#1 PornHub Category by Regions of the World [OS] [1100x779]

'A new and correct map of the United States of North America' is the first map of the United States drawn and printed in the US by an American; it was printed in Connecticut by Abel Buell in March 1784, six months after the Treaty of Paris [1600x1434]

'Akhand bharat' or 'undivided India' as dreamed by nationalist Indian partys [721x713]

'Australia's War Map', 1942 [4900x7278] [x-post -r-Australia]

'Cemetery' and 'Graveyard' in European Languages [650 x 596]

'King' in various European languages [OC] [3350x2033]

'Laser Survey of a Maya City' - Lidar map reveals new ruins, causeways, and terraces hiding below the forest canopy in Belize. [1150x815]

'Living Façade' Map of Europe, on the European Environment Agency Building, Copenhagen, Denmark [2654x1517]

'Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula,” (Latin, “New geographical and hydrographical map of the whole world') -- from an original engraving by Moses Pitt in 1681 [4032 x 3024]

'Population Lines' -- Population Density by Latitude [1656x1065]

'Portugal is not a small country' - Portuguese imperial colonies overlaid on a map of Europe, ca. 1940. [1600×1126]

'Ruthlessness of Trianon applied to other countries' - hungarian interwar poster (probably) [589x788]

'Saint' places in Europe - more info in the first comment [3507x2480px] [OS]

'Seven Billions:' The World Divided into Seven Regions, Each with a Population of One Billion [1427 X 648]

'Spend Your Vacation in West Virginia - the Switzerland of America' - 1934 tourist guide compiled for the Chicago World's Fair. [3721×3253]

'The Road from London to Hith' 1698 [2686x2109]

'The Russian Spider Sits Atop The World And Watches For More Victims', from the Los Angeles Examiner, January 7th 1940 [5120x3326]

'There are more people living inside this circle than outside of it', with an actual circle [2048×1252]

'United States: The Physical Landscape' 1996 map by National Geographic, a true masterpiece of cartography [2298x1490]

'Valley' in various European languages [OC] [3350x2051

'War Sentiment by States' from a Gallup poll in 1941 [1092x984]

'What to see in...' autocompleted by Google for each country on this map (OC) [4152 x 3192]

'You can see all the world right here in America!', a map from 1935 which compares some of the most famous places around the world with similar locations in the United States [2942x2658]

(Edited) Europe 1914 (4648x3692)

(FIXED) Canadian Province's Population Growth from 2012 - 2016 [2000x1728]

(May 2016) LGBT Acceptance in Europe [1170x822]

-r-civilizationsim map by 1250AD [2682x2434]

113 hour driving route through all 48 states of the contiguous US [685x349]

15-year-old schoolgirl in 1816, drew this map of the United States [1054 x 950]

1550 generations ago hunter-gatherers arrived in Europe, while farmers only arrived 350 generations ago [911x618]

1572 map of Europe by Abraham Ortelius [5414x4128]

1610 - The County Palatine of Lancaster [1592x1220]

1660 map of lower Manhattan overlaid on a current map [1022x609]

1792 Russian made map of the Russian Empire [4321x2440]

1805 map of the Mountains of Kong, a non-existent mountain range charted on maps of Africa until the late 19th century, which prevented colonization efforts of Mid- and Southern Africa [2163x1939]

1854 Map of the world's tallest mountains and longest rivers. (Legend in Comments) [4000x2821]

1860 Mitchell Map of North America : showing Russian America, Danish America, British America, United States, Central America and West Indies [3204 x 4000]

1866 U.S. Coast Survey Nautical Chart of Map of New York City and Harbor [OS][5209x6000]

1900 World Population Cartogram [OC] [7276 x 3308]

1908 map of the Kurdish tribes in the Ottoman Empire, by Mark Sykes of Sykes-Picot fame [1279x777]

1912 German elections vote [737x655]

1920s Population Density Map of Australia [5000 x 4020]

1939 Japanese Map of Europe [5000 x 3636]

1946 Referendum on whether Italy should remain a monarchy or become a republic [1200x1500]

1950's map of the Dutch Colonies in South America [ 2139 x 1389 ]

1958 Vegetation Map of Africa, south of the Tropic of Cancer [5000 x 5600]

1980 United States presidential election, Result by County [1513×983]

19th Century naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace included this map in his 1869 book 'The Malay Archipelago', comparing the size of the British Isles with that of Borneo to give them an idea of the vastness of the place [OS][950x1180]

19th century ships tracks show the outlines of the continents [1228x705]

2% of Australia's population lives here [OC][1501x1402]

2.9 Million Air Missions over Vietnam '65 - '73 [GIF] [OC] [1560 x 875]

20 maps of prejudice in Europe [1280 x 1920]

20 stereotypical divisions of Europe [1067x1600]

2008 and 2016 Wisconsin election results by county [OC] [1362x696]

2010-2015 Population Growth in Pennsylvania in Clinton vs. Trump Counties [1287 x 724]

2012 General Election Results by County in the United States [1513 x 983] [OS]

2012 South Korean presidential election results. Red is the more conservative candidate (and winner) Park Geun-hye, green is more liberal Moon Jae-in [640x1136]

2014 Hungarian parliamentary election results [3506 x 2481]

2014 Indian general election: How Modi won by mobilizing voter base. [804 X 455]

2014 UN Human Development Report Quartiles [863x375]

2015 UK general election: compare Labour seats to the distribution of coalfields in England and Wales [916x614]

2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primaries by Precinct (6544x3936) [OC]

2016 U.S. Presidential election map by county [1,280 x 812].

2016 US presidential election results by county (corrected) [3507x5433px] [OC]

2016 United States House of Representatives Election [2000 x 1161]

2nd most popular religion (after Christianity is removed) by USA county [1487x1147]

3D Bathymetry Map of the Great Lakes found in Marquette, MI [3264x2448]

3D Pricing map of New York City, price -sq.ft. by neighborhood [3600x2200]

3D reconstruction of ancient Antioch, one of the four great metropolises of the Roman Empire [3360x2020]

4G-LTE Availability 2016 [1869X1225]

5 Regions in the USA with equal GDP made with[1200x746][OC]

60% of the population of iceland lives here[1185x840]

8 Minimalist Maps [OC][1904x515]

9 ways to divide the Netherlands [1600 × 1828]

A 1917 map of Women's Suffrage in North America [703x1024]

A 1930 German map of ethnic Germans in Central and Eastern Europe [2,546 × 2,107].

A 2,000 mile long line of thunderstorms spans across the U.S, 11-18-16 [750x1063]

A 2016 version of the 1914 Isochronic London-World travel times map [1722x2200] Credit to fromrome2rio

A 500 mile long front of storms pounds the South today, November 28th, 2016. [576x1024]

A 75-year-old retired teacher from Guangdong built this large map of China in his backyard [950x654]

A 75x100 km square in central Colombia: A comparison of the best available military chart 20 years ago to basic web tools available now. [2128x860]

A COROP region is a regional area within the Netherlands. These regions are used for analytical purposes by, among others, Statistics Netherlands. [1,027 × 1,195]

A Complex Map of Sunnis and Shiites - Source The New York Times[1050 × 813]

A Mercator Projection is actually infinite in size, so parts around the poles need to be cut off. This is what happens if you make the cut a little later - and shift the poles [1315x446]

A Micronesian navigational chart from the Marshall Islands, made of wood, sennit fiber and cowrie shells [OS][1860x1298]

A New Yorker's view of the world. (Cover of The New Yorker magazine, 29 March 1976.) [1252x1691]

A PROPOSED Map of Post-WWII Japan Occupation Zones. [1397 x 1593]

A Pacific-centered world map (Korean, South Korea) [6496x3339]

A Paramount Studios map (1927) of California showing areas that look like foreign countries [517x547]

A Post-WW1 map of the former Ottoman territories in the Middle East [563x594]

A Proposal for High Speed Rail in the US [1484x986]

A Texan's Map of the United States, 1965. [3600×2657]

A World Map [4974x2519]

A beautiful 1566 map of Constantinople-Istanbul [1024x692]

A beautifull 1593 map of the city of Vlissingen (Flushing) in the Netherlands [1200x1460]

A combined view of the principal mountains & rivers in the world, 1849 [4580x3365]

A day's worth of flight frequency around the world (xpost from woahdude) [GIF] [400x240]

A detailed ethnic map from 100 years ago, including Syria and Iraq [9914 × 8878]

A detailed map of Cuba [4947x2000]

A detailed map of King's Landing [3222x2149]

A detailed map of the pacific ocean floor (1969) [4556 × 3448]

A foldable, portable globe from 1852. Made by John Betts [3936x2976]

A fried egg map of the wold. [1024x814]

A globe made out of an orange [900x1251] (x-post -r-globes)

A hand carved map of the coast ca. 1880, made by the Tunumiit people of eastern Greenland [2500 x 1813]

A large relief map carved out in marble at the 'Mother India Temple' (Bharat Mata Mandir); built in 1936 by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, it's the only temple dedicated to Mother India [1024x685]

A line of Colorados from the Equator to the North Pole using the Mercator projection. [565x542]

A map by Stanford University shows how long it would have taken to travel around the Roman empire and how much the trips would have cost, on average and according to simulations based on historical evidence [1042 × 862 pixels]

A map comparison of Africa in 1880 and in 1913 [2,311 × 1,142].

A map of Europe in 1200 [1,906 × 1,655].

A map of Europe in 1900 [1,837 x 1,655].

A map of European genetics [986x1118]

A map of Krubera Cave: the deepest cave on earth, going down more than 2000 meters under the earth with air and waterfalls all the way down. It takes more than a month to reach the bottom. [640x1441]

A map of Lithuania's expansion between the 13th and 15th centuries [1,010 × 1,411].

A map of Poland between 1102 and 1138 [2,309 × 2,192].

A map of Stone Age symbols found in various caves around the world reveals how proto-writing systems used by cavemen that lived in different continents could sometimes share the same ideograms, the most common of which are represented on the map [1584x1056]

A map of the 'Romanian Gulag' at the Sighet Museum, with the following phrase written underneath: 'When justice fails to become a form of memory, memory alone can become a form of justice' [1172x660]

A map of the 'Town of Chicago' on the day it was incorporated, in August 1833 [4000 x 2936]

A map of the Black percentage of the population in the U.S. in 1990 [1280 x 997].

A map of the French conquest of Algeria between 1830 and 1956 [2,000 × 1,986].

A map of the Internet in 1973. Yes, all of it. (x-post -r-pics) [2048x1536]

A map of the Internet, 1982. Yes, all of it. [3854x2517]

A map of the Middle East and North Africa in 1914. [800x516]

A map of the Syrian Civil War [1,239 x 1,024].

A map of the Valley of Mexico, its lakes and cities before the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire (also known as the Triple Alliance) in the early 16th century, after which the lakes were eventually drained to make room for what is now Mexico City. [771x1000]

A map of the countries between Constantinople and Calcutta including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan & Turkestan. Published by Edward Stanford, 1912. [4800×3197]

A map of the distance WWII fighters can fly from the UK mainland [847x1206]

A map of the ships buried underground in San Francisco. [1977 ✕ 1205]

A map of the states labeled as other administrative divisions with similar population sizes [4000x3000]

A map of the town where I live that shows the slope of the streets 990 × 1446 [OS]

A map of the various Baltic tribes in 1200 [988 × 1,088].

A map of the world at the height of the Caliphate, 750 A.D. [1695x901]

A map of the world in 1700 [4500 × 2234].

A map of the world in 1815 [4500 × 2592].

A map showing concentrations of Finnish American ethnicity in the United States. [698x503]

A map showing countries in blue that have qualified for UEFA Euro 2016 [1280 x 994]

A map showing the 22 countries that Great Britain has not invaded [825x412]

A map showing the location of the seven wonders of the ancient world. [800x531]

A map showing where you’d end up if you dug straight down to the other side of the Earth.[990x495]

A mind-map of Copenhagen, designed as a series of circles [1280x1280]

A modern depiction of the ecumene (known world) described by Herodotus in the 5th century BC [1280 x 773]

A more accurate Super Bowl rooting interests map from Facebook [1200x616]

A new map of Michigan with it's canals, roads, & distances [3555 x 5100]

A perfectly flat Kansas [1080x757][OS]

A population density map of East Germany for 1977 [684 × 768].

A population grid map of Europe [774 x 1,094].

A projection of the Behaim Erdapfel of 1492, possibly the oldest surviving terrestrial globe in the world [9504x3219][large!]

A ridiculous map showing the 'Perfect World' according to 4chan [2100 x 1537]

A student-made, 3-D, cardboard U.S. Population map at my University's art gallery. (3625x2488) [OC]

A view of Byzantine Constantinople in AD 1000 [1323x578]

A vision of Troy according to ancient sources [1152x544]

A walking cane map for navigating the 1939 World Fair in New York [1357x2251]

A weird marriage: (shared) North African kingdom of the East Germanic Vandals and Northern Caucasian Alans, 526 AD. [1026x900]

A winning Clinton election [876x500]

A wooden topographic map of the United States (more details in comments) [2048x1365] [OC]

A.D. 1498. The Discovery Of America. (1830) [2109×1656]

ALL the rivers in the United States [2048 × 1152]

ALSO an area in the US with equivalent population of New York City -- (No Alaska, because Alaska is cheating...) [3,168 × 2,112]

AUSTRALIA: Places in the world whose climates match with places in Australia [OC] [2244x4516]

Accessibility of the World in the late 1950s [1680x1080]

Actual European Discoveries (that is, places uninhabited by humans prior to the Age of Exploration) [OS] [2400x2400]

Actual European Discoveries - Land Unknown to Humans Before the Age of Exploration [2400x2400] [OS]

Adolf Hitler's envision of a 'Greater Germania', had the Axis won a decisive victory in World War 2. [1995 × 1349]

Africa Watersheds - River Basins [3000x3184] [OC]

Africa: If each country were closer to its own capital city than another countries' capital city [OC][2648x2420]

African Americans by state over 100 years [3180 x 976]

African River Basins [916x918]

Afrikaans in Namibia [1244 x 1200]

Afrikaans in South Africa in 2011 and 2001 [1376 x 600]

After seeing a recent post about the population of Indonesia, this occurred to me [2048×1252]

After the Austrian government spent €19bn to bail out a bank in 2014, Viennese students protested by creating a model for a large 100.000 people city that could be built for the same amount of money as the bailout; they named it Hypotopia (the bank's name 'Hypo Alpe Adria' plus 'Utopia') [1000x666]

Age at First Marriage for Male Population, last 15 years data [OC] [1292x646]

Age of Vikings - Scandinavian settlements in the 8th - 11th century [2000x1314]

Age of consent by country [1393 × 632]

Ages of Consent [800 x 365]

Air map of the World, 1943 [2034x1364]

Air pollution map of Hungary as % of legal limits. Large scale fire at garbage recycling plant. (x-post r-hungary) [979x702]

Airstrikes in Syria during the second half of 2015 [1241x647]

Alaska and Pluto on the same scale [808x526]

Aleppo front-lines on 12th Nov in other cities [2716 x 428]

All 6 'if the world's ice melted's [2951x1595]

All Major Railroads in India as requested - Let me know what you want next [2563x2629] [OC]

All Major Railroads of the Netherlands as requested - Let me know what you want next [OC] [6608x8861]

All countries that border(ed) Portugal [4496x2696]

All functioning railways in Africa [6511x7210] [OC]

All major Railroads in the United Sates -Third attempt hope you like it. [OC][5316x2813]

All major Railways in Canada - Tout Chemins de fer Canadiens - This on was hard to make.[8391x3379] [OC]

All player controlled space in Eve Online [1856 x 2048]

All the Continents and Greenland fit in the Pacific Ocean [1650x1275][OC]

All the countries The Simpsons have visited, Canon and Non-Canon [1000 x 1600]

All the land under European control in 1922; the zenith of western imperialism. [1,357 x 617] [OC] [OS in comments].

All the railroads in the world (in the year 2000) [1362x716]

All the streams in Australia, and nothing else. [OC] [3372x2386]

Allied Controlled Territory following the Invasion of Normandy, June 6, 1944 - August 21, 1944 [600x435][GIF]

Amazing 1959 surficial map of the northern US and southern Canada [9614x4152]

Amazing 1959 surficial map of the northern US and southern Canada [9614x4152] [X-Post from -r-Geology]

Amazing drawing of Manhattan, New York City [2914x3900]

American Indian Reservations [3456 x 2568]

Amount of money countries paid to or received from the EU per capita. [1280x1324]

Amtrak Frequency Map [1005×598]

Amtrak Passenger Train Stations by Annual Ridership [1044 x 682]

Amtrak system as a subway map [4000x2667][OS]

An (Anachronistic) Map of the Japanese Empire [4833x5042] [OC]

An 11 year old boy with autism came into my daughters college class today and drew this from memory. [2048 x 1536](x-post from -r-Pics)

An 1875 ethnographic map of European Russia [5,000 x 6,184].

