'Honey, did you remember to turn on the bilge pump before we came ashore?'

'Is sailing complicated?'

'Up the rig'

15 knots of wind, 38' race boat, put the kite up ... and take a nap.

18 footer GLORIA on Sydney Harbour early 1900s [3661 x 2870]

1900 boats on one starting line

2016 Spring Oberg Trophy hosted by Northeastern University

33 years since us Aussies showed off this little party trick ;)

34 knots in a laser!

42 knots on the course for Sail Melbourne today...

5 Js docked next to each other at Super Yacht Regatta Palma. Amazing.

5:00am sail on lake michigan today. Brutal waking up but sunrise cruises are always worthwhile

60' of fun! (The boat my family bought half of)

61st Edlu Distance Race

A Beluga Whale off the stern of our boat (x-post from r-pics)

A Snake Decided to Test Sail Our Boat

A bit of 420 sailing in the Melbourne Fl Area :)

A boat we built.

A foiling Laser.

A girl sitting on the keel (x-post from pics)

A happy crew is a fast crew

A herd of unicorns getting ready to hoist our spinnaker.

A nice afternoon sail on a lovely boat

A nice little surprise to take home

A nice place to anchor [x-post from -r-EarthPorn]

A pair of 12 footer racing skiffs on Sydney Harbour, early 1900s by William Hall [6954 x 5301] x-post -r-HI_Res

A photo capture from some video I shot today while I was trying to leave Port Everglades

A photo of the rolling waves I experienced while sailing in the Bay of Biscay.

A picture I took the last America's Cup

A quick shot

A rare water Zebra has been spotted!

A sad day for our lasers...

A small issue at the start line

A true beauty in St Tropez, France [1536x1536] [OC]

A while ago I asked you guys for advice on buying a hobie. Best purchase I've ever made.

Aaaaaand the J-105s are off! Great start to the 108th Chicago Mackinac race.

Absolutely gorgeous - Rolex Swan Cup - Carlo Borlenghi

Actually pretty accurate.

After 3 years of being moored, I finally have this.....

After 8000nm we hit the Gulftstream.

After a long 3 months of work, we finally had a day to play. [pic]

After watching today's America's Cup racing....

Again a different type of sailing but though you guys might like to see what the bridge of a tanker looks like!

All sails up at my high school regatta a few weeks ago in Norfolk, Va

All the church I need

Almost home...

Alright, I'm out here and I've got the sails up.... now what?

Always a challenge coming in in the surf

Always carry paper charts...

An 'oops' at Wally Worlds

Another bad day.

Another picture from yesterday. Anchored at bluff cove in Palos Verdes

Anyone have an idea what this might be? Its been sitting at my dock untouched for a long long time...

Anyone know if it's possible to get laser sails like this and how?

Are we still doing cat boats?

Are you a sailor?

As a Kiwi, how I feel watching the America's Cup lately

As a sailing instructor, if there's one thing I teach my kids its that the captain always goes down with his ship.

As a teenager in high school I work fixing sailboats over the summer. None of my friends really share the passion and love when I show them what I do. I thought maybe you guys and gals would appreciate it more :)

At almost 500 feet long and with 25 sails, I present to you the beautiful 7-masted Thomas W. Lawson. She was the largest schooner ever built.

Autum sailing

BMW Oracle flyin'

Banque Populaire catching a bit of air

Basically My Life As A Sailing Instructor.

Beautiful end to a stormy day on the lake

Before you buy a boat that just needs 'a little bit of work', this is what about $7,500 in 'boat gear' looks like.

Bermuda or bust! Hayes, VA to Hamilton, Bermuda

Boat hacking

Boatporn! For your pleasure, I give you the oldest full rigged ship in the world still sailing: the sexy Sørlandet.

Bought a hobie 16! Annnddd I have no idea what I'm doing.

Bought my first Sailboat today. 1973 Ranger 23

Bought my first sailboat this summer

British Columbia, anyone? Southbound in the Strait of Georgia.

Calm day in the Atlantic. on a delivery from France to Boston.

