$27mil apartment looking over Central Park, NY [1600x1066]

$29million Duplex penthouse in SoHo [1000x667]

'His and hers' bathroom with dual showers that look onto a stone fireplace. [1597 × 2100]

'Lounge 17,' a room specially designed for a hotel in Incheon, South Korea [2400×1600]

'The Red Hall' in Schloss Ramholz, a German castle near Frankfurt [902 x 599]

'Winter Wonderland' table [xpost-pics] [1536 x 1536] [Northern USA]

100-year-old carriage doors open onto the master bathroom in this home in Vermont. [978 × 866]

17th C canal house with a modern touch [960x650]

1970's house gets a makeover, featuring a hexagonal living room with exposed joists and a painted stone hearth. [1000 × 930]

19th Century Sea Captain’s Home Converted into Modern Santorini Cave [721x479]

432 Park Ave. For starters, each apartment has a marble shower that overlooks Manhattan. More photos inside. [1200x1200]

432 Park Avenue New York [1024x768]

704 Square Foot Home in Oregon [2005x2048]

9 Car Garage in Tokyo. Album in comments. [1150 x 763]

A 'Classic Swedish Styled Living Room' [1600×1201]

A 580 sqft Hollywood Apartment. Album in comments [960 x 1200]

A 75-foot-long pool winds its way along the lower level of this house in Columbus, Ohio (580x712)

A Beautiful attic room with Cape Cod view [1200×1800]

A Beautifully Crafted Wooden Spiral Staircase [950x1300]

A Breathtaking View [1200x797]

A Cool Bookshelf Doorway [572 × 890]

A Cozy Fireplace & Warm, Wood Interior encourages year-round use of this Craftsman Sun Room [2048 × 2560]

A Cozy Living Room [1590x1050]

A Lounge Room in a Villa by the Seaside.[989x663]

A New York City apartment with Corinthian columns and ceilings over 20-ft high [OS] [964×636] Photographed by Evan Joseph

A Place to Read [2470x1920]

A Place to the Enjoy Texas' Spring Weather [1500x987] {MoreInComments}

A Room In The Forest [900 x 600]

A School bus turned into a home [499x596]

A Strong Kitchen full of Stone, Large Wood Beams, and Metal Accents [2560 × 1706]

A Treehouse Bathroom [533x800]

A Well Organized Staircase [375 × 453]

A Whirlpool Tub in front of a Fireplace next to a Walk in Shower in a large Bathroom [558 × 762]

A Work-Rest Niche [1920x1440]

A bathroom in the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul [2048×1536]

A bathroom overlooking Gordons Bay in Australia [2000×1340]

A bathroom overlooking the mountains of Utah [1043×1259]

A bathroom with large mirrors and windows overlooking the courtyard of the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Ghana [2560×1280]

A beachfront a-frame house on Fire Island, New York has a twisting staircase through the center of the home. [1024 × 1510]

A beautiful house built with the respect for nature in mind. [750x493]

A beautiful library wrapped in mahogany wood has a second floor that wraps around the entire room, with a billiards room adjacent to it. [990 × 660]

A beautiful office view [838px × 600px]

A beautiful porch on a magnificent Bali hillside. Can't imagine a more perfect place for your morning cup of coffee. [1440x900]

A beautiful wedding chapel in Hiroshima, Japan [800x597]

A bedroom in the Iniala Beach House in Thailand [2880×1920] Photo by Kurt Alan Heck

A bedroom overlooking a river in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [3954×2785]

A bright and colourful living and dining area in a house in Edinburgh [1200×1200]

A bright danish style workspace [960×639]

A bright kitchen and dining area with doors opening out onto a balcony [1280×854]

A bright, exotic living room and library in Brooklyn, New York [1000×651] Designed by Nick Olsen, Photographed by Pieter Estersohn

A church in Italy that has been converted into a bar and lounge [1096×1096] Photographed by Andrea di Martino

A clear glass box contains a full bathroom in between the master bedroom and the study on the second level of this penthouse on the Upper East Side of New York City. An inner layer of the glass can be activated to turn the walls opaque, providing privacy (see pics in comment). [2000 × 1333]

A comfortable bedroom with floor-to-top window. [800x1066]

A cozy home library containing ~5000 books [1523x1898]

A cozy reading nook in Tel Aviv, Israel [1200 × 1850]

A cozy reading room & library [1203 x 799]

A different angle of the living room, overlooking Lake Cheongpyeong in South Korea [900×1139]

A dramatic spiraling staircase comprised of multiple oak strips is the centerpiece of the bar area in the restaurant Brasserie des Haras located in Strasbourg, France. [1200 × 1733]

A former mill in Yorkshire with old machinery still in the kitchen [1,024×682]

A gorgeous, bright 4 seasons porch in a historic Philadelphia Home [OC][4243x2828]

A gothic sitting room. [1800x1200]

A guest room in Castel Valer in Italy [850x637]

A hammock hangs from wooden beams in the living area of a Stockholm apartment [1170×781]

A high ceiling and accents of gold and marble at the Duchess restaurant in Amsterdam [1540×944]

A home library in an opulent penthouse overlooking the port of Monte Carlo [OS] [1000×680] Photographed by Andrew Twort (Mirror in comments)

A home office with quite the view [2000 x 1347]

A horseshoe shaped bar entirely covered in gold leaf and a custom globe pendant at The Clocktower restaurant in NYC [1024 × 1367]

A hotel in Norway [3397x2333]

A kitchen in a historical cabin keeps to its roots while introducing modern touches in this home in Ennis, Montana. The cabin was built in 1917 by a man involved in the construction of the Old Faithful Lodge. [3872 × 2592]

A kitchen without cabinets [1500x2097] photo by Alec Hemer

A koi pond next to the kitchen located in Singapore [1920 × 2880]

A library is distinguished by being wrapped in turquoise in this home located in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Designed by Architect Pedro Gadanho. [800 × 747]

A light and airy bedroom in a Finnish timber house built in 1910. [1064x1600]

A living room in Ryumijae gallery house, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [634×800]

A living room in one of Paris’s grandest apartments [1126×751]

A living room with folding doors leading out onto the patio near Carmel, CA [1050×739] By Feldman Architecture, Photographed by Joe Fletcher (MIC)

A lovely reading room with a view of a rain forest [500x583]

A manly apartment [500x697]

A minimalist hotel room inspired by traditional aesthetics in Jeju Island, South Korea [1480×2220]

A mix of industrial and modern located in Nichada Village in Bangkok, Thailand [2000 x 1333]

A modern, light-filled kitchen in a West Village townhouse [1000 × 812]

A penthouse in the heart of Istanbul [2000×1465] Photographed by Koray Erkaya (MIC)

A platform bed is tucked into the eaves of an attic with exposed beams. [1024 x 1536]

A polished concrete kitchen. Flower House by EZZO, Portugal [1600x1067]

A reading room in the Bibliothèque Mazarine in Paris [OS] [1333×1000] by Franck Bohbot

A relaxing personal spa with windows to nature [OC][4242x2828]

A renovated home in Barcelona that was once a 'milk shop' [2000×1331] Photo: Eva Cotman, Lluís Corbella

A renovated nearly 100 year old house in Phoenix, Arizona [2364×1689]

A room in 'Hyunam,' designed by Seung H-Sang, overlooking the mountains of Gunwi, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea [OS] [468×203]

A room in 'The Upper House,' a hotel in Hong Kong [1800×2400]

A room in Four Seasons Hotel Seoul overlooking downtown Seoul, South Korea. [1920×1280]

A room in Odongjae, a modified traditional Korean housing built as a hotel, Yeosu, South Korea [OS] [753×423]

A room in an office building in Shanghai, China with glass from wall to wall [2000×1333] By AIM Architecture; Photographed by Jerry Yin

A room with a Map Floor [640x600]

A serene Singaporean shop house recently renovated and restored [1680x2247]

A shower with a view in this mountain lodge located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. [1200 × 1562]

A simple modern loft [1702 x 1054]

A sitting area in a lounge in Hotel Shilla Seoul, South Korea [2000×1349]

A sitting area leading out onto the balcony of a townhouse in New York [1553×1045]

A skylight dominates the living room of a home in an old factory building in Copenhagen [1124×1500] Photographed by Kristian Septimius Krogh

A small sunken bath with glass walls surrounded by a bamboo garden and a slatted larch screen covered shower room in a renovated ground floor apartment, Clapton, London, United Kingdom [1333×2000]

A stair with a tree handrail [648x436]

A staircase by Leonardo da Vinci [445x676]

A table for five at White Rabbit, a restaurant on the 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage building in Moscow [2000×1000]

A tree in a house [1280 x 855]

A villa in Positano, Italy features a ceramic tile ribbon covered in 18th and 19th century tiles that descends from the ceiling, forms a bench, spans the floor, folds down into the dining room to become the table and then ascends back up to the ceiling. [2000 x 2000] [OS]

A vintage bathtub and radiator are surrounded by luxurious marble and tile in this apartment in Prague. [2000 x 3000]

A wooden lounge facing Lake Winnipeg, Victoria Beach, Manitoba, Canada [1500×1000]

AKIN Barber & Shop offers a clean, updated approach to the traditional barbershop located at Burj Al Salam tower, Dubai. [1280 × 971]

Absolutely Perfect Suburban Backyard - Enveloping Foliage, Fire Pit, & Cozy, Screened Pavilion (away from bugs) [2560 x 1710]

Airstream Interior [1275x850]

All white loft [2,000 x 912] Album in comments

All wood office [564x846]

All-in-One Living Room [540x635]

All-in-one room in this country house located in Masuria, Poland. [1024 × 683]

Aman Tokyo, Japan [7360 × 4912]

Amazing Loft Bedroom Design [508X339]

Amazing UK loft [2000x1500]

Amazing custom steam shower tucked into the roof line of this renovated 1923 English Tudor home in Southern California. [1024 × 819]

Amazing home gym overlooking the Snake River in this converted barn home in Wilson, Wyoming. [1680 × 1200]

Amazing house in the woods [X-post from r-pics] [900x600] (Album in Comments)

Amazing living room, Bat-Yam, Israel [3264x2448]

Amazing master bedroom in the Echo Brickell in Miami, FL [5000x3000]

Amazing view to top off an amazing flat [1600 × 1067]

Amazingly cozy room. [6481x3361] [X-Post from -r-trees]

Amherst Poolhouse [1600x1067]

Amsterdam Artist Studio [1500x1000]

Amsterdam loft apartment living room in sight of de Koepelkerk [2300 x 1509]

An Amazing Home Office [640x744]

An apartment in Stockholm [1024×683]

An apartment in The Number 6, the renovation of Palazzo Valperga Galleani in Torino, Italy [2000×1333] Designed by Building Engineering; Photographed by Piero Ottaviano

An apartment in the Marais district of Paris, with decor inspired by vintage finds and antiques [960×640] Photographed by Joel Ekman

An apartment on the second floor of Palazzo Fendi in Rome [1259×944] Designed by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, of Dimore Studio; Photographed by Matteo Piazza

An eclectic baroque modern living room in London [1024×683]

An elegant kitchen in a renovated London townhouse [600×900]

An empty Boeing 757 Cargo Jet [1080x718]

An empty boeing 787 [2048x1367]

An indoor pool in a resort in Gapyeong County, South Korea [1196×604]

An indoor pool with mosaic walls in Big Sur, California [2048×1365] Photographed by Tim Gupta

An indoor skate bowl in an 'urban man cave' [1499×1000] Photo by Riaan West

An open plan living room and kitchen in Portland, Oregon [1600×1067] Photographed by Lincoln Barbour

An open plan living space in a contemporary home overlooking the Quebec countryside [2000×1333] By Bourgeois-Lechasseur Architectes; Photographed by Alexandre Guilbeault

Anechoic Chamber [1024 × 680] (x-post -r-woahdude)

Angular walls and corners make trees appear inside of this Brazilian rainforest home [1000 x 625]

Another awesome studio apartment. [550x825]

Apartment Refurbishment [2000x1333]

Apartment in Paris renovated by Margaux Beja [768x576] (x-post from -r-ScandinavianInterior)

Apartment in Singapore [800x533]

Aquatic Center in Courchevel (1500 x 1000)

Art Deco at it's most Beautiful. Singapore - Parkview Square [5140x3140]

Art Nouveau Pharmacy in Barcelona [427x640]

Art Nouveau staircase, House Tassel, Brussels by Victor Horta [1157x1650]

Artist Kimsooja transformed the Crystal Palace of Madrid with diffraction film and a mirror floor [800x1070]

Artist studio with glass set in the work bench-table so you can view the stream and bridge below the house. [1,000 x 589]

Artist's Studio [760x949]

Artist's studio with a literal wall (and partial ceiling) of natural light. [900 × 1124]

As a result of Muslims not being allowed to imitate the creations of Allah, meaning they can't draw or depict animate beings, their Mosques are decorated with astounding patterns instead. [2048 x 1146]

As far as the eye can see [1107x673]

Aspen Springs Ranch [1800x1200]

Attended a Toledo Symphony event at Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, OH (cell phone quality) [2048 x 1152]

Attic Apartment [1280 x 855]

Attic Apartment in Stockholm, Sweden [1000x660]

Attic Hideaway [1024x684]

Attic apartment with Scandinavian decor features a window nook perfect for having tea or breakfast. [1067 × 1600]

Australian Beach House [972x648]

Avalon Lighthouse with beautiful bedroom [940x600]

Awesome Australian Penthouse (1,920 x 1,243)

Awesome Beach House Sydney, Australia (2,000 x 1,333)

Awesome fish tank integration [616x462]

Awesome outdoor view in a home in Venice, California [1920x2369]

Bachelor Attic Workspace - Bedroom [2003x1154]

Bachelor Pad [1024x683]

Bachelor apartment [720x720]

Bachelor pad loft [991 x 1200]

Back porch fireplace [1000x821]

Backyard Patio in San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, a coastal area in the state of Sonora, Mexico (800x1012)

Backyard patio with fireplace [1200 x 800]

Balcony at Faena House in Miami [2516x1270]

Balcony porn? [650x564]

Ballroom in Eggenberg Palace, Graz, Austria. [2500x1667]

Bamboo Bedroom in Bali [1500x998]

Bamboo accented modern kitchen [1200x623]

Bar and dining area featuring six-metre high ceilings and incredibly detailed Edwardian stucco ornamentation in The London Edition, a spectacular hotel redesigned by Ian Schrager in London. [1500 × 1746]