An accidental “word map” of South America, published by the Geographical Press in 1935. The map is supposed to show the labeled landforms of South America; this copy was erroneously printed without the landforms [OS][1200x1723]

An accurate view of Roman Carthage, a city that was built by Julius Caesar on the site of the previously destroyed Punic capital [2362x1758]

An accurate view of ancient Pompeii before it was destroyed by an eruption in AD 79 [1280x749]

An annotated map of every club in the top four divisions of the Football League in England and Wales. [OC] [2000*2428]

An anti-Russia satirical map produced by a Japanese student in 1877 during the Russo-Japanese War [4000x3033]

An elaborate flat Earth map drawn in 1893 by Orlando Ferguson [3142×2162]

An ethnic map of the United States by county majority [2000x1267] [OC]

An idealized UK, completely cloudless, algorithmically generated by combining dozens of NASA images [1000x1476]

An unusual and quite extraordinary view of famous Piccadilly Circus' Underground station in London - Made by Renzo Picasso in 1929 [857x857]

Ancient Alexandria during Cleopatra's reign [990x742]

Animated 3D map of unemployment in Europe between 2002 and 2012 [OC] [1600×954] [GIF]

Animated Invasion of Poland in 1939 [570x630] [GIF]

Annexation Bill of 1866 (United States) [597×589]

Annual Sunshine Hours Europe [839x768]

Annual hours of sunshine in Europe and the US. [473x750]

Annual net change in forest area (1990-2015) [940x529]

Annual sunshine hours map of the world [2753 × 1400]

Another disappearing lake, lake Chad [1342x763]

Another way to show the population distribution in the USA [1982x1423]

Arboreal map of Italy, Sicily and Sardinia: a pine grove in Castelluccio di Norcia, Apennine Mountains. [990×743]

Area Codes In Which Ludacris Claims to Have Hoes [1500*962]

Area codes in the US [3500x1919]

Area in the US with equivalent population of New York City [1124x598]

Area of central London which would have flooded last week if not for the Thames movable flood barrier. [1261×867]

Area under German control at the end of the war in May '45 [1090x1000]

Areas f Russia with Muslim Religious Majority [2000 x 1,154]

Areas under Allied and Japanese control at the time of Japan's surrender on August 15, 1945 [1260x970]

Areas where Obama got less than 20% of the white vote in 2012 [1440x x 940]

Areas where the Russian Language is the Majority and the Minority [1097 x 416]

Areas with the most plumbing emergencies around Washington, DC [1200x800]

Artificial Intelligence Looking for a 269-269 Electoral Map [GIF] [OC]

Artist's interpretation of Cahokia during the late Sterling period [OS] [990x938]

Artist's reconstruction of Florence in the year 1000 [2867x1981]

Artwork done by a Japanese anonymous on 4chan, the countries of Yugoslavia as a Parrot [1565x1500]

As promised, the Bay Area according to Urban Dictionary [OC] [2650x2982]

As the cow is considered a sacred animal in Hinduism, in some Indian states you can get up to 10 years in prison for cow slaughter; this map shows the punishments for each state [647x816]

August 5, 1833, the Town of Chicago was incorporated.[1280x960]

Australia and Europe comparative map - prepared by the Royal Australian Survey Corps in the 1950s (x-post -r-MapsWithoutTasmania) [5000 x 4114]

Australia reinvented: A nation divided according to its interests [774 x 768]

Australia vs US - with Australia flipped upside down [1024 x 682]

Australia's Climate [640x510]

Australian Aboriginal Tribe Regions [2362 x 2049]

Australia’s rabbit proof fences [800x1175]

Austria stereotype map [800X450]

Average Age Around the World [1025x683]

Average IQ for European Countries, 2012 [1260 x 1260]

Average Number of Languages Spoken by the EU Population [650x607]

Average age at first sex [948x445]

Average annual precipitation in Europe [550×550]

Average daily U.S. highway traffic, visualized as a living circulatory system [1533x838][OS]

Average number of foreign languages studied per pupil in general upper secondary education in Europe [1260 x 1260]

Average number of foreign languages studied per pupil in lower secondary education in Europe [1260 x 1260]

Avg. pH of surface waters in 1850 VS its projected value in 2100 if current trends continue; CO2 emissions have increased ocean acidity by 26% since the beginning of the ind. revolution, by 2100 the acidity will have surged by 170%; as a result, many species will become extinct (contin.) [1500x1500]

Ayyubid Sultanate 1193 AD at the death of Saladin [2393x1698]

Baboon Movements in Africa [1024 x 589]

Back to the Future 'Movie Map' by Andrew Degraff [1028 × 1200]

Balkan aspirations - this map from 1914 illustrates the territorial ambitions of 4 nations: Bulgarians, Greeks, Romanians and Serbs [1003x798]

Baltic Sea Drainage Basin [2000x2581]

Baseball fans across America [1050x665] (source: NY Times)

Bathymetry of the Mediterranean Sea [14958 × 7302]

Battle of Gallipoli (Gallipoli Peninsula, 1915) battlegif [GIF] [600x996] [OC]

Bay Area homes valued above $1 million [1024x461]

Bears per 1000 quare km in Finland, visualized as bears. [OS][455 × 650]

Best-Selling Artist in US by State of Birth [985 x 703]

Big U.S. cities' populations squeezed into NYC. Spoiler alert: NYC is big. More maps in comments. [OC] [2652x2582]

Biodiversity Map of the World [947x560]

Bird's Eye View map of part of the Korean Peninsula, by Hatsusaburo Yoshida (1884-1955), the most popular Japanese cartographer of his time [3000 x 892] (x-post -r-Papertowns)

Bird's eye map of Exeter, England from 1563 compared to 2016 equivalent (1249x501)

Bird's-eye view map of Japan published in a Tokyo newspaper on November 3rd 1921. Showing Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Karafuto (Sakhalin)[4472x3271]

Bird's-eye view of Damascus around the 8th century AD [1820x1108]

Black Bear Distribution in New Jersey 1995-2014 [1200 x 467]

Block Shaped Counties in the Contiguous United States [OC][794x600]

Blonde Hair distribution in the world [4972x2517]

Blue planet: New Facebook map depicts all of the world's interconnected friendships - with one unmistakable black hole over China. [720x1280]

Bookshelf in the shape of the USA built by a Russian architect living in London [1600x1108]

Border between Croatia and Slovenia (x-post -r-europe) [688x485]

Boston Landfill Animation, 1803 - current day [320 X 240]

Boston, USA is closer to Moscow; Accra, Ghana; and Asuncion, Paraguay than it is to Honolulu, USA [796 x 397, OC]

Boundaries of American Metropolises Decided by an Algorithm [964 x 672]

Brand of top selling car in Europe [1200x1070] [OC]

Brazil is a big country [500x672]

Brazil split into three regions of approximately equal population [1233x1197] [OC]

Brazilian states and its major commercial partners [1200x1060]

British Columbia split into three areas of roughly equal population [OC][1881x1753]

British Empire at its territorial peak in 1921 [1425x625]

British Peoples in the 7th century [994 x 1233]

Buache de Neuville's Map of the World on Polar Projection (1781) [4800 x 3717]

Buildings in Amsterdam, shaded according to year of construction. [3645x2792]

Bulgaria according to Prince Vladimir Cherkassky, Russian civilian governor during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 [1575x1587]

Bulgarian dialect map in early 20th. century indicating yat vowel isoglosses [1889 x 1404]

Burma & Europe on same scale, from 1945 [5000 x 3997]

CIA Map Entailing International Trade of Vegetable Tannins in 1950 (1190x763)

Camouflages of the world [7000x3939]

Camouflages of the world [7000x3939] (x-post r-military)

Canada and the United States in the year 2092 (by Douglas Copeland, 1992)[1280×1389]

Canada in 1895 from book 'How Canada is Governed' [4000 x 3000] [OC]

Canada's 'Tree Line' (no trees grow above the line) [1155x995]

Canada: Places in the world which have matching climate to places in Canada [OC] [1364x3264]

Canadian Federal Election results, 2008, 2011 and 2015

Canadian Geological Map [2000 x 1557]

Canadian Pacific Railway and Connecting Lines, 1927 [7000x3925]

Canadian plebiscite on prohibition of alcohol, 1898 [1059x899]

Cartographical Pet Peeve: historical maps of Europe forgetting that Flevoland didn't exist until the 1960s [3508x2481]

Central Asian Ethnoliguistic Map in 1992 [2392x 1504]

Central Europe 1810. Europe under Napoleon [2285 x 1883]

Central Tokyo's rail system (with a few outlying stations). MUCHMUCH easier to understand than other map. [1754x1239]

Change in % of Democrats in state senates after the 2016 election. [OS] (1920x891)

Change in Margin Between 2004 and 2016 Elections [OS] (1278x983)

Cheapest Kind of Power Plant by US County [1826x1341]

Chinese % of US Population by State, 1870 vs. 2010 [1000x1514] [OC]

Chinese Map of the Eastern Hemisphere, 1799 [858x935]

Chinese map of the known world (1602) Kunyu Wanguo Quantu [11,726 × 5,266]

Christianity by Country [600 x 308]

Christianity in India [1574 x 1738]

Christmas Island, an island discovered south of Java on Christmas Day 1643 [2000x1846]

Christmas gift bringers in Europe [648 × 440]

Christmas gift-bringers of Europe [650x596]

Cigarette Pack Sales Per Capita 1970-2012 [GIF] [1280x737]

Cities and Towns in Europe over 1000 Inhabitants [2059x1779]

Cities in Europe and the Middle East with above 1000 inhabitants [2059 × 1779]

Clan Map of Scotland [1185x1584]

Classes in the Inner West of London, 1900 [4589 x 4327]

Classical lands of the Mediterranean - compiled and drawn in the Cartographic Section of the National Geographic Society for the National Geographic Magazine, 1949 [5000 x 3405]

Climate Analogues of AUSTRALIA [OC] [2036x3242]

Clinton Archipelago [1600 x 952]

Coastline of the UK with vertices removed [GIF] [565x795]

Cold War Europe economic alliances [1165x1200]

Collapse of colonial system, 1953-68 [1934x1029]

Colonial Empire of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, the Smallest European Nation to Participate in Colonization [OC] [4500x2500]

Colorado split into 3 areas with approximately the same square miles. [OC][1200x946]

Colours of Passports around the world [1425*625]

Colours of passports around the world [1280x561]

Colours of post boxes around the world [2000 x 1015]

Communist parties across Europe today [1280x1024]

Commuters to other counties - why is Virginia standing out so much? [3543×2362px] [OC]

Companies and the US states they call home [2998 × 1919]

Concept for a high-speed rail network [1000x966]

Condition of main roads in Poland [2217x2086]

Continental Drift Since Cretaceous Period [GIF] [1280x706]

Continental division of Russia [1280x826]

Cost obsessions in Australia using Google Autocomplete [1000 x 952]

Cost of Living Index normalized to U.S. [1600 x 754]

Cotton production in 1860 vs. south voting in 2008 [657x838]

Counties From Smith County, Kansas (Geographic Center of Lower 48 States) [OS] [3675x2583]

Counties from the Atlantic or Pacific Coasts [2500x1375]

Counties with a greater population than Wyoming [538x348]

Counties with fewer than 25 black Americans [690x500]

Countries Beyoncé is visiting on her 'World Tour' [1292 x 646] [OC]

Countries That Use a First Past the Post Voting System [1336×693]

Countries by Nominal GDP in 2014 [2000x918]

Countries by fertility rate [1170 x 601]

Countries by level of cultural diversity [1466 × 958]

Countries by most common language family as a first language [OC][7759 × 3983][Fixed]

Countries by population growth between 2005 and 2015 [6460 x 3230]

Countries driving on the left or right side of the road [2000x1015]

Countries in Africa grouped by wether or not they touch the ocean. [4800x4790]

Countries named after people [1024 x 570]

Countries never invaded by Britain and risk of future invasion [6460x3230]

Countries sanctioned in some form by the US [1280x657]

Countries that Made the CIA Torture Program Possible [929 x 1025]

Countries that are poorer than Bill Gates [OC] [1357x628]

Countries that grant citizenship on birth [880x592]

Countries that have been under European control (1271 x 845)

Countries that have been under European control [1271x845]

Countries that have invaded Lithuania, with dates of invasion [OC] [2000x1710]

Countries that look like other countries, with bonus wow content [567x567][OS]

Countries that might lay claim to a slice of Antarctica based on their having un-restricted southern passage across open seas to the continent. [OS][916x796]

Countries that practice (red) or have practiced (Light Red) state atheism. [940x477]

Countries that the South Park characters have visited [4500 x 2234]

Countries where Christmas is not a public holiday [2000x882]

Countries where Netflix is available [800x343]

Countries where Netflix is available [850x374]

Countries where Spotify is available [1280x657]

Countries where pedestrians are required to wear safety reflectors at night [2100x1525]

Countries where under 1% of the population is ... [1425 x 3825]

Countries which have had successful and failed coups since 2000 [1280x765]

Countries which have officially adopted the metric system [926x456]

Countries which mention other countries in their anthems, proof in comments [1258x938] [OC]

Countries who's biggest city is not their capital city. [1357x628]

Countries whose capital is close to the border [OC] [1898x942]

Countries whose national anthem mentions blood. [2638x1196] [OC]

Countries whose official websites feature an animated waving flag GIF [OC] [2753x1400]

Countries with 'Democratic Republic' in their official name, as well as their Democracy Index rank [OC] [1521x797]

Countries with Bicameral National Legislatures (Blue), Unicameral (Orange) or No Legislatures (Black) (2000x1015)

Countries with Mandatory Maternal Leave (x-post -r-dataisbeautiful) [615 x 481]

Countries with More People than Bangladesh [2684 x 1751]

Countries with Mythical National Animals [1000 x 600]

Countries with embassies in North Korea [1425 x 625]

Countries with less people than the city of Shanghai[2683x1196][OC]

Countries with lesser population than Shakira's likes on Facebook [1357x628]

Countries with lions on their coat of arms [1450x617]

Countries with mandatory military service (red) no military service (blue) plan on abolishing(orange) [940x415]

Countries with multiple capitals [1852x942]

Countries with no rivers [4500x2592]

Countries with public officials implicated in the Panama Papers leak [1036x526]

Countries with state religions, from Wikipedia [1492×646]

Countries with the most Venomous Animals [2753 x 1400]

Countries with wordless national anthems. [1908x848] [OC]

Country-territory Speed limits (1024 x 587)

Couto Mixto, Former Microstate between Portugal and Spain [1073x967]

Coverage of google street view in Europe [1154 × 667]

Crime statistics for Germany, France and Italy (c. 1890) [1417x1789]

Croatian Army Camouflage incorporates a stylised map of Croatia (x-post -r-europe) [1200x900]

Crops in California [OS] [630x981]

Cross-section Kowloon Walled City: what was the densest place on Earth. [3842x6263]

Cross-section map of the world's deepest underwater cave in Hranice Abyss, Czechia, so far 400 m deep with its bottom still not found [980x1372]

Culinary map of Europe according to Italy [1280 x 914]

Current Distribution of Potentially Live Known Landmine Fields Across the Balkans-former-Yugoslavia. [1250×1767]

Current Male and Female Heads of Government [2479x1179] [OC]

Current Marijuana Laws in Each State VS How the Laws Will Most Likely Change in 2 Days (according to recent polls) [OC] [4950x6150]

Current and Proposed Railway Lines in South-East Asia [4000x3001]

Current state of 'Arab Spring' countries. [2,000px × 1,015px]

Currently in the contiguous United States, only Florida has no snow cover. [GIF] [snapshot] [768x496]

Daily Mail World Map of War and Commerce (1917) [5400 x 4113]

Danish loss of land 1814-2016 [503x1056]

Dante's Hell [719x1111]

Dante's Inferno Hell Map [3200x1600]

Data From 130 Million Commuters Reveal US ‘Megaregions’ [1000 x 707]

De facto Israel today [1900x2226]

Declassified map by the CIA of the Russian Front between 1941-1942 [1024 x 873]

Decorative hand drawn map of Colombia [2992x4000]

Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Europe [1983x1400]

Deficit Between US State Living Wage and State Minimum Wage (Per Hour) [OC] [4700 x 2920]

Democratic Presidential Primary 2016 as of March 26th [1280x811]

Demographics of Christians in the Middle East in 1914 [2938x1874]

Denmark in the style of maps from the video game World of WarCraft [1008x670]

Deportations in the soviet union [1253x994]

Detail of map from 17th century after restoration, restored at National Library of Scotland (more info in source) [2448x3264]

Detailed Map of Africa, 1899 [7130 × 5101]

Detailed Political Map of the World in 1859 [4500x2234]

Detailed replica of Manhattan carved out in a 2.5 tonne block of marble by the Japanese artist Yutaka Sone [634x933]

Dialects in Limburg and Germany: some isoglosses [1400x1980]

Did Путин hack the Archipelago map? Clinton coverage voids in Santa Fe sea and on the West Coast [1920x1200]

Different types of pipelines in the United States [3000x1997]

Digital Elevation Model of the Contiguous United States [3375x2118]

Dioceses and parishes of the Finnish Orthodox Church. [1957x3429]

Dioceses of the Church of Ireland [480x600]

Diplomatic Parking Scofflaws 1997-2002 [1462x999]

Distribution of Armenians in 1900 and 2000 [840 x 1068]

Distribution of Greeks in 1900 and 2000 [840 x 1068]

Distribution of Slavic languages in Europe [1137 × 1110]

Distribution of indigenous people in the Americas. [1600×1600]

Districts of Serbia and Municipalities of Serbia [1565 x 1988]

Diversity of tree species in the US[1500x1006]

Divorce rate by country [1332x610]

Dominant Protestant Denomination Per Country [723 X 494]

Dominant languages in South Africa [4000x3506]

Dominant religions in Europe [882x717]

Dublin area train and tram map [1000x707]

Dutch 'cities' in South Africa [684 x 599]

Dutch evacuation map in the event of a flood [1651x1049]

Dutch municipalities: 1840 vs 2009 [948x665]

Dutch passenger train lines and their frequencies in 2017 [2480x3500]

EU Referendum and National Identity of Northern Ireland [2000x927]

Each London borough's best selling music act [1343x999] [OC]

Earth around 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs went extinct [1200x600]

Earth's seasons (gif) [990 x 990]

Earthquake Activity In Oklahoma Since 2005 [1500x1000] [GIF]

Edison Electric Institute U.S. Member Company Service Territories [1349 x 805]

Educational Background of World Leaders (December 2013) [3616x1855]

Egypt Population Density [654 × 600]

Electoral Map Upon Trump's Victory [1231x1500]

Electoral Map if only X Voted [1200x1032]

Electoral votes per person, by state [OC] [1677 x 1084]

Electorate Votes At The Last NZ Election [1620x2932]

Electricity generating power stations in the USA, 2015. [2176×1512]

Emerging 'megaregions' in the United States [1200x800] [OS]

Empire of Japan at its greatest extent (1942) [2000x1522]

English Counties According To Google Autocomplete[900X1093]

English counties by language of etymology [1108 × 1430]

English dialects in North America [2717x2470] (source:

English language proficiency in Europe [1260 x 1260]

Estimated Christian Population in the Middle East. [471x338]

Estimated Distance to Nearest Abortion Clinic in United States [973 x 687]

Estimated population of the European Bison, an animal that almost went extinct in the 20th century [OC] [1468x745]

Estonia split into 3 areas of equal population [1600x1026]

Ethnic Groups of the Middle East (Traditional) [2,040 x 1,602]

Ethnic Groups of the Slovakia-Hungary region in 1910 [527 x 539]

Ethnic Map of Kosovo (1991) [500 x 600]

Ethnic Russian population in the Russia [1280x804]

Ethnic diversity in Toronto [2048x1324]

Ethnic homelands and national borders in Africa [699 x 415] [OS]

Ethnic make-up of Bosnia and Hercegovina, before and after the war [624x369]

Ethnic makeup of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (fixed legend)[2000x3600][OC]

Ethnic map of Eastern Europe [1,012 × 1,326].