Camping with the flying scott

Can't stop thinking about this Sailboat...

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI

Caught my new crew sleeping on deck.

Chardonnay III: The newest addition to our local Wed night race fleet.

Charts used to be a little bit different...

Checking the mainsail on the newly bought Pearson 26 on a chilly afternoon in New Bern, NC.

Checking to see if I can put the boat on the car.

Chicago Checking In: We are no longer frozen.

Chicago sailing is okay, i guess. (Dufour 405)

Chilling out on the foil

Class act: I enjoyed the S-V Delos crew videos so much, I went on their blog and donated $5 for 'beer money'. They sent me a picture of themselves enjoying the drinks I bought them in Phuket with a personal thank you.

Classics racing in the sun! It was a good weekend, with a nice picture in a national newspaper to top it off.

Clipper 'Zuiderzee' on the IJsselmeer, the Netherlands (2007)

Clusterfuck (OS)

Coming home from a race, Port Jefferson LI


Continuing the 'that's not how a jib works' meme ...

Corpus Christi Bay flat as a pancake morning of 10-27-13

Could anyone here help ID this sailboat?

Couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend on SF Bay.

Cozy open cabin of our chartered Beneteau 35

Crime in Gotham at all time low, Batman now uncrossing anchors in Greece.

Cross is it off the life list: Sailing under the Mackinac Bridge

Currently cruising Northern Lake Huron on a Catalina 30

Daylight view of Team Vestas Wind where they ran aground. All crew have now been rescued and are unharmed.

Daysailing in Charleston harbor today

Daysailing in the windy city.

Daysailing outside the Golden Gate, heading home towards the bridge

Dead downwind, not my favorite but it looks good.

Delawana, Farr 56 Pilot House St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia Canada July 16th, 2016

Did a little night sailing in SF last week. Dodged a few container ships but had a great time! Sorry for the potato quality photo...

Didn't do that well on -r-adrenalineporn but I bet you guys can appreciate it.... Oracle Team USA's AC72 foiling on SF Bay

Didn't know where to post it, but I'm very grateful towards this guy, teaching me how to sail, and asking for nothing in return.

Dinghy flipped over in a storm the other night.

Do I belong here since I technically do have a sail?

Does anyone follow Mike Horn?

Does anyone know this mystery device sailing related? (x-post from r-whatisthisthing)

Doesn't get much better than this

Down wind stretch have foredeck a nice break

Downwind mid-atlantic [OC]

Eight knots headed to Catalina!

Eleonora at Round The Island 2015 - an exact replica of the Herreshoff schooner, 'undoubtedly the fastest schooner in the world' in 1910.

Enjoying a sunny afternoon on the Swan River, Perth

Enjoying the sun setting while on the hook in NC tonight.

Evening Sail in Cork Harbour

Every charter...

Everyone else on Reddit is hijacking freighters and I'm just sitting here trimming sails.

Fall Colors from a Small Lake in Indiana

Fall sailing in Seattle

Family Sailing Heirloom

Figured you guys might appreciate this... A photo I took last year called 'Night Sailing' [x-post from -r-pics]

Finally got my boat!

Finally got them installed

Finally made the cover after all these years...

Finally pulled it off and she is now mine. (Did Bank Xfer yesterday) Raised the US Yacht flag on her yesterday as we sat at dock 'provisioning' her for the 48 mile sail downwind to her home dock in Cleveland Ohio. Which will occur next Saturday.

Finally removed our antifouling!

Finally, a fortune I like!!

First day ever sailing on my first boat!

First photograph of a Schooner jumping the equator.

First sail of the season

First time flying the asymmetrical!

First time renting a boat and sailing after ASA 101! ... Oh... okay, no wind is fine too I guess.

First time up up a mast not a scary as I thought it would be.

Flew my black flag sailing today!

Flying Dutchman

For More Experienced sailors, this diagram is useful

For my cake day I thought I'd share an old picture of my uncle and I crewing for my dad in a C scow race

Forget the Americas Cup... Spectator venues don't get any better than this!

Forward hatch.