Bar and seating area for the 'Melrose Umbrella Company'. The back bar is designed after an old-fashtioned apothecary. ]1000 x 667]

Bar in the Ian Schrager-designed hotel, London EDITION, features a carved ceiling, marble floors and a dark walnut bar. [1500 x 2020]

Bar of Le Meridien Zhengzhou Design and Research Office in China [2000 x 2004]

Barn Home kitchen-dining, Iowa,US [1500x1000]

Barnwood Kitchen in Remodeled '50s Beach Shack overlooking the Channel Islands - Santa Barbara, CA [2560 × 1706]

Bath with a view - Kandolhu Island [540 x 810]

Bathroom features a raised tub and subway tiles in this SoHo apartment. [800 × 1009]

Bathroom features a wooden bathtub in front of a wall of encaustic tiles. [1280 × 1707]

Bathroom illuminated by the sun [2576 x 1932]

Bathroom in Ponta Dos Ganchos resort in Brazil [1920x1080]

Bathroom in Transylvania. [800 x 534]

Bathroom located in Vaalwater, South Africa [1600 x 1000]

Bathroom opening up to a koi pond [511x768]

Bathroom with a soft, warm atmosphere [1297x970]

Bathroom with a view of Los Angeles [1000 x 671]

Bathroom with glass floor over abandoned elevator shaft [533x800]

Bathroom[2000 x 1333] [MIC]

Bathtub in an open air minimalist bathroom, Marbella, Province of Málaga, Spain [4320×3240]

Bathtub with a snowy view [1000x667]

Beach bungalo in Cape Town, South Africa looks out onto the rocky coast. [690 x 1035]

Beach house bedroom in the forest, Praia do Felix, Brazil [905×1200]

Beach house kitchen [564x846]

Beach house living room in Marina Del Rey, CA [4256 x 2832]

Beams, beams and more beams [620×413]

Beautiful Art Deco inspired foyer in a Mercer Island home designed by Kelly Wearstler. [2000 × 2500]

Beautiful Book Room with reading chair [568 × 857]

Beautiful Mexican home (1,019 x 675)

Beautiful Mid Century Modern Living Room [1200x900]

Beautiful Open Shower-Bath Concept with Plants [500x700] (x-post from -r-pics)

Beautiful Stockholm Loft [1,055 x 702] Album in comments

Beautiful View of the Open Land by Feldman Architecture. Santa Lucia Preserve of Carmel, California. [1559 × 1168]

Beautiful Wooden Staircase with matching Wooden Spiral Art [484 × 731]

Beautiful and bright living area in a house in Dutchess County, New York. [1390 x 1197]

Beautiful arched windows and wooden ceiling, overlooking Mijas in Spain. [1024x683]

Beautiful attic room with Cape Cod view. [1200 × 1800]

Beautiful bar and wine cellar [1200x735]

Beautiful design with a hint of retro [860 x 635]

Beautiful kitchen features exposed brick, natural wood floors, and green tile to soak in the light from the back wall in this home in Göteborg, Sweden. [1024 × 769]

Beautiful light filled loft space in Amsterdam [3000 x 2000][OS]

Beautiful living room with mid-century flair looks out on to the Queensland coast. [1800 × 1272]

Beautiful open air sitting area in this home located in Victoria, Australia. [1500 × 1000]

Beautiful sitting area looks out onto the mountains through floor-to-ceiling glass windows in this modern ski chalet in Zermatt, Switzerland. [1920 x 1200]

Beautiful staircase accentuates this huge family room [1600 × 1059]

Beautiful, breezy bedroom overlooking a private pool in Trancoso, Brazil. [1024 x 707].

Beautiful, bright sitting area in a cottage on Pender Island, British Columbia. [750 × 978]

Beautiful, open living and dining space with lots of glass and exposed wood in this converted 19th century barn located in the Hudson Valley, NY. [800 x 600]

Beautiful, warm sitting area features a glass wall to take in the view of the mountains in this ski lodge located in Truckee, California. [1280 × 850]

Beautifully Remodeled Trailer [710 x 494]

Beautifully appointed sitting area located in a garden setting in Woollahra, New South Wales. [800 x 600]

Bed room with its own pool [900x709]

Bedroom Interior Level : Fantasy [2000x1331] X-Post r-Travel_HD

Bedroom [1000 x 667]

Bedroom features angled, floor-to-ceiling glass walls providing a view of Lake Austin in Austin, Texas. [1800 × 1197]

Bedroom from Deck House designed by Choo Gim Wah Architect [800 x 533]

Bedroom in Aspen, CO [850 x 784]

Bedroom in Prague, Czech Republic [1240 x 1653]

Bedroom in a Loft [1240 × 1548]

Bedroom in a beach house [680 × 436] [MIC]

Bedroom in a beach house that opens right up the beach in Queensland, Australia. [1500 × 1087]

Bedroom in a converted warehouse in Shoreditch, London. [1024 x 1280]

Bedroom in a floating house designed by Myitr Malcew [964x570]

Bedroom in a loft apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria features a wardrobe whose front panel is made to resemble an old leather suitcase. [1200 x 864]

Bedroom in a modern cottage located in Sebastopol, California. [667 x 1000]

Bedroom in a modern loft apartment, formerly a commercial building, with an arcing steel beam roof line in Kiev, Ukraine. [3500 × 3795]

Bedroom in a private villa in Tulum, Mexico looks out onto the Caribbean. [1500 x 1013]

Bedroom in an industrial loft apartment in San Francisco. [1050 x 700]

Bedroom in renovated 12th Century Oil Mill located in Western Spain. [600 x 750]

Bedroom of “Flexhouse” in Switzerland [1900x1267]

Bedroom situated in the eaves is wrapped in wood in this former barn located in Bridgehampton, New York. [2000 × 1347] [OS]

Bedroom suite puts you in the landscape, Quebec, Canada [1044 x 551]

Bedroom with a large spiral window in an apartment inside a converted 17th-century Swedish brewery. [1200 × 630]

Bedroom with a view [1024 x 772]

Bedroom with a view [1200 x 718]

Bedroom with a view [1920 x 1058]

Bedroom with a view [2000 x 997]

Bedroom with a view [2000x1333] [MIC]

Bedroom with a view in a log cabin formerly owned by Howard Hughes [600x400]

Bedroom with an exposed brick wall and black wooden floor [500×750]

Bedroom with glass floor in Ubud, Indonesia [4256 x 2832]

Bedroom with its own loft [480×720]

Bedroom with quick access to the fridge [1400 x 933]

Bedroom with quite a view [1559 x 1070]

Bedroom with view of the beach [1000 × 1500]

Bedroom with wrap-around porch [1200 x 800]

Belarus Loft (1,600 x 900)

Best Majestic View from a Public Bathroom [594 × 743]

Beverly Hills Living Room (940 x 705)

Big Great Room with a Pagoda style roof [900x597]

Billiards Room, 432 Park Avenue, NYC [1200x1200]

Billiards room in a home incorporated into a working barn. [1280 × 972]

Black & White Bathroom, London [1600x1200]

Black Steel and bricks [1200x1800]

Black and white attic bedroom [1200x800]

Black mirrored flooring (designed to resemble water) and arched shelves create a tunnel of books inside a Chinese book store in Yangzhou. [2000 × 1403]

Bookshelves with globes in a restaurant in Athens [1528x1190]

Bookstore in the medieval town of Óbidos, Portugal [1280x854][oc]

Brazilian Home Theater (975 x 649)

Breakfast nook just screams 'comfort food.' Who wants pancakes? [1920x1080]

Bridge of the 'Vertigo' Sailing Yacht. Pic of Yacht in comments. [800x533]

Bright French Chalet [1024x681]

Bright attic kitchen preserves the original wooden joists in this apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. [1152 × 769]

Bright bathroom features a clawfoot tub and exposed joists in this renovated 1902 home now serving as a bed and breakfast in Trentham, Australia. [700 × 957]

Bright breakfast nook with built-in storage in a home in Cedar Lake near Minneapolis. [1920 × 1280]

Bright eat-in kitchen with garden windows and granite counter tops [1920 × 1280]

Bright kitchen and dining room [1920x1080]. Album in comments

Bright kitchen features shaker style cabinets, natural hardwood floors and a Marmara marble island. [1280 × 853]

Bright kitchen uses a pleasing mix of white materials in this home in A Coruña, Spain. [1024 × 1365]

Bright kitchen with 20-foot ceilings in this home in Williamsburg, NY. [1578 × 1050]

Bright kitchen with dark wooden floors and a reclaimed wooden island in this home in British Columbia. [850 × 1055]

Bright living space uses recycled timber furnishings to offset the sleek concrete construction of this home in Freshwater Creek, Victoria. [2000 × 1239]

Bright master bedroom uses sliding, reclaimed doors to serve as a movable sunscreen in this home in Cape Town. [924 × 653]

Bright room. [1000×667]

Bright sitting area with a wood-burning fireplace in this home in Munich, Germany. [2100 × 1391]

Bright sitting room in a renovated farmhouse in the Spanish Pyrenees. [1024 x 785]

Bright two-story great room in a contemporary House in Araras, Brazil. [832 x 523]

Bright, Natural Light fills a Warm Brick + Wood Kitchen [2560 x 1706]

Bright, clean kitchen with cathedral ceilings in a large home in North Carolina. [849 x 1225]

Bright, large kitchen with stone walls and rough-hewn beams and trusses in this home in Jackson, Wyoming. [1000 × 667]

Bright, open kitchen features a vaulted roof, herringbone wood floor and industrial lights over the counter island. [1050 × 629]

Bright, open kitchen with ceiling-height steel windows and exposed joists in this new home in Alabama. [1600 × 1065]

Bright, open living area with a vaulted ceiling and central fireplace in this home in Austin, Texas. [1390 × 1390]

Brightly lit living room under a vaulted ceiling with a bookshelf wall, Bangalore, Karnataka, India [2000×2528]

Bringing nature into your living room [948 x 622]

Bringing the outside in with wood, natural light and lakeshore views [1500x998]

Brooklyn Penthouse Bathroom Overlooks Manhattan. [1240x826]

Built-in bookshelves surround a doorway leading into a living room. [740 × 979]

Burger King in a large Art Nouveau hall of the Helsinki railway station. [2700 x 1800 px]

Cabin Fever [1150x860]

Cabin Living Room with Loft [1221x1800]

Cabin in the Woods [950x634]

Cabin overlooking a norwegian fjord [ 980 x 1470 ]

Cabin with a perfect view of the pond in Newberg, Oregon [600x400]

California Industrial Bathroom [2000 x 1333]

Carbon Fiber Bathtub (2,000 x 1,279)

Carousel bar in the Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans; [960 x 580]

Carved stone tub at a luxury hotel in Marrakech. [1117×1600]

Cave bedroom [770 x 513][MIC]

Central Fireplace in a Renovated 18th Century Barn [1200x1798]

Central living area opens onto a courtyard and pool area in this home located in Bangkok, Thailand. [1200 × 800]

Cesana Torinese, Italian Ski Resort [1006 x 756]

Chalet Edelweiss Ski Resort in the French Alps [1800x1013]

Chalet living room with a view in Leogang, Austria [1280 x 680]

Charcoal, weathered office [600x826]

Charming 600 sq. ft. (55 sqm) apartment with stone walls and lots of light. [1600 x 1065]

Charming dining room featuring many vintage fixtures and pieces of furniture in a former silk merchant’s house in Stroud, Gloucestershire. [2400 × 1600]

Charming sitting area in a traditional English cottage located in Cornwall. [1500 × 999]

Charming sitting area whose shelves are filled with things to read or listen to in this home in Göteborg. [1024 x 769]

Chatsworth House library, a good balance between grandeur and homeliness [680x466] [OS]

Chic 1920s Portland Kitchen [1400x933]

Chicago condo untouched since the 1970s hits the market for $158,000 (x-post r-pics)

Chocolate & White Kitchen in this Brooklyn Brownstone [5615x3744]

Christmas room (x-post -r-cozyplaces) [1152x864]

Christmas room [1152 × 864]

Church in Wattens, Austria By Suryanarayanan Manian [1024x768]

Cindy's Rooftop Restaurant, Chicago, nominated for a James Beard award for Outstanding Restaurant Design [2048x1536]

Circular Living Room with plenty of books [564 × 846]

Circular Stairs, like it naturally dropped from the Ceiling [574 × 446]

Circular Stairs, like it naturally dropped from the Ceiling[574 X 446]

Circular sitting area partially enclosed by revolving wooden doors which can be opened to create an outdoor space in this home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [1000 × 1500]

Classically appointed kitchen has a checkerboard marble floor in this house in Madrid. [800 × 1093]

Clean lines with a view to an exterior terrace [988x740].