Ethnic map of Guyana and Suriname [1000x4800][OC]

Ethnic map of Serbia [880 x 1000]

Ethnic map of Slovakia (2011 census) [1100x595]

Ethnic neighborhoods in New York City by world region [950 x 960]

Ethnicities of Iran [1798x1336]

Ethnographic Map of Europe; cultures and ethnicities, Lausanne, Switzerland (1918) (4,500 × 3,665)

Ethnographic map of Asia, produced in 1843 [5000 x 4078]

Ethnographic map of Europe, 1881 [2437x1603]

Ethnolinguistic Groups of Ethiopia - [OC] - [4250 x 2750}

Etymological (toponymical) map of the Netherlands [3032x3686] [OC]

Etymological Map of Belgium [OC] [4733x4108] (x-post from -r-Europe)

Etymology of U.S.A. States (1157x727)

Europe According to Charles V 1555 (960x686)

Europe According to Vladimir Putin, 2004 [832x593] (x-post -r-europe)

Europe as a lady (1938) [1877 × 1273]

Europe as viewed from the USSR. Made by R. Harrison for the US Army Information Branch in 1944 [4794x3610]

Europe at night: 2010 vs 1992 [1600x1143]

Europe before the First World War (1874-1914) by 1Blomma [2336x2032]

Europe fertility rate by regions 2014 [756×1008]

Europe in 1000 A.D. [652x392]

Europe in 1097 [2270 x 1789]

Europe in 1226 [7280 x 5958] [OC]

Europe in 1328 [2,008 × 1,698].

Europe in 800 AD [728x593]

Europe in the 16th century. Old German school map, unsure of age. [2822x2117]

Europe vs the United States Sunshine duration in hours per year [722px × 1,144px]

Europe vs. USA: The amount of hours of sunlight each year [880 x 1160]

Europe, Equipopulous [2000x1987]

European Capitals Replaced with the Names of Cities at the Same Latitude [592x638]

European Nationalities According To Google Autocomplete[900X724]

European Slavic cultures [2000x1843]

European Tribes documented by the Romans and the Greeks (1st Century BC-AD) [4200x3100]

European borders in 1914 over current ones [1837x1655]

European countries who are dubbing foreign movies vs. countries who use subtitles. [422 x 650]

European elections in Italy, 2009 vs 2014 [1091x644][png]

Every Country's Highest Valued Export [1200x646]

Every Country's Top 'Thing To Do' - According to Tripadvisor [OC] [7000 x 4072]

Every Country’s Tourism Slogan [4500 x 3000]

Every Olympic gold medallist in men's water polo since 2000 was born within the marked area (x-post r-europe, credit to u-vernazza) [989x835]

Every Person in Scotland Mapped - Interactive version in comments [OC] [2480x3507]

Every Traffic Signal in Toronto, Ontario, Canada [1,600×1,237]

Every USA presidential elections. [1256×2466]

Every goat in the United States [2300x1970][OS]

Every road in Minnesota [OC] [1000X1279]

Every single Railroads in Metropolitan France - [2746x2795] [OC]

Every single road in the United States [2000x1333]

Every state gets a pan-handle! A map of the continental USA made of 550 pounds of cast-iron skillets. Created by Alisa Toninato. [1200×742]

Every store mapped in DC, New York, Detroit (all large US cities in comments) [1680x560]

Evolution of the Buenos Aires metro [GIF] [825×713]

Evolution of the Earth's economic center of gravity from 1 CE to 2025 [1403x1276]

Evolution of the Eastern Romance (Vlach) languages according to Brezeanu, Niculescu, Rosetti & Sanfeld [447 x 1134]

Evolution of the delta of the Po river, Italy. 1604-1985 [488x383]

Exaggerated Relief Map of Southeastern Australia [5000 x 5000] (x-post -r-australia)

Exploration and Mapping of the World, c. 1910. [4800×3094]

Extent of the Norse World [786x1146]

Extent of the Teutonic Order in 1300. [2500x1897]

Extremely high detail map of the nations of the Middle-East, NatGeo, 1971 [4961 x 3169]

FIXED Canadian provinces, American and Mexican states by governor's political party ideology according to wikipedia (2147 × 2215)

Facebook Fandom Map 2014 for the NFL [3599x2034]

Fake countries used in Czech Army exercise Strong Campaigner 2014 [560*338]

Fascinating Relief Map of the Earth, showing exaggerated mountain ranges. Here's Japan and China (link to the rest of the gallery inside). [5000x5000]

Fascist flags across Europe [1984×1736]

Favorite NFL team by US county [1127x703]

Federal Land in the United States, by Agency [2000 x 1545]

Fertility Rates in the World. 1970 - 2016 [4800x4584]

Fertility Rates in the World. 2014 - 2016 [4800x4584]

Fewer than 1% of Canadians live in the white area [2435x2182]

Figurative Map of the successive losses in men of the French Army in the Russian campaign 1812-1813 [2003 x 995]

First Cousin Marriages in Italy, by percentage, 1930-1964 [484 x 472]

First land you'd hit sailing in a perfectly straight line from San Francisco [OC] [1067x940]

First language of white South Africans [686 x 600]

First map to use the name 'America' for the new world - 1507 [1000x706]

First railway line by country in Europe [1236x944]

Fisk's whole 1944 Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River [900x5285]

Flag map: US states with similar population to German states (Bundesländer) [OC] [2100x2800]

Flags of Swedish Regions [2000 x 4510]

Flags of a free empire [1815x1432]

Florida homes share a backyard and are separated by 7.1 miles of road [1909 x 961]

Florida's 5th congressional district, ruled a constitutional violation yesterday because of its extreme gerrymandering [1738x1012]

Football supporter map of London [986x744]

For Pentecost, a map of all the places mentioned in Acts 2:7-11 [OC] [1390 x 816]

Foreign travel advice of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. [5600×4130] [OC]

Foreign travel advice of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs [OC] [4500x2334]

Foreign travel advise issued by the British government (OC) [1424 x 856]

Forest distribution in Europe [1500 x 1284]

Former European Capitals [OC] [1600x996]

Forms of governments in 2016 [5146x3100]

Fort McMurray Wild Fire 18 Day Progress (940x951)

Fortifications of Athens and Piraeus during the Peloponnesian War. The long walls provided a secure connection to the sea during times of siege. [1000×775]

Foul lines of every major league stadium in the USA - letting them run to infinity [3000×2024]

Found a mistake on Google Maps [1919x945]

Four international organizations whose membership largely follows the pattern of previous colonial empires [1357x628]

France - When you greet a friend, how many times do you kiss? [OS][1798x1799]

France, the world's leading tourist destination - where do they come from? [OS] [736 x 750 px]

French Cadastre Vectorisation [1326x1317]

French Influence in Africa as of 1997: Linguistic, Monetary, and Military [640x480]

French Language in the United States [1064x1222]

French Map of Colonial Africa. 1911 [2490x3563]

Frequency of Red Hair in Europe [1600 x 1325]

Freycinet Map of 1811. An outcome of the Baudin (French) expedition to Australia, this is the first map of Australia to be published which shows the full outline of Australia [6219 x 4125]

From where countries import the most ? [4500x2234]

From where countries import the most ? [4500x2234] [OC]

Full map from 'A Man in the High Castle'. (no spoilers) [1920x1080]

Führer's population transfers - 1940 poster-map [2000x1407]

GDP (PPP) per capita in Africa measured in Central African Republics [1000x1025] [OC]

GDP of European countries compared to countries [1200x996]

Game Of Thrones Filming Locations [1133 x 6170]

Game Thread: Submit a map without a legend. The others have to guess what it is about. I start. [1352 x 638]

Gang member density by county in 2010. [4400x3400]

Gender of French 'Départements' [OC][2796x2720]

Genders of Countries in French [1600x790]

Genders of countries in Finnish [6,460 x 3,230] [OC]

Genders of countries in Hungarian [1280x640]

Genders of countries in Polish [4221 x 2800][OC]

General naming formats-customs across Eurasia and North Africa [2184x1517]

Geographical distribution of lions. [880×768]

Geography of unsecured Wi-Fi Access points. [890x526]

Geological Map of Skyrim [1107x727]

Geological Map of the World, 1875 [OS] [3676x2500]

Geological features of the Tyrrhenian Basin [1964x1174]

Geological map of Canada, made out of rocks taken from each region [960x720]

Geopolitics of air age, 1944 [2667x3347]

German Concentration Camps as compiled by the CIA's predecessor in 1944 [2048 x 1502]

German colonies in Africa [2809 x 2459]

German propaganda leaflet mocking the progress of allied forces in southern Italy, 1944. [735×1024]

German propaganda map of the Allies’ colonial empires, circa 1916. [2993×1884]

German town name endings [1.280 × 4.335]

Germanic Toponymy In Europe [OC][3027 × 2658]

Germany in European Languages [1260 x 1260]

Germany stereotype map from a Bavarian POV [443X626]

Germany's federal states with their literal meanings [2000x2369]

Germany's territorial changes during the 20th century [859 × 681].

Germany’s plans for Africa in 1917 [868 x 723]

Getting bees to construct geographic maps, artist Ren Ri uses beeswax as his medium and the bee colony as the cartographers [OS][2399x1883]

Ghana (pop. 27.6M) is the most populous country of which a map has never been posted on -r-mapporn [2937x5347]

Global Air Pollution, measured by the European Space Agency [OS] [2175x756]

Global average wind speed. [1722x1100]

Global population density heatmap [1500x1066] [OC] (x-post from -r-dataisbeautiful)

Global reaction to the death of Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution [1426x788] [OC] [Source and explanation in comments]

God Bless Birmingham, Alabama [700 × 505]

Google Argentina: 'Why is [country in the Americas] so...?' [781×871]

Google Autocomplete : Why is [European country] ... [1260 x 1260]

Government types of the world [4817x2154)

Governmental positions on the Iraq War prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq [2000x882]

Great Lakes of North America covered in snow and ice (2600x2000)

Greater Tokyo Area superimposed over Great Britain [640 x 563]

Greeks, Phoenicians and Etruscans, c. 900 - 500 BC [4676x2330]

Greenland's size in Mercator projection vs Actual size [489x290]

Growth of Boston's Shorelines Over 400 Years (1311 x 1268)

Gypsy migrations into Europe [1650x971]

HDI change in Europe 2014-2015 [974 x 982]

HDI of São Paulo (city) districts [OC][1600X2300]

Habitability map of Australia, 1946 [OS][750x803]

Half of Africa's Population lives here [1196 x 1216] [OC]

Half of Australia lives here [1501x1402] [OC]

Half of Canada's 33.5 million people live in the red part [3000x2650]

Half of Europe's Jews live in the red areas [1000 x 993]

Half of France GDP is located inside the circle [1501x1722]

Half of Russia's 144mln population lives in the red part [1440x802]

Half of the USA lives in these 146 counties [800x520] Source and List of counties in comments.

Half the Country Lives in These Counties [640x430]

Half the US Lives in These Counties [640x430]

Hand Drawn-Painted Map of the United States of America [2888x1925][OC]

Hand drawn maps of Norwegian fjords (1872) overlayed on Google Earth's 3D mountain formations. [2048 x 1267]

Hand-Drawn Flag Map of Africa (X-Post from r-vexillology)[573x767][OC]

Hand-drawn map of Texas-Deep South [OC] [2979 × 1836]

Handmade replica of Besançon in 1722 [3072x2048]

Hanno the Navigator was a Carthaginian explorer of the sixth century BC who sailed with a fleet of sixty ships beyond the straits of Gibraltar, founded seven colonies along the African coast in modern-day Morocco, and is thought to have reached as far south as Gabon [555x614]

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international airport VS the country of Nauru [502 × 370]

Hattusa : capital of the Hittite Empire between 1420 and 1200 BC. Hattusa now lies in ruins beside Boğazkale, Turkey [1920 x 1358]

Here's How Much You Have To Earn To Be In The 1 Percent In Each State

Here's a full railway map of Tokyo and suburbs, complete with metro, JR, suburban and Shinkansen lines. [2944x2004] [OS]

Hero Map - world exploration map covered in a fog of war (image produced by the Android game) [1000x625]

Hey guys was just told this place existed! I inverted the world map in Photoshop! Day and Night version :) [2000 x 1189]

Highest and lowest church attendance rates by U.S. state [1000x1333]

Highly Detailed World Currencies Map [6100x2400]

Highly detailed world religion map (OC) [6000x3048]

Hillary Clinton's name on the ballot by state [OC] [871x545]

Hispanics-Latinos by state 1940 vs 2010 [3180 x 976]

Historical (pink) and modern range (red) of the Asian elephant [2000x1354px]

Historical Clan Map of Medieval Scotland [2200 × 2419]

Historical Control of North America (1750-2008)[700x783] [GIF]

Historical counties of Wales [2150 X 2338]

Historical lands and regions of Poland [2428 x 2606]

Historical map of Iran and Turan from 1891 [5,050 × 4,250]

Historical range of tiger (1850) vs the current range (2006) of tiger. [1,276 × 977]

Historical spread of Hinduism in Asia [1280 X 956]

History of the Development of the Beijing Subway System [OC][GIF 2400x2400]

Hokkaido Railway System [2532x3000]

Homeric Greece [OS][2000x1668]

Homicide rate in South America by subnational entities [644x1098]

Homicide rates in Europe and the US [Reupload] [846x408]

Horse Omnibus Lines of Paris - a transit map from the 1830's [7000x4654]

Hours of Daylight on Summer Solstice in U.S. [1600x1237] [OC]

Hours of Daylight on the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere [1920x1600] [OC]

Household % With Food Stamp-SNAP benefits by Congr. District (2015) [OC] [6156x3684]

How America would look like if only White people voted-by country (4200x3105)

How Americans die abroad - Most common cause of unnatural death (2005 - 2014) [1200x941]

How Americans die abroad [1200 x 941] (X-post from r-travel)

How China sees the World, a magazine cover of the Economist. Inspired by the famous “A New Yorker's view of the world” cover of the New Yorker magazine. [1200x1600]

How China views Europe [748x929]

How Europe's population is growing (red) or falling (blue) [940 x 1043]

How Google keeps everyone happy. [1322x455]

How Italy voted yesterday [1434 x 1654X]

How Japan Could Attack U.S.: Step by Step Maneuvers by Which Nipponese Might Cross the Pacific and Swoop Out of the Air to Demolish U.S. West Coast Cities [Lost Angeles Examiner | 7th November 1937] [5072 × 6399]

How London has killed off local dialects across England - in six maps [1181x5550]

How Many Hours Do People Have to Work to Buy a Gallon of Petrol? [OS] [882x568]

How Much You Need To Make To Be In The Top 1% In Your State [1237x709]

How Often Each State's Wikipedia Article Mentions the Word Mountain [OC] [923 x 723]

How Water Looks Like if Represented By the Vote Percentages for Each Candidate in the 2016 US Election [6800 x 4400]

How Water Voted in the 2016 US President Election [10220 x 6600]

How a 100 million year old coastline affects presidential elections today [810x870]

How about an American exclave - Point Roberts circumcised off a Canadian peninsula by the 49th parallel [537x536]

How far $50 of gas will get you from DC [800x799] (x-post r-WashingtonDC)

How far could you see from the top of Mount Everest, assuming that you had perfect vision and no obstacles? (with 4 examples for comparison) [OC] [1246x446]

How languages have changed in the Iberian peninsula over the past 1000 years [679x616]

How long is Chile? [1440 x 486]

How long to travel across the U.S. in 1800 (other years in comments) [644x850]

How many times French people kiss when greeting friends [1024x1024]

How many times French people kiss when meeting friends [1798x1799]

How much do world leaders earn? [4160 x 2144]

How much land is federally owned by state (2004)? [1938x1592]

How much of humanity is in your hemisphere? [3151 x 2040]

How much of the Netherlands is below sealevel [550x723]

How much snow it typically takes to cancel school in the U.S. [OC] [1513x983]