Found this poor boat at the park near the marina in Titusville, FL

Freedom [x-post from r-pics]

Fresh NC-17 and Wax

From my time aboard Sorlandet.

From yesterday's mist comes today's new dawn.

Frostbiting in Boston Harbor this past weekend

Ft. Lauderdale to Key West

Full speed foil

Full upwind today!

Get a boat, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Go Jays!

Good day and thank you for calling the foredeck....

Good luck friends on the east coast!

Good morning, everyone. South Haven, MI checking in.

Got a chance to paint a J29.

Got a new puppy last Thursday. Yesterday was the first time on the sailboat for Duke. No accidents, slept for an hour and loved the experience. Very good news for us.

Got some work to do this weekend

Got the new dinghy and outboard set up and rigged.

Got to the yacht club a bit earlier than usual yesterday

Gotta keep that compass error in check

Great day on Lake Ontario

Great picture from the VOR facebook page

Great shot of a sailboat from yesterday's earthquake in Christchurch NZ.

Greets from Santarella - 2016 Wirth Munroe Race

Gutted that I'm working, perfect night for a chilled out ghost along with a few cold ones!

Had a beautiful first practice of the year yesterday

Had an unexpected guest aboard this morning!

Had this beauty show up at a regatta a while back

Had to get on the dinghy to get a shot of my new favorite spinnaker in action.

Have you ever been so drunk...

Haven't tied one of these in years...not too bad!

Headed into the storm

Heading back in the gate under spinnaker

Heading home at sunset on San Francisco Bay

Heading to BVI in a couple weeks for the third time. I'm not looking forward to coming back.

Heading to the Barn

Hello -r-sailing, long time lurker, but super excited to say that I've just joined the captains club!

Here's our new sailboat, it has a tent! Anyone else here into 'tent-cruising'?

Here's to the man that taught me everything I know about sailing. Grandpa John, you're the best.

Hey guys, it has always been my dream to sail around the world and I just bought this boat, what do yall think? Hopefully I be underway before Christmas.

Holding on (r-PerfectTiming)

How I explain sailing to my guests

How about rails instead of sails?

How big is your kite?

How much love can a Trailer Sailor get on here? This is my old MFG 19' from 79, appropriately named 'Hey 19!'

How to Avoid Large Ships (Amazon Comments) [X-Post from -r-funny]

How to round the Horn in the VOR.

How's my reefing? Green line is reef 1, Blue is 2. Lines are led back to cockpit. Is this about the right angle for pull on the clew?

Huge moment at 19kts in yesterday's race...

Hunter 22. I think I'm ready

I Think r-sailing Would Appreciate This Property.

I bought my first house today!

I designed a logo for a Hobie Cat race for school. How did I do?

I don't think my calculus teacher has been sailing before

I got my first boat today !

I got to fly my smiley face kite this weekend!

I had a go, and now I want one...

I have no idea what I'm doing

I heard you like J70s, so I got you 80 of them (worlds prep)

I like big gusts, and I cannot lie.

I love Wednesday nights in the summer

I love Wednesday nights!

I miss the summer, even if it is a Scandinavian summer.

I never met him, but this is my grandfather and his boat.

I sailed down the ICW alongside this Ketch. Can anyone identify the design?

I saw about a billion sailboats around the Boston area today.

I see your mast view and raise you.

I think this picture of me on a windy day is the perfect example of why I love my laser.

I think we forgot to turn our race tracker off...

I too like to take pictures of sails from a low angle

I tried looking up yesterday too!

I was annoyed of not being able to sit on the bow rail, so I made this

I wish I could watch a movie on my sails...

I'd say it was a pretty good day sailing

I'm gonna go ahead and call it officially summer in my book.

I've always wanted to sail and this last weekend I signed for a beginners course. I like it a lot.

I've heard the best day of a Sailors life is the day he buys and the day he sells his boat. Yea, it feels pretty good to own my first Boat. My Hunter 30'

If you're in the middle-ten in the Vandee, how about a video update? That looks rough out there.

Introducing...The Sailrocket!