Clock Tower Penthouse [3600x2396]

Clocktower Loft (1385×927)

Coastal NorCal views through Panoramic Bay Windows -featuring the Biggest Stone Fireplace You could ask for [990 x 592]

Colorado Kitchen with wrap around windows [1,600 x 1,064]

Comfortable Conservatory [2048 x 1536]

Comfortably Calming Napa Valley Bedroom with Beautifully Warm, Vaulted Wood Ceiling & Soothing Color Palette [1916 × 2560]

Comfy movie theater [634 x 423]

Comfy, dimly lit, brick-interior loft (500 x 500)

Compact Moroccan bedroom [462 × 600] [OS]

Compact house concealed with a shutter in Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil [2280×1520]

Composer Hans Zimmer's Studio [1170x758]

Concrete and Trees [940x1385]

Condo overlooking the bay bridge. San Francisco. [1618x1140]

Conservatory of the residence of Carlos Maria de Alvear 'Palacio sans souci' by Rene Sergent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1918. Source: [1030x583]

Contemporary Living Room with 2 Story Ceilings in Nashville [902x642]

Contemporary Living room with slanted ceiling and huge loft [700x467]

Contemporary Office [3260x2440]

Contemporary Sun Room [2076x1554]

Contemporary attic apartment in Paris makes the most of its cramped space by leaving the upstairs loft space open. [1220 × 1834]

Contemporary barn-style home features a beautiful view of the outside, located in Chileno Valley, California. [1000 × 1000]

Contemporary house modeled after the traditional traditional “Cape Dutch Langhuis,” features a long, open floor plan with exposed trusses in this home in Stellenbosch, South Africa. [900 × 599]

Contemporary kitchen features exposed joists and polished concrete floors containing radiant hydronic heating. Methow Valley, Washington. [1700 × 2269]

Contemporary kitchen features stainless steel cabinets and a glass-enclosed pantry in this loft located in Terrassa, Spain. [1900 × 1264]

Contemporary kitchen uses a pleasing mix of wood, metal and marble in this home located in Austin, Texas. [1500 x 1000]

Contemporary kitchen with a variety of metal finishes is nicely offset by the rustic wood dining bar in this converted warehouse in Sydney, Australia. [1700 × 1131]

Cool Gray (605×926)

Cool Pool [1600x1067]

Cool bachelor pad with loft [764 x 899]

Corner sitting area with lots of natural light in this home in Brisbane, Australia. [990 × 710]

Cozy Bathroom w- Japanese Soaking Tub in Eugene, Oregon [990x746]

Cozy Bed in a alcove with a pull out drawer underneath for storage [563 × 841]

Cozy Loft Bedroom with Bath. MIC [1900x1079]

Cozy Reading Lookout [750x560]

Cozy Reading Nook [564x846]

Cozy Reading Nook under Stairs in Clean, White Contemporary next to Miniature Door leading to a Kid's Hideaway [2560 x 1706]

Cozy Wood Paneled Craftsman Living Room [750x450]

Cozy apartment loft [728 × 1092]

Cozy bedroom, located in Cappadocia, Turkey [1920 × 900]

Cozy cabin room located in Leogang, Austria [1920 × 1080]

Cozy little living room [1575 × 1050]

Cozy living room with a floating fire place. [1600x900]

Cozy loft in Sweden features a tucked-away bedroom and an office space just beneath skylights which open to the roof. [1024 × 683]

Cozy reading room [1200 × 802]

Cozy room among the treetops at the Tongabezi Lodge, located on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia. [1080 × 1080]

Cozy up next to the window. [736×1,148]

Cramped study in a restored traditional house, Jongno District, Seoul, South Korea [1000×666]

Crisp and airy living room overlooking lake in Marble Falls, Tx [3500 x 2317]

Custom indoor yacht garage (dry slip) inside a post-and-beam mansion in West Vancouver, British Columbia. [1800 × 1200]

Custom kitchen encased in cedar features a wrap-around stainless steel counter top and a thick, natural plank for the breakfast bar. [1193 × 795]

Danish holiday house by Vipp [750×1057] (x-post from -r-ScandinavianInterior)

Dark Stone Bedroom Nook - Modern Mexican Hacienda [719 × 1080]

Darkroom from 1975 [960x640)

Das Loft Restaurant, Sofitel Vienna [1202 × 800]

David Karp's (founder and CEO of tumblr) living room [1024x797]

Decadence in Madrid. [1800x1200]

Deephaven Colonial Living Room Article Link in Comments [710x494]

Described as a home library, Little Venice, London [634 x 768]

Desert Home. $1.5m (x-post -r-IfIWonTheLottery) [699×465]

Dining Room [1200 x 800]

Dining Room [2000x1325] [MIC]

Dining Room [667 x 1000][MIC]

Dining Room with exposed rock [2000 × 1328]

Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom Look out on this incredible Courtyard in this Modern Texas House. [1550x662]

Dining and living area with a perfect view of the pond in this contemporary take on a cabin in Newberg, Oregon. [1200 × 800]

Dining and sitting area opens up to an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean in this home in Malibu, California. [1500 × 1000]

Dining area and kitchen in a small church conversion located near Middleton-in-Teesdale, England. [1280 × 854]

Dining area and kitchen looks out through barn doors onto the patio in this cozy cabin located near Cornwall, England. [1390 × 927]

Dining area in a house overlooking a lake in Norway. [600 x 800]

Dining area sits beneath a stone arch in a renovated Tuscan farmhouse. [1480 × 1059]

Dining area situated before a sloping wall of windows in a penthouse in the Greenwich Hotel in NYC.[1024 × 1368]

Dining room Iseo, Lombardy, Italy [1200x800]

Dining room [2000 x 1333]

Dining room of the Count of Artois at the Chateau de Maisons-Laffitte; part of the renovations by Francois-Joseph Belanger from c. 1777 - c. 1782. X-post from r-classicalarchitecture [1200 x 900]

Dining room with exposed brick wall [600 × 904]

Dining room-kitchen in a converted townhouse, Brooklyn, New York City, New York [2100×1436]

Dining room-libaray-loft of The Walstrom House built by CA architect John Lautner in 1969 - Santa Monica, CA [1020x764]

Do church sanctuaries count? This one is almost entirely stained glass. [1600x1506]

Does this count? An nice big city apartment! [640x835]

Doesn't get much more cozy than this [1366 x 768]

Donny's Bar in Sydney, Australia features high ceilings, industrial lighting and exposed brick walls. [975 × 1535]

Double-height living area which opens up to the outside through sliding glass walls in this home located in São Paulo, Brazil. [1080 × 1218]

Double-height living area with amazing views of the surrounding forest in this home in Saltsjö-Boo, a coastal area just outside Stockholm. [1335 × 2000]

Double-height living space uses large windows and a partial glass roof to maximize the view of the trees surrounding this beachfront home in New Zealand. [750 × 1125]

Dramatic double-height living room comprised of polished concrete with wood accents in a home near Montreal. [1600 × 1746]

Dramatic glass-enclosed bedroom with porthole-style windows looks over San Francisco. [900 x 585]

Dramatic living room features high ceilings, a marble fireplace and oak parquet floors in this Parisian apartment. [2000 x 1333]

Dramatic master bedroom features wide-plank flooring and an exposed roof line in this home in Wyoming. [990 × 670]

Dramatically lit copper bar is the centerpiece of Himitsu, an Atlanta speakeasy. [2364 × 1605]

Drawing room of an Upper East Side townhouse in Manhattan, NY [1199x800]

Dream Cabin Loft, Wollemi Cabins, Blue Mountains, Australia [1100 × 733]

Dream among the stars!!! [x-post from r-pics] [1600x1071]

Dream below the stars! [1600x1071]

Dual monitors & a surfboard [764x899]

Eames chair in small piece of Heaven [480x598]

Eclectic industrial loft apartment with an open floor plan located in Moscow. [1279 × 1920]

Eclectic interior design studio fashioned from a WWII Quonset Hut. [1024 × 683]

Eclectic sitting area with lots of light and high ceilings in this apartment in Cape Town. [1280 × 1920]

Elegant NYC Apartment with Central Park View [1380x750]

Elegant kitchen and dining area accessed through sliding barn doors in this house located in Tupper Lake, Adirondacks in New York. [1500 × 1462]

Elegant kitchen features a black metal range hood with a carved marble back splash next to a bright dining nook. [900 × 675]

Elegant living room in an 18,000 square foot NYC penthouse featuring 16′ foot floor- to-ceiling windows to allow in tons of natural light. [1000 × 1212]

Elegant loft with dark wooden beams [800 × 600] [OS]

Elegant, Simple, Portland Living Room by Olson Kundig. [1600x1067]

Elegantly Warm, Modern Cabin surrounded by Pristine Wilderness - Methow Valley, WA [2560 × 1704]

Elevated bed in London loft [721 × 1,082]

Ellen DeGeneres' Backyard. [820 x 522]

Enjoying the view in this room, located in Lake Tahoe, California [1200 x 855]

Enormous loft [1600 x 1285]

Entrance hall of a house in San Francisco [4320 x 2868]

Entrance hall of the Fernandez Anchorena mansion in Buenos Aires. By Eduardo Le Monnier, 1909. Source: [1500 x 1539] X-post from -r-decorativearts

Entranceway to kitchen in a log cabin situated in Montana. [1334 × 2000]

Entry Hall of a Swiss Tudor; My Uncle's Old Home In Cleveland. [1024 x 683]

Entryway doors to Jennifer Aniston's house, Beverly Hills [640x828]

Expansive great room with a central stone fireplace and an impressive view of the surrounding desert in Arizona. [1680 × 1116]

Expansive great room with latticed beams forming the end wall in this home on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. [806 x 1059]

Expansive living room and dining area opens directly onto the outdoor area in this new home in Miama, Florida. [800 × 533]

Explore Indonesia in this Wooden Sailing Yacht, Dunai Baru. [1600x1067]

Exposed Brick NY Loft [1024x680]

Exposed pipes in this living room, located in Chicago, IL [1600 × 1200]

Exquisitely restored tatami room in Japan [1024x576]

Extension to a house in France to create a music room [468×468]

Family Room [1200 × 828][MIC]

Family Room with Pool and a view of the Vegas Strip [800x533]

Family Room with a view of the Dining Room [1000 x 775]

Family room [1280 x 850]

Family room with plenty of natural light [1200 x 915] [MIC]

Farmhouse in Dutch village [OG] [1000x666]

Finnish summer cabin[600x600]

Fireplace, hot tub, and view in Vermont hotel room (Twin Farms) [OS][1177 x 736]

First Class on the Qantas Airbus [640x533]

First class seat in Emirates Airbus [960x640]

First-class cabin on the Airbus A-380, photograph by Gregory Bedenko [1400x932]

Floating staircase and view in Victoria BC [900x600]

Foggy Charlotte from an Uptown loft with 18 foot ceilings [3900x2200]

Forest Home, Idaho [960 × 1215]

Formal living room with view of the basement [1000 x 1300] [MIC]

Four sliding panel doors completely open the living and kitchen area up to the backyard and waterfront along the bay in Bellingham, Washington. [1500 × 1000]

Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts [900x600]

Fun & Funky Tree House Interior [1000x1500]

Game room located in Park City, Utah [1000 x 666]

Garage goals in Texas (5074x3383) [OC]

Garden Fireplace, Dry Cushions, and the Smell of Rain... [2560 × 1708]

German library with a rendered wall. [1252 x 1446]

Giant canopy bed behind a sunken living room in a bungalow modeled after traditional architecture, Malang, East Java, Indonesia [2000×1298]

Giant marble bathtub in a penthouse of a hotel in Namyangju City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [1024×683]

Gilded Age design sitting room. [1600x1200]

Glass enclosed reading corner in a lakefront residence situated in Ronald, Washington. [1050 x 700]

Glass rain shower that extends over the ship's edge in the 1,636 square-foot Reflection Suite on the new Carnival Reflection, one of the largest on any ship. [3150x2372]

Glass walled bedroom overlooking the ocean in Laguna Beach, California [808x538]

Glass-encased sitting area in this home located in São Paulo, Brazil. [1890 × 1259]

Glass-enclosed shower cube with a view of the surrounding woods in this home located in Amagansett, N.Y. [1200 × 750]

Glass-enclosed shower-bath combination in a modern home in Hollywood Hills. [948 x 631]

Goksu Rope Factory Lofts - Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects [1500 x 2000]

Gorgeous Bathroom Overlooking The Ocean [2000x1333]

Gorgeous Denver home with wooden frame and spiral stairs leading up to a study room loft [1500x1000]

Gorgeous London Pub-Styled Basement (Album in Comments) [990 x 632]

Gorgeous Medieval Bedroom in Scotland [1080x910]

Gorgeous outdoor shower inside your bathroom [500x746].

Gorgeous view of the Atlantic from a Cape Town living room [1920x1080]

Got to shoot this two story downtown modern flat yesterday [2956x1958] [OC]

Grandiose, 2-Story, Natural Stone Fireplace on Spacious Patio overlooking Bozeman, MT [2000 × 1334]

Great Backsplash (1119×741)

Great Room with high ceiling [1280x1149] [MIC]

Great room [1000 x 665]

Great room in this cabin-sytle home brings the outside in through fold-away walls in this home in Martis Camp (near Lake Tahoe). [1008 × 700]

Great room with a beautiful vaulted ceiling, walnut beams and carved limestone fireplace in this home in Lake Minnetonka. [1300 × 1950]

Great room with vaulted ceiling uses open dormer windows to provide extra light. [1280 × 853]

Great view to wake up to (700x511)

Green Marble Bathroom, Copenhagen [825x1180]

Green One-Room Cabin in Netherlands [1250x644]

Grown-Up Treehouse in Washington [666x500]

Gym Turned Home [600X449]

H.R. Giger Bar in Gruyéres, Switzerland, designed by Giger himself and obviously inspired by his 'Alien' designs. [960 × 640]

Hairdresser training facility in Cheongdam Ward, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [1463×1369]

Hall of books in this oval-shaped timber-framed home located on Sidney Island, British Columbia. [1500 × 996]

Hans Zimmer's Recording Studio [1920x1080] (x-post from -r-MostBeautiful)

Hermès lighting display in Palazzo Serbelloni, Milan, Italy [940×585]

High ceiling kitchen with custom see-through cabinets, in a cottage on the Severn River in the Maryland countryside [630x887]

Hitler's Office (X-post from r-pics)

Hnnnng, those doors! [1500x1050]

Holborn Grind coffee shop in London, by Biasol Design [799 × 799]

Holmenkollbakken in Oslo, Norway [1280x853] (x-post from -r-ScandinavianInterior)

Home Office [540x810]

Home Theater with its own balcony [900x600]

Home cinema [4368x2912]

Hot Tub [1280x960]

Hot Tub above the clouds in Burj Khalifa, Dubai.[960x641]

Hot tub in front of a fireplace [600 x 520]

Hotel Okura Lobby, Tokyo, Japan (1962)[1600x1000]

Hotel Room in Reykjavik [OC] [2048x1365]

Hotel in Norway [1280x721]

Hotel in Norway where the movie Ex Machina was shot [1200x979]

House T - Tokyo, Japan - by Hiroyuki Shinozaki [500x739]

House in Poznan, Street Półwiejska - Poland [528x792]

How about this kitchen? [736x1104]

How do you like the view in this bedroom? (612×927)

Huge Great Room with Loft as viewed from the backyard. [900x675] [AIC]

Huge Open Kitchen [900x600]

Huge living room located in Cape Town, South Africa [1280 x 853]

Huge living room with an Oasis in the backyard, located in São Paulo, Brazil [4320 × 2224]

Huge living space with glass floor [1900 x 901]

Huge veranda with stone arches[1600x1100]

Huge, open kitchen in Portland, Oregon [4320 × 2880]

Hut on sleds in New Zealand [682*1024]

I absolutely love rooms with huge windows![620x900]