How much snow it typically takes to cancel school in the U.S. [OC] [FIXED] [1513x983]

How often countries vote with the United States at the United Nations General Assembly [2628x1196]

How often world maps posted to MapPorn lack data for countries [1428x732] [OC]

How people aged 18-25 voted in the 2016 US presidential election [1272x914]

How people in the UK and Ireland pronounce the word 'last' [1200x1588]

How recognizable each country's flag is [6460 x 3230]

How the Electoral College voted on December 19th, 2016

How the Nile has changed its course over the past 5,000 years (in relation to Old and Middle Kingdom pyramid sites) [737x902]

How the US population fits in Europe [1275x862]

How the US population fits into China [1151x801] [OC]

How the ancient city-state of Ur may have looked like around 2000 BC [1600x612]

How to say 'Banana' in Spanish [OC] [694x922]

How to say 'Bear' in Europe [1280 x 729]

How to say pencil in French [664 x 665]

How to say ‘Yes’ in Europe [1231x722]

Human Fossil Sites [1200x1029]

Human ooze: World population density by latitude-longitude, with traditional chart axis flipped [OC] [1500x765]

Humanitarian trends and risks for 2017 [2000x1414]

Humoristic map of the First World War [1919x1064]

Hungary in 1606 [1842x1701]

Hurray, Americans Are Murdering Each Other Less [600x574] [GIF] [OC]

I Made A Map of the Soviet Union [2935x2422][OC]

I blended the colors of each country's flag into one hue. The result was interesting. (US Version in comments) [OC][1378x622]

I couldn't find one, so I just created an extreme hi-res world population density map based on a Columbia University dataset. Warning, big file! [8639x3431]

I cross stitched a globe of the earth [1000 x 1615]

I decided to draw another map, this time of the Maritime Provinces [2448x3264]

I found this slightly inaccurate map in last year's school planner. (x-post -r-vexillology) [OC] [1200x897]

I had 30 people draw a map of the world from memory and digitally merged the results. [1102 x 1223]

I illustrated a map of my home county of Sonoma, California :) [1245 × 1754]

I know this sub is for maps, but hand-made globes can be MapPorn too (source in comments)[880x880]

I laser cut a topo map of my hometown of Portland, ME for Christmas (link to more pictures and how-to guide in comments) [3123x2342] [OC]

I let Google auto complete 'When Will (state name)' [1545x1103] [OC]

I scraped and analyzed 19,628 marketing-related job listings on Indeed and Glassdoor. Here's the average salary per city in the US [OC] [4167x3333]

I see your Roman Empire and raise you the largest contiguous empire the world has ever seen; wait for it, the Mongols![1226 x 830]

I was told y'all would like this! Posted on FB, the colors are where he's been! [960x720]

ICE Frequency and Speed Map [1000x1356]

IMF Advanced Economies [2000x1015]

ISIS Gains and Losses in 2015 [OS] [960 x 573]

If 'Did Not Vote' was a candidate in 2016, it would have won by a landslide [775x600] [OC]

If Frodo had Google Maps (OC) [3600x2700]

If Hokkaido was an independent country [OC] [3000x2086]

If Kamchatka was an independent country [OC] [3000x2653]

If Märket Island united [OC] (1067x837)

If apathy was a party in the UK general election [960x576][x-post -r-ukpolitics]

If land was water and water was land [Realistic] [3508x2115] [OC]

If the European Union Formed into a Single Country [1236x1245]

If the Mongol Empire reunited [OC] [1882x735]

If the US were 2 states of equal population [GIF][670x479]

If the prime meridian became our equator (aka Cassini projection) - xkcd post in comments [2058×1036]

If you’re on the beach, this map shows you what’s across the ocean. [1720 x 2234]

Illiteracy in the United States in 1870 [1641 × 2013]

Illustrated World Map by Keizo Shimada, 1933. [4800×3417]

Imperial Japanese invasion of the Philippines, 1941 [655x1069]

Important Cultural Regions of Europe (Britannica) [631 × 651]

In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt used this map of a reorganized South America, supposedly made by the Germans (but actually the British), to convince the citizens of the United States to support joining WW2, as this was seen as Germans meddling in 'America's back yard.' [2000x2685]

In 1992, approximately 29000 rubber duckies fell off a cargo ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This is where they made landfall. (850 x 523 px)

In Seattle, the manhole covers have a map of the city. [2048×1360]

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Treaty of Sevres [800 × 577]

In lieu of an address, a tourist to Iceland drew this map of Búðardalur and surroundings on an envelope. The postal service was successful in delivering it! [720x481]

In the third century AD, more than twenty Roman emperors died in a period of 37 years (238-285), this map shows where and how some of them died [2000x1314]

In this world Central America, USA, and Canada are all continents, and Greenland is part of Europe what a shame [1036x573]

Income inequality worldwide (Gini Coefficient) [1446x784]

Income map of NYC overlayed with the location of shootings within the city [1280x1317] [OC]

Indigenous Land in Australia 1788-2013

Indigenous Peoples of the Russian Far North [1847x1285]

Individualism vs Collectivism world map [552×303]

Indonesia over Europe [1848x1448][OC]

Indonesia's motto is 'Unity in Diversity,' so here's an ethnic map of Indonesia [2000x841]

Interactive map: 5015 years of world history (1931 as example, link in comments) [1816x742]

Interesting old map supposedly from 150 ad, showing North America??? [809x768]

International Export of American Weapons, 2011 - 2015 [OC] [1725x914]

Irish-speaking areas of Ireland, known as 'Gaeltachtaí' [2000 x 2567]

Is Your State's Highest-Paid Employee a Coach? Probably. (From Deadspin) [970x546]

Isla Nublar (Jurassic Park) in a Google Maps recreation [2000x2667][OC]

Isochrone Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Railway Network, 1912 [OS][1773x1358]

Isochrone map of post coach and ship travel from Berlin for 1819 [2428×3434] [OC]

Isochronic Passage Chart for Travelers (global map of travel time departing from London) Francis Galton, 1881. [1145×749]

It took me a week to work through your hundreds of suggestions, but here is the finished product: 'Global Cultural Macroregions' [Fixed by MapPorn] [OC] [1425x625]

It's an interesting World in an interesting Time, 1959 [2357 x 1912]

Italy split into 3 areas of equal population [4800x1588][OC]

Japan from Siberia [929 x 589]

Japanese World Map (1853) [5400×3143]

Japanese World Map, 1883 [3491x1341]

Japanese World War II Map [5000 x 2100]

Jerusalem in the ancient times [1920x1181]

Jerusalem in the time of Jesus [1880x1242]

Just finished my Flag Map of the world [OC] [4972x2517]

Kelp Forests of North America [1798 × 779] (Temperate Reef Base - Global Kelp Timeseries from NCEAS-KEEN)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vs. Islamic Republic of Iran; A proxy war in the Middle-East [OS] [1024x1147]

Knives of France by regions found in a cutlery shop in Paris [1536x2048]

Knowledge of Russian in Europe (2000x2044)

Knowledge of the German language in the EU [1212x1242px]

Korean map of the Port of San Francisco, where the Far East Begins. Shows a dramatically foreshortened Pacific Ocean, 1984 [2258x2822]

Kowloon Walled City: The British Fort turned independent Chinese City-State, with the highest population density in history (3,250,000-sq mi) [1,921×3,132]

Köppen climate classification Europe [1024x1067]

Köppen climate types of South Africa [1080 x 1287]

Köppen climate types of South Africa [1080x1287]

Köppen climate types of Turkey. [1168x780]

Lactase hotspots [850×657]

Land Reclamation in Monaco since 1861 [744x232]

Land on Earth where there is also land the other side [OC] [810x553]

Land tenure and protected areas in southern Quebec, east Canada [9450x4725][OC]

Land use in Europe in 1900 and 2010 [1000x588]

Land use map of the world. (+Regional maps in comments) [3509×2481]

Landforms of the Northeastern USA from the Tactile Atlas for the Blind by the Princeton Braillists. [1726×1669]

Language families of Africa [1000 × 1158]

Language map of Vojvodina, Serbia [760 x 854]

Languages in Europe [2000×1650]

Languages in Europe [3000x1945]

Languages in the Benelux [699 × 2,737]

Languages of Europe [1260 x 1260]

Languages of Europe [2804×2439]

Languages of the Middle East [2913x2332]

Largest African populations [1131x1600]

Largest cities throughout history [OC] [1442x617]

Largest seas by area based on the IHO boundaries of the seas [1891x2547]

Las Vegas growth timelapse (x-post from r-woahdude) [GIF] [425x240]

Latin American Countries by GDP (PPP) per capita 2016 [OC][555x600]

Legal Systems of the World (3564 × 1870)

Legal Systems of the World [1400 x 628]

Legal status of marijuana in the United States as of Nov. 2016 [995x901]

Legal status of prostitution by country [4504x2234] [OC]

Legality of Prostitution [1427x690]

Legality of Stoning, by country [960x1777]

Lego map of Europe including landmarks, made with 53.000 bricks. (More pictures in comments) [1024x768] [OS]

Length of copyright terms by country [1024 x 452]

Leonardo's map of the town of Imola, 1502. Surveyed by foot in combination with sighting from the tower at the town's center, it was the most accurate map that had been made up to that point, and gives the appearance of a microorganism viewed under a microscope. [2000 x 1473]

Level of agreement that sexual intercourse without consent can be justified in EU states. [2360x1593]

Lexical Distance Among Languages of Europe 2015 [OC][1856×1640]

Light hair and light eyes in Europe [1800x2000]

Linguistic map of Czechoslovakia in 1930 [OS] (1281 x 778)

Linguistic map of Europe [1,600 × 1,391].

Linguistic map of Europe and current borders [1248 x 1701]

Linguistic map of New Guinea, Timor and Solomon islands [3887x1604]

Linguistic minorities in Greece [939 x 1024]

Literacy in the Kingdom of Hungary, 1890 [1600 x 1034]

Live Map of the War in Ukraine (Actual Live Version in Comments to fulfill -r-mapporn's requirements) [892x593]

Local Term for 'Spanish' [694x922]

Local purchasing power index in Europe [OS] [1260x1260]

Locations in LA Described as 'Hipster' in Yelp Reviews [1083x589]

Locations where Shakespeare set his plays [1566x687]

London in 1588. (1907 reproduction of map in the collection of the British Museum)[2000×793]

London's protected views and their limits on skyscrapers [595x367] (full article in comments)

Long Island, according to Urban Dictionary [OS] [4942x1722]

Loss of Native American lands over time [GIF] [500x355]

Lost, but not forgotten lands. [438×654]

Made this map for my sister so she can explore the most stunning parts of Norway. (Info in comments) [4434x3352]

Maine has a huge 'hole' too. Much of the North Woods has a population of less than 1 person per square mile. [600 x 600]

Major European Cities on a map of Texas [741x696]

Major Shipping Routes across the World [1842 x 955]

Major rivers and lakes in India [1639 x 1852]

Majority-Minority Counties in America, 1790-2010 [GIF] [OC]


Map I drew of Poland and Her Neighbors at the death of Casimir III, the Great, the Last Piast King. (1370 CE.) [OC] [4000x2445]

Map featuring countries of the Far East, 1932. [2079×2496]

Map of 2016 US Election President, Trump [10220 x 6600]

Map of All Roads in California [OC] [1800x1800] (xpost dataisbeautiful)

Map of Australia with a so called 'remoteness index', illustrating how far locations in Australia are from population centers [999x766]

Map of British TV Show Locations [2250 x 3053]

Map of Brooklyn Neighborhoods [500x659]

Map of Canaan included in the front matter of the original 1611 printing of the King James Bible [3958×3010]

Map of Circassian genocide by Russia[1782x950]

Map of Concentration Camps in Germany [3000 x 2200]

Map of Countries That Have Had Diplomats Visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Armenia [1,336 × 626]

Map of Dejima, Japan - The single place of direct trade and exchange between Japan and the outside world during the Edo period. It was used by the Dutch as a trading post from 1641 until 1853 [OS] [3213x2643]

Map of Europe 1400AD [1203x960]

Map of Europe during the High Middle Ages (1000 A.D) [1600 × 1143]

Map of Europe for the Blind, ca. 1915 [1535×1426]

Map of Europe from the newly discovered Cedid Atlas [2048 x 1569]

Map of Europe if all the ice melted (sea level +66 m) [2048x1536]

Map of Europe in 1000AD. [1640 x 1244]

Map of European settlements and Native tribes in eastern North America in 1650 [1064x1544]

Map of Geo-social Division (4267x2213) Finished and updated, thanks for all your help!

Map of George Orwell's 1984 [1600x800]

Map of Germany's planned division according to the Roosevelt Plan after WWII [938x852]

Map of Groningen, Netherlands, in the 17th century [2368 x 1909]

Map of Indian states with each state's stereotype listed. [1064 × 1191]

Map of Italy from 1706, issued by Daniel de La Feuille. It is surrounded by maps of Italian Cities [3104 x 2161]

Map of London showing most supported football team [986x744]

Map of My Dorm Room

Map of NYC made out of gold & silver foils [700 x 1066]

Map of New Jersey Stereotypes [924 x 1600]

Map of New Jersey counties resized by population [795x450]

Map of New York City Neighborhoods [470x660]

Map of North America for the Blind. [1135×1048]

Map of North America from the Tactile Atlas for the Blind by the Princeton Braillists [1161×1080]

Map of North America if all the ice melted (sea level +66 m) [2048x1536]

Map of North American and European cities transposed onto the opposite continent at the same latitude [1660x639]

Map of Purchasing Power in Europe, 2016 [1748x2480]

Map of River Thames showing comparative range of naval guns firing upon London (Illustrated London News, 24 July 1909)[1696×2336]

Map of Russia made of amber. [3200x1778]

Map of Saint Helena, a remote British Territory in the southern half of the Atlantic Ocean. It is primarily known for being the location of Napoleon's exile. [1264x1024]

Map of Springfield, the Simpsons [2443x1594]

Map of Territorial Control in Syrian Civil War [1024 x 386]

Map of US Counties by rank away from State Capitol [1229x735] [OC]

Map of US Megaregions [1200x800]

Map of US Western Territories in 1848 [4316 x 2696]

Map of Vascular Plant Concentrations, Finland - 1910 [1503 × 1027]

Map of alcoholism in Russia [960x720]

Map of all different seas and oceans [6240x3520]

Map of all the Time Zones in the World [1200x1048]

Map of all the battles fought around the world in the last 4,000 years (that we know of) [1026x594]

Map of bodies of water in the continental United States, by -u-WF835334 [OS] [2048x1243]

Map of books borrowed from public libraries, 1999 [1024x512]

Map of cities that are claimed to be built on seven hills [1425x625] [OC]

Map of countries by which variation of English is taught as standard [1905x955]

Map of countries for Visa-free travel with a German Passport (the World's best Passport for travelling according to the 2016 Visa Restricition Index) [1425x625]

Map of countries the United States have fought in or occupied. Excludes airstrikes and special forces operations. [4500x2234]

Map of countries where Christmas is not a formal public holiday either on December 24-25 or January 6-7 [2,000 × 882]

Map of countries whose capital is not their largest city [1280x650]

Map of countries whose flags contain red or blue (by -u-piejezu) [1392x682] (xpost -r-vexillology)

Map of current situation of battle of Mosul [1250x703]

Map of damage from the largest wave ever documented in Lituya Bay, Alaska. 98 feet-30 meters tall [750x563]

Map of every recorded terrorist attack (with or without deaths, successfull or not) between 1970 and 2015 [OS] [4894 × 2189]

Map of gulag camps in the USSR which existed from 1923 to 1961. [1024x724]

Map of just the time zones [1205x1052]

Map of male hairiness [1280×592]

Map of military control in Aleppo province [1200x1068]

Map of most common foreign nationalities in Belgian municipalities [697x623]

Map of pangea with current international borders. [1600 × 1587]

Map of planned Tesla supercharger stations in Europe by end of 2016[619x693]

Map of public transport stops-stations in the Netherlands by travel time from Utrecht Central Station [OC][3072x3328]

Map of the (alleged) linguistic divisions of the Byzantine Empire under Justinian I c.560CE [1486x1101]

Map of the 7,000 rivers that feed into the Mississippi [920x604]

Map of the Alliance of Small Island States; [1,425 × 625]

Map of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia during the 13th century [2,508 × 1,789]

Map of the British Empire on the world's first Christmas stamp [838x621] [OC]

Map of the Dutch Water Boards, the oldest governmental bodies in the Netherlands, charged with managing the waterways and water levels [1250x1660]

Map of the Earth's vegetation. [4096x2048]

Map of the North West Caucasian Language Families [771 x 545]

Map of the Tour de France 1919 [1795x1796]

Map of the U.S. Electric grid using OpenStreetMap data [3000x1855]

Map of the U.S. showing which chain of coffee shops are dominate. [683x394]

Map of the Unexplored World, 1881. [1221x988]

Map of the United States as the Californians saw it in 1947 [3686x3029]

Map of the World Forests: Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide forest in 1990 [1024x504]

Map of the World in 1000 BC [4500x2234]

Map of the counties in the US where 75% of population live voted in 2016 US Election [5100 x 3300] Mass. Is not included Yet

Map of the dingo fence in Australia. At a length of 5,614 km (3,488 mi) it is the longest fence in the world. [1299x1078]

Map of the entire internet in December 1969 [661 x 407]

Map of the known world A.D. 814, published in 1846 [2876 x 1940]

Map of the known world, 43 A.D. [1723x1961]

Map of the land promised to Mexico by Germany in the Zimmerman Telegram. [697x416]

Map of the most common surnames in Europe 2011 [948x1104] [r-europe x-post]

