'A Tactical 'Tomahawk' Block IV cruise missile is escorted by a [United States] Navy F-14 Tomcat fighter during a controlled test over the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) western test range complex in southern California [USA]' on 10 November 2002. Photo credit: United States Navy [2100x1575][OS]

'Alpha Group' operator praporshchik Oleg Loskov during Beslan school siege. This is his last photo, he will die later storming the school cinema. [1280x856]

'Apache Princess' North American B-25J [2420x1700]

'Band of Brothers' Royal Marines of X-Ray Company, 45 Commando during a patrol in Afghanistan in 2009. [4000x1609]

'Check it out guys, I'm a truck!' - Matilda II tank in a cunning disguise [1280x887]

'Damn amateurs....' You can almost see the years of experience in his face (ROK Army) [820x1092]

'Front toward enemy' [800x600]

'Glacier Girl' - a P38 stuck in ice [600x391]

'Here lies in honored glory an American soldier, known but to God.' Arlington National Cemetery. [3264 x 2448][OC]

'Hit my tracers' - soldiers fire .50-caliber machine gun rounds at the base of a target to indicate to nearby helicopters where to fire their rockets [2100 x 1400]

'How do you do, fellow Americans?' Just a regular M10 Wolverine resting near a cottage to emphasize that it is in no way actually a Panther, 1944[500x373]

'I had fun once. It was awful.' Australian soldier in barracks [960x640]

'I'M WITH STUPID' -> A RAF navigator gave plane-spotters a chuckle as he held up a sign pointing to the pilot... Snowdonia, 2010. [700 x 526]

'If I move forward, follow me; If I stop, encourage me; If I move backwards, kill me' Mexico's Special Forces holding some Barrett M82 [610x406]

'Just the tip' - FGM-148 Javelin [3000x2400]

'McDonnell Douglas F-15A (S-N 76-043) with inspection panels open.' Photo credit: United States Air Force [1800 x 1396] [OS]

'Outback BBQ' US Marine Corps-US Army-PLA and Australian Army soldiers take notes on survival cooking techniques (Exercise Kowari) [3600x2400]

'Peek-a-boo' Danish Leopard 2A5 ISAF 17 Mission rehearsal [2048 x 1365]

'Roger that, Air Boss... Be advised I'll need sheet metal to meet me once I'm back on deck...' (Avenger with battle damage WWII) [800x600]

'What means 'wrong village', sir?' Russian signaller and firing 2S1 'Gvozdika' behind. 1-st Chechen War. [567x393]

'You might want to get inside': Dutch UN personnel in Mali take photos of the approaching Harmattan dust storm [2048×1365]

(670x860) Mexican Marine and his dog

(X-Post from Aviation-World News) (OC) [2048x1109] I'm stationed at Osan AB in South Korea. Around Noon, we were told to 'Go outside and look up.'

100mm APCBC penetration in a T-54 turret on display at the Parola Tank Museum in Finland [750x750]

105mm gun fired by South Korean M48A5 Patton [4928 x 2664]

106mm recoilless rifle being fired by South Korean soldiers [4068 x 2456]

10th Mountain Adviser instructing Afghan Commandos on the use of an L16 Mortar System, Kundouz, Afghanistan, 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

112 year old Teimuraz Vanacha, veteran of 1 World War and Civil War, recipient of the Cross of Saint George, and his son Ivan Vanacha, full cavalier of the Orden of Glory. Abkhazia,1980. [681x975]

11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) and Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) load tactical vehicles onto a landing craft air cushion(LCAC)[3202x1973]

120km to go on the final exercise to become a Jägare [2048x1365]

120mm gun fired by South Korean K2 Black Panther [2210 x 1322]

13 June 1944: An English brewery donates a sizable amount of fresh beer for the troops fighting in Normandy and a unique delivery method is created, strapping kegs to the underwings of Spitfires being shipped to forward airfields. Flying at 12 000 feet chills the brew to perfection [600 x 520]

13th RDP , 3rd Squadron. French SF. [2048x1365]

13th RDP , SOFINS 2015. French SF. [2048x1363]

155mm shell fired from South Korean K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer [4803 x 2880]

16-inch guns of the battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) firing at Iraqi positions during the Persian Gulf War [1890 × 2840]

17-25-pounder 'Pheasant' caught in full recoil firing in Tunisia - 1943 [1100x800]

18 Year Old Ukrainian Soldier from an Anti-Tank Unit Takes a Break During the Defense of the Donetsk Airport In Eastern Ukraine, October 1st, 2014. In the Background: What is Left from One of the Airport Terminals [496x567].

19-year-old Lieutenant Edwin Wright looks upon his airplane after being hit by an 88 mm shell, over the town-city of Munster, Germany. WW2. [976x1100]

1944 - African American troops of the 92nd Infantry Division after they repelled a German attack in the hills north of Viareggio, Italy [1247x960]

1945 France - US Paratroopers getting briefed on their mission to next day's jump across the Rhine. The Mohawk was used to intimidate the enemy. [1674x1998]

1951 Willys M38 Jeep [1024x768]

1973 - A Viet Cong guerrilla stands guard in the Mekong Delta. 'You could find women like her almost everywhere during the war,' said the photographer. 'She was only 24 years old but had been widowed twice. Both her husbands were soldiers. [1200×1614]

1st Engineer Brigade Soldiers, 2016 [1200x801]

1st Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh of the Jordanian Air Force, recently executed by Daesh. Let this be the way he's remembered. Rest in peace warrior! [514x474]

1st RPIMa , 4th squadron. French SF. [2043x1363]

1st RPIMa , CTA. French SF [2048x1363]

1st RPIMa , VPS. French SF. [805x453]

1st RPIMa Diver , French SF. [2048x1363]

1st Stryker Brigade “Arctic Wolves' at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif 2015. Not a track in sight. [4,275 × 2,850]

2 Coast Guardsmen from PSU 307 stand watch at a checkpoint in Kuwait 2004, [1000x656]

2 Dutch and 2 Belgian F-16's the new guard of BeNeLux Airspace (1250 x 833)

2 Indonesian operators in the jungle of Poso, Central Sulawesi. Fighting & chasing off Indonesian ISIS-affiliated Santoso terrorist group. [1080 x 1080]

2 Su 25 Frogfoots firing rockets and flairs [1600 × 1067]

24 AH-64D Longbow Apache attack helicopters with the 4th Aerial Reconnaissance Battalion (Attack), 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade conduct a mass landing at Camp Humphreys, South Korea on Apr. 18. [960x845]

240mm howitzer of Btry. 'B', 697th F.A. Bn., just before firing into German held territory. Magnano area, Italy. January 30, 1944 [2861×2281]

24th Special Tactics Squadron PJ with camels in Africa, c. 2010s. [640 x 631]

2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer fired by IS in Syria

2nd RH exfil training w- 1st RHC. French Military. [2048x1363]

3 Astute class submarines being built. UK [2000x1345]

3 Germans soldiers returning from a battle in 1941. [690x663]

3 out of 4 Dutch Submarines currently in drydock undergoing maintenance [1071x800]

3 partners, 3 friends, 3 warriors [1024x681]

3rd Company of Gebirgsjägerbataillon 231 of Bundeswehr training in Estonia, 2016 [2016x1344] [OS]

3rd Force Recon Marines ready to go kick ass in Vietnam [801x866]

3rd Group ODA M1113 GMV with M134 and 2 240's, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

3rd Group ODA M134 with EOTech sight and Transparent Chicken Plate, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

3rd Group ODA Member on an Afghan Technical from a different angle, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

3rd Group ODA Team Member on a Ford Ranger technical, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

400 years of shipbuilding in one image [2304×1600][OC][x-post -r-boatporn]

4th RHFS - 1st RPIMa demonstration. French SF. [2048x1362]

5000th Phantom in a vertical climb [819x1024]

5th Gen Family: F-22A Raptor and F-35A Lightning II [5604 x 3722]

61 Captured Somali Pirates Aboard An Indian Naval Ship [640x428]

7.62x39mm Round impact on 3rd Group ODA M1113 GMV, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

70 years later, a Russian World War II veteran pays tribute to the tank he rode into combat and to his fallen friends that crewed it. [730x486]

70th Air Refueling Squadron boom operator lowers the boom to an F-16 Fighting Falcon during an aerial refueling mission out of Luke Air Force Base, November, 2016 - [3000 x 2100]

75 years ago today the battleship Bismark was scuttled taking 2200 lives with her. [1280x800]

75th Rangers and FBI HRT resting during an infill in Afghanistan [1024x873]

7th Group ODA training Afghan Commandos, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

8.8cm Flak 36 of Guderian's 2nd Panzer Army setting up on the Eastern Front - 1941 [1200x845]

8.8cm Flak lies in ambush - Holland 1944 [1050x1500]

80cm Schwerer Gustav railway gun aimed at Sevastopol - Summer 1942 [1100x1415]

82nd Airborne Pathfinders in front of a P-51 Mustang at the Coca Cola 600, Concord, N.C. May 29. [1600x1066]

82nd Airborne jump exercise. 2,426 Paratroopers were involved. [4256 x 2832]

9mm AR used by Korea Coast Guard Special Operation Unit [1080 x 810]

A 100 lb. phosphorus bomb detonates on the crow's nest of the battleship Alabama during bombing tests conducted by Army Air Service bombers in the Chesapeake Bay (1921). [1024 × 742]

A 19 year old AH-1 Cobra pilot poses with his machine, Vietnam, c. 1970. [800x561]

A B-1B Lancer is tested in subzero conditions at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory, 1986 [2751x1839]

A B-1B flies over Northern Iraq after conducting airstrikes in Syria.[3,096px × 2,002px]

A B-2 Stealth Bomber With Two F-16s and One F-18 [2000x1133]

A B-2 Stealth bomber from the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., flies over the St. Louis Arch on Aug. 10, 2006. [3008 × 1960]

A B-52 Stratofortress, B-1 Lancer and B-2 Spirit taxi in preparation for an integrated bomber mission at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Aug.17, 2016. [3000 × 1763]

A Blizzard Generator. Mi-28 Havoc flying low on a snowfield [956px × 617px]

A Bren gunner of the 8th Royal Scots at Moostdijk, 6 November 1944. [1038 × 1024]

A British Army Challenger 2 tank fires its gun during an exercise in Basra, Iraq, 2008 [2000 x 1333]

A British F-35B Lightning II jet at Edwards AFB in 2015 [2500x1625]

A British F-35B flies with three USMC F-35B's [2016 x 1134]

A British soldier with the 4th Mechanised Brigade is pictured engaging the enemy during Operation Qalb in Helmand, Afghanistan – 4 January 2013. [3000x 1988]

A C-130 of the 130th Tactical Airlift Group, West Virginia Air National Guard, flies over the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, 1981. [2384 x 2844]

A C-5 Galaxy offloads an 81-foot boat for the US Navy at Coronado Naval Base [1800x964]

A Canadian Army crewman stands inside a CH-47 Chinook helicopter flying over Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, July 5, 2011.[900×589]

A Canadian Chinook conducts advanced extraction training with members of R22eR in California [5276 x 3300]

A Canadian Forces coyote patrolling Kabul [1057x1600]

A Canadian Infantry Soldier During a Platoon Attack. Ex Tempest Sporran 2016 [2048x1356]

A Canadian special forces soldier wearing the patch of the infamous WW2 unit the 'Devil's Brigade' participating in special forces competition Fuerzas Comando on June 9th, 2012. [1000x665]

A Chechen militant cleans his PKM in the Pankisi Gorge, Georgia [800x560]

A Chinese national from the 1st section 'Les Aigles ' of the 2nd REG, serving as a soldier with the French Foreign Legion [900x600]

A Civilian carries away a wounded Afghan policeman from the site of an explosion in Kabul. [1247x913]

A Coast Guardsman fires a .50 caliber machine gun aboard the USCGC Dallas, 2012 Atlantic Ocean, [1000x666]

A Coast Guardsman from PSU 307 mans a M60 machine gun at a check point in Kuwait, 2004, [1000x656]

A Coast Guardsman in LEDET 106 preforms a security sweep on a tanker in the North Arabian Gulf, 2007 [1000x659]

A Coast Guardsman in MSRT during a training in VA. 2015 [1000x666]

A Coast Guardsman in PSU 305 fires a M-203 grenade launcher during a training in 2011, [1000x664]

A Coast Guardsmen in MSRT during a training exercise. VA, 2015 [1000x668]

A Coast Guardsmen in MSRT trains in VA. 2015 [1000x665]

A DC-130H Hercules drone control aircraft banks to the left while passing over the guided missile cruiser USS CHOSIN (CG-65). Members of the 6514th Test Squadron will launch AQM-34 Firebee target drones from the aircraft during a test of the ship's Aegis anti-air warfare system [3000 × 2029]

A Door Gunner guards his arcs of fire during an air mobility mission in Northern Iraq, Nov 4 2016 [3722 x 2485]

A Door Gunner provides security from a Griffon helicopter during an escort mission over Afghanistan, November 2009 [4003 x 2571]

A Finnish Navy Boarding Team on board the German Navy Ship “Frankfurt am Main” on a 4 month deployment as part of EU 'Operation Sophia', aimed at boarding and seizing on the high seas vessels suspected of being used for human smuggling and trafficking. Album and info in comments [1024x768]

A Finnish helicopter battalion soldier wishes luck for the Finnish junior hockey world championship final team [720x960]

A Free Syrian Army fighter tests a remote-controlled weapon(Stg 44) in the old city of Aleppo. (Molhem Barakat-Reuters) [1200 x 810]

A French Air Force Fennec helicopter keeps a close eye on the Stade de France during Euro 2016. [2048x1365]

A French Rafale in flight over Corsica, 2015 [1024x662]

A French mountain commando sniper and his spotter in Mali during Opération Barkhane [2048x1362]

A French patrol in Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, Operation Sentinelle, France [2048x1401]

A French sniper of the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment celebrates getting the top score on the range [1000x668]

A French soldier in the valley of Kapisa, Afghanistan [1024x681]

A German Luftwaffe officer POW disembarking in Newhaven, England glances contemptuously at a guard (ca. 1941) [645x912]

A German Luftwaffe pilot wearing his oxygen mask during World War 2. [662x1024]

A Glimpse Into The Raptor's Furnace [2048x982]

A Greek Cypriot T-34-85 during the early 1970s [1200x800]

A Greek soldier resting upon the statue of King Leonidas during the National Holiday. 25th March, 2015 in Sparta, Laconia, Greece. [1024x865]

A Green Beret, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), provides security for a mule carrying the Mk 47 on Fort Bragg, N.C., Jan. 27, 2015 [2048 × 1365]

A Grenadier Guard messing with his friend while he's on duty. [603x591]

A Hydra 70 rocket being fired from an Apache above Afghanistan [1283x836]

A Kalashnikov rifle belonging to a South Sudanese soldier [4596 x 3447]

A Kurdish fighter stands in the center of Kobani, Syria after it was recaptured from ISIS militants

A Leopard lies in wait for its prey behind massive marijuana plants, Afghanistan, 2006 [1500 × 844]

A Luftwaffe dorsal gunner on a Heinkel He-111 bomber manning an Mg15. In many German bombers during WWII, just one man was tasked with operating three or more defensive positions, making it impossible to effectively protect the whole aircraft in case of an attack from multiple sides. [600 × 943]

A Maritime Tactical Operator of a Canadian Navy ENBP [683 × 1024]

A Muslim militiaman looks for snipers during a battle with Yugoslav forces in Sarajevo, 1992 [1200x802]

A Norwegian Army recruit [1200 x 800]

A Norwegian Homeguard Task Force. [1024x6830.

A Panzergrenadier squad of the German Heer. [1600 × 1059]

A Peruvian soldier plays guitar with his weapon while two Canadian MPs discuss mental illness [2048 x 1360]

A Raytheon BGM-176B Griffin launched from USS Firebolt (PC-10), June 28 2015 [4407x2975]

A Royal Danish Air Force F-35 Draken aircraft rolls down the runway during the NATO exercise Tactical Fighter Weaponry '89 at Karup Air Station. [3040 × 1960]

A Royal Guards soldier faints during The King's inspection [OS] [978×553]

A Royal Navy gunner aboard HMS Illustrious opens up on a target [2473x1979]

A Russian Company Has Built Lego-style Armor Blocks For Reinforcing Infantry Positions [990 × 422]

A Russian TU-160 Blackjack aircraft is escorted by a Tornado F3. [1558 × 1008]

A Russian Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bomber refuels from Il-78 tanker over Norwegian Sea at the beginning 2016 year. Photo was a taken by F-16 of the Norwegian AF. [2500x2081]

A Russian sniper takes aim with the help of a tank commander in the Battle of Grozny. First Chechen War, 1994. [960×1403].

A Russian-backed separatist sniper smokes a cigarette near the village of Vergulivka, Ukraine, Feb. 13, 2015 [1072 × 1800]

A SEAL operator with an M14 rifle participating in maritime interdiction enforcement during Operation Desert Storm [800x1215]

A Saab 29 Tunnan mounted outside of Östersund, Sweden [3264 × 2448][OC]

A Saab 35 Draken mounted outside of Åre Airport in Östersund, Sweden. [3264 × 2448][OC]

A Sea Vixen launching from HMS Hermes. [1302x873]

A South African special forces soldier on patrol [871 x 934]

A Soviet Intercontinental Ballistic Missile concealed in a wagon. The RT-23 missile can deploy 10 nuclear warheads, each with a 550–kt yield. The USSR had 56 railed-based version of this missile. [2048 × 3072]

A Spike NLOS missile is fired from Republic of Korea Marine Corps Sand Cat MRAP [2949 x 2107]

A Spitfire pilot nudging a V-1 off course. 1944-1945 [688 × 351]

A Squadron, Delta Force in Operation Desert Storm [2335x1588]

A Swedish Army Ranger at the range in Arvidsjaur, Sweden, 2-4-2014. [640x640]

A Swedish JA 37 Viggen inside an underground airbase. [1280x851]

A Syrian rebel from the Jaish al-Fatah group aims a BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile, Aleppo, August 2016 [1181 x 618]

A T-38 Talon flies in formation with the B-2 Spirit of South Carolina during a training mission over Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., Feb. 20, 2014. [2048 × 1363]

A Tomahawk cruise missle detonates its 1000-pound airburst warhead over a target [1024 x 1280]

A Tomb Sentinel stands guard in the winter.(487x750)

A Turkish army Leo2 with new tan camo shoots at ISIS targets (SVBIEDS-Buildings) near Al-Bab as part of the Euphrates Shield operation [1200x800]

A Typhoon Weapons Station firing it's 25mm Bushmaster Cannon (HMAS Adelaide LHD-L01 at Jervis Bay) [3600x2400]

A U.S Army Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment providing overwatch for fellow team members. Afghanistan. June, 2011. [2048x1471]

A U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer, escorted by U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons, performs a flyover over Osan Air Base, ROK, Sept. 13, 2016 [2806 × 1871]

A U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon flies below a KC-135 Stratotanker while being in-air refueled, June 29, 2014. [1534x2048]

A U.S. Army Special Forces member engages targets during a joint training exercise with Marines from Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response-Africa in Baumholder, Germany, March 9, 2015. [3960 × 2640]

A U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter with Alpha Company, 5th Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade conducts an engine run-up in the falling snow of a winter storm at Bagram Airfield in the Parwan province of Afghanistan on Dec. 27, 2012. [1500 x 996]

A U.S. Army paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division fires an M240B GPMG at Taliban forces on 15-06-12. Ghazni province, Afghanistan. (991x651)

A U.S. Attack Submarine surfaces near Ice Camp Nautilus in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to the interest of onlookers [2,100 x 1,575]

A U.S. Marine Scout Sniper provides overwatch at the U.S. Embassy Compound, Doha, Qatar, May 2006 [814x543]

A U.S. Marine and his trained infantry dog operate alongside Korean SEALS and Peruvian Special Forces during RIMPAC 2014 [1200 x 800]

A U.S. Marine fires an M240B light machine gun during a live-fire exercise to confirm its zero at Mihail Kognalniceanu Air Base, Romania, Feb. 2, 2016. [5760x3840]

A U.S. Marine photographer is shown taking a photo of a USAF F-100 accurately delivering its bombs just a few yards outside the perimeter wire at Khe Sanh on March 15, 1968 [1800 × 1205]

A U.S. Navy JB-2 Loon missile launch in 1947. [1026 × 627]

A U.S. Navy SEAL re-enlisting aboard USS John F. Kennedy(CV-67).[1080 x 1349]

A U.S. Special Forces team leader meets with an Afghan local police checkpoint commander in the Zharay district of Kandahar province, Afghanistan, May 21, 2013 [4945 x 3297]

A U.S. paratrooper congratulates Indonesian army paratroopers after a successful demonstration raid during exercise Garuda Shield 2013 bilateral training in Cilodong, Indonesia, June 12, 2013 [2093 x 1395]

A US Army Airborne Solider Overlooks A Valley in Afghanistan [4000x2666]

A US Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter prepares to tote a 14,000 pound buoy that washed ashore south of Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi, Oregon.