I can picture myself lounging and reading a nice big book in this room while the rain pours outside [1168 x 762]

I could chill here and read books the entire day (chalet in Switzerland) [718x430]

I love the table behind the sofa. (1169×927)

I love windows. [550x827]

I so love this! The feeling of being outside but still inside. [406 × 615]

I would live here so hard. [585 x 372]

I would spend the majority of my time in this room. (5760 x 5688)

I'd never leave this bathroom. [1762x960]

I'm getting relaxed just looking at this room [1263 x 839]

I'm pretty proud of my place. This photo is from when it was in a magazine. [1450x933]

ICHIBANSEN-nextstations replaces walls with windows in japanese local sightseeing train [818x545]

If I had this setup, I would never find an excuse to exercise [800 x 600]

Imagine taking a class here? [1400x700]

Imagine waking up here...Amazing![2000x1333]

Impressive entryway with a hand-forged chandelier hanging over a seating area. The walnut staircase is back-dropped by floor-to-ceiling stacked stone wall. [646 × 990]

Impressive kitchen features extra tall ceilings and a butler pantry in this family home on Upper Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. [1280 × 853]

In honor of Father's Day, a kitchen from a house my dad built [1280x854]

Incorporating trees within your living room, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala [1280 x 1887]

Incredible Stone Fireplace in Contemporary Post + Beam Living Room Overlooking Katama Bay, MA [2560×1706]

Incredible Wood Sun Room right on the Water and surrounded by Lush, Green Forest [2560 × 1706]

IndigoJungle's garden studio in Brisbane [1000×1500]

Indoor - Outdoor Living Room in Mexico [1244x829]

Indoor Cedar Trees frame Towering, Rustic Elegance w- Sweeping Views of Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness [800 × 1050]

Indoor Lap Pool [768x1154]

Indoor Pool [1194x1600] [MIC]

Indoor Pool [1600x1000]

Indoor Pool with star ceiling[1024x768]

Indoor Pool-Theater [990x1484]

Indoor Roman Pool - Hearst Castle [1200x807]

Indoor basketball court [512x768] (GIC)

Indoor garden inspired by traditional architecture, Jongno District, Seoul, South Korea [1000×1499]

Indoor pool [975 x 650]

Indoor pool in a home built to resemble the stone barns found in the nearby Ural Mountains. Located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. [1360 × 1307]

Indoor pool with a swing inside a chalet [800 x 500]

Indoor pool with an amazing view at the Kempinski Hotel River Park in Bratislava. [1600 × 1200]

Indoor swimming pool [1024x768]

Indoor swimming pool and study in Soho townhouse. [980 x 1482]

Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces in this Spanish Colonial Beach House, Santa Monica, CA [1920x1264]

Indoor-outdoor dining area features two wood-burning ovens (one for cooking, one for heat) in this home located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. [2000 × 1333]

Indoor-outdoor living in Singapore. [940x1063]

Indoor-outdoor pool with masonry arched ceiling [422x580]

Industrial Chic Bachelor Bedroom [962 × 640]

Industrial Chic Mega-loft with 17-foot ceilings, glass-walled bedrooms and can fit 200 guests+ San Francisco, CA [986x659]

Industrial Loft Office by Alexander Uglyanitsa - Great Use of Piping [1600 x 900]

Industrial Loft in São Paulo, Brazil [1900×1273] (album in comments)

Industrial Study Loft [1150x646]

Industrial inspired kitchen in a former Victorian era warehouse in this home in London. [1800 × 2185]

Industrial, yet cozy living room [500 × 750]

Industrial-inspired living and work space. [1280 × 839]

Industrial-inspired touches compliment this former warehouse loft located in Brooklyn. [1350 × 900]

Industrial-looking bathroom with a walk-in bathing area featuring double rainfall shower heads in this bungalow in Arizona. [1095 x 1642]

Inside Baccarat Hotel in New York City - a contemporary Manhattan take on a classically elegant Parisian hôtel particulier [1540×944]

Inside Out Bedroom [1280x846]

Inside Traditional Norwegian Seaside hut in Vega, Norway [1478x1800]

Inside a Google data center in Douglas County, Georgia. [1080 x 720] The bright Google colors on the pipes indicate purpose: blue pipes provide cold water; red pipes return warm water back to be cooled; and pink pipes transfer water from the green chiller units to the outside cooling towers.

Inside a Trulli house, Alberobello, Italy [1159x717]

Inside a cob cottage [968x645]

Inside a reading room in the Bibliothèque Mazarine in Paris, France [OS] [1333×1000] Photographed by Franck Bohbot (Mirror in comments)

Inside a vacant Moorish mansion [1024×768] Photographed by Gregoire Cachemaile

Inside the home of a Saudi architect [1600 × 1200]

Integrated shower and tub encased in marble with a view of the mountains in this former train depot in Telluride, Colorado. [2400 × 1600]

Interior of a wooden house built with traditional architectural elements, Sokcho City, Gangwon Province, South Korea [2000×2881]

Interior of the Geunjeongjeon Hall, the Throne Hall of the Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea [1024×683]

Intimate Indoor Pool [1600x900]

Intricate Wood Staircase [1500x1000] (x-post -r-MostBeautiful)

Inviting bathroom in a villa located in Phum Baitang, Cambodia. [1800 × 900]

Is this the ultimate in warehouse loft living? [600x400]

Islamic Architecture: Riad Salam in Fes [1024x658]

Island Complex in Paihia, New Zealand by Bossley Architects. [920x650]

Japanese Tea Room [1680 x 1050]

Japanese Theme [1200x800]

Johnny Depp's LA penthouse [1280x853]

Just a daybed for drying off ... within the closet and bathroom, no big deal [1194 x 759]

Just finished a remodel, thought you might like it. [OC][4608x3072]

Kekkilä Green Shed [3000x2018]

Kelly Oxford's vintage mid-century office [1200x800] [OC] [OS]

Kitchen --- Blue Painted Cabinetry & Neat Backlit Wine Cubbies [3265 x 3600]

Kitchen and Dining Area with a view in Washington [1600x1067]

Kitchen and breakfast nook opens on to a central courtyard in this home located in Central London. [1500 x 1000]

Kitchen and dining area in a bayside 'cottage' in Monument Channel, Ontario. [2000 × 1333]

Kitchen and dining area look onto a lake in a completely restored stone home in Switzerland. [1200 x 899]

Kitchen and dining areas are divided by a custom, steel and solid wood tread stair in this three-story townhouse in Williamsburg. [4200 × 2803]

Kitchen and dining room in a renovated 16th century house, Mantua, Province of Mantua, Italy [746×1000]

Kitchen and eating area takes advantage of a curving glass wall to look out on a gorgeous countryside in North Holland, Netherlands. [2400 × 1500]

Kitchen and living-dining area features a tongue-and-groove ceiling with exposed joists and floor-to-ceiling glass to bring in natural light in this home in Denver, CO. [1499 × 1000]

Kitchen blends modern conveniences with old-world tile and ceiling flourishes in this apartment in Barcelona. [2048 × 1366]

Kitchen in 'The Hermitage', New South Wales - Australia - 2014 [768 x 577] By Hess Hoen

Kitchen in A Swedish Original Apartment [690x460]

Kitchen in Converted English Barn [1720x1154]

Kitchen in Lerinᴂ Villa, France [620x465]

Kitchen in a small boutique hotel in Uraguay was designed from antique parts the owner collected over thirty years. The old refrigerator doors are from a butcher shop, the partition from a gas station, and the pendant lights are reflectors from headlights. [1000 × 1400]

Kitchen in an apartment building, Finland [1200 x 800]

Kitchen modeled after a traditional 19th Century English design with a barrel-arched glass ceiling and a brass-trimmed La Cornue range. [1024 × 1536]

Kitchen of chef René Redzepi (owner-operator of world famous Danish restaurant, Noma) is located in a former smithy in Christianshavn, Denmark that dates back to the 17th century. The open fireplace used to be the forge. [1920 × 1332]

Kitchen uses a pleasing mix of concrete, glass and granite in this award-winning home located in Forest of Dean, Southeast Wales. [2048 × 1536]

Kitchen with a View. Ontario. [1700x1133]

Kitchen with industrial steel windows, exposed ceiling joists and an elegant wooden table serving as a kitchen island. [1500 × 1000]

Kitchen with lots of natural wood features in a barn-style home located in Columbus, Ohio. [1440 × 1800]

Kitchen with plenty of natural light [540 x 717]

Kyoto Bedroom in 200 year old home [5472x3648]

L'Opéra Restaurant at the Palais Garnier in Paris [978×1024] Photographed by Clement Guillaume

LEGO Lounge [2560x1440]

La Biblioteca de les Agües located at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona [1024 × 1500]

La Piscine, a pool converted into a museum in Roubaix [OC][2816x2112]

Ladera Resort, St. Lucia allows guests to swing straight from a bench into the pool [600x300][OC]

Lake home in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts uses reclaimed wood to outline the skeleton of the home. [1000 x 1500]

Lamborghini in Living Room - by No. 555 Architectural Design Office, Japan [2000 x 1238]

Large balcony with a rich feel to it [990 x 988]

Large dining room in a white-brick ranch home in Sonora, Mexico. The loft in the rear serves as a bedroom. [1024 × 683]

Large living area features high ceilings and a unique round window to bring in the light in this home on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. [800 × 534]

Large living area with floor-to-ceiling windows in a home in Lake Tahoe, California. [1000 x 698]

Large living room with high ceilings and a view of the ocean in Malibu provides an updated take on the mid-century look. [900 x 600]

Large, light-filled bathroom in an updated 19th-century estate in Pennsylvania. [1100 × 1650]

Large, light-filled kitchen with vaulted ceiling and exposed beams in this home in Texas. [970 × 990]

Large, open kitchen features a granite island and mirrored shelves in this updated mid-century home located in Hollywood Hills, California. [2560 × 1706]

Large, open living room in a home in Barcelona, Spain which was formerly a shop where milk and yogurt were sold. [2000 × 1331]

Library nook that doesn't need an Eames chair [1600x800]

Library of Humboldt University Berlin (x-post from r-Architecture) [5066×3413]

Library of Humboldt University Berlin [5066×3413]

Library of Strahov Monastery in Prague [1920x1278]

Library with High Ceilings [564x709]

Light floods into a Milan apartment bursting with character [1280×854] Photograph by Marco Bertolini

Light floods into the Nasir ol Molk Mosque, in Iran [2048×1365] Photographed by Hélène Veilleux

Light, Airy Colors balance Exposed Walls, Wood Ceiling, & Natural Decor of this Cozy Stone Cottage - Redding, CT [2500 × 1656]

Light-filled Budapest apartment [1356x956]

Light-filled bathroom has views of the Pacific Coast in this house in Big Sur, California. [564 x 668]

Light-filled living room with a particular focus on music in this home in São Paulo, Brazil. [4320 × 2880]

Light-filled living room with radiant heat polished concrete floors in this home in Richfield, Wisconsin. [1008 x 792]

Light-filled sitting room with natural wood and stone textures in a log home located in Woodland, Utah. [1500 x 1000]

Lightfilled penthouse in Stockholm, Sweden [720x1080]

Lighting for Ballet Gala Opening at San Francisco City Hall [800x1200]

Live and Work Space [1200x1600]

Living Area of 1960's Remodeled Seaside Home [1080x720]

Living Room [1195 × 797]

Living Room [1280 x 853] [MIC]

Living Room [1920x2369]

Living Room of stone, wood and glass [950x1350]

Living Room of the 432 Park Avenue Penthouse, New York [880x880]

Living Room open to the Ocean [990x660]

Living Room with Loft [540x810]

Living Room with Loft [736x736]

Living Room with Room for Trees [1000x601]

Living Room with a Fantastic View [559 × 845]

Living Room with a barrel shaped roof [1108x832]

Living Room with a lot of natural sunlight [1000 × 1072]

Living Room with a view [1150x749] [MIC]

Living Room with a view of the Pacific Ocean [1024 x 683]

Living Room with exposed stone [736 x 983]

Living Room with open air view of Utah's southern desert [1200x897]

Living and dining area with an amazing vaulted skylight in this carriage house in Brooklyn Heights. [800 x 529]

Living and dining room features a sliding zinc-clad barn door to close off the bedroom and a ten foot long dining table made from live-edge acacia wood in this loft space in Chelsea, NYC. [1500 × 1063]

Living and dining space look out onto the Montana landscape in this timber-framed home. [1600 × 1068]

Living area features a large pivoting window which opens to the rear terrace in this home on Park Avenue in NYC. [2000 × 1121]

Living area from the Radius House, originally design in 1960 by Daniel Liebermann, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The room was since updated by Dwyer Design. [1201 × 1600]

Living area in a converted 19th century Church Hall overlooking the sea. Strangford Lough, Co. Down N.Ireland. [OC][1152X2048]

Living area in a loft apartment created out of a former Portland factory [990 × 742]

Living area in a renovated manor house in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg allows the maximum amount of light to stream through the house through large skylights and a partially transparent floor. [1920 × 2880]

Living area in an apartment in NYC [1024 x 663]

Living area in an expansive contemporary home overlooking the Costa Rican coast. [1050 × 525]

Living area in huge loft [1600 x 1200]

Living area opens on to the small kitchen featuring subway tiles and exposed brick in this apartment in Stockholm. [2000 × 1333]

Living area with a large fireplace and exposed rafters to maximize the space in this beach cottage on Bainbridge Island, WA. [1200 × 800]

Living area with one hell of a view. [1920x1080]

Living area with vaulted ceilings in a home on the French Riviera that was once a water cleaning station. The building was abandoned for decades until the present owner purchased it and spent 15 years restoring the property, incorporating many of the water works into the home. [1900 × 1460]

Living in Cape Town (x-post from r-pics) (1200x797)

Living room [1000 x 662]

Living room [1000 x 663]

Living room [1200 x 800]

Living room [1500 x 1000]

Living room [1500 x 1125]

Living room [1680 x 813]

Living room [1749 x 2000]

Living room [2000 x 804]

Living room [540 x 810]

Living room [667 x 1000]

Living room and bar area face an open wall with an amazing view of Los Angeles. [3000 × 2000]

Living room and kitchen, Sunrise House, Bali [1227 x 786] (Links to more in comments)

Living room designed for family with children, Kaohsiung, Taiwan [1200 × 624]