Map of the number of bars vs. grocery stores in the USA (and a bit of Canada) [1056x816]

Map of the number of visible stars in Europe [600x600][OS]

Map of the oceans if the world stopped spinning [640x360]

Map of the probable global distribution of the mosquito that is the primary vector for the Zika virus [4204x1725]

Map of the richest person in each state [1000 x 600]

Map of the spread of major anthropological types by V.V. Bunak[6679x3500]

Map of the word for 'wolf' in various European languages [1,908× 2,201] [OC]

Map of the world (Mercator) if the south pole was in Australia [OC] [1072x929]

Map of the world according to Anaximander (6th century BC) [1063 x 1063]

Map of the world as depicted in 'The Man in the High Castle' Very good resolution, with maps. Axiz wins WW2 [4974 X 2519]

Map of the world's submarine fiber optic cables [2196 × 1029]

Map of time flow, 1858 [3990 x 5674]

Map of what 16th century Arabs believed Europe to look like over a current map of Europe [1993x1375]

Map of what countries give automatic citizenship to anyone born there. A clear divide between the New and Old World. [1,190 x 709]

Map of where my T-shirts were made (4086 x 2080) [OC]

Map of where people did not vote for Trump or Clinton [OC] [OS] [3507×5433px]

Map of which countries are the butt of the most jokes across Europe [584 x 598]

Map showing our place in the universe [4500x2250]

Map showing the Slave Population of Southern USA, 1861 - Colorizebot version [3000 x 2394]

Map showing the netherness of the Netherlands by showing relief and depth. The terrain height varies from approximately −7 meter (−23 ft; below sea level, dark green) to approximately 322.7 meter (1,059 ft; above sea level, light green) [OS][3000x3440]

Map showing the range of the Flamingo. [1425x745]

Map showing the three major Buddhist divisions [1000 x 791]

Map showing unified Germany and the USSR existing at the same time, which only lasted a year [3024 x 1702]

Map shows UK's weirdest place names [870x1055]

Map shows every country's tourism slogan [4500x3000]

Mapa topográfico de las islas Malvinas (the Falkland Islands)[2550 X 1990] (

Mapping France's Population From Mobile Phone Calls [1920x1004]

Mapping the US nuclear war plan for 1956 [1108x672][OS]

Maps carved onto electrical tape made by Takahiro Iwasaki. On the left Santos, Brazil. On the right Victoria Peak, Hong Kong [1875x1182]

Maps of the top five most-pirated nautical zones from 2001 to 2012 [OS] [1930x5943]

Maps showing how fast could you travel across the U.S. in the 1800s [1290x1275]

Mardi Gras as a public school holiday or a regular day in each of Louisiana's parishes [OC] [1000x900]

Marge Simpson in Europe (World War II) [OS][1024x566]

Maritime traffic in and around the United States [3000x1721]

Maryland's 3rd congressional district [847x407]

Maryland's Congressional Districts [1484 × 1312]

Massachusetts stereotypes map [OC] [2000x1366]

Maternity leave by country [650x427]

Max. Speedlimits in Europe [435x323]

Mayfly hatch in Mississippi River was so massive, the swarm showed up on the radar [gif][536x846]

Meaning of German city names [1547x1881] [OC]

Meaning of most common slang word for 'Penis' in European languages [1279x833]

Meaning of the most common last names in Europe [900 x 900]

Median ages in Africa. [600x748]

Median income for Millennials by state [1199x911]

Mediterranean Sea 'Subdivisions' [1280x781]

Megaregions of the US - analysis of four million commutes [1900x1343] [OS]

Members of the International Quidditch Association [1348 x 603]

Mercator projection of Earth if you placed some coins at the South Pole [OC] [480x2167]

Mercator projection with a different centerpoint [880x440]

Mercosur vs Pacific Alliance [919x580]

Mesmerizing Commute Maps Reveal We All Live in Mega-Regions, Not Cities [1132x839]

Metal bands (past & present) per capita from each US state [1510x1216]

Metro Atlanta, 1919 [2480x1754]

Metro Map of Summer Olympic Games Cities 1896-2020 [OS] [910 x 767]

Mexico over Europe (x-post from -r-mexico) [1166x834]

Mexico total fertility rate by state 2014 [2029x1326]

Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean in the 14th Cent. BCE [1041x578]

Migration of the Hungarian tribes from the Ural Mountains to the Carpathian Basin. [1691 x 1142]

Migrations and Evolution of Indo-European languages from 500 b.c.- 1200 a.d [GIF] [701x600]

Military issued rifle by nation [4480 x 2200]

Military situation Syria, Iraq & Kurdistan (by @LCarabinier) [2500 × 1706]

Miller-Cylindrical projection distortions[6460x3230]

Minefields laid by the British Navy to restrict movement and damage the German fleet, 1918. [2000×2265]

Minimum age to purchase alcohol by country [1410x715]

Misak-ı Millî (National Oath) (Explanation in comments) [1474 x 1826]

Mississippi River and Its Tributaries [4167x3819]

Modern European borders superimposed over Europe in 1914 immediately before World War I [1837x1655]

Monaco compared to Newark Airport [444x419]

Monarchies of Europe [1709x2024]

Monday's territorial exchange between the Netherlands and Belgium [1045x550]

Monsters in America: A cryptozoological map of the United States [962 x 731]

More autocomplete: 'Why is [state] so...?' [959x653]

Moscow Metro tunnel depth map [1289 x 1547] [OS]

Moscow, 1695 - [2391 x 1947]

Most Common Letter in European Languages [OC] [1280x1224]

Most Common Surnames in Europe [OS][407x443]

Most Commonly Spoken Language Other than English by London Boroughs [2,000px × 1,600px]

Most Commonly Spoken Language Other than English or Spanish by State [920 x 610]

Most Commonly Spoken Language Other than English or Spanish by State via Slate [918 x 605]

Most Popular Athlete by US State (according to Google search data) [1545x1103]

Most Popular Boys Names By State [GIF][970x615]

Most Popular Destination for Each Country's Migrants [4500x2234] [OC]

Most Popular Messaging App in Every Country[550X708]

Most Spoken Second Languages in prewar Poland by Counties [1337x1473]

Most Spoken Second Languages in the EU by Country (Second and Third most spoken in comments) [650x607]

Most attractive and ugliest accents in the UK + Ireland [1313 x 1739]

Most common country of origin by U.S. state (1008x638)

Most common country of origin of foreign-born population [1260x1260]

Most common foreign citizenship in each German district [5120x4765][OC]

Most common foreign-born group in Canada by province-territory [2000 x 1692]

Most common second language of Canadian Provinces and Territories [840x488]

Most common street names in Europe by country (translated to English) [656x613]

Most common surnames in Europe in 2011 [948x1104]

Most disproportionately high-paying job by state (compared to national averages) [960x720]

Most hated College Football teams in each state according to -r-cfb [1189x577] [OC]

Most liberal and most conservative towns in each state [1200x747]

Most of Europe with their fascist logos of years gone by. [1984*1736] (x-post for -r-europe)

Most of humanity lives in places where it never snows. [1000x500]

Most popular Bank in each state [1296x707]

Most popular Google searches by state, 2016

Most popular Spanish surnames by Province of Residence (1705 x 1185)

Most popular beer brand by German state [1326 x 1632]

Most popular names, currently [4972x2499]

Most recurrent words on Wikipedia [OC] [4500x2234]

Most visited site by country [4959x2597]

Movement of Broadleaved Trees in North America over the last 20,000 years [GIF][392x371]

Munich's Subway Stations By Opening Year [2260 x 1580] [OC]

Music Map of UK Bands [610x915]

My attempt at drawing the world by memory [2634x1500] [OC]

My first map: Changes in HDI between 2014-15 [6460x3230]

My first map: How many beers can you buy with a monthly minimum wage in Europe? [1792 x 1198]

My hobby is drawing detailed city maps by hand. Here's a 45' x 36' map of Victorian London I just finished.

My school group's task was task was to find out the atitude of fellow Czechs towards our neighbours [1598x1110] [OC]

Mythical Creatures of Europe [14042 x 9933]

NEW UPDATED Brand of the best selling car in 2013 in Europe [1200x1070] [OC] v.2.0

NHL Draft 1st overall selections by state-province, and country

NIGRA in Russia??? (just below 'Russia')1711 map [800x640]

NYC Street complaints choropleth using 311 service data [OC][1056x816]

NYC Subway map Re-designed [2000x2000]

Namesake of all United States Counties [4071x3019][OC]

Napoleonic Central Europe [3937 x 2855]

National Geographic map of Soviet Union [1362x840]

National Geographic's detailed map of the Moon from 1969; it's got a great design and a ton of information, even a Moon vs USA comparison, definitely wall hangable [7440x5044]

National highways of Japan [ 560x747 ] [ GIF ]

Nations and overseas territories with smaller populations than Greater Tokyo (35.5 million) [2020x1050] [OC]

Nations expected for London Olympics, 1948 [912x600]

Nations where <1% of the Population Is _____ for Each of the World's Top 5 Religions

Native American Tribal Nations Map [3670 x 3560]

Native American Tribes [2048x1299]

Nato's Eastward Expansion [452x598]

Neighborhoods of Manhattan [1600x1894]

Never compare areas using a map projection that is not equal-area. [OC] [1484x1011]

New Belgium-Netherlands border [524x521]

New England stereotype map [OC] [3208x2525]

New Jersey: The Only Disliked State [1,100 x 822]

New Spain in 1810 [1,600×1,192]

New York City Subway Over Time [GIF] [464x600]

New York City Subway, 1939 (1446x2550)

New York City by equivalent state populations (credit MetricMaps) [1267×961]

New York City population in units of Chicagoes [1326x1291] [OC]

New York State - Map of all roads in New York [OC] [1800 x 1800]

New York metropolitan area drawn only from roads [OC] [1423x1106]

New Zealand Flag Referendum Results[2,000×1,414]

New border between Belgium and Netherland (in violet) [1415x832]

Nine maps of Portuguese colonies, produced in the 1920s [5000 x 7002]

Nippon Professional Baseball as of 2016 [902 x 932]

Nobody lives here: The Nearly 5 million U.S. Census Blocks with zero population (2010) [1280x1484] [OC]

Noise level from natural sources (excluding humans and human activity) in the United States [6600 × 3507]

Non-Hispanic White Population Change, 2014-2015 [1200x746]

Nordic Cross Flags of Northern Europe [2000x1463]

North America in 1835, showing de facto control rather than de jure (blank areas are beyond effective state control) [900x590]

North America's Nine Nations, 1981. [800×631]

North American Coral Reef vs Mangrove Distribution (Incl. Hawaii) [2539 × 2348]

North Frisian coast in 1651 & 1240, by Johannes Mejer, that shows how the coast line had changed. [2687x1968]

Norway split into 3 areas of approximately equal population [OC] [874x1025]

Norwegian municipalities by average net income, 2013.

Norwegian, Sami and Kven population, 1910 [2048 x 1610]

Not a particularly meaningful map, but an example of how to make a good one. [GIF] [960x720]

Not all of China is THAT dense. The US population also approximately fits into these provinces. [942x768] [OC]

Not your normal map of the world [1136x1136]

Notable regional concentrations of Anglo-Celtic settlers in Australia [3256x4760]

Nova Francia alio nomine dicta Terra Nova, 1592 [2000 × 1418]

Number of -r-Travel Posts About Each Country [4200x2152]

Number of Bird Species by US County [1513x983] [OC]

Number of Brits living in other EU countries [640x639]

Number of People per Library [OC] [1226 x 686]

Number of Vegetarian Restaurants per One Million Inhabitants in Europe [650x607]

Number of boars per km² vs Polish presidential election results [1024x511]

Number of cities larger than the national capital [1425 x 761]

Number of grammatical cases currently in use in European languages [2496x2664]

Number of ski resorts by nation [1357 x 628]

Occupation zones of France during the Second World War [1996x1894]

Ocean Current Flows around the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic [1920×1080]

Official languages of the United Nations [1500x1073]

Ohio GOP Results vs. Household Income [800x400]

Old World Language Families Map [1,250 × 1,762]

Old map shows Finland as part of Russia??? [4000x4000]

Older & Younger Generations Literacy Rate in North Africa and the Middle East [3000 x 2136]

On stick-charts, the sticks represent wave patterns and shells mark the atolls. Marshall Islands, Micronesia, May 1967. [900x608]

On the occasion of the Russian Victory Day, map of losses in each republics of the Soviet Union as a result of IIWW [1000X1495]

One of Winston Churchill's maps in the Cabinet War Rooms, where the British Prime Minister and his team used to track the progress of the war [1613x1075]

One of the earlier National Geographic maps published in 1920. “Europe Showing Countries as Established by the Peace Conference at Paris.” The peace conference at Versailles, following the end of World War I [2339x2555]

Only 5% of the entire world's population lives in the blue shaded regions. For comparison, another 5% lives in the red shaded area. [4500x2583] [OC]

Operation Desert Storm [2346 × 1650]

Operation Downfall: How the Allies would have invaded Japan had they not surrendered. [1260x970]

Orientation of international borders by continent [1279 x 1475]

Ottoman Advance in Europe and Asia Minor [2151 × 1622]

Ottoman Africa Map (1803) [1024x889]

Ottoman Empire 1914 religious majority by vilayet [2341x1631]

Ottoman Empire before the start of The Great Turkish War.[3596x2581]

Ottoman Empire upon the death of Mehmed II.[3596x2582]

Ottoman Empire upon the death of Suleiman The Magnificent.[3596x2581]

Ottoman Map of the World, 1803 [1600x1067]

Our neighbors to the south, 1944 [1400x1997]

Overhead map from a 3d reconstruction of medieval Paris [1920x1080]

PISA Results in Mathematics in Europe [1260x1260]

Paid Maternal Leave by Country [650x427] [OS]

Paid maternity leave by country [650x427]

Pain-Capable Abortion Bans by State [1089 x 723]

Panama Canal (1346 x 354).

Paper cut leaf map of Amsterdam (by u-nilsrva) [1837x1837]

Paramount Studios' 1927 Map for International Shooting Locations in California [640x639]

Paris buildings, by construction date [2294×1537]

Party strongholds. In these 31 US States, the same political party has won every presidential election from 1992-2012 [1111 x 666]

Peace Corps around the world, ca. 1966 [1829x1006]

People on a street outside Independence Hall examining a new map of Europe shortly before the end of World War I, Philadelphia, October 1918. [1488x994]

People who think they live in the best country in the world [1264 x 582]

Peoples of Yugoslavia, distribution by opstina (where one people comprise a majority), from the 1981 census [5000 x 3172]

Peoples of the Middle East, 1972 [2481 x 1585]

Peoples of the Soviet Union [4879×3021]

Perceived Muslim population vs actual Muslim population in selected European countries. [1190 × 1140]

Percent of Nazi votes (1932) vs. census reports for Catholics in Germany (1944) [746x789]

Percentage damage in residential area of Aleppo City as of 18 September 2016 [OS] [1587 × 1123]

Percentage of Catholics in England by County, 1715-1720 [1108 x 1345]

Percentage of Crimean Tatars in Crimea [1280 x 830]

Percentage of Nazi votes in 1933, and percentage of Catholics in 1934 [746x789]

Percentage of People in Northern Ireland who identify as 'British'. [4944 × 4224]

Percentage of Population able to hold a conservation in German [607x650]

Percentage of Ukrainians in various parts of Russia in 2010 [1,092 × 630].

Percentage of Upper Secondary Students in Europe Learning French [1260 x 1260]

Percentage of households who paid a bribe to access basic services across Europe and Central Asia (source: [2480x1753]

Percentage of inhabitants of European countries living in the capital [1374x1245]

Percentage of inhabitants of European countries living in the capital [Fixed for metro-area] [1645x1406]

Percentage of males smoking tobacco from around the turn of the century [1800 x 820]

Percentage of native Spanish Speakers in Peru [1632 × 2112]

Percentage of people who say drinking alcohol is morally wrong in Latin America [OC][3268x2988]

Percentage of population able to hold a conversation in German in the EU by country [650x607]

Percentage of population with completed tertiary education by region in Europe [1260x1260] (x-post r-dataisbeautiful)

Percentage of the population identifying as indigenous in Mexico by state (2015) [1,152 x 774]

Permanent research stations in Antarctica [1500x1250]

Phone area codes in the United States [3500x1919]

Pictorial map of the World [1625 x 1063]

Pipeline Accidents: Hazardous Liquid, USA 2010 - 2016 [1200x2130]

Pirates of the South Atlantic and their flags [736x934]

Pittsburgh Train-Busway Map [1200x1572]

Place of birth of polish monarchs since 1295 [1400x1186]

Places in Norway literally named after Hell [OC] [2303 x 2946]

Places named after Queen Victoria [998 x 548]

Places on Earth where there is land directly on the other side of the planet. [828x412]

Places represented in the song 'Worldwide Choppers' [1280x659]

Places with 'New' compared to places they're named after [1614x1612]

Plans for a highway network in Germany, 1926 [2262x1663] [OS]

Please identify thr date of this map. (1080x460)

Plug Outlets Around The World [800X640]

Political and administrative map of South Ossetia with roads, cities, all villages and other marks [4830 × 3705]

Political division of Russian Turkestan 1900 [643x400]

Political leanings of English Regions in the last 10 General Elections [2165x2670] [OC]

Political map of Britain in 878AD [988 X 1229]

Political map of Europe if the world's ice melted [OC] [1200x679]

Political map of the United States, 1850 [1957×1773]

Polynesian migration [553x553]

Popularity of Reddit in the world [OC] [2628x1196]

Popularity of Reddit in the world. [OC] [4500x2234]

Population (in millions) of English Counties and Surrounding Countries [1108x1345] [OC]

Population Density of Contiguous United States by Census Block [OC] [908x536]

Population Density of Russia [5460 x 3150]

Population Density of Wales [15,625 x 17,321]

Population Density of the Contiguous United States [OC][5264x3722]

Population Density of the World [1500x841]

Population Distribution by Ethnicity in the United States [1920x5262]

Population Fall in Ireland 1841-51 (potatoe famine) [358 × 531]

Population density in France and Germany, 2011 [805x733]

Population density in NYC day-night [OS] [1024 × 498]

Population density in the American Colonies, 1775 [752x800]

Population density map for Sydney, New South Wales. Population density maps for other cities in Australia are in the comments [3000 x 1841]

Population density of Austria [3507 x 2480]

Population density of Italian Regions [1024 x 897]

Population density of states of Nigeria [1124 x 872]

Population distribution of the United States in units of Canadas (800 x 534).