A US Army soldier attending the John F Kennedy School of Special Warfare learns pack animal handling. Fort Carson, Colorado, 2011 [1881 x 1139]

A US Marine inspects a foxhole during the Battle of Guam, 1944, by LIFE photographer W. Eugene Smith. [1280 x 1280]

A US Marine with 1st Marine Division fires a M27 IAR at USMC Twentynine Palms, Calif., Aug. 18, 2016 [3750 × 2500]

A US Navy F-4 escorting a SR-71 [1000 x 488]

A US Navy MH-60R fires a Penguin anti-ship missile during testing [1280x1024]

A US Navy SEAL ranger from the 82nd Ranger SOCOMSMOCOMC administering an IV drip to a UK 'Grom' operator from the legendary GIGN unit during exercise Thunderous Belly 2005, Afghanistan. (rare, highly classified) [OC][OS][950×712]

A US-made AH-1W Cobra helicopter launches hellfire missiles during the annual Han Kuang No. 22 Military Exercise in Ilan county, 49 miles west of Taipei July 20, 2006. [2652 x 1924]

A USAF Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) prepares for helicopter extraction by US Army Blackhawk Nov, 10 2016 [5472 x 3233]

A USMC Marine uses his entrenching tool to hold his helmet and attract enemy fire while a spotter searches for targets through a small hole in Fallujah, Iraq, 2004 [2000x3000]

A Ukrainian Machine Gunner Covers His Comrades Unloading Supplies from an Armored Vehicle Inside Donetsk Airport Last Week [960x640]

A United States F-15 flying above a river delta [500x748]

A United States Marine walks past a Type 90 MBT of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force during a bilateral training exercise [3861 x 2574]

A X-47B unmanned aircraft on the elevator of the USS George H.W. Bush on May 14, 2013[1024x656]

A Yakovlev Yak-141 conducting static lift engine tests, date and location unknown [1024x671]

A captured German 88mm gun being used against its original owners by gunners of British 172nd Battery, 58th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, the Netherlands, 28th December 1944. [OS] [759x800]

A captured German A7V, from World War I [4217×3117]

A chase car driver pursues a U-2S aircraft during its landing at an undisclosed location. Mobile chase cars act as a second pair of eyes for U-2S pilots during their launch and landings, radioing adjustments to the aircraft to make up for the pilot’s limited sight of the runway [3336 × 1792]

A delayed action device, commonly called a drip rifle, invented by an ANZAC soldier to help disguise the clandestine evacuation from Gallipoli, 1916 [640 x 450]

A distinguished gentleman from the French special forces aboard a helicopter in Mali, 2012 [2000×1332]

A fallen British pilot buried by an unknown German soldier during the North African Campaign, 1941 [800 × 846]

A female Apache helicopter pilot of 656 Squadron, 4 Regiment Army Air Corps prepares for a sortie from Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Note the L22 carbine, a shortened version of the L85 assault rifle issued to helicopter and vehicle crews for emergency personal defence.[3000x1851]

A few pounds for air to ground, F15E [1600 x 1268]

A french commando parachutiste de l'air during training at the french air base in Jordan, 2016. [1908x1292]

A fully loaded AH-6 little bird[1600x1200]

A german soldier in Afghanistan [1.024×768]

A group of Swedish Army rangers from Ranger Battalion(K4) in Arvidsjaur pose for a shot. [4778x3185]

A group of U.S. Airforce CCTs in Afghanistan. [1059 x 867]

A guard holds his post while dodging the rain underneath a shelter at the Plaza del Servicio a la Patria during a rainy season downpour in Mexico City, Friday, July 1, 2016. The Plaza del Servicio a la Patria acts as an Armed Forces Memorial and was dedicated in 2013. Photo: Nick Wagner [960x709]

A heavily upgraded FN FAL used by the Irish Army as a sniper support weapon.[5184x3888]

A high definition panorama shot of the SR 71 Blackbird cockpit [2880 × 1522]

A low flying RAF Hercules over Stanley, Falkland Islands, 1982 [1024x741]

A member of 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade's armament team, conducts an inspection of an AH-64D Apache Longbow's rocket tubes [1200 x 600]

A member of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment gives his thoughts on being photographed [960 x 959]

A member of the Kurdish security forces takes up position with his weapon while guarding an oil refinery, on the outskirts of Mosul [1824 × 1366] [OS]

A member of the USCG's MSST enters a room to clear potential threats during close quarters combat training at Camp Shelby, Miss, Feb. 7, 2014 [1000x668]

A pair of Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft fly in formation June, 7, 2014 over Kansas. [3624 × 1758]

A pilot in an RAF Harrier GR9A ejects just in time, Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan [1200 x 823]

A scuttled M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT) rests in front of a Fedayeen camp just outside of Jaman Al Juburi, Iraq during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM [1720 × 1160]

A simulated IED explodes during convoy training, US Army, 2012 [1800 x 1200]

A sniper and his spotter [1920x1080]

A sniper from 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment looks through the scope of his L115A3 Rifle during a recent operation in Helmand. [2048x1232]

A sniper of the Russian SF with TSVL-8 rifle [1200x798]

A sniper with the The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on exercise [2817x1869]

A soldier from 2RAR watches for the enemy in live fire exercise at Pohakuloa Training Area Hawaii (RIMPAC 2016-2nd Royal Australian Regiment) [3600x2400]

A soldier from 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment deployed to Iraq, November 2016 [2048x1321]

A soldier from New Zealand takes aim with twin Bren guns in Libya, 1942 [1400 x 1125]

A soldier from the British Royal Gurkha rifles of B Company pauses during a patrol in Afghanistan. [479 x 720]

A soldier maintains guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during the 2016 snowstorm. U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Cody W. Torkelson [2048x1367]

A soldier of the Austro-Hungarian 10th Army Command poses for a picture in the Julian Alps, circa 1916 (1280x919)

A swedish infantryman after a long day of firing the Carl-Gustaf. [2048x1365]

A true American Hero- Chris Kyle- US Navy SEAL Sniper [1000x667]

A variety of camouflage patterns on a formation of F-4 Phantom II fighters [2,496 × 1,611]

A very colorful flight of CF-104 Starfighters [736x930]

A young Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. in Vietnam [275x400]

A-10 Thunderbolt II [2100 × 1400]

A-10 Thunderbolt II [2464 × 1848]

A-10 Thunderbolt II and F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft perform an 'Elephant Walk' [5718 × 2455]

A-10 Warthog Mid-BRRrrrrrrrrttt from Arizona's 355th Fighter Wing [1920x1200]

A-10 brrrrrrrting [1.280px × 1.024px]

A-10 demos a little close air support - [4288 x 2848]

A-26 Invader as used during the Vietnam war [1800x1161]

A10 Kill Markings from Desert Storm, 1991 [3000 x 2241]

A10 takes off from a Autobahn strip in Germany during 'Highway 84' NATO exercise, 1984 [1024x681]

AC 47 over Vietnam (Photo by Larry Burrows for LIFE magazine) [700x474]

AC-47 gunship over Vietnam, 1966 [1920x1301]

AGM-114 Hellfire II Missile [1024 × 683]

AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile being loaded into the weapons bay of B1B Lancer [6016 × 4016]

AH-64D and Leopard 2A5 [640 x 960]

AIM-120 first kill. A series of four views showing, a F-16 aircraft launching a Hughes AIM-120 past a F-4 Phantom II chase plane; the missile approaching and then exploding a QF-102A Delta Dagger target drone; and the target going down in flames. [2313 × 3000]

AIM-9L hits QF-86F over China Lake 1978 [2790 × 1875]

AMX-10RC [3496x2360]

APFSDS exit hole in the turret of an Iraqi T-55 rusting away in a Kuwaiti tank graveyard after Desert Storm [960x720]

AVIC 'Cloud Shadow', China's first stealth UCAV, at the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show. [1280×596]

Aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan - I don't recall seeing this picture on the walls of my recruiter's office... [1024x680]

Admiral Kuznetsov passing Dover, underway through the English Channel [2048 x 1563]

Adolf Hitler reviews an honour guard in the inner yard of the Reichspräsidentenpalais, Berlin, Germany, 12 September 1934. [2018x1499]

Advanced Mortar System on a Swedish Strf chassis[920x604]

Advanced Sniper Training Course near Jacksboro, Texas. [1200x800]

Aerial Sniper from 5th SFG (Special Forces Group) on the side of a MH-6 Littlebird. (1024x683)

Afghan Air Force A-29 Super Tucano over Kabul [2048 × 1363]

Afghan Commando fires an 81MM L16 while a 10th Mountain Adviser observes, Kundouz,Afghanistan, 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

Afghan Commandos receive training on L16 Mortar System from 3rd Group ODA and 10th Mountain advisers, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

Afghan Special Forces soldier hanging out with the locals. [720 x 720]

Afghanistan veteran Curtis McGrath (6SER-Australian Army) who lost both his legs to an IED blast, won a Gold Medal in Brazil in the Paralympics [1200x1200]

After 67 years, the final ever Land Rover Defender was produced today. Here's one driven by Royal Marines of the Brigade Recce Force in Kuwait, 2003 [1920x1284]

Air Assault! Three UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, carrying the U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley, arrive at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif, Nov 6, 2016 [1200 x 800]

Aircraft Carrier at max list [2100x1500]

Aircraft carrier 'Admiral Kuznetsov' - Tractor with a jet engine on its decks! [1280x960]

Aircraft handling officer looks on as F-35C performs a touch-and-go landing [1024x731]

Alaska Army National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk equipped with skis [4608 x 3072]

Albrecht Moser participating in the 2009 Swiss 'Waffenlauf', a 42 kilometer long marathon that requires the participants to carry their rifles and their uniforms. [607x900]

Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master [683px × 1.024px]

Algerian t-90 taking part in exercise in amenas region [768x514].

Alien Mi-24 - paint scheme for NATO Tiger Meet 2016 [1366x682]

All three Lockheed Martin F-35 variants at Edwards Air Force Base, California... F35-C F35-B F35-A [4400X2000]

Amazing P-38 Lightning head-on, airborne photo [2194 x 1055]

Amazing ultra-high definition photo of the SR-71 Blackbird cockpit [2880x1522]

America's aerial might over New York City [1600x1000]

American Peshmerga members in Iraq, 2015 [1080 x 1080]

American and French nuclear-powered aircraft carriers [5698 x 4070]

American soldiers of 9th Inf. firing at enemy troops somewhere along the South Vietnamese-Cambodian border area. May 1970 [1,280 x 843]

American tank crew in WWII during a break in the heavy fighting behind enemy lines [1280 x 720]

American troops have a bit of fun with captured 'Goliath' demolition vehicles on 'Utah' beach - 1944 [800x644]

American troops pose with their M1911 pistols, 1918. [1600x1198]

Amerikansky Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher [1500x1000] American produced RPG

An A-10 pops flairs [920x1379]

An A-10C Thunderbolt II conducts close-air support training near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. [2375 × 1125]

An A-10C Thunderbolt II flies past a fire after completing operational testing at Davis-Monthan Air Force base, Ariz., Nov. 28, 2016 [4347 × 2898]

An A10 being unloaded from a C5 Galaxy [3072x2048]

An AIM-9X missile was successfully fired from the Army's new Multi-Mission Launcher at White Sands Missile Range, March 29, 2016 [1920 × 1080]

An AQM-34L 'Tom Cat' drone flies over North Vietnam [1800 x 992]

An Abrams recovery turns into a bit of a shit show in Iraq [3430 x 2278]

An Afghan Commando patrols a poppy field in the Khugyani district, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. [1247x831]

An Air Force PJ and his US Navy SEAL counterpart hauling wounded Afghan troopers up a hillside after an engagement. [2,309x1,516]

An Australian Army soldier from The 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Reconnaissance Platoon shouts instructions during a break contact drill conducted at the Pohakuloa training area for Exercise Rim of the Pacific 2016.

An Australian Army soldier with a M18 Claymore Directional Anti-Personnel Mine Strapped On His Head circa 1986 [885x660]

An Australian light machine gun team in action during the Aitape–Wewak campaign, June 1945 [660x488]

An Australian sapper looks into a Viet Cong tunnel in the Ho Bo Woods, north-west of Saigon, during Operation Crimp. This operation marked the first time Allied (US and Australian) forces discovered and explored the VC's extensive tunnel network. Republic of Vietnam, January 1966 [1242 x 1000]

An F-15 deploying flares [800x1249]

An F-16 Undergoes Testing in an Anechoic Chamber at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. [3,000 × 2,053] Samuel King Jr., 2014

An F-16 showing some afterburner [736x1128]

An F-22 Raptor aircraft performs a high-speed bank at the Marine Corps Community Services-sponsored annual air show Oct. 3, 2008, at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego, Calif. [2400 × 1920]

An F-22 pilot from the 95th Fighter Squadron based out of Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., gets situated in his aircraft prior to taking off from Amari Air Base, Estonia, Sept. 4, 2015 [4682 × 2815]

An F-22A Raptor fires an AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) [1663 × 968]

An F-35A out of Edwards AFB banks to show off its curves [3634x2423]

An F-35A, at Edwards AFB, Calif., is pictured with its F-35Systems Development and Demonstration Weapons Suite the aircraft is designed to carry.[2048x1609]

An F-35C flies over DDG 1000 USS Zumwalt today following the latter's departure from Baltimore, where she was commissioned [3000x2357]

An F-35C prepares to launch off the USS George Washington in the rain [2048 x 1365]

An F-A-18 Hornet viewed from the cargo ramp of a C-2 Greyhound [3008x1960]

An F-A-37 Talon preparing for takeoff on the USS John F. Kennedy [2010x1341]

An IDF tank battalion is deployed to gathering point near the Syrian border, during an exercise [5126 × 2858].

An Iraqi Army sniper fires a Sayyad-2 rifle during training [2000 x 1271]

An Irish soldier prepares to fire her Steyr AUG[960x600]

An M-4 Sherman. 6-9-2013 [2.048 x1.456]

An M1A1 after a rough day (x-post from r-tankporn)[640px × 480px]

An M240 provides Over-watch while 7th Group ODA trains Afghan Commandos, Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

An MG nest inside a WW2-era bunker in Switzerland, near the German border. Its 7.5mm Mg 51 can still target when scopes are blinded, thanks to a rudimentary coordinate-based targeting aid. [3264x4928][OC] (more in comments)

An Operator with the Canadian Special Operations Regiment on patrol west of Erbil, Iraq on April 28, 2016 [1086 x 719]

An RAF Handley Page Victor refuelling a Royal Navy de Havilland Sea Vixen (top) and a Blackburn Buccaneer (bottom) above RAF Boscombe Down, Wiltshire during refuelling trials, November 1965. [OS] [800x617]

An air-to-air left side view of a Soviet TU-95 Bear-H aircraft being escorted by a U.S. Navy F-14A Tomcat aircraft, foreground, and a U.S. Air Force F-15 Eagle aircraft after it was intercepted approximately 350 nautical miles southwest of Adak, Alaska [3000 × 2014]

An air-to-air overhead front view of an SR-71A strategic reconnaissance aircraft. [2780 × 1880]

An almost perfectly-captured explosion with shockwaves at the Canadian Experimental Proving Ground [1280x850][OS]

An archangel ascends. Swedish Saab 37 Viggen. [645x720]

An armoured Samurai with sword and dagger, 1860. Photograph by Felice Beato [1275 x 1600]

An illuminated KC-130J cockpit during an aerial refueling mission over the Atlantic Ocean Sept. 7, 2016. [5760x3840]

An infantryman is on guard on Grassy Knoll in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands during World War II. Jan. 26, 1943 (AP Photo) [950 x 977]

An instructor measuring the height of a female soldier's leg during straight-leg march training on July 29, 2016, ahead of Chinese Army Day [641 × 428]

Anatoly Lebed, spetsnaz from the 45th Detached Reconnaissance Brigade (VDV) in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan conflict [664x900]

And now we wait. A 1st Recon Marine sits at his hole with his Mk 11 and carbine, looking over his sector for any troublemakers in Sangin, Afghanistan, October 2010. [1477x989]

And then the beast was quiet... A salvaged turret from the battleship Mutsu. [1600 x 1085]

Another M777 howitzer [1920×1080]

Another brick in the well. US Army MP checkpoint, Desert Storm 1991. [1194x1600]

Another one of my favorites, SAS Trooper in Oman during the Dhofar Rebellion. [800x546]

Another rare photo of Delta Force in Mogadishu, Somalia during Operation Gothic Serpent, 1993 (excuse the watermark) [926 x 926]

Anti-tank mine's effect on an unarmored vehicle [4112 x 2508]

Apache AH 64 Longbow [2100 × 1395]

Apache Christmas Tree [3264x2448]

Apache [5616x3744]

Arleigh-Burke Class destroyer USS Paul Ignatius (DDG 117) being launched at Ingalls Shipbuilding Nov 12 2016. (2000 x 1327)

Arlington National Cemetery yesterday [3928x2562]

Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina UH-1H lifting off from a hospital after performing a medical evacuation of a injured EOD tech [1024x683]

Armed to the teeth: Slava-class cruiser Varyag of the Russian Federation Navy Pacific Fleet (x-post r-WarshipPorn) [798 x 1280]

Arming improvised rockets in Syria [3300x2261]

Army Nurse with her Carbine 1969 Vietnam [1600x1037]

Army Reservists of the The Royal Wessex Yeomanry (RWxY), the South West's Army Reserve Cavalry Regiment taking part in Challenger 2 main battle tank live firing exercise. [3000 x 1997]

Assault rifles and Carabines [2200x3035]

Assaulters from Canada's Tier One JTF-2 are seen in a rare photo during the early days of the Afghan conflict [1596 x 1071]

At the border of North Korea. Date unknown. [1024 x 678]

Australian Army M1A1 Abrams Tank, ANZAC Day March, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. [1024 x 683]

Australian Army M1A1 Abrams Tanks at the Firing Range During Exercise Jericho Dawn [3110x2047]

Australian Army MAN TGA Tank transporter transporting a M1A1 Abrams MBT, Stuart Highway near Robertson Barracks, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. [1024 x 625]

Australian Army Sergeant Paul Cale, known for strangling a Taliban commander to death during a raid on a compound in Uruzgan province, 2007 [650x366]

Australian Army Soldier and M1A1 Abrams During Exercise Predator's Gallop [2520x1561]

Australian Army Soldiers, Then and Now: 1st Div in Vignacourt France WW1 (1916-18) and Task Group Taji 2 in Iraq (2016). [2048x1536]

Australian Army engineers from the Managed Works Team finish a survey task on the Sejuway Crossing in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. [2048 × 1365]

Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) operator. Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan, Oct 2013. (694x960)

Australian Special Forces after a mission in Afghanistan, 2013 [4288x3216] [OC]

Australian and French soldiers during exercice Croix du Sud in New Caledonia, 2016 [1080x945]

Australian light horse troops ride in a Bren gun carrier in Northern Africa on January 7, 1941. [1247 × 839]

Australian soldiers from 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment being extracted by U.S. Army helicopters following an operation, Vietnam 1967 [1356x668]

Australian soldiers leading a column of American snipers on a training exercise in northern Australia, 1989. [640X433]

Australian soldiers of the 9th Infantry Division charging Axis positions. 2nd Battle of El Alamein - 24 October 1942. [800 × 794]

Australian soldiers showing off their equipment [2400 x 3600]

Australian troops train Iraqi soldiers to use Iranian Sayyad-2 rifles, June 2016 [2000 x 1258]

Austrian Bundesheer soldiers of the 18. Jägerbattalion (light infantry) taking cover behind a Decepticon of the 14th tank battalion, 1st company, during an urban combat exercise. [3008x2000]

Austrian Jagdkommando dropping from 10,000 ft with an explosives sniffing dog. [1964x1200]

Austrian Jagdkommando with a camouflaged AUG A3.[800x600]

Austrian Military Police training to secure the border against illegal immigrants [1164x658]

Austrian UNDOF peacekeeper patrolling the Golan Heights in 2012 [1280 x 854]

Austrian special forces soldier training in Croatia [1200 × 800]

Avenging requires serious rifling.[1024x681]

Avro Vulcan B2 of the Royal Air Force (1970s?) [3000x1979]

B-1B during takeoff [1024x682]

B-2 bomber (USAF) from below [4288 × 2848]

B-25'Barbie III' with nose hatch open, showing the four .50 cal Browning feeds, and 75mm M5 gun, 2011 [1280x961]

B-29 Super Fortress 'FiFi' Cockpit photo by Keith Breazeal [1600 x 1164]

B-52 Boneyard in Tucson, Arizona [1065 × 709]

B-52 cut away (schematic) [1500x956]

B-52 over Paris yesterday - on its way to the Lafayette Escadrille [2048x1365]

B-52H 'Ghostrider' being brought back into service from retirement by the US Air Force to replace aircraft lost from fire in 2014 [3000 x 2000]

B-52H Stratofortress and its payload [2994x1998]

B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota [5320 x 2993]

B1 Lancer afterburner [1.200px × 800px]

B2 [4256 × 2832]

B2 and two B52 bombers (3207 x 2972)

BAR Gunner, 1st Marine Division, Wana Ridge, Okinawa 1945 [1000 x 800]

BGM-71 TOW ('Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided') missile cut in half [1348x737]

BM-21M 'Grad-U' multiple rocket launcher in Ukrainian service [1600 x 1067]

BM-30 Smerch MLRS firing [1000x666]

BMP-1 with it's unit of fire [2048x1536]

Baltops 2016 - B-52 escorted by Swedish, German, American and Polish fighter jets [1800x1200]

Barret .50 Cal Muzzle Blast [843px × 473px]

Based on the 7.62mm SIG 716 platform, this rifle was built to answer a Canadian Special Operations Forces requirement for a new battle rifle [1936 x 1936]

Basic training in the Danish Royal Guards [850x566]

Beautiful Atomic Bomb Detenation [1146x1500]

Before and after! Leopard 2SG with Leopard 2A4 [800x533]

Being a 90mm recoilless rifle gunner kinda sucks. [1000 x 750]

Being tested for earning a red beret in Belarus [800x800]

Belarusian cadets march past Brest Fortress monument during a Victory Day rally [4848x3456]

Belgian DSU sniper team that killed Mohamed Belkaïd in Brussels on March 15, 2016.[2.266x1.511]

Belgian NH-90.[2.048x1.287]

Belgian Pathfinder with the Minimi during a Joint Power Demo.[1.024x683]

Belgian Pathfinders during training in Yuma Arizona.[1.989x1.413]

Belgian SFG posing for a picture before a training exercise.[1000x500]

Belgian SFG with SCARs in the United States.[1.920x1.080]

Belgian Special Forces Group during EDA exercise Black Blade 2016.[3.033x2.066]

Belgian Special Forces Group members in Yuma, Arizona.[1.228x1.362]

Belgian Special Forces Group operator with the SCAR-L.[837x1.046]

Belgian Special Forces Group operators.[532x800]

Belgian sniper from the Bvr5Li with the SCAR-H PR.[2.048x1.365]

Belgian soldier with the FN MINIMI 5.56 Light Machine Gun during a demonstration.[1.320x1.364]

Belgian soldiers fast-roping from an Austrian UH-60 Black Hawk during exercise Black Blade 2016 [2100 x 1400]

Belgian soldiers from the 12-13 Li - Light Infantry Battalion during an exercise in the Czech Republic.[1.769x1.181]

Belgian soldiers moments after two suicide bombers blew themselves up at Brussels Airport Zaventem.[1.940x1.090]

Belgian special forces with the SCAR-L.[1.216x1.299]

Belgian troops during German invasion 1914 [2594x1664]

Bethany Gilford, British Army Medic [2048x1665]

Black A-50 'Vladimir Ivanov' prepare for takeoff during air defense troops exercises. [2048×1365]

Black Hawk pilot Michael Durant on the day of his release after 11 days in captivity, October 1993. [1080 x 856]

Black Su-34 performing aerobatics[877x960]

Blue Angels preform in Sacramento, CA [OC] [1536x2048]

Boeing AH-64D Apache, Netherlands - Royal Air Force [1200 × 810]

Boeing B-52 Stratofortress [1.500px × 811px]

Boeing T-X Advanced Trainer revealed today [960 x 768]

Boeing XB-17 (Model 299) nose turret with gun (first flown 1935) [1395x1000]

Boeing’s concept for F-A-XX, world's first Sixth Generation Fighter Jet. Expected to enter production in 2025-30, it would replace F-22 as USAF's air superiority fighter and will be armed with, for the first time, a weaponized LASER! (Source in comments) [7008x4672]

Bomb count (finished the deployment w- 243) on a USAF F-16. Jordan, Jan 2016. [4160 x 2340]

Bombs under Su 34 ready to be used. Syria, Hmeimim Air Base [900 × 600]

Boston SWAT, moving towars the action [950x634]

Bottsand-class oil recovery ship [1024 × 739]