Living room features a high ceiling and lots of glass to take advantage of this home's views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. [800 × 1200]

Living room for those like to look at their car while watching Netflix, located in Hong Kong [2000 x 1335]

Living room in 'The Glass Pavilion', designed by Steve Hermann [900×600] [More photos and info in comments]

Living room in Cappadocia, Turkey [1600 x 1067]

Living room in Ketchum, Idaho [800x600]

Living room in Philip Johnson's 'Glass House' in New Canaan, CT. Originally built by the architect for himself, it is now open to the public and full of mid-century design pieces. [1280 × 957]

Living room in a Stockholm apartment[1920 x 1281]

Living room in a converted 1930s warehouse home located in the Mission district of San Francisco. The building was originally a Lucky Strike warehouse. [1024 x 836]

Living room in a lakeside home in Mexico. [1000 x 787]

Living room in a loft in Kiev, Ukraine blends modern materials with the original brick and ceiling beams. [1800 × 1200]

Living room in a small cottage in the Spanish Pyrenees [1280x1036]

Living room in modern Montana home [2258x1500]

Living room of a NY Penthouse we built. Album in comments. [4,207 x 4,207]

Living room of a log cabin once owned by Howard Hughes (600x400)

Living room open to the Pool [539x810]

Living room open to the outside [767x511]

Living room uses natural stone to surround the fireplace and floor-to-ceiling glass to take advantge of the view of the San Francisco Bay. [1150 x 766]

Living room with a few guestrooms and plenty of natural light, located in Zermatt, Switzerland [1200 x 800]

Living room with a little reading nook, located in Ibiza [4320 x 3964]

Living room with a reading nook [564 x 692]

Living room with a small private garden [3000x2312]

Living room with a stunning view [1500x1124]

Living room with a swing and a view in Beirut, Lebanon [1440 × 1098] [1 MIC]

Living room with a view [1050 x 700]

Living room with a view [1177 × 660]

Living room with a view and wrap-around balcony in Nagano, Japan [1200 x 800]

Living room with a view of L.A [800x500]

Living room with a view. Vallejo St, San Francisco. [1024x683]

Living room with an indoor vertical garden [1421 x 1000]

Living room with curved roof [1500 x 1000]

Living room with expansive view of the ocean in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico [1200 x 612].

Living room with its own skywalk [1098 x 1122]

Living room with large tree mural [700x525]

Living room with loft [1090 x 1280]

Living room with natural rock gas fireplace and ocean view. [17325 x 1299]

Living room with plenty of natural light located in Luque, Paraguay [2000 × 1333]

Living room with plenty of natural sunlight in London, England [1280 x 853]

Living room with tall, vaulted ceiling and a nearly unobstructed view of the ocean through its glass wall in this home in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California. [990 x 660]

Living room with vaulted ceiling and large central bookcase in this home in Three Oaks, Michigan. [1680 x 2248]

Living room with warm touches located in a stone tower in Elafiti Islands, Croatia. [800 x 408]

Living room with windows to pull back [1280x805] [OS]

Living room-Kitchen as viewed from the backyard [2000 × 1331]

Living space in a converted barn built in 1900 in the Empordà region of Spain shows off its stone walls and exposed beams. [1200 × 805]

Living space set in renovated 18th-century threshing barn, fuses modern structural techniques with the original beams and posts of the building. The winding sculptural stairwell leads to the bedroom. [2150 × 1902]

Living space with an open ceiling and polished stone tiles from India blends into the kitchen area in this home in Spain. [768 × 1024]

Living, sleeping, eating and bathing area in this 240 sq. ft. tiny house which sits on a custom double-axel trailer. Called The Alpha Tiny House, it's designed by New Frontier Tiny Homes. [4200 × 2803]

Livingroom [2000x1136]

Livingroom with a view of the ocean in Cape Town, South Africa [1500 × 1021]

Livingroom with exposed brick and hanging fireplace, located in London, England [1600 × 1066]

Liza Beirut Restaurant [OS] [1500×2250] Photographed by Marco Pinarelli

Lobby of a planned city being built in Florida [1264 x 577]

Lobby of the RedDot Hotel in Taiwan features a 27m stainless steel tube slide descending from the second floor. [3450 × 2285] [OS]

Local agency just listed this house [900 X 600]

Located in Santa Rosa, California, this modern farmhouse's living room features a stone clad floor-to-ceiling fireplace and a tall vaulted ceiling. [1050 x 1400]

Loft Combines Brick and Wood into Beautiful Space | Russia | [1000x624] | {MIC}

Loft Living Room [1275x975]

Loft [1600x800]

Loft bedroom [1500 x 1000]

Loft overlooking the Mississippi [1200×900]

Loft with second floor Library [450x681]

Lofted Space-Saving Furniture for Bedroom Interiors [469x443]

Lofted Workspace [1600 x 1067]

London Flat [1650×1100]

Longwood Garden's Green Wall [2048x1536]

Lounge in a modern farmhouse, Porto Feliz, São Paulo State, Brazil [2000×2133]

Love Shack in the Hollywood Hills [1600x992]

Luxurious NYC loft perfect for art and entertaining [1920x1280]

Luxurious loft apartment with lots of exposed brick in a former hotel and nurses’ university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [1772 × 1181]

Luxury Penthouse located in downtown Montreal [1800x1193]

Luxury Safari Accommodation in Africa [1920x1200]

Luxury tent in Africa.[1680x1118]

MIT Chapel by Eero Saarinen [1000 × 667]

Made of wood [550x695]

Madison Ave. Kitchen - Exposed Brick, Beam Ceiling, & Fireplace [1250 x 834]

Main bedroom in Villa on Martha's Vineyard, New England [850x566]

Main living space in a two-story, eco-friendly house in New Paltz, New York. The entire structure can be rotated by remote control using power from its passive solar energy system. [1918 x 1278]

Main sitting area looks over pool through 5-meter high doors in a villa on the island of Bequia in the Caribbean. [2952 x 1924]

Main sitting area with glass walls in this home in Whitefish, Montana. [2000 × 1827]

Manhattan Living Room [1200x799]

Manhatten Industrial Loft [1504x1006]

Manko Restaurant, Paris by Laura Gonzalez [700x1500]

Mar Adentro The World's Most Minimalist Hotel (1280 x 853)

Maryland Eastern Shore Nursery - by my wife for my sister [4096x2210]

Massive Living Room [736 x 1033]

Massive living room located in Cape Town, South Africa [1500 × 1020]

Massive open air and open space living area surrounded by vegetation, São Paulo, Brazil [2000×830]

Master Bedroom with Kitchenette [1500 × 1000]

Master bathroom features a large, walk-in shower and opens up onto an outdoor lounge area in this home in Mexico City. [1920 × 1280]

Master bathroom with a central, glass-enclosed shower in a luxurious home on Hamilton Terrace in St. John’s Wood, London. [1200 x 900]

Master bedroom on a customized Embraer 1000E private jet [1200 x 900] [OS]

Master bedroom with old oak beams and a sheet iron backdrop to the bed in this Kiev home designed to look a Tuscan villa. [2000 x 1333]

Master bedroom with wooden vaulted ceilings. [564x705]

Master of all bedrooms in Smoke Rise NJ [2747x2041]

Masterful Jungle Kitchen in Bali. [1640x1093]

Medieval Tavern in Prague [800x600]

Meeting room inside the bank, Denmark [960x670]

Mid century-modern bedroom open to the backyard pool area and a view of Los Angeles [3000 × 1923] [MIC]

Mid-century modern Living room with a view [1200 × 815]

Midtown Phoenix Penthouse [1,000 x 664]

Minimal Living Room with natural lighting in Italy [1500x1000]

Minimalist Basement Home Theater & Workstation in NYC [OC][2479x720]

Minimalist ocean view home in South Africa [1.725× 972] Album in comments

Minimalistic Restoration of an Old Factory by the Sea (more in comments) [935 x 630]

Minimalistic exposed concrete living room in Jongno District, Seoul, South Korea [1480×857]

Mixing old and new in this updated kitchen with glass floor [714 × 1070]

Mixing old with new in this Bedroom with curved stone ceiling [1500 x 1000]

Modern Bathroom [540 x 810]

Modern Cedar Breakfast Nook inspired by Japanese Simplicity w- Suspended Table & Beautiful NorCal Scenery [1706 × 2560]

Modern Finnish living Room [1600 x 1067]

Modern Roman Bath [660x510]

Modern Room with an Indoor Swing [674 x 704]

Modern Rustic Kitchen in The Netherlands [500x710]

Modern Tiny Home [2500x1668]

Modern bathroom features a crystal chandelier, free standing acrylic tub, a mix of marble tile and pebble floor and a double shower with custom made glass panels. [1280 × 1920]

Modern bathroom opens onto the rocky shore of Pender Harbour, British Columbia, Canada. [1280 × 810]

Modern bathroom surrounded by glass in this home in Thailand. [2000 × 1778]

Modern bathroom with LED lighting [1000x1000]

Modern bathroom with skylights [1900x1375]

Modern bedroom opens onto private pool area through folding glass doors in this home in Johannesburg, South Africa. [2500 × 1406]

Modern bedroom with large windows facing the valley view, Hamyang County, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea [2000×1702]

Modern dining room with a view [1400 x 935]

Modern green and white Thai TV studio [589x623][OS]

Modern home designed to create pristine accoustics uses wide cedar board siding that is literally ‘stapled on’ using custom stainless steel clips to allow for seasonal expansion and contraction of the wood in this home in Amagansett, New York. [900 × 1136]

Modern home in Geneva by Yanis Lachat [674 × 843]

Modern kitchen in a 19th Century Home | Berlin [1900x2846]

Modern kitchen in an apartment in São Paulo, Brazil [1500x1000]

Modern living room and dining room separated by a courtyard pool, Singapore [1680×1261]

Modern living room in a concrete house. Melbourne, Australia. [1680x1258]

Modern living room in a rainforest, Malaysia [900x600]

Modern living room of this cool and sophisticated home in the heart of Melrose District, LA. Guess how much this home costs? [1080x747]

Modern living room with a tall ceiling next to a small courtyard garden, Nellikunnu, Thrissur, Kerala State, India [2000×1497]

Modern living room with fireplace [1100 x 1686]

Modern loft with a unique staircase located in the SoHo. [1600 x 1621]

Modern open air living room facing a courtyard in Dallas, Texas [2000×1333]

Modern open space living room on a green hillside with a stunning panoramic view, Kraków, Poland [3000×1011]

Modern sauna in Helsinki [600x800]

Modern take on a country kitchen in this home designed by Shope Reno Wharton. [1200 × 800]

Modern wooden kitchen in a hallway fashion [498×750]

Modest Chapel with Breathtaking Views, YMCA Camp in Greenville, SC [1008x673]

Montana Master Bath: Luxurious Marble offers stylish counterpoint to Rustic Logs, accented with Navajo-style Rug [674 x 990]

Monumental Limestone Fireplace in 'Greenest Custom Home in America' - Portola Valley, CA [1076 x 1600]

Moody Rain in Welsh Hobbit House constructed with Natural Materials for less than $5,000 [2560 × 1794]

Mostly Empty $3.5M Industrial Loft In Toronto, Canada. You get the whole building. [3181 × 2386]

Mountain Home with a View [1200x901]

Mountain Lounge [950×600]

Movie room with bunkbeds [1024x768]

Multi level living space in Sao Paulo, Brazil [2836 × 3684]

Multi-level home with plenty of natural light [800 x 1200]

Multi-level living space in London, UK [1200 × 1569]

Multnomah Whiskey Library, Portland, Oregon [3123x2085]

My Cozy Living Room [2048 x 1096]

My Jungle Nook [updated since last year] [OC] [2700x1800]

My Shanghai Sanctuary [2000x1237][OC]

My apartment for the year while teaching in China, light colors and marble [OC][2592x1944]

My dad just showed me this picture of his darkroom he created in his basement in 1975. [960x640]

My friend's cozy living-room with wood burning stove in Bristol, England. [2992x4000]

My friends built this house out of local trees, mud, and cow dung. Traditional Kenyan architecture with a modern twist [600x901] (size corrected) [OC]

My home office [OC] [1200x771]

My in-progress furnishing of my new apartment [3840x2160][OC]

My living room [5140x3711] [OC]

My living room in the midday sun [2448x3264][OC]

My new kitchen in London [2448x2448] [OC]

My shower with a view in Thailand [OC][800x1200]

My view of London every morning [1024 x 762] [OC]

My wife and I bought a house and renovated it, b4 and after of the kitchen! (oc) (1564x1564)

NY Warehouse Transformed Into Loft [950x634] More in Comments

NYC Loft [1200x800] (GIC)

NYC West Village Penthouse overlooking the Hudson River by Richard Meier [1920x1280]

National Library of China, Beijing - [2048x1365]

Natural light & indoor vegetation makes this room. [1280x808]

Nature Computer Workstation [2100x2700] [OC]

Nature as art in a sunroom-patio [1046x772]

New York Apartment With a Dog [2448x3264]

New York City penthouse features an industrial-inspired decor with exposed duct work and brick incorporated into the breakfast bar. [900 × 600]

New York penthouse with an amazing view [600x899] [Info and more photos in comments]

New concourse in the World Trade Center, NYC [4,288×3,216]

New offices of a data analytics firm located in Tel Aviv, Israel features herringbone wood floors coupled with untreated concrete walls and rusted metal accents. [1200 × 399]

Nice use of stone & wrought iron [658x990]

Nile House, Prague [1700x1133]

Not specifically my taste, but very well done and very interesting steampunk bathroom [ 2800 x 2757 ]

Not to many people's tastes, but I'm pretty happy with how my little study turned out [2560x1582] [OC]

Novoslobodskaya metro station, Moscow. The station is is best known for its 32 stained glass panels which are set into the station's pylons and surrounded by an elaborate brass border. [1201 x 960]

Now *that* is a home cinema setup. [1121 x 711]

Now THIS is how you do First Class. Singapore's First Suite on their Airbus A380 [3000x1728]

Nurse your post-rave hangover in this Ibiza bathtub. [1700x1118]

Oak Timber Living Room [765x1200]

Oceanview sitting room in La Jolla, CA [952×659]

Office with skylight [2000x1982][MIC]

Old world charm with modern colors and natural light. [1500 x 747]

Old-fashioned but a cozy and functional reading corner setup [600x706]

One cool curved door! [1280x960]