It felt more dramatic than it looks. On a 9mR

It is getting to be that time of year again and I think r-sailing needs more iceoats!

It only took three attempts...but finally...nailed it.

It's about to go really, really bad...

It's all a matter of perspective (original in comments)

It's not a Royal British ship, but this'll do.

Its about the freedom to find somewhere new to discover.

Its all about timing...

J Class rounding.

J-70s are ready to go tomorrow.

J24 finally sailing after 4 years

JFK taking the kids for a spin

Jetsons J-boat? Help me identify!

Js are simply the most beautiful yachts ever built.

Just a little too close. Twaaaang!

Just bought a boat. Islander 36 named 'Intrepid.' Made famous by Zac Sunderland who broke the world record of youngest person to sail around the world solo.

Just finished 500 miles on the icw, this was the best sunrise

Just getting back from a trip to the Exumas

Just got my first boat! I look forward to sailing on Saturday!

Just out for an afternoon sail with my girlfriend.

Just picked up My first boat!

Key West

Knew those power-boats were good for something...

Knocked off from work a bit early to go catch the sunset!


Lake Mendota, WI is a wonderful place to learn to sail

Lake Ontario at its calmest

Last night's sunset special guests a big ketch and the ferry

Last night's sunset was alright, I guess


Leaving Chicago

Let's go sailing! (Everett Marina, WA)

Liftoff NACRA style...

Light wind but lovely day off the coast of Newport Beach!

Little bit of a fuck-up...

Locked in the aft cabin...

Look what I found outside my work

Looked at the weather report and said '4 days of vacation please, I'm going sailing.' Drone photo of Portside Marina on Kelley's Island Ohio - Lake Erie

Looking down the bow

Looks like you're having fun up there, John.

Lots of low angles... How about a high angle?

Lovely day for sailing a schooner!

Low angle plus happy baby.

Mast-Top view (X-post from -r-pics)

Masts in the Mist (x-post from -r-pics) [1200x900]

Maybe time to put another reef the main?

Melges line-up

Midnight at the harbor in Kökar, Finland during the summer solstice


Monday night - winter on the boat.

More weighted mast bridge clearing craziness

Morning cup of coffee while hauling ass

Most beautifully eye catcher of North Europe's biggest boat show: the wooden built L28

Moth Worlds 2013

Motivation for a Cold and Stormy Weekend

Moving our mast

My 1979 Hunter Cherubini 30 freshly restored.

My Boat Right Now

My First Boat!

My Ozona Pram anchored in the Lee of Atsena Oti Key during Cedar Key Small Boat Meet 2016

My Ranger 37

My Weekends: A Short Photo-Essay

My afternoon was pretty good, I must say.

My boatyard neighbour's spring maintenance just got a lot more expensive and complicated...

My crew worked their butts off this weekend

My dad teaches boat building classes for high school students. This is their WIP.

My dad went solo today and took this from his mast.

My favorite photo from the Harvest Moon Regatta 2016

My favourite VOR photo so far

My first Frostbite race in Boston Harbor was last week. Here's a picture of the fleet.

My first boat! A newport 41!

My girlfriend's dad took me sailing this weekend. It was my first time. I'm hooked

My hometowns most famous sailboat out at sea. So beautiful!

My last Wednesday night race of the season.

My new (to me) Hunter 30, Kinda excited about this massive project.

My new Lonestar 13. If anyone knows anything about these boats, let me know because it's my first boat and I'm new to sailing on general.

My new baby! can't wait to try her out!

My old man was lucky enough to crew aboard The Goodwill when he was a young man.

Myself on the helm of a 72ft Challenger Racing Yacht. Sailing from Oban, Scotland to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Natalie Starboardman

Nav Station at Night

Navigating the Cape Cod Canal in the fog, yesterday morning

Need a Dream sailing destination? How about Zakynthos Island in Greece?

Need help identifying this fast looking baby

Never a bad day

New to this sub thought id share the boat i sail on on Thursday s this is the muir culagh she's a c&c 30'

Newb here: what is this corkscrew thing?

Nice way to end the day yesterday

Night sailing on the Gulf of Finland

No galley today but she points well. Happy birthday indeed!