Boy seeks shelter behind a soldier with the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne division after gunshots rang out at the scene where a suicide car bomber blew himself up in central Baghdad on Monday, May 28, 2007. (AP Photo-Khalid Mohammed ) [593 x 768]

Brazilian Astros II multiple rocket launcher firing at night [2784 x 1856]

Brazilian Special Forces simulate an attack in a São Paulo subway station, 2016 [936x602]

Breathtaking photo of a B-1B Lancer in its jetwash on a steep ascent. [2048 x 1365]

Brett 'Shady' Shadle, a SEAL Team Six member who died after a training accident in Arizona. (2826x2120

Brigade on the morning march, Ukraine [1800x907]

Bringing a rifle to a tank battle. British soldier surrendering to a British Chieftain tank [1583X1152]

Britain bids farewell to the Harrier [4256x2832]

British Army Sniper of the Royal Irish Regiment [2848x4288]

British Army Sniper with L115A3 Rifle Deploys on a Mission in Afghanistan (665 x 1000)

British Army Soldier in Afghanistan Engaging the Enemy [3000 × 1988]

British Army dog issued PPE [1024 x 683]

British Army gunner from 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment. Helmand Province, Afghanistan. (956x634)

British Army sniper with the Royal Irish Regiment aboard a helicopter over Afghanistan, 2010. (1994x3002)

British Army soldiers from 4th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland on exercise in Germany [960x742]

British Army unveils the SA80 L85A3 Prototype [2000x2880]

British Army's Cpl Amy-Jane Harrop, a Military Working Dog handler, makes the most of a short break in the shade with her dog, Troy. [960x602]

British F-35B has a drink on the way to the UK [3600 x 2386]

British Light Tank MKIIA with an outboard motor [1920x1080]

British SAS Operatives during operations in Iraq. (736x920)

British SAS in Western Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, 1991 [900x655]

British SAS member and his K9 in Afghanistan [612x612]

British SAS member in Oman[808x551]

British SAS soldiers during operations in Iraq. [850 x 1063]

British SBS during the battle of Qala-i-Jangi. [639x426]

British Special Air Service (SAS) operative and his K9 in Afghanistan. (606x609)

British Troops of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force Helmand, Afghanistan. Picture taken by Lt. Claire Jackson, member of the Combat Camera Team (CCT). (3000x2400)

British and Canadian soldiers participate in a company level march during Exercise SARMIS in Romania on May 30, 2015 [2814 x 1878]

British and South African soldiers hold up Nazi trophy flag while combat engineers on bulldozers clear a path through the debris of the bombed out city of Cassino in 1943. [1600 x 1122]

British army's new 'Ajax' armoured fighting vehicle, designed to be the eyes and ears of the battlefield. [2400 x 1614]

British officers who were stationed in India often carried Indian royal pastimes to back to Europe with them. Here is one such gentleman, seen posing with his trophy after a successful Tiger hunt in Italy [1024x794]

British soldiers fast rope from a Bristol Belvedere, 1961 [1570 x 1227]

British soldiers from the 2 PARA try the Famas assault rifle during joint exercises with French paratroopers in Corsica [960x640]

British, U.S. Army, Canadian, U.S. Air Force, and German, pose for a photo to show their patches during Operation Skyfall [2048 × 928]

Bulgarian Su-25 and USAF A-10 flying together [1280x720]

Bundeswehr Tiger [1052x645]

Bundeswehr snipers on an excercise [1074x716]

Butterfly on an M240 in Kundouz, Afghanistan 2015 [OC][4896 x 3672]

C-130 Elephant Walk during USAF Joint Forcible Entry Exercise at JB Lewis-McChord [1996 × 903]

C-130 Hercules alongside a much larger C-5 Galaxy [2048x1370]

C-5 Galaxy giving birth to an A-10 Thunderbolt [3000x1968]

C5 Galaxy, C-130 Hercules and F-15s [1.600px × 1.064px]

CADS-N-1 CIWS [2048 × 1536]

CH-46 Sea Knight shortly before crashing during operation Hastings,Vietnam 1966 [1024×686]

CIA Global Response Staff contractor in Afghanistan, c. 2010s [720x960]

CIA Global Response Staff contractors on a mountaintop in Afghanistan. [992 x 744]

Camouflages of the world [7000x3939]

Canada's most elite fighter pilot poses in front of his CF-18 [1722 × 1411]

Canada's new Minister of Defence, Lt. Col. Harjit Sajjan, during his 2011 Afghan deployment [650x367]

Canadian Army soldiers construct an igloo during arctic survival phase of search and rescue course [2329 x 3260]

Canadian SOF are seen after an insertion by a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter [3000 x 2131]

Canadian Special Forces SGT Andrew Dorion during operations in the middle east, he was killed in a friendly fire accident while performing his duties in the fight against ISIL with the kurds. He asked his friends to use this picture if anything happened to him. RIP [OS] [620x465]

Canadian commando from the First Special Service Force armed with Bren light machine gun [1000 x 1433]

Canadian military police guard and secure the blast doors to the Underground Complex in North Bay [840 x 656]

Canadian snipers conduct long range inclined shooting training during Ex TIREUR INCLINE, Canada, March 2016 [4745 x 3074]

Captain Aarne Juutilainen, 'The Terror of Morocco', and his operator gloves [1426x1986]

Captain America's shield painted on radar dome of SH-60B Seahawk [1083x1627]

Carlos Hathcock, USMC sniper in Vietnam [2880x1620]

Cautious advance past a burning Soviet T-34 on the Eastern Front - 1944 [1100x860]

Challenger 1 Mk 3 [2048x1536]

Chernobyls victims ,of a different kind alltogether. [843X526]

Chevrolet Milverado [1024 x 682]

Chilean Leopard 2A4CHL firing its gun [3456 x 2304]

Chilean Leopard 2A4CHL main battle tanks [3456 x 2304]

Chilean tankers on their Leopard 2A4CHL main battle tank [3456 x 2304]

Chinese Drone shot down in Nigeria by Boko Haram fighters [600x799]

Chinese Female Special Forces Soldiers Train in Alpine Cold Region. [703x465]

Chinese J 20 stealth fighter [1600 × 1018]

Chinese J 20 stealth jet [3000 × 828]

Chinese J-20 5th Gen Fighter [2500 × 1636]

Chinese PLA OPFOR Training Unit [ 884 × 554 ]

Chinese Z 10 attack helicopter [2849 × 1688]

Chinese and American personnel during a counter-piracy exercise in the Gulf of Aden [ 900 × 596 ]

Chinook Tail Gunner. Kajaki Lake, Afghanistan 2008 [1814x2710]

Civilians greeting US & ROK Army convoy driving through Chilgok County, South Korea during Nakdong River Battle Reenactment [5249 x 2575]

Clearly you guys like K9 dogs. So here's one more. [960x717]

Close call [480px × 800px]

Close up of Stealth Fighter (1500 X 1000)

Close-up of a Longbow. [750 x 1124]

Close-up of the port side armaments on the Mil Mi-28 - a Russian all-weather, day-night, two-seat anti-armor attack helicopter. [4896 × 3264]

Coast Guardsmen in MSRT conduct a training in VA, 2015 [1000x667]

Coast Guardsmen in PSU 308 take aim at hostile contacts during a Bold Alligator exercise training, 2012, [1000x666]

Coast Guardsmen in Port Security Unit 308 take cover during a simulated engagement with IEDs and hostile contacts, Operation Bold Alligator training, NC 2012, [1000x667]

Coast Guardsmen perform a 21 gun salute during the Pearl Harbor Remembrance ceremony on Coast Guard cutter Taney in Baltimore, 2016, [1000x690]

Coastal Jaeger Squad's two PKM-gunners engage targets during an exercise in southern Finland. [2048x1325]

Cockpit of RAF Eurofighter Typhoon [630x947]

Cockpit view from a SR-71 blackbird flying at Mach 3.2 70,000ft over the Atlantic Ocean[1280x839]

Cold War Swiss mountain infantry, Switzerland, early 1960s [1259x869]

Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav inspects the Kings Guard of Norway at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. [2048x1615]

Color by me: Filthy Thirteen member Clarence Ware applies war paint to Charles Plaudo. England, 31 December 1943. [1604x1207]

Color by me: Four german paratroopers salute to a bomber Ju-87, WWII. [945x1209]

Color by me: Medics from the US 5th and 6th Engineer Special Brigade (ESB) help wounded soldiers on Omaha beach. June 6th, 1944, D-Day. [2000x1425]

Colorized by me: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. [1248x1791]

Colorized by me: Col Claus Schenk Graf Von Stauffenbeg, the German officer who tried to kill Adolf Hitler. [1093x1400]

Colorized by me: General George S. Patton [1040x586]

Colorized photo of rebel soldiers preparing to defend against an Imperial blitzkrieg during the Battle of Hoth [1600x1200]

Combat Control Technicians from McCord Air Force base pose for a 'hero shot' May 15, 2012, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev [1024×683]

Combat Vehicles of the U.S. Military infographic [2500x3751]

Command SUV of the Republic of Korea Army used by rear non-combat units [1300 x 940]

Commando Parachute Group of the French 8e RPIMa during COLIBRI 2016 [2048x1363]

Commandos from the Netherlands' Special Operations Land Task Group Scorpion in the Malian desert. [1.920×1.279]

Comparison of Aircraft Carriers [2701 x 962]

Concern Kalashnikov-made BAS-01G BM Soratnik UGV used by Russian SFs in Syria moving out of command vehicle. Date unknown. Screengrab from Vesti news report. [1366x768]

Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina, Historical Aircraft Restoration Society Australia, 2010 Photo by Jeff Gilbert [1,024 × 683]

Corporal Cameron Baird Member of Australian 2nd Commando Regiment. K.I.A. 22-06-13. His gear is now displayed at the Australian War memorial. (439x952)

Cpl. Camden E. Bettey, a musician assigned to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) Band, reads “’Twas the Night before Christmas” to children during the 2nd Annual Band holiday concert at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, December, 2016 - [5760 x 3840]

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and his fellow soldier standing guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He was shot and killed hours later [480x720]

Cpl. Todd Love participates in the 10.5 km Spartan Race.(960x637)

Crew and aircraft of air forces involved in the search for MH370 take a final farewell photo in RAAF Base Pearce, Perth as the search moves from the air to underwater, 1st May, 2014 [964x634]

Crew member with B17 'All American' which flew 70 miles back to base in WWII after a downed enemy fighter crashed through the tail section - [623 x 329]

Crew of Gvozdika self propelled howitzer resting [1280 × 719]

Crew of a British Light Tank Mk.VIB cook their Christmas dinner beside their vehicle in Libya, North Africa [905 x 809]

Croatian Air Force MiG-21bis, Museum of Arms from the Homeland War, Turanj, Croatia [OC] [3624 x 2448]

Croatian Air Force insignia of the 93rd Air Base helicopter squadron [1180x787]

Croatian OH-58D Kiowas [1180 × 787]

Croatian Special Forces In Afghanistan, 2010[805 x 843]

Croatian digital pattern incorporates a map of the country into the pattern [1200 × 900 ]

Croatian missile boat Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir (RTOP-12) fires RBS 15 AShM [1278 × 719]

Croatian sniper during 'Trag' exercise [1200 × 800]

Cruise missile test. This BGM-109 Tomahawk traveled 400 miles from the submarine that launched it off the coast of California. 1000 pound warhead. [1440x598]

Cutaway of the world's first 'Assault Rifle' - The Fedorov Avtomat [1800 x 900]

Cyprus from 55,000' [3840x2880][OC]

DCL-120 heavy machine gun sight developed by DI Optical and adopted by South Korea, US, and various other NATO countries [819 x 1024]

DEVGRU Blue Squadron operator Jason Freiwald (KIA 9-11-08) pictured with another operator in Iraq, c. 2006 [750 x 559]

DEVGRU Gold Squadron Operators in the mountains of Afghanistan. [1080 x 810]

DEVGRU Operators on base in Afghanistan [1280×1260]

DEVGRU operator with NFL quarterback Tom Brady in Gillette Stadium, c. 2011-2012. Happy Veterans Day everyone! [960 x 852]

DF-31 ICBM launch [480 x 621]

DPR (Donetsk People's Republic) militia [1200x800]

Da Nang, Vietnam. A young Marine private waits on the beach during the landing. 3 August 1965 [1992x3000]

Damn. The Blue Angels jet pilots -- wearing 'throwback' gold flight suits -- commence their pre-flight walk. (1024 x 688)

Danish Crown Prince Frederik talking with Australian special forces at Al Asad Airbase, Iraq [5472×3648]

Danish F 16 after landing accident [2126 × 1417]

Danish F-35 Draken in flight [655x739]

Danish pilot refueling his F-16. [2048x1367]

Deck of the USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [5534 × 3680]

Decoy artillery installation by Ukrainian army. Apparently, it was able to fool a Russian reconnaissance drone. [720*960]

Decoys launched from South Korean Incheon-class frigate [3139 x 1881]

Defying terrain limitations. Indian Army ALH Dhruv carrying out rescue & relief work at Pokhara & nearby areas in Nepal. [640X480]

Delta Force 'Scud Hunters', soldiers pictured deep behind Iraqi lines during the 1991 Gulf War [950x726]

Delta Force C Squadron operators in Afghanistan, 2009. [1831 x 912]

Delta Force and Special Operations Aviators (160th SOAR,'Nightstalkers') in Mogadishu, 1993 [1024 x 823]

Delta Force, C Squadron operators in Iraq, c. 2005. [962 x 723]

Delta Force-CAG-1st SFOD-D Operator during a Capture-Kill Op in Afghanistan. Date Unknown. [300 x 450]

Delta Force-CAG-ACE members ride on an AH-64 Apache [640x417]

Delta Operators in Somalia, 1993. Large Album Inside [604 x 402]

Delta operators and a Marine on a rooftop in Fallujah, Iraq, April 2004 [1024x768]

Deploying US troops[2100x1395]

Depth charges deployed by two South Korean Pohang-class corvettes detonating [4632 x 2468]

Detailed graphic showing every British Navy ship lost in World War II [1632 x 1067]

Different Types of Ammunition [2560×1079]

Distant cousins: US M1A2 Abrams with South Korean K1 [1600 x 654]

Dornier Do 335 Pfeil heavy fighter in USAF markings after its capture in Nuremberg - 1945 [1700x1150]

Drummer James Roddick of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders, defending Lieutenant Menzies during hand-to-hand fighting in Kandahar, 1880. [1515x999]

Dutch Airforce Female Helicopter Pilot (1250 x 833)

Dutch F 35 [4641 × 3094]

Dutch F-16D during night exercises (1250 x 833)

Dutch F-16s and F-35s flying over Arizona. [2048x1365]

Dutch F-16s escort Boeing 777 back home after Olympic Games (1250 x 833)

Dutch F16 of the Solo Display Team [736x820]

Dutch F35 ready for take-off for its first flight since arriving in The Netherlands. [2048x1365]

Dutch Fennek takes a mud bath (2048 x 1365)

Dutch LPD Zr.Ms. Rotterdam (1250 x 950)

Dutch Leopard 2A6 on transport to Finland, sold in 2011. (1250 x 833)

Dutch Marines [2048 x 1365]

Dutch Panzerhaubitze 2000 (PzH 2000) in Norway [3000 × 2000]

Dutch Resistance with 101st Airborne Division in Eindhoven, September 1944. (654 x 484)

Dutch Soldier during a live-fire exercise as preparation for a deployment to Afghanistan [1600x1067]

Dutch Soldier with an Afghan kid (1250 x 743)

Dutch Soldiers with a Raven UAV in the Snow (1024 x 682)

Dutch Walrus-class submarine in a dry dock (3456 x 2304)

Dutch army PzH 2000 firing on Taliban in Chora, June 16, 2007. (1024 x 1177)

Dutch sniper [1.200px × 797px]

Dutch soldiers on guard, November 1939 (631 x 868)

E-2C Hawkeye [2100 × 1500]

EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft on board USS Nimitz (CVN-68) [3551 x 2536]

EA-6B Prowler [5298 × 3532]

EA-6B Prowler takes off at dawn from Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, 2008 [2500x1581]

Elite French 'GIGN' officers, specialist in hostage situations, en route to Mali currently[1023x682]

Epic picture of an Apache [962 x 680]

Estonian President inspecting a scout car [2016x1225] [OS]

Estonian Special Ops member during Parade Rehersal [1600 x 1169] [OS]

Estonian recce soldiers pose for a photo during Exercise Sabre Strike 2015. [2048 x 1365]

Estonian soldier holding a NATO flag [1280 x 853]

Estonian soldier with two Rheinmetall MG 3 general-purpose machine guns [3840 x 5760]

Estonian soldiers checking out an American M1A2 Abrams MBT [1000x667]

Estonian soldiers in the snow [3672 x 2938]

Ethiopian soldiers assembling before the Battle of Adwa, 1896. Italy was soundly defeated. Ethiopia was the only African nation never colonized. [490px × 292px]

Even Major Generals can't resist a twin 0.50' cal. [2000x1333]

Ever wondered what became of those external fuel tanks that were jettisoned during the Vietnam War? [800X600]

Ex-US Army soldier, Scott Wolf, is seen carrying his WW2 Steyr made German K98 sniper rifle with Carl Ziess conquest x24 glass, while fighting alongside Peshmerga forces, January 2016 [960 x 646]

Ex-US Coast Guard Hamilton-class high endurance cutter serving as a Gregorio del Pilar-class frigate in the Philippine Navy [3000 x 1969]

F -16 pilots in steep climb over Japan [2731x4855]

F 14 Tomcat showing full load of AIM-54 Phoenix missiles [3000 × 2400]

F 16 [3673 × 2445]

F 16 and flares [2400 × 1600]

F 16, F 15, F 15, Su 30 [1373 × 918]

F 22 Raptor [6016 × 4016]

F-104G with a ZELL-Verfaren rocket booster and a B-43 nuclear bomb, Gatow, Germany. [2,592 × 1,936]

F-111 emergency landing [2700 x 1986]

F-111B touching down on USS Coral Sea, July 1968 [673x1600]

F-117A Nighthawks line the ramp at Tonopah Test Range before deploying for Op Desert Shield. [1830x2850]

F-14 flying without a canopy [OS][903x635]

F-14A Tomcat prototype in flight in 1973 [1740 × 1046]

F-15 (488×659)

F-15 Eagle missile armament at White Sands 1980 [2453 × 1657]

F-15 Eagles out of Elmendorf Airforce Base in Alaska intercepting MiG-29s over the Bering Sea - 1989 [2810x1870]

F-15 at Night (498x280)

F-15A launching an ASM-135 ASAT anti-satellite missile during testing, 1985 [2400x2977]


F-16 Takeoff at Miramar Blue Angels Show [OC] [5472x3648]

F-18s are nice and all, but nothing beats a pair of Tomcats. Aboard USS Kitty Hawk, 2002 [2000x1312]

F-22 Raptor [1680x1050]

F-22 Raptor and P-51s [1600 × 1065]

F-22 Raptor in Alaska getting refueled. [2300x1528]

F-22 Raptor stealth fighter sports low-visibility bomb markings [1024 × 683]

F-22 climbing away in full afterburner.[768x1036]

F-22 maneuvering at high speed creates low pressure water condensation. (x-post r-atoptics) [980 x 1414]

F-22 sits on the tarmac at Andrews AFB, Washington State. Photo by Marc Carlisle [OS][1300x857]

F-22 takes off during the night of September 23rd on the way to strike targets in Syria. Formation lights are visible in this rare night-time image of the Raptor. [1024x981]

F-22A Raptor [2349 × 1306]

F-22A Raptor parked inside a hangar at the Combat Alert Cell on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska [7360 x 3856]

F-35 Lightning II [5616 × 3744]

F-35 Pilot's helmet [600 × 450]

F-35 afterburners at twilight [3000 x 2000]

F-35 over the Netherlands [1250x833]

F-35 pilot helmet [2000 × 3000]

F-35A test pilot Scott McLaren launches and AIM-9X air-to-air missile during weapons surge testing [1957 x 2934]

F-35B Lightning II short takeoff-vertical landing aircraft on the flight deck of amphibious assault ship USS America (LHD-6) [5472 x 3079]

F-35B takes off from LHA-6 'America' (3000x2357)

F-35C onboard the USS Nimitz during sea trials [3240x2160]

F-35s arrive in the UK for the first time escorted by Typhoons [2048x1134]

F-4 Phantom II [1920x1080]

F-A 18 landing on the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91) [2835 × 1585]

F-A-18 Boeing Advanced Super Hornet Prototype (Frontal 50%RCS Reduction-Next Generation Jammer-CFT-Weapons Pod Integration) [2613x1583]

F-A-18 off the wing of our C-130 today. [OC][4812X3059]

F-A-18E-F Super Hornets on the flight deck of USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) [5709 x 3806]

F-A-18F Super Hornet aboard Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) [4097 x 2726]

F-A-18F SuperHornet from VFA-122 sports a 'Digi-Cam' paint scheme at Airventure 2011 by Tyson V. Rininger [2982x2073]

F15-C against Alaskan sunset

F22 RAPTOR Cape Canaveral shuttle launch (1600 x 1200)

F22 Raptor flying over the ocean at the U.S coast [4928×3280]

F22 and F15 (2048 x 1536)

F2H 'Banshee' over the battleship BB-62 'New Jesey' and aircraft carrier CVA-39 'Lake Champlain' [2020x1551]

F4 Phantom [1.920px × 1.200px]

FSB operators on a shooting range [1280x853]

Fairey Swordfish [1300 × 642]

Fallschirmjäger firing his Maschinengewehr 42 from the shoulder [1000x673]

Fallujah. [1244x824]

Federal Security Service operators during a training exercise. [1535×1020]

Federal battery with 13-inch seacoast mortars, Model 1861, during the Siege of Yorktown, Virginia (1862). [3024x2530]

Feeding The Beast [920x771]

Female Bundeswehr OpInfo soldier leads a military exercise in Germany[800x533]

Female Commando Battalion, part of the Syrian Arab Army, was established in the summer of 2014 and consists of around 800 female volunteer fighters. [1000 x 665]

Female IRA fighter with an FN FAL during The Troubles, Northern Ireland [1138x1187]

Female Norwegian tank operator in a CV9030 during an exercise [3328x4992]

Female Soldier from the Italian Army [1920x1280]

Female norwegian ISAF soldier carrying an MG3 LMG. [4896x3264]

Female operative of the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command's 707th Special Mission Battalion trains while disguised as a flight attendant [750 x 500]

Fighter plane comparisons guide [1000 × 10000]

Fighters of the Free Syrian Army fire an anti-aircraft weapon in Aleppo's rebel-held area of Mashhad on Monday, as they battle Syrian government forces. [1500 x 969]

Fighters of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) carry their weapons at a military training camp in Ras al-Ain, Syria, February 13, 2015. [1400 x 936]

Finnish Army Military Police Sergeant [750x936]

Finnish Army Patria AMV & RG32M [2048x1365]

Finnish Army Patria XA-360 [3888x2592]