One of Mr. Sittig’s favorite rooms is the ‘swing porch’ where he had a set designer create swinging sofas suspended from the ceiling by wires wrapped in rope. [959 X 959]

One of eight bathrooms in a French chalet [800x600]

Only Rich People Can Afford This Much Nothing [1533x1080]

Only the rich can own this much nothing. New York. [1900x2121]

Only wood, glass and the view - Casa Los Algarrobos - José María Sáez & Daniel Moreno Flores [1640x1094]

Open Corridors at 'Hôtel le Hameau' in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France [1071x720]

Open Loft [1000 × 673]

Open Rain Water Style Shower in open Bathroom [576 × 895]

Open Stairs with Library [990x660]

Open Writing Den [990x647]

Open air bedroom in a home located in the seaside resort town of Sentosa Cove, Singapore. [1800 × 1200]

Open air bedroom with a view of the eastern coastline of Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean [2000×1347]

Open air dining and sitting area features floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the valley in Johannesburg, South Africa. [1280 × 854]

Open air dining and sitting area in this home overlooking the ocean in Costa Rica. [2000 × 1333]

Open air dining room-kitchen with a panoramic view of row of mature fir trees, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada [1280×850]

Open air living room in a six-level jungle tree house made almost entirely of bamboo located in Indonesia. [530 x 795]

Open air living room with a view of the Pacific Ocean in this house in Laguna Beach, California. [1680 x 1027]

Open air living space in a home nestled among the trees located in Sayulita, Mexico. [1600 × 1068]

Open air sitting area with a view of the pond in this home in Sonoma, California [1302 × 1000]

Open bathroom with a copper tub mixes modern design with traditional chalet accents in this home in Tiefbrunnau, Austria. [1108 × 835]

Open bedroom next to a pool facing the tropical ocean of Tabanan Regency, Bali, Indonesia [2000×1270]

Open bedroom with a view, located in Cape Town, South Africa [1280 x 853]

Open concept bathroom with a prominent rainfall shower offers a stunning view of Los Angeles. [2000 x 1333]

Open dining-living room with concrete walls and plenty of natural light [1499 x 1000]

Open living and dining space surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows offering a view of Whitefish Lake in Montana. [1500 x 1000]

Open living area adds a second story via a steel platform supported by a glass floor in this TriBeCa loft. [1333 × 1000]

Open living area in the home of Danish Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl, which he and his wife modeled after an old barn located near Copenhagen. [1086 × 1500]

Open living room [1200 x 800]

Open living room located in New York, NY [1791 x 1200]

Open living room with lots of natural light from the large glass wall in this NYC townhouse, designed in the Greek Revival style by noted architect M.N. Ahari. [1800 × 1200]

Open living room with plenty of space [1039 x 1559]

Open living space in a loft in Brooklyn [2000x1296][OS]

Open living space in a renovated loft located near the Brooklyn Naval Yard. [1920 × 1080]

Open living space located in Piha North, New Zealand [899 x 1348] [1MIC]

Open living space with a vaulted ceiling in a former county courthouse located in West Kensington, London, England, which was in use since 1908. [1920 × 1280]

Open living space with polished marble floors features a stairway which leads to the loft in this home in Brazil. [1000 × 1500]

Open master bathroom with a freestanding bathtub installed in the corner of the room that has a corner view to the courtyard and a separated shower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [1200×1819]

Open plan living and dining area receives lots of light in this NYC penthouse. [1472 × 982]

Open porch facing the courtyard in one of the newly built traditional housings of Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul, South Korea [900×484]

Open space living room in the Terschelling island, northern Netherlands [4320×2942]

Open to the elements [1024x678] [AIC]

Open wooden bathroom with plenty of natural light in a renovated house, Pingtung County, Taiwan [816×1200]

Open-air living and dining area in a home designed to be cooled exclusively by cross-ventilation through large operable sectional glass doors, sliding doors and windows. Located in Montecito, CA. [1800 × 1200]

Opulent art deco-inspired bedroom with a beautiful paneled ceiling. [1200 × 1500]

Original Stone Cottage directly on Rocky Beach w- Backyard Tidal Pools on 1-acre Hunting Island, Maine [2560 × 1700]

Our apartment in converted 90 year old woolstore, Brisbane, Australia [2000 × 1333][OC]

Our first apartment in Paris [OC][MIC][2048x1366]

Our room for 3 days and 4 nights. A small yurt tucked into a pocket of trees on the edge of an ocean cliff. [2112x2816] [OC]

Outdoor Living Room in Mexico [900x559]

Outdoor Living Space in So Africa (564x845)

Outdoor bathroom from Lémuria Seychelles [800 x 533]

Outdoor bathroom in Fiji [OC] [2048 x 1536]

Outdoor room of a penthouse, located in London, England [1280 x 853]

Outside Bathroom [488 × 706]

Outside In [930x1240]

Overlooking San Francisco [940x611]

Overwater Bungalow - Bora Bora (2100 × 1457)

Paris Opera House [1200x800]

Parliament of Canada [OC 1920x1280]

Patio at the Viceroy Bali [1600x1067]

Paul Weidlinger House, Cape Cod, MA (1954) [1199x800]

Pear Tree House, London. [2000x1333] Source in comments.

Pennethorne's Café at Somerset House in London [1540×944]

Penthouse 2072 at the W Hotel Residences Downtown Atlanta [1024x724] More in Comments

Penthouse Apartment Overlooking Belfast [960x636]

Penthouse Jungle Bath | Vietnam [1800x1200]

Penthouse Living Room with a view [1400 x 931]

Penthouse in Gothenburg, Sweden [1080 x 720]

Penthouse with Loft in Moscow [2000x1335] [MIC]

Penthouse with a view [1171x900]

Penthouse with a view of Hong Kong. [2000x1333]

Perfect place to read a book in Malibu, CA [1131 x 755]

Photographer Albert Watson’s TriBeCa Condo Living Room [1250x818]

Piano Room [564x845]

Plenty of space in this bedroom with library loft [960 x 1200]

Pool room with a place to sit [736 x 453]

Porch Envy [1153 x 768]

Portland home library (950 x 633)

Portuguese Sunroom uses Birch Trees for Texture, Warmth, & Filtered Sunlight [1800 × 2560]

Princess Room [1280x853] (resub with resolution)

Private Office-Reading Room with retractable glass roof [800x659][MIC]

Private library in a house in Zurich [1523x1898]

Private wine cellar uses a nice mix of stone and wood to create a pleasant tasting environment in this home in Morro do Chapéu, Bahia, Brazil.[1600 × 1067]

Private, wonderfully Tree-Shaded 'Hidden Ruin' Outdoor Stone Fireplace [1348 × 900]

Pub Inspired Basement Bar and Pool Table [1594x1120]

Pub Inspired Basement Bar and Pool Table [1594x1129]

Public swimming pool in Berlin [x-post from an unimpressed -r-pics] [708 x 494]

Quaint Roof Top Porn [500x741]

Rayavadee Krabi Resort - Thailand [1277 x 1024]

Re-purposed Tobacco Barn...Enormous Stone Fireplace & Vaulted Ceilings Surrounded by Walls of Windows | Honeybrook, PA [990 × 662]

Reading Corner [1024x768]

Reading Room with a small loft [600 x 900]

Reading Room with balcony [1680 × 731] [MIC]

Reading Room with plenty of material [1160 × 768]

Reading Room-Library in Tribeca, New York [1,280 x 853] Album in comments

Reading loft [736 × 1104]

Reading nook overlooking bright inner courtyard [1680x2520]

Reading room in a home that only measures 540 square feet located in Portland. [850 x 567]

Reading room with a view [975 x 650]

Real rustic cabin kitchen [538 × 435]

Really nice framed doorway [563 × 768]

Reclaimed Log Platform Bed in Minimal, Industrial Loft [1500 × 1000]

Red. Brick. Everything. [800x600]

Refurbished 185 year old traditional housing used as a hotel, Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea [2100×3117]

Refurbished 1930s traditional housing in Bukchon Hanok Village, Jongno District, Seoul, South Korea [2404×1934]

Regal bedroom with lots of room for activities [1000 x 750]

Reimagined nave of the former Church of Sant Francesc located in the Spanish town of Santpedor. The 18th century church had nearly crumbled to the ground, when it was re-purposed into into an auditorium and a multi-functional cultural facility. [1440 × 2160]

Relax in this living room located in Cape Town, South Africa [1280 x 854]

Relaxation Room with view of a stream [1600x1067]

Relaxation room with view of the Ocean [1200 x 799]

Remodeled home in Brighton, UK, uses tongue and groove wall paneling, wood burning stoves and exposed brickwork with built-in bookcases to create an inviting sitting area. [990 × 924]

Render of Duplex Living Room in Newest Supertall Condo Tower Overlooking Central Park, 111 W 57th St [2000x1006] [OS]

Renovated mansard styled attic with sofas arranged around the fireplace, Moscow, Russia [2000×1333]

Repurposed Barn [488x734]

Restaurant Koi, located in Aix-en-Provence, France, uses images of koi fish and other Japanese motifs all over the ceiling, walls and floor, taking design cues from Yakuza tattoos. [1000 × 1251]

Restaurant on the 71st floor of the US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles [2000x1335]

Retro Sunroom [1200x900]

Revamped penthouse in St Pancras Chambers. Gorgeous modern design and exposed beams [1500x1493]

Rich Moroccan Colors add a dose of Saturation to Expansive, Dark Wood Study [667 x 1000]

Rich, Natural Materials Warmly Balance the Substantive Scale of this Dark and Cozy Bedroom Nook [1924 × 2304]

Richly appointed bathroom features a large soaking tub and dark woods with bronzed accents at the Belmond Eagle Island Lodge in Botswana. [3606 × 2407]

Roaring Fireplace in Cozy Beach Cottage w- Original Stone Walls Perched on the Shore of Tiny 1-Acre Hunting Island, Maine [2560 × 1714]

Rococo Library in Mafra, Portugal [1920 x 1200]

Romantic view of the stars from a glass igloo in Finland [900x602]

Rooftop bedroom [1000 x 666]

Room Divider [1200 × 854]

Room dedicated to vinyl in the recording studio of music producers and DJ duo 2manydjs located in Ghent, Belgium. [1680 × 1262]

Room designed to blend with the outside environment in this eco-friendly house located in Rhinebeck, New York. [1453 × 1500]

Room in Sculpture Park in Dietikon, Switzerland by architect, Bruno Weber. [1,600×800]

Room in a professionally built tree house *Djuren*. More photos, layout, views, OS and construction pic in comments. (x-post r-treehouse) [600x400] [OS]

Room on the second floor in a house in Busan overlooking Songdo Beach, South Korea [1600×1264]

Room with a cozy bed [1200 x 1006]

Room with a view at the Makanyane Safari Lodge in South Africa. [2922x1965]

Room with a view in Paris [500x750]

Room with a view of the Austrian Alps [1200x900]

Room with a view over Poole Bay, Dorset, UK. [OS][1920x1280]

Room with a view. [2148x1342]

Room with a warm atmosphere [1024 x 680]

Room with ceiling height windows by AMBER LEWIS, designer from LA [800 x 1200]

Rooms in this Moscow apartment are differentiated by partial walls and differing heights. [1500 × 1000]

Rotunda-style living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and French doors in this home located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. [2048 × 1365]

Round Fireplace, Round Room - Southwest Pueblo Adobe [990 × 766]

Rugged Montana Wilderness outside Towering 2-Story Bay Windows, Hand-Hewn Timber + Custom Industrial Hand-Blown Glass Chandelier [2400 x 3600]

Rustic Bathroom [1800 × 1125]

Rustic Bathroom w- Vaulted Ceilings + Natural, Reclaimed Materials [1200 × 1800]

Rustic Cabin's Screened Porch turned Bedroom | Central Minnesota [3468 × 4308]

Rustic Norwegian ski cabin [960x637]

Rustic attic bathroom under a slanted ceiling in a renovated 19th century apartment by the Rhine River, Switzerland [4000×2500]

Rustic living room in California [1024x580]

Rådhuset station in Stockholm was constructed using organic architecture, which leaves the bedrock exposed and unsculptured, appearing to be based on natural cave systems [1366 x 768]

SS Normandie's Dining Room [1000x724]

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona [534x800] [OS in comments]

Salle des Chevaliers, Château de Gruyères - Switzerland [5031x3341]

Salons in the Hotel de Crillon, Paris. [1600x1200] Source:

Saloon deck of a much more reasonable $11m yacht. [1200 x 801]

Sauna with two-level seating and a metal shower column next to a sunken tub under a glass ceiling in this home in Rio. [1559 × 1034]

Seaside Escape [3371 x 1215]

Seattle Public Library, taken on my last visit. [2248x1836]

Serene Bathroom [550x413]

Serene outdoor lounge. [1024x683]

Shooting range room [1024x768]

Shower Room [900x599] [AIC]

Shower and tub in Melbourne loft built in an old industrial space. [1600x2129]

Shower room in a villa on the island of Saint Barth [670 × 1005]

Shower with a View of the ocean cliffs of Avalon Beach, Australia. [1050x1358]

Shower, bath and sauna area in a penthouse loft located in Berlin, Germany. [2500 × 1667]

Silvered, free-standing bathtub overlooks Manhattan in the Walker Tower. [1403 × 1920]

Simple and spacious great room in A-frame house [1,500x1,000]

Simple dining area with a vaulted ceiling, plantation shutters and a large teak and oak dining table in this home located in Saint-Barthélemy. [960 × 1200]

Simple guest house bedroom with a view of the surrounding farmlands, Dutchess County, New York [1500×843]

Simple kitchen design with a light-filled corner breakfast nook. [913 × 609]

Simple living room with its own library and 2nd floor office [580 x 870]

Simple loft bedroom [467x700]

Simple wooden dining room-kitchen in a remote summer retreat, Andopen, Flakstad, Norway [2500×1668]

Simple yet elegant black-and-white bathroom [966x644]

Simple, well appointed living room that lets the view of the lake take precedence in a home located in Collingwood, Canada. [990 × 660]

Simply appointed eating area in a minimally renovated farmhouse located in Treia, Marche. [1280 x 1709]

Single room in a Habitable Polyhedron [647x800]

Sisters Restaurant in Clinton Hill [3351x5026]

Sitting and dining area in this refurbished apartment in Belarus. [1200 x 1200]

