#2 Southern Alps Sunrise just outside Hororata, New Zealand [OC] [10166X4218]

'Butterfly' coastal scene, Rogaland, Noway, by Richard Larsson[1295x823]

'Clouds' [2592x1936] in Texas

'Colorado Sunset' by Justin Terveen [1400x921]

'Dancing on Ice', Aurora borealis over Jökulsárlón lagoon, Iceland (photo by Gheorghe Popa) [990x742]

'Just before sunrise' New York City [1365x2048] (x-post -r-pics)

'Starfall' Trona Pinnicles, CA [3000x2000] [OC]

'The water's on fire' [2592x1936] -Florida

(5472x3648) [OC] Phoenix AZ sunset

(OC) A blazing sunset ends the day in Los Angeles. [4928x3264]

(OC) Evening at Mussoorie (6000 x 3809)

(OC)Dusky Silhouettes at Laal Tibba, Mussoorie[4608×2592]

-20° F sunset on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis [5184 x 3456] - [OC]

-space thought you guys might like this [960x639]

10 miles of walking-hiking today, this was along the way down; Ringwood, NJ [5041x3361]

100% unaltered photo of me at Promise Land State Park Greentown, PA [720x478]

24 carat sky. Luang Prabang, Laos [OC] (1200 x 1600)

30 seconds of lightning (!) [2048x1361] [OC]

30,000 ft above Austin, TX, this morning [OC] [1536x2048]

5pm sky over Philadelphia International. [2592x1936]

6 planets visible this morning [2996x2000] [OC]

7:30 AM, Colorado Sunrise [1024 x 576] [OC]

A 5a.m. hike in the mountains that led to this beautiful site! [4608 × 3456]

A Crack in Heaven [OC] [2660x4168]

A Massive Rain Cloud Unloads Over the Matanuska Valley Near Palmer Alaska, April 2016 [OC] [5472x3078]

A Milkyway shot in evening [1024x565]

A Night in Hubbard, Texas [OC] Jake Dockins [2048x1367]

A Stormy Evening in SE New Mexico [4228x2208][OC]

A Stunning West Michigan Sunset [1280x960] [OC]

A Sunset in Westfalen [3264x2448] [OC]

A Topanga Gradient. Topanga Canyon, CA. [OC] (5400x3600)

A Winter Sunrise in Union Pacific Railroad's Hinkle Classification Yard Near Hermiston, Oregon [OC][2897x1932]

A beautiful day at Santa Monica Pier, California. [2000x2000] [OC]

A beautiful storm in Texas. [2048x1365]

A bird and its sunset at Pismo Beach, California [OC] [6016 x 4000]

A cold sunrise in Swampscott, MA [5439x3617] [OC]

A cool photo I took over the summer.. Coboconk, Ontario (1805 x 2708)

A crazy storm a few weeks ago in Colorado Springs, CO [OC][5264x1228]

A different point of view - Reunion Island [2 016 × 1 512] [OC]

A dock by Mahone Bay near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia [OC] [3340 × 942]

A fiery sky over the Island of Lanai from Kula, Hawaii [OC][1920x1080]

A friend of mine posted this picture to Facebook of her amazing view from the plane on her way to Hawaii. [704x960]

A glorious sunset over the Lake Taupo, New Zealand [OC] [4032x3024]

A helicopter makes a drop as a wind whipped brush fire burns in Camarillo Springs, Ca. [1500x1000]

A lightning bolt crashes against the Grand Canyon's South Rim [3543x2176]

A lightning strike. Darwin, Australia [960x639]

A majestic sunrise over Lake Ontario [3264x1836] [OC]

A man herds horses in the Inner Mongolia region of China. [1600x1095]

A painted sky over Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia [OC] [4320 × 2906]

A panoramic picture I took of Lake Paradise in Mattoon, IL several nights ago. [OC] [5440 x 656]

A partial solar eclipse as seen during sunrise in the coastal town of Gumaca, Quezon province, southeast of Manila, May 21, 2012. [3500x2394]

A passing airline pilot captures this Atlas V rocket breaking through the clouds above Kennedy Space Center, Florida - July 2013 [612 x 612]

A pheasant flew up over this gorgeous Somerset sunset as I took the photo [OC] [4032x2268]

A phenomenon called 'Dirty Thunderstorm'. Chaiten Volcano, Chile - pic taken by Carlos Gutierrez [1600x1068]

A photo my dad took on our trip to Salzburg, Austria. [1600x1063]

A photographer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia caught this gem. A sandstorm coming from the west while it was raining in the south. [1024 x 682]

A picture I took last night of Milky Way. Location: Three Rivers, CA [OC] [767X1200]

A picture I took on top of Mt. Fuji. (1136 x 640)

A quick shot as a cold front rolls in over Lake Springfield, IL [4160 x 2340]

A snapshot of the sky over the Columbia River in Oregon. (OC) [1136x640]

A spectacular sunrise over Christiansted on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.[4271x2837] photo by Len Langevin

A spectacular sunset over Manuel Antonio NP in Costa Rica during my honeymoon [3906x2600] [OC]

A starry night over Big Sur, California [791×1024] Photographed by Matt Walker

A starry night's sky above Monument Valley, Utah [1600×900] Photographed by Albert Dros

A stunning sunrise at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland [2500x1667]

A sunset with some swans. Canberra, Australia. [3250x1750] [OC]

A sunset, a lightning strike, and a rainbow. Tuscon, Arizona. [2048x1365]

A thundershower rolls through as a solar eclipse appears in Gardnerville, Nev. [1200x836]

A thunderstorm in the twilight over the Florida Keys; Judy Jinn [OS][1200 x 786]

A tranquil sunrise over Nine Mile Pond in the Everglades National Park. Fun fact: Everglades NP lakes are all man made. [OC][1200x800]

A tree in the water during a sunset, Dominican republic (x - post from r-pics) [640 x 960]

A true west Texas sunset. [OC][4932x3180]

A veritable smorgasbord for atoptic and cloud fans alike seen in Alberta, Canada [ 1152 x 864 ]

A very special Rainbow, Tasmania, Australia [2048 x 1365]

A view of lightning high above the Earth [2000x1333]

A winter storm clears at sunset over Interstate 80 near Baxter, California, on November 24, 2015; Max Whittaker [1500 x 980]

A woman walks her dog at sunset on frozen Lake Superior, by the sea caves of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, February 14, 2014 [1247x812] Photo by Eric Miller-Reuters

ABANT TURKEY[2048x1152]

Abant Lake Turkey [2048x1152]

About an Hour Before a Storm, Frankfort, Michigan [OC][1920x1080]

Above the Clouds [1920x1200]

Above the clouds (x-post from -r-pics) [1680x1070]

Above the clouds in Yushan National Park, Taiwan [1920 x 1080]

Above the clouds.. [OC] [1920x1080]

Above the confluence of the Bear and Logan River, Utah [5652 x 2938] [OC]

Above the rainbow (x -post from r-pics) [548 x 825]

Admiring the stunning view of the Milky Way from Greenhead, Western Australia [1280x854][OC]

After a long hike, this is my reward; Ringwood, NJ [5184 x 3456]

After a storm, sunset over NYC [OC] [2048 x 1536]

After the storm. Loveland,Colorado [4160×2340]

Aftermath of June storm over Vegas [OC][3820x2160]

Airplane window flare and the sun setting between the clouds from my seat on a flight from Dunedin to Auckland, NZ. [1152x2048] [OC]

Alien Mothership Cloud in John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California (360x480) [AWAPA]

Alien's blasting off to Mars and a beautiful sunset. Lake Powell, AZ. [OC] [5184 x 3456]

All on fire in New Jersey [OC] [5184 X 3456]

Almost want to jump out and lay on those clouds. Flying towards Adelaide, South Australia [1200x1600] [OC]

Alpen glow in Glacier National Park,MT [OC][2812x1852]

Also taken on an airplane [OC] [3000x2000]

Alternative Energies ©Brandon Huttenlocher [3005x2000]

Amazing Sky over Atlanta Airport on Friday. [800x600]

Amazing aurora display over Iceland. [800 x 1200]

Amazing cloud over japan [618×559]

Amazing looking storm in Texas (xpost -r-pics) [2048x1365]

Amazing shot my friend Ajay Parikh-Friese took in Oak Bay, Victoria BC using a zoom machine he built. The spiral effect was not created in photoshop. Source: [3088 x 4662]

Amazing sky at my cottage in northern Ontario, Canada [2448x3264] [OC]

Amazing sky when coming in from a ski run at Lake Powell [2048x1367] [OC]

Amazing storm clouds, stars, lights from South (and West) Lake Tahoe, and controlled burns in one giant pano [oc][3000x1134]

Amazing sunset in Shanghai, China [2880x1800]

Amazing supercell produces over the town of Blackhawk, South Dakota, back on June 1, 2015; James Smart - NatGeo Travel Photographer of the Year Contest [1500 x 965]

American Southwest sunsets are unbelievable... just outside Tucson, Arizona [4272x2848] [OC]

An Island Sunset. Taken in Lahaina, HI [OC] [OP] [6016x4016]

An average North Carolina morning. [1080 x 1080] [OC]

An impending storm moving in over a beautifully lit field in the evening in Montana; James Lam [1200 x 782]

An interesting cloud formation during my flight home. [OC] (532 x 657)

An inversion across the Front Range, Colorado on a recent evening. [3022x3022](OC)

An ocean of fog before sunrise. 4:30am on Mt Mansfield, Vermont. [OC] [2048x1022]

An old dog enjoying the sunset [2744 x 2082]

An ominous sky hangs over icebergs broken off from the Jakobshavn glacier float in Disko Bay, Greenland, during a summer storm; Fernando Moleres [1024 x 465]

Andamans, India during the day [OC][8354x3628]

Angels 15, California Coast. [OC] [2560x1440]

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia, at Sunrise [OC] [1600x1607]

Another Colorado Sunrise [OC] [3072X2048] by Dan Lockhart

Another sunset in Baker California. [OC] [4096x2652]

Antarctica sunrise as captured by Captain Greg Goodwin aboard the R-V Laurence M Gould [1629x1082]

Apocalyptic Cloudscape noticed on trip home [OC] [2048x1365]

Apparently this doesn't count as EarthPorn... How about SkyPorn?! Entering Glacier National Park [OC] [3872x2592]

Approaching Thunderstorm West of Edmonton, Alberta - by Ron Richey[OC] [5000x3424]

Archipel de Molène [OC][4000x3000]

Arctic Lights: Aurora over Utterkleiv in the Lofoten Islands, Norway [1984 x 1323]

Arizona Sunset [OC] [5312x2988]

Arrabassada views [OC] [4608x3456]

Asperatus Clouds [600x450]

Asperatus clouds - unsure where the area is [1024x576]

Aurora Australis over Queenstown with special guest star... the Milky Way [OC] [3000x4407]

Aurora Borealis - Norway [OC] [4226 * 2508]

Aurora Borealis at the Arctic Circle [3000x2073]

Aurora Borealis just one hour away from Toronto, Canada [OC][4898 x 3265]

Aurora Borealis on Lake Superior, Minnesota [7952x5304][OC]

Aurora Borealis on Mount Washington, NH @ Fred Campagna [2048 x 923]

Aurora Borealis over Alta Lake in Whistler. [OC] (3949x2633)

Aurora Borealis over the Pacific Northwest; Scott Kelly - NASA [1500 x 998]

Aurora NYE Light Show, Donegal, Ireland [OC] [2048x1130]

Aurora above Stad ocean in Nordfjord, Norway [OC] [2000x1429]

Aurora above Yellowknife in northern Canada [OC] [4000x1798]

Aurora over Allakaket, AK [1920x1280] [OC]

Aurora over Cumbria UK [1200x600] [OC]

Aurora over Hellnar Church, Snaefellsnes, Iceland [4938x3249][OC]

Aurora over Iceland [1068x1600]

Aurora over Svínafellsjökull, Iceland, photographed by Derek Kind. [1641x1920]

Aurora over Sweden [960x933]

Auroral display at Donnelly Creek, Alaska by Sebastian Saarloos [1367 x 2048]

Austrian Alps peaking through the clouds [OC] [4482 x 2988]

Autumn auroras dancing above the water. Sweden. [4822x3194] [OC]

Autumn sunset, canada [1600 × 1200]

Autumnal sunrise in Hudson Valley, NY [1161 x 871]