Finnish Army Special Jaegers catch a helicopter ride [1024x682]

Finnish Army evaluates Korean K9 self-propelled howitzer for purchase [2048x1080]

Finnish Army motorcycle scout [3456x2304]

Finnish Border Guard Special Operation Unit. [1023x682]

Finnish Border Guard's 5th Special Intervention Unit (Album in comments) [2048x1366]

Finnish CV9030FIN IFV with improvised camouflage [2048x1365]

Finnish Coastal Jaeger, aiming at the 'enemy' during a simulator assisted force-on-force exercise in the rocky islands of the coast of southern Finland. [2048x1365]

Finnish F-A-18D Hornet after performing a cable arrested landing on a road base [2048x1152]

Finnish Jaeger in firing position, ex. LÄNSI2, December 2016. [1806x1050]

Finnish Leopard 2A4 firing it's cannon [2048x1365]

Finnish M05 Cold Weather Pattern camo effectiveness [1326x885]

Finnish M05 Cold weather pattern [1280x854]

Finnish M05 Desert Camo [600x800]

Finnish M05 snow pattern camo [1280x1920]

Finnish Special Jägers coming out from a NH90 [1278x426]

Finnish Special Jägers, 2014 [1350x900]

Finnish Stug III And World War 2 reenactors performing in the independence day parade [2000x1333]

Finnish and Swedish soldiers training at the Swedish Army's Combat Training Centre for Military Operations on Urban Terrain. [1512x851]

Finnish coastal guard boarding team [1000x666]

Finnish engineers getting ready to capture a Soviet bunker in July 1941 [1024x576]

Finnish jaegers on patrol in Northern-Afghanistan [1920x1207]

Finnish military police practice cordon-and-search operations in the Helsinki Metro [2048x1365]

Finnish officer cadet hauling some APILAS's (album in comments) [1037x1556]

Finnish soldiers from Pori Brigade practising urban tactics [1024x683]

Finnish soldiers in Iraq. Finland sent 50 soldiers to Iraq to train Kurdish Forces against ISIS. [2048x1365]

Finnish soldiers with jackets made to mask their infrared signature in order to hide from thermal imaging. [963x959]

First Japanese F-35A arrives at Luke [4216 × 3011]

First MiG-35 prototype carrying out its first taxi tests. [1400x946][OS]

First Ten HMMWVs Being Unloaded from C-5 'Galaxy' in Ukraine [960x640]

First photo of Mi-28NM (OP-1). [1500x1013]

First prototype of T-50 advanced trainer aircraft that that was revealed yesterday. This variant of the T-50 will compete in the United States Air Force's T-X program [1080 x 705]

First serial Su-35S flying with full dummy armament including air-to-ground Kh-59M.[1200x800]

Fitting bombs on a Su 34 at Hmeimim Air Base, Syria [900 × 600]

Fixing missiles to a Russian jet at Latakia [900 × 600]

Flanker, Typhoon and Tornado [3000 × 2100]

Flashlight and .45 pistol in hand, a squad leader from the U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division searches for the enemy in an underground tunnel in Củ Chi, northwest of Saigon. Photo Specialist 5 Robert C. Lafoon, U.S. Army, 1967. Audio in Comments [803 x 1000][OS]

Flight deck of USS Nimitz (CVN-68) [3059 x 2172]

Flight log USMC Aviator WW2 & Korea. [3968 × 2976] Aircraft Identification in comments

Flight ops on the deck of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning [1599 x 1066]

Flugabwehrraketenpanzer Roland [1024 × 843]

Forming the line: Chinese honor guards prepare for the arrival of Myanmar's president outside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. [2048x1396]

Four F-15 Eagle pilots from the 3rd Wing walk to their respective jets at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, for the fini (final) flight of Maj. Andrea Misener (far left) in 2006 [3008 x 1960]

Four F-35B's aboard the USS America during testing; November 17, 2016 [2357x3000]

Four German soldiers wearing fur coats and gas masks in a trench, c. 1917. [1280 x 1891]

Four buddy hanging around [1200×797]

Four generations of Australian maritime patrol aircraft fly together to induct the P-8 into RAAF service [3600x2401]

Fourth Armored Division of the Egyptian Army [1280x714]

Foxtrot Platoon, SEAL Team One; Sea Float, Vietnam, 1970. (1024x801)

Fragments from a high explosive shell frozen in time [2048x1536]

Francis Brownell, Fire Zouave, took first action in US Civil War that eventually was rewarded with Medal of Honor. [511x752]

French 'Marsouins' (Marine Infantry) in Afghanistan, date unknown [610x448]

French A400M Atlas during landing tests in Niger [2000x1331]

French Army pathfinders in northern Mali [2048x1363]

French CAESAR firing in the middle of the desert [2318x1530]

French CPA 10 operators [1500x884]

French Eurocopter Tiger during exercise, 2014 [640x798]

French Foreign Legion combat engineers [2.048px × 1.407px]

French Foreign Legion pionneers and their mandatory beards [2592x1820]

French Foreign Legionnaires in Afghanistan. (1280x960)

French GIGN operator training with external deployment gear, c. 2010s. (Photo by Lionel De Souza) [4256 x 2832]

French Navy Commando Hubert diver submerged with skrim camouflage and an EOTECH outfitted SIG 550 series rifle [3,000x2,004]

French Navy Commando Trepel during exercise 'OUERKA' in Djibouti, 2015 [1080x1080]

French Police Special Forces hunting down the suspects of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in the north-east of Paris [3435x2316]

French Rafale going on a night mission [1980 × 1280]

French Rafale intercepting Russian Tu 160 [2000 × 1500]

French SAS (1er RPIMa), Opération Barkhane, 2016. [600x1106]

French SF during yesterdays terrorist attack in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. [976x651]

French SOF during mountain training [2048x1365]

French Special Forces pilot [445x667]

French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle (R-91) in the Mediterranean Sea [4928 x 3280]

French commando gazing out at the saharan landscape [1024x768]

French drone at Niamey air base for Operation Barkhane [2000 × 1333]

French frigate La Motte-Picquet firing Exocet AShM [1924 × 805]

French marksman of the 2e RPIMa [1080x1080]

French sniper of the 13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment and his spotter [1566x1044]

French soldier facing a sandstorm during Operation Barkhane [1362x2048]

French soldier of the 1er RCA breaks world's long-distance shooting record: 4150m - 4560 yards, October 29th 2016 [569x800]

French soldier with a HK417 during Opération Barkhane in Mali [1776x1260]

French soldier with a HK417 from 13 Mountain Infantry Battalion. (1024x682)

French soldier with a military working dog [1890x1258]

French soldier, Opération Barkhane [2000x1331]

French soldiers from groupement commando montagne (GCM) during exercise STEPHANE, 2012 (1024x682)

French soldiers onboard a EC 725 Caracal [1024x681]

French soldiers under the Eiffel Tower after terrorist attack in Paris, 1-7-2015 [988x679]

French soldiers, including 3e REI legionnaires, during operations in French Guiana, August 2016 [1000x556]

French special forces [1054x655](Xpost -r-military)

French special forces drive through the city of Gao, Northern Mali, Wednesday Jan. 30, 2013. (1024x683)

French special forces during Bamako hotel attack in Mali, Nov. 20, 2015 [1600x1067]

French troops setting up an observation point in the Malian desert by army photograph Adjudant Blanchet [2048x1362]

French-Belgian Police and Special Operators in the streets of Brussels after a house search escalated in a firefight. (STILL ACTIVE) (592x389)

Friend of mine, Armenian soldier during his service on outpost on 3000m (9800 feet) height, the temperature is -35°С(-31°F) [720x960]

From the children of Pakistan, a 500 Pound gift to Talibitches. (720x170)

From the company that birthed the Humvee, here is AM General's JLTV finalist, the Blast Resistant Vehicle - Off Road. As one of three finalists, the contract winner will completely replace the Humvee. [860x1516]

Front profile of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft. [5100x3334]

Frontal view of Tu-22M3 bomber with two Kh-22's under wings and bombracks.[1400x930]

Frontal view of the mighty F-22A Raptor [3489x2343]

Frozen M2 Browning loaded with blanks [1278x720] [OC]

Full deck of Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov [1280 × 960]

Fully loaded Turkish F-16[2048*1366]

Future British carrier strike group (CGI) [1440 × 960]

Future Dreadnought-class submarine of the Royal Navy. They are eplacement for the Vanguard class of ballistic missile submarines. [1300 × 867]

Futuristic Fleet- USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) steams alongside USS Independence (LCS 2) enroute to San Diego. [4928x3280]

GBU-31-V3 on a USAF F-16. Jordan, Jan 2016. [4160 x 2340]

GDLS UK new ARES AFV Variant (AJAX Vehicles Family) to support specialist troops across the battlefield [800z400]

GIGN conducting a close protection mission.[2.048x1.365]

GIGN operators during training, 2016 [1920x1080]

GIGN operators prior to storming the printing factory housing the Charlie Hebdo-shooters. [502x743]

GIGN secures the convoy transporting Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam in Paris, France, 20 May 2016 [4096x2306]

GROM - Polish Special Forces preparing for NATO Summit in Poland [960x640]

GRU operator Captain Pavel Bekoev with M1 Garand in Afghanistan, 1986. [1498x1027]

GSh-30-2 fire [400x225, gif]

GUV-8700 - Because 17,000 rounds per minute. [1,200px × 504px]

George W. Bush meeting with Navy SEALs of Naval Special Warfare Group 1. [1000 x 667]

Georgi Zhukov, Konstantin Rokossovsky, and some other Soviet officers greeting Bernard Montgomery and other British officers at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany. July 12, 1945. [999 x 999]

German 212A class U-boot [1024 × 768]

German Army soldier armed with G28 Designated Marksman Rifle during Exercise Trident Juncture [4037 x 2691]

German Army soldiers conducting field exercise [4836 x 3224]

German Bundeswehr Leopard 2A6 MBT [2048 × 1365]

German Chemical Battalion soldier in Latvia wearing a hazmat suit [3456 x 5184]

German Fallschirmjaeger with modified G3 [1640x2400]

German Fregate 'Ludwigshafen am Rhein' on a NATO excercise in Norway [960x641]

German Gebirgsjäger on excercise in Austria [2048x1356]

German Gebirgsjäger waiting for their company commander [1052x701]

German Gebirgsjäger with their MG3 during an excercise at the Austro-German border[1200x1600]

German Grenadiere with a MG3, on front of Dutch CV90's during an EU Battlegroup exercise [1600x1067]

German KSK underwater assaulters sporting some rather nifty propellors [640x640]

German Kampfschwimmer (Combat diver) [800x514]

German Kampfschwimmer [1.648px × 569px]

German Leopard 2A6 taking a bath [2.048×1.365]

German Luftwaffe EuroHawk drone [1200 × 675]

German Navy (Deutsche Marine) tall ship Gorch Fock between two icebergs [2047 × 1535]

German Navy Type 212 diesel-electric submarine U-34 (S184) [5012 x 3341]

German Panzerfaust 3 [1300 × 731]

German Panzerhaubitze 2000 ('armoured howitzer 2000'), abbreviated PzH 2000 [1300 × 786]

German Puma (infantry fighting vehicle) during a hot climate test in Abu Dhabi [1631x1090]

German Schützenpanzer Puma [4606x3071]

German Tornado at the 45th anniversary of the bomber wing 31 'Boelcke' [1024x768]

German WW2 pilot's bullet-ridden plane wing showing all 121 enemy kills [OS] [1018x1227]

German frigate KÖLN off Somaila [4000 × 2600]

German instructor with Peshmerga officer in Iraq [951x536]

German mechanized infantry on the back of a Marder 1A5 infantry fighting vehicle [4800 x 3200]

German medic and his dog [WW1] [600x980]

German motorcycle courier in Russia, winter, 1942 [600x853]

German patrol in Afghanistan [1024 × 768]

German sniper team [1024 × 768]

German soldier instructing Peshmerga soldier in Irak[951x536]

German soldier lights a cigarette with a flamethrower. [650x965]

German soldiers pulling a car through the mud, eastern front November 1941 [800×532]

German soldiers reacting to footage of concentration camps, 1945 [1.210x1.022]

German tanks shooting simultaneously on a target at night [969x765]

German troops crossing the Soviet Frontier, June 1941, as part of the largest invasion force ever assembled (over 3 million Axis troops). Operation Barbarossa began 75 years ago today. [1024 x 768]

German, British, Canadian and American medics meet to compare their country's medical kit setups during Exercise ALLIED SPIRIT IV, Jan 2016 [2048 x 1363]

Germans testing a Messerschmitt Bf 109 E3, 1940 [1600×1209]

Gives you a sense of how big these things are! F22 [3840×2560]

Going inverted in a Mig-35. [1000x541]

Got fuel? 12 USAF KC-135R Stratotankers taxi onto the runway during Exercise Forceful Tiger 2015 on Kadena Air Base, Japan [4167 x 2773]

Green Berets from 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), and Marines from Marine Special Operations Command, crawl across the Red Sea floor on a closed-circuit dive [960 x 592]

Green Berets wearing oxygen apparatus and with night vision goggles mounted on their helmets, prepare to conduct a high-altitude freefall parachute jump [2,313x1,833]

Grinning behind the wheel of a war-weary ZSU-23-4 in Syria [3685x2416]

Gripen E [2000 × 1333]

Groom Lake... back in the day [850x479]

Group of K1A1 main battle tanks in South Korea [3210 x 2014]

Gun Bay from P-51 Mustang [5248x2852]

Gurkhas march in London to remember fallen comrades [2.400px × 1.557px]

HAHO Selfie [1600x1200]

HMCS Ville De Quebec [OC] [1344x1742]

HMS Kent shadows the Russian submarine in North Sea [5184 × 3456]

HMS Prince of Wales [1200 × 800]

HMS Queen Elizabeths fat behind[1024X693]

HMS Vengeance [1600 × 1202]

HMS Visby in the harbor of Visby [2048 x 1536]

HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen launching NSM (Naval Strike Missile) [2560 × 1421]

Hangin' out in the back of a Pave-Low [2100x1395]

Happy 10 years of service to the F-22. [3000x2400]

Hawker Hurricane IIC PZ865 'The last of the many' starting up at Biggin Hill [1500x998]

Hawker Typhoon firing rockets at a railway, Nordhorn, Germany March 1945 [800×507]

He never knew what hit him - The Cuirass of 23-year old Carabinier Antoine Francois Faveau, who wore it on that fatal Sunday, 18 June 1815, near Waterloo in present-day Belgium. [1336x1982]

Head On with the Osprey , looking nothing short of a Sci-Fi machine [1200X812]

Heavily-armed Ulsan-class frigate and Pohang-class corvettes in Sout Korea [4401 x 2448]

Helicopter gunner, with the 334th Armed Helicopter Co., based at Bien Hoa Air Base, walking strings of 40mm grenades to his bird (July 29, 1967). [479 × 810]

Hellfire missiles [2048 × 1536]

Hellfire missiles on a Croatian OH 58 Kiowa [900 × 601]

Hellfire missiles on a Croatian OH-58D Kiowa [1180 × 787]

Here's another marine for you guys, this time with a m39 EMR. Next up a helicopter pilot or a heavy machine gunner?[1600x1157]

Hezbollah rockets on parade [640x360] [os]

Highway Of Death - Kuwait, 1991 [1600x1600]

Hinds in flares [900x600]

Hogs and Vipers on an Elephant Walk [5875 x 2557]

Hot refueling a AH-1 Cobra during night flight operations aboard USS Makin Island, Indian Ocean, Dec. 30, 2011 [2021x1347]

Hovering U.S. Army helicopters pour machine gun fire into a tree line to cover the advance of South Vietnamese ground troops in an attack on a Viet Cong camp 18 miles north of Tay Ninh, northwest of Saigon near the Cambodian border, in Vietnam in March of 1965. [1200x787]

How Air Force photo ops are conducted [3500 x 2403]

How much does an airstrike cost? [1657 x 1900]

How the then-new top-secret SR-71 was transported between Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks in Burbank and Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, c.1964 [1,021x669]

Humping mortar rounds on Hill 742, 5 miles northwest of Dak To during Operation MacArthur, Vietnam, 1967. [2828x2225]

Hungarian KMZ operators in Afghanistan.[960x644]

I see your old school 'cool' and raise you the Swedish Saab 35 Draken. [3543x2353]

I'm glad you guys like my sketches. Here's another operator for you. Next up is a US Marine! [1600x1157]

ICBM leaving the launcher tube of the 'Topol-M' mobile ground-based missile complex, 2012 [OS] [933x1413]

IDF Oketz unit in training [775x775]

IDF soldiers during a chemical warfare exercise, near the Syrian border [1105 × 640]

INS Vikramaditya [1600 × 1066]

INS Vikramaditya [3500 × 2219]

ISIS Shopping Cart [1023x575]

ISIS's nightmare [920x690]

Imposing shot of the F-22 Raptor [3489x2343]

Impressive weapons load on RAF Tornados [1.038px × 592px]

In Soviet Russia, inflight refuelling has a different meaning! [1920X1280]

In a sudden monsoon rain, soldiers move down river during a dawn attack against the Vietcong. Jan. 10, 1966. [1999 x 1306]

In case of complete hydraulic and electrical failure, the A-10 is the only frontline jet aircraft that can still be flown with pure 'manual reversion'. No computers needed. [950x1425]

In celebration of the 40 year anniversary of the Danish Frogmen Corps, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is handed the coat of arms of the Royal Danish Navy. The Frogman handing her the coat of arms is Frogman 'Pingu', Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark [900 × 841]

In good faith, South Korea returned remains of Chinese soldiers that died during the Korean War [2048x1362]

In honor of Boeing turning 100 today. FA-18 Super Hornets of Strike Fighter Squadron 31 flying patrol over Afghanistan[3,979 × 2,653]

In order to obtain the vast amounts of titanium needed for the construction of the SR-71, the CIA created fake companies throughout the world to purchase the metal from the biggest supplier, The U.S.S.R.[1280X800]

In the 1950s the Russians really went big. The 420mm Oka self propelled howitzer.[1200x759]

In the same vein as -u-adriaan13's awesome sketches, I make GI Joe scale Modern Military action figures. Album in comments [960 x 720]

Indian Airforce LCA Tejas and Su-30 MKI [2048x1537]

Indian Army soldiers walk towards a gunbattle in Kuchwa Maqam village in Baramullah district north of Srinagar on February 17,2010.[605x690]

Indian and Chinese Soldiers train in unarmed combat during Joint Exercise Hand-in-Hand 2015 [670x592]

Indian and French soldiers with each other's sniper rifles - Ex. Shakti 2016 in Rajasthan [599x900]

Indian army's 10 para special forces operative on Mt.Everest[893 × 1024]

Indian soldier and his best friend [1599x1200]

Indian soldiers at Siachen, the highest army outpost on earth[2048x1152]

Indian troops drive a captured, Italian SPA TL.37 artillery tractor with its giant wheels [800 × 589] 8 December 1941

Indigineous croatian bullpup anti-materiel 20x110mm rifle RT-20[465x323]

Indonesian Marine Corps mobile field kitchen unit, each unit can feed up to 500 people [960x639]

Inside SAM Tor-M2U (SA-18) [800x600]

Inside a Spanish Cougar [1022x680]

Inside the hangar bay of USS Ronald Reagan[2048x1367]

Interesting infographic of a US Navy Wasp class amphibious assault ship. Xpost from -r-WarshipPorn [1032x668]

Interior of Ecuadorian Navy Type 209 diesel-electric submarine [2000 x 1333]

Iraqi Army Mi-28N attack helicopter flying low [1100 x 457]

Iraqi Army member with his M16A4 [600x800]

Iraqi Shia volunteer fighting against Isis [611x960]

Iraqi T-55 knocked out during the Gulf War with the world burning in the background [980x621]

Irish Special Forces selection recruits really enjoying a march in the sunshine. [800x533]

Irish soldiers training with the M203 grenade launcher[2400x1800]

Israeli F-16A with 6.5 aircraft kills and one nuclear reactor kill [673x540]

Israeli F-35I (Adir) joins the 140th Golden Eagles Squadron at IAF Nevatim Airbase at the Negev Desert on Dec 12 [1000x700]

Israeli F-35I landing at Lajas Air Force Base in the Azores [1024x500]

Israeli Female Tank Instructors [1600x1067]

Israeli Givate Brigade and US Army in joint exercise [2048 × 1368]

Israeli Lotar unit training for hostage situation [2048 x 1367]

Israeli Merkava MBT firing [2789 × 1898]

Israeli soldiers of the Search and Rescue brigade [2592x1728]

It took me a little while but here's a Russian Spetsnaz Operator for you guys [3556x2000]

It weighs 3.5 pounds, has a barrel length of 7.75 inches, fires 12-gauge shells and can be mounted on the M4 carbine or act as a stand-alone firearm; it is the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System [1.325px × 841px]

It's been a while, but here's something Russian as promised. A Spetsnaz![1157x1600]

Italian Army C1 Ariete MBT [1244 x 717]

Italian Centauro II wheeled tank destroyer [6048 x 4032]

J-20 unveiled at the Zhuhai Airshow [1333 x 2000]

Jaeger patrol breaks contact during an exercise in Kainuu, Finland. [2048x1092]

January 29, 2015 - For the past four months, an F-35 Lightning II has endured extreme weather temperatures to certify the fleet to deploy to any corner of the world. [1024x746]

Japanese Coastal guard anti-terrorism team in hazmats suits during exercise. [1024x509]

Japanese SH-60K anti-submarine warfare helicopters. JMSDF operates the 2nd highest number of ASW aircraft in the world. [4945 x 3297]

Japanese soldier aiming his Howa Type 89 assault rifle [3072 x 2048]

Japanese soldiers arriving in South Sudan to participate in UNMISS peacekeeping operations [2362 x 1575]

Japanese soldiers conducting urban warfare exercise [3072 x 2048]

Jeep mounted M27 105mm recoilless rifle leveled at a captured Panther Ausf. G tank during testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds - December 1950 [517x800]

John Glenn and his battle-damaged F9F, Korea, 1953 [1800x1180]

Joint Dutch - UK Amphibious Landing exercise (1020 x 680)

Just another boomer... [4288x2848]

K2 Black Panther in the field [2560 x 3840]

K2 MBTs and k21 IFVs of ROK Army 11th Mechanized Infantry Division armored reconnaissance battalion during winter training.