Sitting area can be enclosed with glass walls or left open to take advantage of the amazing view of the bay below in this home in Cape Town, South Africa. [2048 × 1366]

Sitting area in a converted a turn-of-the-century working barn features a large window to bring in extra light in this home in the Eastern Cascades, Washington. [1080 × 1350]

Sitting area in front of a fireplace located at The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu. The floors and doors are made out of reclaimed scaffolding. [1920 × 1280]

Sitting area in front of a large stone fireplace with built-in bookcases in this home in Val Tidone, Italy. [1256 × 878]

Sitting area in front of an open staircase that reveals a wall full of books in this home in Mexico City. [1050 × 699]

Sitting area in front of walls of books at the Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago. [1600 x 1067]

Sitting area is found beneath a hallway library in this home in North Shore, Illinois. [2000 × 2390]

Sitting area uses distressed wood features to contrast with the white walls in this apartment in Sweden. [1200 × 800]

Sitting area which makes creative use of glass to maximize the immersion with the surrounding desert in this home located in the Azpitia valley, in the coast of Lima, Peru. [2000 x 1333]

Sitting area with a wrought iron spiral staircase leading up to a library in this home in Rye, NY. [1200 × 800]

Sitting area with panoramic view of the outdoors in this home in Bianco, Texas. [1500 x 1000]

Skyrim inspired Man Cave-Utah,USA [962x642]

Sleek bathroom featuring a stunning onyx panel in the shower in this home in Teton County, Wyoming. [1050 × 750]

Sleek, modern bathroom encased in marble and cedar in this LEED certified home in Portland. [1300 × 1950]

Small (30 sq meters), modern guest quarters in the attic of a private home in The Hague, Netherlands. [4368 × 2912]

Small and simple room with plenty of natural light [1024 x 768]

Small cozy kitchen [2000x1333][OS]

Small home in a converted train depot home with concrete floors and walls, sheet metal ceiling, and a timber-framed sleeping loft located in Gotland, Sweden. [1200 x 800]

Small kitchen with bold red color scheme [916x728]

Small loft in Camden [3197x2121]

Small pool in a courtyard of a compact townhouse in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam [2000×2996]

Small room and hall in a stone house built by a gardener in Brazil [1200x800]

Small, charming bathroom uses a blend of new and old in this renovated home in Madrid. [756 × 1134]

Smell the ocean in this bedroom, located in Knysna, South Africa [1300 x 828]

Smith House, Detroit (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1949-50) [1755x1170]

SoHo Living Room [1791 x 1200]

Soho Farmhouse Retreat (1755 x 1171)

Solarium in a home designed by Paul R. Williams for the Hollywood director Otto Preminger. [1275 × 1754]

Some Serious RoomPorn boner material courtesy of Massachusetts and Tom Kundig [1540x944]

Something a Little Different? Nautical Kids Room [1020 x 763]

Sometimes the simplest rooms are the best. Small cabin bedroom looks out onto the coast of Kragerø, Norway. [1280 × 960]

Sophisticated living space in a West Soho loft. [1296 × 864]

Southwest Adobe Reading Room with a Kiva Fireplace, Santa Fe [1280x1003]

Southwest Patio [1800x1200]

Spa in an underground cave-like setting, Hotel Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen, Playa del Carmen, Solidaridad, Quintana Roo State, Mexico [2000×2602]

Space-Saving Suspended Bed in a Modern London Apartment [1280 × 854]

Spacious Contemporary Wood Paneled Bedroom [1200x920]

Spacious and bright bathroom [1680x1121]

Spacious guest lounge in Cheongdam Ward, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [2500×2032]

Spacious kitchen features high ceilings, a marble counter top and a birds eye maple slab at the island in this home in Montauk, New York. [1500 × 1125]

Spacious kitchen, designed in the French country style, features a large window which reaches up into the skylight [5690 × 3793]

Spacious living room open to the backyard [1500 x 1515]

Spacious living room with a view of the South Han River, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [3971×2829]

Spacious loft living area [736 x 1104]

Spacious modern dining room in a renovated house, Seongbuk District, Seoul, South Korea [1480×1111]

Spacious modern kitchen mixes light and dark features - Toronto, Canada. [1751x1135]

Spacious, Rustic Bedroom - Giant Windows offer Glorious Wyoming Views, Reclaimed Barn Wood & Timber Ceiling [3000 x 2000]

Spacious, warm Master Bedroom w- pivoting 13' Suspended Fireplace and Sweeping, Panoramic Views of Crazy Mountains, MT [1440 × 900]

Spanish Colonial Design [537x735]

Spanish synagogue, Prague [1575x1278]

Sparsely-decorated living room with a ceiling designed to reflect scenery from outside the windows. [1300 × 1950]

Spiral Wine Cellar [2808x1872]

Staircase in Manhattan apartment [1440x735]

Stairway & natural light at my new home[OC][2448x3060]

State Library of Iowa (Des Moines Capitol) [1840x3264]

Stone House, Caviano, Switzerland. (3084 x 3305)

Stone Walls & Cathedral Rafters lend Old World Timelessness to Spacious, Open Living Area [766 x 990]

Stone bathroom [1066 x 1600]

Storage shed turned backyard pub in Nottinghamshire, England; [962 x 746]

Storytime area of the Académie Sainte-Anne school in Quebec [3600x2400]

Striking kitchen and dining area in this beautifully renovated apartment in Malmö, Sweden. [1200 × 1626]

Studio apartment by The Brooklyn Home Company [640x461]

Study in a Historic Beacon Hill Brownstone (complete with clipper ship paintings) [1908x2244]

Study in a Modern Home in Great Falls, VA [1500x1001]

Study in a modified traditional housing built with Korean pine wood, Bukchon Hanok Village, Jongno District, Seoul, South Korea [550×725]

Study in a renovated Brooklyn brownstone features a muted color, vintage furniture, and the built-in window seats. [1000 × 666]

Stunning bathroom with a large walk-in shower surrounded by black glass tile. [1024 × 1365]

Stunning black and gold range serves as the centerpiece of this elegant kitchen which blends modern and classic elements in this West Village townhouse. [1066 x 700]

Stunning entrance way with lots of natural light in this home in Westchester County. [1050 × 1657]

Stunning kitchen features exposed trusses, a large granite island and a wall of glass in this home near Lake Tahoe. [2048 × 1536]

Stunning kitchen with elevated ceilings, exposed brick wall and a metallic stove with a dramatic copper hood in this pre-Civil War home in Charleston, SC. [1500 × 1000]

Stunning living room of The Morning View Studios, famous Malibu estate, where many 'hit' albums were recorded here & attracted recording artists such as John Mayer, The Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz and more. [1080 x 758]

Stuttgart public library [2048x1360]

Stylish cabin in the woods [900x600]

Stylish living room opens onto a double-height sitting area looking over a country club in Brazil. [1487 x 1000]

Stylish sitting area with floor-to-ceiling shelving that still allows for light to enter the room in this home in El Salvador. [1133 × 1700]

Suite at Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, Rangali, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives [1600 x 1065]

Suite balcony in Hotel Alfonso XIII, Spain. [1091x613]

Suite in an ocean bottom hotel in the Maldives [2560×1481]

Sumptuous House on the Rocks [1000x750]

Sun room [800 × 533]

Sun-Dappled Cathedral Sunroom-Hallway in Beautiful Stone Residence | Snake River, WY [1978×2560]

Sun-Warmed Modern, Rustic Kitchen full of Natural Wood & Stone that's Spacious, yet Cozy | Montana [2348 x 2560]

Sun-kissed cabin [1024x673]

Sunken conversation pit situated around a central fireplace has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean in this home formerly owned by Johnny Carson. [1200 x 1800]

Sunken living room [1200 x 800]

Sunken living room overlooking a lake in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea [900×633]

Sunken living room surrounded by bookshelves with an open view of the garden, Mexico City, Mexico [2000×1269]

Sunken stone tub with a lagoon view on Laucala Island, Fiji. [1800 x 1199]

Sunroom in Zakynthos home designed for a view of the sea [2000x906]

Surprisingly cozy for such a grand view (1280 x 1280)

Sushisamba, a restaurant with a stunning interior on the 38th and 39th floors of a London skyscraper [1800×1200]

Swedish DJ Avicii’s New $15 Million L.A. Mansion [1230x922]

Swimming pool of Indonesian architect Budi Pradono's house [1,580 × 1,197]

Tantris Restaurant in Munich [1500x1000] - One of Germany's best gourmet restaurants, built in 1971 with the original interior still in use. It has two Michelin stars and offers a unique dining experience.

Tastefully bohemian turn-of-the-century living room in Stockholm, Sweden [1200x800]

Tasting Table at the Hall Winery in St. Helena [780x507]

Tasting room at a California winery complete with grapevine root chandelier [1440x2160]

Tea house in the woods with traditional architectural elements, Ganghwa Island, South Korea [740×1110]

Tented bedroom beneath large thatched roof overlooks the bush in Southern Kenya. [1333 x 2000]

Texas Farmhouse [990 x 660]

That natural feeling. Takashi Amano enjoys a glass of wine admiring his masterpiece.[992 × 495]

The 'Executive Lounge' in Hotel Shilla, Seoul, South Korea [2808×1872]

The American Restaurant located in Kansas City, Missouri is a wonderful example of the late Mid-century design. [935 × 1200]

The Balcon, a brasserie with an elegant interior in the Sofitel St. James Hotel in London [2000×1500] By Russell Sage Studio

The Banquet Hall at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. The room is 72 feet long, 42 feet wide and 70 feet high, and could seat up to 64 guests. [1167 × 1467]

The Black Boy pub in Winchester [1280x850]

The Booking Office Bar in the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London [1920×1280]

The Boston Athenaeum [1200 x 883]

The Boston Athenæum [3430x2278]

The Campbell Apartment, NYC Classic Bar [900x1042]

The Church of San Giovanni Battista, Switzerland [1500x2000]

The Dining Room of the Sacha Lodge on the Amazon River in Ecuador [1000x667]

The Elrod House -- Featured in Diamonds Are Forever (1525 X 984 * Scott Campbell photo)

The Entrance Hall to Bag End, The Lord of the Rings-The Hobbit [1920x1440]

The Gallery at sketch in Mayfair, London where afternoon tea and dinner are served. sketch is an entertainment and dining location. The Gallery's walls are covered in sketches by artist David Shrigley. [1000 × 657]

The Gilbert Scott Bar in the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London [1920×1280]

The Gothic Room at Marble House, Newport [3000x1852]

The Gothic Study in Hearst Castle, California [1024×710] Photographed by Trey Ratcliff

The House in the Hills [1420x1000] More in comments

The Jane Restaurant, Antwerp - a former military hospital chapel [1100 × 1431]

The Library in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam [2560x2294] [OC]

The Library of Chateau de Beloeil, Belgium. By Ernest Sanson, 1906. [1280x850] From Wikipedia.

The Loft, in Amsterdam, a site which looks at first glance like a lavishly furnished apartment but is actually a retail space curated by the Playing Circle [3000×1622]

The Long Room of the Old Library at Trinity College Dublin [9000 × 6796]

The Long Room, an early 18th century university library in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland [9000 × 6796]

The Lower India Room at Penrhyn Castle in Wales, UK [1000x783]

The Oberlausitzer Science Library in Görlitz, Germany [2048×1365] Photographed by Paul Mehnert

The Opera Garnier in Paris, France [959 x 639]

The Oval Reading Room in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris [OS] [1213×1000]

The Painted Room, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich — single-handedly painted by one man over the course of 19 years [1600x1067][x-post from -r-pics]

The Palais Garnier's grand salon [2048 × 1366]

The Perfect Adirondack Porch - Comfortably blending Nature with tons of Wood, Screened Windows, and a Roaring Fireplace [789 × 1200]

The Porterhouse Restaurant in Hong Kong [908×1000] by Kokaistudios, Photographed by Edmon Leong

The Roman Pool in Hearst Castle, CA [2048×1367] Photographed by Justin Brown

The Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library [1920×1920] by Cuba Gallery

The Royal Portuguese Reading Room in Rio de Janeiro [1024×682] Photographed by Michael Klug

The Smuggler's Cove - Liverpool, UK [960x639]

The Suite in Cinderella's Castle at Disney World [2000x1325]

The bathroom of a contemporary house in La Jolla, California [1331×2000] Photographed by Paul Body

The bathroom of a home in Roxbury, CT with cabinetry made from reclaimed barn wood [1500×1200] Photographed by John M. Hall

The bathroom of a refurbished Victorian terraced house in London [2000×1333] Photographed by Craig Sheppard

The bathroom of a renovated New York City apartment [1438×1861] Photographed by Douglas Friedman

The bathroom of the Ritz Suite, on the 32nd floor of the Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore [2000×1225]

The bistro-style kitchen and dining area of an apartment in Gothenburg [1082×722] By Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör

The bohemian interior of a New York City apartment [800×1200] (MIC)

The bright snooker room at the Siam Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand takes its inspiration from the Art Deco era. [2048 × 1365]

The bright, open penthouse in the Mandala Hotel offers sweeping views of Berlin. [1920 × 990]

The ceiling of a Moroccan restaurant in Marrakesh. [5472x3648] [OC]

The ceiling of a master bedroom in this Vancouver penthouse features beams, arches, sky lights and cutouts. Four crystal chandeliers take advantage of the light from the room’s floor to ceilings windows. [2000 × 1333]

The ceiling of this indoor swimming pool took its design inspiration from the terraced rice fields in China. Located at the Temple House hotel in Chengdu, China. [1200 x 900]

The central library of the Humboldt University of Berlin [2048×1536] Photographed by Martin Turner

The colourful living room of a penthouse apartment in Madrid [1200×800] Photo by Ricardo Labougle

The dining area and kitchen of a luxury apartment in Prague [1050×682] Photo by Dagmar Vyhnalkova

The dining area of a converted ironworks in Sweden [1518×1010] Photo by Husman Hagberg

The dining area of a luxury apartment in Paris [1024×683]

The dining area of a refurbished terraced house in Clerkenwell, London. Out of shot is a retractable glazed rooflight allowing in natural light and air [2400×1602]

The dining area of an apartment in Kungsholmen, Stockholm [1920×1440] Photographed by Andrea Papini

The dining carriage of the Eastern & Oriental Express [2000×1334] Photo by Jo Rodgers

The dining hall at Christ Church college, Oxford [2048×1365] Photographed by Cedric Favero