Awesome LP Supercell in Nebraska [8316x1837] [OC]

Awesome sunset from my front yard last night. Florida [OC] (3264x2448)

Awesome sunset in El Queseir, Egypt [OC][4160 × 3088]

Awesome winter sunrise over the Bitterroot Valley, Montana [5568x3712] [OC]

Balscadden Cliff walk, Howth, Co.Dublin, Ireland [2048x1365]

Barcelona under clouds [3872x2592]

Batland - East frisian island, Juist, Germany; [3264x2448] [OC]

Beautiful Frozen sky, pastel like clouds on sunset , in the heart of Transilvania [OC][4032x3024]

Beautiful Sunrise [960x600]

Beautiful Sunset Over Ólafsfjörður, Iceland [960x628]

Beautiful Sunset with Boston on the horizon {5187x3577} (OC)

Beautiful Thanksgiving sunset over Lake Conroe [OC] [5312x2988]

Beautiful colors over New Orleans [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Beautiful light in Colico, Lecco, Italy [3264x2448][OC]

Beautiful morning sky in Butte LaRose, Louisiana. [2592x1936] [OC] [OS]

Beautiful stacked shelf cloud rolling over the Kansas Plains on Friday 4-24-15 [OC][2048x1041]

Beautiful tornado touching down [1819x1221]

Beautiful walk home during sunset in Boston [OC] [900x1200]

Beautifully colored skies above Serbia! [OC] [5152x3188]

Beauty of the winter sky as seen in Florida [1280x960]

Beerburrum State Forest At Night (QLD, Australia) [OC] [6000x4000]

Before hell breaks loose! This place is called Terråk. A place in Norway. 2048x1365

Before the Rain- Toronto [3456 × 2304]

Belgian sky during thunderstorm [1039x639]

Big Texas Sky [OC] [2340 x 4160]

Birds enjoying lwst night's sunset. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida taken by Bryan Yerman [4032x3024]

Birmingham sunset [OC] [1136 x 640]

Birmingham, UK (view from my back garden) [1136 x 640]

Birth of a Thunderstorm [OC][5185x3260]

Bishops Peak, San Luis Obispo, CA [OC] [3264x2448]

Black Sand Beach, Iceland at Sunrise Looks like Jupiter [OC] [5184x3456]

Blazing sunset over Maui [OC][2048x1536]

Blazing sunset reflected off lake in Yellowknife, NWT [2000x1990] [OC]

Bloodred skies over Germany [600x900]

Blurry sky in Hamburg [OC] [No filter] [4128 x 2322]

Boat Moon Plane and Sun - El Prat de Llobregat [OC] [4608x3456]

Boracay beach sunset, Philippines [OC] [Potato quality] [1899x1094]

Boston Daylight Savings [4000x2992]

Both ends of the (double) rainbow [1379 x 920] [OC]

Boulder, Colorado [1296x968] [OS]

Bowen Island, British Columbia [4942x3456] [OC]

Bowen Island, British Columbia [OC] [5184x3456]

Brantford, Ontario. I call this 'Mulled Wine' [OC] [5312 X 2988]

Breath-taking Sunset near Santa Barbara, CA [1080 × 810][OC]

Brilliant winter stars and a boat named Hercules, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe last night [oc][2048x1869]

British Virgin Islands [OC] [2560x1920]

Bubbles by Mike Oblinski (Texas Panhandle)[2048x1152]

Bumpy landing in Jackson Hole [oc] [4,827x3,222]

Burn - NJ- [OC] [5184x3456]

Burning Sun - Asturias [3927 x 2642]

Burning clouds at sunset - Largs, Scotland. [4928 × 2331][OC]

Cabarete, Dominican Republic Sunset[OC] [2000x1333]

Cache Valley, Utah [7007x2857] [OC]

Cakeday in the Appalachians [3000x1632][OC]

Calbuco eruption at sunset, Puerto Varas, Chile OC[2764x1843]

Calgary at sunrise [2048x1193]

California Sunset over Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve [OC] [7727 × 2520]

California sunset OC (600x600)

Cannons on Suomenlinna, Helsinki [OC] [3265x2149]

Canterbury Plains, New Zealand [OC][900x600]

Carhenge near Alliance, Nebraska (OC) [2400x1326]

Cascadian Sunset - Rosedale, British Columbia [3264x1836]

Castle Rock, McMurdo Station, Antarctica. [960x493] - Stephen Allinger. Taken August 1st 2016 at 2:20AM UTC+12:00

Caught my sister taking sunset pictures while roadside camping at Big Sur [OP] [600X1200]

Caught the Golden Hour over a windmill farm in Kansas while on a 26 hour cross country roadtrip [OC] [3687 x 5736]

Caught this beautiful sunset on my flight [OC] [750 x 1334]

Caught this one at my sister's wedding a few years back. Somewhere in South Carolina. OC [1080x720]

Changing sunset at Cape Paterson, Australia. Photos taken 10 mins apart [1196x737]

Chased this storm for an hour while driving across northern Arizona...[OC][2048x905]

Chile's Calbuco Volcano erupting, by Cote Baeza [1600x1013]

Chile's Calbuco volcano eruption - sunset [OC] [3147 × 2189]

Chilly Okanagan Sunrise - Kelowna, BC [4048x3036]

Church and Sunset in Longlac, Ontario, Canada [3899 × 1626] [OC]

Cirrocumulus Chicago Christmas.[OC][5372X2940]

Cirrus clouds over Norway [1280x693][OS]

Clear night sky. Brummundal, Norway. [500x768] [OC]

Climbing North away from Orlando [OC][5312 × 2988]

Cloud Bomb - 33000ft over India [OC] [2000x1333]

Cloud Tops [720x540][x-post -r-woahdude]

Cloud formation over Fraser Valley, British Columbia [798 x 555]

Cloud whirlpool over Nice station [2000 × 1330]

Clouds gather over Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago before a summer thunderstorm. [2048x1365]

Clouds in Denver [OC] [6000x4000]

Clouds on Bielersee, Switzerland [1654x980] [OC]

Clouds over California [OC] [4608x3072]

Clouds over Grand Cayman [OC] [4928 x 3264]

Clouds over Mt. Rinjani by Alex Fuchs [1000x666]

Clouds over San Francisco [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Clouds reflecting on the water [1920x1080]

Clouds rising above rural Illinois [OC] [4272x2848]

Clouds, Sweden [2560x1234] OC

Clouds, sun and snow [2304 × 1536]

Cloudy Night in Florida [4032 x 2268] [OC]

Cloudy Seattle [2048x1365]

Cocoa Beach, FL sunrise [2937x2203][OC]

Cold Desert Skardu:The World’s Highest Cold Desert,Pakistan [1200 × 720]

Cold Winter's Warmth, North Dakota [4794x2535] [OC]

Coldfall Wood, North London [5312x2988] [OC]

College Station, TX, Thanksgiving Day Sunset [OC] [3264x2448]

Colorado Springs fire (xpost r-pics) [765x1024]

Colorful Sunset in Beautiful British Columbia [5184 x 3456]

Colorful evening sky over Mecklenburg - Germany [1365x2048, OC]

Colorful sunrise as seen from my 12-th floor apartment in Skopje, Macedonia. [OC] [1350x900]

Colorful sunset in Taos, New Mexico [OC] [960x720]

Colorful sunset reflected in a lake [2560x1920]

Colourful sky over abandoned building near Tallinn, Estonia [OC] [2560x1707]

Comet McNaught over Santiago Chile, 'the most photogenic comet of our time' [1761x1174]

Comparison shots of sunset in consecutive evenings, Pattaya Beach [1440x1434]

Cool clouds over Woodlands, Queensland, Australia. [900x594] [xpost from -r-pics]

Cool storm clouds over Houston (x-post from -r-Houston) [1920x2054] [OC]

Cotton Candy Clouds in Sierra City, CA [OC] [3968x2976]

Cotton candy sky in Laguna Beach, CA. [OC] [2969x3712]

Crater Lake, Oregon [980x551]

Crazy lenticular clouds over the Sandwich Islands [1027x819]

Crazy storm clouds in Breckenridge MN [2848x2071]

Crazy sunset in Earp, CA [OC][3264 x 2448]

Crescent Moon Over Pines [OC] [6000x4000]

Crescent moon rising through the clouds and fog on the Oregon coast [oc][2048x1367]

Cumulonimbus cloud near Amsterdam, The Netherlands [OC] [5333x3000]

Cumulus Clouds shot by David Tribby [1000x1000]

Daphne, AL pier on Mobile Bay. (4000*2250) GDIII (Beau)

Dark sky stars and Milky Way from the Okavango Delta, Botswana [3000x2000] [OC]

Deadvlei, Nambia. “The moon was bright enough to illuminate the sand dunes in the distance, but the skies were still dark enough to clearly see the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds.' (Photo by Beth McCarley) [990x742]

Debated putting this in EarthPorn, but the sky really steals the show - Roebuck, Western Australia. Photo by Glenn Fordham [1920x1280]

Did some accidental storm chasing today (06-15-16) through Marshall, Illinois and came out the other side and took this about 15 miles northwest of Paris, Illinois. [13410 x 3798]

Distant clouds cutting through evening sunset - Barbados [3842 x 2885]

Distant storm, taken in Souther Zambia. [OC] [3358x1889]

Does r-SkyPorn like the midnight sun? Picture I shot at 11.42 p.m. yesterday in Reykjavík, Iceland [OC] [500x600]

Dorothea Quarry, North Wales. [OC] [2048x466]

Double Rainbow Lightning in Boardman, Ohio [OC] [4032×3024]

Double helix cloud (x-post from -r-clouds) [960x640]

Double rainbow after a heavy monsoon, Searchlight, Nevada. [3000x1809]

Dreaming away in Ushuaia, Patagonia 2,447x2,447 [OC]

Driving along the I-505 northbound in California, had to stop and try to capture the clouds. [OC] [3264X1836]

Dundee, Scotland [OC] [2048x1365]

Dusk at Hanasaari, Finland [OC][3264x2448]

Dusk at Point Reyes Lighthouse, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA [OC] [5439x3157]

Dusk at Walmart [695 x 521]

Dusk in Schaller, Iowa [4703 × 3127] [OC]

Dusk on Memorial Day in Lapeer, MI.[3872x2592][OC]

Dusky Clouds - Gainesville, Florida [4032 x 2268] [OC]

Dusty road (1247×831)

Eagle Aurora Over Norway [APOD] [900×1450]

Early Morning Fog [OC] [4030x2267]

Early Morning Rise on Bruny Island, Tasmania.[4032 x 3024] [OC]

Early morning drive from Lethbride, Alberta, Canada [OC] [2776 × 4177]

Early morning in Sweden[3456x2304]

Earth sky in 4 billion years. [1280x720]

East frisian island, Juist, Germany [OC] [11002x3136]

East frisian island, Juist, Germany; [3264x2448] [OC]

Easy Sky over Endless Land, South Dakota [OC] [5184x3456]

Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest [4272x2848] [OC]

Edgewater, New Jersey [OC] [1920 x 1080]

El Matador State Beach, CA [OC][5869x3416]

Emerald Isle NC Sunrise [OC] [1386x768]

Epic Sunrise (xpost from r-pics) [720x960]

Erupting Volcano [950x634]

Evening Reflection | Alexandria, VA [OC] [1540 x 2048] 1 May 2014

Evening Sky – Clouds and Moon (near Kyoto, Japan) | by Christian Kaden [2000x662]

Evening on the porch. Phoenix, AZ [1334X750]

Evening sky in Senj, Croatia [OC] [4608 x 2592]

Evening thunder head in Windsor, CO [3264x1836]

Every sunset is unique and every night I fall in love with it! Seychelles [OC] [4032x3022]

Eye shaped halo in Tampere, Finland. Photo by Atacan Ergin. Album in comments. [960x451]

Eyjafjallajökull eruption, Iceland. [1500x1000]

Fading daylight in Cape Cod, MA February 2014 [OC] [4168x1032]

Fall Sunset [OC 6000x4000 Pismo Beach, CA]

Fall Sunset at Ventura Pier [6640 × 2213][OC]

Fall Sunset on Sebec Lake, Maine (X-Post from -r-pics) [1024x768] [OC]

Fallstreak cloud over eastern Australia right now [960×720]

Far Rain and Sunset [6000x3712]

Feel free to vent your opinions, always welcome. [OC] [Mumbai,India] [1920x1080]

Felt like I was on top of the world. [OC] (1000 x 1334) North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Fiery Sunset Over the Rocky Mountains [1,024×683][OC]

Fiery Sunset over Mount Royal, Montreal QC, Canada [3888x2592] [OC]

Fiery sunset, Cambridge, Maryland (3088 x 1734)[OC]

Figured skyporn was the best place to leave this. Omaha, NE [OC] [3024 x 4032]

Final minutes of vacation - Sunrise over Sugar Island, MI [OC] [3264x1836]

Finnish evening sky with a crescent moon and a plane [533x800] (Photo by Tommi Laurinsalo)

Fire Rainbow over Houston, Texas. Taken with iPhone. [OC] [940x1136]

Fire and Water [OC] [5184x3456]

Fire in the Sky. Phoenix, AZ [1920x1080] [OC]

Fire over Fuji-san... Mount Fuji, Japan [2048x1363] photo by Shinichiro Saka (x-post -r-JapanPics)

Fireworks explode across the London skyline and Big Ben [1489x1121]

First Light in a golden sky over Taiwan [Photograph by Theerasak Saksritawee] [990×742]

Flight To Manila[4928x3264][OC]

Flint Hills Sunset, Greenwood County Kansas, Spring 2013 [2048 x 1365]

Florence Sunrise [3296x2448]

Florence at sunset [2000x1335]

Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas, NV. [5312×2988] Sometimes here in Vegas it isn't all about bright lights and casinos.