Population distribution of the United States, using the unit of 'Canadas' [1213x809] [x-post from -r-canada]

Population growth of Denmark 2010-2014 [645x790]

Population map of ancient China, per an empire-wide census made in 2 AD [4505x4516]

Population of Greater Tokyo in terms of U.S. cities [1000x770]

Population of London compared to that of US cities [670x529]

Population of US, Canada, and Europe by degrees of latitude north [930 x 1600]

Populations of Meskhetian (Ahiska) Turks after forced deportation from Georgian SSR by Soviet Union [4724 × 2878]

Portugal is not a small country (1934) [3113x2182]

Portuguese Colonial War [4496x2840]

Portuguese Map of Asia (1630) [4000x2418]

Possessions of the House of Habsburg in 1580 [1047 x 896]

Post War 1945 Berlin Divided Into Separate Sectors (1190x898)

Potato production by French département [2000x1896]

Potential independant states in Europe that display strong sub-state nationalism. [1255x700]

Poverty map of London, UK around 1889 from Booth (the darker, the poorer) [1260x885]

Pre-Israel Proposals for a Jewish Homeland [1,023x508] [OC]

Precipitation in Texas [898 x 713]

Predominant ancestry in the US [1296x834]

Present Distribution of European Races (1916) [2192x1533]

Present-day native distribution of Indo-European languages, within their homeland of Eurasia. [1023 × 1023]

President Roosevelt and his identical globe, 1942, - In December 1942 U.S. Army Chief of Staff George Marshall, sent identical fifty-inch, 750-pound globes to Churchill and Roosevelt as Christmas presents. [OS][1450x1006]

Previous used flags in Europe [1837 x 1655]

Primary source of food for the various Native American tribes in the pre-Columbian era (agriculture, hunting, hunting-gathering, fishing) [811x824]

Principal Roman trade routes and resources in 180 AD [2621x1414]

Prison Population per 100,000 people (2012) [1350x645]

Prison population per 100k people in the world [1350x625]

Probability of Having a White Christmas in the US [620x484]

Programmer spends two years creating a world map out of 333,000 tiny pieces of hand cut glass [964x706]

Projected changes in annual mean temperature and annual precipitation in Europe for 2100 [768x457]

Projected fallout from a nuclear strike on the United States, ca. 1959 [1208 x 835]

Pronunciation of 'J' in different European languages [560 × 599]

Propaganda piece from 1888; Liberty begins in Plymouth under the guide of the Bible and takes USA across the Great Plains towards Immortality (i.e. San Francisco); Slavery, on the other hand, starts in Jamestown without any Bible and leads USA on the path to Hades (i.e. Abilene, Texas) [4680x3104]

Property Taxes in Texas [OC][1766x1868]

Proportion of French speakers by country [1726x886]

Proposed US High Speed Rail System, updated February 2013 [1280x868]

Proposed division of Texas into 5 States; which in fact could happen legally. [610x579]

Provinces of the Dutch Republic (1568-1795)

Provincial languages of the Roman Empire in 150 CE [1280x882]

Public Transit Map of the Ruhr [1,489x1,053]

Public support for equal marriage in Europe [726x666]

Public's trust in the Police in Europe. [1984x1736] [x-post -r-europe]

Pubs in the UK [564x728]

Purchasing Power Index per capita in Europe [2331x2980]

Racial Concentrations and Homelands of South Africa, based on 1970 census [940 × 735]

Racial Dot-Density Map of District 5 in Florida, one of the most gerrymandered Congressional Districts in America (881x1178)[OC]

Racial Gerrymandering, District 12 in North Carolina. County in question of Shaw v. Reno (1993).

Rail network density [1350x625]

Railroad usage in the USA in terms of freight tons [1115x862]

Railroads of the Oberbergische Land, Germany [2.203 × 1.632]

Raised-Relief Map of Central and Eastern Europe by Anton Balazh [5000px x 5000px]

Range of Homo Sapiens [1280x600]

Range of the largest known fish species; the Whale Shark [640x329].

Reasons for National Days around the world (Source: Wikipedia) [899x449]

Reconstruction of Calleva Atrebatum, commonly known as Roman Silchester [800x560]

Referendum on the preservation of USSR [1400x1120]

Regional greetings in German [551x400]

Regional words for 'mop' in French-speaking Europe [768x771]

Regions considered safe to travel to by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs [1200x886]

Relative Job Loss-Relative Job Gain 1990-2015

Relative prevalence of the word 'bullshit' in US geotagged tweets (source with many more maps in comments) [OS] [960x600]

Religion in America OR What Constitutes The South [688 x 499]

Religion in Montenegro according to the 2011 census [529 x 662]

Religion map of Europe [3224 × 2576]

Religion of European heads of government [1936 x 1736]

Religious Denominations from the First Austro-Hungarian census of the Sanjak of Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1879 after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire [1123 x 795]

Residents Per Electoral Vote [OC] [1056 x 576]

Restland, Dallas-Fort Worth, HQ [2784 × 1166]

Results of Canadian general election 2015 (better quality)[1542x1050]

Results of the 2016 Indiana Presidential Primary 2016 [1055x858]

Results of the 2016 Republican Presidential primaries by counties [2000 x 1352]

Results of the referendum that 70 years ago today made Italy a republic [819 x 1024]

Results of the two New Jersey Ballot Questions that appeared on this November's ballot [OC][994x728]

Reuters Map of Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Cleveland, OH [1053 × 603]

River basins of Australia in rainbow colours [2000 × 1414]

Rivers that flow through multiple capitals [OC] [1277x671]

Road-Trip Following 70°F Normal High Temperature Route [921 x 689] [OC]

Roads to Rome [OS] [2560x1600]

Rock bands per million people in Brazilian Federative Units [OC][2200X1600]

Roman Empire at its height (117 AD) [2534x1540]

Romania and territories under Romanian administration between 1941-1944 [1060 x 780]

Romania: percentage of homes with running water at a county level [OC] [8481x6000]

Roofing materials in different parts of France (X-post r-France) [472x677]

Russia Compared to Africa[450X465]

Russia's Republics' Ethnic Makeups [1993x1381]

Russia. The average monthly temperature in January [1024x645]

Russian America in 1860 [732 x 831]

Russian Forest Zones [718x426]

Russian academic Igor Panarin had been predicting the U.S. would fall apart in 2010. He thought an economic and moral collapse would trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S. - This map shows his prediction on how the U.S. would've split [990x775]

Russian population split into 3 equal areas [5460x3150][OC]

Russian-proposed railway from New York to Paris [600x465]

Russia’s regional alcohol consumption (red is for the highest consumption rates, worst ranking) [682×582]

Sahara: 6000 BCE vs the present [981x659]

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (in red) [626 x 562]

Sales taxes in the United States 2014 [1100X1100][OS]

San Andreas Vs. San Andreas [2600x2048]

Schools teaching primarily in Nynorsk, 1920 [1516 x 2048]

Scone map of the UK and Ireland [644 x 770]

Seals of South Korean provinces [OC] [2000x2813]

Second Largest Religion by Country [1366x742]

Second Largest Religion in Each US State [3330x2550]

Second most commonly spoken language in the lower US [3507x2480pz] [OC] [OS]

Seth MacFarlane on Twitter: 'On a more positive note, watched my friend Sen. Al Franken draw the US map freehand from memory today. Impressive.' [1024x768]

Sets of Four Countries That Border One Another [1918x665] [OC kind of]

Shakespearean Map of the USA [1200 x 864]

Share of young people in the EU, aged 25-34, who are still living with their parents [OC][1200x1200]

Ship traffic in Mediterranean [1090 x 472]

Ships sunk by German U-boats from February 1917 to February 1918 [2048 x 1641]

Signatories to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees and - or its 1967 Protocol [1347x877]

Simplified US Interstate Highways [1052x821]

Since the Iowa Caucuses are taking place, I put Iowa in the Caucasus [1706x910]

Situation in Syria, May 5th 2016 [1920 x 1080]

Size comparison between the continental US and Brazil. [1600x1122]

Size of India compared to North America [701 x 671]

Size of Sweden compared to Madagascar. [278x265]

Size of farms in Germany, 2010 [1280 x 935]

Size of metropolitan area around the world [1024x1050]

Slavic toponyms in Germany, and the distribution of the R1a genetic lineage [822x960]

So, Australia hid itself in -r-Europe today [225x237]

Some of my favourite things: a map, chocolate & Barcelona | [3914x2936]

Sources of ISIL foreign fighters [941x1206]

South Africa stereotype map [1984 x 1496]

South Africa's 11 official languages [2104 x 2648]

Soviet Map of San Francisco, 1980 [1000x733]

Spanish Language in the Americas (dark green connotes where Spanish is the main language)[1,024x1,024]

Speaking of odd borders, the international border between Sweden and Finland on the skerry Märket [525x457]

Spiralling tunnels on the Gothard Line, Switzerland [1536x1125]

Spread of chess [800x606]

Spread of the industrial revolution [743x552]

Spread of the word for 'mead' or 'honey' across Eurasia [2497 × 1332] [OC]

Sri Lanka's Monsoons [2400 x 900]

Stability of the Middle East 5 years ago, compared to the stability of the Middle East today. [650x259]

Standing Rock-DAPL Map (best I've seen yet) [5700 × 4790]

State Constitutional Amendment Bans on Same Sex Unions [4200 x 3105]

State Legislatures After the 2016 Elections [2048 x 1168]

States Smaller Than the Yukon-Koykuk Census Area, Alaska [OC] [799X755]

States With and Without the Death Penalty[2434X1649]

States and Rivers with the Same Name [2520x1724][OC]

States and Union Territories of India by the Most Commonly Spoken First Language [2000 x 2276]

States by the number of states between them an Washington DC [1200x746] [OC]

States that Recognise Kosovo as an Independent Country [1650 x 750]

States that ban racial preferences in public college admissions (affirmative action) [939x597]

States with 25% or more of their population 'unaffiliated' with religion [1513x983]

States with the Highest Immigrant Populations [788 x 610]

Statewide Republican Primary Situation after Super Saturday [OC] [1914x1228]

Stereotypes of the Netherlands [2000x2255]

Stereotypes of the Netherlands [OC] [2000x2255]

Stereotypes of the UK from a (North) Londoner's point of view[814x1050]

Stick Chart used by Polynesian seafarers to navigate between islands. The chart encodes information about island locations, ocean currents, waves and swell. [2220×2061]

Strange Colour Scheme on School Organiser's Map of the World [974*548]

Submarine Cable map 2016 [3737×1818]

Suicide rates in Europe [1260 x 1260]

Suicides in Scandinavia by region [OC] [2484x3509]

Sunday News map of Europe - Sunday News (New York, N.Y.), August 30, 1936 - (News map by Staff artist Sundberg) (x-post -r-newsmaps) [5000 x 3725]

Superstitions of the Middle Ages, produced in the 1930s [5000 x 3818]

Support for existing (red) and restoration (green) of European monarchies [1984 x 1736]

Support for the death penalty in Europe [1548 x 1736]

Surface map of Earth on 'Surface' map of Jupiter [2152x1168]

Swedish empire at its largest extent [800x982]

Syria by april 4, 2016 [483x407]

Syrian Army Gains in Aleppo 21 Nov - 13 Dec [OS] [624 × 480]

Søren Poulsen, a Danish farmer single-handedly built his own version of the world. Completed in 1969, Verdenskortet ('The World Map') is the main tourist draw in Klejtrup, Denmark [OS] [1920x720]

Taiwan's territorial claims [OC] [1600 x 1524]

Target Tokyo : Newsmap for the Armed Forces. 234th week of the war, 116th week of U.S. participation [5000 x 6645] (x-post -r-Newsmaps)

Tarraco was founded during the Second Punic War and was the oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula, it later became the capital of the Roman province of Hispania [1600x1084]

Tech Companies in Silicon Valley[2080X2035]

Teen birth rate in the US by state, 2014 data [1280 x 853]

Temperature in the Himalayas [1360x1000]

Terraformed Mars [1024x512]

Territorial Changes of Poland from 1635-2009 [GIF] [380x313]

Territorial Comparison Between First and Second Bulgarian Empires [OC] [926x1200]

Territorial expansion of France (985 - 1947)

Territory of Rome and Her Allies [1100 x 1200]

Terrorist attacks in Europe with at least one death, 1970-2015 [2300x1533]

The 'Farmer & Settler' map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I [5000 x 3743]

The (traditional) counties of ireland. [ 819 X 1024]

The 12 most generous countries by foreign aid as a percentage of GNI [1284x802][OC]

The 26 Largest Islands In The World [2048 × 2343]

The 52 US Metro Areas that have over one million people. [1477x830]

The Achaemenid Persian Empire in 500 B.C [2392x1488]

The Alcohol belts of Europe. [1200 x 1000]

The American Commute: map of all commuting links of 100 miles or less in the contiguous USA. (by Alasdair Rae)[3507×2480]

The American Midwest as defined by overlaying 100 maps from different organizations (2220 x 2850)

The American states labelled yellow have about the same approximate population as Bangladesh (green). The Nordic and Baltic states (pink) have almost the same population as greater Tokyo (orange). Russia (red) has a similar population to that of the island of Java (blue). [960 x 419]

The Aral Sea coastline from 1960 to 2009 [1601x1297]

The Armenian Genocide 1915: main massacres, deportation and flight routes [OC][720x409]

The Arrival of Horses in North America [509x684]

The Awakening, an illustration from 1915 in support of the women's suffrage movement, which quickly expanded from the newer Western states towards the east [2290x1520]

The Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775 (Charlestown, MA) animation [GIF] [OC] [600x620]

The Battle of Long Island, 1776 (Brooklyn, NY) [600x613] [OC] (x-post -r-battlegifs)

The Battle of New Orleans, c.1815 (Louisiana, USA) animation [GIF] [OC] [1200x900]

The British Isles from 800 to 1922 [1619 x 1111]

The British territory of Gibraltar at the tip of the Iberian peninsula [1000 X 1558]

The Bronze Age Collapse was a violent and disruptive period that took place in the 12th century BC, in which several waves of migratory Indo-European tribes arrived from the northwest and laid waste to most Mycenaean, Hittite and Canaanite cities; among them were Troy, Knossos and Nippur [932x522]

The Built-up Area of Atlanta and Barcelona Represented at the Same Scale [940x760][OS]

The Contiguous United States - One dot per person [1348x725]

The Continent of Africa, divided Linguistically [115x931]

The Coronelli Celestial Globe. Copy of Globe designed in 1693. It was contructed in 1978 by John C. Eade for the Australian National Library Maps Collection (currently held in the Main Reading Room) (x-post -r-Globes) [3456 x 3456]

The Countries the U.S. Is Obliged to Go to War For [1200×898]

The Discovery of America [5836 x 4042]

The Doggerland region around the British Isles, 18,000 years ago when the sea levels were lower [1962x2005]

The Dutch city of Batavia (Modern day Jakarta) in 1681 [4712x3720]

The EU divided into 28 countries with equal population [2000 x 1987]

The Eagle Map of the United States [3000x2399]

The English Octopus [1600 x 1043]

The European long-distance paths, a network of long-distance footpaths that traverse Europe. [2753x2813]

The Eurosceptic map of Britain [1312x1326]

The Eurozone as of 1 January 2015 - Welcome Lithuania! Sveiki atvykę! [2000x1982]

The Evolution of Doggerland from the Last Glacial Period to the present [2166x1212]

The Evolution of North America [700x783]

The First Color Photomosaic of the 48 Contiguous United States, 1976. - Produced by the National Geographic Society from 569 seperate and virtually cloudless views provided by NASA's LANDSAT Imagery [5359x3735]

The Five Types of Territorial Morphology [453x686]

The Geography of Carl's Jr and Hardee's in the U.S. [OS] [2550 × 1649]

The German Empire in 1893 [1004x793]

The Great Polish Map of Scotland [1125x1500] [OS]

The Great Shorts Divide: Jean vs Cargo [1484x1280]

The Greater German Reich in 1979 in an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II [2,287 x 1,481].

The Hair Color of our World Leaders [OS][2000x2000]

The Hardee’s–Carl’s Jr Line: The Geography of Two Restaurants and One Logo [OC] [1280x828]

The Heihe-Tengchong line: 94% of the Chinese population lives east of this line [558x840]

The Hippie Trail was an overland journey taken by many hippies from the mid 60s until the late 70s; in every major stop of the hippie trail there were hotels, restaurants and cafés that catered almost exclusively to the pot-smoking Westerners [1514x800]

The Hole, an area of the northern plains with the population density of Alaska or Mongolia[112 x 837]

The Holy Roman Empire in 1250 [1,561 × 1,972].