No wind, guess I will finish that inside teak work project

No, of course i didn't fall in, i'm just checking to make sure the bung's in.

Not quite the sailing I'd like to be doing but still better than an office!

Not your average moorage

Old School

On route to Chicago for the Chicago to Mackinac.

On the way home in the doldrums

One of the best things about owning a sailboat: Sailing with friends and family. Also, my son's first time on the water (he's wearing the hat).

Oops. (from J-70 Worlds)

Opening day getaway

Our families new boat, finally in the water!

Our first sailboat, just brought her home last weekend

Our foredeck crew hard at work (SF Bay)

Our sailclub (One 15 Brooklyn) finally got its marina

Out last night on a sailing date with my wife of 20 years. Everything went perfectly. This taken off the shores of Cleveland Ohio on our new boat. Our first cruiser. That smile is real, not staged.

Out of hibernation

Out on Lake Michigan

Owned the boat two years or so, and finally got the spinnaker out of the bag. Found it's in near brand new condition, and has a spinnaker sock.

Passing Island Blossom

Perceptions of sailing (found on FB)

Perfect sunny day

Perl Regatta Tahiti [x-post from r-pics]

Photo I took last night in Ballard, WA...

Photo I took of a schooner at sunset.

Photo I took while sailing today

Photo from the 2016 NC State Sailing Club Women's Regatta, yesterday

Photoshop fail

Picked up a tender for my cruiser: It's great, everyone needs a sailing tender!

Portside view of three 18 footers racing on Sydney Harbour, early 1900s [4403 x 3356] x-post -r-HI_Res

Putting the boat away for a bit, so many pretty colors

Race day

Racing Sydney 38s in Santa Cruz, California.

Racing Yacht sailing on Sydney Harbour, circa 1915 by William Hall [6954 x 5301] x-post -r-HI_Res

Rail? What rail? I don't see a rail.

Ready for a capsize? (Nathan Outteridge)

Recently lost my First Mate, best friend, and figure head. He loved the water as much as anyone I've ever known and he will be sorely missed. Have a drink and enjoy a sail for him!

Release the Kraken

Remember that planing Gunboat multi? They found 'the edge' at Les Voile de St Barths race.

Renovation in progress on Avalon Jane,1963 all wood Cheoy Lee

Restoring A soling. Trying to get it ready for some regatta's. All tips are welcome

Rigged my new boat once before the long winter. I think about sailing it almost every day (2013 RS Feva XL)

Right Up the Fairway

Rio Olympics: We're having a nice weather for sailing today, go for gold!

Robin Lee Graham and his cat, circumnavigators.

Rope porn - served eye spliced and seized into a thimble. (X-post from -r-knots)

Round the Island from above.

Running from a squall, 1000 miles north of Hawaii

Running in 20kts and 3-5 ft seas. SF-Monterey. My daughter loves it.

SAIL Amsterdam - Largest free nautical event in the world (X-post from -r-woahdude)

SO this is at my local dry docks. [Marina Del Rey CA]

Sad Story

Sail away...

Sail-testing at sunset last night on Auckland Harbour...

Sailed past a sunken boat yesterday

Sailing alongside the schooner America

Sailing back from Crowley's on Friday

Sailing in Scotland

Sailing in the Baltic doesn't have to be all doom and gloom! My boat 'Zina' at Stora Karlsö, Sweden, June 2015.

Sailing in the Norwegian fjords in december

Sailing into the sunset

Sailing my Zuma

Sailing on Canadian Thanksgiving

Sailing past Diamond Head

Sailing through the strait of Gibraltar. Spain on port, Morocco on starboard.

Sailing tips

Sailing under the Bay Bridge on my Catalina 27

San Fransisco

Saw a sea battle on Sunday

Saw this bad mofo take to the sea last week...

Saw this on r-pics and thought it fit nicely here

Seacock Spiderbro

Seattle Space Needle viewed from sailboat

Shamrock III in dry dock at Erie Basin, August 17, 1903, America's Cup races, New York City. [10016x8020] (X-post r-drydockporn)

She ain't fast or pretty, but she's mine. My O'Day 22: Gossamer Penguin, and her freshly painted, totally bumpy bottom.