Flying high, above Jersey [1806x2044]

Flying out of Anchorage, Alaska [5184x3456]

Flying over a rainbow on my way back to Kentucky [640x960]

Fog burning off in the early morning sun. The Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington. [OC][4608x2592]

Fog illuminated by the sunrise over the Cascade Mountains [2675x3933]

Forever by Shady S [2560 by 1080]

Fort Frances, Canada [3072 x 2304] [OC]

Fort Lee, NJ [OC] [1920 x 1080]

Fort Lee, New Jersey [OC] [1920 x 1080]

Fort Mountain - Georgia [4912x2763] [OC]

Freeze Frame: Emperor Penguins, Antarctica, photo by Keith Szafranski [990x742] [x-post -r-animalPorn]

Friend who's a pilot took this 36000 feet above St Louis enroute to Omaha [OS] [2048×1533]

From Dusk to Night in Irvine, CA [1440x1057]

From last year: a full(ish) Moon next to a billowing cloud at sunset. [4608 x 3456] [OC]

From the Edge of Lake Michigan [3000x2000]

From the Temple of the Sun to the Temple of the Moon - Photo and copyright Dave Lane [1800x900]

From the plane. Dublin- Lisbon (3130x4160)

From the vimeo video 'Vorticity' (Various US locations) [2057x1061]

Frozen Lake Baikal, Russia [2000x1338]

Fruita Canyon, Colorado [1463x2048]

Ft. Stewart Sunrise [5317 x 2991]

Full Moon in Timmins, Ontario. [1920x1280]

Full halo today in Ostend, Belgium [5471x3570][OC]

Galveston ship channel storm's a brewin' [OC][5392x2988]

Gap in the clouds shows the true night sky [OC][3888x2952]

Georgetown, Texas by Jason Weingart [1000x1500] [OS]

Georgia sunset, the dividing line [OC][3860x3087]

Getting back on the I-76 after topping off on gasoline and coffee. There's nothing quite like a sunrise out on the plains. Northeast Colorado. [OC][5184x3456]

Giant Smiley Face in the Sky- May 10th in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (5184 × 3456)

Gibraltar Rock, some point during WW2. [900x898]

Glaskogen Nature Reserve, Sweden [OC] [3456 x 2592]

Gloomy storm clouds hang over South Dakota's Black Hills. By Eric Meola w- story in comments. [2560x1708]

Glowing clouds seen at sunset in Vancouver, BC, Canada. [OC] [3110 x 2034]

GoPro picture from snowy Mount John's Observatory in New Zealand taken around noon (but with the sun bright in the line of sight!)[3532x2463][OC]

Godzilla breaching to checkout the sunset. Dildo, Trinity Bay, NL. [3872 × 2592] [OC]

Golden Sunset, Santorini, Greece (x-post from r-pics) [670x 900]

Golden fog covering the San Francisco Bay Area[1024x680]

Golfers Sunrise.....Northbridge, MA [OC][1334x750]

Gone fishin' in Alpharetta, Georgia [OC] [4320 x 2880]

Gone with the Wind in London [3096x2448][OS][OC]

Good Morning, Northern area Pakistan[2816 × 2112]

Good place for a picnic. Buffalo, NY [4128X2388] [OC]

Gorgeous Sunset in Nebraska [671x960]

Gorgeous panoramic shot of the Milky Way over McWay Cove, CA [1747x3000]

Gorgeous setting sun in Chelmsford, Ontario [4032 x 3024]

Gorgeous sunset colors at São Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil [4928x1458]

Gorgeous sunset over Ulster [1200x800] photo by Emilis Baltrusaitis

Got kicked off of Earthporn, thought I'd try my luck here: Froze my ass off but totally worth it for some Iceland Earth Porn [OC] [920x700]

Got lucky in Istanbul [OP] [2800x1869]

Got to witness an extremely rare sight: the Aurora Borealis from Northern GA, USA; 34º latitude. It was incredible. [OC][4912x3264]

Got up early enough to catch this beautiful sunrise Elkton, MD [500x500] [OC]

Great White Shark jumping during the sunset [1050 x 676]

Green Lake, British Columbia. Summer sunset panorama. [OC][OS][4500x1479]

Green sky in Illinois [OC] [960x640]

Gun Sight and stars at Lake Powell [2048x1367] [OC]

Göteborg, 29th July 2016 [OC] [5184x3240]

Had to quickly pull our car to the side of the road to witness this beauty. Sodankylä, Finland [6016x4000] [OC]

Had to stop on way to work this morning. Had this amazing view for less than 10 minutes. Reykjavík, Iceland [OC] [600x340]

Halos in Finnish Lapland [960x540]

Hammertown Lake, Jackson, Ohio OC [4724x3068]

Have you ever heard of atmospheric refraction? Taken three weeks ago at Sunday River, Maine. (2048 × 1365)

Hawaii is home to some of the softest sunsets I've ever seen | Nathan Yan [OC] | [2048x1600]

Haystack Rock at sunset, Cannon Beach, OR [OC] [960×540]

Heavenly [1920x1080]

Heavenly skyporn - Boulder, CO (USA) [OC] [1469 × 1958]

Heavy weather in Hong Kong [1600 x 761]

Helix-shaped clouds in the sunrise over rural Denmark [OC] [3840x2160]

Hello plane friend [1500x997] [OC]

High above the Alps [OC] [3264 × 2448]

Highbury Park [OC] [1136 x 640]

Hiking among the clouds in Estes Park,CO [OC][3528x3000]

Hogsmead [4032 x 2268]

Hole in the sky [670x670]

Hole punch cloud over Poland [612x612]

Holland Pond, Vermont Nightscape [OC] [5712x3554]

Hooking up my sled dogs to run under the Milky Way, Nenana, Alaska [OC] [1600 x 1000]

Horizon off the eagle's nest at Auburn University. [1920x1080]

Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey [2048 x 1536]

Hot rock, Spiking from inky storm clouds - Arizona and Utah [990x742]

Huntley Meadows Sunset | Alexandria, VA [OC] [1536 x 2056] 1 May 2014

I caught this sunset a year ago in the Outer Banks, NC. Best one I've seen. [OC] [3200x1727]

I got up really early for this shot last week, totally worth it. (part of a big timelapse-project currently in development) Lago Maggiore, Italy. [OC][3888x2187]

I love getting a window seat [2322x4128]

I love this place. Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, England. [OC] [4608x3456]

I started hiking at 4AM to take this shot, from the top of Monte Due Mani, Lecco (Italy) [5694x3796][OC]

I thought maybe you guys would appreciate this shark. [612x612] [xpost from -r-pics]

I took a photo of the path down Mount Fuji, at 5 A.M. this summer... the view of the sky and land below left me breathless.[2048x1738][OC]

I took this flying into Salt Lake City. It's the best picture I've ever taken! [3984x2241]

I took this in La Jolla a few months back [OC] [2387x694]

I took this in Maui, Hawaii. [2592x3872]

I took this on a camping trip with my ex at Big Bend National Park in West Texas two winters ago [2048 x 1536]

I took this on my flight today [4208x3120]

I took this picture flying across Spain yesterday. Hope you like it! (Unedited version in comments) [2833 × 1673]

I turned another picture upside-down. Foggy morning by the lake in Sweden [4000x2664]

I turned this picture upside-down. Foggy morning by the lake in Sweden [2304X3456]

I was walking into work in Dublin airport, Ireland at 5 am. Looked up and had to take a photo. [2759x1972]

I went hiking with my class and when we arrived at the peak, this beauty occured. [2048 × 1536] (At the Veľký Choč mountain, Slovakia)

I went to my friend's cottage for the weekend and spotted the Milky Way. [OC][3648 x 5472]

I'm currently on a construction vessel at an offshore wind farm in the North Sea, 90km from the coast. I took this photo of the sunset last night [2000 x 1333, OC]

Ice Halo display in New Mexico by Joshua Thomas [1,619×639][OS]

Ice Pellets feat. Fog and Sunshine off Chester Basin, Nova Scotia [OC] [5344x3006]

Icelandic Sunset [OC][5184x3456]

Iceland’s Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon; Hardik Desai [990 x 742]

Idaho Star Gazing in 5°F weather [1200x900][OS][OC]

Immense lightning on Ikaria Island [1600x1200]

In 10 Hours, they'll switch places. Along NC-74 in NC. [OC][1954x2592]

In 2008, Chile's long-dormant Chaiten volcano blasted ash some 30 kilometers into the Andean sky [1801 x 2048]

In the middle of Berlin the Treptower Park offers a very nice evening mood [3286x2432][OC]

Incredible Sunset over the Pacific - Oahu, Hawaii [3008x2000][OC]

Incredible nature, being awesome [667x1000]

Incredible sky in Chile [1600x1200]

Indiana Sunsets are beautiful, when you flip it upside down it sort of looks like snow. [5184x3456]

Inside the eye of Hurricane Katrina [1920x2560] [viewed from a WP-3D hurricane hunter] [x-post from -r-weatherporn]

Intestate 10 West Between Jacksonville and Tallahassee [3776x2520][OC]

Iridescent 'rainbow' cloud appears over Corvallis, Oregon shortly after the state's gay marriage ban was struck down. Photo by Andy Cripe. [OS] [620 by 440]

Irish Sea at Sunrise [OC] [4000 x 2246]

Irish weather disreputably creates dark, grey, and miserable scenes. [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Is it just me or is this cloud giving someone the finger? Barbados, January 2015 [OC][6016 x 4016]

Isle of Palms Connector, South Carolina [1136x640] [OC]

Isolated storm cell before sunset, Orlando, FL [OC] [6508 X 3982]

It looks surreal, but this is the sky during a Sky Sox game in the midst of last year's Colorado Wildfires. [1884 x 1323]

It was 98 degrees in Kansas the other night and we had a hailstorm. This was the view from my balcony afterwards. [3264x1870]

Jeronimos in Madrid by Danny VB [500x329]

Jet airplane seems insignificant in nature's majesty. [2764x2073] [OC]

Joshua Tree National Park,CA [OC][4032x3024]

July 4th, 2016 Lake Superior, Munising, Michigan. [3264x4912]

Just Above the Clouds. Mauna Kea, Hawaii [5700x2265] [oc]

Just above a little Norwegian town. [1281x1920]

Just after sundown on the St. John's River right after an airboat had gone by. Central Florida [OC] [1280x854]

Just discovered this Sub thought you guys might like this. Taken in Denton, Texas [OC] [3264x2448]

Just driving through Kangaroo Island, South Australia looking for some Koalas [OC] [1334x750]

Just outside Tromsø, Norway. Some early midnight sun. [OC] [4128x2322]

Kansas Downburst [OC] [5472x3648]

Kathy's Sunrise taken from the first overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway [OC] reduced to [1500x1000]

Kebler Pass Colorado - Fall 2015 [OC] [4608X3702] by Dan Lockhart

Keele, 18th December 2016 [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Kind of intense this morning in Cypress, Texas [OC] [1920x1080]