K21 infantry fighting vehicles in South Korea [4695 x 2016]

K30 Biho self-propelled anti-aircraft gun from the crosses a river in Gangwon Province, South Korea [4835 x 2837]

K31 Pegasus short range air defense system fires its missile in South Korea [3934 x 2118]

KC-10 Extender refuels CV-22 Osprey [3837 × 2558]

KC-130 re-fueling a HH-60 Pave Hawk over Alaska as part of the 2014 Red Flag exercises [3888×2592]

KDC10 and E3CF over Poland, source with more photos in comment. [1200x800]

KF-5E-F Tigers in South Korea [4046 x 2693]

Ka 52 Alligator Attack Helicopter [4096 × 2304]

Ka 52 firing rockets [1980 × 1314]

Ka-52 'Alligator' [2616 × 1744 ]

Ka-52 Hokum in someone's backyard. [1 280px × 961px]

Ka-52 attack helicopters at Chernigovka air base, Primorsky Krai [900 × 600]

Kamikaze hit on HMS Sussex [1024x737] xpost from -r-pics

Kamov Ka-50 'Black Shark' and its weapons [1024 × 768]

Kamov Ka-52 [OS] [1400*947]

Kandahar, 2010[642x960]

Kevin Houston of Devgru (Seal Team Six). Kevin was killed in the Extortion 17 crash on August 6, 2011. (400 x 533)

Kid watching Gepard`s at Romania`s national day military parade [1365x1024]

Killer in the making; SU-30SM in the assembly line [1000x1469]

Kim Campbell, 'one of the few pilots who ever landed the A-10 in the manual mode' - 2003. [650x492]

Kiribati warrior with porcupine fish helmet, shark tooth sword and armour made from coconut fibre. Early 1900s [684x1152]

Kirov-class battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy in dry dock [3648 × 2736]

Kirov-class battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy passing through the English channel.[2048 x 616]

Korean Marines practice anti-air tactic with their rifles, which would be employed against low flying North Korean AN-2 infiltration aircraft [4928 x 3280]

Kurdish fighter showing off his G-36 rifle donated by Germany [740x740]

Kurds posing for an AK-47 selfie [540x960]

L.E James Joyce - offshore patrol vessel moored in Dún Laoghaire near Dublin. [5248x3936] [OC]

LRRP, SFC Charles Holland poses. KIA 8-19-1967 [600x837]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. That sound that you hear? The most powerful turboprop in the world. Tu-142 of the Indian Navy [1280x819]

Ladies' machine gun patrol, New York badlands, 1918 [3169x2309]

Land-based Phalanx® weapon system helps identify and confirm incoming dangers [3456 × 2304]

Landscape in northern mali looks just like Klandathu in Starship troopers [1024x594]

Larger than my first three apartments... B-52 Bomb Bay [4927x2944]

Last remaining gunboat from the Gallipoli campaign has been restored & unveiled [962 x 686]

Leaders of different aerobatic teams at Salon de Provence Airshow: held to celebrate 60th anniversary of the Patrouille de France [6799 × 4532]

Legionnaires of the 2e REP during Operation Épervier, Tchad, 1984 [1055x799]

Leopard 2 tank in Dutch service [1024 × 680]

Leopard 2A6 stalking its prey at the edge of a swamp in Germany, 2014 [6000x4000]

Less than 100 years apart [1600 × 1110]

Let's brrrrrrt [2.613px × 1.960px]

Libya's War Wagons, brought to you by Bloomberg [960 x 635]

Libyan rebels lose their luggage as their truck mounted Type 63 rocket launcher fires [1247x796]

Lighting strikes behind A-10 Thunderbolt IIs on the Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. [2100 × 1395]

Lithuanian civilian checking out NATO equipment [2048 x 1365]

Little girl inspects a British Army soldier during The Troubles in Northern Ireland [740x578]

Littoral combat ship USS Coronado (LCS 4) successfully executed the first live-fire over-the-horizon missile test using a Harpoon Block IC missile, July 19, during the Navy's Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise. [2332 × 1600]

Loading an Russian BMD onto a Egyptian Oshkosh M1070 HET during the Russian-Egyptian joint anti-terrorist exercises 'Defenders of friendship-2016' [1000x667]

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk [1.600px × 1.200px]

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird [1200 × 1090]

Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine USS Annapolis in the Arctic, 2009 [3000x1993]

Low altitude air defense outpost somewhere near the DMZ in South Korea [2048 x 1264]

Low mileage A-10s, Connecticut ANG, 1979 [2323x1555]

Lt. Niloofar Rhmani, 21 year old pilot from the Afghan Air Force [1280 x 1792]

Lun class ekranoplov launching P-270 Moskit AShM [620 × 444]

M113 C&V practically made out of netting after receiving the long term attention of A-10s in training [1024x683]

M1A1 Abrams tank kicking up dust during training at Twentynine Palms, Calif. 2016 [OC] [4255x2567]

M60A3 Patton moves along a street in West Germany - 1985 [3000×1982]

M777 effective range 24km[799x583]

M777 howitzer [2341×1695]

MACV-SOG fighter late in the Vietnam war [670x919]

MARSOC Operator in Afghanistan [1,280x960]

MARSOC dog handler in Afghanistan, c. 2012-2013. [427 x 506]

MARSOC snipers during the Advanced Sniper Training Course near Jacksboro, Texas, October 30, 2013. [1200x800]

MG3 and MG5 [1.024px × 459px]

MG3 on Sachsen class frigate (bridge) [1600 × 1066]

MH-60R Sea Hawk fires an AGM-114M Hellfire missile [4501 × 3001]

MIG-15 jet engine + T-54 tank = Russian Mine Clearer(aka Giant BJ) [640x362]

MIM-23 HAWK (Homing All the Way Killer) surface-to-air missile battery in South Korea [4928 x 3227]

MOWAG Piranha I armored personnel carrier belonging to Boko Haram destroyed by the Nigerian Army [1280 x 960]

MV-22B Osprey takes off from the USS Mesa Verde, 2010 [3872x2592]

MV-22B landing on USS Kearsarge (LHD-3). Red Sea, 2013 [5616 x 3744]

Maj. William 'Pete' Knight standing in front of the modified X-15A-2 which he flew to its maximum speed of Mach 6.7 or 4,520 mph (7,274 km-h), a speed which remains the fastest anyone has ever flown an aircraft [2,432 × 3,025] Oct. 3, 1967

Malaysian Army soldiers assaulting through smoke [3000 x 2008]

Mambi - Cuban indigineous anti-materiel rifle 14.5x114mm 5 round semi-automatic[606x655][OS]

Man holding a 30mm round for the GAU-8 Avenger. The A-10 can only fire in high rate, which is 3900 rounds per minute. That's 65 rounds p-s. [821x1460]

Marine Corps Raider K9 [1018x1024]

Marine Raiders hanging out in Afghanistan. [1080 x 810]

Marine Raiders with 1st Marine Raider Battalion conduct a simulated night-raid on a warehouse in Los Angeles, California, Sept. 3, 2015. [3100 × 2070]

Marine during WW2 , Guadalcanal, 1942, Happy Birthday USMC [1004 x 954]

Marine narrowly avoiding a shot [3456x2592]

Marine takes a break on his M50 Ontos during the Battle of Hue, Tet Offensive, Vietnam, 1968 [1939x1304]

Marines advance under fire into Baghdad during the early days of OIF. [1200 x 772]

Marines of Company I, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 2 armed with a combat shotgun, assault rifle, and squad automatic weapon. Nov 2005. Photo Jerad Alexander [1644 x 1074][OS]

Marines prepare GBU-12s to be received by an F-35B, as it vertically lands behind them on the USS America [3965x2832]

Marines with Combat Assault Battalion, 3rd Marine Division embark amphibious assault vehicles onboard the USS Green Bay during Blue Chromite 2017 in Okinawa, Japan, October 29, 2016 [4856 x 2732]

Martin-187 'Baltimore' of the Royal Air Force No. 223 Squadron bombing the El Daba airfield in support of Allied troops. 2nd Battle of El Alamein - 25th of October 1942. [765 × 800]

Master warrant officer 'Fly' of the Belgian SFG in Afghanistan.[1.788x1.145]

Mauser BK-27 [OC] [2448x3264]

Me and a Vietnam Vet flew in the same aircraft 50 years apart. [505x284]

Me solving the problem with smoke from the fire place! Sweden, Boden Norrbottens Regemente I19 [960x720]

Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry with a couple of CSMs in Afghanistan on a walk along with a Ranger platoon. [1080 x 865]

Meet the 'Ironman' - Large Capacity Ammunition Carriage System [1396x2976]

Member of the Canadian Rangers training with a Lee Enfield rifle. The WWII era guns are still used by the Arctic army unit because of their cold-weather reliability, and capability of bringing down a polar bear. They're finally being replaced though, as spare parts are becoming scarce. [4320x3240]

Member of the Royal Military Police Reserves Close Protection Squad, Lord Mayor's Parade, November 2014 [3360x3655]

Members of 13th MEU conduct live fire amphibious task force protection training with M107 rifles, Gulf of Aden, 2016 [4256 x 2832]

Members of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) CHARLOTTETOWN’s Naval Boarding Party conduct a small arms proficiency shoot during Operation REASSURANCE in the Mediterranean Sea, December 3, 2016. [3168 × 2109]

Members of JTF-2 during the early days of the Afghan conflict [1595 x 1170]

Members of the 604th Special Purpose Center 'Vityaz' show up to spoil the party at Interpolex 2016 [OS][1600x1067]

Members of the Australian Army's 131 Divisional Locating Battery pictured on 12 May 1968 waiting to fly into Fire Support Base Coral, Australia's largest engagement of the Vietnam War. Like many Australian units, their move to the new base was delayed. (Story of FSB Coral in comments.) [640 x 480]

Members of the Eight-Nation Alliance that took part in the intervention of China during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 [1006x617]

Members of the French 2e régiment de hussards during training [1365x2048]

Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) conduct a patrol looking for militants [3000 x 1981]

Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces take up positions during clashes with Isis militants [1128 x 752]

Members of the Royal Canadian Navy's HMCS Charlottetown's naval boarding party play peek-a-boo during a training serial during Ex NAIAS in the Mediterranean Sea, December 14, 2016 as part of Operation Reassurance [1363 × 2048]

Members of the South Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion training in UAE [1920 x 1080]

Members of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Brigade prepare to move across a rice field near Tuy Hòa in pursuit of the enemy. Photo Specialist 5 Robert C. Lafoon, U.S. Army, 1966 [1000 x 789][OS]

Merry Christmas featuring HMAS Adelaide and CH-47F [3600x2382]

Mexican Marine sporting a white g shock [541x593]

Mexican Naval Infantryman trains with a Canadian Soldier in Jamaica [960x640]

Mexican Navy Commando Selfie [960x960]

Mexican Paratrooper candidate before her first jump (os) [2000x2974]

Mexican Secretary of Defence and Secretary of Navy greet 23k troops on the last parade rehearsal before the 16 of September parade [964x640]

Mexican Soldier with his FX05 and HK21 [3694x2376]

Mexican marines with digital face paint [1417x1063]

Mexican presidential guard with the FX-05 Fire Serpent Rifle receiving pope Francis [970x752]

Mi-17v5s in formation [4000x3000]

Mi-17v5s prior to departure [4000x3000]

Mi-28A and Strv 121, Sweden, 1995 [959x645]

Mi-8 with a goofy facial expression [900x600]

MiG Ye-152 prototype armed with K-80 air-to-air missles, circa 1961 [1007x627]

MiG-15's engine + a tractor = Admiral Kuznetsov's flight deck cleaner. [634X476]

MiG-3 and MiG-29 side by side on MAKS-2015. [1024x692]

MiG-35 multirole fighter [2560 × 1600]

Mig 29 on the deck of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov [4288 × 2848]

Mig 29K with folded wings [OS] [2560×1703]

Mig 31 [900x600]

Mighty Saab Jas-39 Gripen [1600x1067]

Mil Mi 24 Hind [3000 × 2008]

Mil Mi 28 havoc attack helicopter [1200 × 900]

Mil Mi-28 'Havoc' low pass [1920x1080]

Mil Mi-28N [OS][1400*947]

Military Cemetery Normandy, France [4500x3000]

Military Contractors hanging out in Afghanistan. Date Unknown [1080 x 788]

Military Working Dog Sirius, anxiously observes his retirement ceremony at the Ashley Kennels. Sirius was adopted by the family of his former handler, Sgt. Joshua Ashley, who was killed while they were on patrol together in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012. [5158 × 2901]

Missile silo of a SS-24 missile, Strategic Missile Forces Museum in Ukraine. [1600 × 1069]

Mistral-class amphibious assault ship L9013 Mistral [2598 × 1729]

Modern day Viking! [703x557]

Modesty... Being #1 after a long day on the range. French Army Snipers. [1000 x 668]

Modified T-72 tanks of the Syrian Arab Army [960 x 540]

Mongolian soldiers serving as UN peacekeepers in South Sudan [2048 x 1365]

Mortar Troop of 42 Commando Royal Marines are shown conducting live fire training at night on the Porsangmoen range training area in Norway [3000 × 1877]

Mothballed A-12s after their retirement in 1968 [983x768]

Mother and child size up a US soldier during a night time raid in Afghanistan [720x479]

Multiple C-130s drop US and British paratroopers in an exercise at Fort Bragg, 2015 [2327 x 1308]

My buddy practicing some Afterburner Zen [960x540]

My cousin, my hero, in Afghanistan working as a contractor locating and diffusing IED's (x-post from -r-beards) [720x960]

My dad in Korea, 1953, Banshee photo recon - restored and colored by me [1800x722]

My father passed away this week. I found this picture of him ca. 1983 training Spanish soldiers. (2000x1333)

My friend's platoon took a group pic before being shipped home [960 x 640]

My grandfather in a trench during WWI (on the right) [960x682]

Mystery Aircraft Seen Over Texas March 10, 2014 [1024x595]

NASA and the US Air Force share a hangar [2400x1600]

NATO humvee and M113 in the snow [4628 x 3085]

Namibian paratroopers training in China [960x540]

Nasu, Finnish tracked vehicle [2834x1890]

Navajo code talkers in the Pacific, c. 1943 [2048 x 1596]

Naval Strike Missile [2709 × 1791]

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Ryan Lee, master at arms, and Petty Officer 1st Class Valdo, working dog, sleep on a hospital floor in Kandahar. Both were wounded by shrapnel in a rpg attack in Badghis Province, Afghanistan, Apr 4, 2011. (USAF photo by Master Sgt. Kevin Wallace-RELEASED)[960x1280]

Navy SEAL SO1 Charles Keating IV - KIA May 3, 2016 Telskof, Iraq

Navy SEAL development group locker room [847 x 636]

Navy SEALs from SDVT-1 swim back to the guided-missile submarine USS Michigan (SSGN 727) Feb. 2012 [2048x1349]

Navy SEALs from the Naval Special Warfare Community demonstrate winter warfare capabilities for a TV commercial produced by the Navy Recruiting Command [3.696px × 2.456px]

Navy SEALs, late Vietnam War [450x554]

Navy dogs [960x637]

Nazi Stealth Fighter Prototype Horten 229 V3. Housed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Suitland, Maryland. [875 X 653].

Near-disaster - This F-16 lost half its wing in a mid air collision, flew 100 miles back to base and landed safely. [1484x1117]

New Dutch SF Vehicle, the Vector (2048 x 1365)

New SVK sniper rifle by Kalashnikov (to replace Dragunov). [1200x800]

New Yak - 130 [1500 x 1013]

New Zealand Army soldiers holding up the 'Laser Kiwi' flag at AASAM [2048 x 1365]

New Zealand SAS post-gunfight, Afghanistan 2011 [1247x818]

New patch for the Ukraine Army's 93rd Mechanized Brigade in tribute to their reputation as 'cyborgs.' [599px × 631px]

Newly Introduced Y-20 Strategic Airlifter Above Zhuhai Airport [4000x2490]

Newly deployed Chinese soldiers in South Sudan. [900x599]

Newly freed prisoners of war celebrate as their C-141A aircraft lifts off from Hanoi, North Vietnam, on Feb. 12, 1973, during Operation Homecoming. [1800x1212]

Newly recruited soldiers of the People's Liberation Army take part in a training session in Yichun, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Jan. 21, 2011 [550 × 392]

Newly released picture shows North Korean AN-2 plane firing rockets (missiles?) [1513x934]

Newly upgraded Philippine Army M113A2 - Israeli Elbit Unmanned Armored Turret (with 25MM Bushmaster Cannon) [1080x768]

Nigerian SOF with sweet tricked out AK....and a nice patch ;) [720x671]

Night Artillery [1500x888]

Nighttime Raptor Refuel [6016x4016]

No respawn past this point. Australian solider at a FOB in Afghanistan. [720 × 540]

North American XB-70 Valkyrie amongst the clouds [1920x1080]

North Dakota National Guard soldier fires FIM-92 Stinger during training, 2016 [1200 x 800]

North Korea's newest stealth corvette that was recently spotted [4072 x 2080]

North Korean Special Forces assaulting a model of the Blue House (South Korean Presidential Residence) [1080 x 706]

North Korean Special Forces members with Kim Jong Un [1080 x 663]

North Korean army presenting backpacks with nuclear radiation symbol [2899x1629]

North Korean close protection guards are seen with helical magazines on their Type 88 rifles [1278 x 595]

North Korean guard at the DMZ [640x640]

North Korean soldiers parading with PPSh-41 submachine guns [2500 x 1668]

Northrop Grumman releases images of X-47Bs first autonomous aerial refueling . [1200X900]

Northrup Grumman's latest 6th Gen fighter concept art, as unveiled in new video today [1909x803]

Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System [4256 × 2832]

Norwegian Afghanistan veteran and former professional soldier, now fighting alongside Peshmarga against IS [640×640]

Norwegian Army soldier with FN Minimi and M72 [975x651]

Norwegian Army's NCO School's combat endurance training, May of 2016.[5760×3840]

Norwegian CBRN recon specialist, assigned to the Combat Engineer Battalion of Brigade North.[1080×1080]

Norwegian Exercise 'Cold Response' [3069x2042]

Norwegian FSK - NORASOC operators posing for a photo during training at Rena military camp, Norway. 2015.(1280x853)

Norwegian Jegertroppen training [1024 × 683]

Norwegian KJK in Afghanistan, 2010[1080 x 810]

Norwegian Leopard 2 tank [5616 × 3744]

Norwegian Naval EOD during exercise Arctic Specialist [5760×3840]

Norwegian SOF practicing boarding operations in the Oslo fjord, during Exercise Tyr [OS] [4896×3264]

Norwegian Skjold-class corvette [1280 × 848]

Norwegian Skjold-class corvette covered in ice [2048×1365]

Norwegian Special Forces leave after taliban attacked a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan. 22-06-2012. (1000x704)

Norwegian Telemark Battalion during 'Kappestrid' [2048 × 1365]

Norwegian convoy in Afghanistan [3888 × 2592]

Norwegian marinejegerkommandoen Operator during a exercise in Ramsund. (2048x1365)

Norwegian navy ships [4941 × 3294]

Norwegian soldier from the Armored Battalion digging an emplacement in Afghanistan [2048×1360]

Norwegian soldier making a fortified position. Afghanistan 2008 [2048x1360]

Norwegian soldier on a drill [1100x1467]

Norwegian special forces during anti-terror training. [2006x1337]

Norwegian special forces soldier during an attack in Kabul, covering for an interpreter as he crosses the street [1440×810]

Norwegian special forces with Afghan colleagues in Afghanistan [1500×1032]

Not everyone who serves is human. Wilbur, a USMC working dog, lays back on his handler after conducting an explosives sweep on a build site for a police checkpoint in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. March 2013. [5616x3744]

Not sure if this is ok with the rules, but you can now buy your own 10 acres Danish military sea fort from 1890. Complete with barracks, helipad, harbor and 5 miles of tunnels. Price is $2.75M [900x445] (link in comments)

ODA 961 in Afghanistan, 2002 [2047x1334]

OH-58D Kiowas being delivered to Croatian Air Force [960x640]

OV-10 Broncos like this flew 120 combat missions supporting US Special Operations Forces against Islamic State militants last year in Iraq [1024x683]

Observation tower 247, along the border between Norway and Russia [3456×2304]

Officer of Jaish al Islam (Syrian rebel group) has a great office [1920x1080]

Old Picture Of Me And My Buddy Pulling Overwatch in Afghanistan [840 x 640]

Old and new [1023x681]

Old school soviet Su-15 with two P-8. [2048×1608]

Olifant Mk 2 tank of the South African Army [1024 x 683]

One legged U.S Army Special Forces soldier in Afghanistan [829 x 829]

One of the USA's hospital ships, the USNS Mercy, capable of supplying 300,000 gallons of fresh water a day and 1,000 beds. [1617x1155]

One of the coolest photos I've seen yet: Swiss F-5 Tiger II opens fire at a live-fire demo during the Axalp 2012 air show. Note the visible shockwaves and projectiles! [1024x576]

One of the five RAH-66 Comanche ever built for the US-Army [1024x805]

One of the last two airworthy Avro Lancasters 'Lady Orchid' [3264x2448]

One of the most intimidating weapons that will soon be in the U.S. Navy's arsenal. Electromagnetic Railgun [620x459].