She may look old and dirty but boy is this a beautiful picture

Sheet got caught on my rudder (which was out of the water). Being a newb, I pulled on the sheet to get some slack to untangle it, and I almost got left behind. 17' folding kayak under sail.

Shilshole Bay Marina, Seattle WA - taken last night

Since we are saying goodbye to sailing for the season...

Sloop race at Sydney Heads, early 1900s [2048 x 1513]

Snapped a photo of this behemoth when we were anchored in the Phang Nga Bay, Thailand. She's a 167ft (51m) ketch and can be chartered for a mere 210.000 USD a week in high season. Wow.

Snipe and a Warship San Diego

So much for sailing...

So this is parked directly off our stern right now.

So we put a GoPro on a laser...

So, no sailing today then!

So, this just turned up in Barcelona!

Soaking up the sun in Key West

Solo Sailing

Soloing with the chute

Some tall ships at Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC

Someone got some new blocks to play with this Christmas.....

Someone's having a bad day...(Auckland, NZ)

Something weird happens whenever I go sailing...

Sometimes, There Isn't Enough Wind To Start Regattas

Sorlandet Underway

South coast 22

Speaks for itself(X-post from r-pics)

Spent my Tuesday recovering from a turtle

Spent three weeks this summer at a sailingschool teaching. Might be one of the best pictures ever taken there.

Spot the mistake!

Spotted in Charleston, SC up on dry dock.

Starboard vs Submarine

Starting to take sailing lessons. This is my new biggest fear. Anyone here had to do this?

Stepped out for coffee and caught a fleet on the Chicago River on their way out to Lake Michigan

Storm damaged my favorite boat in our port.

Stumbled across this picture of my dad sailing a Laser in Greece last year during our yearly family holiday to Wildwind Vassiliki. Thought it was a pretty good shot, worth a share.

Stumbled upon this image today.

Sun rays before the race start last week

Sun sets on fall and a little marina, Beards Creek, Annapolis, Maryland

Sunrise from Catalina

Sunset Finish

Sunset moored at Les Saintes

Sunset over Barcelona

Sunset sail under the Golden Gate Bridge [Imgur]

Sunset sailboat on Lake Travis

Super stoked to sail this week

T-S Gunilla, the sailing school!

Taking the plunge today!

Tall Ships in SF Bay last weekend

Temps are down, Winds are up

Thanksgiving in Ocracoke

That indescribable feeling.

That's not how a jib works

The Fathom One Underwater Drone

The Great Dismal Swamp Canal

The Rawhiti under sail, Sydney Harbor, Circa 1925

The Royal Clipper, the only five masted sailing ship in existence, off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea [x-post -r-pics]

The Shamrock II Racing Yacht in 1901 [1,235×1,024] (HI_Res link in comments)

The Spirit of Bermuda

The Swedes, right outside my gym every morning

The TP52s have the best decals. This is Sorcha. (Quantum is also great)

The Tall Ships Races - Lisbon

The best cross of the Americas Cup

The blue hull really makes her stand out. Start of the Around Long Island Regatta, 2016.

The boat me and my friend are planning on living in. can anyone give us any info such as make-model, specs, anything? That'd be immensely helpful.

The boat moored behind my dock.

The cat found the spinnaker bag...

The great thing about a trailer sailer is that you can be ready for a 700 mile trip in an afternoon.

The joy of spinnaker sailing [OC]

The last commercial sailing ship, Pamir, to round Cape Horn in 1949

The man that first inspired my love of sailing. Who was your first inspiration?

The new maxi CQS looks very fast.

The river was angry today.

The view from aloft. (X-post from r-pics)

The weather in Chicago hasn't been great (xpost -r-Chicago)

The world's largest sailing ship (The Royal Clipper)

These are not my glasses....

They let me have a go at flying the kite. Someone took a picture.