Kolyma Highway ('Road of Bones'), Sakha Republic, Russia [OC] [3000 x 3750]

Kópavogur, out the window view [2304 × 1536]

La Push, Washington (photo by Craig Goodwin) [990x742]

LaCygne lake in Kansas taken with cellphone. 7-1-16 5:42 am. [OC] [3286x2432]

Lake Champlain - Burlington VT [OC] [3246x2448]

Lake Michigan [3072x2304] [OC]

Lake Monticello, VA Sunset [OC] [3264x1836]

Lake Tahoe [OC] [3264×1836]

Lake near Chicago [4000X2992]

Lakeview Park sunset [OC] [3036x4048]

Land's End, San Francisco [OC] [5472 × 3648]

Last night it was so still in North Lake Tahoe that you could see the reflection of the stars on the lake with the naked eye [oc by Phil Mosby][2048x1345]

Last night's intense lightning storm over Bowling Green, KY [5760x3240] [OC]

Last night's sunset over Nice [6016 × 4000] oc

Late afternoon sky above the Mourne Mountains, N. Ireland [OC] [4000x2248]

Late night lightening & cumulus clouds [OC] [3264x2448]

Latitude 00° 00' 00” | Quito, Ecuador | [OC] [4928x3264]

Lava sunset, Rialto beach, WA [OC] [4032x3024]

Leaving Maui and I look out of the window [2448x2448][OC]

Leaving cedar point back in 2012. This picture explains exactly how my day went, absolutely gorgeous [1920-1080]

Lenticular cloud after sunset over Rocky Mountain National Park by Richard Hahn [OS][1500x1000]

Lenticular cloud over Tolbachic, Kamchatka [1200x676] photo by Denis Bud'ko

Lenticular cloud sunset over extinct volcano, Patagonia, Argentina (© David H. Collier-Getty Images) [1366x768]

Li River, China [4000x3000]

Light shining on the clouds [1680x1070]

Light; Void; Cloud; Rainbow. [3110 x 2073] [OC]

Lightening above Lago Ranco, Region de Los Rios [1600 x 1200]

Lightening over a lake [1920x1080] (oc)

Lightning Storm at 30,000 Feet [3264 x 2448]

Lightning Striking Bloomberg's building in NYC during the thunderstorm yesterday [533 x 800]

Lightning at sunset, Annapolis MD [OC] [4401x2476]

Lightning being eaten by the sun, Washington [OC] [1920x986]

Lightning between two layers of cloud (x-post from r-weatherporn) [1024×768]

Lightning bolts appear above the skies of southern Chile. [990x624]

Lightning flashes around volcano in Chile [1247x807]

Lightning from a plane on my way back from Brazil, taken with my phone [OC] [656x656]

Lightning illuminates the clouds over Lake Orta, Italy [2048x1362]

Lightning in Athens, Ga. [990x656]

Lightning near Phoenix, AZ few minutes ago [OC][3216x2136]

Lightning rainbow taken Sunday 4-27-14 near Mountain Home, AR. Photo by Megan Burges [940 x 940]

Lightning storm at Hilton Head SC [1247x831]

Lightning storm over Perth, Western Australia [5164 x 2267]

Lightning strikes a Chilean volcano mid-eruption [1680x1050]

Lightning strikes at Thailand’s Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park; Mike Leske [990 x 742]

Lightning striking the Chaiten volcano in Chile mid-eruption [990 x 684]

Lofoten Sunrise by Raymond Hoffman[1618x1080]

London UK, Westminster - Guy Fawkes would approve - [OC][650x510]

London at dusk [2048x1362]

Longboat Key, FL [1920x1080] [OC]

Look how lucky I got! Douglas lake B.C. [OC] 4272x2848

Looked up while walking to class at IU. Bloomington, Indiana. [2488x2488] [OC]

Looking towards the Great Salt Lake. UT [OC] [4608x3456]

Loonse & Drunense Duinen NP, The Netherlands [OC][5179x3453]

Love it when the skies open up after a storm. Halifax, NS [OC] [7360x4912]

Mahalo Milky Way, photo by Shane Black [4557 x 2000]

Majestic Supercell on the Northern Colorado Plains - Part 2 - Electric Boogaloo [OC] [2863x1909]

Malibu, California [OC][5200x3400]

Mammatus Cloud Formation - Northern Ontario [1032x774]

Mammatus clouds over Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, on June 25, 2011, after a violent summer storm. [1400x945] photo by Mary Pace

Mammatus clouds today over Bournemouth, UK [5184x3456]

Manhattan Beach, CA Sunset [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Manhattan, as seen from Brooklyn [OC][4000x2992]

Manhattanhenge on 42nd Street. [3678x2452]

Massive storm cell passing over the office this morning. Oak Brook, Illinois, HUB group corporate office [4032x3024][OC]

Maui Sunset [3264x2448]

Meanwhile in Montreal...a double rainbow, in a pink sky, over the entire city! [610x272]

Meteor shower over Colorado night sky [960x640]

Middle of FL [3264x1836]

Midnight Clouds - Cotswolds, England [OC] [2048x1367]

Midnight mirror with icebergs - Baffin Bay, Arctic Canada (3831x2367) [OS] [OC]

Midnight sun in Lofoten, Norway [958x640] by Christian Bothner

Midnight sun in Lofoten, Norway [OC] [2048x1365]

Midwestern Storm [1800 x 2400] [OC]

Milky Way Core (with Saturn and Mars) from Anza CA [4578x3109][OC]

Milky Way Over Abondoned Mill [1176x1703]

Milky Way Panorama Over Two Medicine, Glacier National Park [OC] [4135x1425]

Milky Way and Aurora Borealis over Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland [900 x 600] [OS]

Milky Way arching over a beach in central Thailand [OC][1920x1080]

Milky Way but not like the candy [1920 x 1278]

Milky Way over Laramie, WY (OC) [5184x3456]

Milky Way over Manastash Ridge, WA [OC][5,184x3,456]

Milky Way over Mount Shasta and an abandoned house [2048 x 1365] [OC]

Milky Way over New Hampshire [1365x2048]

Milky Way over Perdido Key, FL [3445x5167] [OC]

Milky Way over the PA-NY State Line on US 62 [OC][683x1024]

Milkyway Starscape in the Bahamas [4000 x 2670]

Milly Way rising over El Torcal, Andalusia, Spain. [OC][2048x1365]

Minneapolis Sunrise [OC][5184x3456]

Mirage-like view of Toronto from 50km away [1024x768]

Missoula, Montana on June evening [3180x980] [OC]

Mist and an ever so slight rainbow high-fiving Niagara Falls, Canada [1334x750] [OC]

Mist covers the hills in Harzvorland, Germany [1200x800]

Mist over Val de la Mare, Jersey. [OC] [1632x918]

Mix of moonlight and lavalight above the Halemaumau Crater | by @thedustyrover [OC] [1171x1600]

Mojave Desert, CA [1383 x 902] [OC]

Montana Sunset [OC] (1280x800)

Montana sunrise [OC] 3264x2448

Montana sunrise sky [1350x868]

Monument Valley, UT [OC] [5184x3456]

Monument Valley, Utah (x-post from -r-pics) [598 x 880]

Moody skies over Denver sunflower fields [OC][5616x3744]

Mooloolaba Australia at Sunset (1296 x 569)

Moon & Halo. Lassen Volcanic National Park. 3 in the morning. [5760 × 3840] [OC]

Moon over Montafon, Austria [2048x1152] [OC]

Moonlight Sky above my place Taken on IPhone 6+ Ipswich Australia [OC] 1920x1080

Moonrise of Northern lights, Northern Alaska, March 2011 [1804x1200]

Moonrise, opposite the Grand Tetons [OC][2000x1333]

Moose at sunrise on Isle Royale National Park [2048 x 1366] [OC]

Morning Sky. Emäsalo, Finland. [OC] [900x600]

Morning Sundog - Calgary, AB [OC][1500x936]

Morning clouds of Taiwan [OC][2560x1707]

Morning has broken...Portland, Oregon, USA [OC] [2560x1103]

Morning silhouette, Lake Mendota, WI [OC] [3024x3024]

Morning sky over an ancient lake bed in the Mojave Desert. [2956x1842] (OC).

Morning sky over the Port of Nice, after last night's rain [2048 × 1362]

Moscow Morning [1320x663] by Sergey Shaposhnikov

Most beautiful picture of Rio de Janeiro you'll see this year. Which I know is saying a lot. [2048x1152] [OS] (Xpost from r-cityporn)

Most cliché sunset at Saguaro National Park, AZ [2000x1020] [OC]

Most people left before the best colors showed up. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone [2000x1269] [OC]

Mount Pinatubo venting ... 1991 eruption. U.S. Geological Survey Photograph taken by Richard P. Hoblitt. [840x945]

Mount Rainier, it casts a shadow on the sky because its so big.[4288x2848]

Mount Ranier Casting a Shadow in the Clouds [3968 x 2232]

Mountain Wave Sunset over Mono Lake last night. [1600x1066][OC]

Mountain of clouds in Sweden [1000x777]

Mt Hood between cloud layers [OC] [3264 x 2448]

Mt. Bachelor engulfed in a sunset caused by weather and controlled burns. [5616 × 3744] [OC]

Mt. Everest through prayer flags from Kala Patar, Nepal [OC] [4608x3456]

Mt. Hood at sunrise over Columbia river. [OC] [1632×920]

Mt. Rushmore light polution, Sturgis traffic and shooting star: Horse Thief Lake, SD [1626x1080] [OC] [OS] summer 2014

Mwnt, Ceredigion U.K. [3024 x 3024] [OC]

My 3-Year-Old Son Showed Me the Sunrise Today - Chigagoland, US [4546 x 1316] (-u-Hearte42 in -r-Earthporn)

My Dad once told me the sunset in Australia is the best in the world, now I know why [750x563] [OC]

My Front Yard in Florida [960x640]

My Wife's Photo from the Mauna Kea VIS of Halemaumau & the Milky Way [OC][4608 x 3072]

My backyard before a storm; Maryland [4000x2992] [OC]

My band left home for tour a couple days ago right as this killer thunderstorm rolled in at sunset. [2048 × 1365] [OC]

My best aurora picture yet [OC] [6000x4000]

My favorite place to bring a guitar and a beer: Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA [3888x2577] [OC]

My first attempt at shooting the milky way, Alentejo, Portugal [OC] [3317x4975]

My friend Ben Steinberger took this shot of a sunrise in Yellowstone a few years ago [4508x3000]

My friend took this picture with his iPhone 6 in San Clemente, CA [OS] [1334x750]

My graduation was absolutely breathtaking Arizona will always be King of sunsets... [oc] [3110x2073]

My morning at the ski hill I work at. Not the greatest quality but i think reddit will enjoy. [2048x1536]

My sister took this one over the Christmas break, Vancouver Island British Columbia [640 x 640]

My view from the grocery store - Banff, BC [4032 × 3024]

My view while kayaking in Charleston, SC. [2048x1367] [OC]

My walk home yesterday [4416x2947]

My wife takes sunrise pictures every day. Here is yesterdays. [Chesapeake Bay, Maryland][5412x3608]

Nacreous noctilucent cloud formed by rocket trail [942x711]

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia [3264 x 1836]

Natural Bridges National Monument's Night Sky During the Perseid Meteor Shower [1620x1080][OC]

Natural Purple Sky--Daniel Island--Charleston [1136x640] [OC]

Never seen the sky so pink, Hopkinton, MA [2448 × 3264]

New Zealand cloud formation [706x529]

Newport Beach, CA [OC][3264X2448]

Nice colors from last nights sunset. Mmm. [1920x1080] [OC]

Nice sunset as seen from my terrace, village of Dolno Sonje, Macedonia [2048x1152]

Night Sky Auburn, Alabama [1920x1080]

Night Sky Outside Selfoss, Iceland [OC] [7952 x 4778]

Night Walk at Little Hunter's Beach - Acadia Nat'l Park, Maine [810x1200] [OC]

Night arrives as the sun disappears below the clouds [OC] (5472x3648)

Night sky reflected in Salar de Uyuni, a large salt flat in Bolivia [728x367]

Nighttime thunderstorm over the Grand Canyon [2880x1922]

No light pollution: The aurora and night sky over Tok Alaska on Wednesday Sept 11 [2752x1830]

Noctilucent cloud, Estonia, by Martin Koitmäe [990x742]

Noctilucent clouds near northern Estonia (photo by Irene Trummer) [3837x2545]

Normal day in Scotland [1920x1080] [OC]

North Beach, Western Australia, evening of the Summer Solstice. [3264 x 2448] [OC].