The Kavrayskiy VII projection is a map projection invented by Vladimir V. Kavrayskiy in 1939 as a general purpose pseudocylindrical projection. It produces maps with low overall distortion, despite its straight, evenly-spaced parallels and a simple formulation. By Strebe, using Geocart [2058x1194]

The Languages of Google Translate [4680x3564][OC]

The Largest Employers in Hungary [1500 x 1000]

The Legality of first-cousin marriage in the World. [1800 x 900]

The Leo Belgicus map, 1648 [3384 x 4565]

The Levant c. 830 BCE [800x954]

The Levant's Ethnic and Religous Composition [2,040 x 1,468]

The Longest Flights in the World [1024x1272]

The Mapparium, built in 1935 in Boston, MA [2000x1288]

The Midwest - according to 100 maps published by the following organisations: [OS][2220x2850]

The Mitt Romney Landslide, How Gerrymandering Can Transform Elections. [1029 x 504]

The Most Distinctive Causes of Death by State, 2001-2010 (Source: CDC)

The Most Famous Brand From Every U.S. State [1280 x 838]

The Most Famous Brand from Every State [2048x1056]

The Most Popular TV Show Set In Every State [674x618]

The Netherlands vs The Netherlands without dikes [1810x940]

The New Portrait of our Planet, published in LIFE magazine in 1960. 'LIFE made up these unique maps which reveal for the first time how the ocean floors would look if the water and ice were suddenly removed.' [5431x4033]

The North Sea Empire under King Cnut, 1028-1035. [1280x1019]

The Northeast Megalopolis, containing 20% of the U.S. GDP and 17% of the population in less than 2% of its land area [2000 x 2667]

The Obesity Epidemic in America - A faux Time Magazine cover made by Ricky Linn [587x803]

The Pan American Highway. The longest road in the world. [1325 x 1825]

The Perfect Europe according to the 4chan -int- community [2100x1525]

The Power of Small States [900x750]

The Prussian Octopus, 1915. [3000×2146]

The Range of The Unfittingly named Chilean Flamingo[947x1024]

The Richest Person In Every State[1024X551]

The Rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire [656x600]

The Roman Empire at it's height, under Emperor Trajan [2,534 × 1,540]

The Roman city of Londinium around AD 200 [1600x906]

The Roman city of Lutetia - the precursor of Paris - in the 2nd century AD [2058x1241]

The Russian 'Red Belt' where support for the Russian Communist Party is highest [1,650x1,000]

The Russian Front 1941-1942 [2500x2131]

The Russian Spider Sits Atop the World [2700x1754]

The Russian Spider sits atop the World and Watches for More Victims. Colored full spread newspaper map published in the Los Angeles Examiner on January 7, 1940 [3000x1949]

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic [OC] [3500x2157]

The Second Largest Religion by Country [1366x742]

The Seven Years' War is often called the real first world war, here is a map of belligerents and areas of conflict [1022x682][OC]

The Shape of the U.S. Economy (the size of each county = its share of U.S. GDP) [OC][600x348]

The Situation in Iraq, 1st February 2015 [2000 x 2024]

The Ten Distinct States That Make Up Florida [1171 x 1335] [OS]

The Territorial Evolution of Germany from 1867 to the Present; translated from German. - [1052 x 673] [GIF]

The Town of Boston, year 1775 [2400x3500]

The Town of Springfield, from the Simpsons [2443x1593]

The Typical American Lives Only 18 Miles From Mom. [971x738] (x-post -r-FunFacts)

The US Presidential Election of 1972, results by county [555 x 331]

The US divided into 50 states with equal population [2200 x 1696]

The US presidential election of 1972 [750 x 460]

The Ugric languages [1202 x 1058]

The Umayyad Caliphate's size compared to the USA[484x662]

The Ungoverned World in 2015 [5707x5865]

The United Nations Trust Territory - Ruanda-Urundi, 1961 (just before they became the independent countries of Rwanda and Burundi) [5000 x 7281]

The United States of America From Alaska's Point of View [1175x812]

The United States of America's mean center of population between 1790 and 2010 (x-post -r-ImagesOfUSA, -r-Maps) [1042 x 727]

The Universe according to Dante [999x1444]

The Viking World in Old Norse [2547x1207]

The Water Hemisphere [2478x2478]

The West Bank [3789 x 7221]

The Word for 'War' in Different European Languages [OC] [3300 × 2666]

The World Around America [2880x2836]

The World Divided into 5 Regions, Each with the Same Population as China [1357x617]

The World Divided into Areas with a GDP of $1 Trillion [4450x2150]

The World according to Eratosthenes, BC 220 [1936x1161]

The World as the New Yorkers saw it around 1970, unknown artist [4089x4869]

The World reflected in a droplet of water. By -u-spmcfarland. [2518x3358]

The World split into 10 sections, each section containing 10% of the worlds population [3507 x 2232]

The World, upside up or upside down? [800x1128]

The World’s Population by Latitude and Longitude [1380x801]

The age (in years) of all the major towns in Germany [OS][920 × 946]

The amazing Dico-O-Knowledge™ of 'Speed Geography!' [1024 x 1019]

The ancient city of Babylon [1280x1280]

The ancient city of Nineveh (in modern-day Mosul, Iraq) [1210x1090]

The ancient city of Petra at the height of its splendor, in the 2nd-3rd century AD; first built by the Nabataeans around 300 BC, it later became the capital of the Roman frontier province Arabia Petraea in 106 AD, flourishing for the next two centuries in the heart of the desert [1600x1092]

The best flag map I have ever seen (South America, by Dave Foster) [x-post from r-vexillology] [1500x2077]

The biomes of a tilted earth [OC] [1204x840]

The breweries of the United States [4500 × 3115 ]

The change in GDP per Capita between 1970 and 2015[OC][2812x1200]

The coalition occupation zones in France between 1815 and 1818. [1024 × 991]

The current locations of the ten aircraft carriers of the United States Navy [2628x1196] [OC]

The current state of the battle for Aleppo [770x583]

The definite endings of most nouns in different Norwegian dialects. [5854x2904] [OC]

The dialects of Arabic [2,000 x 1,130]

The diffusion of the movable type printing press in the second half of the 15th century [850x1216]

The disease most likely to kill you [1200 x 620]

The distances you can travel on a European train in less than a day. [1,484px × 1,023px]

The distribution of Germanic language-dialects 2000 years ago. Orange is where the ancestor to Dutch was spoken, Red: English-Frisian-Low German-Scots, Yellow: High German, Blue: Swedish-Danish-Norwegian- Icelandic-Faroese, Green: Gothic (now extinct) [431x419]

The distributions of epicenters for all earthquakes of at least 5.0 magnitude over a 10-year period. [1152 x 584]

The dude map: How American men refer to their bros [1996x1904]

The earliest proposed map of the Pakistan [1055 x 1070]

The evolution and decline of colonialism [1425x625]

The fewest counties in the fewest states required to win the U.S. presidential election [3675 x 2350] [OC]

The first Buddhist world map printed in Japan and the prototype for all subsequent Buddhist world maps printed in Japan until the late nineteenth century [4284x3512]

The first circumnavigation of the world led by Ferdinand Magellan, it took 3 years to complete and only 1 of the original 5 ships made it home. [2246 × 1139]

The first sketches of Mars, drawn by the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1659, compared with modern photos of the planet highlighting the same features [883x600]

The first, second, and third worlds based on HDI for 2015. [1357x617) [OC]

The flow of population : the average yearly migration from Europe during the 5 years ending June, 1912, was 910,570, where did they go? [5000 x 3727]

The four colour theorem: You need only four colours for a map [2844x1443] [OC]

The highest tides in the world in the Bay of Fundy, Canada [693x571]

The journey of Rabban bar Sauma, a Turkic Christian who traveled west from Beijing and reached western France while Marco Polo was in China [800x368]

The languages and dialects of France and its surrounding regions [2000x1898]

The longest distance you can travel between two points in straight line without crossing any ocean or any major water bodies [1127x365]

The longest ground to ground line of sight ever photographed is 381 km (237 miles), from Mont Canigou in the French Pyrenees to the French Alps, against the background of the rising sun [958x514]

The longest straight line: you can sail almost 20,000 miles in a straight line from Pakistan to the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. [720x360]

The loudest known sound, the 1883 Krakatoa eruption, was heard for 3000 miles. This map shows how large this area was. [1150x849]

The lower 48 states with Native American territories removed [872x476]

The map of the world's most ignorant countries [681x387]

The map that Lincoln used to see the reach of slavery: Percentage of Slaves by U.S. County, 1860. [10503x8380]

The most common cause of disability around the world[589x376]

The most famous brand from every french regions [473 x 507]

The most googled products in Asia. [1500 × 1028]

The most numerous ethnic groups in Ukrainian rayons or oblasts in the year 2001 [748 x 361]

The most photographed places in the world [1023x513]

The most popular beers across the World [2000×993]

The most popular language studied on Duolingo in each country (2996x1787)

The most rectangular countries in the world (520x857)

The most recurrent word on each country’s Wikipedia page [4500 x 2234]

The new rug in our office lobby is a map of the city. The red dot is where we are located. [requested x-post from -r-mildlyinteresting] [2200×2900]

The official map of the X-files, 1996 [4632 x 6141]

The outlines of continents can be visualized by shipping routes [2254x1153]

The planned city of La Plata, Argentina [3634x3351]

The prettiest US states according to -r-earthporn [1000x550][OC]

The pronunciation of 'caramel' across the U.S. [845x600]

The radical removal of Istanbul's forests [720X329]

The revised version of the US separated into distinct regions with the help of your comments [4000 × 2028] [OC]

The rise of Germany, 1815-1871 [5000 x 6021]

The river connecting two oceans: A creek in Wyoming splits in two, one side flowing to the Atlantic and one side to the Pacific. You can't pass the blue line without crossing water. (more in comments) [520x482]

The roads of the Inca Empire [2000x3513]

The share of people without health insurance in the US [1113 x 819]

The situation in Aleppo in May 2016 and this morning [992 x 400]

The sport that each European country is best at, according to national team world rankings [1340x982]

The spread of the word for 'COFFEE' across the world [OC][2695 × 2231]

The spread of the word for 'tea' across the world [OC][2695 × 2231]

The state of the Teutonic Order in 1260 [1,200 × 1,043].

The territorial expansion of Greece, 1832–1947 [868x624]

The travels of Paul the Apostle [1650x1002]

The underground city of Derinkuyu reaches a depth of 60m (200 feet) and used to shelter as many as 20.000 people; it's the largest of the 200 underground cities discovered in Cappadocia, Turkey [5339x3496]

The unusual route taken by two Russian Tu-160 bombers on their way to Syria [962x578]

The vastness of the Dutch East Indies [599×386]

The visa policy of Haiti [1425x625]

The voyages of Ibn Battuta, the 'most well traveled man before the invention of the steam engine' [809x471]

The weather map I usually use glitched and showed every weather station symbol in the frame (instead of reducing it to only a few symbols as you zoom out). The result was really nifty. [953x596]

The word for bear in various European languages [800 × 658]

The world divided into regions with a GDP of 1 trillion dollars [4450x2150]

The world divided into regions with a GDP of 1 trillion dollars. [4450x2150] [OC]

The world divided into regions with a population of 100,000,000 people. [4500x2200] [OC]

The world in 1 CE [4000 x 2036]

The world in the mirror [3266x2000]

The world of Homer, including the regions mentioned in the Iliad or Odyssey, and the wanderings of Odysseus [1200x594]

The world post-World War 2, made by Stanley Turner in 1947 [3335x2559]

The world's largest subdivisions by area [1481 x 741]

The world's population by latitude and longitude [550x739]

The year each state reached its highest point as percentage of the US population (2010) [828x813]

Theoretical map of the 'Celtic Union of Ireland & Scotland' (If Scotland & Northern Ireland were to leave the UK and join with the Irish Republic in a new union or federation) [870x1074]

These 2 dots are where the islands of Maré and Futuna are, which are the easternmost and westernmost parts of France, respectively. (xpost -r-europe) [1223 x 927 ]

Third-Place finisher in each county in the 2016 US Presidential Election [3425x2362] [OC]

This Italy-shaped pinetum was planted in 1961 by the inhabitants of a small Umbrian village to celebrate the centenary of the Unification of Italy, here's how it looks more than 50 years later [1024x683]

This alternate history map made its way into a Danish history school book... [2777x2158]

This is a Kugel Ball. This one is a perfectly balanced globe of granite and weighs over 2268 kilos (5000lbs) The 1.5 horsepower pump under it pumps enough water to support the sphere and allow it to rotate freely. A small child can change the sphere's rotation with little effort. [GIF][307x270]

This is the 'Turkey Ride' bike event in San Francisco [x-post r-bicycling] [725x725]

This is what the world would look like if their web domains were land masses [2000 x 1080]

This map of Hokkaido was smuggled out of Japan by a German doctor during the Edo period –Japan prohibited foreign travel and trade and traffic with almost all countries at the time– The official who gave him the maps was executed and more than 50 people were punished for the incident [OS][1024x1792]

This map of the world just won Japan's most prestigious design award (Good Design Grand Award 2016. Info in comments. [2000x1429]

This map shows all the filming locations used in BBC's Planet Earth series [1333x12931]

This plausible electoral map would tie the election at 269-269. A remarkable finish to an unforgettable election.

Thomas Jefferson's proposed division of western U.S. territory into states, ca. 1784 [500x645]

Three days of air traffic in the United States [3000x1424]

Time zones in a Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion map [2323 x 1549]

Time-lapse of American seizure of indigenous land, 1776-1887

To give some sense of scale: The United States overlaid on the moon [OC] [1411 x 1424]

Today is Otto von Bismarck's 200th Birthday. He was the prime minister of Prussia for almost thirty years, driving force behind the unification of Germany and from 1871 to 1890 the first chancellor of the German Empire. Here is a map of the unification of Germany. [996x960]

Tokyo versus London in terms of size [1879x1653]

Tolkien influenced style map of North America. [2151-2675] (Repost from a year ago)

Top 15 least friendly countries according to expats [1424x624]

Top 20 countries in terms of avian biodiversity, 2004 [6360x3455]

Top Points of Interest in the United States according to Wikipedia [1141x667][OC]

Top Selling Car Brands in Each European country [600x535]

Top country of origin for new citizens by state [581 x 503]

Topographic hillshade map of the contiguous United States [5000×3136]

Topographic map of Greenland from bedrock elevation data [1246 x 1059]

Topographic map of the Canary Islands [3045x1303]

Topographical Map of Westeros [1268x2880]

Topographical map of the British Isles (Islas Británicas)[2545x1750]

Topographical map of the Falkland islands (las Islas Malvinas)[2550 X 1990]

Topographical world map with accurate currents done with paper quilling by Amber Rousse (x-post -r-quilling) [3401 x 1921]

Topography of Zealandia (or Tasmantis) [573 x 677]

Toponymic Fantasy Map of South Korea(1777x873)

Total Fertility Rate Levels Across Major Indian States & Their Corresponding Female Literacy Rate [932 × 621]

Total fertility rate by country 1900[1200x800]

Traditional English Dialects in Folk Speech of Texas [1503 × 1129]

Traditional family systems of Europe [1352x858]

Train network in France between 1910 and 2014 [799x408]

Travel times from London during the Steam Age[1152x782][OS]. Link to source page with other interesting maps in comments.

Travel times when departing from Rome in the Roman Empire (Stanford University) [800x533]

Trees on Earth, mapped to the square kilometer[1178x493]

True geography of the London Underground [2235x2442]

True names of places in Germany (in German) [1729 × 2400] [OS]

Trump's America [1890x1176]

TrumpLand [1600x870]

Tuition fees for Scottish Universities for EU, Swiss and EEA students [550 x 435]

Turkey fertility rate by province 1980 [849x486]

Two Worlds, published in Time Magazine, January 2, 1950 [5234x3541]

Two angles of the world map from 'A Man in the High Castle' season 2 episode 1. (no spoilers) [1034x437]

Two-thirds of Iceland's population lives here [1185 x 840]

Types of European Governments C. 1938 [OC] [1344x586]

U.K. vs U.S. east coast [590 x 774]

U.S. Air Force map of the world, 1961 [2558 x 2214]

U.S. Congressional districts redrawn by a computer to eliminate gerrymandering [1603x2170][OC]

U.S. Counties where more than half the population was born in another US state [1325x911]

U.S. High-Speed Rail Corridor Designations [1061 x 635]

U.S. Map, labelled with ways that each State ranks the worst in the nation [1446 x 1074] [OC]

U.S. states renamed for countries with similarly sized economies [1021x667]

U.S. vote percentage for Donald Trump in 2016 by county [990 × 627].