They should move there weight back towards the beam... hiking on the Maltese Falcon

This S&S34 Quikpoint Azzurro is simply beautiful!

This is a funny picture of me missing my hiking strap.

This is the boat I'll someday sail around the world, my Tartan 27.

This is what it's all about.....

This is where the anchor used to be kept

This looks fun

This looks like a good place to come ashore...

This should buff out, right?

This summer my friends and I sailed Norway, to Sweden, then Denmark and back to Norway. Here we just arrived in Arendal in Norway.

This was a unique sailing experience.

This week's race got a little rough for her

Thought this fit nicely here. [X-post from r-pics]

Thought you might enjoy some of my progress. Restored fixed ports on my Allied Mistress.

Thought you'd get a chuckle out of the local Harbormaster's notice

Three-masted ship Wanganui, 1900 [3561 x 4653] x-post -r-HI_Res

Throwback: my father in the Bermuda Race in 1966

To the man who changed my life forever. Thank you.

Today I cut a sailboat in half.

Today I'm the proud owner of a 1972 Columbia 34 in Seattle!

Took Bottoms Up for a sail in +16 kts of breeze.

Took my boat out for the first time with some family and friends.. Its everything I expected. Amazing!

Took this back in 2012 at the AC, thought -r-sailing might like it....

Traveling 1400 miles with my laser

Trucking along ⛵

Truly Beautiful

Turned my Bolger Light Schooner into a topsail Schooner to accompany my pirate costume. =P

Turning the aquatic mobile home into an adventure mobile! Here's to 3 months as a liveaboard!

Two days ago, I bought my first boat. Today, we sailed it for the first time. It was even better than I thought it would be.

Under the bridge finally some sunshine. 2016 CYC Race to Mackinac.

Up the Mast [XPost from -r-thalassophobia]

VHF wasn't transmitting yesterday. I found the problem.

Vancouver winter racing... glad I have been practicing reefing.

View from the committee boat

Visiting my girlfriend for Valentine's day

Waiting for a lift on a chilly fall Saturday

Want to go surfing, but don't have a board? Use your Santa Cruz 50!

Wasn't sure where else to post this

Watching the assembly of an Americas Cup boat from my office on Navy Pier

We did horribly in the regatta, but at least this photo exists.

We just broke 20,000 members!

We're a drinking team with a sailing problem.

We've had keel walking, now this! Couldn't believe this isn't here yet [shamelessly stolen from SA]


Well People, apparently we are a trending subreddit today, us mods just got a PM. Welcome new subscribers! Curious about sailing? Post away!

Went canoeing today, and people kept complaining about their boats flipping. I couldn't stop thinking this.

Went home to say Hi. 15 minutes later...

Went out for a rip in a storm last thursday

What are you doing today?

What kind of boats are these?

When the wind dies, your engine won't start, but the wind is going your way - Spinnaker and Jib!

When the wind just won't cooperate... your evening has to end like this. Could be worse!

When we saw land for the first time, after 33 days

While sailing to Catalina

White boats are boring.

Whiteout [pic] via Sailing Anarchy

Who needs a crew anyway?

Why I Want to be a Captain.

Winslow Homer- Sailing the Cat Boat

Winter sailing - Caribbean 600

Woke up to find this guy had anchored in front of me in Isthmus Cove, Santa Catalina Island, CA

Wood is good

Wrap and lights are up. Bring on winter. Or don't. Actually, plz don't.

You can almost feel the intensity.

a poster from an old Alcort catalog

amazing what a new coat of paint will do

fastest sail boat in the in the world

finally got a pic of my boat under sail!

friend just linked this on facebook thought it was somthing for you guys

gettin' that leeaan on!

i see your boston area pic and rise with a barcolana starting line pic

it has happen...

lazy day in Detroit

light winds past point no point [oc]

lots of whales out today during our practice session

lucky hungover bowgirl!!! no wind, no racing #sleepytime

nice dinner view

old and new, side by side

saw a 7 million dollar Maserati in NYC that could only do 45 mph

say hello to my new boat! A 42' super 11

time for a new coat of paint

when you're the lightest crew member... always up the mast