North Bend, Washington [5312x2988]

North-Chu ridge at night, Altai Republic, Russia [800x863] Photo by Konstantin Maslak

Northern California Sunset last night. [OC] [5465x3643]

Northern Lights & Bikes; Alberta Canada [Credit: u-nugohs] [1280x853]

Northern Lights - Houghton, MI [OC] [4344x2897]

Northern Lights Over Iceland - by Stephane Vetter [1280x686]

Northern Lights above Lake Lagoda, Russia [OS][1199x800]

Northern Lights in Elk Rapids, Michigan [5472 × 3648] [OC]

Northern Lights over Alaska, by Mark Thiessen [5120 x 3413]

Northern Lights, Milky Way and erupting volcano in Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland. Photo by Maciej Winiarczyk [1000 x 638]

Northern Lights, Norway [2560 x 1600]

Northern lights and glow of Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland [1500x1000]

Northern lights at dusk. Never seen them in so much daylight before! Reykjavík, Iceland [OC] [1000x640]

Northern lights in Finnish summer night by Asko Kuittinen [2 048px × 1 297px]

November 25th, Sunset at Memorial Park, Houston, TX [OC] [4584x2569]

Nuclear Bomb test in South Pacific [770 x 558]

Nugget Point, Otago, New Zealand (769 by 960)

OMG this timelapse of a Supercell gives me goosebumps. Video Link in comments. [960 x 639] [Photographer, Mike Olbinski (from Phoenix), June 3rd, Booker, Tx]

Oahu, Hawaii. [3034x2014] [OC]

Ocean Rift - Tide Pool Reflection - Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica [OC] [1200x800]

October sunset from Benslimane, Morocco [OC][4160x3120]

Ominous Clouds in Evansville, IN [3,264×2,448]

Ominous Supercell over Nebraska that later spawned three EF4 tornadoes that caused millions in damages. [1247 x 828]

On a midnight hike with friends when this happens! Hengill, Iceland [6000x4000] [OC]

On a sand bank in the seychelles at sunset [OC] [1334x750]

On my first cake day: a photo I recently re-discovered. I was 16, backpacking with my dad in Ecuador. [1200x1600] [OC] [OS]

On my way to the grocery store, then I saw this. Had to stop and take a picture. Averøy, Norway. [3264x1840] [OC]

On the edge of eternity, Pikes Peak, CO [OC] [2448x1836]

On the golden circle in Iceland. [5184x3456]

On the road again. North Carolina [OC] [1544x1024]

One evening... [4608 × 3456]

One of my favorites from Yellowstone. [6000 x 4000] [OC]

One of the best paintings you'll ever see [1920x1080].

Orange and blue sky over a beach [1600x1086] [x-post from -r-itookapicture]

Orions belt poking through the clouds [3696x2448][OC]

Otter Tail County, Minnesota [1920x1080]

Out in Bass Lake [2500x1667][OC]

Over the Alps [764x1024] [OC]

Oviedo, Spain 3328x1872 [OC]

Pa Tong, Thailand sunset [1200x933] by Soft Light

Pacific coast sunset between the trees [2880x2160]

Painted sunset over Bellingham, WA [OC] [2048x1365]

Panorama of a sunset and rainbow,5-5-14, Sacramento, CA.[3686x753][OC]

Panorama over Berkeley CA [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Parseid meteor shower over Denver [720x480]

Pastel skies on the way to Hong Kong [OC] [2560x1920]

Paynes Prairie Gainesville, FL [OC][4032x3024]

Perfect rainbow, Lake Turgoyak, Russia [1740x1000]

Perfect sunset for Christchurch New Zealand [OC] [3888x1836]

Perfect sunset in Madrid [OC] [3375X6000]

Perfectly Striped Clouds [2612 x 1959] [OC]

Perseids over Mt Hood from Trillium Lake by kdsphotography [OC] [1200x801]

Picture of a cloud above Calbuco volcano as it erupts as seen from Frutillar, Chile. Photo by Cote Catalan [OS][4961 × 2835]

Pink clouds over New Zealand [1000x616]

Pink skies in Ontario tonight [OC] [1080 x 576]

Pink sky over the Arabian Sea, Mumbai [OC][3264x1601]

Pink sunset over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California. [OC] [2139X1511]

Place of God, Camiguin island in Philippines by Chiko Yamaoka [2000x1333]

Place where Skyporn meet Waterporn - Sunrise over the surf [2880 x 2160]

Pop-up Thunderstorm: Lake Thunderbird, Oklahoma [2048x1590]

Port of Nice, France [2048 × 1362]

Prairie Sunset [OC] {1000x664] Tolar, Texas

Pretty much the definition of sky porn. 'Morning Scene In Switzerland', a few minutes after takeoff from Zürich International Airport [OS][1024x483]

Probably one of the most epic sunsets i've ever witnessed. Lazarote,OC[5184x3888]

Purple Hills Sunset - South-western Harz Mountains, Germany [2305×1296][OC]

Purple Sky [2304x1536]

Purple lightning in Oslo, Norway [652x435] by Niclas Sæther

Purple sky over NYC [OC] [4608x3456]

Purple sunset, Singapore [OC] [2048x1365]

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau, Hawaiʻi [5184x3456] [OC]

Quality isn't prime, but the sky today was mesmerizing (Houston, Texas)[OC][3264x2448]

Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulkan) the feathered serpent is finally back after thousands of years emerging from the volcano today in central Mexico [960x720]

Raglan Beach Sunset, New Zealand 4928 × 1997

Rain Before The Southern Sun [612x612]

Rain clouds breaking up over Blois, France [OC][4608x3072]

Rain showers passing in front of rainbow, Denmark [1920 x 1280] [OC]

Rainbow sunset in Sweden [OC][3819x2148]

Rainstorm over Utah mountains [3888x2187]

Rainy day at Cornell University [ OC 1334 x 750]

Rapefield and hawthorn under stormcloud, Denmark [1920 x 1280][OC]

Rare supercell over Colorado that produced two separate tornados rotating in opposite directions [932x621]

Really Missing Smokey Late Summer Skies at St. Mary's Lake in Kimberley, BC [5312 x 2988]

Red Canyon - Dixie National Forest [770 × 518] by Bryce Canyon Country

Red Sky, Morning. Dublin, Ireland (4160X3120)

Red clouds and windmills [2560x1440]

Red clouds at dawn - Yangshuo, China [1204x807]

Red-eye from California [OC] [1440x1741]

Reflected Sunset - Location Unknown [1680x1050]

Reflections of the Milky Way in the Bitterroot River, Montana [3943x5915] [OC]

Reflective Salt Flats in Bolivia [1920x1080] (x-post from -r-woahdude)

Reflective Sunrise [937x629]

Regular view from my bedroom window in Kiruna, Sweden. Aurora borealis. [4000 x 3000] [OC]

Remembering last winter.... In Warrenton, Virginia. [768x768] [OC]

Reno, NV has some of the best skies... [OC] [4591x2391]

Returning from a snorkeling excursion during a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, wind speed dropped to zero and the ocean became a mirror [1247x895] photo by Christian Roth

Rhine Valley just near the Loreley [1600x1200]

Right after taking off over Atlanta. [OC] [3110 x 2073]

Rosemount, MN winter sunrise [OC] [750 X 1334]

Sala, Sweden at 2 am[3888 x 2592][OC]

Salton Sea, California Just after Sunset. The smell was awful. [2000x1333] [OC]

San Diego, CA Sunset At Its Finest, Unedited [4032x3024]

San Luis Obispo, CA sunset [1440x1072]

Sandy Hook, New Jersey, USA [OC] [5971 x 2455]

Santa Monica Sunset. [OC] [1835x1308]

Saskatchewan - Land of the Living Skies , YQR International Airport [OC] [1131 x 636]

See what I see. George, South Africa 2015 [OC] (776x716)

Seemingly endless amount of stars over north Lake Tahoe last night [oc by Phil][2048x1367]

Self-portrait with milky way as background, during a night stop on the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (world largest salt flat), while on a 3-years family overlanding trip [OC] [640 x 427]

Serengeti [1600x1200]

Seven Springs (PA) on Tuesday evening [1334 x 750]

Shawshank Woodson[1334x750]

Shelf Cloud, edge of a New England cold front. 1915x1080

Shelf cloud during sunset right before a storm hit southern ohio last night. [686x686] Album in comments, various unknown artists.

Shimla sunsets. [OC] (4139x1733)

Shot this from a moving car - Albuquerque Sunset (OS) [5431x3618]

Shot this moon ring yesterday, while trying to timelapse the moon. [3110x2073] [OC]

Silver Lining - view from my front door, Lancaster, UK [1620x1080] [OC]

Sky Oscillations, Des Moines, IA [1080x1431][OC]

Sky above the Deosai Plains, Northern Pakistan [1800x1080] [OS]

Sky after sunset over Berlin, Germany. [OC] [4928*3264]

Sky diving at sunset over Northamptonshire, England (x-post -r-adrenalineporn) [1280x720]

Sky meets water on Lake Superior in Minnesota [OC] [4000X3000]

Sky of two halves - Derry-IRL [600x450]

Sky on Fire on Gulf of Mexico [1024x625] [OC]

Sky on Fire. Near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. [OC] [5472x1792]

Sky over Manila after a typhoon passed through last week [OC] [3194 × 1313]

Sky over Nice, France [OC] [3264 x 2448]

Sky over Oslo, Norway, Last Night (2920x2919)

Sky over Vietnam [1024 x 681]

Sky reflected outside Truckee [OC] [5098 x 3188]

SkyPorn over Arrowhead Stadium [2048x1490] [OC] (X-Post from KansasCityChiefs)

Small town sunset captured with Samsung s7 [2268x2268][OC]

Smoggy evening atop the Santa Teresa foothills - San Jose, CA [2688x1520] [OC]

Smoke like clouds, Point Lobos, CA [OC] [6000x4000]

Smokey sunrise at Glacier Point, Yosemite (7-28-2014) [1,919px × 1,281px]

Smoky Mountain Sunset - Another photo taken from my home in the Smoky Mountains, North Carolina USA. Taken at sunset, the sunlight highlighting the valley was amazing. [6000x4000]

Snoqualmie River Shooting Star [5184x3456] [OC]

Snow View... Dinnington Community Woodland, South Yorkshire, UK [OC] [2904x1944] X-Post winterporn...

So I captured a sunset over the mountains of Salerno, Italy.. [5184 x 3456]

So I heard you guys like sunrises, Taken at work this morning near Orlando, FL ~4,000ft [3264x1836][OC]

So here's what the sunset looked like in Alabama yesterday. [608x402]

So, what's the weather like? (gas station in Denmark)[1920x1280][OC]

Solar Eclipse over Spitsbergen, Norway; photograph by Isabelle Bacher [990x742]

Solar Storm at Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten Islands by Lorenzo Riva [966x1500]

Solar eclipse sunset in Taiwan [4000x3000][OC]

Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico [OC] [3264x2448]

Sorry for the bad quality, I took this with my phone, but the colors are amazing. Pastel skies. [OC][540x313]

Southern California Winter Sunset [OC] [5776x2112]

Southern Norway during Extreme Weather, photo by Jarle I. Kvam [1600x1082]

Southern sun set [3113x1751][OC]

Southwest Michigan [OC] [1600x1067]

Spectacular Spiritual Stormy Sunset South Africa (874x719) -Jeannine Stopforth

Spectacular light show as a storm passes through, SC Wisconsin [OC][4000x1733]

Spring sky before sunset in Morgan, Utah [OC] [841x366]

St Mary's Lighthouse at Whitley Bay, England [1960x1226]

St. Louis, right before an intense storm. (4268x3264) [OC]

St. Maarten Sunrise [2592 × 1728]

St. Pete Beach, Florida - storm coming in yesterday [587x582]

St. Petersburg after the rain [2000x1246]

Staffordshire in December [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Staffordshire on the last day of November [4995x2810] [OC]

Standing Above The Clouds [1024x768]

Star Trails, New Jersey [990x742]

Star trail over Les Houches, France. [OC] [6008x4008]

Starry Meadow [OC] [4928 × 3264]

Starry Night in Bavaria, Germany [OC] [1920x1280]

Starry night in Morocco [950x634]