UK holding the world in shackles (World War I Prussian propaganda map) [944x627]

UN General Assembly Voting Coincidence with the United Sates (2012) [OC][4974x2519]

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Per Country [1615x808]

UNGA voting on an African-sponsored bid to end the mandate of an expert who monitors anti-LGBT violence around the world [OC][6300x3095]

US & Canada Murder Rate per 100,000 by State- Province

US Airports [2960x1832]

US Bridges (Red = Need Repair) [2960x1816]

US Counties by Date of Formation [OC][2,690 x 1,266]

US Counties containing place names derived from Dutch origin [1200x1267] [OC]

US Counties with a population greater than 100,000 as of 2015 estimates [1380 x 855] [OC]

US Counties with cities that are named after English places [OC] [2000x1267]

US County map based on how often each county is visited [2500x1375]

US Electric Grid [2960x1830]

US GDP split in half [OC] [1770x1114]

US Pipelines [2960x1970]

US Population Density Map [1982 x 1423]

US Railroads and Amtrak Stations [2960x1810]


US State Governors [1513 X 983] [OC]

US States as Countries with Similar GDP [OC] [2001x1227]

US census tracts with population density >150,000 people-square mile

US city metros and their nearest GDP equivalent nations [600 x 464]

US counties 'where Minorities are the Majority' [640x612]

US regions based on commute routes [945x668]

US vs Europe Annual Hours of Sunshine [722 x 1144]

US-Mexico border cities, lined up to scale [OC] [6376x1600]

US: Cat states vs Dog States [600x530]

US: Soil color at different depths [GIF] [800x507]

US: Temperatures at the depth of 10 km (6.2 mi) [1574x850]

US: most common words in incorporated place names by state [757x492]

USA compared to East Asia at same latitudes [2048x1536]

USA compared to Europe at same latitudes [2048x1536]

USA counties map made from 3047 carved wooden blocks [2048x1536]

USA: If each State were closer to its own capital city than another State's capital city [722x452]

USSR (Russia) plans to nuke Denmark (5 bombs) in a Cold War era Warsaw Pact attack plan 'Seven days to Paris' [2816 x 2112]

Ukraine native languages according to 2001 census [2500 x 1720]

Ukrainian municipalities by first spoken language. [1024x705]

Uncommon view of Italia. [2000x1432]

Unemployment in Europe [836x808]

Unemployment in the US, by state, 2006-2013, gif [468X293]

Unemployment rate in Europe [1936 x 1736]

United Kingdom EU Membership Referendum Results, 2016 (Blue - In, Red - Out) [600 x 657]

United States Presidential Election 2008 - results by County [2077 x 1650]

United States Presidential Election Results 1952-2012 [1126 x 748]

United States of America, alternative perspective [960x717]

United Swing States of America [OS][1632x1224]

University campuses in Greater Boston [2200x2010]

Unsurprisingly, the 5 happiest countries in the world according to North Korean media (including Iran and North Korea) are entirely different from the UN's list of happiest countries in the world. [1424x1272] [OC]

Updated version of the flag map I put together. [OC] [1920x1080]

Upper Atmosphere (10hPa) 11-26-16 Top of jet stream bringing storms to the West Coast of N.A. & Europe. (North Pole View) Link to site in comments. [2500 × 1294]

Usa natural population change by county[595x454]

Usage of 'Castellano' versus 'Español' to refer to Spanish [694 × 922]

Very Detailed Map of the Roman Empire in the year 211 CE, Sources in Comments [OC] [4707x3333]

View from the poles across 12 months [816x1632][OC][GIF]

Viking raids in the 9th century AD (Danish National Museum, Copenhagen [2988x5312]

Violent Conflicts in 2013 [2205x1655]

Visa Policy of Saudi Arabia [1425 x 625]

Visible Border of USA & Mexico on Satellite Images (Album of other borders in comments) [OC] [2560x960]

Voronoi Map of National Parks: the USA divided into regions based on which national park is closest [2673x2095] [OC]


Waffle House locations by state [701x565]

Watch how transatlantic flight routes from New York JFK to London LHR vary daily with the jet stream wind pattern. [OC][GIF][1334x750]

Water Gradient by Voting by County for the US Presidential Election 2016, Trump, Clinton, [8800 x 6800]

Waterways of North-Holland [OC] [1624x2888]

Ways in which Europe can be Split in Part : 20 Prejudicial Maps [1280 x 1290]

Ways to show Western Sahara in maps [1472 × 433]

We made a printed map of the Rivers of Canada. Link in comments. [2500 x 1628] [OC]

We want your land: Every country that holds a territorial dispute with another country. [3136x1725px]

Wealth in the United States, 1872 [1635 × 2032]

Weather Radar of the South's brutal thunderstorms today. [576x952]

Weighted Population of Muslims Around the World [1,956 x 1,314]

Weird homosexuality laws [1444 x 620]

Western Sahara [810x728]

What Capetonians call Cape Town [2000 x 2967]

What Do You Call the Insect that Glows in the Dark? [1124x679]

What Each US State Googled More Frequently Than Any Other State in 2016 [1650x1072]

What England and Wales might look like without greenbelt legislation: If urban areas in England and Wales had the same population densities as their counterparts in the US (further explanation in comments)[841x4200][OC]

What Europe thinks of the Japanese via Autocomplete [600 x 613]

What Japanese Autocomplete thinks of US States [1024 x 613]

What LA would look like if all the world's polar ice melted [1210x907]

What children in the UK call the popular playground-chasing game [615 x 852]

What do French speakers call a 'plastic bag'? [669x685] (x-post -r-france)

What do you call that thing you drink water from at school? United States, found randomly on google images from the Huffington Post [1536x1090]

What does South America look like? South America in 10 different map projections. [550x386]

What four commonly used projections do, as shown on a human head [736x703]

What happens if communities refuse to get vaccinated? The Dutch Bible Belt compared to measles outbreaks in the Netherlands. [1000x531]

What if the largest countries had the biggest population ?[2048x1153]

What if the largest countries had the biggest populations? [3500x1970]

What is Pluto in the US? [OC] [1080x1920]

What the Electoral College would look like if the largest city-county was removed from each state- blue is Trump, red is Clinton (506x313)

What the US presidential election would look like if only women voted vs if only men voted [1090x2400]

What the World looked like the last time the Cubs won the World Series[4500X2234]

What you're facing from the Beach in Britain and Ireland (Inspired by -u-ruckingfeturd's map of America) [1618x2482]

What your country is best at. [962 x 880]

When Europe built most of its houses [851 × 1024]

Where Americans Smoke the Most Weed - WashingtonPost [1484x1486]

Where Finnish people live [900x1300]

Where Google Street View has documented [900x477] (Part of 36 Maps that 'Explain How the World Works' - BusinessInsider)(MIC)

Where I work, we let customers pin their hometown on this map. [3264 x 2448]

Where People Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road [598x281]

Where Robert College students come from [640 x 386]

Where U.S. manufacturing jobs were lost or gained since 2008 [8000x5335]

Where are American celebrities moving to because of Trump's Presidential Election? [2400x1863] [OC]

Where are the Richest-Poorest Counties? County-Level Median Household Income in 2014 [OC] [2152x1166]

Where did The Proclaimers walk to? [640x655]

Where diversity has increased the most in the United States [8000x5403]

Where is Leeds? [1135 x 783] [OC]

Where ride the train on the left side and where on the right side of the railroads [1424*723]

Where the majority of South Africa's minorities live [808 x 704]

Where the population aren't in Canada, 2011 [4320x3240]

Which Country has the Best Programmers?[839X638]

Which Country is the Closest to You? - a Voronoi diagram-based map of the US [3234x1406]

Which Export Makes Most Money For Each Country[3500×1827]

Which airs first in the day - Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune? based on US Media Markets [705x527]

Which city with over 1,000,000 inhabitanst do you live closest to? (Germany) [530x717]

Whites-only towns of South Africa [1240 x 598]

Who brings gifts to Europe? Translations of Santa and related figures [3020x2435]

Who brings presents on Christmas in Poland? Not only Santa Claus [OC] [1200x800px]

Who do Europeans joke about most? [1556 x 1436]

Who do South Americans joke about the most? [ 1159 x 1500 ]

Who is responsible for defense in Oceania? [OC][952x796]

Why Mexico was spared widespread damage from Hurricane Patricia. [496x496]

Why is [country] so ... from Swedish Google [1000x813] [OC]

Why population density maps are hard to read: exactly the same amount of people live in the black and in the blue areas [OC] [716*809]

Why you should never use a Mercator projection to compare areas. [1631x893][OC]

Widows in Turkey 1927 [824x533]

Wildfires in Northern Israel, November 24, 2016 [1340 x 966]

Wisconsin could have been much bigger [1200x942]

Wolf Populations In Europe [634x691]

Women % in National Parliaments around the World [OC] [6460x3455]

Word map of Toronto (2592×4908)

World - decimal point vs decimal comma [1357x628]

World Alcohol Consumption [2027x1358]

World Comparison of Petrol Prices - [1000x7264]

World Map 100m Sea Level Rise (Missing Lakes) [3000x1239]

World Map by Scandinavian Airlines [OC] [4000x3000]

World Map in the manner of Piet Mondrian [948×730]

World Map of Chess Grandmasters [OC] [2000x1012]

World Map of Köppen-Geiger climate classification [1200x789]

World Map of PISA 2015 Results [OC] [1592x807]

World Map of the Different Writing Systems[2272X1418]

World Tourism Map, New Zealand's perspective [4928x3264] [OC]

World War 1 casualties as a percentage of population [1474x620] [OC]

World War 1 deaths as a percentage of each nation's population [4499x2185] [OC]

World War 2 deaths as a percentage of each nation's population [4499x2185] [OC]

World divided into 7 regions with each having a population of 1 billion [880 x 479]

World divided into regions with approximately the same population as the United States [4504x2234]

World map divided into regions with a GDP of $1 trillion [800 x 425]

World map drawn from memory by 11-year old boy [2048×1536]

World map mural [1936x1936]

World map of population density (1000 x 510).

World population density from 3000 BC to 2000 AD. [OS] [3402×1621]

World population divided into four regions with the same population(6460x3230)

World's 10 longest expressway networks, to scale [2000x3125] [OC]

World's five longest domestic flights [720x360] [OC]

World's population density in persons per square kilometer. [6,693 × 3,977]

Worldmapper gridded population cartogram of Russian Federation [800x400]

Worlds population by Latitude, Longitude [x-post -r-dataisbeautiful] [550x739]

Worlds roads, railroads and urban areas [3244x1581]

Worldwide Corn Production [1600x960]

Worldwide Map of WWII Shipwrecks [926x542]

Worldwide Passport Power [2000x2100]

Worldwide potato cultivation [1674x811]

Worst drivers in USA based on fatalities per 100 million miles traveled, failure to obey traffic signals or wear seat belts, drunken driving, speeding and careless driving [1125x997]

Writing Systems of the World [2714x1256]

Writing systems of the world [2714 × 1256]

XKCD jumbled map of the USA [740x461]

Year of last use of death penalty in peacetime in Europe [OC][1200x1000]

Yesterday, 67% of the continental US was covered by snow. Twice the normal extent of snowcover in the month of December [801x458]

You can just barely sail north from Norway to Antarctica in a straight line without hitting land. Album with close-ups in comments. [1273x647]

You can theoretically drive in a straight line from Anchorage to Miami without crossing over any major body of water due to the curvature of the earth [1111x894]

You can't dig a straight tunnel through the earth and end up in China if you're from the US: Antipode map of the world. [2160x1080]

Zara - Zadar, an Italian exclave on the Yugoslav coast (1920-47) [624x1024]

[1000×959 ] The Kleinwalsertal in Austria is a 'practical exclave' because the only road out goes through Germany

[1191x842] Most Popular word used in online dating profiles by State

[1400x2100] all major roads leading to Indianapolis -- sorted by most efficient route

[1425 x 625] Countries Mentioned in Harry Potter Novels [OC]

[1600x1000] The Clinton Archipelago (Source:

[1600x1000] Trump's America (Source:

[1680x816] You could walk the entirety of this 2,500 kilometer-long line that stretches halfway cross Canada without seeing virtually any signs of humanity such as roads, towns or settlements. Canada is big, folks.

[2624x3175] The incredibly inlet-covered coast of the Chesapeake Bay is always something that has fascinated me. Can anyone explain this?

[3990x3696] I've always found the absurd number of lakes in Canada to be utterly fascinating.

[4370x2750] Life Expectancy by US State

[466x621] The great Polish Map of Scotland

[551x632] Scottish collization of North America

[6800 x 4400] Hypothetical Map if Water Could Have Voted in the 2016 Election According the its Extreme Risk from the negative effects of climate change

[700X525] Estimated per capita income in the Roman Empire under Augustus. From 'Contours of the World Economy' by Angus Maddison.

[720x360] All 100-mile straight lines that cross 5 US States [OC] (Sorry for shitty quality)

[760x507] World Map Used in North Korea

[860x680] All 100 miles long straight lines that cross 5 countries

[8769x6200] The Archipelago Sea of Finland is a vast subsection of the Baltic Sea containing a maze of over 17,000 islands, most of which are unpopulated. This map shows all but the smallest, revealing the extremely clustered appearance of the area.

[Follow up] Actual results in fewest counties needed to win the US elections [OC][3675x2350]

[Follow up] All the worlds countries in the pacific ocean[1026x742]

[GIF] A Time-Lapse Of The Most Popular Browser In Each Country [2000x2000]

[GIF] American expansion into Native Indian lands (550x335)

[GIF] Europe at night: 1992 vs. 2010 (xpost from -r-Europe)[1920x1372]

[GIF] Every plane flight in the world over a period of 24 hours [400x200]

[GIF] Territorial evolution of metropolitan France (985 to 1947) [466 × 430]

[GIF] The longest straight line you can sail. Almost 20,000 miles from Pakistan to the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. [202x165] [OS]

[Gore] Prager University uses Mercator Projection on a globe [1920x1080]

[OC] Africa and South America with switched borders [4003x2635]

[OC] An alternate America in which Jefferson never bought Louisiana from Napoleon. [653x957]

[OC] Average income per person in Belgium (2016) [1068x916]

[OC] Brazilian Portuguese accent variations by region-state [1000x1200]

[OC] Change in US Presidential election results by county in 2016 as compared to 2012 [3656x2312]

[OC] Closest National Park to any given land in the US [5100x3600]

[OC] Counting in the different Turkic dialects-languages [1074 × 684]

[OC] Date of Last Land Battle in Every Country [2644x1196]

[OC] Famous Faces of Europe: the most well-known figure per country according to the Pantheon 1.0 dataset [4581x3508]

[OC] Fatal bear and wolf attacks in Norway [958 x 2048]

[OC] Gross domestic product by US state [1728x1080]

[OC] How they pronounce the letter 'C' all over Europe. (More letters in comments) [1140 x 1500]

[OC] I found a map of East Africa in a 1970 textbook from the former German Democratic Republic [2343x2895]

[OC] I painted a fantasy-style map of California [2249x2694]

[OC] I painted a fantasy-style map of Washington [2408x2408]

[OC] I painted a watercolor map of Portland, Oregon [1000 x 715]

[OC] Inspired by the South American flag map, I took a shot at a similar Middle Eastern one. [1645x1417]

[OC] Lieutenant Governors and their relationships with their State Senate [1526 x 1194]

[OC] Light pollution in Europe [1520x 1082]

[OC] Most common fuel used to heat the home-by US zip code [1800x900]

[OC] Nations where Muslims constitute less than %1 of the population [2628x1196]

[OC] Norway chilling out next to the US east coast. [5326x3736]

[OC] Number of times each state is mentioned in 'Dani California' by Red Hot Chili Peppers. [940 x 725]

[OC] Places in the US named after capital cities in Europe [2048 x 1253]

[OC] Press Freedom worldwide (from the Press Freedom Index 2014) [6460x3455]

[OC] Proposed East African Federation on top of Europe. [1506x1794]

[OC] Proposed Simplified Time Zone Map of the United States (3484x2683)

[OC] Regions of the U.S. with the same population as the UK [1513x983]

[OC] Scandinavian-Americans by State, [1728x1080]

[OC] School leaving ages of European countries [4170 x 3210]

[OC] Scottish Colonies in America [2550x3300]

[OC] Silicon Valley's Largest High Tech Companies [1400x1500]

[OC] Support for same-sex marriage in Europe [2210 x 1580]

[OC] The Haves and the Have-nots: The Most Remembered and Least Remembered Countries of the World [4974x2720]

[OC] The Population of 9 US States Fit Into Los Angeles County Population [800x500]

[OC] The US grouped by first two ZIP code digits [1920x828]

[OC] The discrepancies of the electoral college, explanation in the comments (3239x3540)

[OC] Twenty largest cities or towns in Lithuania [2153x1500]

[OC] US states by disposable income per capita, 2015 [1415 x 972]

[OC] US states by total population growth since 2000 (1415 x 972)

[OC] USA goes from 16% adults with bachelor degree in the 80's to 29% in 2010. Mapped by contiguous county [1900x900] [GIF]

[OC] United Nations vote on stripping staff benefits for gay couples [1,357 × 617]

[OC] What Lithuanian city names mean (am I too late on this?) [1302x1076]

[OC] White Vote in the 2016 Election, by County and State [4200x3105]

[OC]Global Range of the LGM-30 Minuteman Weapon System.[1920x1080]

[OS] Africa Average Years of Education - 1950 and Today [3000x2100]

[OS] Cost Obsessions Around the World [2814x1587]

[OS] Detailed map of the languages spoken in Europe [2151×1621]

[OS] Evolution of Australia's internal borders [GIF][795x595]

[OS] Four Million Commutes Reveal New U.S. 'Megaregions' [1900x1323]

[OS] Shadow lands: the topography of Europe mapped by sunset shadows [3200x3230]

[OS] Share of excise tax added to beer in selected European countries in 2015 (in euro per hectorlitre of beer) [4170 x 3210]

[OS] The race for Al-Bab is on as the SDF, Turkish-back rebels and ISIS duke it out in Northern Syria [1545x945]

[OS] The word for apple in various European languages [1024×837]

[OS] Word for Monday in European languages [1486×1215]

[Repost] An incredibly detailed map of the Roman Empire in 211 CE. [4707x3333]

comparison of a city map of berne (1550) and a picture (2009) [1170x1297]

map of black sturgeon river ontario [8800 x 6600]

the real american south (as defined by McDonald's biscuit territory) [OS] [4267x2142]

the word for 'Saturday' in various European languages [733x599]

{USELESS} Number of States Each Nation Borders [OC] [1997x1200]

“Human” map of the United States, ca. 1925. An amazing use of people, perspective, and careful planning. [1507 × 1192]