The eclectic living area of an apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris [4747×3159] [OS] Photographed by Adelaide Klarwein for GCG Architectes

The elegant kitchen and dining area in a compact apartment [2048x1360]

The entryway of the Icehotel in Jukkarsjärvi, Sweden; David Clapp [990 x 742]

The fearsome entrance of Brussel's justice palace [558x623]

The founder of Tumblr's $1.6 million Williamsburg loft [1024x797]

The highest bathroom in the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. 432 Park, New York (1455 x 1467)

The home gym of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen in Los Angeles [900x600]

The home library of a pair of designers in Merida, Mexico [1000×1248] Photographed by Tim Street-Porter

The hushed interior of the Compact Payload Test Range in ESA’s ESTEC technical centre area, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands [4928 x 3280]

The interior of Berners Tavern in London [OS] [1368×1025] Credit: Nikolas Koenig

The interior of Eglon House, a live-work residence in north London, inspired by the iconic Maison de Verre in Paris [OS] [1000×667] Photographed by Joas Souza

The interior of The Ivy Café, London [1540×944]

The interior of Urban Coterie, a restaurant on the 17th floor of a hotel in central London [3900×2390]

The interior of White Rabbit, a restaurant on the 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage building in Moscow [2000×1000]

The interior of a cabin in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire [2500×1533]

The interior of a rustic loft in New York [2000×1329] Photographed by Durston Saylor

The interior of a treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia [1066×1600] Photographed by Lindsay Appel, by architect Peter Bahouth

The interior of the Guangzhou Opera House [2048×1365] By Zaha Hadid; Photographed by Trevor Patt

The kitchen and dining area of a former school building converted into a home in the Netherlands [2250×1500] Photographed by Jansje Klazinga

The kitchen and dining area of a house in France [900×1199] Photograph by Gaelle le Boulicaut

The kitchen and dining area of a house in Mérida, Mexico [2000×1333] Photographed by David Cervera

The kitchen of a 17th-century Paris loft [750×993] Photographed by Michael Graydon & Nikole Herriott

The kitchen of a Manhattan duplex with pendant lights and cabinets lacquered in black [1000×1333] Photographed by Eric Pasiecki

The largest church pipe organ in Europe with 17,774 pipes in the St. Stephen's Cathedral of Passau, Germany [3618 x 2695]

The library at the Bedales School, Petersfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom shows off its posts, beams and trusses. [900 x 768]

The living and dining area of a duplex apartment in Kungsholmen, Stockholm [1920×1440] Photographed by Andrea Papini

The living and dining area of a spectacular triplex apartment in Tribeca, New York [1800×1200] Photo: Ellima

The living and dining area of an apartment in Beirut [1440×1098] [OS] By Bernard Khoury

The living area of a Parisian apartment [954x636] Photograph by Hervé Abbadie

The living area of a loft apartment in London [800×1200] Photo by Marina Castagna

The living area of an apartment in Stockholm [1170×781]

The living area of an apartment overlooking Beirut [1440×1098] [OS] By Bernard Khoury

The living room of a contemporary home in Perth, Australia [1390×927] by D Max Photography

The living room of a house in Austin, Texas, with exposed framing [1050×803] Photographed by Casey Dunn

The living room of a luxury apartment in Paris [1024×683]

The living room of a renovated apartment in Vasastan, Stockholm [1200×800]

The living room of a rustic home with an industrial flavour [1240×1240] By Koj Design

The living room of garage loft in Amsterdam [1900×1267] Photographed by Valentine Harmsen

The living room of the Sheats Goldstein Residence in LA [1700×1133] Photo by the VHF

The loggia at 'Carolands,' residence of Harriet Pullman and Francis J. Carolan in Hillsborough, California. Ernest Sanson, 1916. Source: [1907x1500]

The main lobby of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London [1920×1280]

The main reading room in the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress [6144 × 4098]

The most masculine living space ever. [670x555]

The most peaceful bathroom in the world(unless it's raining).[800x533]

The offices of the Pathé Foundation in Paris [1520×1722] Photographed by Michel Denancé

The open plan dining area and kitchen of a duplex apartment in Copenhagen [1366×911]

The open plan dining area of a converted warehouse apartment in Sydney [1600×1066]

The open plan living and dining area of a converted church in Sweden [1224×816]

The open plan living and dining area of a converted ironworks in Sweden [1183×787] Photo by Husman Hagberg

The open plan living area of a refurbished terraced house in Clerkenwell, London [2400×1602]

The open plan living area of a spectacular triplex apartment in Tribeca, New York [1800×1199] Photo: Ellima

The owner of this old railroad-style Brooklyn home opened up the living area by demolishing interior walls to provide a 20-ft high ceiling while maintaining the original brick features. [[727 × 1024]

The pool is the focal point of the house. [940x677] [AIC]

The restored drawing room at Mount Stewart, a 19th-century neo-classical house in Northern Ireland [2400×1597] Photographed by Elaine Hill (MIC)

The rooftop lounge at The Roosevelt Hotel NYC [2345x1597]

The room I'd want to spend my christmas in [ 1152 × 864 ]

The stair hall of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg with light illuminating the ceiling mural depicting the Gods at Olympus and the Jordan Staircase [OS] [932×1165] Photographed by David Burdeny

The stairway and dining area of a contemporary home in Toronto [1050×701] design by Tanya Yeung, photo by Arnaud Marthouret

The study area of Loft 9b, a renovated apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria [720×1080] Photographed by Minko Minev

The study of an apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden [1004×670]

The upcycled dresser-as-storage really ties this kitchen together [3000x1688]

The view from the kitchen loft in this Washington vacation house. [1150x767]

Theater Room with indoor water fall [1024 x 683]

This Ecuadorian House is unassuming from the outside but once you're in the courtyard... [1600x1127] {MoreInComments}

This House Is Designed With Various Levels Cascading Down A Forested Hillside in Chile [800×1757]

This Room Is 3 Shipping Container [OC - 1600x1088]

This Vancouver penthouse bedroom seems like a nice place to rest one's head. [1500x999] (info and pics in comments)

This indoor swimming pool in a London home can “disappear” and be replaced with a 2,400-square-foot dance floor via heavy-duty motors which lift the stone and mosaic tile base of the pool as the water from the pool flows into cisterns underground. [5181 × 3454]

This is an attic. [571 × 734]

This is the inside of an RV [1200x800]

This living area features a large tumbled stone fireplace and an amazing vaulted ceiling. [533 × 800]

This loft has been my home for four years. We're moving this weekend and it will be missed. [OC] [1024x768]

This master bedroom with large bowed windows has a great view of the water in Greenlake, Wisconsin. [990 x 702]

This open bathroom in a home in Las Vegas uses a pleasing mixture of stone, glass and wood. [1280 x 913]

This outdoor lounge and dining space is built onto a dock on Lake Gaston in North Carolina. [1084 x 945]

This second-story loft space takes advantage of the large window left intact as part of the conversion from church to home in Melbourne. [750 x 500]

Those City Views [2000x1333]

Time capsule: impeccable, original 1954 pad in Altadena, California [2000X1800] (amazing gallery in comments)

Tiny eclectic bedroom [1280x1280]

Tiny house set on a cliff besides the beach - Devon UK. [OC][1920x1280px]

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's dining room in the sky, midtown Manhattan [720 x 581]

Took a picture of my friend in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. [960x636]

Top floor of a renovated Tribeca mansion originally built in 1862, showing the central glass staircase and large skylight. [1024 x 684]

Trailer home entryway [563x416]

Tree house with little kitchen and loft [599x900]

Treehouse Bedroom [577x836] [MIC]

Treehouse Dining Area in Sunapee, New Hampshire [1024x683]

Treehouse [1700x1103]

Treehouse in the mountains I stayed in [1050x700]

Trees as Posts in Bedroom with a Fireplace [498 × 702]

Trees inside of home, Bedford Hills, NY [1558x1033]

Trey Parker's (of South Park, Book of Mormon, etc.) Colorado house [990x1487]

Tron Hotel Suite in Sweden [1200x799]

Tula House - BC, Canada [1800 x 1165]

Tula House on a remote island of BC, Canada, 13m above the Pacific Ocean [1800 x 1165]

Two Story Open Bookcase and Living room [488 × 645]

Two-story living room features a catwalk around the room and stunning views of downtown Beirut. [2000 × 1330]

Two-story sitting room with a panoramic view of the Saguaro Forest in Arizona. [1050 × 1526]

Ultimate open-plan living? in iconic St Pancras Chambers, London [2,799×2,786]

Underwater Hotel Room [2448x3264]

Underwater Hotel Room in Dubai [1690x951]

Underwater Room at Manta Resort, Zanzibar, Tanzania [960x600]

Underwater Sea Aquarium in Seattle [4368x2912]

Underwater nightclub in the Maldives [930x380]

Unique attic design which uses glass walls and even partial glass floors to allow light to pass through to lower floor. [850 x 565]

Unique colors - Kitchen in light lime green plaster [1000x663]

Unique. A central shower. [550x440]

Uniquely lit indoor pool by Danish designer Verner Panton. [676x704]

Uniquely shingled 'Wes Anderson' Viewing Room with Stunning Views of New England Fall Foliage (Built 1902 by George A. Reid - Onteora, NY) [2560 x 2144]

Uniquely-positioned rain shower [850 × 1287]

University of Coimbra's library (2107 x 1718)

Utterly Gorgeous Kitchen in Cozy, Rustic Cabin [1200 x 799]

VIP room in the Foxglove speakeasy in Hong Kong takes inspiration from first-class train cabins. The bar-restaurant is disguised as an umbrella shop, hence the black umbrellas lining the walls. [3744 × 2496]

Very cozy little home [682x1024]

View of The Italian Countryside From This Great Room [1620x1080]

View of the city in this living room, Chicago, IL[1600 × 1200]

View of the living room from the backyard located in São Paulo, Brazil [1559 x 1559]

Vintage Claw-Foot Tub in Victorian Bathroom - Lake Toxaway, NC [1280 × 960]

Wake up, shower, dress. [1524 X 969]

Waking up to Ocean views [1500x1013] [MIC]

Walk in Wet Area, London. (2400 x 3700)

Warm & Cozy Sleeping Nooks in Beautiful Wood Cabin - Woman Lake, MN [1000 x 739]

Warm Colors [1280 x 960]

Warm kitchen uses a pleasing mix of colors and textures in this completely renovated home in New Orleans. [743 × 1024]

Warm living area blends modern furniture with rustic cabinetry in this home in Austin, Texas. [1280 × 965]

Warm mahogany library. I'd never leave [990 x 660]

Warm mid-century inspired living room with skylights and built-in wood cabinetry in this home located in Venice, California. [2048 × 1365]

Warm sitting area with a view of the Swiss Alps. [1500 × 1124]

Warming Sun & Natural Breezes fill this Open-Air Shower in Napa Wine Country, CA [2213 × 1513]

Watch reindeer in the middle of nowhere in this breathtaking room [500x500]

Waterfront bedroom with massive glass wall [850x567]

We stayed at this home in Hollywood Hills for a few nights. I wish I could call it my own. [2000x1325] [OC]

Well-appointed black, white and stainless kitchen in this home located in Malibu, California. [941 × 627]

West Village Studio [1190x799]

What $115million buys in NYC [2800x1865] (link in comments)

What I wouldn't do for some exposed Brick in Manhattan [1500x1125] {MoreInComments}

What a great living space (420×638)

What a view. [540x810]

What do you do when you have a 2.5m house in Japan? You build up, just move the plate when you step on your table to climb the ladder upstairs. [573 × 875]

What if the Walls were Made of the Jungle? Bali. [1550x1033]

When a bathroom is actually a bathroom [564x846]

When you live in the best weather in the country, you should take advantage of it. Montecito. [1000x667]

White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar in Moscow, Russia [935x622]

White marble bath with a walk-in shower overlooking Manhattan. [1240 × 826]

White marble bathroom with clawfoot tub in a new construction home - Fairfield, CT (album in comments) [1100x733]

White modern lounge with a tall ceiling, Windsor Park Road, Singapore [950×979]

Whole tree architecture reading room, Wisconsin [600x396]

Window Seat with a view, a cozy spot perfect for napping and-or reading a book [598 × 650]

Windowed bedroom extending over infinity pool with quite the view (1024x582)

Wine Cellar [580x870]

Wine Tasting Room [1200 x 800] [MIC]

Wine storage under livingroom acrylic see through floor [1200x1600]

Winter Garden at the Tokyo American Club, Tokyo [1500×1009]

Winter garden of Biltmore, by Richard Morris Hunt [623x1024]

Wood living room near Seattle [1280x800][OS]

Wooden reading nook [1292 x 1000] [OS]

World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York City [2000 × 2165]

Would you like to Hammock? Hipster Loft in Lithuania. [1000x665] {MoreInComments}

Woven bamboo, exposed concrete & integrated plants, Vietnam [1024x682]

You need to be a very ambitious reader to have this many bookshelves. | São Paulo Penthouse [1240x1862]

[1000 x 1000] Kitchen island with built in seating

[1920x1080] House on the slopes of Lions Head overlooking the Atlantic coastline.

[2700 x 1800] [OC] Boston Roof Deck Sanctuary at Sunset

[OC] Sitting room with skylight and mirrored walls layered by wood carved patterns Thousand Oaks, CA [1050 x 700]

[OC] The perfect room for a student abroad in San Sebastian-Donostia, complete with art, a barber's chair, and access to the balcony. [2526x1872]

[OS] Exercise room in Telluride with a view (1400x795)

[OS] Floating outdoor staircase, Casa Bahia, Miami (1144x650)

[OS] The 'Tea Stone' in Osulloc Tea Museum, Jeju Island, South Korea [1400×700]

an updated yet historically preserved carriage house in Center City, Philadelphia, PA[4096x2731] [OC]

cabinet-less kitchen (575 x 804)

home library with a mattress and a view [900 x 452]

house in the woods of norway (980x551)

modern bedroom [1000 × 668]

nothing beats a great window. [930 x 620]

possibly the best Cave hotel! (1000 x 667) - artist James Patrick.

stunning pool with sitting area [1267×1483]

under the stairs wine cellar [1200x1800]

“To relax on a lounge chair by the pool in the middle of February during a blizzard with the wind howling outside the windows...' North NJ [2295x1428]