Stars From The Woods [5184 × 3456] OC

Stars in the Milky Way seen at the Kielder observatory in Northumberland [3500x2240]

Stars in the forest. [1920x1080]

Stars over Joshua Tree National Park [OC][6000x4000]

Stars over the farm [860x614] [OC]

Stars, lightning, and a mushroom cloud over western Oklahoma [OC] [3110x2073]

Steattle skyline from the Bainbridge ferry @ 7 am (4320x2432)

Steel city sky ablaze with colour [3264 x 1840] [x-post -r-pittsburgh]

Stone Mountain, Georgia. You can see downtown Atlanta on the horizon. [7187x4794] [OC]

Storm Clouds [3330 × 1575]

Storm I saw in Montana a few years ago [2500x1667][OC]

Storm Over My University Today [OC] [4000x1252]

Storm Rolling In [1,200 × 656]

Storm above Switzerland last night [3000×2000]

Storm brewing over the badlands, South Dakota- [2764x2073] [OC]

Storm chasing from the great plains [1024x683]

Storm clouds in Paris at 11AM [1024x576]

Storm on the Horizon. City of Rocks, Idaho [5756x3084] [OC]

Storm over Texas [2048x1365] Photographer: Mike Olbinski

Storm over Vergi Port, Estonia. [1247 x 779]

Storm over the Grand Canyon [640x450]

Storm rolling in over Kansas [2048x1366]

Storm rolling into Milwaukee, Wisconsin [X-post r-Milwaukee] [2048x839]

Storm seen from Ciudad de la Costa, UY [OC] [3720x592]

Storm's Backside: Evening stroll on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida by Judy Robertson [1247x914]

Storms rolling in near Denver [OC][2970x4455]

Stormy night over North Dakota last week [4288x2848]

Stormy sky over Collier row, Essex (1920x1080)

Strange atmospheric effects in Kaikoura, New Zealand [OC] [2048 x 1152]

Strange clouds in the Netherlands [OC] [3286 x 2001]

Stunning Sky above the Kurai Steppe, Russia, near the Kazakhstan and Mongolian borders. Photographed by Dmitry Antipov [OS][1400x934]

Summer Night on the Lake in North Carolina [OC]][4928x3280-

Summer Sunset over North Carolinian Appalachians [768 x 768] [OC]

Summer Supercell, Eastern New Mexico Plains [OC-OS] [6988x2146]

Summer sunset over Northern California [OC] [5472 x 3078]

Sun Halo in Stuart, FL [OC] [4265x3046]

Sun Halo over Mont-Tremblant in Québec [5108x2988][OC]

Sun Rise [OC] [6000x4000]

Sun Sets over Sandy Hook, NJ [OC][3375 x 2250]

Sun and the Snow Storm, Rattlesnake Wilderness, Montana [5568x3712][OC]

Sun bursts out from behind the clouds [OC] [1080 x 1920]

Sun dog from my apartment balcony in Yellowknife, NT [OC] [2000x1335]

Sun near the horizon tonight from Bonita Springs, Florida[OC][5193x3465]

Sun trapped in power gridlines - Bosnia [960x476][OC]

Sundown Hengelo The Netherlands [4160x3140] [OC]

Sundown in Iceland @ 64.31, -20.23 [OC] [9339 × 1598]

Sunlight peeking through the Clouds on Oahu, Hawaii [OC] [5312x2988]

Sunlight said Good Morning Naran,Pakistan [1920 * 1080]

Sunrise & bergwind * South Africa *2012 [OC] (960x720)

Sunrise Clouds in Bend, Oregon [OC] [6000x4000]

Sunrise Over Nelson Mandela Bay [2176x3264]

Sunrise Over Tahoe [2000x1333][OC] photo by Jarred Decker

Sunrise a couple weekends ago at Orlando Wetlands in central Florida [OC] [1980x686]

Sunrise and Fog near Lower Basswood Falls, BWCA, Minnesota [OC] [1920x1080]

Sunrise at 22k' over California looks like hot lava [3264x2448] [OC]

Sunrise at Haleakala, Maui [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Sunrise behind Mt Aspiring, New Zealand [1280 x 960]

Sunrise creating the Hudson Valley, NY [3264x2448]

Sunrise from Ferry - Seattle, Washington [OC][1600 x 1200]

Sunrise from Little Rincon 12-08-16, Ventura CA [OC][1776x988]

Sunrise from Mt. Fuji Summit. [3456 x 5184] (OC)

Sunrise from Tulsa! [1136x640] [OC]

Sunrise from a ship near Maui [1688x677] [OC]

Sunrise from my office in Victoria, BC Canada. [2448 x 2448]

Sunrise from the top of Haleakala National Park - Maui, Hawaii [OC] [5588x3725]

Sunrise in Banff, Alberta [3264 x 2448] [OC]

Sunrise in KY [OC][5312x2988]

Sunrise in LA 12-17-2013 [640x640]

Sunrise in Ljubljana, Slovenia [1920x1080]

Sunrise in Monument Valley, Arizona [1600x1078]

Sunrise in Rovinj, Croatia [1600x977]

Sunrise in San O, CA [OC] [3264x2448]

Sunrise in Shenandoah [OC][3456x5184]

Sunrise in Toronto this morning (4928x3264) (Xpost -Toronto)

Sunrise in Whitley Bay, UK [OC] [3264 X 2448]

Sunrise in Yosemite valley, California [1600x1101]

Sunrise in the Mt Hood National Forest [OC] [800x1200]

Sunrise in the alps, Val Chiavenna, Italy [6000x4000][OC]

Sunrise just east of Christchurch, New Zealand [4032 × 3024] - iPhone 7 Plus

Sunrise on Anderson Island, Washington [911x911]

Sunrise on Holy Island [5312 x 2988] [OC]

Sunrise on the Shenandoah River [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Sunrise on the night of the Full Beaver Supermoon after it dropped below the treeline. Burlington, MA. [5178 x 3452] [oc]

Sunrise on the water, Vero Beach, FL - [1143x643] [OC]

Sunrise over Canberra, Australia [OC] [3264x2448]

Sunrise over Hudson Canyon - 120 miles offshore, chasing Tuna [OC] [3147x2360]

Sunrise over Machhapuchhre, Nepal [1000x394][oc]

Sunrise over Saint Paul, MN [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Sunrise over St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park [OC] [4050x2700px]

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean the day after Hurricane Matthew hit the Florida coast. [5900x3900]

Sunrise over the Yaquina River. Newport, Oregon [3024x4032]

Sunrise sun dog this morning over a frozen Northern Minnesota lake [640x960]

Sunrise, Nova Scotia [1600x1067][oc]

Sunset * Garden Route * South Africa 2016 [OC](2886x2244)

Sunset Behind The Mountains of Lofoten, Norway [5906 × 3930] (x-post from -r-Travel_HD)

Sunset In Wokingham, England [OC] [5184 × 3456]

Sunset Lightning Over Centre Island, Toronto [1280x800]

Sunset Minneapolis Minnesota [OC][5184x3456]

Sunset Naxos, Naxos Greece [3264 x 2448]

Sunset Over Harris Lake, NC [1334x750] [OC]

Sunset Over Lake Hayward, East Haddam, CT [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Sunset Over Lake Nipissing - North Bay, ON (2592x1728) (OC)

Sunset Over Martha's Vineyard, MA [3264 x 2448] [OC]

Sunset Over The Snowy Hills Naran , Pakistan [1085 x 726]

Sunset Over the Clouds. [OC][2048x1536]

Sunset Rays in Cabarete, Dominican Republic [OC][2000x1333]

Sunset Skies over the Bitterroot Mountains, Montana [5568x3712] [OC]

Sunset Storm in Nebraska (x - post from r-pics) [1346 x 693]

Sunset Thunderstorms over the Indian Ocean on my flight home from Bali [2448x2448]

Sunset West of Edmonton [OC] [5000x3578]

Sunset after a rocket launch at Jetty Park Campgrounds [OC][6000x4000]

Sunset after a thunderstorm over the Río Ucayali in the Peruvian Amazon. [OC] [3962x2616]

Sunset after the storm in California [1900x1200][OC]

Sunset and some storm clouds over my home in Aizawl, Mizoram, India. [960x540] [OC]

Sunset at Blind Lake, Utah [7985 x 6897] [OC]

Sunset at Caprock Canyon State Park, Texas, USA. [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Sunset at Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland. [5472 × 3648][OC]

Sunset at Falcon Field, Peachtree City, GA [OC] [4848 × 3232]

Sunset at Lake Manapouri, NZ [1440x1430]

Sunset at Lakeside, Lake Tahoe, CA [OC][1080x720]

Sunset at Navajo Falls [2048 x 1572]

Sunset at Oura Oura, Tasmania, Australia. [1500 x 1125]

Sunset at Petten beach, The Netherlands [OC][2048x1370]

Sunset at Saint Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana [2880x1800]

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier, California [OC][6000x3500]

Sunset at Sutro Baths San Francisco, California [4928 × 3264]

Sunset at Voss, Norway (OC) [4592 x 2584]

Sunset at my Dad's office. Meja. [OC] [1280x959]

Sunset at my favourite place in the world, New Zealand. [1920x1080][OC]

Sunset at the North Sea Coast, Butjadingen, Germany [5312x2988][OC]

Sunset at the beach [970x720]

Sunset at the cottage [OC] [4902x2302]

Sunset at the seafront in Marseille, France [1920x1230]

Sunset backlighting the New York City skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge [2970x1723] [OC]

Sunset behind a bird on Anna Maria Island Beach, FL. [OC][3163x2402]

Sunset behind the Pyramids in Egypt (x-post from r-pics) [868 x 868]

Sunset crepuscular rays in central Florida [OC] [1280x802]

Sunset drone shot above the clouds of Mont Blanc, France [OC] [4354 x 3092]

Sunset during a fog near San Francisco, CA. [OC] [1068x1600]

Sunset during a storm[OC] [5472x3648]

Sunset from Maui, Hawaii. Looking at the islands of Molokini and Kaho'olawe. [5975x3983] [oc]

Sunset from Wawona Rd - Yosemite NP [5184x3456] [OC]

Sunset from a beach in Rhosneigr, Wales [3409x5171] [OC]

Sunset from above the clouds [2048 x 1365]

Sunset from my last night in Cyprus [4032x3024] (OC)

Sunset from my window over Townsville, Australia [5264x1632][OC]

Sunset from the Space Needle in Seattle [2560x1745][OC]

Sunset in Andamans, India [OC][5312x2988]

Sunset in Aptos, CA [750x1134]

Sunset in Berkeley CA [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Sunset in Biarritz, France [5084x2860] [OC]

Sunset in Botswana [1680 x 1050]

Sunset in Bregenz, Austria [3144x1768]

Sunset in Buenos Aires, Argentina. [OC] [4000x3000]

Sunset in Ceduna, South Australia [OC] [1936 x 2592]

Sunset in Central Texas, [OC], [6000x4000]

Sunset in Denmark [OC] [3264x2448]

Sunset in Frankfurt, Germany [2048x1487]

Sunset in Glencoe, Scotland [5184x3456][OC]

Sunset in Guatemala - Volcán Fuego and Volcán Acatenango from Volcán Tolimán [4032 x 3024] [OS] [OC]

Sunset in Hawaii [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Sunset in Ireland [OC] [3888X2592]

Sunset in Kruger National Park [OC] [3984 x 2656]

Sunset in Madison, WI 10-22-07 [1632x1224] [OC]

Sunset in Maryland [OC][2707x1800]

Sunset in Mildford Sounds, New Zealand [5616x3744][OC]

Sunset in Ohio [1920 x 1080]

Sunset in Oslo Tonight [6000x3375] [OC]

Sunset in Peterborough, Ontario - Canada [OC][5899x3933]

Sunset in Ponce Inlet, Florida [OC] (5184 x 3456)

Sunset in Prague [1200x729]

Sunset in Rio [640x640]

Sunset in Sandy Hook NJ[5530x3685](OC)(HDR)

Sunset in Southern California [OC] [5472x3306]

Sunset in Southern Virginia [OC] [1536 x 2054] 25 Jun 2014

Sunset in Tallinn, Estonia [OC] 1920x1440]

Sunset in Tucson Arizona [OC] 1080x812

Sunset in Vaasa, Western Finland [1024x539]

Sunset in Wenningstedt, Sylt [OC][1920 x 1080]

