw in Dali, China. (3156×2340)

[OC] Atmel ATXMEGA256A Development Board [4688x3105]

[OC] Back-lite PCB of my modded PC [3,648×2,736]

[OC] Bowling alley from the 60s. [1,136 x 640]

[OC] Brass Handled Monkey Wrench [1432x954]

[OC] Contra-Rotating Prop on South Korean Kamov Ka-27. (Osan AB Air Power Day Air Show 2012) [2000x3008 px]

[OC] Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE (SB0570) [4320x3240]

[OC] Creative Technology Sound Blaster 16 CT2830 [4320x3240]

[OC] For my cake day, I offer you the means to cut a building in half: a hydraulic chainsaw. [1456x2592]

[OC] Fully functional Perkin-Elmer Spectrophotometer by Hitachi, Japan (built in '68) [3264 × 1840]

[OC] I too am an aircraft mechanic, but this is my home box... (1350 x 1000)

[OC] IBM 879, piece of a punched card reader [2937x2203]

[OC] Ikea BESTÅ shelf [3264x2448]

[OC] Inside of an ATM [1360x2048]

[OC] Italian Professional Tools - Stella Bianca File & Handle, USAG 1-4' Socket Adapters, OSCA Hacksaw Frame [4415x2908]

[OC] Just replaced a water heater. Here are some plumbing tools I used. [2448x2448]

[OC] LEATHERMAN Style PS Microtool Pliers Closeup [6000x4000]

[OC] Loading of an oil pipeline laying rig on a semi submersible heavy lift carrier. [1536 × 2048]

[OC] Miller's Falls No. 732 10' Brace Restoration. [10,080 x 3456]

[OC] Noctua NF-P14r Redux [2523x2462]

[OC] Not as great as some other garages that i've seen out there but she's coming along [1280 x 960]

[OC] Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8X [4320x3240]

[OC] Oak Technology OTI077 Graphics Card [4320x3240]

[OC] Prettiest, simplest, and neatest looking circuit board I've ever seen; From a USB mouse [2126 × 3008]

[OC] Red Arrows formation on a beautiful sky [3864x2584]

[OC] Snap-On PH3050 Air Hammer [2332x1749]

[OC] Standard Coil Bike Lock [2068 x 1530]

[OC] Svetruck TMF 28-21 Unloading logging truck, Sweden 2016 [3233x2425]

[OC] USS Alabama (BB-60) emerges from the mist over Mobile Bay[6000 x 4000]

[OC] Underside of a Core i7 3930K processor [1024x685]

[OC] Unknown year, Ford Falcon [2894x1713]

[OC] Vasa (Swedish warship built around 1626) [4160x2340]

[OC] Was told you might like the folding laser cutter my friends and I built. Cheers. (x-post r-DIY)(3204 x 2136)

[OC] [3090x2048] The atomizer of an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS)

[OC] [4320 x 2432] Today I cut a sailboat in half

[OC] drawing of Jules Verne's Nautilus submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - numbered key in first post. [3600 x 1803]

[OC] horizontal double Francis turbine in an hydroelectric dam. [640x1136]

[OC] industrial tool cabinet score. Can any help identify brand?

[OC] naked Datadesk TK-3100 Complicated White Alps numpad, NOS form the 90s [3600 x 2400]

[OC]A Melon Sized Ball of Tape. [2448x3264]

[OC]Close-up of gold plated Intel 8080 CPU Pins [1502x1001]

[OC]Cutaway of Russian 'Losharik' spy sub -see comments for explanation[3500x2255]

[OC]I cut a shell(Fasciolaria) in half [1536x2184]

[OC]Innards of a tiny hard drive (Microdrive) [3922x2948]

[OC]Intel D27512 UV Erasable PROM from 1989 [6000x4000]

[OC]My friend and I was out in the swedish archipelagos wakeskating, when HMS Sundsvall K24 of the Swedish Navy swung by. [2099x2509]

[OC][1920X1080] Continental-Teledyne J69 Turbojet engine rated at 1 Kip thrust.

[OC][1920X1080] Radial aircraft engine

[OC]cross section through the secondary (high voltage) winding of an microwave oven transformer [2990x2402]

[OS] 3M's Immersion Cooled Supercomputer Cluster. 572 'Sandy Bridge' cores and 2.3 Tebibytes of RAM immersed in 3M Novec 649 Engineered Fluid. 4000 times more efficient at transferring heat than forced air. 95% reduction in data center cooling cost. The future of data centers. [1500x1000]

[OS] Bulk Carrier Ship 'As Valentia', Thomas Schneider, 2011 [1405 x 1054]

[OS] Container Ship 'Johannesburg', Thomas Schneider, 2007 [1904 x 1054]