One of two electromagnetic railgun prototypes on display aboard joint high speed vessel USS Millinocket (JHSV 3) in port at Naval Base San Diego on July 8, 2014 [3964 × 2831]

Only Married men were allowed to fly the SR-71 Blackbird, as it was deemed a job fit only for 'emotionally stable' individuals. [133x530]

Operator firing his Scar-L [3500x2000]

Operator from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) (640x640)

Operators from 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, one of three regiments in the French Army Special Forces Brigade [OS] [4256×2832]

Operators from the Canadian Special Operations regiment on exercise [960 x 952]

Opposition fighters fire a starting shell from a hell-cannon toward the Syrian Army, in Aleppo on December 2, 2014. [961 x 641]

Ordinary Russian village [1024 × 768]

Oshkosh unveils New 30MM Chaingun Turret for JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) for US Army Recon. [1200x800]

Owned by the U.S. Navy, the MZ-3A is stationed at Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Md. (PAX) and is operated under the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and Scientific Development Squadron ONE (VXS-1). [2800 × 1860]

P51 Mustang [700px × 1.050px]

PAF Female fighter Ayesha Farooq Bombs taliban in North Wazoristan today(Operation ZarbeAzb). She is only female war-ready fighter pilot in Pakistan. [960x640]

PAK FA aka Sukhoi T-50 [OS] [744x478]

PFC Kyle Hockenberry receives medical treatment after an IED explosion.(3504x2336)

PLA Female soldiers from a border defense platoon take military trainings in snow in Heihe, Heilongjiang province in December, 2014. [550x367]

PM Margaret Thatcher pictured with members of 22 SAS during the 80's. [866x650]

Paint me like your Russian Subs! [984x714]

Pair of Chinook helicopters passing Mt St Helens with Mt Adams in the background. [OC][5184x3888]

Papier-mâché dead horse used by British snipers in World War One [1247×763]

Paratrooper's view of static line jump from C-130. US Army, Ukraine, 2011 [1280 x 720]

Pat Tillman and fellow Rangers in Afghanistan [1024x574]

Peruvian Naval Base (1024x682)

Peshmerga fighter during Mosul Offensive 2016 [1200x900]

Phantom in one of its final airshow apperances over Nellis AFB [3839x2543]

Philippine Marines join US Marines with Fox Company, Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, during combat rubber raiding craft training [1000 x 667]

Photo of an atomic bomb milliseconds after detonation.[500x652]

Pilots of American 8th Bomber Command wearing high altitude clothes, oxygen masks and flight goggles at an airdrome in southern England during WWII (1942). [3333 × 2497]

Pirate boat burning off Somalia. View from Dutch frigate Hr. Ms. De Ruyter [3648 × 2736]

Plasan Sand Cat [2,137 × 1,500]

Polish GROM Operator during a low-light exercise [960x956]

Polish GROM during the 2003 invasion of Iraq [2000 x 1312]

Polish Grom operators [2472 × 1467]

Polish JWK 'Agat' operators, 2014. [1000 x 667]

Polish JWK operator brings fireteam support weapons to the next level. [516 x 771]

Polish JWK operator standing next to his WW2-era counterpart [640×960]

Polish MiG-29 [1300 × 753]

Polish Navy Formoza operators [1037x691]

Polish Special Forces in Afghanistan. (648x486)

Polish sniper aims down his Bor (a.k.a. Alex) rifle during training, Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland, Feb. 2016. [980x654]

Polish soldiers, part of NATO Response Force [4.074px × 3.056px]

Post-BRRRRRRTTTTT - M113 C&V heavily perforated after receiving the attention of A-10s on a Dutch gunnery range [1024x662]

Prince Carl, the future H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, is studying a guard at the royal castle of Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: K W Gullers, 1952 [1100x800]

Prince Harry pays his respects to fallen US comrades at Arlington [650 x 366]

Pro-Russian rebel with a modernized Mosin-Nagant (?) in 2014 [3425 x 2283]

Probably the lowest quality picture on this sub, but still a stirring picture to me. My BUD-S class taking a break during Hell Week, 2011 [480x358] [OC]

Project 885 Yasen class SSN [4523 × 2907]

Project Pluto, a nuclear ramjet-powered missile the size of a railway car designed to fly faster than Mach 3 at treetop level almost indefinitely, and carried a payload of 16+ hydrogen bombs. [1024 x 569]

Protecting the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French National Library), Operation Sentinelle [2048x1626]

RAAF F-A-18A Hornet During Exercise BLACK DAGGER [3600x2400]

RAAF Mirage IIIOs in Malaysia [2048x1604]

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons flying in formation [3.600px × 3.600px]

RAF Panavia Tornado armed to teeth [1.600px × 1.094px]

RAF Tornado GR4 [3600 × 1496]

RAF Typhoon with WWII camouflage to commemorate 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire - April 2015 (More info inside). Taken by & Copyright Kevin Strickson. [2048x1365]

RAF Voyager refuels RAF Tornado GR4s before bombing ISIS targets in Iraq [2100x1221] [OC]

ROC (Taiwan) Special Forces with bullet proof face masks [640x429]

ROK Army K2 Black Panther MBTs [2272 x 2943]

ROK Naval Academy graduation ceremony [2000 x 1411]

Rafale M taking off [2835 × 1886]

Rafale getting ready to launch on the USS Harry S. Truman [1473x2100]

Rah-66 Comanche [1024x805]

Rangers from the 75th Ranger Regiment - Afghanistan, 2013. [2048x1148]

Rangers searching for Op Red Wings survivors June 2005 [1280x1000]

Raptors in Flight, near Hickam AFB, Hawaii [4,248 × 2,832]

Rare Photo of Delta Force on the day of the Battle of Mogadishu before they went out on the mission. [604 x 453]

Raytheon Pike miniature guided missile for 40mm grenade launchers [2210x1768]

Raytheon SM-6 Dual I Test Firing off Hawaii off USS John Paul Jones DDG-53 (FTM-27 Test) [1024x700]

Rear view of British 'Blue Steel' missile, showing 'Stentor' rocket motor. The Avro Blue Steel was a British air-launched, rocket-propelled nuclear armed standoff missile, built to arm the V bomber force [2816 × 2112]

Rebel sniper in different positions. Eastern Ukraine(other photos in comments ) [1536x2048]

Recon Marine providing over watch in Afghanistan [1355x851]

Recon Team from L Company Rangers awaiting word for liftoff, Vietnam, by Tom Delaney [936x636]

Recruit is harassed by drill sergeants while carrying his heavy duffle bag to his barracks. Parris Island, 1970. Photo Thomas Hoepker [1032 x 704]

Red Army sniper with observator on a drill, 1936. [800x765]

Red Platoon scout of 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, Ducks Away From Incoming Small-Arms Fire [1350 × 897]

Relics from combat on the Eastern Front in WW2 collected in a garden in Latvia [3573x2482]

Remains of Gary Powers' U-2 at the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow. Big album in comments. [5472x3648][OC]

Remains of an old US World War 2 M3 Stuart Tank at Hells Point, Guadacanal-Solomon Islands[2480x1654]

Remains of an unknown British soldier that died in 1914 being buried today [639x960]

Republic of Korea Army General thumbs up [540x960]

Resting on the way into Iraq, OIF [2000x1408]

Restored Supermarine MK-VB Spitfire [800x490]

Results of landing on the wrong carrier [950x704]

Retired Maj. Keith A. Butler in Afghanistan. K.i.A May 10, 2014 in Afghanistan working as a contractor for the C.I.A [748 x 936]

Retired U.S. Marine dog Lucca, after receiving the PDSA Dickin Medal. The 12yo German Shepherd lost her leg in Afghanistan from a 30-pound IED. Lucca completed more than 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan during six years of active service protecting the lives of thousands of troops. [3492x2398]

Rheinmetall MG 3 on top of Leopard 2 MBT [1024 × 768]

Rhodesian Air Force Cessna 337 Lynx with Full Loadout [1280x827]

Rhodesian paratroopers getting ready for a mission, late 1970s [1570x1024]

Rhodesian soldier with a Browning .30 cal machine gun. [935x943]

Richard Winters (Band of Brothers) Memorial [3000x4500]

Ride of the Valkyries, Russian version [1200x648]

Ridiculously photogenic Su-35S on the way to be deployed to Syria.[1024x768]

Rifles of WW2 (3840x1080)

Robin Olds: triple ace of WWII and Vietnam War, in his F-4, 1967 [1753 x 1800]

Rockwell XFV-12 experimental VTOL aircraft, 1981 [1936x1564]

Roman soldiers with the support of an armored tank prepare to face the Barbarian Hordes [850x615]

Romanian SA-2 Volhov missile launch [1229 × 819]

Romanian soldier firing a Cugir medium machine gun in the forest [5760 x 3840]

Royal Artillery 25-pounder gun crew in action against insurgents entrenched in the hills east of Kampar, Perak State, Malaya, November 1957. [OS] [800x788]

Royal Danish Airforce F-35 on the runway [2823x1854]

Royal Danish Navy Frogmen Corps (Danish equivalent of the British SBS) - [1280x855]

Royal Marine Commandos Training with Albanian Forces (1000 x 681)

Royal Marine Commandos wedge themselves on the outside of British AH-64 Apaches in a daring attempt to rescue fallen comrade Lance Corporal Mathew Ford. (486x381)

Royal Marines Stage Amphibious Landing in Norway. [3733x2489]

Royal Marines patrol the waterways and marshes of Umm Qasr in the Land Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC), Iraq, March 2003 [3600x2200]

Royal Navy Cold Weather Training [1500 × 1090]

Royal Navy helicopters [1300 × 701]

Royal Swedish Navy Visby-Class Corvette [1600x1067]

Royal Thai Marines assaulting a beach [6016 x 3600]

RuAF Flanker at Hmeimim Air Base, Syria [900 × 600]

RuAF pilot giving a youngster a closer look at a MiG-25RB, near Pushkin, June 2012 [1300x880]

Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30SM [1500 × 1000]

Russian Air Force and Naval heavy fighters conducting long range escort exercises with Tu-22M3 bombers over Karelia and the Barents Sea, Feb 2016 [1100x710]

Russian Arctic troops train with reindeer [800 × 474]

Russian Army's T-72 main battle tank (MBT) in an exercise suddenly lost control and crashed into one of BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). [807px × 605px]

Russian Assault Engineer on exercise [1200x798]

Russian FSB Spetsnaz soldier shows his modded AK-74M to a kid. (1200x797)

Russian FSB operator [1080x1080]

Russian GUV pods - One 12.7mm Gatling-type gun in between two 7.62mm Gatling guns [1200x504]

Russian Ground Forces soldiers on top of a BTR-82A in Salma, Latakia, Syria [3088x2056]

Russian Kilo-class submarine B-871 Alrosa showing her pump jet propulsion in a dry dock [700 × 518]

Russian Kirov class battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy transiting Suez canal [1280 × 857]

Russian LCAC 'Mordovia' during the BTR-82A landing on the coast. [1000x667]

Russian MVD Vityaz operator. [1200x800]

Russian Marine Infantry in Syria, March 2016 [2242x1830]

Russian Marine combat mode in Syria [600x1068]

Russian Minister of Defense and his toy [854 × 435]

Russian Naval SAM turret system 3M47 'Geebkah'. Looks kinda taunting any flying by aircrafts. [596px × 545px]

Russian Naval Vessel passing through the dese.....Suez Canal [1280X857]

Russian Orthodox priests christen a fleet of Su-27s at Belbek, near Sevastopol, Crimea [1563x1080]

Russian Orthodox priests underwent parachute training near Moscow this week as part of the military's new initiative to airlift makeshift churches into war zones to allow troops to attend services on the front line [1.024px × 768px]

Russian Pantsir-S1 and S 300 in Syria [900x600]

Russian Paratrooper taking a selfie [640x480]

Russian Police Special Forces Operator [1280x853]

Russian RS-24 Yars ICBM being loaded into its silo from its transporter. [1200x675]

Russian S300 battery firing [1680 × 1120]

Russian SF member in Syria, date unknown, location is likely to be Al-Ghab plains. Screengrab from Vesti news report. [1142x638]

Russian SOF personnel. Syria, 2016 [604x453]

Russian Slava class cruiser showing her P-500 Bazalt (SS-N-12 Sandbox) missile tubes [500 × 815]

Russian Slava-class cruiser Marshal Ustinov [4424 × 2489]

Russian Spetsnaz in Woodland Setting [1920x1200]

Russian Strizhi Mig-29OVT basking in a mid-Cobra maneuver, MAKS 2013 [1400x946]

Russian TOS 1A Burations firing [800 × 500 ]

Russian Yasen class submarine [4672 × 3104]

Russian armor taken somewhere in Donetsk, Ukraine. December 2016 [1200x722]

Russian assault engineer unit [1200x798]

Russian commander with ww2 german helmet - Kirovo, Chechnya [1280x795]

Russian female airborne during parachute readiness check [os][900 x 600]

Russian female sapper [1023 x 682]

Russian minesweeping dog [720 × 480]

Russian sappers and their dogs waiting for takeoff inside An-124: they will demine liberated parts of Aleppo [720 x 1080]

Russian shipping container missile system 'Club-K' [2250 x 1427]

Russian sniper [900x600]

Russian soldier amongst the ancient ruins in Palmyra, Syria [720x960]

Russian soldier deployed in Krim, Ukraine. March 1, 2014 [803 x 536]

Russian soldier poses with a machete in the mountains of Latakia, Syria [1080x1080]

Russian soldier takes a picture with a Syrian soldier in Latakia, Syria [1196x1501]

Russian soldier who called in an airstrike on himself after being surrounded by IS fighters [1000 × 541]

Russian soldier with PKM machine gun, equipped with 'Scorpio' ammo feed system [1 200px × 800px]

Russian soldier with a cat [683x683]

Russian soldier with new A-545 assault rifle during 'Ratnik' outfit testing in Alabino. [1200×800]

Russian soldiers during exercise in Arctic [1000 x 667]

Russian soldiers in Dagestan, Russia, 1999. [1680x1089]

Russian soldiers on BMP-2 during Russo-Georgian War. [940×679]

Russian soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk, July 1943. A personally touching photograph. [880x580]

Russian soldiers shopping inside a Crimean Grocery Store [937x604]

Russian special forces soldier (Alpha team, i think) and his AK-74M with many aftermarket parts and 60 round mag. [1200x900]

Russian special forces soldier with a butterfly perched on his finger. [917×845]

Russian special forces training [5760 × 3840]

Russian tank driver in Chechnya, 2012 [600x900]

Russian trees are deadliest trees (T-80 tank) [1600 x 1177]

Russian “MSTA-S” howitzers [2250 × 1453]

Russians soldiers during winter training [1700 × 1133]

S 400 missile system [4692 × 2934]

S-300F Fort (SA-N-6 Grumble) long-range surface-to-air missiles hatches on Russian Slava-class cruiser Moskva [1920 × 1080]

SAS Operators of the French 1er RPIMa in Afghanistan, 2010 [2048x1536]

SAS patrol in North Africa during the Second World War in SAS jeeps [800x713]

SEAL Team 6 member after an assassination attempt on Hamid Karzai in 2002 in Kandahar. The seal used his shirt to stop the bleeding from the wound on his head. [Ed Wray-Associated Press][1326x869]

SEPECAT Jaguars looking mean. [1024x700]

SOG during training [1300x727]

SR-71 Blackbird Pilot [1024X673]

SR-71 Blackbird Pilot [4183x2750]

SR-71 Blackbird [2400 × 1895]

SR-71 Blackbird by Blair Bunting (1920 X 1200)

SR-71 Blackbird flying alongside the F-14 Tomcat over Libya In 1986 [910×650]

SR-71 Blackbird in flight with J58 engines on full afterburner, with numerous shock diamonds visible [3,000 × 2,352]

SR-71, F-4 and F-14 over NAWS China Lake [798x528]

SSG Jason Dahlke of 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, KIA during a Direct Action raid against HVTs on August 29, 2009. [453x453]

SU - 35S On Sunset [1200 x 813]

SU-25 after emergency landing (hit by manpad), Ukraine, 2014 [1280x960]

SU-27 of the Ethiopian Air Force (1600 x 1078)

Saab 105 (SK 60) over Sweden’s east coast archipelago. Photo: Peter Brauns. [1080x1351]

Saab 37 Viggen [1200 × 800]

Saab JA 35 Draken. Among the most beautiful fighter ever. (3543x2353)

Saab’s latest Carl-Gustaf M4 system, shorter and 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) lighter than the M3 MAAWS [4000x2670]

Sabatti modified Ruger 10-22 with an integral suppressor and 25 round magazine in the hands of an IDT soldier in Gaza [1365x865]

Sailboat in front of the USS Iowa [1024 × 684]

Sailors assigned to Commander Task Group (CTG) 56.7 prepare gear for a training exercise aboard a riverine command boat at Naval Support Activity Bahrain. [4928 × 3280]

Sailors assigned to USS McClusky (FFG-41) conduct in-flight refueling of SH-60B, 2010 [3672 x 2448]

Sappers breach wire and tank obstacles with fire support from Abrams M1A1 tanks and M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carriers. [2048x1370]

Saudi Arabia airstrike hits Scud missile depot in Yemen (2048x1365)

Sawn-off M14 and M79 grenade launcher in Vietnam [681x549]

SdKfz 164 Nashorn Tank Destroyer in the Alps - 1944 [790x1060]

Seal team 3 in Afghanistan [1960x726]

Selfie of an F-16 driver doing a barrel roll while deploying flares (xpost -r-pics) [640x360]

Senegal army commando. (720x960)

Senior Chief (SEAL) Edward Byers. Medal Of Honor Recipient (661 x 900)

Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott Cooper Dayton, Navy EOD, first U.S. KIA in the fight against ISIS in Syria on November 24, 2016 [749x499]

Serbian Army soldiers commemorate International Women's Day [2048x1365]

Servicing an M60 on board USS Constellation, 2002.

Sgt. Tess & Sgt. Carmel, From the IDF Combat Intelligence Corps [1266x845]

Ships of the Black Sea fleet at sunset [1920 × 1200]

Ships of the Black Sea fleet, Krivak-class missile frigate Ladny leading [1920 × 1200]

Ships of the Black Sea fleet, Slava class cruiser Moskva [1920 × 1200]

Shock and Awe. USS Iowa (BB-61) fires a broadside from her 16' guns. (x-post from -r-warshipporn) [2,790x1,860]

Shooting the .50 [900x839]

Since you guys like Rudolph, how bout Frosty? USAF F-16 in Jordan, Dec 2015. [4160 x 2340]

Since you liked my work yesterday, i drew another operator-sniper! [1157x1600]

Singapore Navy frogman [2331 x 4144]

Sir Nils Olav got promoted to Brigadier General [768x768]

Sitting at home longing for these beauties that we used during an exercise in April at Boden, Sweden.[1586x1968]

Six 2' steel plates penetrated by a slug from a railgun during USN testing [1200x671]

Sixteen Harrier aircraft are pictured flying in a diamond formation to marke the retirement of the famous aircraft after 41 years of service (800 x 479)

Size comparison between F 15 and a car [1.024px × 768px]

Slovak MIG 29 in digital camo [1.024px × 633px]

Slovenian soldiers with F2000 rifles [1618 x 1079]

Smart, beautiful and deadly, 19 year old Russian sniper Roza Shanina had 54 confirmed kills [1.484px × 1.000px]

Sniper decoy mannequin in Aleppo shot through the eye and throat [682x1024]

Sniper watches over Rocinha, the largest slum in Brazil [1000x585]

Sniper with Barret .50 Cal. in a Blackhawk over snow-covered Afghanistan[1500X1073]

Snipers from ROK Army Special Warfare Command's 707th Special Mission Battalion train in UAE [2048 x 1365]

Snipers with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team provide overwatch for fellow paratroopers in a village below them in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, May 19 2012. [2100x1400]

So much brrrrrrrrrrrrrt. Formation of A-10 Thunderbolt II's [2.048px × 1.401px]

Soldier from His Majesty The King's Guard on patrol training (Marthe Brendefur, Forsvaret) [4256x2832]

Soldier from the 13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment (13e RDP) during winter training in sweden. 2013 (2048x1363)

Soldier gear through the ages [540x3981]

Soldier of 79th airmobile brigade with his modified PK machine gun, Ukraine [479x950]

Soldier with PKM defending his checkpoint - Ukraine, summer 2015 [980x654]

Soldiers carry a wounded comrade through a swamp in Vietnam, 1969 [3000x2404]

Soldiers from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment and U.S. Green Berets prepare to jump from an RAF C-130, April 2013 [4256 x 2832]

Soldiers from the United States Armed Forces on patrol in Iraq; 2012 [1200 x 800]

Soldiers of the French special forces unit 13e RDP (13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment) during winter training [2048×1365]

Soldiers of the U.S. armed forces intercept illegal timber as it is smuggled through Kunar Province in Afghanistan into neighboring Pakistan [3648 x 2736]

Soldiers on the streets of Brussels today as terror threat is raised to the highest level, 'serious and imminent threat'.[670x376]

Soldiers salute from M60A3 tanks during a parade in Taiwan marking 70 years since the end of World War II at a military base in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, on July 4 2015 [2048 × 1311]

Soldiers with the Barrett .50 cal antimateriel rifle [610x406]

Someone suggested that I post this photo I took with 2nd Tank Battalion when I was in the Marine Corps. [2048x1366]

Something I don't think gets appreciated enough;USNS Mercy hospital ship after completing a humanitarian mission in the Pacific [3162 × 2116][OS]

Something a bit different, i'm working on a US SOF 'cartoon' drawing and i could use some input [1500x1200]

Sons of Monarchy. Two Swedish soldiers mounted on a Krad GL bike. One of them carrying the Ksp-58. [960x720]

South African G5 155mm Howitzer returning to battery after firing [1500x900]

South Carolina Army National Guard CH-47 Chinook flying over Pinnacle Mountain during a firefighting operation [4288 x 2848]

South Korea's elite 707th Special Mission Battalion training with local SWAT and Combat Police unit [2645 x 2404]

South Korean Army mechanized infantry dismounting from a K21 infantry fighting vehicle [4028 x 2636]

South Korean Army soldiers conducting field exercise [2048 x 1371]

South Korean F-15K Slam Eagle armed with German Taurus KEPD 350K cruise missile [1080 x 719]

South Korean F-15K Slam Eagles [4928 x 2670]

South Korean K2 Black Panther main battle tanks [4928 x 1788]

South Korean K2 Black Panthers launching smoke grenades [4202 x 1644]

South Korean K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers being assembled [2048 x 1363]

South Korean K9 self-propelled howitzer being tested in Lapland at the annual Combined Fire Exercise of the Finnish Army [2048x1080]

South Korean Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicles being loaded onto Go Jun Bong-class LSTs [4256 x 2832]

South Korean Marine firing his Daewoo K1A carbine [4928 x 3280]

South Korean Marines assaulting the beach [1080 x 681]

South Korean Marines firing 20mm Vulcan anti-aircraft gun [4256 x 2832]

South Korean Military Policemen prepare to breach a building [3684 x 1971]

South Korean Recon Marines [1600 x 1112]

South Korean Special Forces member in winter gear [1280 x 853]

South Korean Special Forces members conducting base defense exercise in South Sudan [4928 x 2939]

South Korean UDT-SEALs conducting live fire drill [2358 x 1572]

South Korean UDT-SEALs posing with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [3994 x 2076]

South Korean UDT-SEALs training with Recon Marines [3840 x 2560]

South Korean soldiers manning a twin .50 cal heavy machine gun at a national strategic site [4864 x 3084]

South Korean soldiers patrolling the border fence at the DMZ [4928 x 3280]

Soviet Soldiers guard a checkpoint, Kabul, Afghanistan, February 10, 1989 - [1200 x 834]

Soviet Spetsnaz GRU operatives riding an armed Toyota pickup, captured from the mujahideen, during the Soviet-Afghan war, 1980s. Captured trucks would be often used by Soviet special forces, disguised as locals, to attack mujahideen convoys.[1000x666]

Soviet convoy in Afghanistan [1200X781]

Soviet crewmen relaxing on board the KM (ekranoplan), Caspian Sea, date unknown [800x479]

Soviet cruiser “Murmansk” that ran aground off the Norwegian village Sørvær during the transfer to be scrapped in India. 1994. [1280x720]

Soviet pilots with their Yak-38s and Ka-25 on the deck of 'Kiev' aircraft carrier, 1987. [1000x1000]

Soviet sailors on Missile Cruiser Kalinin, 1955, Pacific Fleet. (639x1024)

Soviet soldier demonstrates his skills in disguise among the daisies. [1172×776]

Soviet soldier in a pillbox, 1941, [1024 x 676]

Soviet soldiers advance through the snow-covered ruins during the Battle of Stalingrad. January, 1943. [1162 x 1722]

Spanish Eurocopter Tiger in Afghanistan [2000 × 1333]

Spanish Humour at the Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

Spanish Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks on a parade [1599 x 1066]

Spanish fishing ship turned warship by the Cuban Revolutionary Navy. [1168x773]

Spanish legionary greeting a veteran [961x650]

Spc. William B. James of Columbus, Ga., forward observer for 4th Platoon, Company D, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, Task Force Bulldog, shoots at the enemy during a more than three hour firefight at the Shege East Afghan National Police Checkpoint Sept. 18. [3863 × 2537]

Special Duty Team members from the Capital Defense Command conduct counter-terrorism exercise at a subway station in Seoul, South Korea [3666 x 2588]

Special Forces Group (Belgium) assaulters during exercise Black Blade 2016.[2.048x1.365]

Special Forces Group (Belgium) sniper with the SCAR-H PR during exercise Black Blade 2016.[1.024x683]

Special Forces Group Belgium operators during a demonstration at the Change of Command ceremony.[900x601]

Special Forces engineer with 7th Special Forces Group. Zangabad, Panjwayi, Afghanistan 2012[1080 x 1080]

Special Forces member from the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy [1024 x 1536]

Spetsnaz buggy.[2048*1365]

Spetsnaz dog can operate too! Photo by Karden. [2560x1920]

Staff Sgt. Matthew McClintock, K.I.A January 4, 2016 Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. [800 x 1000]

Stalingrad veterans with SGM Goryunov machine gun [2250 × 1500]

Stand-off between Soviet and U.S. tanks as Cold War tensions arise at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, October 1961 [600x600]

State Military Police in a favela in brazil [1000x541]

Stern section of Russian Submarine [2560x1920]

Stormtroopers of the First Order escort their CO Kylo Ren after a successful raid against an insurgent-held town on the planet of Jakku [2048 x 1503]

Stridsbåt 90 in ongoing Swedish U-boat hunt. [1200x797]

Stupid sexy Flankers. Two camouflaged Su-35 flying above the clouds. [2130x1318]

Sturm shield of a trooper, who died in anti-ISIS op in Derbent, Russia 14-15.05.2016 [450px × 600px] Story in 1st comment.