Sunset in a Roswell Field [4608x2592][OC][Unedited] - Roswell, GA, USA

Sunset in front of my house [1568X392] (OC)

Sunset in the Cascades. Taken in the Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington. [OC][4608x3456]

Sunset in the Midwest [OC] [3264x2448]

Sunset in the Suomenlinna [OC] [1600x900]

Sunset in the lakes of Finland. [2748 X 2056]

Sunset in the seychelles [OC] [1334x750]

Sunset near Athens [OC] [6000 x 4000]

Sunset near Niagara falls, ON [OC] [3264 x 2448]

Sunset near Seahouses, Northumberland [5213x2988] [OC]

Sunset off of the Port Adelaide Coastline [OC] [4032x3024]

Sunset off the golf course in Bermuda [1135 x 640]

Sunset on Aegean sea [OC] [4288x3216]

Sunset on Friday in West Lafayette, IN [5184x3456][OC]

Sunset on Haystack Rock - tribute to the Goonies [OC][4136x2753]

Sunset on some BLM land in Baker California. [OC] [3264x2446]

Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC [3216x2136] [OC]

Sunset on the Colorado Plains [5184x3456], [OC]

Sunset on the Dock [1920x1280]

Sunset on the Long Island Great South Bay - [OC] [5312x2988]

Sunset on the Lost Coast in northern California. OC [3264x2448]

Sunset on the Oregon coast [OC] [3264X2448]

Sunset on the Susquehanna (Chesapeake Bay, Maryland) [OC] [3218×2414]

Sunset on top of Bucegi Mountains, Romania. [OC] [2048 * 1371]

Sunset over Austin, TX [OC] [7360x4912]

Sunset over Beaufort, North Carolina [OC] [3407x5110]

Sunset over Bergen, Norway [OC] [5312x2988]

Sunset over Buffalo Lake in Montello, Wisconsin. [OC] [4932x2878]

Sunset over Charlotte Harbor (Punta Gorda, FL) [4000x2663] [OC]

Sunset over Cyprus [3024x4032] (OC)

Sunset over Great Salt Lake Utah [580x386]

Sunset over Hammersmith, London [2500x1667] [OC]

Sunset over Kits Park, Vancouver, BC [OC] [5172 × 3140]

Sunset over Lake Lanier, GA [OC] [2442x1526]

Sunset over Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania [OC] [4728 x 3152]

Sunset over Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, New Zealand [5156 × 3331] [OC]

Sunset over Mobile Bay(3869*2177) George Dodd(Beau)

Sunset over Phoenix Arizona [1080x812] [OC]

Sunset over Portugal [3264x2448]

Sunset over San Buenaventura Beach, CA [OC] [4032x3024]

Sunset over San Clemente, CA [1334x750]

Sunset over San Francisco [3264 × 2448] [OC]

Sunset over San Juan Channel, Lopez Island WA [OS] [OC] [4240x2932]

Sunset over Spy Pond in Arlington, Massachusetts. [3264x2176] [OC]

Sunset over Table Rock Lake, MO. Unedited [OC][2816x2112]

Sunset over Utah Lake. [1334x750][OC]

Sunset over Utrecht, NL [3149x2359]

Sunset over Victoria, BC, (June 2016) [3264 x 2448] [OC]

Sunset over Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior from the Michigan Coast - September 2016 [OC] [3264x2448] [Unretouched]

Sunset over Wrightsville Beach, NC [1920 x 1080] [OC]

Sunset over Zion Lodge, Zion NP, UT [OC] [4000 x 3000]

Sunset over a single ship in Isla Vista, CA [609x574]

Sunset over stormy clouds in Jotunheimen, Norway [5887x3827] [OC]

Sunset over the Adriatic Sea [3264x2488][OC]

Sunset over the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France [OC] [3992 x 2992]

Sunset over the Amazon river near Leticia, Colombia by Pedro Szekely [OS][1800x1200]

Sunset over the Black Sea, from a beach on the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine [900x675] (x-post r-BeachPorn)

Sunset over the Caribbean. [OC][2048x1365]

Sunset over the Carolinas. [OC] [1152x1536]

Sunset over the Connecticut River, Western Massachusetts. iPhone 6s [OC] 1920x1080

Sunset over the Deschutes River, Oregon [OS] [OC] [1000 X 600]

Sunset over the Dnieper river, Ukraine [OC] [4032x3024]

Sunset over the Grand Canyon, AZ [2048x1365]

Sunset over the Hudson River [1512 x 1512] [OC]

Sunset over the Hudson River, from the Bronx. [6240x3514] [OC]

Sunset over the Mississippi, Brooklyn Park, MN [OC][3264x2448]

Sunset over the Monterey bay, my home sweet home [2592x1994]

Sunset over the Old Bridge - Firenze [2446x2446]

Sunset over the Oregon coast [OC] [2048 x 1536]

Sunset over the Pamlico Sound. Outer Banks, NC. [OC] [5312x2988]

Sunset over the Persian gulf near the Qatar-Saudi border. [4896x3672]

Sunset over the Riviera [2000 × 1330]

Sunset over the Serengeti [2880x1920]

Sunset over the castle, Edinburgh [OC] [2433x1994]

Sunset over the coastal town of Kaikoura, New Zealand [900x600]

Sunset over the desert in Qatar [4896x3672] [OC]

Sunset over the desert, Mauritania [1200x800] [OS]

Sunset over the silhouette of the Austin skyline [OC] [2047x961]

Sunset storm at 38,000ft [OC] [7275 × 4855]

Sunset through the bare trees. Cortland Manor, NY [1024x2014] [OC]

Sunset tonight in Houston, Tx [4032x3024] [OC]

Sunset with every color [1920x1080]

Sunset, Andernos les bains, Gironde, France [OC] [2401x3202]

Sunset, Santa Cruz Harbour [4585x3057]

Supercell Bears Down on Oklahoma Farm [OC] [1652 x 612]

Supercell Core on the Colorado Plains [OC] [3110x2073]

Supercell Thunderstorm May 9th, 2016, Lake Thunderbird, Oklahoma [OC][2448X3264]

Supercell in Grand Prairie, TX [2048x1152]

Supercell over the Northeastern Colorado Plains [3149x2400] [OC]

Supermoon Heaven [1290x1742] [OC]

Supermoon overlooking Taipei [2582 x 1937]

Surreal skies, Bjarred, Sweden, 28-12-14, [OC], [2048x1152].

Taken along one of the beaches along the Canadian Great Lakes [2145 × 2681][OC]

Taken at my school's last football game. Fort Collins, CO [1620x1215]

Taken in Bláskógabyggð, Iceland [OC] [3811 x 2861]

Taken last fall outside of Longmont, CO [2272x1704] [OC]

Taking time to look up at the night sky is a necessity in my book. [4000 x 6000]

Tamarindo, Costa Rica [OC] [2404x2404]

Tanami Desert, Northern Territory, Australia [1440x906] [OS] Photographer: Michael Seebeck

Taste the (sky) rainbow; Inman Square, MA [594x592] [OC]

Tel Aviv Sky around Sunset [1439x1757]

Templin Highway, CA [OC] [6000X4000]

That sky in New York State [3258x2433]

The Apocalypse Descending on Pensacola Beach [3264 × 2448]

The Aurora glows like a sunset behind the mountains in Haines, AK. [2048 x 1638][OC]

The Colorado night sky at 9k feet [OC] [9106x2786]

The December Northern lights over Sommarøy, Norway [OC][4743x3162]

The Milky Way glitters over a stand of Joshua trees in Death Valley, California; Marc Adamus [990 x 742]

The Milky Way over Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah [1247x1800]

The Milky Way over Cottonwood Pass, Colorado [2048 x 1365]

The Moon Setting over Lanai, Hawaii [3409X1109] [OC]

The Northern Lights above Hamnoy, Norway [1000x667]

The Northern Lights shine over the Sycamore Gap at Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, northeast England; Owen Humphries-AP [1277 x 851]

The Road to Where We Are, Grand Teton NP [1334x750][OC]

The Shadow of K2, projected into China across hundreds of miles. (Chris B. Warner) [3072x2304]

The Shadow of Mt. Fuji, Japan [2048x1367]

The Sky; 40,000ft Within [OC] [3024x4032]

The Solar Eclipse at Sunset over Detroit [1500x1000][OC]

The South East of The Emerald Isle [OC] [1280 X 722]

The True Definition of Indescribable by -u-chakalakasp [687x1031] (x-post from -r-Travel_HD)

The Volcanic Eruption in Chile [800 × 450]

The Winter Wonderland of Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France [OC] [3992 x 2992]

The aurora borealis in Iceland was AMAZING yesterday. Photo captured with LG G4. [OC] [3187x1793]

The aurora from Stonglandseidet, Norway on Saturday [2000x1334]

The best sunrise I've witnessed [860x614] [OC]

The blood moon was mostly obscured by clouds, but the sky in North Lake Tahoe was awesome nevertheless last night [oc][1800x1201]

The calm before the storm [OC][1920x1080]

The clearest shot I've taken of the galactic core (OC), taken in Flores, Indonesia [1333x2000]

The clouds at dusk were amazing in Christchurch, New Zealand tonight [3888x2592]

The colors nature creates...[1200x900][OC]

The coolest picture I have ever taken, my pride and joy, shot just outside of St. Louis, MO. [640x1136] [OC]

The dawn comes over the cold Bitterroot River, Montana [1920x1280] [OC]

The fiery sky above the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes in Mexico [2500x985]

The first sunset of summer 2013 [3097 x 1354]

The hail core of a supercell near Mitchell, Nebraska [2048×1365] Photographed by Kelly DeLay

The highest peak (15,771 ft - 4,807 m) in Europe [OC] [4600 x 2588]

The last sunset of 2015., Zadar, Croatia [OC] [4241x2387]

The light shines through! Portugal, Marco de Canavezes. [OC] [4640×2610]

The lucky break we caught in South Florida after hurricane Matthew [OC][3952x3024]

The marina Reno, NV [OC] [1080×1920]

The monsoon rains in Pokhara passed, and I was left with this jaw dropping view... [2048x1536]

The scary kind of Sky Porn (Fenway Park, Boston, MA)[960x960]

The second best sunset I've ever witnessed [OC] [5472x3648]

The setting sun illuminates the silhouette of a rail bridge below a spectacular sky near Pocsaj, Hungary; Zsolt Czegledi [1500 x 1000]

The setting sun over Spring Valley, California [2880x1908]

The sky and those that inhabit it [Pismo Beach Pier, CA, USA] [OC] [5184x3456]

The sky in Burlington, NC this morning [OC] [593x603]

The sky is lava [OC][3264 x 2448]

The sky looks so soft [ 1920 x 1200 ]

The sky of Kansas after a storm that produced a dozen tornadoes. [1280x1920]

The sky over my local baseball park. [OC] [960x640]

The sky over the Connecticut-Rhode Island-Massachusetts border somewhere on July 8 2013. [OC] [2448x3264]

The sky tonight in Oban, Scotland. [4416x2042]

The sky turns from night to day in the Mojave Desert, California. (OC) [1676x1110]

The sky was on fire in Portland, Maine last night. [OC] [3600×2400]

The smoke from nearby wildfires in Smoky Mountains of North Carolina set the sunset aglow. [6000x4000]

The sun on a stick. Summer sunset Ireland. [OC] [1200 x 900]

The sun set over lake Nipissing a mere 30 seconds before this photo was taken [OC][4288x3216]

The sun sets behind a mosque in Istanbul from the Bosphorus Straight [OC][2748x3600]

The sun sets behind wind turbines in Fenton, Iowa; Joe Raedle [1500 x 1000]

The sun sets on Philadelphia [2771 x 7308]

The sun setting over Cherry Point, NC [1600x1068][OC]

The sun was setting and a cloud turned into a rainbow. (3264x2448)

The sunrise this morning from Scarborough Beach in Narragansett, RI [3264x2448]

The sunset at Frankfort beach in Frankfort Michigan. [OC] [3365x5983]

The sunset in my hand [2048 × 1356][OC]

The sunset on Lake Tillery, NC [OC][10090x3894]

The sunsets here in Miami are just as dramatic as the people! [4691x3006] [OC]

The supercell that eventually went on to produce the Sand Springs, OK tornado yesterday.[2048x891][OC]

The very rare: Fire Rainbow [1618x1310]

The view from my front door [5472x3648] [OC]

The view from my house at 3am this morning. [4272x2848]