[OS] Dallas Cowboys Stadium, HKS Sports & Entertainment Group, 2009 [1333 x 1000]

[OS] Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Max Degtyarev, 2013 [2736 x 600]

[OS] Multi-Purpose Cargo Ship 'Bodega Sea', Thomas Schneider, 2008 [2000 x 1500]

[OS] Self Driving Audi A7 Car Control Equipment [1000x750]

[OS] Star Trek Ship Spectacular, Kemp Remillard-Popular Mechanics, 2016 [2048 x 1387]

[OS] The White House, Cyprian Lothringer-Main-Post, 2015 [2200 x 2049]

[OS] The interior of the Washington Evening Star Newspaper building, published in 1922 [3000x1993]

[OS] Tidal current-powered underwater turbine [2126x1535]

[OS]Dokan and FTPuse working in ReactOS. Access a FTP server as a hard drive. Really handy [800x600]

[OS]President Obama's Cadillac Limo, AKA 'The Beast' [964 x 666]

[Oc] Motor and gearbox driving the Tram @ snowbird ski resort, Utah, US. [5312x2988]

[Star Wars] The Emperor's Throne Room [1600×1184].

[X-Post from -r-AviationGifs] B-24 shot down by anti-aircraft fire

[X-Post from -r-Buildapc] Incredible Built-From Scratch Custom Case [716x1066]

[oc] my snap on battle station [2448x3264]

[oc] revolver barrel with bullets stuck inside [1080x898]

[xpost historyporn] Admiral William 'Bull' Halsey having Thanksgiving dinner with the crew of battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62), his flagship, 30 Nov 1944. [595 x 743]

[xpost] Cutaway of new Russian spy sub Belgorod with all the gizmos [OC][1920x1440]

a Bell X-1 under construction [1024×994]

a Camaro known as Vengeance [1024x629]

a dead bat [2560x2048]

a formula 1 car cut in half [1400x990]

a shot of my top drawer-top chest [3264 × 2448]

a wide-span wooden truss-beam roof - engraving by James Davis, 1820. [3625×1984]

anyone else remember these nylon records?. [OC](800x600)

b17 Flying Fortresses on bombing run to Neumünster Germany.13 April 1945

bad day

billiards ball broken in half

capacitance capacitance capacitance capacitance [OC] [2083x3537]

cheap car charger [5312x2988]

components on a Romanian 150 series steam locomotive(1536x2048)

de Havilland DH98 Mosquito PR Mk XVI RG157 'Q' used by Carpetbaggers-OSS

de Havilland Mosquito in flight, c.1944

do you know tgis machine? asphalt 1274x848

dock ship ENTERPRISE transporting the Zeppelin NT airship from Amsterdam to South Africa, 2005. [1631×1230]

home build motorcycle 'Hossack' front end [747x996][OS][OC][maker]

immature flower bud of a snapdragon [596×519]

ix of the 14 inch 45 caliber guns on the USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) [3600 x 2705]

last moments of the Cruiser ARA General Belgrano after being hit by the nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror during the Falklands war. May 2 1982 [893x591]

multi-layer Printed Circuit Board with SDRAM-Module [2000×1232]

my favorite gearset, double enveloping worm drive (256X188)

not what you'd expect when thinking of gears: interactive gears in the hind legs of Issus coleoptratus (a planthopper species) [250x250]

pole-mounted Single-phase distribution transformer [1290×2538]

radioactive waste barrel [1456x2592]

sailor on the USS New Jersey (BB-62) operates the ships throttle. Jan. 1983 [1100 x 727]

ship being dismantled in Chittagong, Bangladesh [1800x1164]

ship of hospital assistence of the Brazilian Navy, NAsH “Dr. Montenegro”, on assistence of indigenous communities at the margins of the Amazon River.[2,048 x 1,365]

spokeless bike (more pics in comments) [os] 596x447

starboard engine firewall of a Douglas C-47 Skytrain [2592×3888]

t-90 thank flying through the air and firing main cannon [2048x1536]

the upstream modules in the NDCX-II induction LINAC [1599x1064]

tortoise skeleton-shell [1440x825]

typhoon class submarine Dmitri Donskoi (TK-208) launches a SS-N-32 Buluva SLBM [800 x 629]

underseas cable (1,006px × 960px}

vW Beetle [1024×683]

vertical shaft bearing from Schottel z-drive [705x529][oc]

wz.29 Ursus - heavy armored car [1000 x 481]

Бооп! The USS Caron (DD-970) seen from the Soviet light frigate SKR-6 as she is rammed in the Black Sea, 1988 [2445 × 1970]

Орион-20 ekranoplan ground effect vehicle [1600×958]

‘Thumper', the Avro Lancaster Mk III undergoing maintenance in the BBMF hangar at RAF Coningsby, Dec 2014 [3000x2100]