Su 24 at Hmeimim Air Base, Syria [900 × 600]

Su 24 dropping a bomb over Syria [1920 × 1080]

Su 25 Frogfoot at Hmeimim Air Base, Syria [900 × 600]

Su 25 taking off from Hmeimim Air Base, Syria [900 × 600]

Su 30 firing rockets [900x600]

Su 30SM [900x600]

Su 34 dropping bombs [1600 × 1170]

Su 34 flying over Syria [900x600]

Su 34 in Syria [900x600]

Su 34 showing missiles [3189 × 2126]

Su-27M(original Su-35) serving as testbed for the PAK-FA's engines. [1500 x 1013][OS]

Su-30SM of RuAF [1200x813]

Su-34 Fullback heavy load [1200x883]

Su-34 cockpit ready for a night mission over Syria.[OS][1400x946]

Su-35 somewhere over Russia. Sukhoi publicity photo [3188 x 2125]

Such a shame this never went into full production- The RAH-66 Comanche [1024x805]

Sukhoi Su-30LL demonstrator flying along the runway at Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport less than 1 metre off the ground [1000 × 673]

Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback [1280 × 851]

Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback [1300x815]

Sukhoi T 50 (PAK FA) [1200 × 1029]

Sukhoi T 50 (PAK FA) [1500 × 992]

Sukhoi T 50 (PAK FA) [3567 × 2378]

Sukhoi T-50 [OS] [1280*861]

Sukhoi tests T-50 (PAK FA) drogue parachute system during flying tests [1500 x 857]

Sunset Phantom [2880x1800]

Sunset on board of the Egyptian Navy Mistral 'Anwar El Sadat' [1920x1080]

Super Hornet painted in 'Navy working uniform' pattern (x-post -r-fighterjets) [2982x2073]

Swedish Army Girl 2 [2000x1333]

Swedish Grippens [2.560px × 1.920px]

Swedish Infantryman resting during riot control training, armed with a riot shield. [402x600]

Swedish Marine Preparing an Amphibious Assault [1045x623]

Swedish OMLT in Afghanistan. [2048x1374]

Swedish Peshmerga volunteers in Iraq. [528x960]

Swedish RBS 15 AShM [2336 × 1316]

Swedish RBS 15 AShM [2340 × 1316]

Swedish RBS-15 – a long-range fire-and-forget surface-to-surface and air-to-surface, anti-ship missile. [1920 x 1080]

Swedish Viggens escorting Strizhi MiG-29 display team, 1991.[802x768]

Swedish and Finnish Marines during BALTOPS 16.[3450x2296]

Swedish and Malian soldiers, part of the The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) [6169 × 4169]

Swedish mechanized infantry [640x640]

Swedish naval base in Muskö [650x372]

Swedish royal guard. (Högvakten) [483×750]

Swedish sniper and her spotter [1000x667] [OS]

Swedish sniper with an observator in the snowy woods of Sweden. 2012-09-16 [1000x1397]

Swedish soldier [600x874]

Swedish soldier aiming down a staircase during a CQB exercise. [960x640]

Swedish soldier in Afghanistan. [730x718]

Swedish soldier with kpist m-45 SMG (with blank firing adapter) on exercise somewhere near the Finnish border, July 1952 [1200x1600]

Swedish troops on the shooting range in Timbuktu[1044x695]

Swiss Air Force F18 and German Luftwaffe MiG-29 next to the Matterhorn [3156x2016]

Swiss F-A 18 pilot takes a selfie [1440 × 900]

Swordfish Mk I, W5856, operated by the Royal Navy Historic Flight [1300 × 864]

Syrian Arab Air Force Mi-25 releasing its payload over rebel position in Darayya, June 2016 [1100 x 662]

Syrian Army T-72 shells IS in Palmyra [1024x576]

Syrian fighter with a remarkably wide grin for someone wielding a weapon manufactured before his father was born [610x531]

Syrian government snipers in Aleppo [1112 x 673]

Syrian rebel in a suit, Aleppo, 2012 [2918×1915]

Syrian rebels prepare to launch a bomb using a homemade slingshot in the northern city of Aleppo, on October 16, 2012. [1200 x 767]

Syrian sunset. Su 25 armed with bombs looking at Su 24s. [900x600]

T-14 'Armata' and T-90A tanks - real size comparison (photo compilation) [1435 x 1600]

T-14 'Armata' on test. [6987x4975]

T-14 Armata selfie [1280 × 720]

T-14 Armata testing in winter conditions. [1920x1080]

T-14 Armata's tank crew at work [1711×941]


T-14 armata and T-98 side by side size comparison [1498 x 1600]

T-15 heavy IFV [2963x2044]

T-50 and MiG-29 flying next to each other. [3008 × 2000]

T-50-4 climbing away at MAKS-2015 airshow.[1400x933]

T-62 tank operated by Fatah Halab (Syrian rebel coalition) in Aleppo [1181 x 619]

T-72 shoots while fording [1280x826]

T-72 tank of the Syrian Arab Army [2048 x 1152]

T-80 tank in an 'interesting' camouflage [1600 x 1177]

T-90 driver enjoy the ride. [750×1061]

T14 vs T90 birds eye view. The Armata is massive.[1435x1600]

TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system in the Syrian desert [1080x568]

Tactical Beard's Got Nothin' on Kevlar Muttonchops [500x1241]

Tactical air control party members with the 147th Air Support Operations Squadron, 147th Reconnaissance Wing, pose as a 357th Fighter Squadron A-10 Warthog flies overhead April 12, 2016. [2454 × 2400]

Tactical cameraman with Mexican Marines in the marine training facility San Luis Carpiso, Campeche [1108x735]

Tail gunner of a British Lancaster bomber during WWII. [720 × 960]

Taiwanese AN-TWQ-1 Avenger mobile air defense missile systems [3104 x 2072]

Taking care of a Stridsvagn 122 ('Tank 122') – a Swedish main battle tank based on the German Leopard 2. PHOTO: Anna Norén, SwAF. [1500x1000]

Tank selfie [1920 × 1080]

Tanks of DNR's 'August' tank battalion training in Donbass [OS] [2362x1772]

Tatra Ceasar 8x8 howitzer 155mm 2015 prototype [ 1326x888 ]

Ten A 12 Mach 3 interceptors [1901 × 1072]

Thai infantry marching into battle during the Thai-Laotian Border war of 1987

The 75th going bump in the night [500x338]

The Astute submarine has the latest stealth technology, a world-beating sonar system and is armed with 38 torpedoes and missiles. She will be able to circumnavigate the globe while submerged, and advanced nuclear technology means that she will never need to be refuelled. [3000x2400]

The Challenger 2 tank of the 3rd Troop, D Squadron of the Royal Dragoon Guards (RDG) is being tested to the limit as it ploughs through the sands of the Omani desert in the training area north of Thumrait, September 25, 2001 [1977 x 978]

The Charles de Gaulle's First deployment with a rafale only air wing [2048x1364]

The F-22 Raptor performed its precision aerobatics at the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show Oct. 30-31. (2100 x 1500)

The F-35's Gen III HMDS [5760x3840]

The Fallen heroes of SEAL Team 10. (960x701)

The Finnish Guard's Jäger Regiment MPs [2048x1037]

The Finnish uniform from 1940's and the present day [2048x1365]

The Fuji TACOM, a Japanese experimental air-launched UAV, carried by an F-15J [950 x 891]

The German Soldier through History (fixed) (5140x1200)

The Government of Jordan just posted this picture of King Abdullah on their Facebook page. It is rumored that he participated in the retaliatory strike which killed 55+ ISIS fighters. [758x530]

The Irish Army Ranger Wing: Ireland’s hostage rescue unit. [1024 × 680]

The M45 Quadmount is still in service in South Korea [650 x 431]

The Macedonian syntagma [1078x556]

The Magach 6. [1812 x 1182]

The Norwegian King during his NCO school year in front of his chaffee in 1956. [595x595]

The Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response Rifle (PHASR) is a prototype non-lethal laser dazzler developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate, U.S. Department of Defense.[950 × 722]

The Polish Obrum PL-01 Concept, set to enter mass production in 2018. [1600x900]

The Prime Minister Winston Churchill fires a Thompson 'Tommy' submachine gun alongside Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force General Dwight D Eisenhower as American soldiers look on in southern England in late March 1944 [1052 × 1052]

The Red Arrows and Vulcan bomber [2.048px × 1.366px]

The Red Arrows flying with the Vulcan bomber for the final time. [2048x1350]

The Royal Air Force Eurofighter fires Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) [1440 × 1080]

The Royal Marines turning civilians into commandos [964x625]

The Rugby World Cup Final Between Australia and New Zealand Will Not Go Unmissed Even by Their Servicemen and Women Currently Deployed In Iraq [1800x1200]

The SAMP-T also called MAMBA in the French army is a theatre antimissile system designed to protect the battlefield and sensitive tactical sites [4288 × 2848]

The Swedish CV90120-t [1024x685]

The Tu-160 'Blackjack' [806x1213]

The U-175 surfacing after being depth charged by the USCGC Spencer as shells from the USCGC Spencer and Duane are fired at the U-Boat, Atlantic ocean, 1943 [1462x1191]

The U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD-5) fires a RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM). [5152 × 3680]

The US Navy Blue Angels kick off the Army-Navy football game [1024x1534]

The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, has its crew spell out E=mc^2 on its flight deck, June 1964 [1600×1184]

The World's 'Safest' Tank: The Israeli Merkava MBT going over a sandy road while the commander is flashing the peace-victory sign to the camera. Somewhere in Israel [2560x1600]

The X-47B successfully made its first aerial refuelling hookup yesterday [2048x1366]

The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) approaches the Friendship Bridge as it transits the Suez Canal [4146 × 2332]

The cockpit of a AH-1Z Viper (2000x1330)

The distinctive tailplane of the F-4 Phantom was given 23° downward tilt to make it purposely unstable. Stable planes make poor fighters. [1200x918]

The engine and turbosupercharger assembly out of a P-47D [960 x 720]

The exact moment a group of Syrian rebels got hit by a tank shell while trying to defend a position. [976x549]

The extremely menacing Ka-50 Black Shark Attack Helicopter during a training flight over Russia, 2009 [1024 x 683]

The first American troops arrive at the airport in Swidwin, Poland on April 23, 2014 [1024x615]

The first Canadian TAPVs are seen being unloaded at Gagetown, August 2016 [1024 x 682]

The first F-35I to arrive in Israel

The first effectice MRAP, the South African Buffel [1280x960]

The first fully functional Russian exoskeleton prototype on display at ARMY 2016. Designed by TSNIITOCHMASH. [640x800]

The first nuclear explosion, codenamed Trinity, 16 milliseconds after detonation. July 16, 1945. [1483x1000]

The flag of the Rising Sun once again cruises the sea, with some help from a former enemy.[2100x1500]

The front in France, a scene on a battlefield at midnight. WW1. No date given. [991X651]

The future of the Air Force: An F-22A Raptor and F-35A Lightning II fly alongside eachother [1583x950]

The game is on, French carrier Charles de Gaulle and his battle group departing today for eastern Mediterranean sea [994 x 640]

The largest of the Raytheon Standard Missile Family, the SM-3 Block IIA being jointly developed with Japan [1024x774]

The last gun cruiser in active service & the flagship of the Peruvian Navy: BAP Almirante Grau (CLM-81) [1024 x 1367]

The less than 10% who passed Irish Army Ranger Wing selection 2016 being applauded through the main gate of the ARW compound by serving Rangers 10-3-16 [960x640)

The modern Tomahawk is issued as standard equipment on US Navy vessels deployed overseas and it is classified as a 'Land Attack Cruise Missile'. It is admired by sailors, allies, MENA governments, and ISIL terrorists alike [3000x1996]

The new Gripen E unveiled today by Saab [4000x2872]

The new uniforms of Ukraine's army [950x634]

The proud seventy three graduates of the 39th Combat Diver Course of the Republic of Singapore Navy. [1940x967]

The ramp ceremony for CPL Cameron Baird VC, 2nd Commando Regiment. Cam was killed whilst serving with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan in June 2013 [3200x2400]

The remains of the Bartini Beriev VVA-14 Soviet anti-submarine vertical takeoff amphibious aircraft prototype [1,278x849]

The tail feathers of a F-22 [6000x4000]

The windshield of Sgt. Rudy Reyes' (Generation Kill) humvee the morning after a bridge ambush outside Muwaffaqiya, Iraq. The bullet ricocheted into the windshield the moment Reyes bent down to assess his wounded team leader's foot. March 31, 2003. [500 x 667]

There is nothing light about light infantry (xp -r-CanadianForces) [2048x1363]

There's nothing light about light infantry [720x720]

They are still battling it out but this very well may be the new helmet system for the us army. It gives full shrapnel and force protection. [560x560]

They didn't joke about fortifications back in the day — Citadelle de Belle-Île-en-Mer, Morbihan, France [1700x762]

This '88 didn't go out without a fight - captured German gun position west of El Alamein, 7th November 1942 [798x750]

This South African soldier is armed to the teeth [630 x 400]

This is an F35-B [1023x682]

This is me in Afghanistan, 2011 [2048×1363]

Thousand-yard stare of Ukrainian soldier after 9 hours of combat [540x960]

Three F-15Cs & One F-104G over Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 1982 [2,820 × 1,890]

Three F-35As and an F-35C are pictured with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background during a recent four-ship test sortie conducted by the 461st Flight Test Squadron [1730 × 1154]

Three Spanish Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons trail a United States Marine Corps KC-130J Hercules during an aerial refueling mission [5760 x 3840]

Tiger 1 H high-res cutaway [2816x1680]

Tiger experimentation at Djibouti [900x640]

Time lapse photograph of an AC-47 helping defend Tan Son Nhut Air Base during the enemy Tet Offensive in 1968 [1800 x 1265]

Time to dust off дедушка's PTRS-41 in the attic [1919x1285]

Tip of a guided missile [630x473]

Today at Red Square. Preparing for Victory Day Parade in Moscow [990× 947]

Today is Bastille Day in France. For the centenary of the First World War, some soldiers took part in the military parade dressed in WW1 uniforms [795x530]

Today is the 20th Anniversary of the German Kommando Spezialkräfte[640px × 480px]

Today is the 23rd Anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu. Operators assigned to C Squadron, Delta Force in Mogadishu, Somalia as part of Operation Gothic Serpent, c. 1993 [1080 x 666] (more in comments)

Today is the Norwegian Constitution Day. This picture was taken two years ago today, in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. Album in comments. [900x600] [OC]

Today is the eighth anniversary of '08.08.08' war. Russian machinegunner (and 3 T-62 behind the lens ) stops georgian motorized infantry. [1280x800]

Today, the British war in Afghanistan draws to a close. 13 years and 453 deaths, British armed forces hold a remembrance ceremony in 2011. [640x392]

Toilet bomb on a Douglas A-1 Skyraider - Squadron 25, 1965 [700×373].

Tomahawk Land Attack Missile Hits a Target [1660 × 2113]

Tools of the trade; A Navy SEAL's weapon case [1000x695]

Top view of T-50-3 and T-50-5R in formation over a river in Russia.[1400x946]

Tormund Giantsbane is seen discussing potential enemy lines of fire while Soldiers from the US Army construct a bridge during a training scenario, Alberta, May 16 2015 [1200 x 900]

Toy Soldiers (x-post from -r-pics) [960x720]

Treads of an M1A1 with Fox Company, 4th Tank Battalion, kick up dirt during a training exercise on USMC Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., July 21, 2016 [5123 × 2882]

Tree converted into camouflaged observation post in WW1, Battle of Messines, Belgium 1917 [599x430]

Trench warfare at night captured by a British photographer, 1917 [1200 x 900]

Troopers from the 5th Ranger Infantry Brigade, Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Afghanistan, Bagram Airfield, as part of BHAFPC 004 [4256x2832]

Troopers from the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Force Protection Company 004 in Afghanistan, Bagram Airfield [4256x2832]

Troops in J6 RHIBs launch from the HMAS Adelaide in an operation which seized a boat carrying 60M AUD (44M USD) in cocaine from Chinese nationals [2048 x 1440]

Troops on ground firing M198 Howitzer gun [3360x2240]

Tu 160 Blackjack [1500 × 1100]

Tu 160 in flight [1600 × 1000]

Tu 160 intercepted by RAF Typhoons (2048 x 1536)

Tu-95 - Keeping interceptors busy since 1956. [640X348]

Tupolev Tu 160 [2560 × 1628]

Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire [3207 × 1858]

Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire C Bomber - Missile Carrier [800x1200]

Turkish Gendarmarie Special Force Hakkari-Yüksekova-Oramar Mountain [808x484]

Turkish M60 T Sabra in Syria [2048x1325]

Turkish M60T Sabra in Syria over Al-Bab [2043x1169]

Turkish Navy sailors conducting firefighting exercise on board a Barbaros-class frigate TCG Oruçreis (F-245) [3500 x 2336]

Turkish Navy sailors on board a Barbaros-class frigate TCG Oruçreis (F-245) [3500 x 2336]

Turkish Soldier training Cat. [963x774]

Turkish Soldiers in snow [3216 x 2136]

Turkish Soldiers with a captured PKK militant [685 x 685]

Turkish soldier in Syria [1536×1536]

Turkish special forces head to head USA special forces near Al-Bab [1200x675]

Turkish special forces soldier near Al-Bab, Syria [960 x 960]

Twenty F-16s from the 8th Fighter Wing line up for an elephant walk early in the morning on Feb. 3, 2016 at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea. The elephant walk was designed to test the 8 FW's ability to launch aircraft at a moment's notice.[4196×1916]

Two A-10 Thunderbolt II takeoff on Autobahn [2,712x1,327]

Two CAG Operators in front of a MH-6 Little Bird, Afghanistan [1279 x 701]

Two Canadian snipers wearing early ghillie suits during WW2 [600 x 630]

Two Dutch Apache AH-64D on their way to a night exercise (1250 x 604)

Two Dutch Navy ships on their way to help on Haiti following Hurricane Matthew (1250 x 938)

Two F 14 Tomcats [2100 × 1500]

Two F 15 Eagles [5700 × 2700]

Two F-22 Raptors and one B-2 Spirit in flight [1920 x 1200]

Two F-22s provide an escort for a B-2 bomber (1095x679)

Two F-35B's out of MCAS Beaufort during aerial refueling training over the Atlantic Ocean, August 13, 2015. [5129X3419]

Two F-A-18 Super Hornets and two Royal Malaysian Air Force SU-30MKM-Flankers [4928 × 3264]

Two Finnish Jurmo-class landing crafts [1600x1043]

Two German Puma IFV on a range [1024 × 683]

Two Norwegian F-16s holding short at Ørland Main Air Station, Norway [OS] [3500x2074]

Two ODSTs from the 2nd Bn of the 105 OSD take a break during the battle of Pawa, Pakistan, 2552 [3268 x 2336]

Two PAK FAs [1258 × 821]

Two Rafale chasing a TIE fighter [2048x1363]

Two Russian Tu 160 Blackjack strategic bombers [2000 × 1500]

Two Su 34 bombers dropping bombs [2938 × 1959]

Two Swedish Air force Saab JAS 39 Gripens fly over the Swiss Alps [2880x1800]

Two Swedish girls I wouldn't want to fuck with [714x952]

Two Syrian Arab Air Force Mi-25 gunships during a military exercise in late 2011 [1100 x 506]

Two Syrian Arab Army T-72M1 tanks, with the portrait of president Bashar al-Assad in the middle. [960 x 720]

Two US Airforce TACP airmen from 10th Air Support Operations Squadron in Afghanistan.[1024 x 768]

Two US SF members in Syria [1500x1030]. Interesting to see the FN SCAR 17

Two USMC CH-53E infiltrating Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan 2012. [3,120 × 1,917]

Two female Syrian Arab Army snipers. [593x593]

Two members of the French CFST (Commandement des forces spéciales Terre), 2016 [1000x666]

Two soldiers from the danish royal lifeguard standing guard at a anti-ISIS conference in Denmark (x-post: r-Denmark) [1024x768]

Two unidentified snipers, in 'ghillie' suits, of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during an inspection by King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Elizabeth, Salisbury Plain, England, 17 May 1944. [600x630]

Typhoons from 121 EAW take off from RAF Akrotiri. [2400x1053]

U.S Army Special Forces soldiers at Firebase Cobra(now Tinsley), Afghanistan, circa 2009. [1280 x 720]

U.S. 14th Marines firing a Howitzer during the Second Battle of Fallujah, November 2004. [3072x2048]

U.S. Air Force Combat Controller of the 21st Special Tactics Squadron in Afghanistan.[1080 x 810]

U.S. Army 3rd Special Forces Group and an Airforce CCT in Afghanistan. [960x720]

U.S. Army 75th Rangers in Afghanistan. [576 x 720]

U.S. Army Delta Force, A Squadron, April 1980. [1071 x 855]

U.S. Army Engineers of the 1st Armored Division pose for an amazing picture [3300x2500]

U.S. Army Rangers from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment pose for a photo during task force training, 2014. [2048 x 1176]

U.S. Army Rangers hydrate with IVs on their way to rescue Marcus Luttrell. [736 x 552]

U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan [1080 x 1080]