The view out of my living room in Calpe, Spain. This is one of the pillars of Hercules at sunrise. [720x540]

The wildfires glow underneath The Northern Lights, near Fort McMurray, Alberta, on May 7, 2016; Mark Blinch [1500 x 933]

The world is my canvas (Belgium 2016) [OC] [3456x2304]

Them light rays though [OC] [3264 × 2448]

There was a sunset like no other I've seen in Oban tonight. [3114x2047]

There's a fire on the other side of this mountain, effectively scaring the shit out of everyone, Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas [2310x1536]

There's a storm brewing... [799x579]

This a relatively rare phenomenon known as an iridescent cloud. [520X392] [OS]

This is a Proton Arc. Glacier National Park, Montana [OC] [1333x2000]

This is the sunset today in my country, Spain [1441x746] by Juan Alonso Ríos

This is what happens when you get a rainstorm at sunset in rural Maryland [OC] 3735 × 2988

This is what you get for waking up early in Pennsylvania. Altoona, PA [1024x768] [OC]

This morning in Szekszárd, Hungary. [OC] [816 x 544]

This picture of a thunderstorm at night over the Pacific ocean was taken at 37,000 feet by Santiago Borja [1186x792]

This was the view from my home last night. The Milky Way was visible with the naked eye. Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina. [3900x5800]

Thunderhead. Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana. [2048x1363] [OC]

Thunderstorm above Germany [3204x2528]

Thunderstorm and Rainbow in Norfolk, Colorado by Victor Gensini [2400x2961]

Thunderstorm at False Kiva, Utah [990x654]

Thunderstorm bearing down near Billings Montana [12111x3047][OC]

Thunderstorm clouds in Petersdorf, Germany [2400x1438]

Thunderstorm in Germany [852x1280] [OC]

Tic Tac Toe Twilight, Rosemount, OH [OC] [4000 x 2248]

Tilt-shift of the Matterhorn [2560 x 1440]

Tonight's sunset over Manhattan. iPhone 6s [OC] 1920x1080

Tonights sunset from my neck of the woods. Gig Harbor, WA. [1760x990]

Took this at 1:45AM, it's the light of the moon. Peruíbe, Brazil. (OC)[2456x2549]

Took this out a car window, wish I had something other than my iPhone (Seattle, WA) [1136x640]

Took this panorama with my iPhone 5! Sunset Naples, FL. [1920 × 852]

Took this picture in between cloud layers while on a plane ride over Illinois. [2592x1944]

Took this when I was 13, feel bad I haven't kept it in good shape. [604x406][oc]

Tornado-like clouds my dad caught in California several years ago [3008x2000]

Toronto in County Durham, UK [4032x3024]

Toronto sky sometime 3 months ago [2700x1795]

Total solar eclipse seen from Ellis Beach north of Cairns, Queensland, Australia today [960x638]

Tower Bridge, London (x-post from r-pics) [2448 x 1836]

Traffic flowed. Neons glowed. Suddenly, a storm! Lightnings popped. And Bangkok stopped. [OC] [2998 x 2106]

Tree during sunset in South Africa (x-post from r-pics [960 x 640])

Triplet tornadoes in Kansas. [1920x1080p] [OC]

Tunç Tezel captured today's total solar eclipse from Longyearbyen [1080x720]

Twilight sky, taken on Kingston-Edmonds ferry, Washington. [2048 × 1153] [OC]

Twin waterspouts over Lake Michigan on Thursday off the coast of Kenosha WI. Waterspouts frequently happen over the Great Lakes in Sep and Oct because the air is colder than the water [935x580]

Two layers of clouds over Black Forest, Germany [4288x2848]

Two lights from the former site of the World Trade Centers shine for the 10th anniversary of 9-11. [1200x699]

Two tornadoes at the same time, man. [1920x1260] [OC]

Tylösand beach in Halmstad, Sweden [OC] [4240x2822]

Tyndall Effect after Sunrise. [1920x1272] [OC]

Typical January morning in Tromsø, Norway[1047x698]

Tyrifjorden, Norway [2000x1333] Photo by Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Ubud Sunset [OC] [2651 × 1452]

Uh, guys... I found heaven? (Maple Ridge, BC) [1080px by 1080px] [OC]

Unbelievable cloud formations. Anyone know what type of clouds these are? [415x552]

Unbelievable wavelike clouds, xmas day sunset '13, Seattle, Wa (800x490)

Under the skies of Pohnpei [1024x768][oc]

Undulatus Asperatus clouds over Belgium. [1247 x 831]

Undulatus Asperatus – Mechelen, Belgium [1200x480]

Undulatus asperatus could be the first new cloud to be officially recognised for 61 years. Perthshire, Scotland. (634x493)

Unfiltered sunrise in Wyoming [OC] [2068x1680]

Unfurled aurora (x-post from -r-auroraporn) [2048x1365]

University of Lapland yesterday, Rovaniemi, Fin [800x532]

Up Up & Away, Big Bend National Park by Jesse Sewell [OC] [2700 x 1800]

Upstate NY [OC] [5312x2988]

Venice Beach Sunset [1189 × 419] [OC]

Venus at sunrise [3456x5184]

Venus at sunrise as seen from Hooper's Island, Maryland [5080 × 3199]

Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon Early This Morning[4120*2968][OC]

Victoria, British Columbia Sunrise. [OC 1920x1280]

Vidal Junction, California [OC][3264X2448]

Vierwaldstättersee Switzerland (3840x2160)

View from Kalnik, Croatia [OC] [960x460]

View from my apartment, Paris suburb. [3 157 × 2 371p] [OC]

View from my flight to Texas last summer [3024 x 3024] [OS] [OC]

View from my front yard in Bozeman Montana [OC] (2992x4000)

View from my lake house on little Gordon lake in Canada [1334x750]

View from my window in downtown Denver, Colorado the other night. [OC][720 x 960]

View from out my window [720x960]

View from the Great Wall Of China. [OC][1133x1700]

View in Goslar, Germany from my office's roof. [3264x2448] [OC]

View of sunset from backyard in Sarasota, FL [5481x3456] [OC]

View on Mauna Kea - Island of Hawaii [OC] [4032 × 3024]

Viewing northern lights is awesome in Iceland [3840x2160]

Vivd lightning storm passes over Dorchester Bay in Boston on July 24, 2012. [990x1024]

Volcanic ash being hit by the sunset (from r-pics) [1024 x 681]

Waiting for the meteor shower last night - I got bored, so I shot this one. SC Wisconsin [OC][4784x3189]

Wakatipu Lake by:Caracheck New Zealand [2880x1800 ]

Wakeup call, Canada [1280x1600][OC]

Walked out of class and fell in love. Tempe, AZ [4608 x 3456]

Walking above the clouds in Nepal [OC] [3600x3000]

Warm sunset in Moscow, Russia [OC] [5184x3456]

Washington State [OC] [1136 x 640]

Washington Sunset [OC] [5312x2988]

Watched the Sunrise at the Byron Bay Lighthouse today (Australia, NSW) [OC] [5168x3456]

Watching the Auroras at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park Montana [OC] [4200x2800]

Watching the moon go down near Split, Croatia [OC] [4288 × 2848]

Water, earth, sky. Potomac River, Maryland [OC] [6000x4000]

Wavy Sky in Lawrence, KS [OC] [3264 x 2448]

Wavy clouds during sunset over downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada. [2048x1146]

We live in a beautiful world, seychelles [OC] [1280x720]

We took a trip outside the city to watch the stars. Dalarö, Sweden. [OC] [960x624]

Well-defined microburst from an approaching thunderstorm in Plaquemine Louisiana [2455x1548]

Went outside my tent and snapped this picture in the middle of the night. I think i did OK for someone who never done this before. (Sinnemahoning State Park, PA)[1024x678]

Went stargazing in Lassen Volcanic Nat'l Park and used a car brake lamp to illuminate the boulder [OC] [5514x3676]

Western Spirit, Framing an expansive blue sky - Arizona and Utah, Photograph by Nora Feddal [990×742]

When a regular tornado is not enough [991x643]

When the campsite looked purple, we all ran to the waterway to see! Allagash, ME [3888x2592][OC]

While waiting for the Blue Moon to rise over Las Vegas yesterday, this happened.[1183x783][OC]

Wild West sunset in Riverside, CA (3,260×2,437)

Windblown Sunset, Patras, Greece (photo by Alexandros Maragos) [990x742]

Winlock, WA [OC][5472 × 3648]

Winter Solstice Sunset, Hartville, Ohio [5312 x 2988] [OC]

Winter Sunrise in Butzbach, Germany 1-4 [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Winter Sunrise in Butzbach, Germany 2-4 [OC] [5184 x 3456]

Winter Sunset in Goleta, California [OC][3264 x 1836]

Winter sunsets are amazing in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, USA. This photo was taken from my home. [5800x3900]

Woke up at 5:30 am, worth it. ON, Canada [OS] [3264x2448]

Woke up extra early to catch the Moroccan sunrise. I'm glad these guys did too, to help me capture this silhouette. [OC][3684x2448]

Wyoming sunset [3264x1836]

Yedigöller National Park [1080x607]

Yellow sky before an evening thunderstorm, St. Pete Beach, FL [4353x2894]

Yellow sky. [1,280px × 800px (scaled to 1,020px × 638px)]

Yesterday's incredible sky over Nice [1362 × 2048]

Yesterday's storms (11-16-2015) from just south of Pampa, TX. [1600x1058] by Justin Terveen.

Yogi Bear Campground, Marion, NC [OC] [1536 x 2048]

Yorkshire Sunrise, UK [3624 x 2448]

Yosemite National Park Sunset [1500x1000][oc]

You don't see this on the way to work everyday. Kawartha Lakes, Ontario [OC] [4954x1760]

[1136x640] [OC] Best backyard view in Charleston (not my view)

[2764x1843] [OC] Sort of a cliche shot, but I just love the softness of the sky. It looks like a smudged pastel drawing. Ocean, NJ.

[3176 x 3140] [OC] A fiery sunset, overlooking the Australian South Coast.

[OC] 'Sticky clingy hill cloud' over Cape Runaway, NZ [3200x2400] (x-post from r-flying)

[OC] Blue to yellow gradient full of fluffy clouds [1920x2560]

[OC] CMYK Sunset [1209x918]

[OC] I am pretty proud of this one, Shell Beach CA [3513x1996]

[OC] Milky Way Over Two Medicine Glacier National Park [1350x1688]

[OC] Reno's Clouds [5184x3456]

[OC] Shot this madness out of my window last night! [2125x639]

[OC] South Dakota rain [3000 x 24000]

[OC] Sunrise over southern Alabama [3264x2087]

[OC] Sunset in Olib, Croatia - No filters or enhancements used - [2448x3264]

[OC] Sunset over Anna Bay, NSW, Australia [3840x2160]

[OC] Sunset over Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina [5726x3552]

[OC] Today's Missouri Sunrise [2688x1520]

[OC] [3264 x2448] Pink sunset in Marathon, Ontario taken with no filters.

[OC] [5172x2764] Just after sunset, lower Potomac river at the merge with the St. Mary's river

[OC]Local lake during sunset in Holland [2048x1365]

[OC][3840x2160] shot while biking

[OS] [3215x1813]Northshore Lakefront, Mandeville, LA

[oc] Sunset at Sunriver, Oregon [1536x1536]

[oc] The sun barely rises - Mynämäki, Finland [3264 x 2448]

i recently had the chance to visit big bend national park. here is one of my photos from the trip. [4240x2832] [OC]

just wanted to share this sky as i went to the gym. 96dpi 24bit [oc] [4032x3024]

lighting in the sunset sky[3264x2448][OC]

lightning strike in a sunset. Mb, Canada. [1136 x 640]

perfect ending for the last day of my holiday in the Seychelles [604x906]

sea of heaven over the midwest [4608x3072] [OC]

the sky was purple in wisconsin last night after a storm [1936x1936]

the sunset from my apartment window overlooking boldmere, sutton coldfield. (1136x640)

un shines through the smoke from the Las Conchas wildfire near the Los Alamos National Laboratory in LoSs Alamos, New Mexico [3000x1920]

unedited sunset in madison, wisconsin [1024X764]

“One of my first nights in Iceland… [F]antastic northern lights were painting the sky of green. I took some shots at the local lighthouse but suddenly my attention fell on this little house (I guess lighthouse's guardian home). The door was open and the light on;” Daniele Boffelli [1500 x 1001]