U.S. Army Rangers show off the ladders they used to storm the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc, which they assaulted in support of Omaha Beach landings on D-Day, 6 June 1944. [2722 x 3272]

U.S. Army Special Forces soldier reenlisting in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan. [1080 x 1080]

U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers on a cold winter day in Afghanistan. [1080 x 810]

U.S. Army gunner firing the M240 down range. (2048x1360)

U.S. Army paratrooper with the 503rd Infantry Regiment performs body carries during training in Lithuania, November, 2016 - [1200 x 800]

U.S. Army soldier firing an XM25 air burst grenade launcher also known as 'The Punisher'[4,288 × 2,848]

U.S. Army soldiers firing a Howitzer in Afghanistan. [1200x823]

U.S. Army soldiers in four-wheel drive vehicles wait as bundles of fuel are air delivered by a C-17 Globemaster III to Forward Operating Base Waza K'wah in Paktika province, Afghanistan [2,464 × 1,643] Jan. 30, 2011

U.S. Coast Guard MSRT boats maneuver into formation during training on Chesapeake Bay, 2011. [1000x663]

U.S. DEVGRU and British SAS after a gun battle with Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan 14-9-2011 (615x800)

U.S. Fleet off Okinawa in 1945 [1200 x 750]

U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Christopher Prout with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 232, Marine Aircraft Group 11, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing shoots a AIM-7 Sparrow missile from a F-A-18C Hornet [1920 × 1080]

U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Michael Saldana corrects a recruit during a senior drill instructor inspection at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, May 6, 2011. [950 x 633]

U.S. Marine Sgt. Travis Riggs, with the Marine Security Augmentation Unit (MSAU), engages his target during a weapons field test of the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., Feb. 21, 2014 [3807 × 2510]

U.S. Marine in Vietnam, October 1966. [1200x781]

U.S. Marine in snowy forest, training in Lithuania, November, 2016 - [5760 x 3840]

U.S. Marine shaves during the siege of Khe Sanh, Vietnam War, 1968 - [900 x 608]

U.S. Marines conduct a VBSS exercise while training with the Sri Lankan Navy - [2500 x 1406]

U.S. Marines drive an M1A1 MBT to a forward operating base during Exercise Alligator Dagger, December 9, 2016 Arta Beach, Djibouti [2048x1365]

U.S. Marines fire a 105 mm howitzer at enemy Japanese positions in the ruins of the city of Naha during the Battle of Okinawa. June, 1945. [1150 x 822]

U.S. Marines publicity photo from 1918. [1280 × 635]

U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment fire at a target during night-combined arms training, November, 2016 - [3960 x 2228]

U.S. NSWDG Operators in Afghanistan [960x720]

U.S. Navy SEAL Team 3 laid back in Afghanistan. [1066 x 800]

U.S. Navy SEAL Team receives air support in the form of a Kiowa Helicopter [640×640]

U.S. Navy SEAL with a SCAR-H rifle [2.832px × 4.256px]

U.S. Navy SEALs Snipers in Afghanistan. (1280x960)

U.S. Navy SEALs with then First Lady Laura Bush. [1024 x 768]

U.S. Navy railway battery in France, circa 1918. [2520 x 1942]

U.S. Navy's Sea Shadow (IX-529) [3165x2160]

U.S. Paratroopers, their hair cut Mohawk-style, are briefed for the next day's jump across the Rhine. Arras, France. 1945. [1674x1998]

U.S. Special forces member 'Cowboy' at a excercise session with Afghani recruits, Afghanistan [800x600]

U.S. firebase near Mosul.[2.048x1.307]

U.S. forces use heavy equipment to pull a MiG-25R Foxbat-B from beneath the sands in Iraq on July 6, 2003. A U.S. military search team has uncovered several MiG-25s and Su-25 ground attack jets found buried at Al-Taqqadum airfield west of Baghdad. [720 x 540]

U.S. sailor performs maintenance on the gas turbine engine aboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey in the Arabian Gulf, December, 2016 - [4928 x 3280]

UH 60 Door gunner dismounts machine guns after mission.[680X1024]

US Air Force A-10A Thunderbolt II flying over Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm [3000 x 1982]

US Air Force B-2 Spirit stealth bomber takes off from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri [2688 x 3932]

US Air Force Pararescue (129th Rescue Wing) secure the rooftop for Urban Combat extraction [Exercise Angel Reign 2016, Townsville Australia][2514x3600]

US Apache and Danish Leopard working together, 2015 [1367x2048]

US Army Delta Force Major Thomas Greer(Dalton Fury) in Iraq. [960 x 720]

US Army LRRPs in Vietnam, 1967 - [1139 x 896]

US Army OH-58D Kiowa takes off to secure a supply route, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, 2011 [2100 x 1395]

US Army Ordnance engineer fires the prototype T47 rifle on full auto [1280x988]

US Army Prototype XM1296 ICV ('Stryker Dragoon') Upgunned Model by General Dynamics [1024x700]

US Army Rangers fan out after being inserted by a MH-6 Little Bird flown by the 160th SOAR. [1,280x853]

US Army Special Forces (?) members demonstrating martial arts in South Korea [2048 x 1462]

US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) rides on horseback - Kunduz Province, Afghanistan, 2002. [634x960]

US Army Special Forces Green Beret Soldier during an operations with Afghan commandos in Afghanistan, 2010. (2048x1361)

US Army Special Forces Sniper assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) [639 × 960]

US Army combat engineer watches for enemy movement from a staged attack position in an M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle [1200 x 800]

US Army paratroopers in Alaska firing a M119 105mm howitzer [4864 x 3483]

US Army sniper keeps watch near the Pakistan border as partner sleeps. Afghanistan, 2011 [4288 x 2848]

US Army soldier checking out an Estonian Rheinmetall MG 3 general-purpose machine gun [4032 x 3226]

US Army soldier in a training exercise with the Eestonians[2016 x 1370]

US Army soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division showcasing CBRN gear [4050 x 2700]

US Army soldiers training at Army Mountain Warfare School in Jericho, Vt [2048 x 1367]

US Coast Guard Pacific Law Enforcement Detachment Team approaching a Chinese fishing vessel [5568 x 3712]

US F-35B in Flight [2560x1600]

US Green Berets in Afghanistan, their record vs the Taliban is expressed on their Humvee [2,048x1,536]

US M1A2 Abrams with German Leopard 2A6 [2000 x 1325]

US Marine Raiders and Navy SARC in Afghanistan.[1080 x 873]

US Marine conducting urban warfare training, Republic of Korea [5760 x 3240]

US Marine drags wounded comrade during the battle of Hue, Vietnam, 1968 - [1038 x 539]

US Marine machine gunner opens up with his GPMG while training in Latvia [5184 x 3456]

US Marine sniper running with a Barrett .50 cal rifle during an operation in Afghanistan, 2013. [5,616×3,744]

US Marine uses string of chem lights to signal landing zone for V-22 Osprey [2000x1335]

US Marines Corps's V-22 Osprey on the deck of the french aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle for an interoperative experiment [1024 × 683 px]

US Marines and Navy sailors boarding a Sri Lanka Navy's Yuhai-class LST SLNS Shakthi (L-880). USS Somerset (LPD-25) can be seen in the background. [2500 x 1669]

US Marines conduct fast-rope training at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, Oct. 3 2016 [5335x3557]

US Marines debus from a Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle [5472 x 3648]

US Marines during KMEP 17-1 photo by Sgt Ibarra[2048 x 1365]

US Marines return fire against simulated enemies with the Weaponized Multi-Utility Tactical Transport vehicle. [1200x800]

US Navy Corpsman listening for North Vietnamese tunnels at Khe Sanh during Vietnam War, 1968 - [600 x 408]

US Navy DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class [5144 × 3840]

US Navy EOD team [4000 x 2662]

US Navy EOD technicians and South Korean SEALs-UDT exit a MH-53 off the Korean peninsula, 2015 [3285 x 2187]

US Navy F-A-18 Super Hornets flying with Malaysian Air Force Su-30MKM Flankers [1700 x 1133]

US Navy LCAC at the beach [6009 x 3306]

US Navy Operations Specialist 3rd Class inside the combat information center (CIC) of the USS Harpers Ferry (LSD-49) [4634 x 3084]

US Navy SEAL Brendan Looney pictured here with an interesting load in his utility pouch. He was KIA on 9-21-10, RIP [620x821]

US Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV KIA assisting Kurdish Peshmerga on May 3rd 2016. RIP. [276 x 400]

US Navy SEAL moments before a HALO Jump [900x600]

US Navy SEAL sporting a juicy setup during wintertime mountain training [2772×1842]

US Navy SEAL's demonstrate winter warfare capabilities for recruitment commercial in Mammoth Lakes, California [3.000px × 2.088px]

US Navy SEALs rest while two Black Hawk helicopters fly overhead, Shah Wali Kot district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan [800x522]

US Navy SEALs testing the SRSS 3rd gen. BullDog 762 [1024 ×683]

US Navy SEALs watch as an A10 Warthog approaches them to conduct a low pass flyby [1,600x1,200]

US Navy Seal Kevin Ebbert helping a small friend. He was KIA during combat operations in Afghanistan on 11-24-12, RIP [1384x1038]

US Navy sailors putting on anti-flash gear [2048 x 1365]

US SOF M-ATV near Khazr, Iraq at the beginning of the Mosul operation 17-10-16 [3686x2457]

US Sailors Aboard The Bush Makes Sure All Presents For ISIS Are Accounted For (1024x681)

US Sergeant Ken Kozakiewicz sobs as he learns that the bodybag at his feet contains his buddy. 20 y-o Andy Alaniz was killed by friendly-fire on one of the last days of the Gulf War. Feb. 27, 1991 [1021x684]

US Spec Ops on Night Operations in Afghanistan Hunting Suspected Taliban Operatives - 14-10-2013 [2000x1020]

US Special Forces Caricature, thanks a lot for the feedback guys. Next one is a Russian Spetsnaz! [2560x1440]

US Special Forces armed with MP-40s in Vietnam, Early 1960s [883 x 992]

US Special Forces in a picture revealed by the Libyan Air Force at Wattiya Air Base, Libya; Dec. 18 2015 [1200 x 676]

US Special Forces rapid reaction mobility capability vehicle program [1600 × 1040]

US Special Operators alongside French SAS during the Burkina Faso Attacks in West Africa, Jan 16, 2016 [3111x2333]

US Special Operators in Afghanistan, Date Unknown [960x960]

US and Canadian SOF hitching a ride on an MH-6 [1080 x 743]

US and Canadian soldiers fill the cargo area of a USAF C-17 Globemaster III, 2012 [4194 x 2796]

US and Canadian units playing tanks together during the 90s [1767 x 1119]

US and Jordanian SOF react as a binational response force as part of Exercise Eager Lion 2016, May 23 [4200 × 2800]

US and South Korean Marines firing their weapons in the rain [4776 x 3072]

US army soldier with his ural motorcycle in Iraq (1600x1200)

US navy seal in the mountains[767 × 504]

US soldier using natural vegetation in Afghanistan as a camouflage. [800 x 450]

US soldiers fighting during an ambush [630x418]

US, Polish forces conduct anti-tank cross-training [1800 x 1141]

USAF B-1B spotted flying over Kobane aka Ayn al-Arab, Syria [1027x684]

USAF Boeing X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle during encapsulation within the United Launch Alliance Atlas V 5-meter fairing. The fairing protects and carries the OTV into space [2100 x 1575]

USAF F-16 about to drop Rudolph the Red Nose GBU-38. Jordan, Dec 2015 [4160 x 2340]

USAF F-4C Phantom rocket attack on Vietnamese village (1966) [1680×1050]

USAF PJ's pick up a downed pilot in the Gulf War, 1990. (1754x1274)

USAF SSGT displays a shell used in the A-10 30mm Cannon, 1984 [1907x2948]

USMC CH-53E [1024x667]

USMC Cpl.Todd Love, a triple amputee, participates in the grueling 10.5km Spartan Race.(960x637)

USMC MV-22B Osprey conduct deck landing qualifications on Spanish amphibious assault ship Juan Carlos I (L-61), 2015 [4827 x 3218]

USMC MV-22B Ospreys flying near Mount Fuji, Japan [5000 x 2756]

USMC R5D (C54 Skymaster) [2804 × 1672]

USMC Scout Snipers talk to a shrub Kuantan, Malaysia, Dec. 17, 2008 [3712x2784]

USMC Sgt. Jason Pacheco, 23, scout sniper instructor, Division Schools, 1st Marine Division, from Las Vegas, N.M., uses his prosthetic leg as support for an M40 Sniper Rifle on a firing range at Camp Pendleton Aug. 30, 2011. [1800x1200]

USN Seal in the Mekong Delta with an Australian Owen SMG [647x1000]

USN carrier ordnance man surrounded by the tools of his trade aboard ship [1024 x 665]

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle in operation against ISIS [2048 x 1067]

USS Firebolt (PC-10) fires a Griffin missile during weapons proficiency training. Arabian Gulf, 2015 [4407 x 2975]

USS Iowa (BB-61) at the head of Battle Group Alpha, centered around the aircraft carrier Midway with escorts and supply ships, in 1987. [2324 × 1416]

USS Macon, a 'flying aircraft carrier' over New York [5,650×4,384]

USS North Carolina (BB-55) at first light [1600x918]

USS Shaw explodes behind sailors assessing damage to planes, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941 - [990 x 811]

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) [1386 × 1846]

USS Wisconsin parked at the end of the street [2330x1080]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [1431 × 1600]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [2257 × 2934]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) [2796 × 3797]

USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) steams in formation with USS Independence (LCS 2) and USS Bunker Hill (CG 52) on the final leg of her three-month journey to her new homeport in San Diego[4418 x 2941]

Ugandian Sukhoi Su-30MK2 [1280x960]

Ukrainian Army Hamsters Guarding their position [960x640]

Ukrainian BTR-4 'Bucephalus' during winter exercises, Jan, 2016 [1795x1205]

Ukrainian Kraz Cougar after a seperatist ambush [600x450]

Ukrainian Marines under Russian artillery fire - Shirokino, Ukraine - Jun 10 2016 - Photo by Dmitry Muravsky [2048 × 1365]

Ukrainian Soldier Taking a Selfie to Prove that the Ukrainian Army is Still Holding the Donetsk Airport, October 12th, 2014 [600x450]

Ukrainian girl with Dragunov sniper rifle (3504 x 2336)

Ukrainian paratroopers firing a truck-mounted ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun [4224 x 2157]

Ukrainian soldier testing new 'Varan' camo [960 x 579]

Ukrainian volunteer refilling his WW1 Maxim gun after intense fire-fight, Peski village, Ukraine, 2014 [2048x1433]

Underbelly of a Boeing AH-64 Apache [1280 × 1652]

Underwater launch of a BrahMos cruise missile [636 x 288, .gif]

Underwater vehicle in use by an Israeli Commando unit in 1967. [1019 × 714]

Unidentified Russian special troops soldier [917×845]

United States Air Force B-52H Stratofortress over Andersen AFB, Guam [2949 x 1900]

United States Air Force F-117 Nighthawks stand on the flight line with canopies raised following their return from Saudi Arabia where they took part in Operation Desert Storm [2810 x 1850]

United States Air Force F-16C and F-22A and Republic of Korea Air Force F-15K parked at Osan Air Base, South Korea [2048 x 1367]

United States Army paratrooper engages with a Lithuanian civilian in downtown Vilnius, Lithuania [3696 x 2448]

United States Coast Guard Cutter Taney, the last remaining ship afloat that fought in the attack on Pearl Harbor [2048x1536] [OC]

United States Navy Special Warfare Combat Crewman (SWCC) fires an M240. [2100x1500]

United States, Republic of Korea, and Royal Thai Recon Marines prepare for live fire exercise during Cobra Gold 2016 [1024 x 638]

Unknown B-17 Crewman, WWII [736 × 960]

Unusual payload under A-10 Thunderbolt II wing [1.280px × 960px]

Upgraded US Army Bradley Fighting Vehicles arrive in the port of Busan, South Korea, 2011 [2896 x 1944]

Upgraded version of unmanned combat ground vehicle 'Uran-9' on the 'ARMY-2016' forum. [1080x926]

Using mortars as pillows in Russian army [2048x1536]

V-22 Osprey [4256 × 2832]

V-22 Osprey on the French Mistral-class amphibious assault ship L9013 Mistral [1170 × 778]

VT4 MBT-3000 Norinco main battle tank China [1032x581]

VW Touareg with mounted MG3 - German Military Police (Feldjäger) [1600x1200]

Vanessa Dobos - first female aerial gunner in the USAF (2002) [1676x1197]

Various warships and submarines during RIMPAC 2016 [4128x1931]

Venezuelan Air Force Flankers [2048x1149]

Venezuelan Army [1600x1067]

Venezuelan F-16 [3127 × 2142]

Venezuelan navy Avante class oceanic patrol ship 'Yekuana' [2953x2098]

Very cool model of Russian Borei class SSBN [947px × 1.024px]

Very large US Navy Carrier Battle Group. [1920x1080]

Victoria Cross recipient Corporal Willie Apiata, NZ SAS after a firefight in Kabul, January 2010 [1200x800]

Victoria Cross recipient Willie Apiata, NZ SAS, on patrol in Afghanistan circa 2004 [550x360]

Vietnam era USAF T-28 Trojan parked in Northwest Georgia

Vietnamese Su-30MK2V formation landing [1920x1080]

Vietnamese Su-30MK2V underside view during training ops [2048x1536]

Vietnamese pilots and their Su-30MK2V multirole fighters, late 2016 [2048x1156]

View from the russian submarine bridge [1024x683]

View of the earth as seen from the SR-71 Blackbird at approximately 83000 ft [1280 × 839]

Visby class corvette [1200 × 801]

Visiting Swedish Soldiers try out Russian AK-74's during a joint exercise [1000x541]

Visiting a friend at Riverside National Cemetery. [970x527]

Visiting the grave of her brother [3500x2382]

Volk Field Open House visitors wait patiently for an opportunity to tour the cockpit of a B-1 Lancer bomber [1800 × 1196]

WW1 Chemical Warfare [800x792]

WW2 Churchill compared to current Challenger mk2 (1881x991)

WWI austro-hungarian air force gunner with 10 Mauser C96 pistols [675x673]

WWII --- German soldier lights his cigarette with a flamethrower (Eastern Front - 1941) [680x1010]

WWII Motocycle Buried in the Forest [640X448]

WWII RAF Vickers Wellington equipped with a huge electromagnet used for safely detonating naval mines. [800x544]

WWII-era Canadian 'Skink' anti-aircraft tank based on M4 Sherman chassis [960 x 775]

WWII-era Soviet experimental tank destroyer ZIS-41 armed with 57mm ZIS-2 anti-tank gun [1024×768]

War photographer starter pack. [2048x1365]

We all know this hero. Major Salam of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces during the battle of Mosul.[1.996x1.334]

West German BGS, Rifle Grenade training with G1 [960x768]

West German Bundesgrenzschutz on an excercise 1955 [830x614]

What happens when you land on a different aircraft carrier [751x600]

What the future US Navy looked like in in the 1970s (x-post -r-warshipporn)[469x564]

When you NEED a serious gun on a Humvee. Syria, 2014. It looks like a single 23 mm GSh autocannon from ZPU-23-2 AA mount. [720x960]

When you really badly want to own a F-15 [960X720]

When your silencer is bigger than the weapon - German ACS M109 fitted with a silencer [480X406]

White Phosphorous Bomb Hits Ship in 1921 (dropped from Martin NBS-1)

Whoa! - Naval Airpower 100th anniversary paint job on an F18 [1200x812]

Wiesel with 20mm cannon [3840x2160]

Wingtip vortices off an Airbus A400M Grizzly [1,400 x 958]

Winter patrol at the Korean DMZ [4928 x 3280]

Women of the IDF [1266x845]

World's only two airworthy Lancasters fly with the only airworthy Vulcan bomber [2048x1365]

Worthy of both r-MilitaryPorn and r-EarthPorn, a fantastic shot of a B-2 Sprit and it's F-22 Raptor escort over the coastline of Guam. [1920x1080]

Wreckage of a Hellenic Army AH-64DHA Apache helicopter that crashed into the sea during a training exercise [2298 x 1467]

XB-70 with dropped wingtips at high speed.[4698x3159]

XB-70, a 50 year old bomber from the future.[1264x1024]

YPJ fighter takes down ISIS poster in recently captured Al-Hawl. [960 × 640]

Yak-130 in Light Attack configuration [1400x946]

Yazidi volunteers receiving military training from the Kurdish YPG militia [1360 x 900]

Young german soldiers stand in a line [578x800]

Zapfenstreich at the Naval Academy Mürwik [3000x2000]

Zveno flying aircraft carrier, USSR [1200x508]

[1280X846] An elite mechanised Norwegian Army infantry unit called The Telemark Battalion 'disappearing' during a training mission in 2012. They wear the Punisher skull patch, yell 'To Vallhalla' before they go into combat and sing viking songs when burying their comrades.

[1600 x 1049] Mel Gibson recently became an honorary member of the Irish Army's 2nd Brigade Artillery Regiment

[2000 × 979] Modern AK Rifle upgrades chart

[2100X1395] An F-22 Raptor fresh off the line heads over to the paint facility.

[3,240 × 2,376] The Most Heavily Armored Ground Vehicle In Service

[OC] MKVII 16-Inch Battleship gun [4496x3000]

[OS] B-52 'tracks', seen from a US Army helicopter in South Vietnam [640 x 474]

[OS] Canadian infantrymen advance up stairs while dodging sniper fire in Campochiaro, Italy in 1943. [1200 × 904]

[OS] Flares from planes light a field covered with dead and wounded of ambushed battalion of the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division in the Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam, on November 18, 1965, during a fierce battle that had been raging for days (source in comments) [990 x 654]

[OS] German Wachbataillon during a state occasion [6.000x4.000]

[OS] Press service of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant has published the first pictures of the Sukhoi T-50-8 prototype (more inside link)[1000x667]

[OS] SF troops unload supply bird at top-secret MACV-SOG radio relay site code-named Leghorn, call-sign 'Heavy Drop'. Located inside southern Laos, it was the brainchild of RT Colorado One-Zero George Sisler, who was posthumously awarded the MoH while serving in SOG [1118 x 755]

[OS] Wehrmacht machine gunner with MG34 in the Eastern Front snow [600 x 375]

[f]35 - Both holes open for you with beautiful view from underneath [1024 x 805]

drone catcher in afghanistan - Bundeswehr Luna Drone [3427 × 2285]

india's newly developed combat UAV Rustom 2 during its maiden flight[960 × 639]

indian army soldier during a joint ex with russian army[1300 × 955]

israeli pilot with f-35 helmet[776 × 970]

lunch break in a norwegian self-propelled howitzer (2048X1367)

nEURON [3720 x 2480]

norwegian soldier driving a tank with the Oculus Rift. (990x1080)

« Ration de fête », French combat meal especially made for end of year (1 024 px × 682 px)

“You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you...' - June 6, 1944 [4890x2755]